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                                                      "Well, I figured that after spending quite a bit of time with me these past couple of years that you would pick up something about math." In all honesty, she didn't know anything about art, even though he was a fanatic about it and extremely talented, to say the least. It was another hobby that she picked up but wasn't very good at, so she dropped it pretty quickly. There honestly wasn't much that she was good at, but the things that she was good at, she excelled. It was strangely fascinating. The list of things that she was truly fantastic was (excluding math and physics, because that was cheating, somehow): chess, piano, singing, video games, not talking to people, and withstanding an insane amount of pain. She got an entire mural tattoo'd on her back, with white highlighting, in one day and didn't even make a face. Same went for her arm sleeves. It was weird and amazing and she wondered if her powers had something to do with it. She kind of lost herself in her thought that she stopped paying attention to what Shaun was saying. It wasn't on purpose, paying attention was just another thing she wasn't very good at.

                                                      Athena tuned back in when he was talking about his degree. "I would expect you to do art, yeah." She nodded her head, smoothing out her ponytail. "What else do people expect me to do with a double major in mathematics and physics? Math and physics? That's downright outrageous." She teased, cocking on eyebrow up with a nearly signature smirk since most people expected her to do those two things. No, her late youth and early adult life was wasted by ruining her vision even more so by sitting inches away from a television and playing mindlessly violent games and making her lungs cancertastic. Or even, just once, driving waaaay out of town to a Maroon 5 concert and trying to convince the bouncer that she was dating Ryan Dusick and come on, you must recognize me, I'm Athena Marilyn Carrow, you can go get Ryan right now and he'll tell you that she was his girlfriend or that he'll want her to be. Ryan came out and told the bouncer that yeah, they were dating, even though they totally weren't, and she was let into the concert and then later that night, she rejected Ryan Dusick. So, her genius had gone to waste, yes, but she didn't want to use it. Because that would mean getting a job and a job meant stress and stress meant irritation, and you know what that meant? Death to everyone around her because God forbid her psionic powers came in. So, to lower the amount of murder caused by her, she let it waste. Nobody really listened to that explanation though.

                                                      "At least you're a funny b*****d." She retorted, about to say how maybe she would go back and get her PhD in whatever but he told her to wait a moment. Which she did, about to tell him that he was going to get wet if he left, but he was already gone by then so all would've been for naught. She followed him, though, because, well, pneumonia was a thing. He was going back to the singer on the bench that she had just given some money to. Soon, she was standing next to Shaun again, just as he swung a guitar case over his shoulder, not all too greatly threatening the blonde kid to take his case as well. The blonde, and soaking wet, kid asked where they were going and Athena was about to answer that they were going to the school, but, was her name Coyote?, already answered. It's not her fault for not knowing peoples names, she rarely ever left the house. Today was just an exception. "Instead of art, though, the kids are learning the wonders of math today. Maybe Shaun'll pick something up as well." Math could be in Art. It sure as hell was in literature, and that was a type of art. She watched as the other girl lit a cigarette and she wanted to light another one herself, but then she had to remind herself that she just had one and she didn't need it, but she sure as ******** wanted it. "Alright, we're going to be late for teacher-man, let's get to getting." A shiver ran up her spine. Maybe she should've worn another jacket over her sweater, but obviously she hadn't thought that far.

                                                      Athena knew the song that he was playing before, she knew it well. She was kind of obsessed with Ed Sheeran, and even that was an understatement. She waved the three under the umbrella, smiling softly at the blonde boy whose name she still didn't know. He seemed interesting, to say the least. She didn't know what it was about him, though, it was just something. "And they say she's in the class A Team, stuck in her daydream, been this way since eighteen but lately her face seems, slowly sinking wasting ..."She sang softly. Her voice matched her appearance, sweet but with this rock and roll edge to it. She though it was interesting. She cleared her throat and turned back towards Shaun. "Like I was saying, maybe I'll go back to get my PhD, maybe I'll become a doctor or something. It'll be easy, if I learn how to Turn when I want, I could cure cancer within moments because ******** science." She joked with a small chuckle. It was true though. She called whenever her powers came into play her Turning, because she blacked out and didn't remember much during.

                                                      "I warp reality, which isn't like what Shaun does, it's something much more and I can't make full scenes like he does, just make people, or anything, plus much more. I don't know, it's complicated to explain. I also do something called psionic blast, but that's scary and even more complicated." She was extremely open about her powers and would explain them to anyone who asked, but she didn't really see people so nobody ever asked. Finally she broke her longing and lit another cigarette, holding it in the corner of her mouth. She inhaled and closed her eyes for a moment and rolled her shoulders. It was more like an addiction, to distract herself, by now. "My name's Athena, what's y'all's? Sorry, I don't get out too much, Shaun has to drag me out of the house most of the time." She introduced herself, feeling as it was necessary because she had no idea who the two new additions were and she would quite like to know who they were. She held the umbrella in her left hand and carefully balanced the cigarette in between her lips as her right hand wrapped around her midsection. She was cold, she got cold ridiculously easy but then she remembered that there were two soaking wet people standing right next to her, so she was alright by comparison. Soon Athena learnt that the blonde's name was Kaiden and he was kind of shy and the girls' name was Wylie, not Coyote, though she understood the joke and was contemplating either applauding Shaun's astounding wit or smacking him upside the head for the stupid pun.

                                                      ooc; her outfit is in her middle name~
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                                While sitting up in her bed, the red – actual red, not “ginger” red – haired girl tugged her hair from its messy bun and allowed it to cascade over her shoulders. Someone’s hand reached over and touched the small of her back and the first thing she sensed was happiness. ”Should I stay in bed all day? If I do, I’m definitely keeping Zoey here too. What if some-“ the male’s thoughts flooded her mind as well as that of a few others in the surrounding area. A small smile pulled at the right corner of her mouth as she looked over at Ian and placed her own hand gently on his thigh. ”Well, good morning.” Zoey purred as she reached toward the night stand and grabbed the remote for the television from it. She quickly hit the power button and turned the volume up to at least twenty. Immediately the feeling of happiness coming from Ian disappeared and the mixture of feelings from the surrounding rooms slowly melted away. ”I forgot to turn the sleep timer off. I’m sorry Zo.” Ian said before pulling her upright body toward his chest and curling around her. Zoey reached behind her and began to run her fingers through his hair. It wasn’t that she minded entirely, but she didn’t like invading people’s privacy, especially that of the people next door. She had found that out the hard way the night before while taking her headphones out and then turning the television on instead of turning the TV on and then removing her earphones. Something about handcuffs and edible underwear. Zoey shuddered at the thought of what she had heard last night. Not with her ears. No, no. With her mind. Like many others in the town of Devonshire Falls, Zoey had acquired abilities at some point in her life. It was nothing like the ability to play the guitar extraordinarily or to be able to complete a trig question in just a few moments like a boy from her high-school. It was more along the lines of Superman has super strength and Spiderman has super-spidey senses. Zoey could read the minds of others and feel what they felt as well as manipulate it when her environment was either silent or very close to being so.

