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So here's the deal:

I am currently looking for anyone who might be interested in being apart of this roleplay. It was an idea I came up with (inspired by a lot of things) and I would really like your input if you are interested. I'm open to any ideas you might have or want to contribute.

I have come up with a layout of the thread which can be found below. It's pretty basic, but it gets the job done.

We are currently: Recruiting Extras

Although the Thayer family is full, don't let that deter you! We are still in need of extra characters. For example: the other singers/friends of Jason's group, boyfriends, girlfriends, best friends, basically anything you want! The possibilities are endless!
I will catch you up to speed if you are interested!

Join the conversation!---OOC Thread
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The Story:

The Thayer family is well known in Hollywood for their famous children. For years now three of the children have made names for themselves and have made quite a fortune. It always seemed they had the perfect life, and they did up until now. When the two older children return from being on tour and filming a movie, they find the perfect life they left almost a year ago has drastically changed. Their parents are filing for divorce and it hasn’t been easy. The two are fighting over who gets the house they are currently living in and who is best to manage their children’s funds. On top of that, the younger son has gotten himself in into drinking and drugs and has been arrested for driving under the influence. Rumors have also been circling around that the older sister is pregnant, but she is the only one who knows the truth. Between the divorce, the arrest, and the rumors, the media and press has been all over this once happy family and making them headline news. With all of the children back home, can they make things right again? Or will all that ego living under one roof prove to cause more damage?
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The Rules:

The basics
Follow Gaia rules. If you don’t know them, go read them.
Follow the golden rule. We all learned it as kids and we all must respect one another.
Please let me know if you won’t be able to post for a while.
I am the creator of this thread so you must abide by my rules, but I am really nice and open minded. So please, if you have questions, comments, concerns, or ideas you would like to share just let me know.
Be creative!

Let’s try and focus on quality versus quantity. I have no minimum or maximum requirements, but please give us something to work with.
I like creative post layouts with pictures (real people only), but you don’t have to go all out with it if you wish not too. A picture and some colors is fine with me, but feel free do more than that.
Swearing: Is ok with me, but let’s not get too crazy with it.
Fighting: There will be fights. Nothing too violent, but yes physical fights are allowed.
Romance: While no incest is allowed, outside relationships are allowed. Your character might have someone who is their boy/girlfriend, or they might not. The only thing is no sex scenes. They are celebrities, not porn stars.
Make the font a normal size, not too big and not too small. And please make the colors dark enough to easily read.

You can pre-reserve if you like. The reserve shouldn't take long to fill out so you shouldn't have to pre-reserve, but I will accept them. But you can only keep the pre-reserve for 24 hours until I open the spot back up again.
Once you fill out the reserve, send it to me, and I'll most likely approve of it unless there is something completely wrong with it.
There are no profiles to fill out. I already made a little blurb of what the family members might be like, so a profile is not needed. Plus, I feel like no one reads them anyway.
When making your characters, please be creative. I know I have a very basic personality of what your character is like, but ultimately you have creative freedom over who they are.
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Character Chart
Male and Female Totals
Complete list of characters with their roles, jobs, relationships, and who is playing them in one convenient and well put together chart. All credit for this goes to o-Smitten Kitten-o. Thank you so much!

The Thayer Family:

User ImagexxxxxxxxxxUser Image
Richard ThayerxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxTracy Thayer

The parents are NPC and can be controlled by anyone. These pictures should be used as visuals when choosing the model to portray your character. If you are a member of the Thayer family, try to make them look like their parents. This just means using someone who somewhat resembles the parents. (light or dark hair for example) No other ethnicity should be used. Sorry, but none of the children were adopted. If you have any questions, just ask.

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Jason Robert Thayer
xxxOlder Brother
He the oldest sibling in the family and was the first to make a name for the Thayer family. He and four of his friends became teen heart throbs and singing sensations back when he was fifteen. Now, almost ten years later, he has pursued a solo career and has been doing tours and recording new albums with and without the group. As the oldest, he feels it is his job to keep his younger siblings in order. He tries his best to make a good example for them, but sometimes it is hard dealing with his family and controlling his anger at the same time.

