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                  There was only one word that could describe her. She was beautiful. Never before and he seen such a pretty in shape body. Her dark coloring was also a wonder to behold. Never before had seen anything more beautiful. He just need to take her for a ride, and everything would be completely. If she had been a woman Cade would thought that she was goddess. 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T came close. For as long as he could remember he had dreamt about owning a 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T. Now there it was in front of him. He just need a beautiful woman and everything would be complete. Well he could do without the woman for now. He just wanted to take that car for a spin. With a large grin he made his way toward the door on the driver's side. Then something weird happened. The grill on the front of the car distorted, and looked to be moving like a mouth. It was saying something about waking up, his name, and then it moved. Before he had time to react the car made large leap toward him. “Gahh!” Cade yelled after being woken up to his younger brother dive bombing into his bed. Tanner said something, but Cade's sleep addled brain could not make out the words. Probably something about waking up, fixing breakfast, and teaching Tanner a lesson. Well the latter his own brain substituted. “Damn it Tanner, don't do that, if you break my bed you're buying me a new one.” Cade said still feeling little annoying about being jerked out of rather pleasant sleep and dream. He pulled the covers off himself and gave Tanner a knowing smirk. He then proceeded to push his younger brother out of the bed. Then their morning proceeded like most other mornings in the home of the Mallory brothers. Cade and Tanner chasing each other around the apartment. Although it was usually Cade doing the chasing. It was not rare for the brothers to get complaints from their neighbors. Although at least they were quite the rest of the time.

                  ]“There that will teach you.” Cade said as rubbed his hands together in a satisfied manner. Thanks to his special talent of controlling electromagnetic fields Tanner was now stuck to the front of the fridge upside down. He then went a grabbed a bowl and a box of cereal for the cupboards. He gave the younger Mallory a smirk. “You make a good decoration for the fridge.” He said before opening the fridge and grabbing the gallon of milk. He poured it into his cereal. He let Tanner stick to the fridge for a few more minutes as he quickly. He was thinking about just leaving him on there when he showered, but he was not that mean. Plus he knew what prolong exposure to metal did to his brother. He finished his last bite of cereal, placed the spoon in his bowl, and got up for the small table. He went up to Tanner and laughed when he saw the annoyed look on his face. “Hahaha, you look ridiculous.” He went to the fridge and grabbed Tanner turning him right side up. “I don't worry I wasn't going to leave you there.” Cade said as he gently released the strong magnetic field around Tanner. “There you go both feet on the ground again.” Cade said with a nod. “Have you eaten and showered yet?” He asked. “I'm going to take a shower now, if you have class today I can give you a ride before I have to go into work.” Cade told Tanner before heading into the shower. Twenty minutes later he was showered, clean shaven, and dressed. He grabbed his heavy leather jacket and boots. “Tanner are you ready? We need to go.” Cade called out. He had to go to work finish that tune up on Rahel's bike. He had to admit to himself he did find the owner of Le Tardis quite good looking. Plus she was fun to be around. Still they were friends and he did not want to screw that up. “Tanner come on we got to go!”

                  OOC: Short post. xP At least Cade is up, I will finish his layout later.

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                                                  Soft eyes open, blinking a couple of times to the faint light of the late morning. Miah hadn't expected to sleep so long, but it wasn't a problem. Not like he had class to worry about, or anything. Laying on his stomach, he stretched out his legs, pushing up on his elbows and stretching his back.
                                                  "Mmmm," he groaned lightly as he did so, cracking his neck shortly after. Tilting his head, he looked over to Elliott, a smile pulling on his lips as he watched him sleep. It had been a long time since Miah had been really happy. Ever since the murder of his father, his life seemed to be spiraling into a black abyss. And then he met Elliott. And everything seemed to start that slow climb up to contentment. And it took a bit; a couple of years between them being friends and working with one another, before their relationship kicked off. And that was the moment Miah began actually seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. His life seemed to be looking up, and that’s when people began to realize that he wasn't as crazy as they once thought. More and more people began to talk to him. He felt like Sally from like Practical magick; once she was married, she wasn't considered a witch anymore. She was a person; things were blissfully normal. Well, for her. Miah had the spirits to deal with, and Elliott has his powers too, but that was better than nothing. The only thing that Miah needed now was Persephone. His sister just needed to wake up and life could begin to be...just perfect. Sure, there would be a lot to do with her, considering how long she was out for, but that was something he would deal with when the time came.

                                                  Stretching again, Miah slowly climbed out of bed not to bother Elliott, feeling a light chill across his body. Looking down a moment as he stood there, he wiggled his lips. Where were his clothes? As much as walking around naked sounded appealing, he was just a weeee bit cold.
                                                  Finding his boxers off near the bathroom, he slipped that on, before he threw back on his jeans. He couldn't find his shirt, and all he could think about was it was probably not even in the room. Probably the livingroom where the whole thing started.
                                                  Pausing a moment, Miah ran a hand through his hair, looking over to Elliott, smiling again, then left the room. He was going to make them breakfast. Miah didn't have his ghostie friends to deal with. They usually didn't show up until a week went by and he hadn't gone home. That's when they invaded Elliott's space. At which point Miah ordered them home, and they left.
                                                  Walking into the kitchen, Miah began working on making something to eat for the two of them. Bacon, eggs, toast, and some hash browns. It takes him a moment to find everything to make. He made the hash browns first, so he could pop them into a container and throw it in the microwave to keep them warm. Bacon was next, while he worked on the eggs. Toast was last, considering how quickly it would become cold. And when everything was just about finished, Miah left the kitchen while the bread was in the toaser and walked back to the room. Miah smiled and crawled back into bed next to Elliott, placing his arm across his chest, bringing his hand up to Elliott's face.

                                                  "Elli~" Miah purred lightly, running his finger down Elliott's nose. "Eli~" he chuckles a bit as the other male finally opens his eyes. "Good morning, sleeping beauty," Miah continued to smile at his lover. "Breakfast is ready," he spoke, leaning in before planting a good morning kiss upon the other males lips, before pulling back teasingly, crawling backwards on the bed. He needed to make sure everything was staying hot so nothing would get cold. "Better hurry up before it gets cold," he chuckled, pausing briefly to kiss one of Elli's feet teasingly before he stood up and went back into the kitchen.
                                                  Standing there, Miah began making the plates for the two of them, buttering the toast and bringing out the peanut butter, nutella, and jellies. Now, Miah would probably go with a Nutella and peanut butter toast sandwich thing, considering he liked having sweet things in the morning, but that would be it for now. Besides his coffee. Which Miah was already brewing a pot for. Miah loved coffee. Coffee was wonderful, and he had to take his medication anyway, so he killed two birds with one stone this way. Yawning lightly, Miah rubbed the back of his neck. "Mmm," his mind wandered to where his bag was. He placed the plates down on the table before he walked into the living room. "Found my shirt," he picked it up off the floor and threw it over his shoulder. He didn't need it. But he needed his bag. Which he found next to the couch. "There you are," he smiled, opening the front pouch and grabbing up his medications, which he opened, grabbed the pills he needed, and slipped them into his pocket before closing up the bottles and putting them away, and walking back to the kitchen.