                                ”It’s fine. Don’t worry about it. But I am not on clean up duty for the room next door, got it? I don’t know what they’re doing in there, or what they’ve done for that matter, but I definitely do not call dibs.” she said playfully before grabbing a handful of his graying hair and giving it a small tug. A few people in the town thought that it was odd that Zoey would choose to be with someone of Ian’s age when she was so young, but she had absolutely no problem with it. She had been working for him since she arrived in town shortly after her eighteenth birthday and they had developed their relationship rather slowly. As a matter of fact, just within the last month they had decided to go public with it. It was previously just a relationship built on being best friends in public, and yet also being friends with benefits behind closed doors. How they had managed that without screwing up their public relationship, neither of them would be able to tell a soul, but they had managed it.

                                After rubbing her cheek against his then planting a kiss gently in the midst of all his facial hair, Zoey managed to remove all the covers from being wrapped around her as well as Ian’s body from her own. ”I’m going to go get breakfast. Do you want anything?” she asked him as she walked to her small closet. It wasn’t often that they stayed in her permanent room in the hotel, but occasionally Ian would make an exception. He mostly liked for them to stay at his place. ”I’ll come with you.” he replied in barely a whisper as he himself got up from the bed. Both of them grabbed a new outfit from the closet and headed for the shower.

                                _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

                                In a little less than an hour, they were both out of the shower and getting dressed. Zoey stood in front of the mirror in just her jeans and bra and she pulled her hair back into a simple pony-tail. Her bangs remained in her face and she attempted to remove then by blowing upward to at least get them out of her eyes. Ian he already finished getting dressed and as he walked out of the bathroom, he stopped and gave her a quick kiss on the neck. The second smile of the morning reached her lips as she applied eyeliner and mascara to her eyes. When she was done with her make-up and hair, Zo gently pulled her shirt over her hair so that it wouldn’t mess it up. Her midriff was visible still, but Zoey could care less. She moved from the bathroom and back into the room where she went to the closet. With boots in hand, she returned to the bed and sat on the side as she slipped her boots on then tied them. She looked over at Ian who was standing at the window with the curtain pulled back just as he looked at her and gave her his witty smile, ”It’s raining, Red. You better grab a coat.”. She absolutely loved it when he called her Red, but he was the only one allowed to do it. The last person that had called her Red was her mother and that relationship had gone downhill when she tried to leave home. Zoey bounded off the bed and grabbed her coat from the closet, as well as her umbrella, then practically skipped to the door. Ian grabbed his wallet as well as Zoey’s from the nightstands and then joined her at the door, wrapping his arm around her waist. They walked down the stairs to the first floor and through the lobby of the inn then out the main door. Before they stepped out from under the awning into the rain, Ian grabbed her umbrella from her and then popped it open as he wrapped his arm back around her and held it over them. She thought it was an adorable and admirable gesture for him to take her girly umbrella and hold it for them.

                                A few blocks later they arrived at Sweet Sunday. Ian held the door open for Zoey and she walked in as he stopped to put the umbrella down and shake it off. Zoey walked near to where Jackson was standing and gave him a small nod, ”Jackson.”. When Zoey had first arrived, she had developed quite the crush on Jackson, but it had simmered to friendship since it had seemed to her that he didn’t reciprocate her feelings. That was when things with Ian had heated up. She had to admit that, yes, she did have a thing for older guys and no, she wasn’t ashamed of it. ”Good morning, Ava.” Zoey called before looking over her shoulder for Ian. Just as she did, he appeared on the other side of her and wrapped his arm around her possessively. ”Mikhail. Can Zoey and I get a banana nut muffin, two croissants, and an éclair with the coffee-crème in the middle? When you get the chance that is.” Ian asked before allowing Zoey shimmied his arm from around her. Zoey turned her head toward Khail and have him an apologetic shrug for Ian being demanding when he was already doing something. ”How are you holding up, Jackson?” she asked him quietly. Zoey knew it probably wasn’t the easiest thing to raise a growing girl on your own, but he seemed to handle it fine, but what with the girl – Maryanne, was it? – missing, she couldn’t help but think that he would be worried about Ava’s safety.

                                "" "" Thought

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                                                        xxxxxThe people were chatting to one another. It seemed that the little bakery was a popular place or else this was one of those small towns a person saw on television where everyone knew one another. Although from what he heard, the real world small towns were just like that. People who knew everyone and their business and gossiped like high school girls. It was like the workplace but contained within a town and community. He jumped a little at a voice that spoke to him and his eyes shifted from the menu to a man who had one of the cutest little girls he had ever seen on his hip. The man had to have been the owner since he asked what Carly wanted. How did that man keep up his energy so well? Carly coughed a little, mainly to up his focus. He was a New Yorker. How dare he be intimidated by a small town bakery?

                                                        xxxxx"Um... I'm not sure to be honest," Carly stated with a small chuckle. Why was he being so damn awkward? "Sorry... first time I've actually left my house since I moved here." Why was he telling this man that? Damn that girl was adorable. Finally, his brain went into motion and he actually formed an idea for what to get. "Wait. I figured it out. A blueberry muffin and... just a cup of coffee." He almost said, 'Make it as black as my soul.' but he was pretty sure that if souls had a color, his wouldn't be black. Plus, the line wasn't funny and why was he thinking up lame lines? It was because he had been in isolation for so long. How could a human forget how to function so easily?

                                                        xxxxxCarly took a small breath to get his mind back into working order. He was going to get stressed and when he was stressed he would get frustrated and his frustration always led to people getting their minds controlled and he didn't want to be doing that today. That would be such a horrible first impression. And his first impression was bad enough already. He didn't want to make it worse by forcing the owner to give him free food. And why did he keep thinking of the little girl? The thoughts weren't anything creepy but he was pretty sure that they were just thoughts about how he wanted to have kids one day. He wasn't getting any younger after all. A little girl and a brilliant wife just sounded like something so nice and heavenly to have. But that would never happen. Perhaps one day, when he was more stable financially and mentally, he would consider adoption. Because why not? He wasn't going to get hitched anytime soon so why not adopt a little girl of his own? But one who was at least five or older because diapers freaked him out.

                                                        xxxxxHe had no clue what anyone's names were but he was pretty sure that they knew his. Small town. Word would go around like wildfire. So when a man made a joking comment about Carly's previously obsessive stare at the menu and laughed at his own quip, Carly knew the face but had no idea who the hell the man was. But he couldn't help but give a small smile back, one of those dorky ones people made when they were called on for being a dork. The girl that started waving at him looked quite familiar. Didn't she flirt with him recently? She knew his name. Did he tell it to her? Or did she just hear it over the grapevine? Why did he not remember any of these people? "...sug?" Carly asked, looking quite confused. What the hell did 'sug' mean? Was it some sort of slang? "And no... don't touch the beard."