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Collet Jane Thayer
xxx Older sister
xxx 21
xxx iic a p t i n--xx
The drama queen of the family. Naturally, she is the actress in the family. She started her acting career after her two brothers made names for themselves on the singing stage. Having two brothers in the spotlight made it easy for her to make her way into acting, but don’t doubt her acting skills. Even when not on the stage she can be quite the drama queen. There is no such thing as a little problem, to her, everything is a big deal. She loves being in the spotlight whether for good or bad reasons and can be very high maintenance.

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Alexander Thayer
xxx Younger Brother
xxx nineteen
xxxJe t aime augustracine
Shortly after his older brother's breakout album topped the charts, his parents threw him into the spotlight as well. At just eight years old, he was America’s favorite little boy, winning everyone over with his angelic singing and adorable attitude. After having to temporarily stop singing in order to save his singing voice during puberty, not much has been heard from him, until now. With all the fame, fortune, and free time, he has gotten into drinking and drugs turning what used to be a cute little boy, into a teenage addict.

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Sophia Ann Thayer
xxx Younger Sister
xxx Seventeen
xxx saltwater daisies
With all of her older siblings popular for singing and acting, there were high expectations for her. Everyone, including her family, was waiting to see what talent she was going to break out with. Unfortunately that gene must have passed her over because she can’t sing, read music, or act. Unlike her older siblings, she plans on graduating from a normal high school, which can be hard considering who her family is. She says it doesn’t bother her and that she doesn’t want to be in the limelight like her older siblings, but is that what she really thinks?


(Boyfriends, girlfriends, best friends, and family friends)

User ImagexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUser Image
Risa Jamie Diaz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Antonio Philip De Luca
▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅
xxx Alexander's Female Best Friend xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sophias Best Friend
xxx Eighteenxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Eighteen
xxx Bittersweet Sundownxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Je t aime augustracine

User ImagexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUser Image
Natalise Ariana Kingsmen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Connor William Donnovon
xxx Christine's Cousin/Dancerxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Collet's boyfriend/Jason's bandmate and best friend
xxx EighTeenxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Twenty-five
xxx ~Krazy LiL Vi~xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx o-Smitten Kitten-o

User ImagexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUser Image
Belinda 'Billie' Kristin Harper xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Jennifer 'Tink' Lily Rose
xxx Sophia's best girl friendxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Collet's best girl friend/Make-up artist
xxx Seventeenxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Twenty-four
xxx o-Smitten Kitten-oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx o-Smitten Kitten-o

User ImagexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUser Image
Russell CrowleyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDamian Richard Todd
xxxPaparazzixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Collet's Baby Daddy/Stunts Man
xxxForty-sixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 22
xxx10tobybear24xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx One_Of_The_Sadly_Fallen

User ImagexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUser Image
Jack Maiki Ace xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Penn Noel Grigori
xxx Sophia's boyfriend & Alex's 'partner in crime'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The Other Maid
xxxEighteenxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx 19
xxx Bittersweet Sundownxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx One_Of_The_Sadly_Fallen

User ImagexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUser Image
Riland Evan Rusk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXia Naomi Diaz
xxx The Thayer's next door neighborxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Risa's older step-sister
xxx 19 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Nineteen
xxx XxSassy_BunnehxXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Bittersweet Sundown

User ImagexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUser Image
Nathan Hunter JamesxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxSelena Kathleen Harper
xxxJason's bandmate
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxBillie's older sister
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxTwenty
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxo-Smitten Kitten-o

User Image
Eric Leroy Williams
xxx Jason/Connor/Nathan's Band mate
xxx Twenty-three
xxx 10tobybear24

User Image

Alacia Lacy Smith
xxx Neighbor/Ryan's younger step-sister/ has a crush on Alexander/Band mate
xxx 18
xxx 19Sweet_Kisses91

User Image

Ryan Andrew Smith
xxx Neighbor/Alacia's older step brother/has a crush on Sophia/Band mate
xxx 19
xxx 19Sweet_Kisses91

User Image

Emilia "Emily" Rose Tanner
xxx Neighbor/Alicia's BFF/ Alic's younger sister/Band mate
xxx 18
xxx 19Sweet_Kisses91

User Image

Alic Simon Tanner
xxx Neighbor/Ryan's BFF/ Emilia's older brother/Band Mate
xxx 21
xxx 19Sweet_Kisses91

User Image

Lysander 'Sandy' Rishab Kari
xxx Model/Selena's high school friend
xxx 21
xxx Banana Wafflez

User Image

Manny Aries Mendez
xxx Thayer Neighbor/Music Producer/Music Composer
xxx 22
xxx Chicago_Juggalo

User Image

Jonathan Michael McDowell
xxx Absolute RAEAs music manager
xxx 32
xxx 19Sweet_Kisses91

User Image

Claire Maria Anderson
xxx New girl in town
xxx Twenty
xxx PoisonLilly14

User Image

User Image


Please use the following skeleton for your reserve.
Your models can be, but don't have to be actual celebrities. Just try not to use anyone too popular and have them at least look the age they are supposed to be.

