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One time I was 69'n with this chick and while we were getting our muchies on she farted in my face

So instead of making a big deal of it I told her I get an IOU to fart on her face whenever I want

I find out she was cheating on me a few months later so one night I was at her place and I told her I was cashing in my IOU and I spray farted in her face and broke up with her

True story
ok how the ******** could she not feel a fart coming on

as soon as i felt that ******** i would have screamed GET OFF OF ME NOW and tried to make it go away
She was on top too

Not like she didn't have that option
no, but i've come close.
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I pissed during a handjob once
I don't really see how it's in embarrassing. Generally during sex you're trapping the air in her v****a... it has to go somewhere. All the girls here that said it hasn't happened to them during sex are lying.
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Farting? Hell no.
Queefs happen though. When a guy pulls out and back in sometimes it's kind of inevitable, you're trapping air.It's not embarrassing.
Continue on, if the sex is good enough you shouldn't give a ********.

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