                                                  I couldn't resist him waking up naked with his boyfriend, k? I'm sorry xD Outfit
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                The alarm clock blared at ten AM for Angel McClay. It was time to get up, no matter what time she had gone to sleep last night. Being a stripper had it's downfalls, considering she probably didn't get to bed until like 3 AM.
                Groaning loudly, Angel rolled over and slapped her hand down on the alarm, silencing it. Why couldn't she control time? That would be the best thing ever. Because right in that moment she'd pause time, go back to sleep, and continue it when she woke up after having enough sleep. That's what she would have loved, but instead she has something else. Well, hey, not many people can say they were a literal Angel. Not just named it.
                "Time to get up," she hissed a bit, sitting up and forcing herself to get out of bed. Her blond hair went everywhere from rolling around in her bed for some hours, which she quickly brushed out. She didn't want to take a shower with a messy bed-head. It just made it harder to brush after she got out. Wet hair was a b***h to brush. Especially hers. So she brushed her hair first and then stepped into the shower. She was already naked, so there wasn’t anything to really remove before stepping into the warm water.

                She smiled contently as the water washed over her body, and she cleaned herself up from the night before. Not like it was much, but most of it was sweat, nasty cigarette smell, and some alcohol. She often had drinks spilt on her tits. That was something that was normal. Hey, she was a hot woman. And usually men who did that s**t got their nose broken. Or maced. One of the two.
                Once she finished cleaning herself up, she steps out of the shower, dries herself off and dries her hair with a blow dryer. Slipping on a silk robe, she sits on the countertop of her bathroom and does her make-up. She had a system worked out which got her showered, decent, and dressed within an hour. Sometimes 30 minutes if she was really crushed for time. This morning she was able to make it within an hour, just taking her time. So she was dressed, make-up on, and showered. Now she needed to have something to eat and drink, which meant pulling out a bowl of cereal. Which she did. And making herself a cup of coffee at home. Loading that coffee into a travel cup, Angel finished her breakfast and washed the dishes before she slipped on her shoes, grabbed up her purse, and a rather large suitcase like box. What did it have in it? Her guns. She wanted to take them both down to Trigger Finger and see if she couldn't re-learn how to take both of them apart and clean them, and put them back together. It had been a while since she learned. And she still wasn't that great with it. And she wanted to keep these in tip-top shape.

                Angel still had to worry about her ex. He had murdered her once upon a time, and she was positive that he wouldn't be bothered trying this again. Hell, the only reason he hadn't out-right tried during the party she was working at the following night was because he was in shock. He had watched the life flow out of her, and here she was; riding that pole like she wasn't dead only hours ago. Hell, it seemed like she was doing better; lighter than a feather now. Which was exactly what Angel felt like; light as a feather. It was the oddest thing. And then slowly her powers developed. Hell, Angel still doesn't know all of her abilities, but yes, she was still frightened of the man. He was a powerful man, and sooner or later he was going to find her. And it was going to come down to who walked out of that one alive. And Angel planned on it being herself.
                Packing her things into her car, she drove down to Trigger Finger, parked her car, pulled out her carrier, purse, and travel coffee and headed inside.
                "Good afternoon," by then it was closer to Noon. And Angel smiled over to the man behind the counter. Lord knew he was damn good looking. Holy lord. Mm, she wouldn't mind giving him a private showing...Guns…GUNS GUNS guns gun. Remember. Guns. You're there for guns – and damn lookit his – ANGEL. YOUR GUNS. Remember. What you're here for? Learning about your guns, getting them cleaned, and made sure they were in tip-top shape. "I'm looking to learn how to clean and take apart my pieces," she smiled, placing the case up on the counter. "I learned once before, but it wasn't very…thorough. And It's rather important to me that I keep these babies up and ready to go," she opened the case to show him. "A cold M16A4 automatic rifle, and a Webley Bull dog pocket revolver. I've cleaned them before, but...just wanting to keep it up. It's time to re-learn a bit more thoroughly. I also needed to grab another case of ammo for the M16," she smiled. Yup. Angel fired these things. She knew how to shoot. It wasn't a problem for her. In fact, when she was off work, Angel went down to the range and fired both guns to keep her up and ready. Just in case. "So, how much you want, handsome?" She winked a bit, leaning on the counter.

                Short, but w/e xD Working on makin all my posts within this week.

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            "Don't turn away. I pray you've heard the words I've spoken," A soft voice sang lightly in the early light of the morning. Seating herself on the usual bench, Wylie played her guitar. "Dare to believe. Over one last time, then I'll let the Darkness cover me. Deny everything. Slowly walk away to breathe again on my own," It wasn't often that she got people listening to her during the hours of the early morning. Sometimes a jogger would go by, perhaps stop a moment to drink their water as they listened. Some would drop money, some wouldn't. It wasn't always there for money. Wylie liked music. Music was something that kept her from simply...ending it, no matter how many times she had tried previously to do so. She was getting better at the whole 'living' thing. She tried to stick with it more. She had people who cared about her now; Phil and Khail. Hell, even Miah could be considered someone who cared about her.

            "Carry me away. I need your strength to get me through this. Dare to believe. Over one last time, then I'll let the Darkness cover me. Deny everything. Slowly walk away to breathe again on my own," It was probably one of the more personal songs that Wylie sang, considering her abilities were to control darkness itself. It was interesting; dark, calming, much like how she felt during the night when she wasn't being pestered by those boys. Wylie had enough of them. It was starting to get more and more...mm, what was the word? Ruthless? It was like the whole thing was a growing game to them; the more they could make her uncomfortable, or upset, the better. And they were doing a good job at that. The last encounter had left her a little shaken. The way he looked at her...it made her extremely uncomfortable. It reminded her of the way those men looked at her when they…she didn't want to think about that right now.