[img] (100x150) [/img]

[size=14] (First, middle, and last name) [/size]
[color=white]xxx[/color][color=postingcolor]✮[/color] (Role)
[color=white]xxx[/color][color=postingcolor]✮[/color] (Age)
[color=white]xxx[/color][color=postingcolor]✮[/color] (Username)
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The Setting:

The house is located in Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, Cailifornia.
-5 Bedrooms
-6.5 Bathrooms
-Dining Room
-Family Room
-Guest/Maid's Quarters
-Gym/Exercise Room
-Living Room
-Media/Music Room
-Home Theater
-Wine Cellar

For more pictures of the house, please click these links:

The House & Even more pictures of the house
We are now Open!

We will start off with Jason and Collet bailing Alexander out of jail and bringing him back to the house. Sophia has just returned home from the local high school that she attends. It is a Friday, so the weekend is coming up. Oh, and the parents don't spend much time at the house because they can hardly stand to be near each other.
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After Collet and Alexander were inside the house, Jason brought up the rear, slamming the front door behind him. Camera crews and paparazzi were crowded around their front gate all wanting to get the scoop on what happened. Jason hadn’t been home for a day when he found out that his brother had been arrested. He just got back from a solo tour to promote his new album. It was his first album he made without the guys and so far it was a success. While he loved singing and performing with his friends, it was nice to be able to have an album all his own. Although the tour was tiring, Jason loved every minute of it. It was weird to not have to share the stage with four other guys, but he got used to it. Everyone in the crowd was there to see him and that made everything all worth it. But Jason hardly had any time to celebrate the success of his first solo tour because he had to go bail out his brother from jail. “What the hell were you thinking?” Jason yelled at his brother. His voice echoed off the walls of their large house. “I thought you knew better than to drink and drive! You really ******** up this time. Do you see all those cameras out there? They are never going to leave! The news about you getting busted is going to be all over the news!” What he said sounded like it would come from their father, but since he was hardly ever at home anymore, Jason felt he had to take over.

For the past few months their family has been in all the tabloids and all over the internet after their parents announced they were getting divorced. While divorce in families in Hollywood is common, it caused a lot of talk when Jason’s parents made the announcement. Ever since he was a teenager, the Thayer family has been a model family. Talented kids, loving parents, and all that, but now everything has changed. The pressure of constantly trying to stay perfect has strained their parent’s relationship. That was just the start of how their family began to go downhill. Shortly thereafter it got leaked that Alexander was doing drugs. The sweet and innocent little singing prodigy was now addicted to drugs. Because Jason was off on his tour, he couldn’t deal with the problem then. He had already made a commitment to his fans and he wasn’t going to let his younger brother’s stupid decisions ruin it. But if Jason knew that things were going to get this out of control, he might have changed his mind.

To add even more fuel to the flames, rumors were going around that Collet was pregnant. Whether that was true or not, Jason didn’t even know. She hadn’t told him anything. Because Collet was only twenty-one and unmarried, the rumors were spread around fast. It was just another black mark on the Thayer family’s record. None of the things that were happening were uncommon to those in Hollywood, but what made it such a big deal was that this was the Thayer family. They were role models to all other families out there, but now look at them. Privacy was hard to come by when you were famous, and due to the recent events, the paparazzi is going to be following their every move. All Jason wanted was to come home and relax, but now he had this whole mess to deal with. “Dammit Alex! Why did you have to go and get yourself arrested? Do you know how this is going to affect us?” Jason paced the floor and rubbed his temples. If it were possible, steam would be coming out of his ears he was so angry right now. He tried to take a few breaths to calm himself down because Sophia was due home any minute, but it wasn't really working.
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Alexander Ryan Thayer


                                                      Alex sighed and walked up the steps to the house. He knew as soon as the door was closed behind him his brother was going to start yelling and that was definitely something he didn't need right now. Not with the major hangover he had Plus, he was going to ask questions that Alex probably couldn't answer. He couldn't remember most of the night. He did know he drank, took a couple pills, and woke up in a jail cell before he was bailed out. The cop told him he had to go to court in a couple weeks and that's where he would pay all his fines. 'What were you thinking?' His brothers question brought back from his jumbled thoughts. Before he could answer anything else more words spewed out of his mouth. "I don't need to listen to you." He mumbled and walked towards the stairs. All he wanted to do right now was take a shower and leave. He didn't want to hear his brothers lecture. His parents would call as soon as they heard and there'd be enough yelling over the phone.