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𝖧𝖾 w𝗁𝗈 𝖼𝗈𝗇𝗍𝗋𝗈𝗅𝗌 𝗈𝗍𝗁𝖾𝗋𝗌 𝗆𝖺y 𝖻𝖾 𝗉𝗈w𝖾𝗋𝖿u𝗅, 𝖻u𝗍 𝗁𝖾 w𝗁𝗈 𝗁𝖺𝗌 𝗆𝖺𝗌𝗍𝖾𝗋𝖾𝖽 𝗁𝗂𝗆𝗌𝖾𝗅𝖿 𝗂𝗌 𝗆𝗂𝗀𝗁𝗍𝗂𝖾𝗋 𝗌𝗍𝗂𝗅𝗅.
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❝every life hangs on a thread. its so delicate, and fragile.
so easily destroyed and taken away in the blink of an eye. ❞

lay your head down child...i won't let the boogeyman come
counting bodies like sheep...to the rhythm of the war drums

                                Wishful thinking.
                                Yeah, that’s exactly what the poor SOB needed to start his day. And while he was at it, he could toss in a box of sunshine and a pack of smile. If you hadn’t got it already, Garrett wasn’t in the best of moods. He never was, not since he gained the power he has been forced to live with for eighty-nine years. It was a curse to say the least, and that was being nice. If he really wanted to be harsh about it, there were other ways to describe it, but none of them are really that appropriate, at least not to be spoken out loud at least. Sure if his life was really that terrible he could have always found a way out, but he could never bring himself to that level. Besides, any wound would heal if he had enough energy within him. Usually he did. As much as he hated it, he found the need to leave town every once in a while to get the fix he needed.
                                It was sad, but true.
                                What was even sadder was his addiction to it.
                                Maybe it was the fact that he used his power frequently when he was younger, and when it did less damage. But like every drug, you could never get enough. And like every drug, someone usually ended up dead because of it. Everyone that he was with anyway. His power wasn’t something good like healing or some sort of element manipulation. No.
                                He more or less resembled a life sucking incubus from the depths off hell. Before it was just a way to heal quicker, a way to keep himself healthy. Now it was a way to keep him alive.
                                One day missed, one day without a life taken was a day he’d lose a part of himself. He wouldn’t automatically grow old and turn to dust, or anything else freaky like that. No, he would look the same, he would be the same, his heart would fail, but he’d be as healthy as a horse. Was it sad that he was waiting for that day? Maybe a little, but he was growing to tired of it all. The glory of the idea of immorality was over rated, and so was that forever young crap. After years of loneliness, the loss of family and loved ones, you find yourself wishing to join then in whatever waits beyond the grave. Even if it’s an eternity of nothing.
                                Garrett started his day like he always did. A simple breakfast that contained just a cup of coffee with two spoonful’s of creamer, one cube of sugar, and a slight bitter taste. The same kind of taste that he left people when he exited a room. The rest of his morning was dull. He’s sat in his apartment, sketching pictures of the world around him. Places he had been and wished to visit someday. As much as he came off as a total depressing a**, he was truly a nice guy.
                                Loving, caring, strong and independent.
                                His mother had called him her guardian angel, and for a while he had believed her. Now he wasn’t so sure. Actually he was completely sure. He was a monster, a murder, and probably the worse person to enter this town.
                                Well, maybe not the worse.
                                There were a few people in history that had him beat, but not a whole lot. Besides, at least killing was their intentions. His wasn’t, not at first anyway. Garrett wasn’t completely lonely though. He had some friends, or one. Yeah one…a half of one anyway.
                                His Bull Dog, Jar Jar, was one companion he had yet to give up. The dog was old and nearing its end, but he was wrinkly and drooled a lot, like of like an old man. It always made him compare their relationship to old movies. You know, the ones where you see the two old men babbling about the good ol’ days. Sure Garrett was young and attractive, but deep down, he very much felt like one of those old men. Jar Jar was pitch black with white and light brown spots covering his body. He had a stub for a tail. Wrinkles covered him head to toe, but the dog was as active as a four year old.
                                As the rain tapped against the window, Garrett found himself drifting back ans forth though consciousness. His long legs hung over the arm of the arm chair he had in his living room. His right arm hung freely, and his left hung over his eyes, blocking out any light that decided to show itself. He felt relaxed, which was something he hadn’t felt in a long time.
                                That was until….ah crap
                                The sound of claws against the tiled floor disturbed him, especially since not even a second before he had the slurping of water. “Ugh!” He grunted as two rather fat paws slammed into his stomach. Taking a deep breath and uncovering his eyes, Garrett started at the Bull Dog. “I’m not taking ou-”
                                He couldn’t even finish his sentence without the dog jumping off of him and springing into action. Jar Jar was alert, and his eyes were perked up at high as they could possibly be. “Outside?” Garrett repeated before watching the door take towards the door, jumping around it as if it were some sort of special treat. With a frustrated sigh, Garrett pulled himself to his feet and picked up the leash off of the small toffee colored coffee table. Once the leash was attached to the dogs’ collar, he put on his coat, and picked up his umbrella before heading out the door.
                                It was a beautiful day, though he was sure others would argue with that. People thought rain was depressing because it ruined their plans. He saw it as part of life, because it was. It wasn’t something sad, but more of something to be appreciated, something to be grateful of. Without it there would be no life, and that was something people took for granted.
                                The rain hit him as he stepped outside, leaving a chill to run down his spine. After about a second of enjoying its cool touch, the man put up the umbrella and began his walk with his short legged friend. There was some sort of meeting in town, whether he was going to go or not was up in the air. As a person of the town, he figured it was part of his job to take in any information that the town had to offer. Then again, he really didn’t feel as if he was a part of the town. He wasn’t social, he didn’t know anyone, and if he did, he didn’t care to remember them.
                                Oh, what the hell!
                                He might as well join the crowd. He didn’t have to talk to anyone, and besides, it was better to know then to be blinded by your own stupidity, right?

                                ooc; I'm really sorry if there are any mistakes.

The boogeymen are coming!!
The boogeymen are coming!!