            But it was difficult. Wylie had woken up that night after having a nightmare of her mother returning. Wylie didn't know what she'd do if her mother found her there. Wylie was not the kind of person to allow herself to go back to that. She refused. She had people who cared about her now, but that still didn't slake the fear she had deep inside herself.
            Looking up to the morning sky, she felt the light flakes of snow drop onto her face. It was early. Really early. Cold too. And Wylie felt tired, but couldn't bring herself to sleep now. She didn't want to. She didn't feel safe sleeping at this point in time. Not when people were waking up for their days. Wylie was not in the comfort of her hidden home by the Bone Yard. Cronus was the only one who knew she lived there. And she wanted to keep it that way. But it was still rather cold out, her fingers were numb, and Wylie decided it was time to find a safer place to be. So, she packed up her guitar and left the park. Her first thought was to check the bakery. But Khail wasn't there. So, he probably hadn't left yet. She'd stop by his house and see what he was doing. He was always up early, right? For the whole baking thing.

            The snow crunched under her feet as she moved, guitar on her back as she walked, holding herself lightly against the bitter cold. "I need warmer clothes," she hissed lightly. She hated being this cold. Numb was one thing; she was number under her covers, but this was just cold enough that it didn't numb all of her – just her fingers, nose, and ears. Which was painful in its own right.
            Pausing by Khail's house, Wylie moved around to check the back window to see if he was in the kitchen, or something, however, stopped short when she noticed he was outside in this weather…half naked…doing god knows what. Wylie raised an eyebrow lightly, feeling a light warmth in her cheeks. Though she took the moment to watch him; the precision he held when he moved against invisible opponents. It was intense. And frightening, honestly. But Khail had been one of the nicest people Wylie had ever met, so she wasn't going to suddenly be afraid of him just because she realized he was lethal as all hell now. She caught glimpses of some tattoo's there, and scars. Some of which startled her a bit. Reaching down, she rubbed her stomach lightly, where she had last begun to hurt herself. They were nothing in comparison to some of the scars he had.

            Wylie waited a moment, but a cold wind brushed up her back and she shivered. Okay, she wanted out of the cold...and besides, it was rude to stare.
            "Are all cute, nice guys lethal behind the scenes? Or are you just special?" Wylie smiled, unable to help her teeth from chattering a bit. "Aren't you cold? I mean, ********, my nipples could cut diamonds right now."
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            xD pfft Wylie. You're adorabs.Outfit

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                ϟ Tanner shivered lightly, forcing his eyes to slowly open to the cold. He blinked once, staring up at the ceiling, only to realize that the reason he was cold, was because his blanket – which originally was on him – was now static-shocked to the ceiling. He blinked once. Twice. Three times before he sighed again, closing his eyes and forcing his mind to focus. And just like that – WHAM! – the blanket landed upon his cold body and he rolled around, curling himself in it like a cocoon. This was one downfall to his abilities; he did that s**t sometimes. He blinked again, opening his eyes. Something felt…awkward. Wet. Warm, sticky wet. With one movement, he shifted, going to sit up and he winced, stopping himself from doing so. Another bolt of electricity shot up his back and he winces again, laying back against the soft bed and keeping himself as still as he possibly could. It took a moment for him to regain himself, but once he did, Tanner moved slowly to sit himself up. He sat up, and turned his entire body so that he wouldn't hurt himself again, only to realize that the warm, sticky wet against his arm came from his back – blood. Something must have sparked his abilities last night. Looking around the room for the source, he found a flashlight on the floor. It jogged his memory; he had left it on his bed on accident last night. Picking it up, he found the light bulb had blown out completely, shattering the plastic covering over the top, which looked completely fried. That was it.

                "Must have had a bad dream or something," he muttered to himself. It was the only thing he could think of that would cause his abilities to react to touching the flash light – which caused the electricity to rip his skin open on his back, and he bled. Sometimes he got nice lightning scars – which were still painful mind you – but sometimes Tanner got really painful and nasty looking wounds from it; it split his skin. It depended on how much electricity was in it. Those nasty ones didn't happen as often – thankfully – but they did sometimes. They generated enough electricity to take out the sun, and then some.
                Getting up, Tanner moved slowly to the bathroom and sat himself down on the counter, removing his shirt slowly. He winced a bit at the sight.
                "Damn," he whined a bit. Of course he'd wake up to something like that – something than needed stitches. "Where's that stuff?" Tanner had been so used to this by now, that it was something he learned to do himself quickly. Pulling out his specific med kit, Tanner pulled out a needle, numbing agent, syringe, and thread. Once he had everything ready he cleaned up the area on his back – and yes, it was a pain because he couldn't reach it as well as he would have liked – and got to work. He numbed the area first, and stitched himself up. It didn't hurt as much. Mostly just felt funny because he could feel the tug of skin, but nothing else. Once he was finished, he threw away what he needed to in his special medical container, and got into the shower. He needed to shower and stuff before he got Cade up.

                Tanner washed himself thoroughly, taking note of the new lightning scars he had on his shoulder, before he got out, dried himself off, and got dressed. It was cold outside this morning – having snowed and all – so he dressed warmly. It also helped cover up the scar, and the stitches he had – less likely to be felt when Cade hugged him too. Not like Tanner hid his issues from his brother. It was kind of hard to do that, but Cade didn't need to know EVERYTHING that happened to him. Hell, Tanner had bought the medical kit with his pell grant so they wouldn't have to go to Gene all the time. Or the ER. Tanner didn't like the ER.
                But now wasn't the time to think about that. He had to go wake Cade up. So, walking out of the room, Tanner opened his brother's door and peaked in to find him still fast asleep on the bed.
                "Cade," he spoke softly. Trying not to wake him up too quickly. "Cade, wake up," Tanner found this to be the wrong move, considering how Cade slept. "Caaadddeee~" and that was the third time, so Tanner dive bombed it into his brother's bed, chuckling a bit. "Good morning! Time to get up! It's breakfast time! I'm hungry! Feed me! MEOW MEOW!" Tanner couldn't help but chuckle a bit, even at his brother's reply. "MEOW," was all of Tanner's response before Cade started out of bed and he quickly moved. This of course sparked the usual part of the morning where Tanner was running throughout the house, laughing, and yelling – you know, the fake screaming kids did when they're older siblings were chasing them? Yeah, the typical. Tanner was always being chased. He wondered sometimes when he'd be the one chasing his brother down the hallway, but considering their personalities, that was a 'never going to happen'.