                                                      "Shut up." He finally raised his voice a little. What was left of his voice after last night. Some tea or coffee would surely fix that though. "I messed up. Get over it."He walked up the steps and down the hall to his room. That's all they could really do. It's not like he could turn back time and not get in the car. Jason should of just been happy that he didn't kill anyone or himself. Everyone was safe and Alex had court and possible AA meetings. Ever since his parents decided to get a divorce Jason was walking around like he was the parent. It was easier when he was on tour and not around. Alex didn't have to listen to him when he wasn't around. He rarely picked his phone up for family unless his sisters were calling. Jason was someone Alex didn't mind hitting the ignore button on.

                                                      When he made it into his room he slammed the door behind him. His room was the only place he was ever found in this house unless he was hungry of course. Turning the tv on he stood there and changed to the first news channel he could find. His face would pop up eventually. He crossed his arms across his chest and waited. He didn't think it was that big of a deal. Tons of people got DUis . Tons of famous people did as well. It wasn't something new. Yes, he wasn't old enough to drink but that didn't stop the bartender from serving him or the bouncer to let him into the club. They should of been the ones in trouble not him.

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            S O P H I A T H A Y E R
            User Image
            User Image

                                                          Coming from a perfect, Hollywood-centric family, Sophia Thayer was known around school as the "odd one out", the "untalented" one. If they weren't talking about her lack of talent for anything, they were talking about her family. "Perfect" didn't define her family anymore and, since they were under the radar of TMZ and their social medias, everyone knew that by now. All this free invasion of privacy gave her classmates the "OK" to freely discuss her and her personal life, her sister and her brothers and her own ineptitude when it came to the fine arts.

                                                          Because of this, she normally kept to herself, quiet and reserved, only letting in a few trusted friends after countless experiences of people using and abusing her and her "connections" / "status". All this and more made school hell for Sophia. She rarely ever let that show (it was bad enough every little move her family did made the front page, she didn't need or want that attention), but today in particular seemed to be one of her worst days. Word got around that her brother, Alex, had gotten arrested for DUI. So, not only did she get barraged with constant questions about it, but she had to pretend not to hear the snide remarks and looks of disapproval people shot at her when she walked down the halls.

                                                          The only thing keeping her from snapping at every little thing was the fact she didn't want to draw negative light onto herself as well. Sure, sh wished she could sing, dance, act, something, but she just couldn't. That itself made her look and feel pretty worthless. She was already known as the "untalented" one, she didn't need to be known as the "untalented bitchy" one, too. As the bell rang to dismiss everyone from the confines of school, Sophia raced out the gates as fast as she could to avoid anyone. The few real friends she had, she detoured to say quick "goodbye"s and "see you tomorrow"s, but other than that, she stayed clear of everyone else.

                                                          She didn't feel like talking to anyone; second-hand gossip today was enough for her. Sighing, she walked home, like she always did, looking forward to nothing but graduation, her bed, and the privacy of her room. Coming upon her home, she stopped a little ways off. It was swarming with reporters and magazines. "Just great..." Sophia was not going to go through all that mess. She snuck into the back, tossing her backpack over the back brick wall. Scaling it by using the small ridges and indentations in said wall, she climbed nd sat at the top of the wall just as reporters caught sight of her.

                                                          "Oh, s**t....." Sophia hissed as they started calling her name and running over. Looking down, she jumped off and landed on her bottom with a thump. She groaned in pain, but was glaad she was able to get away from the media before they got a hold of her. Seeing them raise their cameras over the wall and attempt to take blind photos of her on the other side, she cursed softly again and grabbed her bag, running to the back door. She looked through the see-through, sliding door and saw her older siblings inside. Jason seemed to be yelling, which made Alex storm off. Surprise, surprise, Alex and Jason weren't getting along! Rolling her eyes a bit, she hoped Alex wasn't retreating to his room to smoke or something...She often tried to get him to stop, but he didn't listen much to her..or anyone...The youngest of the family sighed softly and pulled the door, finding it was locked. "Really?" She sighed and knocked softly on the glass doors, motioning to the door handles and saying, "It's locked!"

