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                              This is a remake of another roleplay I made.
                              It is semi-lit - literate
                              This is a small group roleplay.
                              We are currently: open and accepting
                              Accepting: profiles and reserves
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                              Picture this: six friends have known each other for as long as they can remember. They've grown up together. faced the problems to childhood together, and have managed to remain close. These six friends hit high school, everything seems okay... and they meet two new friends. Thew two new people fit in fabulously, and the bond between all eight friends only gets stronger. The get through their first two years of high school with some difficulties, but nothing major. Then... tragedy strikes. One of the girls is diagnosed with leukemia, she puts up a good front, and stays in school for their junior year, though she was often absent. By senior year she had to drop out.

                              What happens when the baby of the group is going to die? How will her boyfriend, The Writer deal? How will any of them? The Sick Girl was the youngest, and six of the friends viewed her as their little sister... will all eight of them manage to keep going, with this weight on their hearts? In a way, it was miraculous that they had all managed to stay friends through high school. They were all pretty different... how often were a Nerd, Jock, Weirdo, Rocker, Artist, Bookworm, and a Writer friends anyway? They all had different cliques... and up until The Sick Girl was diagnosed, and left school, they had never questioned their bond.

                              But maybe they'll overcome this obstacle, like they so often did. After all, maybe their baby sister will live, maybe she'll pull through this. There's always a chance, right? Maybe these seven friends will pull themselves together and make this an amazing year, they're seniors after all. Maybe they'll even find something in that person they've known for years, something they'd never seen before... Maybe, in the wake of this sadness, they'll find joy. They might even find love like The Sick Girl and The Writer did...
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                              1. Follow gaia ToS. If you don't know them, go read them and come back after that.

                              2. Listen to me. What I says goes. If I appoint mods, listen to them too.

                              3. I'd rather not have a bunch of scene models. No Disney stars either... or Justin Bieber.

                              4. Make sure your model looks the age of your character.

                              5. One paragraph, that is what I demand of every post, no less than one paragraph. No novels either, keep it to about six paragraphs a post, please.

                              6. Make posts pretty, I want a name and picture at the very least. I make formats, so if you want me to, I'll make one for you.

                              7. You will PM reserves and profiles to me. You will PM reserves first.

                              8. You may have two characters, you may not have two girls. You can have one boy and one girl, or two boys, but not two girls.

                              9. I don't want a lot of horrible pasts. Things I am not allowing: rape, and extreme physical abuse. You wanna know why? PM me and I'll give you the entire story.

                              10. Please, please, please, be literate. I want posts I can comprehend, no text talk. Also, write in the third person, and have your character speak in first.
                              11. Reserves should be titled: "I'm Not Okay.". Profiles should be titled: "I Promise.".
                              12. DO NOT mess with my coding. It's that way on purpose. Also, highlight this entire post.

                              13. Post frequently, I understand that real life comes fist, but I don't want this to die. If you're going to be gone, let me know.

                              14. Highlight this post for a secret.
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                              User ImageEmmaline "Emmy" Grey


                              The Sick Girl

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                              User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Susan "Sue" Amelia Stone


                              The Nerd


                              User ImageRachel "Raven" Nealson


                              The Weirdo

                              Ryder Myster

                              User ImageGenesis "Gen" Sloan


                              The Artist

                              BEP Pants
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                              User ImageWilliam "Will" Miller


                              The Writer

                              Bleed the Music

                              User ImageNicolas Constantine "Nick" Fitzgerald


                              The Jock

                              s h i n j i s a n z o

                              User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Liam "Xander" Alexander


                              The Rocker

                              Celtic Enigma

                              User Image Taejun “Tae” Kwon

                              Age 18

                              The Bookworm

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Timid Wolf

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Timid Wolf

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                  It was the first day of school, something many kids Emmy's age might loathe. Who'd want to go to school when they could easily spend time in the sun, hanging out with their friends at the beach, or sleeping all day after an all night movie marathon? Summer was an amazing thing, school, not so much... but for Emmy, well, she'd by lying if she said she wished she could go to school. But that was too much of a risk, and she didn't really have the time. Between throwing up, sleeping, and going to chemotherapy, her days were usually pretty booked. She still managed to spend time with her friends, though, that was important to her. On her good days she'd go hang out with them, and when she could, she was normally found at the park near her house playing her guitar or just hanging out. But on days where she couldn't go out, the strawberry blonde made sure each of her friends knew that her door was always open, and they shouldn't be afraid to just drop by and raid her kitchen if they wanted to. In fact, she had keys made for each of them anyway. As far as Emmy was concerned, her friends were her family.