                And just like that, the chasing stopped as Tanner found himself attached to the fridge, upside down. He blinked again, looking at his brother with a pout. "Cade! That's cheating! JERK!" He squirmed, trying to free himself, but stopped when he felt some pain in his back. "And it's called a magnet," Tanner continued to whine as the older Mallory ate breakfast, leaving Tanner upside down. It didn't help his cut was further up on his face, so now all the blood was rushing to the spot. Tanner inwardly thanked God he had patched it up real good so he wouldn't bleed through his clothes. "Cade! CAAAAADDDEEEE!" Tanner tried to get his brother's attention, and when he finally did, he stared up at the older male with an annoyed look on his face. Cade finally turned him right side up before releasing him from the fridge.
                "Thank you," Tanner smoothed out his clothes and looked to his back, more so to check for blood stains if anything. Nothing. Thankfully. He didn't need to worry Cade.
                "Showered. Haven't eaten yet," Tanner smiled up to his brother. As much as the two picked on each other, Tanner loved his brother very much. Cade had been there since the beginning, and he had never let him down; never. He even dropped some things in his life so that the two of them could stay together, and have a home and stuff. Tanner respected his older brother. Loved him. Tanner nodded a bit. "Nah, I don't have class. But drop me off at the café and I'll get a coffee before heading around town," Tanner followed his brother to the bathroom, but stopped at the door. "I was thinking of applying for a job there. Helpin' out a bit more around here, ya know?" He smiled to himself before he went back to the kitchen to get something to eat.

                Once Tanner was finished with breakfast, he did the dishes and put them away. His back was beginning to hurt again. So, he went into his room and checked on it. Sure enough, it was still bleeding. He'd have to change the gauze every hour or so before it would be alright. Maybe he'd go see Gene...no, no he was fine. Tanner could handle it. It wasn't often he got these bad ones, and hey, he did a good job stitching it up all by himself this time. He had done it twice before, and ended up needing Cade to go in and give him a couple more stitches in places. But this time Tanner seemed to grasp it. Even with one hand. That made him smile; less for Cade to worry about. However, he needed to throw his bed sheets into the wash.
                Looking over to the stain, Tanner scrunched up his nose and pulled out his box of hair spray. Yes, hair spray. He sprayed the spot and then went out back with it to the washing machine, rinsing the spot with the water as he started up the washer. It helped release the stain, and Tanner dropped the rest of it into the washing machine and ran it. That's when he heard his brother calling for him.
                "Ah! Coming!" Tanner raced back inside and grabbed up his bag, and then popped out the door with Cade to head to the café and work. Tanner smiled. "Thanks for the ride," he sat himself down in the passenger seat of Cade's ride. "You workin' on Rahel's bike today?" Tanner couldn't help but smirk. Rahel seemed to have a thing for Cade, and dude, Tanner was all for it. He liked Rahel. Proved herself already; friends with both of them first. She was real similar to Cade, but different too. They complimented one another. Tanner saw her as a sister already. Might as well make it legit, right? "You two should date. I'm all for it, man. Like, seriously. Girl's smokin', funny, awesome, looks at chicks with you – what isn't there to like?"
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                                          Isn't it funny how quickly things can change in a short time? For example, just yesterday it was raining, and now a new day it was snowing. Probably something to expect while living in the mountains. But its also surprising how quickly someone's life could change, for the better or for worst. The obvious example of that was poor little Maryanne disappearing, her family and most of the town worried sick over her. It sure was strange how chaotic life could be sometimes, but he understood that better than anyone else. Khail thought to himself as he stared up at the sky, watching the snow fall to the earth. The sky was still a dark midnight blue color, but by now more radiant colors were beginning to mix in with as well. Oranges, reds, and yellows, the day was officially starting now as the sun rose over Devonshire Falls.

                                          He sat in his computer chair in the middle of the medium sized room that was his living room and bedroom. He lived in a small apartment loft like building that consisted of only one floor. It was pretty much a flat building that was probably some sort of storage area beforehand like most lofts. It wasn't a huge place, no, but it was enough for him. He had room for a bed, couch, a television, some other furniture, a nice bathroom, a good sized kitchen, wooden polished floors, a patio area, and a small backyard; he could go on but the basic idea was he was more than happy with his home. Khail started shifting in his chair, making it swivel back and forth as he began to feel a little restless. It was probably the snow getting to him, you could say it was making him feel homesick, which wasn't always a good thing.

                                          It snowed a lot back home, they lived in the mountains basically back then. His entire family, his mother, father, Georgi, Luka, and Grant. They were happy too, how couldn't they be? Besides worrying about the crops dying or animals getting into them, they had nothing else to worry about. In fact when it snowed it was really the chance for Khail to act like a normal child then. Since it was just him and his father working out in the fields and hunting at the time, Georgi was still too young at the time, he had to grow up fast and become a man to provide for his family. And that's what he did, through the hottest days, the heaviest rain or snow fall, and the coldest nights, he stayed strong and determined, he worked. Then once Georgi was old enough, and Grant was born, Georgi was working with his older brother and father as well. It was good to have another set of hands to help as well, but Khail didn't want to put too much on Georgi's plate since he was still his younger brother. So Khail took more onto his plate to help and give Georgi something of a childhood, even if it meant sacrificing his own. He didn't mind it all, he was happy to help, but his parents didn't want his entire life to just be work especially at such a young age. So when it was possible they would make Khail take a day off enjoy his youth, those days usually happened when it was snowing outside.

                                          He was against at first but eventually he succumbed to the fun of playing in the snow and was having fun. Having snowball fights with his brothers, building snowmen with his parents, sledding, making fortresses, whatever they could think of to do in the snow. Khail smiled to himself as he reminisced and swiveled about in his chair slowly. But now he was feeling more restless than before, blame it on him recalling his childhood, a desire to play in the snow again. Or really blame it on the fact that he had don't his daily morning training yet. He felt it was best to stay in shape and keep up his training. He may not be a merc anymore, or really doing any fighting anymore but it was still best to have it handy. Plus it was a way to help him keep his body under control, create a sense of harmony within himself. Sure some people horrendous people taught him most of what he knew combat wise, his country's combat sport of Sambo, it definitely came in handy now and then. Khail glanced down at his hand for a moment, just resting on his ankle, it was a bit rough from his youth, lightly scarred from his time with that group, as well from trying his best to get better at baking. It appeared to be a normal hand, anyway staring at it would say some maybe a little pale, but to him he could still see the blood on his hands. It bothered, greatly before he came to America, he remembered the nightmares. But he learned to live with it, somehow, and the nightmares stopped, it wasn't easy though. He just had to tell himself it would've them or him, and he had to live. It wasn't an heroic answer, far from perfect, but it made things easier for him.