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                ARIANA LELANE MARGOT
            xxxxxxxxxPrecognition & Precognitive Dreams

                Snap. Crack. Thud, thud, thud, snap. Ariana was running, although she didn't know what from. Her breathing was labored, and with every branch or twig that snapped beneath her boots, it echoed throughout the foggy forest. Ariana turned her head to look behind her, trying to see who – or what – was chasing her. As she did so, her foot was caught by a gnarled branch growing up from under the brush. The girl flew threw air before her body smacked onto the damp forest bed. She flipped herself around as she tried to push herself backwards across the ground – still trying to get away as she was trying to regain her footing. And that's when she saw him – no, it – it was definitely an 'it'. It was tall, dressed all in black, but it had no face. Although it wasn't running, it was getting closer and closer with ample speed. Actually, it seemed as if this figure was floating across the forest floor, having no trouble at all with the twisted brush. Fear grew in Ariana's heart, and she could feel it pulling at her. Just as she was about to lift herself up so she could start running again, it reached her. She screamed as loud as she could, an ear-piercing screech that could have been heard for miles around.

                Ariana gasped as she bolted straight up from her sleep. Her heart was racing, pounding in her chest. She moved her hand and placed it over her heart, trying to calm herself down. It was only a dream, she thought... just a dream. Not all of her dreams were of the future, so who was to say that this one was? She never knew until the moment the events took place – until she got that 'deja vu' feeling about a situation. However, she didn't know what that figure in her dream was, and she hoped with all of her heart that this one was really just a dream. Looking around, she remembered exactly where she was – she'd been hitch-hiking to Devonshire Falls, a place she'd heard of on the local news. A teenage girl had gone missing there, but that wasn't the news that Ariana was interested in. The reporter had mentioned, briefly, that the citizens of Devonshire Falls were just... not quite right. He hadn't said much on the matter other than that – yet – but Ariana hoped that she would find others like her in Devonshire. She'd never met anyone like her in her entire life, not even her parents. Growing up in rural Utah, there weren't very many people around, anyway. Finally, Ariana felt like she might just be able to find answers to her questions – like, how did I get these powers? And, more importantly, how do I control them one-hundred percent? She hoped that the people of Devonshire might have these answers.

                She'd stopped on the side of the highway to camp, curled up in a ditch on the side of the road. The grass was dewy and wet under her body, just like in her dream, but it didn't matter much because the rain had soaked her in her sleep. Pushing herself up and off of the ground, Ariana stretched before reaching down for her duffel bag. The girl swung it over her shoulder, then climbing up the side of the ditch and back out to the road. It was a country highway where the speed-limit was fifty-five, and she knew that Devonshire wasn't too far away. Sticking her thumb out, she began to walk alongside the road in the direction of the town. Not too long afterward, a trucker stopped behind her and let her in. ”Oh, thank you so much for stopping! I'm not too far from where I'm headed – do you know where Devonshire Falls is?” Ariana asked the man with a smile on her face. He grunted a laugh at her bubbly nature, replying, ”Yeah, I know it. I can take you there, it's on my way,” and Ariana nodded a thank-you. The two didn't speak much the rest of the way, mostly because right afterward the man turned the radio on pretty loud. Probably wasn't looking for a conversation, and frankly, neither was Ariana. It only took about thirty minutes doing fifty-five, and the trucker stopped right at the 'Welcome to Devonshire Falls' sign. ”Well, once again, thank you for the ride!” Ariana smiled one last time at the man. ”Yeah, no problem, toots,” he said back before she slammed the passenger door and he began to drive away.

                Ariana watched him going down the road for a moment, watching as it changed from asphalt to dirt and he began kicking up dust and rocks. Turning back to the welcome sign, Ariana looked up at it and smiled, thinking this is it! This is the start of your new life, where all your questions will be answered... With an approving nod, Ariana adjusted the duffel strap on her shoulder before taking her first step into Devonshire Falls. Ariana had had a job back in Utah, and had been saving up to buy a car. Instead, she'd taken her savings with her on this trip to use for food and hotels. She had just around three hundred dollars left, and she knew that wouldn't last her long. Well... guess it wouldn't hurt to try to find a job. Can't just go up to random people and ask them if they have or know what abilities are. I could be completely wrong about this place, and I don't need them all thinking I'm an absolute nut... No, it'd probably be a better idea if I got to know the people here, first, she thought as she walked. Not very long after entering Devonshire, Ariana came upon The Weary Traveler Inn. Well, I guess this place will be much better than sleeping in a ditch... and I could really use a shower and a change of clothes, Ariana nodded to herself as she climbed the stairs to the Inn. Inside, she got herself a room and went up to it. When she opened the door, it was a lot better than she'd been expecting, and looked extremely comfortable.

                Throwing her bag onto her bed, Ariana made her way into her private bathroom. Around thirty minutes later, Ariana emerged from the now steamy room, showered, shaved, and hair and make-up done. With a towel wrapped around her torso, Ariana made her way back to the bag on her bed for a change of clothes. Almost all of them were dirty, now, so she'd need to find out if the Inn had laundry service, or if she was going to need to find a laundromat. But she could do all of that later, right now, she was more concerned with meeting people and potentially finding herself a job. Ariana pulled out a pair of dark-wash skinny jeans and slipped them over her legs. After sliding her bra over her shoulders, Ariana slipped on a white tank top, and then a plain gray sweater. After finding a clean pair of rocks, Ariana pulled her boots back on and slipped on her pleather jacket before grabbing her clutch and leaving her room, making sure to take the room key with her. On her way downstairs, Ariana ran into a maid, ”Excuse me, do you know what people do around here for fun? Where is everyone? Seemed kind of like a ghost town when I first got here...” she asked the maid. ”Oh, well that's because everyone's getting ready for the meeting with Sheriff Michaels at Town Hall tonight. It's at seven if you want to attend, although, it's really just for citizens,” the maid replied before pushing her cart down the hall. Huh, I wonder what this town meeting is all about... oh, that’s right, probably about that missing little girl.

                Ariana decided that she was going to attend that town meeting, even if she wasn't technically a citizen... yet. But, first, she did have a little time to look around, and it had stopped raining, too. Ariana walked by The Dame Alice, which looked like it might be a bar or something. She'd decided she'd have to remember that one for later, as she felt like she might end up needing a stiff drink. But, for now, she was fine with that and passed the place up. Ariana passed by Greenfield, which looked like a floral shop; Sweet Sunday, which was clearly a bakery; and The Look, which seemed to be a spa and salon type place. None of them seemed very interesting right at the moment, until she saw A Novel Idea. Books were Ariana's one true love, although many wouldn't think so based on her looks alone. Smiling to herself, the idea of a book right now made her feel like she had never left home. Climbing the stairs to the bookstore, the bell let out a DING! as she walked in. She immediately noticed the very handsome man behind the counter, but was way too shy to approach him, although she couldn't stop staring. As she walked around the store, through each isle, she kept bouncing from actually looking at the books, and then staring at him. She didn't know if he'd noticed, but she'd tried to be inconspicuous about it. She wondered if they needed any help and decided to muster up the courage to go and speak to him. Ariana made her way up to the front counter and, reading the name on his name-tag, smiled as she spoke. ”Hi there, Elliott. My name is Ariana and I'm new here in Devonshire Falls. Books are one of my passions in life, and I was wondering if you might need some help around the shop.” Ariana gave him her best 'have pity on me' smile as she waited for his reply.

