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Can you drive stick?

Yup! 0.65 65.0% [ 26 ]
Eh, I can get the car going but it's bumpy, and I'll roll down hills 0.15 15.0% [ 6 ]
Nope 0.15 15.0% [ 6 ]
I can't drive at all 0.05 5.0% [ 2 ]
Total Votes:[ 40 ]
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It surprises me that in America, where I'm from, so few people know how to drive stick shift! In Europe and other places, it seems like everyone has a stick shift car. I'm 16, and my first car is a stick shift, and I love it! I don't get how so many people never learn stick shift, what if there's an emergency and you have to drive one? =P

So tell me, where are you from, and can you drive a stick shift? And is your car stick or automatic.
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im from tennessee and im embarassed to say i dont know how to drive stick shift,and my truck is a automatic
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My honda is auto, but I can drive just fine with a stick shift.

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My truck is a standard.
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I'm from Kansas and my truck is an auto, but I love driving standard vehicles! It also really helped to know how to do it when I learned how to ride a motorcycle, the concept of working a clutch and shifting wasn't completely foreign to me.
Learned in my dad's '84 Jeep CJ7. Not an easy task as the clutch has like 50lbs of tension against you, and engages within a very narrow window. Every car with a manual tranny I've driven after the Jeep has been so much easier. My current vehicle is auto, but my next will be manual.

Why don't more Americans know how to? Because we can afford such luxuries.
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I can drive ok. Im not good enough to race or anything like that but i love taking my sports car out for a spin. My motorcyle has a much more forgiving clutch and thats kinda how i learned stick. I can launch my bike pretty quick tho since i have much more experience on thatthan the car
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Only stick shift I drive are 10 wheel flat beds and tractor and trails.
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I can drive stick but I prefer an automatic, with the kind of traffic I have to deal with my knees would be shot within a matter of weeks.
I just stare at the stick in my WRX until it's terrified enough to move on it's own volition.
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I can really work a rod if you know what I mean, no homo
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I've never been able to run the clutch because of my knee problems. I took an arrow a softball to the knee in middle school, and it's never worked right. I want to be able to drive one though, they look like fun (sometimes).
First vehicle I had to learn was a stick. But it was easy? I guess you can say just because I played a lot of racing games and made sure every one of them was standard so I had the idea of it in my head.

Every car i've owned so far has been standard, and being an auto tech, I have to drive both everyday. it's a lot of fun, I think anyways.

Learning how to drive stick, also helped with learning how to ride a motorcycle as well.
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I have a stick shift car but I am so bad at driving it |:
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Man Tran all the way. My first car was a sticky and I plan to drive stick til I die...well maybe not. But whether you are in a clown car or a semi, driving stick just makes you feel a little more... saucy.

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