                                          Khail stood up from his chair and made his way over to the cold metal door that lead to back area of his place. He liked to do his training outside as it felt more comfortable, plus he wanted to be out in the snow today. He pulled off his shirt, throwing it onto his bed on his way out, then stood out on the flat wooden deck bare footed. He felt the touch of the snow falling onto his bare skin, it probably would've bothered somebody else but he liked it. Some would say this was grilling weather, he chuckled to himself. It got a lot colder back home so this was peaceful for him. Khail brushed his hand over his chest to spark up some energy along his skin, feeling the light brushing of hair on his chest along with the scars that covered his torso. His fingers lingering over his stomach, not to feel up the six pack he had there, rather the two bullet wounds he had there. He was glad no one was really up at this time of the morning, or at least if they were they didn't decide to visit Khail while he was training. He rather keep the condition of his body and his skills a secret while he could. He didn't need people being unnecessarily scared of him, especially not now with Maryanne missing, he might become a suspect.

                                          Next Khail did his stretches to ready his body and muscles, then regulated his breathing to an optimized pattern. Then he closed his eyes, the world going dark, then silent on his ears. The only thing to be heard was his own breathing and the sound of a random gust of wind. He shifted his feet along the deck, grinding them into the wood to become familiar with it again. Then he shifted to standing on the balls of his feet, and took a relaxed stance. First he'll do some slight target practice, since it was snowing after all. One hundred snowflakes should be easy enough, probably be easier if they were leaves so he could actually see if he got them, but no point in slacking off. He should be able to hear each flake dancing in the air if he focused his hearing enough. He moved his right arm up in the air slowly, palm flat and upward facing, then he took in one final breath. One...two...three....strike, one flake, four flakes, fifteen, thirty five, fifty two, eighty nine, one hundred...and six. When he was done he fell back into his relaxed stance. Simple enough, now, time for his usual regiment, shadow dueling.

                                          He decided to go with ten foes this time, all armed, six with combat knives, three with Makarov pistols, and the last one with a sniper rifle a bit further off, probably be hard to formulate that one given the width of his backyard but he could factor in a few things. He cracked his neck then started hopping on his feet lightly, jumping a little higher each time, then the flag was waved in his mind. Let's take out two first, he jolted forward in a second, the one on the left approached him first so Khail ignored his attacking arm and attacking the one holding the knife with a direct strike to the shoulder after easily dodging the shadow opponent's attack. They dropped the weapon, Khail quickly slid it out of their reach with his foot and kept it under wraps, then another strike to their other shoulder, legs, then temple. The second was rushing him now, he shifted his foot pressing down onto the knife to turn its' direction and with enough force kicked it up to hit the second in the chest, it stopped them momentarily but he made sure his opponents weren't that easy so to make sure he was down Khail rushed his left fist forward to push the knife in deeper, he was down. Khail turned to his other four knife wielding foes and motioned them to come on. They each rushed him from other direction to throw him off, good move. He ran straight to juked to the right, sliding his foot along the ground to trip up one of them, knocking them to the ground. Then he jabbed his foot into their leg, breaking it, then he rolled forward in the air landing on their back to knock the wind out of their lungs and breaking a few ribs.

                                          He was focused on this one a little long though as he didn't spot one of them running up on his left. He had enough time to dodge the swipe, but his cheek was cut in the process, sloppy. He quickly reached out and grabbed their arm, then another swift motion he stood up and was behind them, bringing their arm back as well, dislocating it. Then he pushed them down towards the ground with just their arm, after kicking them in the chest, double tap. Holding him in place as he watched the last two come up then holding their place waiting for his next move. What was his next move? Hhm, he stood them one in his hold back up and moved slowly towards them with him as a shield. He watched as they slowly backed away, maybe they wouldn't want to attack their comrade,BANG. a shot whistled through the air as his shield was now dead from a head shot, guess the sniper wasn't for teamwork, he shouldn't waste anymore time. He threw the dead body to one of knife wielders as a makeshift wall, knocking him down then as that as a distraction he broke his neck with another stomp, and picked up his knife, he'll need it later. Then using the knife he blocked the last one's knife swipe, then three hit stab, one to the arm then last two to the chest. Then he swiped up his knife, he had guns to deal with now so it'd be better with some kind of weapon, and knifes were better since he didn't like using guns. It'd be quicker for him to finish them off before they could hit him anyway. He went in to disarm first, then went for tendons, broke an arm or two, or finished them off with a stab to the heart. Leaving dead bodies around him now, leaving only the sniper in the distance who had the advantage. He had to close the distance between them and quickly.

                                          He took a step forward, dual wielding his knives,and was ready to make a beeline. But a voice distracted him, a familiar one, Wylie? He turned his head in the direction of the voice, eyes still closed as he was in shadow dueling mode. So she was there with him now, in the field with him, surrounded by the bodies. He opened his mouth to say something and remembered the sniper off in the distance, ********, he turned as if he could spot the bullet but it was too late, it hit him straight in the head. He jolted his head back as if he was really shot, and was thrown out of his thoughts, he staggered back a little. Blinking his eyes a few times as they readjusted to the light again. He moved his hands over his cheek then his forehead to see if there was any blood, of course there wasn't. Sometimes his imagination got the better of him. He sighed lightly, well at least he took the shot and not Wylie, not sure how he would've dealt with that. He looked over at the woman as she stood behind the gate. He wondered how to react to seeing him outside in the snow, shirtless, doing god knows what. How much did she see? How much was he going have to explain to her? Well for now he should just play it cool,
                                          "Oh morning Wylie, I didn't see you there, hopefully you weren't out in the cold long because of me." He chuckled lightly and ran his arm aimlessly over his chest, really to try his best to hide his various scars from her.

                                          He perked up his head at her colorful comment on the weather and shrugged lightly.
                                          "It doesn't really bother me, in fact it was much colder than this back home, so this is pretty warm for me." That was true, plus he liked to train without a shirt as it could be pretty binding at times, and used against him in a real fight. That probably wasn't the case for her though, "Oh sorry sorry, you can come in, hold on one moment, meet you at the door." He held up his index finger then walked back into his place. He quickly threw his shirt back on and some shoes then moved to the front door. He opened it and let Wylie in with a smile, she was always welcomed here, he prefer it if she wasn't sleeping on the streets honestly but she never took the offer, he could understand her pride. He closed the door behind her then walked into the kitchen area. "Can I get you anything? Some breakfast, coffee, juice, water? Anything?" He turned back to Wylie, leaning back on the kitchen counter with his arms crossed. Best to keep the conversation off what he was doing outside.

