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                                        Nathanael was deep in thought wondering who would be next? who would be the nest to die and get hurt. But Nathanael didn't want to believe that any of this is happening. He would much rather believe it was a power outage or an electrical malfunction which would also explain the images on the screen. But then what could he say about the messages? That is was a mistake that it was sent repeatedly to him? Even if he tried to believe it, he knew he couldn't. He knew deep down inside that everything that was going on was completely true. Nathanael just has to learn to face the facts, This was real and it was something that was definitely going to happen. As much he hated this and wish it wasn't happening, it was and Nathanael just had to deal with it.

                                        Things were still not great, the lights were still out and he couldn't really notice anything. It's not like he carries a flashlilght with him. It's not something everyone likes to do. Carry a flashlight because there could be a [power outage or a mysterious killer behind him all the time. He looked around squinting his eyes in hopes of him noticing or recognizing anyone. He pressed his phone and because it lights up he decided he would use that as his flashlight. He walked around looking for anyone. He couldn't find Brittanya anywhere. "Did she leave that fast?" he wondered or worse "could something have happened to her?"Nathanael shook his head "No, I will not believe that." he thought as he looked around and tried to think positive things. Believing that she was safe and sound and out of harms way. (he never would've guess she was heading towards more danger by going to the haunted house) Nathanael looked around it was too dark he couldn't remember where he came from, it seemed like he was lost or in a labyrinth eve though he was outside.

                                        Nathanael listened around. He felt like he was in one of those horror movies, not knowing when he would be attacked but fully aware that any step or breath could be his last. He was looking back constantly wondering if someone was behind him ready to attack. He didn’t feel safe at all, and being alone is the worst possible time because that’s the most vulnerable time. The enemy can attack instantly because he was stayed away from his little flock. Nathanael took a deep breath “Get a hold of yourself. Nothing is going to happen, this is probably some sort of prank that is being played. This is Halloween of course.” That’s right, this was all part of some big joke or prank that everyone at the park was trying to play on everyone. Maybe someone might come out or when the lights go on people will say tick or treat. Or there would be laughter all over the place expressing how funny it was that they scared millions of people. “That’s got to be it.” he thought to himself. "This was probably some type of prank." How much better Nathanael felt after hearing those words. It was as if his paranoia suddenly disappeared into the wind.

                                        A few seconds later his paranoia returned when he heard someone call out his name. But it instantly left as soon as he realized that it was Hayden’s voice. Nathanael relaxed, he sighed telling himself he was being stupid for overreacting this way. He followed her voice and began remembering the way in which he came. The way back began to become familiar to him again as he continued walking backwards towards where Hayden and Kaelin were. Then Nathanael heard Kaelin as if everything was alright. He decided he wouldn’t open his mouth an answer that because he didn’t even know what to say himself. He was just as confused and he didn’t really know if everything was ok or not. Nathanael finally found them trough the dark. He shone his light at them as he continued his was towards them. “Are you alright? Is everything ok?” he asked as he looked around. He only saw Kaelin and Hayden then looked around to see if Brittanya was still around. “Have you seen Brittanya?” he asked them wondering if she was safe. After a few more minutes Nathanael then stood next to Hayden and looked at her friend. “I don’t think we will be going to the hospital soon, but we need some shelter soon. There is a storm coming and we need some types of shelter for now until this passes over. Why don’t we head into the haunted house for now?” he asked not really wanting to go but tried not to show his fear.

                                        Nathanael was not in the mood to head into the haunted house. Her felt as if, he headed that way something terrible would happen. He doesn’t know why but he felt that everything that was going on was connected and it all has to do with the stupid haunted house. Maybe Brittanya was there and hopefully safe, that way at least he knows all three ladies are fine. He felt bad, because he felt as though he blew Brittanya off but Nathanael really wanted to know if Hayden and her friends were fine. Nathanael shook away his thoughts as he watched Hayden and Kaelin. Hopefully everything would be fine and this whole dilema would just be one big joke. Maybe after everything could go to normal and Nathanael could go back to his normal life and events just as he had planned today.

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The world is filled of many opportunities that people never seem to find and I take advantage it.

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7H3 60LDDii663R, Miss Sebastian

Sure, maybe what she had said was a little harsh. Okay, so it was very harsh, but Isolde had the tendency to become a mean girl at times. And since this girl was insulting her bestie, of course she was going to go on the defensive side. If she was lucky, the blonde would simply run away crying. That way, Theo wouldn't have the chance to pick the girl up. After all, she thought of the party-animal as a man-whore who simply didn't get paid. She knew he slept around, she just never had any proof of it. That that didn't stop her suspicions from growing. As a friend, she wished that Maddie would realize how much better she could do when it came to men, but the poor girl was so love struck that she was blinded to reality. Honestly, how could she be in love with this guy? Even as Theo had started to defended himself, the cat woman costumed one crossed her arms, shifting her weight to her left leg as he kept an unamused look on her face. She knew that he was going to try everything in his power to look like a good guy in the end, but she already had it in her mind that he wasn't going to sway her opinion. There was no way he was going to use his manipulativeness on her.

Hearing that the two were suppose to be friends having an innocent conversation made Izzy roll her eyes. "Uh huh," she muttered as she continued to keep her gaze fixed on him. Oh look, he was even labeling his points. What did he think that doing that would make him even more believable? Sure, he had not had the chance to say much, but still. She still thought he was a pig from his previous behavior. She parted her lips to speak, yet Theo had continued on saying that he needed a second to continue speaking with his friend. "Out of the hospital, not even for a day, and he already goes back to being an a**," she muttered to herself as her eyes trailed away as her annoyance was clearly visible. How dare he go on and keep talking to that girl like nothing had happened?! Oh, how badly she wanted to move up to him and kick him in the balls. As for miss ball gown, she wouldn't mind ripping the most likely very expensive dress. She just didn't like either of them. Theodore, because she knew his antics, and the other girl, because she acted like she knew Madeleine when she probably didn't.

Redirecting his gaze to Theo, she parted her lips to say, "You know, boyfriends are suppose to defend their girlfriends." Yes, she was still hung up on this thing, but that was because she figured that the girl had to have been talking about Maddie, since if she wasn't, then there had to be some other girl that was being clingy to Theo. Then that meant he was definitely cheating. Man, she wished that her clueless yet best friend was with her right now to see just how big of an a** her boyfriend was. Actually, if she couldn't get the girl there instantly, then she would simply call her! Looking down at her phone, she was about to press the 2 to speed dial her friend, however Trent suddenly came into the picture. And who would have thought that the first thing he did was acknowledge Theo and the girl. Sure, Theo was his buddy, but was she invisible or something. Scoffing,m her arms folded even tighter under her chest as she felt thoroughly offended. This lasted only momentarily due to a suddenly realization. Trent had called the girl by the name of Ryder. That name. She knew she knew it from somewhere. After all, Ryder wasn't exactly a very common name- especially for a girl.

She remembered hearing about a girl named Ryder who was known for causing a commotion. Apparently something about a courthouse, but even before then, she remembered that the female had protested against the rising number of prostitutes in the city. Honestly, Isolde believed that it was an occupation as common as real estate- it paid good like it as well. Although Izzy believed that the money she made was way more instant. And it wasn't like she stood on the corner or anything. What she did was way more classy. She had a website for crying out loud. So now, she couldn't help but look to the gown wearer wondering what made her think she was so mighty that she could judge others. Her glare was cut short when she heard her name called. "It's about time you said something to me," she commented, letting him know that she was upset that the greeting had been so delayed. Part of her had wanted the ringleader to apologize to her. However, instead of doing so, he started going on about how the house was apparently having technically difficulties, and that that they were seriously kicking people out of the place.

"Of course you and the committee would find a way to screw things up Trenton, but I'm suppose to meet Maddie outside, so I guess I'll over look it," Izzy said glancing down at her cell phone. There were many ways she could have said her sentence nicer, but she wasn't trying to suck up to Theo's buddy. Sure, there was a point of time were she was really nice to Trent, but that was because she was a cash cow. Everyone knew that he was filthy stankin' rich! The problem was that she had heard about the rumor of him getting cut off. There was the chance that it was just that- a rumor, but she had a feeling that it was true, thus, she didn't have to suck up to him...at least not until she was sure he still had all of the dough that his parents had. But how do you ask something like that without sounding suspicious? Izzy wasn't sure, and frankly, didn't have the time to think about it since her phone had buzzed in her hand. Looking down at it, she was about to read the message, however a loud boom of thunder had captured her attention. Looking up, she remembered that the sky looked pretty stormy outside, but she didn't think it was going to rain.

"Just my luck," she mumbled looking down at herself. Skin tight clothing were never fun to get out of when they were wet. Just as she was looking down at the clothes, the lights suddenly cut off, which confused her. What, was this part of the attraction? Izzy tightened her grip on her phone in preparation of someone trying to scare her, but no such thing happened- just like the lights hadn't suddenly came back on. But she did get another text. "Very funny guys, now turn the lights back on," she demanded as she looked at the message. The first one was from Maddie, which she nodded to. Meeting her outside of the haunted house, still sounded like a good idea. And if it started raining, then she figured that fox wound wait under the over hang of the house. she also asked whether her gift was an accessory or part of her costume. Well, it technically was the first option, but she was wearing it with her costume regardlessly because she figured that it worked and it was extremely pretty. So she decided to go ahead and started replying, however, as she did so, she felt her phone vibrating even more, meaning she was getting more messages.

Accesorry. I'm tryin
2 get out but d lites
went out. ): & it's
prolly a stupid trick.
C u soon-ish, bestie.

With that out of the way she opened her other message, which came from an unlabeled number. She didn't think of it as all that weird...at first. Reading it though, she started to get confused. Wait, did someone know about her escort life? Shifting her weight to her right leg, she moved the phone screen more towards herself so no one could read it as she said, "Okay Trent, you can turn the lights back on now." She was getting a strange chill, and honestly, she was growing sick of this place. She knew one thing though, the haunted house had definitely outdone themselves this year. Even though Trent claimed he had nothing to do with the lights, she didn't believe him. She tried replying to the message on her phone, but couldn't, and instead, started to get texts that only said one word- duck. What, was this part of the game the text mentioned? After all, she couldn't reply or block any of the messages, so maybe they were related? "I'm serious. This is all probably really funny to you, but I'm not laughing. The so-called technically difficulties, the light's going off, the texts. I know you're working here, so cut the crap already!"

She was going to continue ranting, however cut herself short when she noticed a light. Looking back, she saw that it appeared to be coming from a flashlight. Bring a hand up to shield her eyes, Izzy squinted, trying to see who was holding the light. It was only when they got closer that she could tell it was a mime, and he wasn't alone. The mime was quite tall, and she found herself wondering if he was wealthy. She couldn't really tell if she knew him or not, due to the fact that he was painted up and it was still kind of dark. "Finally a guy who comes prepared," she grinned, as she stepped towards him. Apparently he knew Theo, but did that mean they knew each other? "I'm Isolde, but you can call me Izzy," she introduced, though glanced down at her phone when he had mentioned ghost texts. "Wait, ghosts? As in white floating figures?" rolling her eyes she couldn't help but giggle, "You actually believe in those things? I mean, sure, I got some stupid texts, but it's probably some guy with a duck fetish wanting to play a game," she said with a shrug. "But if you and your crew are going to find the exit, then I'l l come with. I'm suppose to meet up with my friend outside, and I don't like wondering around in the dark." When she said 'crew' she gestured to the others with him. Honestly, she figured that all they were missing was a camera man. But truth be told, she always thought that those ghost shows, like ghost hunters were a load of crap and totally fake.

