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Rei soon finished her favorite poem, The Raven, and closed the book with a snap. She could smell the fragrance of breakfast wafting up from the kitchens and smiled to herself. She hopped off her completely black bed and walked through her messy floor to the door that led out of her room. Opening the door she poked her head out and looked down the hallway. Amazingly no one was awake. Usually the younger children would be running along the halls while her parents or older brothers would be telling them to stop. She didn't mind the quiet, it just seemed odd.

Slipping out into the hall she shut her door with a click and then began to walk down the marble floor. Her stockings caused her to slide on the marble and she made a sort of game of it. She would slide along like she was iceskating, spinning and jumping. When she got to the stairs that spiraled down to the first floor she ran down them, skipping a few here and there. At the last set of steps she jumped clear over them and landed on the floor cat-like. She looked around before straightening herself and sliding along the marble, once again, to the dining all.

As she thought she would she found the place completely empty. For some reason she loved the way her voice would echo off the walls in the over-sized room.

"GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!" She called just for the sake of hearing the echo's. She gave a childish laugh and then sat down in one of the many comfortable dining chairs. She rested her elbow on the table and then her head in her hand. Her dyed bluish hair was it's usual mess, always having that windblownt look to it. She hardly ever fixed her hair. She simply kept it the way it was, brushing it once in the morning then never touching it again. This morning she hadn't brushed it at all and it was sticking out more than ever.

A bored expression remained on her face as she waited for the others to come down or for breakfast to be served. The scent of all the different foods made her stomach rumble loudly and she slapped it telling it to shut up. She was always weird like that. Telling inanimate things to do things. It was just another factor to add onto her list of oddness.
Lydia sighed, and looked at her clock. It was basically early in the morning, and about time to go to breakfast. Lydia sighed, and chucked her pencil to the ground, and walked out of the room. Frisk's tennis ball sized head peeked from out of the dark area under the desk, soon revealing the rest of the puffy fur ball. Pink tongue hanging out of his mouth, Frisk followed Lydia as she walked down the stairs, one hand placed on the railing. Lydia was clad in one of her favorite outfits, her plain green turtle neck sweater, black leggings, blue socks and white tennis shoes, and a pearl necklace. Her hair that was to her waist and normally up in two buns, was swept back in two small pearl barretts, both clipped on the left side of her head.

Lydia entered the dining room, and saw her older sister. She strode over, and sat in a seat that was one over across from Rei. Frisk was under her, looking up at Lydia with hopeful eyes, and pawing at the seat legs. Lydia pushed the pup off, sending him doing a backwards roll a yard away. That didn't stop Frisk apparently, for he went over to Rei, and used the begging treatment with her. Lydia rolled her eyes at him, and sayed in her cool voice," Good morning. Don't mind him, hes being quite a frightful little pesk lately."
Rei looked over to her younger sister smiling, "I don't know what you mean. He's simply hungry." She looked down at the small dog and picked him up, setting him in her lap. "And wanting attention." She pet the dog with her soft hands, scratching behind his ears and underneath his collar. Just then one of the cooks entered, carrying two platters of food. He set one down in front of Rei and the other in front of Lydia.

"Good morning Misses. I hope you had a nice night's sleep." Rei nodded to him and then handed him Frisk.

"Frisk is hungry. Do you mind feeding him?" He shook his head and turned to leave.

"Not at all Miss. Right away." He hurried off into the kitchen once more and Rei frowned, looking back to her platter of food.

"I wish he wouldn't treat me as if I own him. Or as if I'm better than him. I hate that, you know?" Everytime one of the servants would serve her Rei would tell to closets person to her that she hated it. Everyone was so used to this that they just agreed with her and went on with what they were doing.
" Well, you'd understand if you were stuck with that rascal all the time," Lydia said, smiling. Frisk licked the servant who was holding him's face,yipping. Lydia opened her platter of food, and revealed its contents. She rubbed her hands together, and grabbed for her silverware which was wrapped in a burgundy napkin. Lydia peeled the paper off, and said while doing so," Yeah, I can't agree with you more. But the servants do it because their getting paid....although I'm not sure about the fact of mother and father enclosing that in the contract...." Lydia set the napkin in her lap, and dug into her food.

Upon the silver platter were an assortment of Lydia's favorite foods. There was one small saucer in there with eggs, sprinkled with salt and dripping with cheese. Then there was a bit of bread that was buttered, a slice of ham, and a small orange slice on the side. Lydia dug into these, saying," at least they know what I like to eat."

A servant came in with a fancy glass with milk, and placed it in front of Lydia. The servant straightened up, and asked," Miss Rei, would you like anything to drink?"

(Did you mind if I played that one servant? )
((Play whomever you like. ^^))

Rei nodded, "I suppose so..." She lifted the cover of her own platter and dug her fork into her own food. "Yes, they do know what I like too." At the moment she was devouring a nicely cooked brawtwurst. The smell simply made her mouth water and the taste made her, almost, drool. Wiping her mouth she looked to the servant who asked her if she would like a drink.

"I would love some orange juice, but you don't have to get it for me. I'm plenty capable of doing it on my own."
(Okay, I wasn't sure so....^^)

The servant bowed, and said," It is my duty to serve you miss Rei, and your orange juice you shall have." The servant left, leaving Lydia frozen, but had this odd look as if she was trying to hold back something. That something came out soon, as she started to giggle. She stuffed her mouth with a helping of eggs, to try and smother her laughter. She gulped, and said," but the way they speak, ohh!!!" She giggled again, and took a sip of her milk. The servant came back with a fancy glass filled to the rim like Lydia's, and placed it it front of Rei.