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            The morning started early for this short haired broad. Rahel didn't have to stay as long as her other workers, considering she owned the place. So around midnight Rahel left, leaving Le Tardis to Angel. Angel was basically like her second in command of the place; the manager under the owner. That was Angel. She had a key to the place and everything. And considering she was the last one to leave, she was the one to lock up. It was about six AM when Rahel woke up, sat down, did her taxes, ate breakfast at the dinner table, sitting Indian style in her chair, went through the clubs finances and s**t, and made sure everything was up to date, paid some bills, and then sat her a** on the couch, watched some old-school Scooby Doo cartoons while she drank more coffee, and had some more to eat before she checked the time. It was about ten. Sounded like it was time to go check on her bike. She had left it at the repair shop to get a tune up and stuff. She may not have been rich, but hey, she could keep up her bike, right?

            Meow came a familiar sound and Rahel chuckled lightly as Skittles got up onto the couch with her. Right, she needed to feed him, didn't she?
            "Who's my good boy?" She smiled, reaching over and petting him. He purred, laying down against her thigh and began kneeding the couch a bit, content with the affection he was receiving, which he happily gave right back. Skittles was her baby. She loved that cat a whole lot. "You hungry, big boy?" she smiled down at him, scratching his neck a bit before she stood up and started into the kitchen.
            Skittles perked up, watched her a moment before he hoped off the couch and raced after her, getting to her feet, and began to meow at her vigorously for his breakfast. Rahel laughed. "Yes, yes, it's breakfast time for you," she smiled, opening up the bag, and pouring some into his dish. He happily took it, stuffing his face with his food, purring lightly as Rahel continued to pet him. He made his cute sounds again, and Rahel smiled. Loved her cat. He was as special as she was.
            Standing, Rahel did the dishes – because she liked to have a clean place – and walked back into her bedroom. It was time to get dressed and go do something with her day.

            To: Ridley
            From: Rahel
            Yo, b***h. You awake? Lol
            Getcho a** up.
            You. Me. Coffee.
            Then back to my place for some serious love-makin'.
            How's that sound, boo?
            Riley's invited too~
            We'll make it a party.

            Rahel sent the text message, chuckling a bit. Okay, so Rahel was always like that with friends. Friendly flirting never hurt anyone. And seriously, Ridley was hot. She'd tap that a**. Up one way, down another, and back up again. Rahel smirked lightly at the thought. Then laughed at herself.
            "Jesus, you're such a guy," she commented to herself as she looked through her wardrobe. Well, hey, she was mostly into girls. And she was more interested in being on top either way. Ha! So perhaps she was the 'man'. Whatever. Labels were for soup cans. And she didn't think she was outright lesbian either way, so no labels for her~ Except 'Warning; will talk you out of your panties, and into bed.' That needed to be on her back somewhere.
            Looking out the window to check the weather, Rahel frowned just a bit. Ew. Snow. As much as it was pretty, it was not fun to walk in. Or Rahel didn't think so. Though riding wasn't all that fun either. Not in snow. Oh well, s**t happened. Cronus was probably still going to ride his bike – oh lord, Cronus's bike was a whole nother world of sexy. It was like a giant skeleton made of made. His décor and custom frame was deliciously hot. And Lord knew Rahel would LOVE...well, 1) she'd love to have one. And 2) she'd love to ******** someone on it. "Yup, tots a dude," she threw on her shirt and headed out the door with a jacket. It was cold, yes, but that didn't meant she had to substitute being warm for looking good. Besides, Rahel rode around on a bike. Things weren't THAT cold. She could survive in it.

            Considering she had to walk, it took a moment for Rahel to walk up to the shop, but it wasn't too bad. It gave her time to look around, check messages, and what not. She'd wait to grab coffee with Ridley, if she was going to take her up on the offer. They had similar powers, so Rahel felt kind of at home with the other female. And not in that 'omg she's my other half' romantic kind of way. She made her feel at home the way home should always feel; a way she often didn't have any more thanks to being an orphan. But she wasn't the only one who did that to her; the Mallory's did that to her. She felt perfectly at home sitting around with the two of them, drinking a beer and doing god knows what. Usually playing Blackjack, watching a game on TV, or just chattin' with some beer. Either way, Rahel felt comfortable with them. Tanner was a sweetie pie, and he was just the cutest little man. She felt bad that he dealt with what he did when it came to his powers. And Cade...mmm, that was one of the only men in town that actually got her thinking about sleepin' with a guy. Normally Rahel's preference was the same sex. She could just about say she bated for the same team. But Cade stopped her from saying it outright. If she did, that would probably be lying~

            Stepping up to the repair shop, Rahel spotted Cade. He was probably working on another car at the time, but he seemed to be having a problem; stuck to the darn thing again. Rahel's lips pulled up into a smirk as she stepped around behind him silently before she reached out with both her hands and took a light hold of his rear before giving it a squeeze.
            "Hey there, handsome," Rahel winked lightly before she pulled back and walked over to the side of him, leaning on the car a bit, arms crossed. "Sorry~ Couldn't resist; temptation was way too high," she teased, giving him a wink before she smiled. "So, how's the bike comin?" She looked down to his hands and chuckled. "Need a little help?" She questioned, taking the moment to look up at him and just like that, Rahel could practically see the switch inside him as she reached out with her mind and shut it off, releasing Cade's hands from the vehicle. And just like that, she flicked it back on. It was as simple as that for her when it came to stopping someone's powers from working. "There. Better," She smiled. Rahel was pretty open with her obstruction abilities. However, her others she kept to herself. Ridley was the only one who knew about them, but that was because they had similar abilities; she could understand her. That's why. Anyone else? Might be worried about her using them against them, or asking her to use them on the people they wanted. Which was not what Rahel wanted to do. It didn't seem...real otherwise.

            #e39445 || #3f1833
            Outfit BAM Rahel.
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❝ nothing in life is free.
if you don't take, you will never be in debt ❞

Everything's so blurry and everyone's so fake...
And everybody's empty and everything is so messed up...

                                Her night at the Town Meeting was, well, it was actually kind of a waste of time.
                                There was nothing there that was able to help her in any way, and no knew news of the little girl. Nothing for her to look for, no way for her to know her son was safe. It made her faith in this town more and more weak my the second. This place was safe, and it was the most dangerous place she could ever be. How could she, a woman with no experience of fighting protect her son from whatever was out there. Someone took that little girl, and no one could find her. What if someone took her son? How would they find him? They probably wouldn’t. She would be up to her own devices to find him, and with her luck, she’s probably find and it would be too late.

                                Needless to say, Adreanna did not sleep as well as she should have. She stayed up most of the night thinking about her son and his safety. What was she supposed to do? Sure, there were lot of people she could possibly turn too, but would anyone really be there for her? No. she couldn’t take the chance of asking anyone. People have their own life to live, and she couldn’t ask anyone to be three for her if she needed it. It was too much to ask of someone, and it was too much to even think about.