                  That was mostly because her actual parents were always gone. Her father was a doctor who spent most of his time at the hospital. Emmy's mother was a business woman who spent a good deal of the year travelling. The adults had been on the verge of divorce since she'd been diagnosed, but were somehow managing to stay together. Em suspected they'd divorce after she died. Until then, though, she barely saw them and that didn't bother her much. She could usually drive herself wherever she needed to go... on the other hand, sometimes she couldn't, and it would help to have someone around in case she needed to go to the ER. There had been occasions where she'd literally needed to be carried into the hospital. Yeah. Cancer was a b***h.

                  Still, Emmy remained optimistic for the most part. She had to. And that particular day, even though her friends were probably in school, she went on as though everything was fine. She'd woken up that morning to an overwhelming wave of nausea, got through that unpleasantness and changed into her clothes. No one was home, which was fine, so she left the house without a word for yet another chemo session. That had taken a pretty good portion of her morning, she went home--the drive itself was rather long, three hours. Then she got home, collapsed onto her couch and turned on BBC for a Doctor Who marathon.

                  [OOC: ]

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    William "Will" Miller

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    "Baby you light up my world like no body else"

    William glanced at his watch. It was about that time that Emmy returned from chemotherapy. Althought William liked school and didn't want to miss, he loved his girlfriend more. Ever since William found out about her leukemia, he has been more supportive and patient. He was the kind of guy who wouldn't give up. In the passenger seat, a lovely flower bouquet and a DVD collection of Doctor Who for Emmy. William stopped at the redlight and looked at the special treat for Emmy. He smiled and sighed. He knew this would not be an easy adventure for the both of them. Although he knew 'the day' would eventually come, he was hopefull. His parents really like Emmy, which is good. Will's mother works as a nurse at Emmy's hospital and his father works as a restaruant owner.The light turned green and William continued to drive.

    William honked the horn and pulled up. He parked infront of her house and grabbed his gift to her. He reached into his pocket and took out the key to her house she gave to everyone. He peaked around the corner and saw her on the couch. He sat the gift on the table and put his hands over her eyes. "Guess who." He smiled and laughed.
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    What I'm wearing
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    Cause we're just under the upper hand

    And go mad for a couple of grams

    And she don't want to go outside tonight

    Rachel woke up late as usual. She wasn't much for waking up on time. It probably didn't help that she wasn't at home. She was at some guys house. She knew him, not well though. She had spent the night there. She had a tendency to do stuff like that, she had been since she was about 16. She had also been drinking, smoking weed, and even doing some crack as well. She actually was slightly addicted... she knew it was bad for her, but it made her feel so good. She did what she could to avoid it, but still, every couple of days at least she needed it. She tried to keep it from everyone, but they knew when she was high. Emmy had really been helping Rachel try and quit, and Rachel had gotten better than how she had been... but now that Emmy was sick, Rachel was having a harder time avoiding wanting to get high or drunk... or just have sex with random people.

    Rachel was also hiding something else from everyone, that no one knew about. She had recently been kicked out of her house. Well actually she got kicked out a few months ago when she turned eighteen. Her parents were sick of her partying, and everything else, and she was a bad influence on her younger brother and sister... so they gave her the boot. She had been staying in different places. For now, she was staying at this guys house, it was only for a few days and then she'd move onto something else again. She didn't want to tell her friends since she knew they would be unhappy about it, but it would have been easier if she could have stayed with one of them or something.

    She got to school late, since she could only walk everywhere since she didn't have a car. When she got there, she had to go to the office for a late slip, and of course, the vice-principle was there... perfect. She then got a lecture about how she needs to change her attitude this year if she wants to graduate, and if she didn't work hard her grades wouldn't make up for past poor grades. And then she gave her a hard time about her clothes and how they didn't follow the dress code, and that she was going to have to go home and change before she could go to class. Of course she gave a sarcastic response about not owning any clothes that fit the dress code, and the assistant principle told her not to come back until she could dress appropriately.

    Rachel was a problem child... she hated authority figures, school, and working... plus she loved partying, sex, and tattoos and piercings. She mostly had piercings, but she had some tattoos, one on her wrist, one on her neck, and one going down her thigh. She liked them all though. She didn't care if people didn't like her piercings or tattoos, or even didn't like her. She wasn't one to care since she was confident in who she was. Unfortunately she did more than enough damage to herself to counter not letting other people hurt her.

    She sighed and left the school. What to do now? She didn't know where she should go. Then it came to her, Emmy must be home. She smiled some. She headed off to the other girls house. It took her a while to get there since she had to walk all the way there. When she got there, she just headed inside, she had a key, plus it was unlocked anyway. "Honey I'm home!" She called out, just being a bit obnoxious. But trying not to be too loud, just in case the girl was sleeping or had a headache or something. She didn't want to bother or hurt her any. She walked in and blinked when she saw that William was there as well. "Hey lover boy, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in school?" She was surprised to see him.

    And in a pipe she flies to the Motherland

    Or sells love to another man

    It's too cold outside

    For angels to fly

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