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A girl is walking down the road, not even knowing who she is, with black hair, glasses, and some tattered clothes, she walks until she meets someone down the road. Unknowing, weak, and on the brink of death she walks, and walks, and walks.....

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Weed walks up to the group around the DMS entry. ''You ready mother ********]'' and all the noob coward in fear, for they knew the power she had. They heard rumors, such as ''That door on the ledge leads to HPR, she told me so! Boy her avi is ******** up...'' ''Well she told me meat drops your luck...And you need the amulet to get into Blood Lust.'' One noob got out of their seat and screamed bloody murder, ''SHE'S HERE TO TROLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'''
"hm?", the walking girl says as she wonders what a DMS group even is. She continues to walk past the people until something interesting happens, for she knows that what is about to happen isn't probably worth her time.
she walks down the road even further.....and finds a lonely wanderer like her....
Laying on my side in tattered clothes, on the ground next to the path way. Groans out as a steam rises out of the holes in my clothes; struggling to get up but collapes onto my chest soon after.
she sees the young man lying on the ground....she rushes to him and checks to see if he's ok
"oh....Are you ok? Mister? Hello? Are you Ok? Oh no...I...sir?" she puts her hands over his and lies there crying....as if she's known him forever.
Opens his bloodshot eyes and glances up at you... groans and attempts to lift myself of the ground
*shocked to his awakening* "oh! SIR! Are you...ok? Oh....um don't hurt yourself....if you can't move then don't!" *she appears as the first thing in the young man's vision as he opens his eyes*
*glances around and looks at your face* I'm.... fine *taking gasps for air every word* Get... away... or...
* collapses on top of you before I finish my sentence*
"huh? what? Get away from what?" *she said as she looked around for the danger he warned her about*
*a flash of light appears from a mountain off to the side and the earth trembles slightly soon after*
*gasp* "what? uh...mister? Hey? Are you....ok? MISTER!!" *blushes at the fact that he's lying on her* "Well, I better carry him to safe.." *just as she starts to finish her sentence she sees the light go off* "what is that!? Sir? Help! What is that? Please, oh please get up...."
*opens my eyes and looks out into the distance* Give me your hand for a moment... now! *coughs out right after, reaching for your hand*

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