                                There were times that she left like her power was useless, and maybe it was because in her case, she only used it for small things. When it came to something serous something she needed to know about someone, it became difficult. She didn’t like knowing things about others. Especially if it’s things that have already happened or that are going to happen. She could never see it with her son, and maybe that was a good thing, but that scared her as well. A simple touch couldn’t tell her if he had lied or not, but if she touched an object that he had, or a piece of clothing, It was hazy, but it still worked just as fine.

                                She never used them to the actual benefit of other though. It was kind of sad, especially since she wants that girl to be safe. Maybe she’d the bad person in all of this. It was selfish of her to use her powers for her own use when there are so many others she could help. No one would care though. They would be thankful at that moment and then just toss her back into the crowed. No one would remember her name; no one would think twice afterword. That is, unless she found someone who was dead. Then…then people would think she was to blame. They wouldn’t be happy, they throw her out, say it was all her fault. Her fear of that happening was much greater than having them praise her. It was always best to expect the worst out of people, or to expect nothing at all. There are very few that are generous, and they are as broken as her or worse.

                                Cronus and Jackson, they were probably the only two men in her life that she trusted, but only slightly. They had helped her out, but she wasn’t sure she really could depend on them. She didn’t want too. If she didn’t, she wasn’t sure what would happen. People were known to turn themselves around without warning. She wouldn’t want to push her limit.

                                Taking a deep breath, Adreanna leaned her head back and sighed. “I’ll figure this out…just need some time.” She whispered before standing up out of her chair and walking over to the front door. Opening it up just slightly, she sighed and took in a breath of fresh air. God, it was beautiful out there and it was even prettier out in town. Leaning up against the door frame, she closed her eyes and let the cool wind hit her skin so softly. It always helped her think clearly, and it was just a nice feeling. Inside, she heard the quietest sound of shuffling feet. A smile crossed her lips as she turned to see her son in his half asleep state walking over to her. “ Her sweetie, how’d you sleep.” She child just yawned and rubbed his eyes, not paying his mother much attention. “hm,…well, want to go for a walk? Maybe got some breakfast?” She offered, knowing that they had at least enough to do that. They hadn’t really gone out to breakfast in a while, maybe it was time her a treat? Do something special in this time of disaster?

                                She little boy nodded, his eyes widening slightly, and a smile appearing on his face. “ Sweets?” He questioned, hoping that he wouldn’t be getting any crappy eggs…or cereal. Nodding her head, Adreanna smiled then sighed. “Yes, now go brush your teeth and get dressed. “She ordered before closing the front doing and going off to change herself.

                                Soon, her and her son were ready to head on out, and that’s exactly what they did.

                                The walk wasn’t long. It was a bit chilly, but don’t horrible, not to her at least. Pushing open the door to Lazy Joe’s Café. In was a nice place, but she wouldn’t be staying there. After she got her coffee, something she hadn’t had in a while, she would head town to Sweet Sunday. It had a lot more choices and Nick always liked going there to see if anyone he knew was there. As Nick ran through the door, Anya let out a small laugh, latting out a small sigh afterward.

                                She didn’t like her son misbehaving, but she wasn’t going to scold him for excitement, besides, it wasn’t like he was doing anything wrong. Yet always.

                                Looking at the menu, she sighed. The prices almost had her running in fear. There was a strong part of her that felt like she had no money for this, but she knew she did. It didn’t stop that feeling through. “Mommy! Can I get coffee too! Please!” he begged in a hushed voice. Shaking her head, she gave him a light smile before speaking. “ no, you don’t need any more energy. Just go sit down and I’ll be over in a minute alright?” With a furious grunt, Nick scowled at his mother before crossing his arms over his chest closing his eyes and walking away. Rolling her eyes, she turned her head to face the menu once more. That was until she heard a huff and a slight thud. Turning her head again, she saw her son sitting on the ground in front of a man and on the edge of crying. Covering her face, Anya walked over to her son and the man. “I’m really sorry…He wasn’t paying attention, and neither was I.” She said before looking from her son to the man in from of her. With her eyes meeting his, a small frown escaped her. Those piercing green eyes were stricken with exhaust and sadness. It almost made her feel sorrowful. Taking a deep breath, she stared into the eyes of Deputy De Rossi. “ I’m sorry Deputy, we’ll get out of your way.” She spoke softly.

                                (terrible sorry!)

Can you take it all away...
Can you take it all away...

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〉〉 Chris❝topher❞ Fralix York 〈〈

❝ Jesus Christ! Can't you people just hate each
other a little less while I'm in the room. ❞

If I could change I would take back the pain I would
Retrace every wrong move that I made I would

                                There he was again. Alone and bored.
                                Maybe there was something missing…like his friends. Where were his friends? Sure they couldn’t being having fun without him. Then again, none of them have really spoken to him. All that missing girl stuff. It has everyone in town all willy nilly everywhere. He cares, he truly does, but there is no point in him worrying. He couldn’t do anything to help, even if he tired. He and his power are about as worthless…as …as normal people. He might as well just go around town yelling the girls name if he really wanted to help. Lying on his back, his green eyes stared up at the roof, searching, thinking, wondering what he could do to keep him mind occupied.

                                He could have gone to the park and freaked out old people, but then again, he didn’t need worried and distressed parents throwing him as a suspect because they think he’s a ***** or some s**t.

                                A knock intercepted his train of thought.

                                Standing up, Topher dragged his feet toward the door or his cramped up little apartment and sighed. “Who is it?”
                                “Your landlord.” A rough, grouchy voice said.
                                Closing his eyes, and pressing his head to the door “ Can’t we do this dance another time! It’s like…ten in the mornin’ or something!” Topher groaned hoping to get the b*****d tp leave him along. After a moment of nothing, Topher heard the jingling of the door knob as the man tried to force his way in. “Jeez! Alright alright…I’ll open the door. All you had to say was please.” He said, before cracking the door open just enough so that he could see the man’s, red, sweaty, and over pissed looking face. “I need you out. You haven’t paid rent in over four months!” The man shouted, clearly there was no amusement on his face.

                                A rather sly smile crept its way onto Topher’s face as he stared at the man. “Are you sure, because I think I paid-“
                                “I want you out!” The man shouted again, reaching through the crack of the door and pulling on Topher’s shirt. Jumping back with a slightly manly shriek, he stared at the man trying to force his way through the door. “What the hell! A little money goes missing here and there doesn’t give you the right to be an animal!” Topher said, before trying to push the door closed. Once he had it shut, he could feel the stopping, and thumping of his landlord as he tried to break back into the room.

