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Leave it to Daniel to be almost late on the first day back to school. It was his senior year; you’d think he’d take that a little bit seriously. Nope – as you can now see, that is not the case. In his defense it wasn’t exactly his fault. He had woken up with a headache and no clue to where he was at. ”Sounds about right…” the brunette muttered underneath his breath. This was something that happened on occasion. If by occasion you meant almost every other night. You see this boy was a party animal. Now he remembered! He was out partying last night; you know to celebrate the last day of summer and all, instead of driving himself home he just sort of passed out… In the bathtub… With his shoes missing. Picking himself up, he groaned as the pain in his head turned to splitting. ”I guess this is how Kesha feels,” he joked to himself and on he went. When he had finally made it home, his sisters were already at school, his parents probably at work, and who knew where his brothers were. That was when it hit him. ”Oh s**t, ********, god dammit!” The teen wasn’t normally the one to care if he was late to school, but he had promised a few of his friends that he’d at least show up today to greet them all. Even though he was hung-over he would keep this promise.

Twenty minutes later, the boy emerged from the bathroom all spick and span and ready to go. He shoved his phone in his pocket; he had a few messages from his pals but he figured he could make it in time to see everyone off. After locking up the house, he hopped into his baby. By that he meant an old Chevy that he practically brought back to life with old bits and parts from the junkyard and various places. His baby. Off to school the man went with his radio blasting some mixed tape a pal he’d stayed with for a week of two once made and told him it was some good s**t. In which he agreed, because this music was just rad. The first bell indicating that all students had ten minutes to get to class rung just as Daniel spotted his group conjugated around the front doors. Cassy and Dillon had just left; he’d have to stick around at least till after lunch to say hey to them. However there was Antoinette ( hot as hell like usual ), little Jubilee whom seemed to be excited about the first day, and one of his main guy friends Joey who was just an awesome ********.

The boy threw his arms around both the females’ shoulders and grinned. ”Well looky here – the delinquents actually showed up to school today! Would have figured you guys would be off somewhere shooting up like always,” He said, sarcasm dripping off every word. He was a joker. He let the females go and placed his hands in his back pockets. ”But in all seriousness, it’s good seeing you guys. How’ve you been?” He figured he would at least get in a short conversation with them before they all dispersed and went to their classes. ”Hey Fleur, did I hear you ask if anyone had history? Because you’re in luck. We get to share the same morning together again this year.” Daniel didn’t know why, but his and her schedules almost always matched up. It’d been that way since middle school. He wasn’t complaining at all, in fact it was a pretty sweet deal in his opinion.

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Where there is desire
There is gonna be a flame
Where there is a flame
Someone's bound to get burned
But just because it burns
Doesn't mean you're gonna die

                                                      He had smiled at those that had greeted him and when Jubilee had let go of his sleeve, he hugged Antoinette as a hello. He also greeted the others with the same greeting, those the males hugs lasted longer and the distance between there body was deemed safe. He smirked as they spoke a bit about their break and what they had done. Daniel finally arrived and Joel smirked. "Always late as usual." He said and smirked and then looked up as the bell sounded. He sighed and said his goodbyes. "See you after hell." He said and grinned and looked at Lee. He winked at her and then walked into school, he knew he had to get the day over with. He had missed his friends but he hadn't missed being here, between working, coaching and school work. Joel was pretty run down, he went to his first lesson and allowed the day to begin.

                                                      Today seemed to be taking forever. He was pretty sure someone kept stopping the clock when he wasn’t looking. He had been trying to catch the clock out all day now. However every time he looked up it was just time that stood in his way. Taking in a deep breath he wondered how long it would be before he once again felt the need to get some fresh air. He had been feeling this way all day and the feeling that had rested in his stomach and head wouldn’t budge. He must of swallowed at least 6 painkillers that day and he was pretty sure that was past the limit. Joel sighed heavily and placed his head on his desk. His arms falling over his head and shoulders covering his face from the world. This was his last lesson and then he was free again, it was what he kept telling himself as he sat there in maths. The teacher seemed to want him to listen; he barked out his name and lazily Joel looked up. “Joel do you have an issue with listening?” Joel frowned. ‘Oh how I want to wipe that smug look of your face.’ He had to hold himself back. Joel slowly and mechanically shook his head. He was not getting detention! He didn’t speak because he not only didn’t trust his voice to work but he was almost scared of what his filter-less brain would reply with. Joel was not someone who kissed a**.

                                                      Joel looked out of the window again, his dark orbs watching as the world continued to move as he was being kept prisoner. “Joel!” His teacher shouted once more. Joel’s eyes snapped to the ugly, balding, middle aged man in front of him and he couldn’t resist. “Look it’s not like I’m the only one not listening. So stop calling me out on something everyone is doing.” The bell rung and with that Joel gathered his stuff and walked out. He didn’t even look back to see his maths teacher almost turning red with anger. ‘Guy has got issues.’ He thought and shrugged off the endless of insults that he had wanted to say to him. He went to his locker and placed all his stuff away. He didn't need to take his bag as he'd be back here soon. He walked out the front door and smiled as he saw Cassy. He hugged her from behide and then let her go and stepped to the side of her. "Thank god that's over." He said and sighed deeply. He knew he had work at eight and football practice at half four. He roughly had an hour and half to wind down and he planned on doing it with his friends. "Any plans?" He asked.