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                                                    Another s u n s e t!
                                                    xxxxxxxxWhat a way to start another messy night!
                                                    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxAnother d r i n k,
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                                                    Another g i r l inside my arms!
                                                    I can't see straight anymore!
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                                        Trying to carry on a civil conversation wasn’t something that Theo did normally, unless it was with a guy or something. Even at that point he didn’t know if it would be considered civil. All he knew is that he COULD have a civil conversation with a female. Sure, Ryder was a hottie and all, but she seemed too innocent to want to sleep with him. Well…. Honestly, that has never stopped him before, but yeah, a civil conversation was how you reeled them in. Well that was Theo’s method. Get them talking and possibly drinking and BA-BAM! Right there! He was ready to get them in his bed and they were ready to get into his. It worked out just perfectly. Hey! Even when he needed to get laid and Maddie was his last resort, it worked. Anyways, talking to Ryder, he had no upfront intentions of getting into her pants, maybe in about ten minutes though. As their conversation started, another little lady popped up… but it was more or less a lady that Theo wouldn’t have wanted to run into. He wondered why the hell she hadn’t met up with Maddie yet. As she started yelling at him and saying s**t, Theo got aggravated and just rolled his eyes. The one thing he didn’t understand about women was that they could sit there and talk for forever and a day… maybe even more than that. Who knew? Theo didn’t and the fact that women could annoyed the ******** out of him.

                                        Izzy was bitching about something or another and personally, Theo was annoyed. Not only was he already ticked that she popped out of no where and ******** up any game that he might have had with Ryder, but yeah, she had to run her freaking mouth. When she shut up and he had a second to respond, he took full advantage of that second and pointed out that for once, he wasn’t screwing up. Sure, if she caught him later he’d say the same thing, but at the moment, he really wasn’t screwing up… for once. He explained himself to the gold-digger and then when he was done, he went back to his conversation with Ryder. He answered the questions and comments that the blond in the ball gown had asked or said before Maddie’s other slutty friend showed up and rudely interrupted their conversation. While he was answering Ryder's questions, he figured that Izzy would have left to go and run and tell Maddie how shitty her boyfriend was, but she stayed there. Theo tried ignoring her, but her voice was like that naggy voice that pulled at the back of your brain and just annoyed the hell outta you because it wouldn’t go away. When Theo had finished saying what he was saying, he had heard Izzy’s comment about boyfriends defending their girlfriends, and he DID hear the emphasis on the ‘defend’ word that she said.

                                        Theo rolled his eyes and then turned to her ”You know, you’re really annoying and I’m not like most ‘boyfriends’” He knew that she was going to come back with a really snappy comeback and Theo was just going to end up shrugging it off because regardless what SHE though, he had Maddie wrapped so tight around his finger that he’d be able to get her to believe him over Izzy any day. Theo hadn’t even realized that Izzy was actually going to call his girlfriend due to the fact that Trent had shown up. Theo was relieved to see him. He could have someone he enjoyed talking to rather than just having Izzy. He’d rather talk to Trent over her any day, any time. Being asked if he knew Ryder, Theo shrugged ”A little.” He couldn’t really remember WHERE he knew Ryder from, except maybe high school, but she really didn’t seem like the partying type, so he was eliminating that from his options, not to mention if he met her at a party, he probably would have slept with her and yeah, he knew that he hadn’t slept with her for the simple fact that she hadn’t given him a hard time for not remembering their ‘special’ (as the ladies liked to call it for some reason) night. The school thing seemed more reasonable. He was a jock back in high school; he knew a good portion of people.

                                        Hearing that Trent was actually on his way out, Theo waved it off ”We had nothing to do, so we decided to come in here, but Maddie didn’t follow for some reason.” He informed his best friend. Not mentioning that he had actually wandered away from the blond, rather than Maddie not following him in. A good boyfriend would have walked with her or stayed out of the haunted house or something. When Trent said Izzy’s name, Theo waved his hand, more so shoo-ing Izzy away ”No need to pay attention, she’s not important” Theo said to Trent. Wut? He was simply stating the truth… well his truth. The only thing she was good for was giving him a sight to look at and annoying the hell out of him. Hearing that there was a technical difficulty at the moment and that they’re trying to get out of the maze, Theo debated on whether or not to heed his friend’s words or to completely ignore them and continue on his escapade into the haunted house. Izzy had made a comment about the committee screwing everything up and Theo just stayed quiet. He didn’t think they had screwed anything up. He just thought that all the fun s**t was down at the end of the maze. A little while later, the lights cut out. Theo hadn’t expected this, but he looked up and around to see if there was anything that WAS giving off light. Theo wasn’t scared of the dark, but if he couldn’t see, how could he find his way out of the maze? Not to mention he wanted out for the simple fact that Izzy wouldn’t stop complaining. Complaining, talking, whatever. Whatever it was, if it came from her, he just thought it sounded like a complaint.

                                        Theo’s pocket vibrated and it made him jump slightly, but then he pulled the phone out of his pocket. Expecting it to be Maddie or someone else who had figured out that he had gotten out of the hospital, he opened the message. Being an unavailable number, he automatically assumed that it was someone trying to sell him something or something, but when he actually read the message, it threw him off slightly. He looked at it with a raised eyebrow. He didn’t know what to make of the message. First off, he had no clue what the hell was going on, secondly this message made absolutely NO sense to him. He just closed it out and shoved the phone back into his pocket. Almost as soon as he pocketed the cell phone, it went off again. Theo rolled his eyes and then pulled his phone back out of his pocket and read the message. It said one word: Duck. ”the ********] He said aloud ”Random a** duck?” It didn’t make any sense to him. He closed the message out and pocketed his phone, yet again. There had been a light popping out of the corner of his eye and Theo had no clue what the hell was going on. He made an effort to NOT look into the light directly, but more so at the person holding the light. He was greeted by a familiar voice, or so he thought. All he knew is that he knew so many people that all the voices sounded the same after a while.

                                        The comment about being out of the hospital was starting to get a little old. Clearly he was out of the hospital if he was at this here festival ”Hahah, yeah brah, got out this afternoon.” He could never pin a name to this guy, it just wasn’t going to happen, but he just assumed that he was from a party or something. Hell! Most of the people that Theo met were from parties! Seeing that they were on their way to do something, Theo didn’t know if he should tag along or go on his own. How the hell he was going to get out of there, he didn’t know. It dawned on him that if he absolutely had to, he could use his cellphone to get himself out of there. The screen was bright enough that it would light up his immediate area. Hearing Izzy talking again, Theo just ignored it. Hearing the other guy talk about going to fight ghosts made Theo raise a brow at the male and almost turn around and leave. He didn’t say anything back to the male. He looked back to Trent ”So you said we gotta go out this way?” He said motioning to the way that he just came ”Well I think I remember the way that I came into here, SO if we can find a way to get a light and not crash into walls, I might be able to get us out of here” He didn’t have a flash light on his keychain like Logan did, so if they had to resort to cell phone light, he’d do it.
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          Aaron couldn't help but think that Cyanide was one weird person. Sure, he had yet to catch him checking him out, but the candy and sex sugar daddy comment, bathroom thing, and phone company line let an impression on the writer. 'The drugs must have seriously killed off his brain cells,' was the excuse he figured that other could use. Although he wondered how much longer it would be until the guy wound up killing himself. Over all, Cyan could be a prime example of why not to do drugs. Not that Aaron didn't already know that stuff like that could mess you up. Not by personal experiences. No, the writer was more so the type to learn from other's examples. But enough of that. Right now, the brunette had little respect for the rocker. He was making a fool of himself, and it seemed that Logan was only encouraging him. Honestly though, if someone took life lessons from movies then they must be gullible. Movies are fictional, so you can't base survival off of them. It was about as delusional as someone believing that life was like a video game, and if they royally screwed up, then could always restart.

          Jaime, on the other hand, still was winning the sane vote. Cyanide's mind was going stupid, Logan was overly physical masochist and Ken didn't seem serious enough to be a legitimate body guard. Jaime was the exception of the group- she even managed to get a single chuckle to leave the writer's lips when she said she needed a to carry around a camera. He was now wondering what school she went to, since he had no clue that the girl was still a high schooler. She was quite tall, which made him instantly think college...even though height really had nothing to do with a girl's age. It was like from sixteen and up, they didn't grow much anymore. Either way, he didn't recall seeing the girl around his campus. Not to say that he knew everyone who went there, but he was pretty good with remembering and recognizing faces.

          Jaime hadn't help his attention all that long since Ken became a bit more interesting. Even though he didn't believe that the guy was the ideal body guard, he did appear to be overly knowledgeable about paranormal activities. The way he had talked about it, saying that there was a 'last time', like he had first hand experiences. Then there was that fact that he had kept bringing up a cruise. Could he be talking about the cruise that was high jacked last year? Aaron had been curious about it, but the news reports that came out about it were quite vague- which screamed over up. Even though they said that there was a murderer on board, and that they sent one of the suspects to a mental ward, that didn't explain everything. He recalled reading a tabloid that a phantom killer had been behind everything, but it seemed like just a rumor. By the way Ken was talking, that rumor seemed to have more and more truth to it. 'He even knows what it feeds off of,' ran through the writer's mind. Sure, he knew that ghosts liked to feed off of negative energy, but that was from documentaries he had watched- he never dealt with it in person. Though Ken even admitted to getting a high from pissing entities off.

          Waldo? Not the first name he would have chose for an evil spirit, but whatever floats Ken's boat. "I suppose it'll do," he had shrugged. Honestly, naming it wasn't something that was high on his priority list. That was something you did for pets. The brunette was more interested with finding out what the ghost's real name was, and why it was haunting people. Surely this wasn't just some random event- even if it was nearing Halloween. It was a dark time of year. And going into the haunted house made it even more apparent. Aaron didn't think that he would have to worry about power failures when he first came to the festival, so he didn't think of carrying a flashlight with him. Even his keys were rather basic. Just a house key from his old house, his uncle's house- the only extra items he had on his keychain was a mini card from the library and books-a-million. Thus, he was let wondering in the dark with only the eerie glow of red, orange and green lights that decorated the large house; not that they were enough to see well, they only seemed to illuminate shadows.

          'Why didn't I just run earlier?' he asked himself as he decided his best bet would simply be calling out. A voiced called back to him, however it wasn't Logan's- it sounded more like the body-guard's. He he was told to hold on, so he stopped walking. However, the next thing said made him start looking for a blue glow. It didn't take too long to spot it, which was why his feet carried him him quickly towards the new source of light. Reaching the tattoo he slowed up his pace, yet remembered his curiosities from before. "It might not be my place to ask, but how did you know all of that stuff about ghosts? You said, when this happened before." Aaron couldn't help but be extremely curious about what Ken exactly meant when he had said that. If he had been on that cruise, and it really was a ghost that had killed those people, then that meant that the police never got rid of the problem...and the ghost was probably even more upset. 'Then they-'

          His thoughts were cut short- not by a new text- but a light being shined on him. Maybe if he had checked the message, he would've known that he should be looking out for a light. And though he wasn't thrilled about being called chickie, he didn't want to make a big deal about. After all, Logan didn't have to come back and find him. Sure, it would be in any ghost hunter's best interest to travel in a group, but he figured that Logan wasn't the type to always take the safety precautions. He was a little surprised to here that the mime didn't want Ken to come with them, after all, aren't body guards supposed follow you around relentlessly? Even if he had a damsel in distress- wait a minute. What damsel? 'Is he talking about Jaime? She's the only girl I can think of- but...you don't usually talk about your cousins like that.' It was a bit disturbing, and sounded a little incesty- but he figured that the other could claim they weren't blood related. "I thought she was-" he had began, yet cut himself short so he could just looked back. She hadn't been with the small group. Although he could hear the loud voice of someone else- most definitely a guy's voice. So if Jaime got herself lost, then that meant if Ken was sent off to find her, Logan and he would be left alone. "I'm sure she'll be alright- After all, she didn't strike me as the dainty type." Truth be told, Aaron just had issues with being left alone with...guys; rather tall guys if being specific is a must.

