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What's your favorite kind of puking?

I'm sick. 0.28571428571429 28.6% [ 2 ]
I'm wasted. 0.28571428571429 28.6% [ 2 ]
I just saw an Adam Sandler movie. 0.28571428571429 28.6% [ 2 ]
Other. 0.14285714285714 14.3% [ 1 ]
Total Votes:[ 7 ]
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all puking sucks the same amount.
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i used to be bulimic so puking used to literally be my best friend.
but i hate when it comes out my nose (which happens 9 times out of 10)
i love sick puking because i feel so much better afterwards... no residual nausea.
i hate drunk puking because the alcohol burns, but just like with sick puking you feel soooo much better after the puke.

i wish i didn't puke overall, but i puke at least 2 times a week because i puke when i cough too hard.... that numbers going down now because i quit cigarettes but it still sometimes happens when i smoke weed.
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I hate puking.
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The only kinds of puking I've experienced are sick puking and pain-induced puking. Obviously, the former is preferable.
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I hate pretty much any puking whatsoever. In all honesty I'm pretty phobic of anything to do with throwing up... mainly because I'm paranoid I'll choke on it
i've never puked from being too drunk
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heroin puke is actually pretty awesome. I get really nauseous and projectile vomit brown/black and I immediately feel better.
Puking always sucks but I choose sick puking. I start feeling better immediately afterwards.

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