                                “You better pack your things rat! I’ve already called the police; they’ll be here any minute to remove your pathetic a** out!” Staring at the ground, Topher frowned, knowing that he probably did. Well, it was fun for how long it lasted. Picking up a backpack, Topher tossed some of his cloths, some food, and whatever else he could fit in there (some of which was nonsense) and took the fire escape as his way out. Leaving his now old apartment a complete and utter mess.

                                Topher had played his landlord, or ex landlord as a fool. As he did most people. It was the best way he could live. No job, no family, and all his friends barely tolerated him, so scamming people with his power was all he had. Sadly, he would have been there longer, but it seemed as if his landlord and learned about the little gift. Or maybe Topher wasn’t doing such a good job with his gift in the first place. Once off the fire escape and on the sidewalk, the young man made his way down the street, putting as much room between him and the old fire-hazard of a building. It didn’t take him long to get far. He was taking shelter in a pretty shitty part of town. It was where most of the poorer people in Devonshire Falls lived.

                                Shoving his hands in the pockets of his hoodie, he stared at the ground, trying to think of where he could crash. His bright green eyes glanced up at the sky, thinking that maybe a sign would come out of know where and tell him what to needed to know, but nothing happened. “Well this sucks.” He muttered, knowing that he might have to crash in some alleyway. Then again, he wasn’t going to stoop so low, not just yet.

                                With a rather annoyed huff, Topher pulled out his phone from his rather tight pocket and scrolled through all of his contacts. There was a lot. His parents, well more or less his mother. He had his father titles as “Captain d**k-Head”. Finally he found the contact he needed. One of his more acceptable friends, or acquaintances, Micah.

                                To: Micah
                                From: Topher
                                I need a place to crash for a while.
                                I’ll be at your place in about an hour.
                                Give or take 30 minutes.

                                Hitting send, he frowned, than carried on his way down the road.

Its easier to run...

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❝ I got a shotgun and a backhoe and no one
looks under a septic tank for a dead body❞

Everyone's eyes are blue and everyone's mouth is dry
And nobody wants to die

                                It was about six O’clock when Daniel arrived back at him home.
                                He had spent a long night searching for that little girl, and with everyone at the Town meeting that night, he had the perfect opportunity to break into a lot of places. Sadly, every place he checked ended up being a complete waste of his time. If only he could break into the police department.
                                If he could take the evidence there then he might be able to find himself a lead. Might.
                                When people ask him about his midnight runs, he usually just tells them that it’s none of their damn business, and if they know what he does, he lies and says he just watch people to quiet complaining. Truthfully though, he generally cares about the little girl’s safety. He hates seeing people hurt, especially children. They were the worst to see hurt. Demented, pathetic, and disgusting people always target the most innocent. If Daniel had the control he wish he had, all those people would be shot the first time they came around. There would never be a second chance, or even a second thought. A bullet to the head and the problem is solved. One less piece of s**t on the street.

                                Anyways, after Daniel’s midnight run, he had found himself passed out on his couch. One hand draped over his chest, the other hanging off the couch. Hi eyes were covered with an old blanket that his wife had made him so many years ago. It even still smelled like her. With it he felt both pain and safety, and no matter what, he wouldn’t part with it, or anything else he was left with that was hers. He had a picture of her on the wall of his store, right by the register, that way every morning when he came to work; he could see her smiling face. He also had a few pieces of clothing, some smell knick knacks, and her favorite CD’s in the back of Trigger Finger where he lives. It didn’t really look like a home, but he could never find himself to leave.

                                There was a small kitchen, big enough for two, because most of the time it was him and Nathan there. A pull out couch, and even a TV so he could watch his shows. Or show…mostly it was just Ellen DeGeneres. Sometimes he would watch other stiff, but that was his lady. No one has ever been able to move him while his show was on. Nathan tried once, and has a scare on his shoulder from where he through a glass. It didn’t take long for Nathan to realize not to mess with Daniel, at least not while he was watching his TV. Any other time is fine; he doesn’t mind dying here and there.

                                It wasn’t until around ten that he actually got up to start his day. A cup of black coffee to start it off, then a steamy hot shower to wash off all the sweat and muck on him. His brown hair was slicked back as he stepped out, he smelled more like a bed of roses instead of some sort of homeless man. With a towel wrapped around his waist, he stepped out of the bathroom and walked out into the main shop of Trigger Finger. It was a bit of an indecency, but no one was here, and it wasn’t like he was flashing people. Besides, barely anyone showed up in the first place. Stepping out towards the door, he flipped the sign to “OPEN” Then made his way back into his home area to get dressed.

                                A dark blue bottom up s**t and a pair of ripped withered jeans worked fine. Then he pulled on a pair of steel toed biker boots, and his watch and headed out of his home back into the main shop. He took a seat at the register, and placed his feet on the counter, waiting for someone to walk in and buy something, or even just look around. He was honestly bored without Nathan there. They were partners in crim, and he was dithing his for a piece of a**, or he was just lost. Daniel didn’t have much faith in that boy, and he didn’t think he ever would.

                                It only took about twenty minutes before a gorgeous blond woman walked into a his shop. Maybe she was lost? She had to have been. No one, unless they came to shoot at him or Nathan, ever stepped foot in Trigger Finger. It was always men, old and fat, or young and stupid. None that really should have been allowed to own a gun. He wasn’t complaining though. He liked the sight, but that was about it. He looked her over quickly, his eyes catching the carrying case. A small smile crossed his face, but then it returned to his rather pissed expression. It helped get people to leave him alone. Hover this woman, it didn’t seem like she’s be one easily pushed away. He nodded his head and moved his feet as she placed the case up on the counter and opened it. Sitting up, he adjusted himself to get a better look at the weapons before him.

                                Why did a girl like her have these? Maybe they were her boyfriends? Husbands? Brothers? Who knows? He just couldn’t see a woman of her…features to have such weapons. “Hm…well, I guess if would depend on how much ammo you want.” He said, glancing up from the guns to her, completely un-phased by her. She was being sexy, she was, but he wasn’t so easily temped. Besides, it was kind of ******** up to automatically be flirty with her. This was business. “An as for the cleaning…eh…I think maybe ten for every house it takes.” He said with a shrug, giving her a light smile before looking over at the ammunition. “So, what kind of ammo do you want? And who do you plan on shooting with it? Lady’s don’t usually walk in here with guns wanting ammo unless they plan on killing a man, or woman.” He said, turning his head to look back at her with a small grin.

Everybody gets bruised
Everybody gets sold

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