          The writer didn't want to slap the paranoid label onto himself, he just had bad experiences with situations like that. He already didn't like the fact that Lo insisted on being overly touchy-feely to him. 'This is suppose to be a group search- that's why I came...not for one-on-one time,' he told himself as his mind had started to panic. Luckily, he heard that the drunk had caught up to them, causing a quiet sigh of relief to slip passed his lips. A third person made the situation a bit better...even though Cyan only counted as half a person in the writer's eyes. Oh why couldn't the amazoness just keep up?! Green eyes trailed downward to the screen of his cell so he could delete more duck messages, yet while doing so, he came across Logan's and the following the light. 'So that's what he had been doing with my phone,' he thought to himself as he closed it to conserve it's battery. Though as his hands moved to shove it into his pocket, his free one was suddenly grabbed. Instincts told him to yank it away, although it proved to be difficult since the mime had quite the grip. 'It's just to find the ghost,' he kept repeating to himself mentally, as he kept glancing back to make sure Cya was with them. Good. No need to freak out or shove anyone.

          The hand holding hadn't even lasted that long. It just felt like forever in Aaron's head due to the fact he was unconsciously holding his breath. Breathing through his nose once more, he stopped when they reached the forking path. "This house isn't suppose to have this many halls," he commented, yet hushed himself upon hearing voices. It was the obvious path to take now, since voices either meant spirits or people. Either way, he wanted to see. Quickening his step, it didn't take long at all before the light had been flashed on a group of four. A catwoman, a girl in a blue gown, a ringleader leader and..."Theo." The name was said more under his breath as his eyes widened. Okay, so he knew that he was out of his coma, yet he had no idea that he actually was allowed to go to the festival tonight. And even if he had came, Aaron didn't expect to run into the guy. And if that was Theo, the the ringleader must have been Trent. The two were always together, and he had looked rather familiar.

          'Dammit,' thought the eighteen year-old as he adverted his gaze, not wanting to bring any attention towards himself. He didn't step any closer as the Mime and party-animal talked. So they knew each other- wasn't that his luck. 'Why couldn't you just be knocked out in your bed,' he bitterly though as he glanced back towards Theo. The guy shouldn't have been awake- he shouldn't have even been alive...or- or at least his legs should've been broken. But no, he had to have his inhuman recovery rates. And if he healed that quickly...what else did he recover? Memory? He was tempted to pull his hood back up over his head, however stopped himself. ”Well I think I remember the way that I came into here, SO if we can find a way to get a light and not crash into walls, I might be able to get us out of here” "You all can do that, but we're going to keep looking," slipped out of his mouth in a slightly rushed tone- before he could even stop himself. Yes, he hadn't wanted to bring attention to himself, yet he also hadn't wanted the group to get the idea to stick with them. Even though...Theo mentioned a duck, meaning he received the messages too. If Ken was right, then they all could have been targets. There was safety in numbers but...but Aaron didn't care about their safety. He personally just wanted to live to see the ghost and have others see it as well, so he would no longer doubt his own sanity.

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Honestly, Trent had no idea what he had walked into, at least he didn't think it was anything serious.
To him, it just seemed like some sort of argument. If that was all, he figured it wouldn't make much of a difference if he checked his messages. After all, he knew he had a new message. Looking at it, he saw that it was from Jim, asking him about the mirrors. Had he passed them yet? Well, technically he wasn't so sure that he had. He had come from the back of the house, and the mirrors were in the center of them. If the passageways hadn't been royally screwed up, then he would have passed them by now, but that wasn't the case. The turn he was suppose to make must have been pushed further or something. How all of this was possible, the popular was stumped. TC didn't think that he had to fully understand it, he just had to find a way out of it. Yet now he was wondering if this meant that Parkerson was actually at the mirrors and wanted him to meet him there. He hadn't given him a chance since he ran after Ryder to make sure she didn't get herself lost.

Not yet, should
i head there?


With the message sent to Parkerson, he redirected his attention back towards the trio before him. Izzy was still looking upset about stuff, which made him raise a brow. Maybe he shouldn't be surprised though. She was a bit confrontational when it came to his buddy. Okay, so maybe that was an understatement. It was clearly obvious that she couldn't stand the guy. Yes, he recalled knowing about the whole mother hen situation where a girl would c**k block the guy who was after one of her female friends- but come on! Everyone knew that Maddie and Theo were together. It had not just happened over night, so there was no reason why Isolde should still be in this protective mode. 'Unless she knows that Theo cheated,' crossed Trent's mind. He knew the guy was a player, but that wouldn't mean that he would ever rat him out. In fact, there had been times when he knew that Theo was with someone else, which was why he sometimes would purposely keep either Maddie or Izzy busy until his friend was finished it.

Come to think of it, at that last party, any time it seemed like Theo was about to head off to a room, he would cover for him. There was always the chance that if he hadn't been doing that, his friend wouldn't have been pushed out of a window. But Trent didn't want to let himself get sucked into another what ifs. For now, Trent had figured that he would let the guy get back to normal, as far as readjusting to being awake went. And then he figured they would worry more about who was the person who did the shoving. They were still out there somewhere, and who knew if they would try and do it again. The only thing he could hope for was that Theo remembered soon so he wouldn't have to spend his Halloween in an interrogation room- since those weren't exactly enjoyable. Sure, there was the chance that they treated victims a lot better than possible suspects, but still. Last time Trent had to be down at a police station, his treatment was less than pleasant. 'They were just doing their job,' a voice in the back of his mind reminded him. That had been before he actually got to know detectives Jones and Parkerson.

When Theo had admitted to knowing Ryder, even if it was just a little, he found himself wanting to ask 'from where'. The fact that he couldn't place the female before hand was driving him crazy! But it would be a little rude to talk about the girl when she was standing right there. Instead. he figured he would just wait until a little later. There were still some hours left of the festival for the night. Okay, so maybe one hour...or even less than that. But the point was, he was supposed to be hanging out with the guy, not standing around in a dark. Yeah, technical difficulties was a light way to put what was going on. But the last thing he wanted to do was start a panic. "We met a little while ago," he admitted with a shrug, flashing a quick smirk towards the female before looking towards Isolde. She may have been wearing a mask, but it was hard not to recognize her. He hadn't meant to offend her, but by her tone, it was obvious she was upset. "Do you actually think you could be ignored?" he asked, shaking his head, yet found himself biting his bottom lip as his eyes trailed off to the side upon hearing Theo. He could only imagine the displeased look on Izzy's face, but it didn't really bother him.

Trent was surprised that they hadn't just waited outside for him, yet figured they wouldn't have been so bored if he hadn't taken so long. Then again, if he hadn't gotten sidetracked, then he would have never ran into Farris and Jim again. 'I should've asked how Piran was doing,' he thought to himself as he glanced back the way he had come. "I have a pretty good idea why she didn't come," said the ringleader as his sights were still back behind him. Maybe he should have just waited for the model and detective- at least Trent still thought of him as a detective. He would have to make sure to try and run into the two once they got out of the house. For now, it definitely wasn't seeming safe since one end was sealed off, and the passage ways to the front end had changed on their own. This couldn't just be some prank- or anything that one of the staff members could pull off, he just didn't want Ryder or Isolde to find that out. That's why he held his tongue when the golddigger had insulted him.

"You just don't like me today, do you?" He laughed as he adjusted his hat. Honestly, what was up with the girl? She use to be pretty nice to him, however, lately her attitude had been more negative towards him. He couldn't figure out why she wanted to pick at him- unless she figured out that he had been covering for his friend all of this time when it came to cheating. If that was the case, then, okay, maybe she had a reason to not like him. But come on! Can you blame him? And now she was blaming him for the whether. "As much as I'd like to say I had the power to shut the lights off without moving- I can't." he said looking up where the lights use to shine. Even though they were bright before hand, now they were extremely dim. However, there had been that sound of- thunder maybe? Perhaps something got struck...hopefully. Although the fact that his phone suddenly chimed, along with everyone else's around him seemed rather suspicious.

Reading the message, something seemed extremely familiar. The sentence structure, the fact that it seemed like a mind game. Even the part that said A name that is separate from your own. Whatever it was, having immunity was good, at least he figured it must have been a good thing. If this was truly a game, then he didn't have to worry- however he had a feeling this was a temporary thing. 'Could it be happening again?' he found himself mentally asking himself as his mind carried himself back to the the incident on the cruise. Did Jim know about this? He was about to send him a message, however glanced over when he heard Theo mention something about a duck. "Where'd that come from," he laughed, however as he opened his newest message, he saw that it said 'duck'. Wait, how did he know he received a duck message? Unless...Theo got it too. And then Izzy had even complained about some texts. "You got them too?" he asked taken aback.

Then the lights came. Okay, so it was just a single flashlight, but still, it was better than nothing. Looking at the guy, he...couldn't place the face. Perhaps it was because of the full face paint and mohawk. At first glance, it looked real, so he was automatically trying to think of someone with that hair style. "Who you calling petite?" he asked crossing his arms as he tried to get a better look at the mime. Nope, still wasn't ringing any bells. Although Izzy seemed to be making nice with the guy. Although her disbelief in ghosts tempted Trent to object. He use to not believe in them, but a lot of things changed that crazy summer with the even crazier cruise. Oh well, if Izzy didn't want to think things like that were possibly, then that was fine. However the mime and his...two friends apparently were ghost hunting. The short one had even voiced that they weren't leaving."I...don't know if you guys need to do that," he said hesitantly. How do you tell people who were looking for ghosts that walls were changing by themselves so if you didn't want to get lost, you should try leaving? "I know you wanna hunt, but some freaky s**t could happen- then what will you do? Flash your light on it?" He seemed rather skeptical of their abilities to hunt a ghost. Besides, he didn't even truly understand ghost hunting. "It's not like you can capture it." If anything, they had more of a chance of getting capture. "I think I need to check the room of mirrors before I leave," he said looking towards Theo, and thumbing off to the side he believed the room should be in. "The people who were holding me up- I think they went there, and, I dunno, I just have this feeling I shouldn't have left them..." he trailed off, and kept his voice a bit lower than he had the first time. After all, this wasn't exactly any of the others' business.

