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Thanks for the answers to teh questions.

Yeah I actually have the exact same opinion as you with the EPA numbers. I've noticed the EPA numbers are lower than what people say who drive the cars, and it isn't just specific cars, this seems to be across the board. For example I heard a ton of people say that with their Honda Fit they could get 40 MPG when according to EPA the highest the Fit could get is only 35 MPG. Same thing with the Prius though, numbers are in the 50's when I hear a lot of people report MPG in the 60's or even 70's with the Prius.

Although this is just a side comment and a bit irrelevant, that video wasn't convincing at all. Why would you test a cars fossil fuel usage by driving it as fast as possible? Also the BMW has a fast engine and is meant to be driven fast, while the Prius is not, so although in one sense it is surprising that the Prius got lower MPG in the test, in another perspective it actually isn't very surprising. I'm not going to be driving at full speed with my car, that fastest I'll ever go with the car I get will be 60 miles per hour on the highway.

However the video does raise some good questions that I'm going to look into, for example they mentioned that the manufacturing of the Prius emits a lot of fossil fuels, I will look around for an actual legitimate study that says that. Also they say the Prius is complicated, something that I'm going to look into more and see if there are any legitimate statistics that confirm that the complexity of the vehicle leads to increased maintenance costs.

Yep, EPA cant be trusted whatsoever. Their tests are very unconventional, and they know it too.

The purpose of the video was NOT to show that a M3 is more economical than a Prius at a certain point, it is to show that no matter what car you get, it is ultimately up to the driver to determine it's gas mileage. ALSO, being a slow driver does not equate to being a fuel efficient driver. Never make that mistake of mixing the two up.

As for your third paragraph; the video is 100% true. Hybrids do pollute more than the production of gasoline/diesel/LPG cars. FACT. There isnt two ways about it. The way they produce it is very inefficient. And not to be a d**k, but I just told you how the Prius is more complicated; it has two engines; and not only two engines, but they're of two different types too. It is more complicated. Period. There is no two ways about it. Fact.

Totally get a Hybrid, dude! They're the stepping stones to the future!

Actually they're a sad compromise between a gasoline car and the true "stepping stone to the future"; the FULL electric car.

Yeah I understand that and that's a good point, but I'm just saying that I would prefer to see a video that compares the Prius in normal driving situations to other cars doing the same thing.

Well until I see a legitimate study that demonstrates that, I'm not going to make a judgment on the ways in which a hybrid is manufactured. There's a lot of things that are said on the internet that are wrong all the time, so it comes down to whether the claim has a good source/study to support the claim. I'll be looking for it though, the people in the video said there was a study that demonstrates that the Prius is not eco friendly in it's manufacturing, and the video was made in 2009, so I'm sure when I do the research on it I'll be able to find the study.

I don't understand what you mean when you say "And not to be a d**k" what does that have to do with anything? You're not being a d**k, and even if I thought you were being offensive (which you aren't) who cares? You're giving your opinion on the matter, and you raise important issues and problems with the hybrid. How is that a bad thing? That's a good thing that you're making me dig deeper and do more research into my car before I buy one. I see you challenging me considering buying a hybrid as a good thing, so in no way are you being a d**k at all.

Yes I understand the Prius is more complicated than the other cars I'm considering, but complication in and of itself isn't that important. What is important is whether that complication causes potential problems, for example does complication mean it is less reliable of a vehicle? Does it mean the manufacturing costs of it increase even though the output of the vehicle you get in return isn't as valuable and thus not worth it? Does it mean the repair costs of the vehicle and the regular check ups are more costly? And if so, by how much more expensive is it to keep the hybrid up to date with it's regular check ups?

Well alrighty, I think there are quite a few Prius test videos floating around. I'd find one but I'm on my phone so you're on your own for that one.

And I say "not to be a d**k" before I say anything potentially offensive now because 99.9% of the people on the internet have skin as soft as tissue paper and cant handle someone explaining something sternly; and I don't really know you so i dont know if you're that kinda guy or not :p

Prius does indeed pollute the earth more for obvious reasons. Think about it. Not only are you making a normal gasoline car, but you're taking on big heavy lithium batteries and a big elec motor; those take a lot to manufacture. But if you don't believe me, feel free to look yourself, you'll probably only get the same answer all around.

Complication does not always mean a less reliable vehicle; it simply leaves more to break. Manufacturing costs do rise; because you're making a normal gasoline car and then adding big components into it. Hybrids arent valuable at all imo. Regular repair cost an chek ups will be more; unfortunately by how much is "one of those" questions that I cant answer; it depends on the shop, where you live, how much the parts are at the time, the mood of the shop owner; it varies a lot, but it is more expensive for obvious reasons (two motors instead of one to chek up on.)
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