                                                          They'd probably ask why she had come home from the backyard once she was let in, but she hoped they wouldn't launch her into a full-on conversation. After this particular day of school, she just wanted to do nothing and pretend she was just another normal girl no one would bother just because her family was famous and she was a dud.
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                                          When Alex began mumbling and talking back to Jason, he didn’t really think much of it. He knew that Alex wasn’t going to just sit there and take it. Jason saw him walk towards the bottom of the stairs, but Jason was right behind him. "I messed up. Get over it." He couldn’t force Alex to stay downstairs and listen to him yell at him, so when Alex started walking up the stairs, Jason just continued to yell at him. “You couldn’t have picked a better time to mess up now could you? It’s not me that has to get over this, it’s the whole country! We have a reputation to protect and you are ruining it!” Jason got even angrier when Alex completely ignored him and continued walking up the stairs. “This isn’t over yet! You can’t hide in your room forever!” he called out. Whether Alex liked it or not, his actions had consequences and he was going to have to pay for his mistakes. Of course since he is Alex Thayer, he might get off easy, but that wasn’t the point. The point was that it was as if he didn’t even care about what happened.

                                          When Jason heard Alex slam his bedroom door, it just fueled Jason’s anger. “And you!” he said to Collet. “What are these rumors I hear that you are pregnant? Is this true?” he asked with his voice raised. He didn’t mean to turn his anger onto Collet, but he couldn’t help it. He turned and knocked over a ceramic figurine off of the shelf on the wall to let out his anger. The figurine shattered as it fell to the ground. Jason knew he had a hard time controlling his anger. When he got angry, he tended to take it out on anything or anyone nearby. It wasn’t a trait he like to have, but he couldn’t help it. His anger always tended to get to the best of him. After seeing what he had done, Jason sighed and went to sit down on the couch in the living room. He needed to calm himself down. He put his head in his hands and closed his eyes. What Alex did could have been so much worse. He could have killed himself, or worse killed an innocent person. Eventually everyone will get over what he did and it will all become old news. But until then, they had to weather out the storm.

                                          Jason knew he overreacted to the situation. Alex wasn’t the only one in the family who drank when he was underage. Jason was just a teenager when he and the other guys became famous. Together they spent a lot of time on a tour bus, going to parties, and living up the life of being teen singing sensations. Because his parents had three other children to take care of, they never joined him on the tours. Instead, the only adult supervision they had was their manager, and he could hardly be considered a parental figure. He let the boys do whatever they wanted as long as they could perform and conduct interviews. So yes, Jason did drink and he did try different drugs, but the difference was the he didn’t get caught. Eventually he matured enough to be able to control himself and was able to keep himself out of trouble, but this didn’t seem to be the case for Alex. Does he even realize what is at stake? Jason remembered when Alex was just a kid. He had such an amazing voice that made the audience swoon over him.

                                          Alex was such a natural at signing; it made Jason jealous at times. Sure he had a great singing voice, but you could tell just how naturally singing came to Alex. It was like he was born to do it. Now look at him, what was going to become of him if he continued to be addicted to drugs? He had too much talent to let it go to waste, and that was what made Jason angry. Alex just doesn’t get it; he doesn’t appreciate what he has. Just then Jason was broken from his thoughts when he heard a knock on the back door. Because the whole back wall was made of glass, he could see Sophia standing there motioning that the door was locked. By now Jason had calmed down enough to smile at his youngest sister. He got up from the couch and let her in. “Why are you coming in this way?” he asked her when he opened the door for her. “Welcome home kiddo, how was school?” Right now he was happy to see Sophia. She was the only one in the family who hasn’t done something to anger him and it was a relief. He just hoped that she didn’t see the shattered figurine lying on the floor in the front hall.
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            S O P H I A T H A Y E R
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            User Image

                                                          Sophia was about ready to climb the vines on the wall to get to her bedroom window if no one was going to get the door for her. But, as it turned out, her knocking finally caught the attention of her oldest brother. Jason came to the door, opening it and asking the question she had been expecting. "I didn't want to be swallowed the the sea of paparazzi on our front lawn, so I climbed over the back wall." Sophia shrugged lightly, like it was the most normal thing to do in the world. For her, it sort of was. There were plenty times the press was too much for her, so she detoured into the backyard instead.

