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You wear makeup?

Everyday! 0.23529411764706 23.5% [ 36 ]
Sometimes 0.31372549019608 31.4% [ 48 ]
Never 0.15032679738562 15.0% [ 23 ]
On specific occasions 0.18954248366013 19.0% [ 29 ]
I don't need it. 0.11111111111111 11.1% [ 17 ]
Total Votes:[ 153 ]
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Greedy Cat

Rarely. If the occasion calls for it then I'll put some on, but even then it's the most basic stuff. Foundation, eyeliner, mascara, a little bit of blush, that's it. I'm too lazy to put on makeup everyday, I'd rather sleep in for 10 minutes longer in the morning.
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Magical Ladykiller

Mostly on special occasions.
Fairly often, but not a large quantity. I have naturally clear skin so I don't wear foundation, but on special occasions I'll use a little creme blush and highlighter. I fill in my eyebrows and use gel to keep them in place. Liquid or kohl eyeliner in dark brown or black on the top lid only, 2 coats of dark brown or black mascara. Nude or peachy lips.
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Feral Wife

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                  Every day.
                  Just some brown shades of eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara.
                  Plus chapstick.
                  I don't use foundation, though I want to start experimenting with blush to make me not look so pale and washed out.

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Welcome to a new kind of tension.
Memories are simply scars; they all fade eventually.
Pretty much every day, though sometimes not on weekends if I'm not going out. I keep it really natural, though. Many people think I wear none a lot less than I do.
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I only put on cover-up around my nose (reddest spot on my face). And I only do this when I remember (most times I forget).
I don't wear eye makeup because my eyes look really wacky when I put anything on. stare
Unfortunately since I have rosacea my face gets super red so I have to use a specific type of foundation and if I go out without it I look like I have really, really bad sunburn but its a powder so I don't feel like I am caking anything on. When I'm home I never wear make up.
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I like to wear it to enhance my eyecolor really. When I don't feel like poo I just swipe some eyeshadow on but when I really want to impress I bring out everything. haha.
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I don't generally wear makeup, but since I started working I wear concealed a lot more often. Even that's not a definite, though, because I really only bother putting in the effort to wear makeup if it's for ME. So I put it on if I'm feeling particularly in the mood while going out.
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Questionable Streaker

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probably 4-5 days a week.

I usually do, unless I work really early in the morning or just feel shitty or if I'm not leaving the house that day.
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Eloquent Flatterer

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I wear makeup everyday. I can't leave the house without putting chapstick on. In all, the amount of makeup I apply depends on where I'm going or if I have time. Usually, I don't leave the house without putting mascara or eyeliner. If I have time, I might do winged eyeliner, or more eyeshadow with a bit of blush. If I have a lot of time, I'll powder my face.
If you feel like you're wearing another face, you're wearing too much. mad

I wear it when I feel like putting my contacts on...or I just do lip color.
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Foundation, mascara, and sometimes lip balm.
Generally 5-6 days a week.
I Shall Grant You NoMercy
Almost every day

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