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                                          Khail smiled back at Ava as she answered him, with her usual proper manners. She was raised so well, some would question whether or not she and Jackson were actually related. But Khail wasn't one to judge a book by its cover, well not regularly anyway. He placed Ava down from his back then bowed slightly to her, offering his hand for her to place her's into, recreating the sight of a knight to his ward.
                                          "I have no complaints Young Miss, the day has progressed so far, like any other." He nodded his head as he stood up and smiled back down to her. He chuckled a little, he enjoyed his time with Ava, it was nice to have a sibling again; blood meant nothing to him.

                                          Khail looked over in Taylor direction when she thanked him and paid, he nodded his head once and gave her a simple smile, again no words needed. Besides she was too busy talking with Rory at the moment. It was adorable seeing how those two interacted, it was quite obvious the feelings between them, well on Taylor's behalf anyway. He wondered if they will wind up together one day, only time could tell. He smiled at the thought then turned his attention back to Jackson when he moved forward. Staying quiet as he spoke, taking his order, scone, pinwheel, and muffin. He glanced over at Ava when she chimed in, ah for the father of the missing girl, right. He gave Jackson a two finger salute then moved to grab a bag and a paper sleeve to grab his requested items. Didn't take him long, putting everything into their own bags then a bigger one to carry out.
                                          "Here you go, give the Doctor my regards please." He lowered his head slightly, then took Jackson's payment and gave him his change.

                                          He looked back to Ava and squatted down some, giving her a simple smile,
                                          "Good as always to see you again Little one, be sure to help that family as much as you can until they find Maryanne, okay?" He lifted his hand and reached out for them to shake on it. Then waved goodbye to them as they left the shop. He had other customers to work with though. He gave Carlton his attention again, he seemed a bit rough, Jackson's earlier joke probably didn't help though. "Don't worry, take your time, no rush." Giving him a cheerful smile and kept his aura cool but warm, hopefully it helped him ease up some. Maybe it did help because he gave Khail his order after all, blueberry muffin and coffee, got it.

                                          Moving around the shop and taking orders was an easy thing for him, especially these days. He was able to do it so quickly and without flaw, he even had a handle on dealing with a lot of customers at once. So he made it back to Carlton with his muffin and cup of joe in no time,
                                          "Here you go." Taking the money he put it in the register and grabbed his change, another order complete. Anyone else? Like clockwork, three new customers appeared, one of the faces unfamiliar though, new guy? Either way, he was a customer and showed up first. The cycle starts again, welcome them, charm them, take their order, and get what they need. Half of his job came down to charm honestly.

                                          Wow this man sure had a hefty appetite, like one of a farmer, in fact it sounded like Khail was ordering at the moment, minus a few cream filled choices.
                                          "Of course." He moved to each display case and grabbed what the man picked out, it took two bags for everything and it was pretty high in price for everything. But he must've had the money if he was ordering all of this stuff. Once he was taken care of he moved on to the couple, actual familiar faces. "Morning Zoey, Ian." He knew of Zoey's feeling towards Jackson before, he had a pretty keen eye, but it seemed to calm down some when she got together with Ian. Khail didn't have any real thoughts on Ian, though you could say he worried him at times. For instance, he caught that tightness of his hold on Zoey when they moved to the counter, pretty possessive. But he kept his thoughts off of his face and only glanced down for a moment, he knew how to be unreadable. He gave Ian a sign that he got the order, and cocked his head slightly to the side and smiled at Zoey, as to say don't worry about it. He grabbed their things and moved back to them, no problem as usual.

                                          After that everybody was taken care of and the rest of the day progressed at its normal slow and easy pace. The shop usually closed at around 9-10 pm, depends on the day, but he had to close the shop up early for the town meeting. Luckily it was pretty much empty by then, Khail was a little surprised he didn't see his usual visitor, Wylie, hopefully she was busy with something good and not bad, the girl deserved better than what she had at the moment. But his sweet platter,its name was a work in progress, came out better than he thought it would and he still had plenty to share. So he decided to bring it along with him for everybody that showed up at the meeting, nice treat to counter attack the depressing talk. He locked up the shop before making his way to the town hall, a short walk from Sweet Sunday.

                                          It looked like Khail was early though, only a few people were there already. It looked like only the sheriff, the mayor herself, and her staff.
                                          "Huh." He placed his tray on a nearby table with drinks on it, taking the foil off to show off the presentation. Then he moved across the hall to Chase who was talking to the Mayor. "Evening Chase, Mayor Harker." He gave both a short bow, then started to wander around the hall until the meeting started. He would've stayed to chat but frankly, the mayor made him feel uneasy, another person he felt best to avoid unless necessary.

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            xxxg i v i n gxm exs u c hxs w e e txn o t h i n gxxxy o u ` r exg i v i n gxm exs u c hxs w e e txn o t h i n g.
            FOLLOW THE LIGHT
                    Reaching. Always reaching. Towards a sun no one could reach. Arms outstretched, hands splayed open against a blank blue sky. Where was she going? Why couldn’t get she there? The sun. She couldn’t touch the sun. She didn’t know why. Godforbid that. It was burning. Shining. She had to touch it. Unexplainable. Didn’t she know something like that would only get her killed? Blackness. The moon collided with the sun drabbing darkness across the land. What was she reaching for? She’d never have it. Hands closed into fists, they fell to her side. What was she thinking of? Only the single ring of light remained.

                    Andrea “Andi” Corlis woke slowly, stretching once, then curling back up around her pillow—one for her head, one to hug tightly. It was a habit she’d acquired as a child and thus adapted as she grew older; from a stuffed bear with a missing eye, to a small wolf with a ragged ear, to finally a pillow stolen from an ex-lover. Because nothing said vengeance like a stolen pillow. She uncurled herself again, blinking dully into the dawning light from her window. If she could take away the day, she might. At least for another hour or two. But she had to get up, she had work to do, places to go, a young child to find.

                    For almost a week now, Maryanne Bernes, the adopted daughter of the Doctor, had gone missing. It wasn’t the first time ill had happened to the town, but certainly the longest time anyone had ever gone missing. Andi could only pray for the girl’s safety…and tear apart the town looking for her. The past fueled her desire, she never wanted to see a child hurt like Anna had been. Tragedy had befallen the town before, over ten years ago, when she was eleven. Her neighbor and one of her closest friends had disappeared. The town had been torn apart as the Sheriff was doing now but no one knew a thing—even though Anna Seville had been taken in broad daylight. She’d never forget that. Andi had gone home with her brother, Shaun, because Anna wanted to stay behind and look through the library when she wanted to go home. It’s fine. I won’t stay too late; this neighborhood’s safe. Andi could still hear her voice whisper in her ears if she closed her eyes. But the neighborhood wasn’t safe; Anna was kidnapped—missing at the time—only to return three days later as a corpse. Andi was fortunate enough to avoid seeing the body, even at the wake. But she knew Shaun had every bruise on her body etched into his brain. The killer had never been found.