                                                          Walking in, she dropped her school bag at the door and slumped onto the couch, sighing. Jason just had to ask about school, didn't he? "It was okay." Sophia lied miserably, picking the TV remote up and flipping through channels on the TV. "Oh, hi Collet." The youngest of the Thayer family waved briefly at her sister before turning her attention back to the TV and Jason' former question about her (yet again) dreaded day at school. "Just another day of being compared to all of you, college app reminders, questions regarding the rumors about Alex and Collet. Usual stuff." She shrugged, her words casual, but carrying a hint of bitterness she just couldn't help feeling. Don't get her wrong, Sophia loved her siblings, but she was also envious. They were the stars of the show with voices and faces and talents recognized worldwide.

                                                          Meanwhile Sophia was just the last member of a very gifted family, with no gift of her own to offer. Just a high school girl who struggled to keep a steady 3.0 average so she had something to show at least, plagued with constant reminders that she was only famous for not being famous. Still, they were her brothers and sister - still family and therefore still worthy of her affection. Besides, it wasn't like it was their fault the "talent" gene skipped over her. "Blame biology." As her teacher would say. Letting out another sigh, she cat her brother an apologetic look for her tone. She didn't mean to sound so annoyed, but after all the tiring classmates and courses, she had let that slip. "Anyway, how's Alex? Has Risa talked to him yet?"

                                                          Sophie asked, regarding Alex's best friend. Surely Risa was worried if news got around to her, which was highly possible seeing as how Alex was under the limelight nearly all the time nowadays. Well, him and Collet for her suspected pregnancy. Remembering that, Sophia's blue eyes glanced at her older sister questioningly, only to look past her and see the mess of one of the figurines. "What happened to mom's creepy ceramic angel thing? Did you break it?" She asked, raising a brow. Not like she cared much; it was creepy anyway...While she still was close to her siblings, her and her parents didn't get long too well. Their expectations and her failure to met them really screwed it up between them.
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User Image

Antonio Philip De Luca
Call me Toni

Antonio sighed waking up. His head was throbbing and his room seemed too bright. He sat up and looked around. His room was a mess but that was the usual. He had boxes of clothes sitting by his door. The perks of being a model. Standing up he walked over to his closet and grabbed some clothes. He didn't dress up unless he was going out so that box probably wouldn't be open until he was getting ready tonight. He walked into his bathroom and turned the shower nozzle on. When the water was warm enough he stripped from his briefs and hopped in. After a quick shower he stepped out, dried off and put his clothes on. He slipped his plugs in his ears, brushed his teeth, and styled his hair before walking back into his bedroom.

He turned his tv on and laughed seeing the top story on TMZ. He shook his head lightly and picked his phone up. Toni partied with Alex on occasions. Nothing serious though. Toni wasn't much of a drinker. He was able to party sober but he did have to carry Alex out of the back door of clubs to stop people from taking pictures. The kid had problems but Toni wasn't the type to point out the issues. Scrolling through his contact list he found Sophies name and started texting her.

To: Sophie
From: Toni
'Hey , Are you out of school?'

He sent the message and slid his phone and wallet into his pocket. He made his way down the stairs seeing his parents and gave a small smile. "Morning." He smiled and walked into the kitchen. He grabbed a water bottle out of the fridge and walked back into the den where his parents were sitting. He was going to wait for a text from Sophie before possibly heading over there. He didn't want to deal with all the paparazzi though. He had enough cameras flashing in his face when he did photo shoots. Toni didn't need to deal with any more of it .
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Alexander's Female Best Friend

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Risa Jamie Diaz

Risa had already awaken, she'd been practicing Le Matin by her favorite music maker, Yann Tiersen. The girl couldn't concentrate, she'd been too busy worrying about her best friend Alex. She was quite afraid to turn on the 'news', hoping he wouldn't be on, like always. Stopping, she got up and walked across her room to get her phone, texting Alex.

