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xxxMade By
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxKitten elric

xxxBased on
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"Corpse party", "Rise of nightmares"



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Ҏ ȴ o Ⱦ

                                                    xoxoΝ ightmares are always the worse. They always seem to creep up on you at the worse time ever and are mostly caused by stress, work, or just life in general. No biggy though, you'll just shake off what happened and go on with life like normal. Only, that's were you're wrong.

                                                    ately around town people old, young, healthy, sickly, poor, or even rich have been dying off one by one. In the start it was seen as homicides and nothing more due to how each death was, Others would baffle doctors and police alike. These people would go to bed one night and in the morning they'd die in a horrible way that not even a murdered could cause. Some may be foaming from the mouth due to rabies but were never once bitten by a rabid animal, some would of drown but no body of water was near them nor would their beds show signs of them being held underwater at some point and then placed in the bed. None the less, people would show their concerns and it would all still be pushed off as a homicide,an accident, or suicide. Everyone knew that was B.S. but with no leads or signs pointing else were nothing could be done about it. Some moved away from their homes, believing this was some sick twisted person out there killing people off and wanted to protect their families and themselves from the danger in their home town. They too would end up dying off some way in their sleep.

                                                    leep has become the enemy. If you slept, you would most likely die. Nightmares would haunt you, taunt you until you went insane, or death came upon you but, Death always showed up in the end. These 'killings' seemed to hit those who were older, or those with a horrid past. Fears, memories, your whole life if mixed up in these dreams and if feels so real that sometimes when you'd awake you'd find yourself injured from what ever it was that came for you. Only no one seems to be able to put these together. These are just dreams, they can't hurt you...Or so you think.

                                                    leep and you will most likely be chased in your nightmares, haunted, and killed. Those who fight back against the monsters and kill them off die the same way their monster did. Stab them in the chest and you'll be found in the morning bleeding from your chest, dead, or if you're lucky a scar or two from the stabbed wound. Those who seemed to catch on try not to sleep, but sleep always comes after some point in time. The less you sleep, the less you have a chance of dying, the more you sleep the high it is. Only problem here now is how long is this madness going to go on before the dreams have their fill? How long will it go until all have died? Or how will this cycle break for good.

                                                    Save yourself, and you might be able to save others.

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я ʊ Ƚ ε s

                                                    GENERAL//xx Always, and I mean ALWAYS Follow the TOS. It's the main rules or Gaiaonline and it is still in effect here in the forums. For those of you who do not know what the TOS is go read them here then come on back. This also means no Cybering, god-modding, and No one hits. I do not want to report you but I will if needed.

                                                    POSTING//xx When it comes down to posting I want you to type in third person and a Minimum of two paragraphs and a max. of what ever. Just don't write us a novel here. I would like a good THREE to FIVE or more sentences per a paragraph. Remember: I do under stand the horrors of Writers block and will let you slide when told about it. Also, No TXT Speaking. It's annoying.
                                                    xxxxIf you do not post for a week straight with NO NOTICE I will assume you have quit and remove you from the RP, thus causing a sudden death to your character.

                                                    DRAMA//xx We all know drama helps move things on but it can also destroy everything. It's fun to do and fun to Roleplay but too much is boring, or just plain old annoying.

                                                    PROFILES// xx
                                                    Make sure you fill out everything and do not leave anything left out. The only thing you can change on the profiles are the coloring other than that don't touch.
                                                    xxxxALSO, make sure to send your profiles into "Kitten elric" and title it as "I have Insomnia"

                                                    OOC// xx Post your OOC conversations in the OOC form, please! Just make sure to respect those in there and their questions. If people who have not joined yet so up, don't be rude and fight with them. They too might only have a question about the roleplay before joining or they may be a family member of another User letting us know why they haven't been on in a while.
                                                    xxxxPosting in here will also keep you away from getting your profile deleted.

                                                    M.I.A?// xx If you must leave for some time let me know that way I don't delete your profile If you can't get on because of an injury or due to being grounded ask your siblings, cousin, friend, or who ever to tell me. I'll let it go and wait for your return. This will not only help me keep order but who ever your RPing with can move on until you make it back. We'll help you get back on track the moment you return.

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S к ə ℓ ə τ ö и

                                                    HEY, DOWN HERE!

                                                    Oh, thank you for opening me.