                    For years she regretted not going home with her. Years. Months. Days. She was her best friend; they’d done everything together as children. Especially running around outside, Anna loved to draw animals and nature while Andi liked to climb trees and describe the view to her. She missed the simple days like that. But it wasn’t the time to think of them. Eventually, she had gotten through her guilt and focused on living her life the way she wanted to…for Anna’s sake as well as her own. Now if only her pesky power—the ability that kept her close to the town—hadn’t gotten in the way of that, things would be perfect. You see, her power, was linked in the one part of her she was most proud in. Her voice.

                    As a child, her mother had a habit—as most do—of singing lullabies to her. She not only inherited her voice but a love of music as well. She used to sing all the time as a child in assorted places, in assorted situations. But that was never meant to be because as she grew older something changed. Whenever her voice hit a certain pitch, certain frequency, certain loudness—it turned into a screech. A harsh, banshee inducing, screech capable of shattering glass and man alike. It literally killed any desire to sing from that point on. It was only recently, in fact, due to a certain wayward goofball, that she was able to hum. Before she hadn’t dared to try. It gave her a bit of hope that maybe, someday, she could actually do something with it—without worrying about killing her audience.

                    The thought made her chuckle as her feet hit the ground of her apartment. Yoga shorts and a tank top to start her day, she’d have to change out of them soon; she had to get to work. A glance out the window told her that leaving her house wasn’t going to be a fun trip—it looked cold and rainy; a fairly usual combination for Devonshire Falls though, when she thought about it.

                    So she started a pot of coffee and grabbed some cereal and milk. She’d have to be quick about this if she didn’t want to be late and she was never once late to work. She prided herself just a tiny bit on that. Just a little bit. So she wolfed down her cereal and went to change. She preferred showering after work, so that was convenient for her little routine at least. After she changed, she flitted back to grab her coffee and turn the T.V. on for a few minutes before she had to head out the door. She flicked through two news channels before settling on one. So far, nothing. Of course she wasn’t watching for news on Maryanne, a small town like theirs didn’t really need a network like this—but with the recent addition of a news reporter, she checked daily to make sure nothing appeared on local news channels. Because of the town’s “nature” it would’ve been a bad thing for a press release on Maryanne. So far, however, nothing had changed. “That’s a relief.” She whispered as she drank the rest of her coffee and clicked off the T.V. She grabbed her umbrella from her room and out the door she went.

                    The chill and rain hit her the moment she stepped outside. She laughed, taking the stairs down two by two. She had to hurry or she’d be late. She opened her umbrella, took a deep breath, then starting a slow run down the street, the edge of her pants getting lightly wet as she did so. It was always like this. She always left a little too late but she liked the run, even if it was in the rain. Fortunately, the town wasn’t terribly big so the run wasn’t very much. She passed by an awkward brigade of Shaun, Athena, Wylie, and a boy she didn’t know but often saw on her morning run to work. For a moment, she thought of crashing it, simply because of Shaun, but debated against it with a small smile. She gave a wave and continued on.

                    Minutes later, she had folded her umbrella and zipped inside The Dame Alice where both her boss and Sheriff Michaels were partially deep in conversation. She barely caught the tail end of it. “Don’t worry Sheriff that drink will be waiting.” She commented with a small smile as she wrapped up her umbrella. “And you’ll find Maryanne.” The Sheriff turned to look at her and nodded tiredly. She hated seeing how exhausted he looked. He idly pointed towards a flyer he was handing out. A meeting for Maryanne. She gave a small smile. “I’ll be there and I’ll drag Shaun along whether he likes it or not.” He gave her a tired nod. “Thank you.” And he left.

                    “Not to point out the obvious, Boss-man but I don’t think that glass can get any cleaner.” She remarked with a small smile.

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                            nevernevernevernevernevernevernevernevernevernevernevernevernevernevernevernever AGE TWENTY-TWO

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                              School? Hesitation gripped hard at him, stilling his bones. He stood there, fixed to the spot like a broken, timid statue in a cemetery of indecision. Anxiety coursed through his veins. He made a face, but lowered his head so that his frown remained fixed upon the wet concrete.
                              Regardless, he extended trembling fingers and accepted the proffered cigarette, inhaling deeply, reveling in the harsh burn of smoke in his lungs.

                              He spoke upon exhale, his words tangling in undulating clouds of blue smoke. "School? Uhm...I dunno." He cast a glance in Wylie's direction, eyes glowing like hazel embers 'neath a thick veil of copper lashes. "What exactly are we gonna do there?"

                              According to Athena? The beautiful creature, raven-crowned, pale as falling snow, whose gaze he now avoided with timid resolve, they would be teaching math. His grimace bored into the ground. "Math?" The dusting of indignation was too obvious to be missed. "How about music? There's math in music." None of which he knew, but he wasn't necessarily inclined to admit this. "We can...collaborate." Yes. Collaboration worked wonderfully when one could address naught but his own feet. But...perhaps they could find a way to work things out. Shaun seemed particularly determined to pull him out of his shell, if dragging him off to high school served as a worthy example.

                              He fell into momentary silence, running his tongue over the cracked skin of his lower lip, and indulged in another drag from the cigarette he held. Ah, sweet nicotine.
                              "A cigarette is the perfect kind of perfect pleasure." Wilde's words resounded in his mind and he nearly smiled. Therein lay no smattering of worry, no curdling dread for the reprecussions of smoking; to Kaiden, death seemed rather like the escape he could not quite reach, though he still had yet to truly pursue it. He hadn't even the heart for that.

                              This thought of death brought to mind images of one young Anna, of the slow desecration of her withering corpse, locked away to rot in the cold confines of a sepulcher. Fresh tears pricked at his eyes. He squeezed them shut, willing them away with a silent mantra.
                              I will not cry in front of these strangers. I won't. Though they were hardly strangers, not to him.

                              Kaiden raised his head in time to catch Athena's casual -though astounding- explanation, and he swallowed the words "I know" before they could escape his pursed lips.
                              "I...I have powers too." The confession felt alien, coming from him. He met her fierce gaze but pulled his own away before her burning eyes could devour him. "When I sleep. And..." he looked around, at the spectral faces of the trio surrounding him. "Please don't touch me." To his ears, the plea sounded far more desperate than he had intended.