To: Alex

Hey Alex, mind if I come over? >.<

Stuffing her phone into her backpocket, the girl walked over to her dresser, grabbed her brush, and began brushing her hair. Even if he said no, she would still get out of the house. Even if she was to go out and by food for her house, then she'd do it. She always liked going out, weither it was to clubs, the park, or anywhere else. Letting her wavy hair fall gracefully right below her breasts, she straightened her bangs. Then she brushed her teeth, but took her time. Alex was always on her mind, in worry and, secretly, in like.

Okay, she had a big crush on him. Risa had like a huge crush on him, even though they were like best friends. No, it wasn't because he was famous and she wanted to get in the spotlight. Nor it was the money, jeez, she isn't like that! She just fell for, well, him. Though she'd admit it to no one, she has always hoped of being in a relationship with him. But that'd never happen, right? Why would a guy, like HIM like a simple girl like her? This question always ran through her mind, but she still hoped. Spitting out the water mixed with the paste, she bit her bottom lip. Had Alex ever noticed she liked him?

Remembering times where she almost let out that she had a crush on him, she never told anyone. No one. She hadn't even written on a ******** piece of paper. Wiping the water that was on her chin off, Risa walked back to her room. People always asked, but she'd deny. Deny the fact that she was (she hated this saying, but it was true as the water that falls from the sky when it rains), that she was head over heels for him. Even her own mom has asked, but Risa'd make a disgusted face and say Alex was like a brother to her. She'd never ever had that thought, and that she'd rather lick the floor than even think of Alex in that way. But of course, she has, and possibly always will, think of having Alex in a way more than a friend. Grabbing her bag, Risa walked downstairs and smiled at her mom. As always, her dad was asleep.
"Hola mama, como estas?" ("Hi mom, how are you?" wink . Risa's mom smiles, hugging her daughter. "Te ves tan bonita hoy, vas a una cita? Oh, esta bien, supongo. Su padre perezoso esta dormido. Reloj, el segundo de terminar la coccion se despertara." (You look so pretty today, are you going on a date? Oh, okay I guess. Your lazy dad is asleep. Watch, the second I finish cooking he'll wake up.). Risa laughs and shakes her head, sitting down. As her mom brought her a cup of coffee, milk, and sugar, Risa thanked her mom and yelled at the top of her lungs. "Wake up papi! Levante!" Risa laughed, but her mom shook her head disapprovingly. Shrugging, Risa fixed up her coffee and took a sip. So yummy, ah how she loved coffee. Sitting in the dining room at the dining table, Risa waited for Alex's text.

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                                              Alexander Ryan Thayer


                                      Alex sighed watching the news. When the story about him came up he laughed and shook his head. He didn't think he was that wasted. Apparently he was. He pulled his shirt off and tossed it across the room before feeling his phone vibrate. Sliding it out of his pocket he expected it to be his Mom or Dad but it was Risa instead. He gave a small smile and hit the reply button.

                                      To: Risa
                                      From: Alex
                                      'Yeah, I'm going to hop in the shower so just come up to my room . I smell like jail /: . '

                                      He sent the message and tossed his phone on his bed. Risa was one person he enjoyed being around. That's why she was one of his best friends. He thought about having certain relations with her but he figured it was mainly because he was a guy and he wanted to have sex with any girl that came his way and most of the time he got it. Perks of being a celebrity bad boy. But Risa was kind of different. He was always around her. She wasn't like his celeb friends. She actually tried to keep him out of trouble. He wasn't sure if she heard about everything or not but he wouldn't be surprised if she did. It was all over the news.

                                      He bit his lip and walked into his bathroom. He turned the shower on and waited as it warmed up before getting in. Alex always took long showers Especially since he didn't take one last night. His clothes reeked of beer and sweat. When he was finished he wrapped his towel around his waist and made his way into his closet. He wasn't really sure what he wanted to wear today. He didn't know what he was going to do and where he was going to go. He slipped on some briefs and basketball shorts as well as a pair of socks and walked back into his room. Jason probably wouldn't want him going out anytime soon anyways but that wasn't going to stop him. He grabbed a small box from under his bed and opened it. Everything he needed was inside. Weed, pills, a small bottle of jack. His stash box. He sighed and opened a small container. Ecstasy and xanax were inside. He wasn't going out just yet so ecstasy wasn't what he wanted. He grabbed a small white bar and put it in his mouth before twisting the Jack Daniels bottle open and taking a swig.

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