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My family is really weird about nakedness. Like I was wearing an men's 3XXXL shirt and I put a rubber band in back to tie it up a bit and it hiked up to show my tummy, and my brother freaked the ******** out.
Idk tho I'm very comfortable naked. It feels more natural, and it's not even a sexual thing. I think it takes a certain confidence in your body to like it, and nowadays that seems so hard to come by, hm.

My bf is naked like constantly for no reason at all, it makes me laugh a lot. We should move to a nudist society.

Do you like being naked?
Busier societies
i like sleeping naked
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Dedicated Cutesmasher

i like sleeping naked
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i grew up in a nudist family
"comfortably" would be putting it modestly
hue hue hue
i like sleeping naked

4laugh 4laugh 4laugh
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Chatty Gawker

I'm not too comfortable being nude around other people, but that's all thanks to America and it's weird-a** insecurities.
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i like sleeping naked
i sleep with her
i can confirm this
i love being naked but only if i have just had sex
then i wont wanna put my clothes on
but otherwise i wear really comfy clothes so i dont care
being naked is uncomfortable lol
i love being naked
namely, pantless
i'm naked right now
▕ ▮ Nope, don't enjoy being naked.
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I get drunk... I get naked, most of my friends have seen my junk

I lay in bed nude with my girlfriend for awhile after sex

Nudity > clothing
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hank ill
i love being naked but only if i have just had sex
then i wont wanna put my clothes on
why does it feel so good to be naked after sex
it's like you're basking in the afterglow

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