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But you have to walk a thousand miles in my shoesXXXXXXX

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XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXgo inside each other's mind || just to see what we find

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXLook at s**t through each other's eyes
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      Oh god… oh J-J-Jesus… S-so… Michy was really going to approach Kyle Carson despite knowing who he was? That… that was just something that the cameraman could not comprehend. Should he have came to this faire on his own, should he have somehow come to the decision the leave his house just to come to the noisy place to get pushed around by crowds just for ’the fun of it’, he never would have approached the gamer. God… it only made it worse because he’d just been grabbing like… a bajillion photos of the guy and there wasn’t a doubt in Craig’s mind that Kyle had seen him shooting him down with his camera. Becoming the paparazzi.. Craig could feel himself becoming more and more conscious of his existence the closer he and Micky got to the gamer and his small posse of two. The brunette with highlights could feel his feet, digging in the ground, trying to hold him back. His pace becoming ever slower the closer he got to Kyle. God. No… He.. he wanted to stay some faceless, nameless guy. Despite always, always wanting to meet the gamer since… well… since he’d first started hearing about him around the internet years ago. Back when he was just a gamer—ack! But despite how he said he always wanted to meet the ravenette. God… now that the chance was so near… he.. he changed his mind. He would rather the idol of his never actually knew him. The last thing in the planet that he wanted for the gamer to say he was a loser—the last thing he wanted to hear from the person he looked up to were the words of the girl he thought was a goddess. Nothing could surpass that in his worst nightmares. Nothing… could make him feel more horrible than that…

      Tightly gripping hands became tight around the camera before the male actually released the device and let it dangle from the camera strap around his neck. His hands fell to his sides as he tried to wipe the sweat from his palms as casually as he possibly could. Right after wiping them on his pants, it didn’t even feel like they were dried at all to him and he wiped them down again, trying to hide the movement from the reporter, but more importantly, the gamer, since Micky already knew how he really was, the greasy dork he looked like before the makeover—but Kyle didn’t—and he didn’t want the.. uh.. posse… of his, people that he didn’t even know or personally care about the well-being of, to realize just how nervous he was and alarm the king. God. What did this have to be so damn difficult?!

      There was absolutely no words to describe just how appreciative Craig had become when the woman pirate of the group spoke up and denied Micky her interview she had asked for. It meant no him idly standing around, looking like an idiot, wiping his palms on his clothes every three seconds and clearing his throat and god knows what else he did without noticing. Maybe he was one of those weird guys that licked his lips because they got dry or maybe he’d hyperventilate in front of Kyle and faint—god… oh Jesus… Thinking about the possibilities now, after the fact, was not going to help him any, but he didn’t know how to make the scenarios STOP going through his head. That’s when something that Micky said a bit ago hit him. ’She was on the ship..? S-s-so… she knows him… intimately…? H-how did I never know this? How was I so close to someone who knew Kyle Carson so personally but never knew that she knew him? I could know so much about him—I could possibly be a little less nervous about meeting him if I knew more about him. God! Why couldn’t I think of asking when we—it’s not like we didn’t have time and I—ugh… why am I such a failure…?’ he asked himself mentally as his head dropped a little bit. Of course he didn’t think Kyle was involved in anything ‘crazy’, as Micky had described it, but… but… magnificent. Anything that Kyle did was always good, right? ’I mean… he might have… have killed people on that ship but… but they wanted to die, right..? A-a-an—or they had it coming, right? He’s not really, really crazy… people just don’t… don’t understand the type of person that I know he is…’ He thought sympathetically. It was all the gamer that made him rethink his sexuality, but in all honesty; turns out he loved the clueless heckova lot more than he loved the gamer. He’d completely forget about the Gamer(probably) if the love of his life came up to him and just waved at him. If she winked… he’d probably have an aneurism.

      Suddenly the brown haired male jumped when he heard the reporters voice. He hardly had enough time to even reply, which he mostly did with a nod before a very soft, stuttered, ”Y-yeah…” finally found it’s way out of his body. The more correct answer was “It could be”, but… but if one word was getting caught in his throat, he didn’t exactly know how he was going to force three out. Even if Kyle had walked away, Craig could still see him and it was still making him incredibly nervous. What if the guy was listening to him right now? You know, like those psychics with the video cameras in the lobbies of their shows so they know what’s going on before the show starts—like cheating? The gamer was the ultimate… uhm… maybe not cheater… but… the ultimate… gamer, and he could do things like hear thoughts if he wanted to… don’t you think? Maybe..? Just a little…?

      It really didn’t help Jensen regain his composure when Michelle ended up right next to the gamer again before bombarding him with a number of questions that left even Craig just a little bit offended. They weren’t even that bad but…. The coo-coo next driven you to cross dressing? How could someone not be offended by that? A-and besides the gamer would never—’W-wait a minute…’ Slowly the gears in the cameraman’s head started to turn. His eyes flickered opened and shut a number of times as it finally processed. He had been so… distracted, so excited, so enthralled that he didn’t even notice what his idol had been wearing. Some… green dress… type thing… with wings and… it was definitely a girl’s costume… but why? WHY?!! Why would someone as amazing as the gamer go to something as desperate and demeaning as cross-dressing?! JESUS! And it was on his camera!! Not only did Craig feel a bit violated, but his camera did now too! H-h-he had this on his—and he was—his idol was…

      Brofinofski’s mind kept skipping over itself and even looping a bit as he could not fully comprehend the situation or how it came to arise. Like he personally knew Kyle and this… was like the male had undergone a sex-change. It was… transvestism. Blasphemy… WHY?!!!

      Craig’s head suddenly felt fuzzy, he was feeling dizzy… he wanted to lay down, but there was only dirt which was covered in feet—making it easy—er to get stepped on. Stomped on, really. Suddenly the young adult even thought that he was gonna die because of these new discoveries. People… really shouldn’t meet people from the internet. You shouldn’t meet your idols because nothing is the same. Nothing is how it’s envisioned. Nothing is… he was wearing a dress! Someone was powerful a-a-and amazing as Kyle was… was in a... It took the words of Michelle to knock him once more out of his mind running ramped, but reality wasn’t much better. ”There’s a sniper!” is what he awoke to before seeing the woman pull herself down for cover and then nearly ordering him to take pictures. This—this is why he was not a field reporter. He couldn’t do this! He didn’t want to die—er… well.. at least not yet! Not until he could make Maddie suffer for… for what she did! They were so close—however, there was no way that he could deny a request of Michelle’s at the moment and though while he stepped back away from a dropping body, quickly his legs fumbled and he fell flat on his butt, he still tried to grab his camera and take any kinds of pictures he could while hiding from the assailant—he hoped. Dear god he hoped.

      ”What---what the hell is going on?!” He cried out with panic clearly in his voice as his finger frantically pushed on the shutter button. He didn’t know what these images would look like at the end of the day, but at least he could say he tried if they all… well… sucked. He came to stop as Micky mentioned she was the target… or something like that. If… they wanted to kill her… and all these other people were dying… then they were a really horrible shot. Did that mean the safest place was near her or as far away from her as possible? He.. he wasn’t sure. They had to hit her sometime, right? And if he was near her, they could hit him instead at that point right? The camera dropped back against Craig’s firm chest as his large, worry filled eyes looked towards the woman. ”What did you to do make people this mad at you?!” He asked in a loud panic, unable to control his voice’s volume and the tones it used. It shifted like a teen in puberty due to his panicky state and possibly nineteen-year-old hormones mixed with his emotions. God knows what else was involved.

      ”Why are all these people dying?!!” He couldn’t keep himself from asking though half of him didn’t want to know in the case that that information… would earn him a gravestone just for having it. It was due to all the action that he didn't realize his phone had tried to notify him of a new message. Even if he did notice, with people dropping down around him, like he was crazy enough to do what Micky did and pick it up and write a text! Who texts people in the middle of something like this when you're the target?!!!

xxxxThe camera cannot lie, but it can be an accessory to untruth.xxxx

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xxxxxI want your love

Maddie was certain something fishy was up... Maybe if she had common sense along with a few other needed brain cells she may have been able to pick it up and figure it out.. She wished she could just rest and relax... But no. This was just to freaky that she was just not into anything right now... She was so nervous she didn’t know what was going on or where her boyfriend was or her best friend and not only that! The foxy blonde didn’t know much of anything but she really wished that she had gone in with them now... Despite how scary and strange looking the inside of the Haunted House may be if she just had the guts and the ability she may have been able to understand everything... If she was just a smart person.. Wait, ew... that’d be nasty most smart people are ugly and nerdy and have a pimples all over their face like a pizza palace. She didn’t want to be ugly that’d be horrible. She wasn’t a nasty person she was cute and lovable and that’s why people tended to come to her for relationship advice it was just one of the many reasons. It was also a reason she surrounded herself with strong men and a glorious best friend because they loved her... Or at least... She thought they did..

Her phone chimed a mysterious ring... She had a song and tune set for every person on her phonebook (even the freaky pervert) but this ring... It was like One Missed Call... She had seen that movie with Theo, they had watched it at his dorm and... Well Maddie being Maddie hid in fear under his arm the whole time throughout the movie. Though she couldn’t help but get the slightest freaked out, it had to have helped that this place was already getting scarier by the second with all the theatrics at play.. Such as the shadowy figure on the big screen and the dark clouds forming above the park... What was going on, seriously no one seemed to understand what was going on... She took the phone out again and looked at the message... So it wasn’t all that clear to her. The name must’ve been Madeliene’s nickname ‘Maddie’ because she always went by that instead of her usual name... And it was just another creep who had got her cell phone number somehow! It had to be... What was the wish for? Maybe some creepy thing to turn her on... Not that it was working, but.. ‘I wish I could get married to my dream man..’ Hey! You can’t blame her for wishing the text said she could make one. Besides maybe now that she wished it, it was bound to come true.

The giant screen just said something and as lights flickered and things acted up Maddie just looked around wondering what was going on. She wasn’t one for thinking (if that wasn’t noticeable already)... But she thought the carnival was supposed to at least supposed to last till twelve am, the stroke at midnight... Almost like Cinderella but not... Wouldn’t it make sense of that...? She glanced back down at her phone... No. She wasn’t going to try and reply to the second pervert... She wasn’t going to reply to the first one. At this rate the this Carnival was going to come down faster than a Thai hooker. .... Not that she would know from experience or a long distance friend she had... No, it was just a line in a movie that was in one of the songs from the Snakes On A Plane cd Album and she had listened to that on the ride to here. Maybe it was a bad idea to bring her boyfriend here, but she hadn’t thought anything wrong would come from a little night of partying. He loved to party. For godsakes he was the PARTY-ANIMAL. If she didn’t come here with him he would’ve gone with someone else.... Trent most likely!... Or at least, hopefully him and not someone else.. Not some random girl who bragged about sleeping with him though it was probably a lie to get to Maddie because Theo was as faithful and trustworthy as a rock. (and possibly then some she couldn’t really say)

Now Maddie was really debating to on whether or not to follow her instincts and stay outside or to go and try and find her friends... After blinking a few times she couldn’t believe her eyes. People were dropping like flies, but, but how could that be? ‘I mean... It can’t be... they can’t all be having heart-attacks or something?’ She paused as a gasp was caught in her throat, ‘Does that mean that... Will I have a heart-attack?’ From what Madeleine could gather from her highschool degree of education... Heart-attacks were, put bluntly, bad. And if she had one she would, more than likely, die. And she had so much to live for like fashion shows? She wanted to at least go to Malian (wrong place Maddie >.> wink to see a show.... Just once. Before she got too dragged into the world of “What ifs” and other thoughts of the such... Someone spoke up. And the blonde’s head instinctively turned to look at the girl, was she trying to be nice or was the Queen of Hearts somehow in on all this.. The Disney movie Queen of Hearts, because Maddie didn’t read the books, was obsessed with lopping off peoples heads and was this girl the same? Okay who was she kidding... She couldn’t be, could she? Though why hadn’t she passed out? Did they have superpowers or something.. “Uh.. no, I don’t... but do you?” So Maddie couldn’t stop herself from asking...

