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You wear makeup?

Everyday! 0.23529411764706 23.5% [ 36 ]
Sometimes 0.31372549019608 31.4% [ 48 ]
Never 0.15032679738562 15.0% [ 23 ]
On specific occasions 0.18954248366013 19.0% [ 29 ]
I don't need it. 0.11111111111111 11.1% [ 17 ]
Total Votes:[ 153 ]
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Dapper Member

I only wear them on special occasions like a wedding. I don't like wearing it because it makes me feel like I am putting on another face. I like the natural look. What about you? Do you have a specific style of make up you like to wear? Which cosmetic items do you use the most?
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Almost every day
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Witty Raider

I wear no make up at all.
Though I have a nice amount of such cosmetics in my closet..
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I've no use for them, since I very rarely leave the house.
Honestly, I never have. Weird, huh?
I feel like I look horrible with it on, so I don't wear it often, but if I'm in the mood I put a little eyeliner on, and even on super special occasions I only wear eye make up. I won't even try to deal with the rest of that s**t. I have bad skin already. =/
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Pretty frequently.
How much/what style depends on the activity.
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Diamond Rogue

Almost always.
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Only if I'm attending a gay pride event.
i used to never leave the house without makeup (specifically eyeliner).
after a while it started to get too much, it'd smear badly and id look like a raccoon. now i'm lucky if i wear it once every two weeks.

other than that, i wear cover up only if needed, for the occasional blemish. but that's really it.
I wear mascara and eyeliner almost every day, but I don't cake it on. I just hate my eyelashes.
Everyday, but it's not like some mascara and eyeliner changes your whole face...
I wear mascara almost everyday. Besides that i rarely, and mean very rarely, wear makeup.
Everyday, but mostly for the 'art' of it you know? Also I am not afraid to go without it
I just like wearing it...I mean why not? Makeup is fun 4laugh ~
I only wear make-up if I feel the situation calls for it. I'm just too lazy to put make-up on everyday.
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Does lip balm count? The one I use has oil in it so it makes my lips look shiny. =3

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