                              A sudden buzzing, vibrating, reverberating through the flesh of his thigh. He started, muscles tightening in a slight flinch. Realization washed over him; quickly he withdrew the phone tucked away in the pocket of his tattered jeans.
                              "Excuse me," he muttered, half-turning away from the group. The familiar voice on the other end of the line was tinged with bitter agitation, yet to Kaiden, every syllable translated into utter salvation. He offered a hurried agreement and hung up, fingers trembling.
                              "Sorry guys." Shame painted his face a blotched crimson; once again he found his gaze returning to the safety of his toes. "I...I gotta go."
                              His retreating footsteps echoed off the rain-slicked pavement, and soon, they were distant, silent as whispering specters in a cloud of falling snow.


                              Falling snow.
                              The gentle rain...might have been only that. Soft and cool against ashen skin. He walked, swept up in a sea of apathy, invincible, untouchable to all the world's small agonies. He walked, heart pounding an erratic drumbeat, blood throbbing, singing in his veins.

                              Falling snow.
                              Fine white powder, cut into lines, drawn through a straw, bequeathing release. Yeilding so sweet it was almost painful. A tide of dizzying charge, electric, the cold fingers of seraphim pressing their blessings to aching limbs.
                              Disappear. Disappear. Higher...higher...into the air.
                              Hours flashed like seconds.
                              Liberated...yet disinclined to do...anything. His body rested against peeling plaster, eyes wide, pupils blown and black. He did not speak. He hardly moved. Breath came heavy, quick like the beating of his heart. But the thoughts swirling tumultuous over the vast plains of his mind were his own. No sleep. No visions. Only Kaiden, alone with his vices.

                              Now he walked, each step resounding off ringing eardrums. Lifting him on spectral wings to some distant...nowhere.
                              He was headed to the meeting. That much was certain.
                              The park echoed back to him every passing fancy flitting quicksilver through his head. The world met his eyes with impossible clarity; crystalline were the rain drops clinging to every branch, mirrorlike the sheen of water on the road he trod.
                              Detatched. Yes. His head, his arms, every part that made him Kaiden was connected, yet somehow broken away to nothing. Separated. He still felt the rush. Every muscle in his body longed to run, to skip and dance and sing and fly like he'd never flown before, like he never would, bereft of cocaine's exhilarating touch. But he withheld it.
                              Kaiden walked, and the rain fell over him like feather down floating softly from the thick clouds above.


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❝ nothing in life is free.
if you don't take, you will never be in debt ❞

Everything's so blurry and everyone's so fake...
And everybody's empty and everything is so messed up...

                                “Mom! Wake up the roof is leaking again!”
                                With foggy vision, Anya looked up to see her son, his big bright blue eyes staring back at her. His dark brown hair barely starting to cover them. His skin was just a tad shade darker than his, but he had taken most of his father’s featured. The blue eyes, the hair, the personality. The only thing her son wasn’t; was a murder, and he wouldn’t turn into one either. “Alright, come on, let’s go fix that.” She muttered, pushing herself out of the kitchen chair. Slowly, she made her way towards the cabinet and took out a bowl. “Alright Nicky, where is the leak?” she asked, turning her head to look at her precious baby. Nick took her hand in his and began to lead her to the destination of the new whole in the roof.
                                They had a small home. It had one bedroom that they both shared, a bathroom, and living room and kitchen that felt as if it were as big as a box.
                                Actually, a box would have been bigger.
                                Anya has spent a few months here, and had barely enough money left to lay rent. Her luck on finding a job was worse than her luck of being hit by lighting. It wasn’t like she wasn’t searching, but she couldn’t find anyone who would hire her and let her son stay after school.
                                Sure she could have hire a baby sitter, but that cost money she didn’t and wouldn’t have. And she couldn’t just ask someone to watch him, it wasn’t fair. People were cruel; she knew that like the back of her hand. They don’t just give and let live, they give, wait for weakness, then BAM! You’re stuck paying some freaked out hospital bill. Those had been her experiences anyway. People took her for an idiot because of her situation, because of how poor she was, and because of her Nick. She couldn’t understand people’s stupidity, and she’d rather not deal with it to be perfectly honest, but that’s how people saw her, and she had to accept it. However, she knew better. She knew exactly what she had given up to keep her son, and she was thankful for that decision everyday of her life.
                                Placing the bowl under the leak, she frowned. “Alright, that should fix it for now. I’ll try and find a way to fix it later. Right now we just have to deal with it.” She muttered before looking around the small home. She didn’t really realize how many bowls, pots, cups she had spread through her home at that moment.
                                There were at least three cups in the kitchen, four in the living room, two in the bedroom, and one in the bathroom.
                                Taking a deep breath, she fell back on the couch and closed her eyes. “Momma, you okay?” Nick asked, taking a seat on the arm of the couch, right next to his mother. “Yeah, I’m fine Nicky….just a little tired.”
                                “Let’s go out? You always like going for walks.”
                                “It’s raining sweetie, and unless you want to get sick we need to stay inside.”
                                “But moooommmm! I won’t get sick!”
                                “Don’t but me Nickolas! How about we go out later, when that meeting is happening. Maybe there I’ll be able to find someone who will hire me” Nick stared at her for a moment before falling over into her lap and staring up at her. Anya looked down at her son and shook her head. “Was that necessary?”
                                “Yes…” he said a grin crossing over his face. “Ya know, that thing is gonna start soon…”
                                “What? How long was I asleep.” She asked him, her eye’s widening slightly.
                                “Um…two…no…three hours? Somethin’ like that.” Nick said before rolling off of her lap and bouncing to his feet, staring at his mother with a wide smile. He was getting his way, and they were going for a walk, which in his eyes was winning.
                                After Nick got off her, she stood up and ran her hand through her thick brown messy hair. She couldn’t miss this opportunity, no matter how bad the weather was. She looked down at her son, giving him a small amused smile. “ go get dressed before I ground you for being smug.”
                                “What’s smug?”
                                “Never mind that and go get dressed. We don’t have a lot of time to waste.” She said, her told holding just a hint of frustration. Her song was practically born standing up and talking back. He’d given her more trouble than one could possible imagine, and she knew it was going to get worse. In fact, she was prepared for the teenage years. He was a good boy though, a smart a**, but a good boy. Though, all of his teachers would argue that with her. He was probably the worst kid there, but it was a good school and she had to keep him there till he graduated. Whether he liked it or not.
                                She was dressed in something simple, a nice looking top, a pair of old slightly worn out and ripped jeans, and sneakers. Her hair was combed out and placed in a ponytail, and she had very little make-up on her face, it was just enough to show her features.
                                Anya paused for a moment, “Nick, are you ready?” The young boy came out of his room in a black T-shirt and a pair of ripped jeans, and a frown on his face. “I can’t find my shoes…” Anya smiled and nodded her head before pointing over to the kitchen table. “They are over there. I told you to pick them up yesterday.” Nick squinted his eyes and glared at her before making his way over to his shoes and plopping himself down on the kitchen floor to put them on.
                                After almost fifteen minutes are arguing, they were out of the house, Nick bundled up in his jacket, and Anya bundled in hers. Both of them were walking down the street huddled under one umbrella, trying to keep out of the rain. They made it to the town hall, just a little bit after seven. It looked a bit empty, but Anya didn’t mind, at least it was warm and dry.