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                                Shooting Cassy an apologetic smile for squeezing too hard, she easily slipped her arms around Dillon as he came to hug her next. She shifted ever so slightly in the hug so there was less pressure on her injury, and burrowed herself in his arms. She considered everyone in the group a brother or sister, well except for Joey...but he was a special case. Giving Dillon a cheeky smile as they pulled away, she nudged him gently. " I better have. " she replied with a soft laugh because well, it would be disappointing if she wasn't. She watched the other interactions with amusement, loving the way the group was around each other, before Antoinette brought up the subject of school starting. Sadly, it seemed she didn't have first class with any of the others. Though any kid would be depressed about it, she was not. Jubilee was simply happy that she was away from her house. Over the summer, it had been hard to avoid her father because he would be home most of the day and all night. Needless to say, she spent a lot of time running and doing anything that kept her away from home. The sudden weight of an arm on her shoulder, drew her attention to the warm, obviously male, body beside her.  " Hey Danny! " she chirped as he cracked a joke, which made her giggle as usual. To her disappointment, he didn't have the same first as her either. Rocking back on her heels, the blue haired girl watched in disappointment as Joey announced his leave. Lee grinned at him as he compared school to hell because it was such an overused comparison which amused her greatly. Catching his eye, Lee watched as he winked at her before leaving. Glee shot through her at this and she tried to ignore the sudden pick up in her heart beat. " I should be off as well. See ya guys! " she chirped, waving enthusiastically at Antoinette and Daniel before walking off in the same direction Joey did. 

                                " Ah Ha! " Flinging the door open of her last class of the day, Jubilee grinned triumphantly as she took a glance around. Many pairs of eyes stared back at her with confusion, amusement, and some annoyance. " Ms. Reynolds? " The teacher inquired, a warm smile on his wrinkly face. With bright eyes, Lee bobbed her head and offered a coy smile in return. " Sorry, I got lost and just call me Lee! " She told him cheerfully, shrugging hopelessly at her lateness. The teacher simply chuckled and directed her to take an empty seat. Opting to sit in the front, because the teacher seemed really nice, the blue haired girl dropped her bag on the desk and slid into her seat. Her teacher started to speak about what they would be learning about, cracking a joke here and there that only he seemed to know but Lee found herself giggling along anyways. He was the kindest teacher she had ever had, though she had only had one class she just knew he would move her third grade art teacher off top spot. Plus she was a good judge of character, a talent she would say. Of course, the other teachers she had earlier in the day were okay, though one of them had lectured her for getting lost when she was a senior and had been in the school the previous year. Now it wasn't Lee's fault she was horrid with directions! The only time she seemed to not get lost was when she was running, how that happens she isn't sure but she was late to most of her previous classes. 

                                The final bell rang, dismissing the students and Jubilee found herself  cheerfully waving farewell to her new favorite teacher. Following the flow of mostly taller bodies, she broke away when she recognized her locker. Deciding to just dump everything related to school in her locker, because her teachers hadn't assigned any homework, she shut her locker with a sigh. Despite the excitement she felt for seeing her best friends, the end of the day always resulted with a ticket home and a painful ending to the day. So she would probably end up staying out most of the night, until it was dark enough that she could sneak into her backyard and in through a window or late enough that her father would be passed out. Rummaging through her backpack, that had the bare essentials such as money, running cloths, a water bottle, and her camera, she decided that she would go for a run perhaps after school. She knew football practice was going on so maybe she would hang around Joey for a bit then run in the track while he was at practice. Then he could drive her home afterwards before he had work. Deciding that the plan sounded pretty legit and possible, though she might have to bribe Jojo with candy or something to make him agree. Personally she assumed that he would readily agree but she decided to ask just to be safe. Taking a deep breath, wincing ever so slightly as her side expanded, Jubilee stretched up on her tiptoes in an attempt to find her friends in a the crowded hall. Being short sucked sometimes. Now in any other situation, she would follow the simple rule of 'camp in place and wait for someone to find you' but it was school and she couldn't exactly sit in he middle of the already narrow hall without getting stepped on. After a second of contemplation, she decided to just wait outside. Now being horrid with directions, that sucked all the time. 

                                Weaving through the crowd like she was batman, whole grinning like a maniac at the same time, Jubilee scanned the area for a familiar best friend face as she exited the school. Catching sight of a distinguishable head of hair, the grin on her face switched to a cheeky smile as she flung herself into Cassy...for the second time that day. " Found one! " she chirped, clinging onto her friend for dear life. Being alone in a swarm of people was nerve wracking! Letting Cassy go with a light hearted laugh, she turned her gaze to Joey. Spreading her arms and basically body checking the guy before winding her arms around his waist in a tight hug, ignoring the butterflies that twirled in her guy. " And another! " she cheered before letting him go. She placed her fisted hands on her hips and glanced between her two friends. " How was your first day? " she prompted the two of them, eager to hear about their day.

                                Location;;The front of school~
                                Company;;Jojo and Cassy<3
                                My feelings;; Curious, pleased
                                My thoughts;;tall people are tall

                                ooc;; Derpy post! Next one will be better~! 

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