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Do you like the store?

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Well, I don't like it, but I don't have anything against it. Moo.
the only stuff i buy at hot topic are band shirts. i refuse to wear s**t that has 5974287548 straps hanging from it or stuff that has 493821934 saftey pins on it. xp
That store kicks major a**!
I bought some things from there. I got a green Mushroom Power jacket. It rocks!
Akane Mikage
I Like Hot Topic.

b***h. --;

Yes.Everyone at my school thinks Im Goth.And Im not.But they can think what they want.

Lots of people say that Hot Topic is so overpriced, buuuuut... :3 I buy most of my clothes in Guess and Rampage and clothing is more expensive there, generally.

I just think they have better quality, but whereas a pair of jeans in Hot Topic will cost $60, a pair of jeans at Guess will cost $120.

It's just that Hot Topic has generally shitty quality...whereas one of my Guess pairs of jeans has lasted me three years and is made of durable stretchy material. :/
I don't hate Hot Topic- it's just a store trying to make a profit like any other. You can get some decent basic goth stuff there, as long as you don't go nuts and buy ALL your clothes there you should be fine. Of course you gotta watch out for overpriced cheaply-made s**t. I like their "Vamp" energy drinks, and I got a cute pirate-style bikini there on clearance once for $7.
Generally tho I shop for clothes online. Victoria's Secret, Heavy Red, Spooky Boutique, Ebay, halloween costume sites, and fetish stores. There's also some good goth shops in Chicago, but that requires a train ride and bus hopping.

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