                                                    I'm here as a reminder that you NEED to send Kitten Elric a posting sample otherwise you can not get in. What's a posting sample you ask? Well it shows the owner what kind of skills you have with RPing and gives her an idea on how you're gonna behave. Also, sending her one ahead of time can let you save a name ahead of time so if Johnny-two-shoes comes in and wants that name she can tell him some one has reserved that name for later.

                                                    Don't forget to do this, if you forget to send it to her she'll tell you. After all, the girl isn't rude enough to push you off like that. You can send it typed out or in a link to another Roleplay you were /are in or even a testing forum!

                                                    Once you send her one in you don't need to send anymore. One is more than enough for Kitten. Thank you and carry on with your profile making~ I'm sure it'll be wonderful emotion_kirakira

                                                    Oh! Wait...!

                                                    Could you now do me a favor? Please close me up, I'm feeling tired and wish to take a nap.

                                                    ^^ Please continue here after reading ^^

                                                    [align=center][size=16] [b][color=POSTINGCOLOR]FIRST[/color][color=white]xx[/color] [b][color=POSTINGCOLOR2]MIDDLE[/color][color=white]xx[/color] [b][color=POSTINGCOLOR]LAST[/color] [/size]


                                                    [list][list][list][imgleft]malformed url[/imgleft][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][size=10][align=center][u][color=white][strike][color=dimgray][i]...We can chase the dark together...[/i][/size][/strike][/u]

                                                    [color=POSTINGCOLOR]◍[/color][/size][size=12][i][color=POSTINGCOLOR2/or Dimgray]Nickname(s)[/color][/i]
                                                    [size=11][color=POSTINGCOLOR]◍[/color][size=12][i][color=POSTINGCOLOR2/or Dimgray]D.O.B[/color][/i]
                                                    [size=11][color=POSTINGCOLOR]◍[/color][size=12][i][color=POSTINGCOLOR2/or Dimgray]AGE[/color][/i]
                                                    [size=11][color=POSTINGCOLOR]◍[/color][i][size=12][color=POSTINGCOLOR2/or Dimgray]GENDER[/color][/i]
                                                    [size=11][color=POSTINGCOLOR]◍[/color][i][size=12][color=POSTINGCOLOR2/or Dimgray]SEXUALITY[/color][/i]
                                                    [size=11][color=POSTINGCOLOR]◍[/color][i][size=12][color=POSTINGCOLOR2/or Dimgray]OTHER(S)[/color][/i]

                                                    [size=10][align=center][u][color=white][strike][color=dimgray][i]..If you go then so will I..[/i][/size][/strike][/u]

                                                    [size=11][color=POSTINGCOLOR]posting color1[/color] [color=POSTINGCOLOR2]posting color2[/color] You can add or delete colors if needed, Need AT LEAST ONE posting color.

                                                    [i][size=12][url=]THEME SONG OR A PLAYLIST[/url][/i]

                                                    [size=11][color=POSTINGCOLOR]♡[/color][i][size=12] CRUSHING ON WHO[/i]

                                                    [size=10][u][align=center][color=white][strike][color=dimgray][i]...There is nothing left of you...[/i][/size][/strike][/u]

                                                    [size=12][color=POSTINGCOLOR]PLEASE WRITE [u]TWO OR MORE PARAGRAPHS[/u] HERE FOR YOUR BIO.
                                                    Need ideas? Try thinking about Parents, siblings, school, Childhood friends, accidents, death in the family, moving, jobs, ect. [/color]

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я ə ℓ α ţ ι ѕ ħ î ρ

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Ġ ø ѕ ѕ î ρ

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Đ ά y





                                                    Noon Night

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ω є ά t h e r


                                                    HotxxColdxxWindyxxSunny xxRainingxxFoggy
                                                    Partly cloudyxxSnowingxxThunder storm


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α n n σ u n c є m є n t s

                                                    ❂ Profile Form is made
                                                    ❂ Roleplay is made
                                                    ❂ OOC forum is made

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∂ є α т н ℓ ι ѕ т

                                                    This is were those who have "died off" in the roleplay.
                                                    If the name is here you rather:

                                                    A. quit the Roleplay.
                                                    B. got kicked out
                                                    C. Have not replied in over a week with out a notice.

                                                    Please try not to get on this list, we would love to keep everyone if we can.
                                                    But if you do leave, we understand.

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ฬ ђ เ t є lเรt

                                                    ❂ Kitten Elric
                                                    ❂ Any one how has joined so far!

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в l α c k líst

                                                    ❂ No one, keep it this way

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