When the girl once again brought her attention back over to Maddie after she fiddled with her cellphone a bit or something she didn’t even off her name or anything... She just mentioned something about heading inside which Maddie’s only response at first was to blink in shock. The girl wanted them to head into the scary, bad place where they would more than likely end up dead if some odd strange malevelont force could wish them dead if he wanted like in Paranormal Activity..... What if there was some strange scary stalker ghost that carried a picture of her before her house burned down (not that it did) and her boyfriend would be stupid enough to use a ouija board... What if there was a ouija board in there that was going to answer it’s own questions and burst into flames out of anger and try to kill them all! (Yes Maddie was afraid of the dark when she was younger if it wasn’t evident enough).. Yet after the struck by lightning comment what was she supposed to do? The girl had a point and Maddie was probably just scared out her mind that had to be it, “Uhh... yeh... you’re probably right....” She looked as she followed the girl in noting that she was using her cellphone as a light.. Something Maddie wouldn’t have thought of, “I’m Madeleine Sinclair btw, or just Maddie.” yes the girl in the fox costume did just use an acronym in a sentence but it didn’t seem like the time to say the whole phrase..

She was going to use her cellphone as a flashlight till she noticed she had a new message from her best friend.. Well she had gotten a hint and that did bring an excited smile to her face as she was really glad something good happened today. At least her best friend was happy and if Izzy was happy that was good. But reading that the lights went out... Yeah, she could tell that know and she was trying to let the fact she was in the haunted house not bother her as much as it really did... She was just going to reply to her friend but figured while she was here she may as well text her beau and see if she can find him.. If she could find him maybe he had found Trent and she could surround herself in the familiar. Boyfriend, Best Friend, His Best Friend. Yes it sounded good... Plus the pretty blondes always die first in the horror movies... Or was it that black people die first? Because in Jaws 3-D out of the four people in the ocean.. The shark ate the black man... And it has to be said, Maddie isn’t racist... She’s just clueless... So maybe that’s why she felt she had better luck at staying alive at this point... Though as she replied to the golddigger she may as well send one to her boyfriend.. She had thought of adding his friend to the mix but if Theo found Trent she’d have killed to birds with one stone right? right.

agh w3ll t’s chik sai
we sh0ul’ com in so
w3 dun di3 or som’n
so i gu3ss i’m l0s in
h3r3 t!l th... wh3r3..
B u? i c4n c if i can
fin’ u an all... u c Theo?

And next a text to Theo Hopefully he’d reply or she’d find them... Maybe the Queen of Hearts had a clue what she was doing... (Unlike Maddie)

h4Y $w33t!e hw r u?
d!d u fin’ Trent?.. bc
sum grl s4y we sh0l
c** !nsid3 2 not d!3
cuz th4t b b4d... R
u h3r3 s0 i c4n fin’
U 2 && n0h b stk w/
peepsl3 idunkno >x<

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You know that I want you
And you know that I need you
I want a bad, your bad romance
Caught in a bad romance~
You're broken, so am I
I'm better off alone
No one to turn to and nothing to call my own
Outspoken, so am I
Explosive words that your world wouldn't understand
Turn away again

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Kenneth: Undercover Cop

Ken heard her state that there was no need to protect her. All right, if she felt that way then why push the issue. He shrugged, figuring she could take care of herself. He heard that she thought it was a prank. Well she would know if she was in danger. From his memory Waldo wasn't the msot subtle people, He'd let her know if indeed she was in grave danger. So he just shrugged. He then heard her ask about why he had named the guy Waldo. Well Piran had told him the name was Waldo. So he had assumed that was his name. However, he now had to make up a story as to why. He smiled "Well, I don't know its like Where's Waldo, right? He blends in so well with the others, uses a few as puppets that you don't know where he is. So um, that's why. Plus it also decreases fear of the entity. Waldo. Its a pretty ridiculous name. Kind of makes it less scary when you can name the enemy. Don't you guys think?"

Cya was sort of at that hyper stage where Ken ignored him. not to be mean to Cya, its just that after a certain amount of hyperness....and he sort of zoned out after that. Just how he was. He had never been a kid person. Yet he was working for Lo who was awfully childish. Ken heard the I guess part. He looked over at Cya as he said "Glad that's decided. but I'd suggest calming down a bit or else you may be easily trapped. So be careful Cya"

Cya ran and ran and ran and Ken wasn't able to keep up with where Cya was going. Logan he was able to follow better. He saw that Aaron and Jamie seemed to be behind him. His phone vibrated and he took out the message. So Jim was in the room of mirrors. Was that where he was? No, there wasn't any fog yet. Farris was with him and freaking out. Oh he remembered Farris. Why was she freaking out so badly? He then text Jim

[aIign=center] will try to get to you soon
Seems my group is lost now that its gone dark
We are closer to the entrance...
oh right, the bloody 'playful' on the door
was that for Piran?

He pressed SEND. He put the phone out again for a light source. He figured that someone would be able to help out. He just was sure that a light was easier to find than a voice. He heard Logan's voice up ahead though and it sounded like a Samurai was ... okay so someone dressed as a samurai was taking the slicing and dicing part too seriously. Okay so now he needed help. Hmm, maybe he could work harder and get something done. He waited to be found from Aaron. and as he did he felt his phone vibrate. He was ready to just auto-delete it. like he needed Waldo and his ******** up games? But he saw it was from Logan. He read it.

yup. He was the same way when his sister Ophelia was alive. He would have probably been even meaner. He text Logan:

Is this Samurai named Kyle?
If you find out it is, I suggest just getting away
last time i met Kyle he shot me,
I know, I know. I'll find her
Need me to text you when I do?
And be careful. Don't die...

He pressed SEND. As he did he waited first. Then saw Aaron coming to him. good the light had helped hi out. He really didn't want the other to be lost. Waldo had a thing about finding the one person wandering alone. Though emails, totally made sense now. The whole not being able to sleep may have also been the reason that he would be blaming everything on Waldo. Why not? oh right right. Aaron, came to him. He heard the other ask about how he knew about it. He then shrugged as he answered "I know from first hand experience about Waldo. Not other ghosts. Just Waldo. He takes a form as a human. But he seems to be able to possess others. Its like Voldermont without the snake fetish...."

Yeah a stupid example but it was. The guy had pieces of himself that others held onto so he couldn't die so easily. well that and you couldn't shoot him. That sucked. He liked being able to shoot his problem way. He admitted "Guy can't be shot. He doesn't die. You have to find the piece. Good news is that he is easy to piss off. Well that's good and bad news, I suppose."

As he waited he soon heard Logan talk to him. As he was told to rescue the damsel in distress. Oh now that did sound like his type of mission. He gave a nod as he smiled "I know. Don't worry I'm great at tracking people, she will be found in no time flat. Remember that you have to be careful. this isn't just a ghost that goes boo, he can hurt people"

He hoped that Logan took that seriously. Becaue if Logan died then well he would never figure out who was pulling the strings and that'd be time wasted. He didn't want any time wasted. Hell he'd rather just make sure that the guy was okay. For some reason it just that they were young teenagers, he felt the need to protect them. He couldn't help it. he had a hero complex. So finding her would be a simple mission for him. He heard Aaron say that she'd be fine. He smiled "Well its a dark place, there's a psycho on the loose. Although she's tough perhaps a little extra muscle won't help, right?"

Aaron was soon taken away. Ken then stretched a bit, time to go into cop mode. He then closed his eyes, zoning out. He was attempting to hear a shallow breath sound. since Lo made it sound like she was in danger so most likely her breath would be a little bit shorter. He heard a few voices....okay but those sounded pretty calm. So no to that area. He then started to walk down a few hallways following the short breathes that sounded like a girl was scared. Though if it wasn't Jamie he'd just have to take the random chick under his wing and bring her with him. He didn't leave girls alone. Especially not after he made the mistake of leaving his sister alone and she ended up dead. As he looked around he then saw a figure. He put his phone to become brighter He looked at the figure up ahead. So it was not a samurai, good good. As he walked closer he then saw that he had, indeed, found Jamie. Put score one for Ken and score zero for homicidal ghosts. He didn't want to startle her so he called out "Jamie are you okay?"
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Woke up in the morning
It's another cloudy day
But that never mattered too much to me
'Cause it's still a new beginning
And I know I got it in me
Had my share of ups and downs
But now I know I can do anything
Sometimes it's gonna be days like this
Sometimes it's gonna be rain like this
Sometimes you're gonna feel pain like this
Sometimes you gotta work hard for it

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She figured that Maddie wouldn't know. It only made sense. Still, it was interesting that she didn't fall as well. Perhaps there was something special about the two of them? Or maybe it was all apart of some giant prank? No, Britt wasn't sure if she wanted to keep going with that idea. Something was definitely going on. But what? A frustrated sigh escaped her lips before she pinched the brim of her nose rather lightly. Regardless, she heard that she was named Madeleine Sinclair, or more so Maddie. "Brittanya Young," she replied, though added, though simply added, "Most people just call me Brittanya. Or Britty and the occassional, Brit--- whatever floats your boat." She had a rather flat and enthused. She couldn't help it, her thoughts were on other things. Was there some kind of disease that was attacking everyone? Oh god, maybe this was a dream? Maybe she had got a drink at some point of time and it was spiked? No matter how you looked at it, there had to be some sort of reasonable explanation. She couldn't help it that she was rather skeptical. After all, she wasn't the type of girl who instantly believed everything she saw. She didn't think it was possible to truly find yourself in a horror movie. Was it? Okay, just to be on the safe side...she decided to test the situation. Swiftly and rather hard, she pinched herself.

A wince left her lips. She was definitely awake, but that still didn't explain everything. "This is ridiculous," she mumbled under her breath. Regardless, they needed to get inside. So she hurried in. Anything would better than standing out in the storm that was threatening to pop out at any minute outside. Honestly, she was pretty sure the weather man didn't say anything abouta thunderstorm. She was iffy about the Haunted House, and ultimately considered it one of her least favorite places in the entire festival. For her, it just sucked that she didn't really get to see a lot of the festival. Well, ever sense Kaelin had arrived. Speaking of Kaelin, she could possibly get the footage and prove to everyone that she was not the crazy one. The moment she entered, she instantly realized that was easier said than done. It was dark, and almost instantly she practically felt herself tumble over something. Swiftly she steadied herself and whipped out her cellphone to shine its dull light down towards the ground. It was a person. There was a guy on the ground. "Oh my god," she gasped with a mixture of shock and disgust. She didn't know him, but it was some guy lying on the floor just as unconscious as the people outside. This wasn't good at all. 'Why the hell hasn't Kaelin replied?!' swiftly she looked down at her phone and texted to Kaelin:

Linny. Plz don't
tell me you're
ignoring me. That's
not cool!


The message was sent and yet now her hand was trembling. No, no matter what she had to keep it together. Especially in front of this new girl. Yeah, if she pulled her cards right then she'd have a little follower. It'd be highschool all over again. Back then she had plenty of girls like Maddie following her blindly. They were the type of girls who treated her like some sort of holy prophet. Everything she said was law. But how? She glanced over in her direction and asked, "Did you come with anyone?" Maybe there were more people who weren't unconscious...or...dead? Ah, she didn't want think that it was possible. She tugged out the business card from Nathaneal, surely he'd know what to do. Back when she was around him, it seemed as though he knew everything, and handle practically any situation. Part of her hated the fact that she even left the group, but there was no way she was going to stay in a place that she obviously wasn't appreciated in. That didn't make sense at all! Thinking of it that way, there was a possibility that they were ignoring her texts on purpose! they were ignoring her texts on purpose? Then another 'duck' soon appeared on her screen.