"Here you go miss," was all he said, and scuttled out again. Lydia raised her eyebrows, and shook her head. She went back to eating, and it was only until after she had devoured the last bit of bread she spoke again. " I wonder where the rest are. I need to ask mom if I can order a Yu Yu Hakusho comic book off the internet, and pay her back with the money I earned."
Rei stared at her sister with a raised eyebrow and then shook her head when she finally giggled. "It's not nice to make fun of the way they talk to us, you know." She ate her food in silence until the servant came back out with her orange juice. After he left she muttered, "I'm not drinking that..."

She ignored the drink and then started on her eggs. Wiping her mouth she said, "I wonder where they are too. Mother would probably let you, seeing as she let you do that every other time you asked." She pushed herself away from the table, causing the wooden legs of the chair to slide against the carpetted floor, and stood. She picked up her glass of orange juice and eyed it, "Well, maybe one tiny sip before I go make a point..." She showed a small space between her forefinger and thumb as she said this and then took the smalles sip. "Now, off to the kitchens!"

She began walking toward the swinging doors that led into the kitchen, holding the glass of orange juice steadily, and singing some odd tune with the words, "OJ shall rule the world. Cause OJ is the best. OJ, OJ, the mighty OJ, will RULE!!" She sang the next part very fast and all in once breath, "Cause OJ is the future dictator of the universe and because of this OJ shall be the best and rule the" she took a deep breath, "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORLD!" She disappeared through the swinging doors, her laughing echoing off the walls.
When Rei said its not nice to make fun of them, Lydia just huffed, and said," Well, they do!" She finished her food as well, and stared after Rei as she disappeared. "Has my sister gone mental...?" She asked herself as she stood up and pushed the chair in. Frisk came bounding out again, and started to paw at Lydia's legs again. Lydia rolled her eyes, stooped down, and picked Frisk up. "Your one spoiled pup," she said to him, closing one eye as he started to give her some wet kisses.

Lydia walked back upstairs, and to the west wing. She went to the music room this time, and went over to the stereo. She dropped Frisk to the floor, and started fooling around with some buttons and cd's. She soon picked a certain cd, and pressed play. Soon the whole room was blasting with the lyrics to "No scrub," by TLC. Lydia smiled, and started to dance to the melody. Frisk barked at her feet as they came around, and yipped when she almost stepped on him because he dove in the way. Lydia started to sing along, doing quite well since she played the harp and good at matching pitches.
"No, I don't want your number,
No, and I don't wanna give you mine,
No, only one at a time"

"No, I don't want no scrubs,
scrubs isn't gonna get no love from me
swinging on the passengers side
by his best friend's side trying to hard and

No I don't want not scrubs...."

Lydia seemed to have a taste or angst songs, this being one of her favorite. Frisk growled in his throat, and left, thinking his master was being to loud for his ears.
((You must mean the West wing. That's where the music room is. The nursery and playroom are in the east.))

Rei walking into the kitchen and set the glass of orange juice on one of the counters with a lound clunk. The clunk got many of the servants, including the one who gave her the drink, to stop what they were doing and look at her. The one who had gotten her the drink was looking awfully nervous. She smiled at him, picked up the glass again, and threw the whole thing away in the trash next to her.

"I refuse to drink or eat anything that anyone else has to serve me. I am not a lazy bum and can get things for myself." She walked over to the cupboard, pulled out a new glass, walked over to the fridge, and took out the orange juice. She set the glass on the counter and poured herself some orange juice. "See, it's that easy. I can do it myself. Whenever we have family meals I can't not eat since my parents will be there, but other than that I will make the food myself. I love to cook and I don't want any of you to serve me." She looked around at all of them. "Okay?" They all nodded and rumbles of 'Yes miss' could be heard throughout the crowd.

"That's another thing. Don't call me 'miss'. Call me Rei. That's my name after all. No 'miss' before that." They all nodded again, a few still saying 'Yes Miss' but she ignored them. "Thank-you for your time!" She smiled her rare smile and then turned, her stockings causing her to turn further than she wanted, and walked out of the kitchens.

Climbing up the stairs she began to head back to her room in the West Wing. She heard music playing in the music room and opened the door to find Lydia dancing and singing to No Scrub. She made a sick face and pretended to stick her finger down her throat. "How can you stand this horrid music?" She asked above the volume of the pounding music.
(Oh, okay, I'll redo that.)
(Oh, okay, I'll redo that.)

((We can move your room to the west if you like.))
Lydia laughed, and stopped for a second. She went over and turned the volume down so she could talk. "Simple. Its catchy." She turned the stereo off suddenly. "Though I'm tired now. Listening to music for that long I can't do." She walked over to Rei and passed her through the door. "I don't know how your can stand YOUR songs." She snickered, but didn't go very far away from the door. "Had another pep talk with those srvants?" she asked, as she found Frisk standing not to far away from them. She picked him up by the scruff of the neck, and scratched his head, his tongue lolling again.
(Nah, thats alright.)
"I can stand my music because it's WONDERFUL!" She laughed and then nodded. "Yep, I had a talking to with them...Made it perfectly clear that they weren't to serve me. If they do, I don't eat it. Also told them not to call me 'Miss'. I'm sure that'll be a hard habit to break.

She walked over to the stereo and turned on her own music. "Scars" by Papa Roach began to play and she sang along with very much emotion.

"I tear my heart open
I sew myself shut
My weakness is
That i care too much

And my scars remind me
That the past is real
I tear my heart open
Just to feel " She laughed again, "See isn't it beautiful!?"
Lydia made a wretching noise, as if she was going to throw up. "Not ThAT guy again," she said, indecating Papa Roach. "Miss miss miss," she added as she left the area, and walked down another hall. She headed for her room, and dumped Frisk on her bed. Scrounging for paper and pencils on the ground, Lydia sat indiam style, her pencil flying across the paper, soon to reveal a picture.

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