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I have 4 months to look cool, gimme help.
Lift weights.
Don't eat.
fruits and vegetables, water, run until you feel like you are going to die.
or do what i do- tumblr pictures of skinny girls and cry the weight off.
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i have two huge tips and one requirement and one bonus tip

tip 1 - eat 5-6 meals a day, don't go more than 3 hours without ingesting food. their ingredient ratio should be 20/40/40 fat/carb/protein. the sodium content should be as respectable as you can handle/make it -- it's more important to be able to do this daily than to be able to do it perfectly once a week and ******** it up the rest

the effect will be a SIGNIFICANTLY faster metabolism. again, only with consistency

tip 2 - do weights 3x a week. do compound exercises, keep your sessions short and intense. <30 min, don't work out the same group twice. sample: d1 chest/tri d2- back/bi d3 - legs. compound exercises = pull ups, squats, deadlifts of some sort, and bench press. do not curl dumb bells, do not do tricep isolation machines

requirement -- you have to REALLY want it and you have to have a will power to execute something you really want. even when ppl really want it, s**t like this can still be pretty hard, hence the importance in determination

bonus tip -- research stuff like this from good sources so you gain an objectively good understanding of this shiet
avoid shitty food and eat smaller portions
thas it
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Bulimia of course.
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I am curious too because it sucks
leave your house all day and don't bring any money. no snacks. smoke cigarettes. be so busy that you forget to eat. take study drugs that suppress appetite.... you'll lose weight without even meaning to
i need to lose like 20lbs
been trying to cut carbs
cause i know i eat way too many

this sucks
i h8 exercising crying
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If you eat dinner around 5:00 pm, then go ahead and don't eat anything after that. After a good eight hours of sleep, do some exercise before eating anything. The body will use the fat as energy.
eat 6 small meals a day, instead of 3 large meals
to keep the metabolism up to par
fruits veggies,
stay away from most things w/ yeast, so bread obviously
spicy foods are supposedly good
there's this drink that cleans out your system,
but it's really spicy
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avoid shitty food and eat smaller portions
thas it

And run / work out.... swimming actually works the best in my opinion.
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Eat a healthy breakfast and don't eat right before going to sleep.
wanna lose 30 lbs in 4 months
then i have another 2 to lose 15 more

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