"Stop it," she hissed as she tried blocking the number only to recieve another text once more. Honestly, what was the point of all of this? Why the text messages? Why the image on the screen? What did all of this mean? Then that's when it occurred to her. What if Kaelin hadn't replied because she was unconscious? Or...dead? No, she had to remain composed. She wouldn't freak out Kaelin. Honestly, at that point she did have sympathy for the girl. Sure she was at times very annoying when she claimed to have amnesia. Still, there was no way she could do all that she did and not remember a thing. Brittanya refused to go back to the possibility that this was a dream. She simply needed to speak with someone who had all the answers she needed. If it was Nate, then congratulations on his part. She only hoped he wasn't...dead. The thought sent chills up her spine. Even the visual image that played in her mind of what it would look like was there as well. Swiftly she texted to the Gambler:

I hope this is
the right #
Are you alright?
I just noticed a
lot of people drop...
&& I wasn't sure if
u were one of them.
Is Kaelin okay?


While she was sending texts, she supposed she should send one a text to Hayden. It wouldn't hurt at least. Plus, it would help rid away any suspicioun that she had negative feelings for the other. It was short and simple. After all, it was very true that she didn't really like the girl. Before hand she thought she was 'okay'. She struck her as the type who was only looking for attention. Really, what sort of girls honestly have 'true' issues against men. What seemed to make everything worst was when Nathanel started clinging to her. Both she and Kaelin knew very well what they were doing. She simply held Hayden more responsible than the blonde.

Are you alive?

Then that's when she heard it. It sounded like the voice of a person. Swiftly she glanced back in the direction of Maddie, shining her cellphone for a source of light. It was...dull however. "C'mon," she instructed sternly. "I believe I hear someone." What made it better was that it sounded more and more like the voice of a guy. That's definitely what they needed. Who knows, maybe it was someone who actually could help them in more ways than one?? Perhaps it was someone who had answers about this situation? She was definitely relieved at this point. Almost to the point where she wanted to she wanted to laugh lightly to herself. Whatever this was; this sick, lengthy prank; she had beaten it. She practically wanted to curse outloud, voicing that whatever this was that was the cause of this, would have to do better than that. Well, until she rounded a corner and bumped into one of the skellingtons that were hung up on the wall as a prop. A short, shrill yelp escaped her lips causing her to drop her phone.

"s**t," she cursed, and swiftly stooped down where the dull glow light glowed. Once it was in her hand she cleared her throat. Right, she was composed, calm, cool and collected. She continued on the way towards the voice, until she managed to slip into the next hall. Swiftly there she shined her light to see a guy with tattoos (Ken) as well as...a girl with tattoos as well? "Um, excuse me?" she spoke up hoping to get the attention of the two. "I'm Brittanya, and this is Maddie," she gestured over to the blonde beside her. "It's nice to see people who aren't...well...yes. Anyways, do you know how to get out? Not out there, but a different way where we can just escape this place and possibly get to the police or something." Right, control, that's what she was talking about. As long as she remained headstrong, then she could and should be able to handle anything. "I cannot wait to press charges against this prankster," she stated as a matter of fact. She didn't honestly believe that her life were truly in danger. It was a Halloween Festival, she was a celebrity. What else was she supposed to think? That there was really a psychopath running around? Once again, she didn't believe that it was possible for someone like her, to be in a situation like this.

<<Dressed as:: The Sexy Queen of Hearts>>
<<Location:: The Haunted House>>

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Sometimes the road may seem too far
You never really know for sure
If you're ever gonna make it
Sometimes the end may seem so far
You never really know for sure
If u got the strength to make it
Because when u feeling low
And u can't get no lower
That's when u know your close
Sometimes u gotta work hard for it

Some○People○Think○I'm »» AGGRESSIVE «« Cause○I○Know○What○I○Want
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7H3 M0D3L; Miss Farris

Nothing that was happening was good; and the more terrified and panicked she felt herself become. She was going to die, and it was a terrible feeling to experience. What was worst was that she wouldn't be able to do anything for her son who was in the hospital. He wouldn't have a visit from his mommy tomorrow, or anyone to truly brace him for what was sure to come. She didn't want to even imagine what was going to happen when he is told the news. It was a sickeningly feeling that didn't want to leave the pit of her stomach. When Mr. Parkerson spoke, she found herself honestly wondering why he didn't understand the problem of the situation. How could he blindly remain optimistic when he clearly saw what had occurred. He knew that this was just like last time. He knew that like the previous survivors, Orion wsa going to take them out, one...by one. He asked her to calm down, but she didn't see how it would be possible. "Get me, Detective. The person who is doing this wants to kill me..." her voice wasn't louder than a mumble, and she wasn't sure if he had heard. But it was the truth.

He didn't even understand that he was here. He was someone where in this house...in this room. She could feel his presence, as an eerie vibe slipped upon her skin. She could feel him right beside her. He was waiting for something. But what? She was tempted to ask, but couldn't bring her mouth to open at that point. She couldn't even control her thoughts, or steady the pace of her heart. She was afraid. She was more than afraid. Her attention was now on her phone though. It wouldn't be long. He wouldn't stop calling. She tried blocking the number, but it didn't stop it. He'd keep calling and calling until she finally would answer. She glanced over towards 'Sherlock Holmes', when he moved up to her. He was trying so hard to be optimistic...wasn't he? What he was saying didn't even fully make sense. When they came in before, this room wasn't a dead-end. It was practically a hall on its own. A rather open, circular hall, lined with mirrors. A room that you had to pass through to get to the next portion...and yet somehow the entire layout of the Haunted House had changed.

She hung up the phone and it called back once again. Her hand was lightly shaking as she looked down at the number that read clearly on the screen. He would keep calling back, no matter what. There was no need for her to leave with Mr. Parkerson. There wasn't any need for her to endanger his life if she was the target. He was urging her to come along, but she couldn't. She had to stay, and simply continued to hang up on the number, bringing a surge of text messages to swiftly build up in her inbox. She knew better than to open a single one. Sure it would make him angry, but she figured he would be upset either way. There was no denying that. she might as well go through with it. Perhaps he was just doing this to scare her? Regardless she knew that all she wanted was to be able to be there with her son. She wanted to hold his little hand and tell him his bedtime story. She wanted to know that Becky would come over later to the house and discuss her latest ideas when it came to her designs. She wanted...things to be normal.

When she brough the phone to her ear, she heard his voice...it was raspier than usual. At least more than she remembered. "I don't appreciate being ignored..." Her hand trembled, she wanted to hang up. She tried, but it wasn't working. Frantically she pressed, end, in hopes of rejecting the call...but he remained on the line. "You should lighten up...after all, it's only a game..." She couldn't help herself at this point. It was her own fear that was causing her to cry. She didn't even notice the people that had entered the room, other than her and Mr. Parkerson. She didn't know that Piran had stumbled in, or that his partner was with him. Just as she didn't realize that there was another girl until she felt a hand rest on her shoulder. She glanced over towards the girl. She was telling her that she was alright. And yet, she ultimately doubted the truth when it came to that.

She had no idea. Did she?

"He needs to know that I love him," she lightly said; there was hopelessness in her voice as she listened to the killer whispering in the reciever. "Duck...Duck..." And then that's when it registered to her as she looked at the girl. Due to her own distress, her own visions weren't fully reliable. But there was something that she did sense. "Somehow...we are connected..."


She dropped her cellphone, and the moment it hit the floor, she felt her tears start flowing more freely from her eyes. She felt sick, scared. She wanted to yell to the spirit in the room to leave, that she wasn't afraid of him. She already knew deep in her mind that it wouldn't work this time. She didn't have that immunity. Who offered it? Who was handing it out this time? If Becky was dead, then who had replaced her? The Mirrors' glow soon shifted in color. It was a red glow, and the mirrors' glass rippled...as if it were made of water. No, there wasn't any way to stop it. She refused to have someone else be harmed because of her. Or more so, lose their lives with her. So she shoved Allegra. They couldn't be touching. There was no telling what sort of trouble that would tug the girl into. Shortly after her hands broke contact with the other red-head, she soon felt a force grab onto her. It was as if there were hands, many of them, transparent in color; all tugging her towards one of the mirrors.

Without any mercy she was yanked off of her feet and pulled inside. The mirrors returned to the normal consistancy afterwards, and the glow disappeared, leaving the room in darkness. If anyone bothered to investigate the mirrors, on the glass of the one that Charlotte had disappeared into...all that was written in blood was, The Model.

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7H3 4DV3N7UR3R; Miss Montaire

She continued to maneuver her way down the halls, every now and then. They were treating this like a horror movie. Horror movie? Was she frightened...a little. Yeah, just a little...at least that's what she assured herself. This was just another adventure, another thrill that she could tackle. It's just...the thought of actually dying, wasn't such a pleasing thing to think about. Well, she was a target. At least that's what it seemed, especially when the way that everything was happening. The text messages. The way this was happening, the way they were worded...she felt as though she were ultimately going to be targeted. Well, perhaps if it were like the movies, then she could easily beat the s**t out of the guy. That or he gets her from behind with a knife. Swiftly she glanced back not to see anyone but eerie darkness. Even her own steps stopped as she found herself paranoid that someone was following her. She didn't think anyone was there...

The only sound she heard was her own pulsing heartbeat. It was all in her head. Still, she couldn't think of it. In the movies, when do people like her die? Usually the headstrong, kick-a** ones live longer...right? Of course they do. It's the shy girls or the ditzy ones that die in the beginning. She just had to keep assuring herself that. And yet at that moment she felt her phone buzz. Once again she wasn't sure if it were just another 'duck' text or not. That 'ghost' was truly starting to irritate her...at least because its just spam at this point. What is the point? That's what she really wanted to know at this point. Her thoughts were cut short when she heard a noise. At least...she thought she heard a noise. "Maybe my ears are playing tricks on me," she told herself before continuing down the hall, though took out her phone and looked at the message. It was from her cousin. Almost instantly she found herself rolling her eyes at the message. Of course he wouldn't get the full seriousness of the situation.

Or was this just how he handled it?

Still, it might have been his vague directions of how to find him, or the fact that he told her not to move that bothered her. He was bossing her around like a child. Well for starters, she could handle herself. She wasn't some damsel in distress. Second of all, she had been walking down the hallway and saw no trace of a little flashlight. Now that she thought about it, the halls seemed to change often. Often to the point where she didn't think she could even fully retrace her own steps if she wanted. Well, one thing was for sure. She wasn't going to fall into the 'timid; I'm afraid' category, despite how worried she had felt. Instead she'd focus on making sure that Logan didn't think of her as some kid who needed a leash to keep them from getting lost. Who was to say that she was lost? Maybe it was him?

Her phone buzzed again, the sudden feeling nearly gave her a heart attack. No, she was stronger than this. Her thoughts just kept drifting back to the thought of death. If she were to die, would she be alone? Would it be slow? Perhaps that's what had her freaked out? Jaime hated being alone. Regardless, she opened the message. It was another 'duck' text. Of course, she should have seen that coming. She wasn't even sure at this point why she allowed it to even bother her all that much. Instead she needed to focus more on things like finishing her message to her boneheaded cousin, and finding her way to everyone else. That was something she truly knew happened in movies was that who ever stayed waiting in one spot...in the dark...alone...with a ghost wandering around, was going to get her killed. so she replied:

Hey. It's not my fault
that you guys were in a hurry
to go ghost hunting! Look, I've
walked down these hallways up
and down and I haven't seen any
flashlights. I mean, I can handle
myself, I just have been getting
weird text messages lately. Almost
disturbing, that and a bunch of
duck ones.

A groan left her lips, why couldn't he find her? "I can handle myself," she told herself. The sound of her own voice sort of eased the loneliness of the situation. She was tempted to stay and wait there like Logan had suggested, but instantly ruled out the idea when she could've swore she saw something out of the corner of her eye. Now her eyes were playing tricks on her. Great. Not only was her body sick, but now her mind too? She shrugged it off and continued on her way, hoping to run into at least once person. She didn't think she'd come upon anyone...well, that is until she definitely heard a sound this time, though it was occompnied by a glow. Almost instantly she turned to face him, though brought up her fists defensively. Whatever was coming at her, she wouldnt' go down without a fight! Fortunately a familiar voice soon sounded as well. Ken, right, Logan's friend...and...body guard. "God, you really shouldn't sneak up on people like that," she snapped, before dusting off herself as though she weren't afraid.

So much for him not scaring her.

She jogged over to the male and crossed her arms over her chest before heaving a heavy sigh. "Yeah, I'm fine. Actually, I haven't seen one ghost this entire time. How about you on your end?" Just thinking about the whole ghost plan, reminded her of Cya and Lo, which soon brought her back to her original thought. Swiftly she focused her attention solely on Ken, as if she were staring him deep within his soul. "So, I meant to ask you before. Why are you Logan's body guard. I mean, why would he need a body guard?" Just as she wondered what sort of sketchy work he was involved in. It was strange, all too strange. Or perhaps it just made her really think that maybe her cousin had definitely a changed a lot from what she remembered...she wasn't...sure. Of course leave it to that moment for people to come over. Now, don't get her wrong, she had absolutely nothing against being around others. She just thought that the girls looked definitely like the types who would either die first in the movie...

...or get everyone else killed...

Almost instantly, the girl dressed as the Queen of Hearts, introduced her and her companion. "Uh...hey?" Jaime replied with a bit of a shrug. Of course she would be asking how to get out of the Haunted House. And yet she was tempted to ask why they had entered if they simply wanted to leave. Then again, perhaps she should be asking herself the same question? She had to give it to the girl, she wasn't acting as though she were afraid. Maybe it was a front? She wasn't entirely sure, but she wouldn't question it. Instead she voiced, "I have no idea how to get, other than going back the way you came." Her phone was vibrating like crazy now. With annoyance she looked at cellphone that she was still holding from before. She had five new messages by now, and all were reading off the same thing. Duck. "I keep getting these annoying 'duck' messages," she told Ken before flashing the phoen over in her direction before looking once more towards the screen. A new message soon appeared on the screen. Goose.

The moment she read the message the floor dropped beneath her. Almost as though there was a trap door just beneath her feet. And as quickly as she dropped, the floor shot back up, as if nothing had ever happened. Jaime was no where to be seen. From how sudden it had been, she didn't even have a chance to scream.

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            thε.εmρtιηεssLyυdε Allεη Kεηdall
            thε.εmρtιηεss.thε.εmρtιηεss thε Maяιoηεttε

Your getting close, you are so close to me, your close to me.
You know somethings wrong when life gets this easy.
The matrons taking back everything thats been given to me.
Crossing off my fingers as they bleed single rhythms towards
my knees. You aren't to be imitated, a limitless lie, based on
calculations and the reasons. Static faces molt into places
where, its ok for those to plot away at their own despair.
Trained actors will call on you and say, I can't see! I can't see!
This world is taking a turn for the worse, And I am too.

        If anything he had a justified fear at the moment. He didn’t want to get hurt. And what if he ended up getting hurt? That would not be good. No. He would not like that. He was already seen to same as a wooden doll already. Add the limb joints and the strings and you’d have what he was. A marionette. Someone’s marionette not his own. But who’s he wasn’t exactly sure. He’d like to think he was his own person. He could crawl, walk, talk (Hah!.... oh wait.... nevermind), he was also potty-trained. Not to compare him to a puppy but what more did he have to offer the world? He was practically thrown away by his own family. By now his mother and stepfather could’ve a few more kids to replace the one they lost... Sometimes Lyude hardly thought about it, then there were times like these where he couldn’t help but feeling that there was something missing. Maybe it was his yearning for a maternal figure that caused him to almost cling to Aitana as if for advice and wisdom. He would not do that for anyone else. And if also Kyle could be considered a father... Though not necesarrily probably that really cool uncle you thought you had. Almost like how Simba thought that Scar was the coolest uncle in the loin Kingdom. At least until Scar killed tried to kill him only to kill Mufasa tonight. Thinking of the Disney spin on Hamlet the boy wanted to just go back to Aitana’s and watch some animated Disney films... At least the good ones. Not to seem odd or anything but when he saw the commercials for Rapunzel and the Princess and the Frog they just didn’t appeal to him as much as the old Disney films.

        So many things were looking a little less stressful right now. Not that he was really stressful... More so worried out of his mind! He couldn’t take it. He couldn’t. If someone was hurt in front of him. If he saw blood. How would he react? He wasn’t able to save his friends. He wasn’t even able to call the cops. Lyude was a coward and he always would be. There was nothing the kid could do to protect anyway. He was probably only still alive because Lucifer had yet to finish off the sick joke he started that day in the alley. Another day. Another murder scene. Would he be to go through witnessing another grotesque sight again. Or would he just run far, far away. Or maybe he’d do the same thing he had last and hold his ground once more behind a dump. (literally). Now Peter Pan who he was portraying. He was confident, quick-witted, snarky, almost to the dot the exact opposite that Lyude had become after witnessing the something he couldn’t explain. It’s said that the average kid sees something like ten thousand dead bodies on television before they turn eighteen. And at sixteen the four friends killed right before his eyes...... It just.... it wasn’t the same. How the blood just seemed to ooze out. How can you explain it to someone who hasn’t seen such as sight. There are no words that come to your own thoughts that don’t sound cliche or overdone. It was why Lyude gave up trying to explain himself and talking all together it was why he trusted Brutus to get his point across. People listened to the stuffed dog... Sorta.

        He knew people don’t tend to take him seriously. It took almost forever or so when it came to convincing the institution to let him even keep Brutus. Most outside things weren’t permitted. It took so much for his parents, him, and mostly his parents to convince them to let him keep the Ty. It kind of helped that during therapy sessions it was the only thing that the therapist would get more than possibly a few words out of. At tops three. Though that was only if they were lucky. It wasn’t three words a question either... More like only three words a day. Though Kyle... He’s been known to say more than three words a day. It made him wonder what Kyle was doing. He had disappeared by the whack-a-ghost game and Lyude still had the twin headed dragon that Aitana had won there along with the various other stuffed animals that were won... They just weren’t in his arms. They were in a big clear plastic bag... It just made them that more all teh easier to carry. Did people think it strange that some plane-joe teenage boy was just trying to mind his own business and go one with whatever screwed up life he had left. No. Because real people only care about protecting their own “asses”; as Aitana would put it. But Kyle and Aitana... They weren’t like that. They didn’t mind taking up for Lyude whenever need be. It was only when Aitana became that other girl.... Robin? When he needed to worry because she didn’t care about Lyude. She didn’t think it was wrong forcing him to take pills. It was nothing to her...

        The institution and the clean white room... How long had he been there? It seemed like a lifetime if only nearly half a decade. It had many clean hallways and room everything to look squeaky when someone from the government came by to check on it. Now the place was spooky clean or messy yet Lyude had, had many a nightmare there. (as seen early this morning). But one nightmare in-particular stuck out to him every now and again. There was a place deep, down in the institute if you just walked straight down a white corridor you would see it. It had a vivid red flower in beautiful bloom painted on the front of the white door. Every time it was night in the dream one person would be taken away there it would be time... He could see the shadows of the footsteps then a long shrill cry would be let out! You’d think Lyude would be shaken awake by now but you’re wrong he’d still be stuck in dreamworld. Where he would be peaking out from his door to look into the flower garden room. Most of the times he would see a not-so spherical object come rolling down an obscure mesh of shadowy bodies. Then someone ‘Pochi’ in the dream he would be ordered to eat a body... But ‘Pochi’ wasn’t a dog like his name alluded he was a human that loved to eat things cold. The dream would continue till the it was Lyude in his room. Tomorrow would be his day to go into the room and though in his dream he said he looked forward to it he honestly didn’t it terrified him. But before he would enter he would shoot awake clinging to Brutus for life support... Life was scary.

        The other pirate and her friend with the camera around his neck... Why was he taking pictures? Where they caught? Was he going to show the pictures to the asylum and get them locked up for good or something or would he have to go to the room with the red flower painted on it. Lyude Shook his head to get the image out. That was only a night-scare. IT was only a dream. The pirate had some attitude about her he couldn’t place but it seemed as though she was acting as if she was in her early thirties or something. Aren’t you’re thirties you’re dullest years of you’re life? The youth didn’t know but he just felt odd. Not to mention that it was hard to differentiate who was more nervous. Him or Cameraman. But as he started to feel a nervous tick in his foot Kyle smiled and asked him if it was fun... NO! It was not fun it was scary. Scary! People outside weren’t like they used to be.... He wasn’t like how he used to be! He didn’t know how to describe it but the fact Kyle was smiling and seemed happy made the marionette think that maybe he should try and force it. Pretend that everything was all sugar and sweets when it most certainly wasn’t. ‘Maybe it’ll change.’ He hoped as he looked about some more giving Kyle another smile and a nod before letting Brutus say, “It is.” A short phrase using short words. The auburn haired male was not going to try and draw much attention from the fact he had moved the plushie’s head. He had made sure to keep Brutus by his side and made the quick movements to bend the dog’s head down so he wouldn’t be made a fool of in-front of the reporter and her cameraman. The last thing he wanted was to draw a scene not that Kyle’s outfit wasn’t doing that for him... Lyude didn’t understand why it mattered so much but than again he was the nonjudgemental child if anything.

        Great! Aitana thought it was time to go home the last place he wanted to be was caught in a storm with no way to get to the institution in time to save their... well you know. And as the bodies collasped to the ground in front of them all. At that moment all Lyude wanted to do was hug Brutus, Aitana, and Kyle and cling for dear life and hope that at any moment the fallen bodies wouldn’t start coughing up blood or anything. Though Kyle started talking.. Dark. Freaky words. Things that made it the reason Lyude sometimes felt on edge with the taller male. It wasn’t because of the few inches of height the other had on him... Which in a few years would all be gone because of the wonderful thing known as growth spurts and male’s and height issues are mostly driven by the fact the keep growing onto there twenties. Though back to the tensity, it was because Kyle sounded like a Killer. Yet to Lyude he couldn’t be. He didn’t act like it he just sounded like it.... And right now if they were in a Shakespearean performance Kyle could’ve gotten an A and then some because he was putting on a pretty convincing act. It was giving him the goosebumps and how he made it all sound so real and it didn’t help he mentioned the words ‘kill’ and ‘you’ in the same sentence. It may have been one of the reasons he was staring wide-eyed. Only to have his hand taken without noticing and being whispered to.... For some reason it comforted him.. and yet not. At the same time... Maybe it was because while he’d be protected, which did matter, the people his love weren’t promised to be safe and did that mean that Aitana was in trouble and so was Kyle? Or was Kyle exempt from the problems like how Lyude was too.... He wasn’t sure...

        Questions started falling from the sky... Or more like the wench’s mouth and it only seemed to put Tinkerbelle in a sour mood. Which also was fitting to character. (Lyude didn’t know about Disney’s attempt to revamp Tink and make her seem kindhearted instead of fiery tempered... So he didn’t count the new movies. More so the original Tink who had temper issues). The odd thing was that both Aitana and the wench were complaining about their cellphones. Maybe Lyude should be happy that he didn’t have a phone because he’d been locked away so long that his phone was probably back home miles away in his old room at his parents house or something. So he didn’t have to worry about annoying chain-mail or anything. Except the Gamer through the Auburn haired teen for a loop when somehow recieving text and being a victim seemed to go hand and hand. He wanted to asked but feared to because what if he was told to find a phone or something... Besdies he wouldn’t know hoe to operate one anyway. Too long without technology and you forget a few things... Like the button to turn on the computer. Kyle did go on to look to the Cameraman asking him a question that never seemed to be answered not that the teen dwelled on it... It wasn’t his issue. When the lightining started happing he was nervous... But the Reporter and Cameraman just flipped out... Sniper? Here. and Now? ... Wait, what was a sniper? Like a Snipper?.... They were too odd for Lyude; which said something. So he turned more so to his own little group. At the end of the gamer’s talking and as a bit of silence started to fall over the Marionette felt like asking something to clear up his confusion. Which... Brutus would ask for him, “Leave or No?” Aitana wanted to Leave. Kyle wanted to stay. Lyude didn’t care as long as it had a good ending. So what would it be... Was up to Tink and Hook to decide like when they plotted to capture Wendy Darling together.

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And all I see is your eyes growing brighter.
And all I see is your face and so I fall!
Not argue!
Fall! I fall not argue!

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    Being approached by the reporter and cameraman wasn’t something Aitana was exactly okay with. She had snuck Kyle and Lyude out of the institution, why would she be okay with Kyle’s picture being published all over the place. Exactly! She wasn’t! Thus being the reason that she snapped at the reporter, saying that she could not have some of Kyle’s time. Maybe it was also the fact that Aitana was so used to speaking for Lyude, she instantly did it for Kyle as well. Threatening the cameraman definitely was something that she probably shouldn’t have done, but then again, honestly, what was she going to do? She’d be in deep s**t if those pictures got published for the simple fact that the institution would have her a** for it. Whatever the reporter mumbled, Aitana didn’t give a crap. She just rolled her eyes and went about what she was originally trying to do. Get Kyle and then head out before it was too late. When Aitana felt that it was time to go, stuff started happening. The lightning, the people dropping, the… well everything. This seemed a little too much for a festival. It was too much coordination and too many people. At the current moment, she couldn’t think about how anyone else felt about it. She was just really confused and kind of freaked out. Who wouldn’t be freaked out if you saw everyone around you just drop? The aggravation that came to her due to her phone, she didn’t know it was so apparent to the point where Kyle made a comment about it.

    Just the words “he’ll kill you”, well that made Aitana really paranoid. She had no clue who HE was. As Kyle started to explain it a little more, she didn’t know what to say. At the mention of being fully loyal, it made her look down at her phone. When Kyle meant fully loyal, he meant as in get Kyle the necklace. How the necklace pertained to anything, Aitana still didn’t know. She didn’t know what she was really getting herself into, but she just knew that she didn’t want to die. That was about it. Whatever was going on, it seemed that Kyle was already a part of it and from Kyle’s words it seemed as though that Lyude was in the clear, which made Aitana worry a little less. When things got quiet for a second, Aitana let her curiosity get the better of her ”Kyle, will you please explain to me who HE is?” She asked the raven haired male. This just didn’t make sense to her and yeah, she was scared/nervous about what was happening, but at the same time, she was more curious. It might have been a little weird, but she trusted Kyle, she was going to believe him if she told him what she wanted to know. Right this second, she just wanted to know anything. When the reporter returned though, Aitana looked over at her with a glare. Aitana found her persistence quite annoying actually. Normally persistence is admirable, but not this one. This chick was just downright freaking annoying and Aitana wanted to go else where, or vice versa.

    The questions that seemed to flow from the reporter’s mouth made Aitana want to push her out of the way, so that her, her Tinkerbelle and Peter Pan could be on their way back to her vehicle so that she could take them back before it was too late. As it seemed the questions seemed to pour out of her mouth, Kyle seemed to have a more reasonable response when she finally was done. His response made her chuckle. She did say it would only take a minute and it already took too long for Aitana’s liking. Out of no where, the reporter yelled that there was a sniper and Aitana’s eyes went big. She looked around at the people that were already on the ground, but saw no blood. She looked back to the reporter and her cameraman and as he was frantically taking pictures, Aitana was starting to get more confused than anything. She looked at the duo and out of no where it seemed that the male couldn’t handle whatever it was that the reporter was putting him up to. He was having a freak-out of some kind and Aitana crossed her arms over her chest and just watched. This was getting more and more weird, definitely one of the most weird events that she has had in a good long while, probably since she had her accident. The blond was coaxing him to take pictures and it seemed as though he was listening to her every word, as if he was a pet of some sort.

    Kyle telling her that ‘HE’ would be offended if they left, Aitana was confused at how Kyle would know something like this. She was just confused as to how he knew anything about this. Yes, she would like answers to her questions, but regardless, she had a feeling that she wouldn’t even really be able to understand, but hearing that ‘we’re’ not targets, Aitana wasn’t too sure of that. She wasn’t sure for the simple fact that she had been getting the text messages and had been told that HE was going to kill her. That was a bit nerve racking to think about. As Kyle was talking to the cameraman, she wanted to pay attention for the simple fact that she wanted to see if she could get any new information that she didn’t previously have. As he was talking, or as she thought, intimidating the other male, Brutus had something else that he wanted to ask Aitana. She heard it, but then it took a second to register what was being asked. She looked at Brutus and took a deep breath and then looked at Lyude. She didn’t know what was going on. She wanted to leave just as bad as Lyude, but she couldn’t, well she couldn’t if things were the way that Kyle had just explained it to her. She took a deep breath and turned to Lyude ”I’m not sure anymore Lyude, Kyle says we’ll offend someone if we leave, but I don’t know what’s really going on…” She said to him.

    She couldn’t lie to Lyude, she didn’t want to lie to the male. When it seemed as though Kyle was done talking to the other male, he said something about text messages maybe meaning that they were in fact, a victim. Taking another deep breath, Aitana pinched the bridge of her nose. It seemed as though the reporter was distracted by her cellphone, which hopefully was a good thing. She wanted to get all of them out of there now. She debated on whether or not Kyle was joking about the offending part… maybe he was just using himself in third person… maybe he wanted to really stay longer and enjoy the festival… err.. whatever was left seeing as everyone was passed out ”Well seeing as apparently we can’t leave just yet, would you be opposed to going to sit down somewhere more secluded and telling me what exactly is going on here?” She asked Kyle while it seemed as though the reporter and cameraman weren’t exactly paying attention. She wanted to know what was going on and wanted to know right now. If Kyle wasn’t going to tell her, she was going to get really aggravated very quickly. Why she wanted a secluded place? Mainly because she wanted to be able to keep an eye on the two boys and she wanted somewhere where she didn’t have to worry about the stupid cameraman, reporter and stupid mime with the red lipstick that freaked Lyude out a while back.

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Nothing travels faster than light...

...with the possible exception of bad news...

...which follows its own rules.

      It would be an understatement to say that Michelle was confused about what was going on. At first everything seemed like it was going to be a piece of cake. Kyle was right there. All she needed to do was get a few questioned answered from him, right up the report and turn it in. It was practically a one-two-three step progress when you simplified it like that. However things were not going according to plan. That weirdness with the screen had started up, which completely captured her attention away from her goldmine of a story. At first, she wasn't sure if the screens was apart of some show, or if it was for real. That was why she wanted to make sure that Craig was capturing this. She never even looked back to make sure he was doing it because she assumed that he would comply with out question. After all, he was a bit on the doormat side, so why would he suddenly stop assisting her?

      Things never once really calmed down, because as soon as that ordeal was over, she had to stop Kyle from trying to leave. Honestly, she didn't think that her questions would take that long. In fact, due to how quickly she spoke, all of those questions were out in the open in less than a minute. An eager look was present on the reporter's face as she waited for him start with his answers, however he wasn't doing it. He wasn't even looking at her anymore. He was talking to his rude girlfriend, which made her tempted to roll her eyes, yet she stopped herself when she started actually listening to what the raven haired one was saying. This "he" he spoke of intrigued her, especially because he brought up the target stuff. It sounded serious, especially because she was starting to get the feeling that she could be a target as well. After all, people were dropping, she was receiving weird text messages, and even Detective Piran Jones thought so. Sure, the guy could be playful at times, but she doubted he would lie about something like that.

      Looking back at Craig, she saw that he was panicking and yelling. She wished that she could fully tell him why things were happening, but she didn't really know. The only person who looked like he did know what was going on was Kyle...was made things become even clearer. 'If he's free, then maybe that means that he was able to bring back the killer, or is working with a new killer all together.' she thought to herself, as her lips twisted to the side. After all, that was why Kyle was in a mental institution to begin with. Because he went crazy when that murdering phantom was killed. Him being free had to have some sort of connection to all of this. Especially because of the way the Tinkerbell had been talking to Craig. It was really agitating her that after Kyle talked her to cameraman, the guy started freaking out. Okay, so she probably had something to do with that as well, but she wasn't talking about putting people at peace or getting rid of suffering- not the way he did things at least.

      "He's not interested in what you're saying," she firmly stated to Kyle, before switching her attention towards Craig. "Pull yourself together," she said to him, moving a hand to his back. Her hazel eyes darted around in the dark for anyone suspicious yet let her gaze settle back onto the brunette. Even crouched down, she wasn't sure if they were safe out in the open like this. At least before there was some sort of a crowd. Now, there were just bodies all over the floor, which was definitely on the disturbing side. "So things might be a little bigger than just a sniper- but, uh, don't worry `cause..." she trailed off trying to think of what she could say that wouldn't freak out Craig even more. I mean, it's a little much to take in that the guy before them was a nut case who was in cahoots with a freaky serial killer. That would just make the nineteen year-old yell even more. "..I'm the one they don't like. But maybe if I meet this guy, then I can bargain with him. Something like spare me, and I'll write an article about you to make you famous! Crazy people, love fame," she assured.

      As for why people would not like her in the first place? Well, let's just say that she had made a number of enemies over the years. She couldn't help it that some didn't appreciate the personal secrets that she published for all of the world to read. Okay, so she could help it, but if she wanted to keep a roof over her head, then she wasn't going to stop and people would just have to learn to stop being so sensitive. It's a tabloid after all! Not like she stuck their dirty laundry on the ten o'clock news or anything...at least not yet. "As for what I did, who knows. Some people are just haters of good work, but you need to calm down. If you stress your self out, then you could find yourself in trouble- because stress causes frowning, and wrinkles, and heart-attacks! So yeah, think happy thoughts." she said still, not fully standing. After all, she wasn't even sure how recognizable she was in her costume.

      Looking back towards where Kyle had been, she saw that he was gone. "No, no, no, no, nooooo," she whispered to herself with widened eyes. How could she let them slip away without answering a single question?! "Crappit!" she groaned out of frustration. "How'd they get away so easily?" She didn't even realize she had been focusing on Craig that long. Well, maybe they weren't that far away? "Did you see which way they went?" she asked her unofficial partner as she keep her eyes open. How could she tell Piran that she let someone like Kyle Carson out of her sight long enough for him to run off free?

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For those who are waiting...

The Protester; after getting fed up with the Golddigger, and wanting to display her rebelliousness, once more she pushed ahead of the group only to get herself lost. No one noticed when she actually disappeared, but currently she's wandering around the labrynth looking for an exit.

The Abused; is trying her hardest to keep it together, but is ultimately terrified of everything that is happening. She simply keeps assuring the Timid that everything will be okay, and continues to follow the Gambler's lead.

The Superstitious; hasn't entered the room of mirrors yet.

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