Can you take it all away...
Can you take it all away...

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with:: uhm... at:: Wandering

                                    Eli pushed herself off the street light pole using the metal heel of her boot, folding up the paper in her hand and tucking it into her pocket. Squinting into the rain, she could kind of see some other people, and supposed they were heading to the same place. Eli sipped her tea once again, it was still surprisingly hot. Her lips twisted into a faint smile and she started walking again, toward where she faintly remembered the town hall to be. She occasionally peeked out at the sky from under her umbrella, glancing through her long eyelashes before having to trail her eyes back down to watch where she was going. She had a terrible habit of being a klutz, so it often came in handy if she just phased through whatever was in her path. However, because she was in public, it would be hard to come up with a plausible reason for how she walked through a fencepost as though a ghost. Plus, she had to know what she was going to phase through, because it was a bit harder to phase herself past a wall than past a small garden fence. Eli took her time walking, kicking through puddles here and there. She still didn't have a solid formula for phasing through things. Sometimes it would happen when she didn't mean to [usually this], and sometimes when she meant to, she couldn't. So she had to focus in order to not phase or to especially phase through whatever, but when her mind was elsewhere, it was impossible to tell what was going to happen. Which, of course, raised the question if she was an intangible person who's power was to become solid, or if she was a solid person who's power was to become intangible. She pondered this daily, often finding no answer that could be proved by modern science. Blowing a small strand of chestnut hair out of her face, she checked her surroundings again, pretty sure she wasn't lost. Her eyebrows furrowed as she considered the possibility of actually not knowing where she was, but a sign citing Town Hall peeked out from around the corner. She twirled her umbrella as her pace slightly picked up. She was reluctant to leave the peacefulness of the rain, when there was silence her mind tended to be a scary place. As one of her favorite people her Mum used to tell her about, Stephen Hawking said, "The quietest people have the loudest minds". Which couldn't be more true in Eli's case. She focused on the wet sound of rain drops politely tapping upon her umbrella, gathering in precious globes on the tips of the metal until finally falling and... . . .

                                    Eli took another sip of her tea, a long swallow as though the beverage would drown her mind. Finally she exhaled, her breath a wispy cloud. She walked through the doors, slowing her pace. There wasn't many people, but she still was used to it just being herself and her Father. Crowds went along with small spaces on her list of phobias, the main reason why she had agreed to stay in such a small town. Eli closed her umbrella, glancing around at the people, her eyes partially sparkling with awe and partially thundering with wariness. She shook her closed umbrella and laid it against the wall by the door, the curved handle of the umbrella leaning against the wall. Eli adjusted her faded grey and white checkered scarf before cupped both her hands around her metallic tumbler full of coffee, her canvas backpack feeling heavier as weight pressured down her shoulders. The usual effect of being in the presence of people who, in her mind, could turn against her instantly. Her tan, knee-length trenchcoat was a bit wet at the tips of it, but otherwise hung against her frame. Eli made her way toward a table where someone had set something down. She looked at the sweets for a moment, before timidly taking one and biting into it. It was amazing, the taste flooding her tastebuds in a symphony of blushing sugar sweetness. She was surprised at the wonderfulness of it, used to her amazingly but reserved tasting meals back home. Now that she was on her own, she varied things up a bit, but still nothing as sweet. She usually preferred bitter and sour. Eli took a couple more bites, wishing she knew who had set them down, or even made them. She hadn't worked very hard at getting to know people, mainly just painting in her apartment and listening to music, shutting out the world. She tended to do that, but she had really dove into it since she arrived. She couldn't name many shops besides her own, just the colors that they were decorated in. Perhaps the sort of lettering that spelled out the name, but not the name itself. Eli stood by the table awkwardly, taking small bites out of the sweet, hoping to make it last until the meeting started. Unfortunately, it didn't work. It was gone well before the course of a couple minutes, though her chewing was quick but small and her bites barely making a mark themselves. Eli tossed the napkin into a small trash can that sat at the end of the tables, and wandered a bit. She noticed a man who appeared to be unoccupied with conversation, and decided to walk up to him. She wasn't sure what she would do past that, but was already taking a step toward him.
                                    She supposed that socializing would be a good thing, and if she could just get one name of someone, it would justify her to be able to be back in her shop for the rest of the day. Well, perhaps a name or two.
                                    Before she knew it, she was by him. The man had an almost-beard on his face, a bit scruffy but not actually with hair extending from his face.
                                    "Hullo... " She said, her British accent adding a slight lilt to her speech. Her eyes wandered a bit around the room before meeting his eyes, then continuing after collecting another wisp or two of confidence. "I'm Aureate... Aureat Polvere-di-Stelle... I mean you could call me Eli, as it's my middle name and a bit simpler than Aureat. Though I suppose Aure isn't that bad, it just sounds... a bit... like... Or..." She trailed off, her eyes glancing away then back at him looking a bit lost and regretful of speaking in the first place.
                                    Well, here's to hoping he doesn't ask you for a drug test.
                                    She thought, watching the crowd file in, reluctant to actually see the look on his face at her attempt at speech. She noted an odd man walking into the crowd that was slowly drizzling in. She couldn't name why he was odd, perhaps the age in his eyes and his step, but the youth in... well... everything? Especially his puzzlingly odd hair, that looked like it took a lot of gel to get the textured rough-ocean-forest-branch-i-have-no-idea sort of look. She honestly had no idea what she was even talking about, she was just trying to distract herself. The dull hum of murmured polite conversation was not enough to keep her mind from wandering and rocketing. Even the rain that gently thundered, somehow, at the roof to create a slightly tin sounding soundtrack wasn't enough. She considered the odd man to be her next target at conversation, hoping to get her previously optimistically set goal finished as quickly and painlessly as possible.

                                    Yes, because quick and painless is exactly how my attempt at conversation is going right now. She thought, pushing her glasses farther up her nose, amplifying her curious eyes. Her eyes were a warm earthy green color, with slivers of silver twisting through the strands of shades of dark forest green and paler green. She tried to remember the look of the man with the odd hair before he faded back into the crowd. She tended to try to befriend males over females. True, men could be brutal, but women were more apt to mentally mess with you. The males had always locked her in a closet out of curiosity, the females out of cruelty. They were scared, they considered it protecting their friends, their family, their life from Eli's oddness and creepiness. Like by that act they were showing Eli that they were not to be messed with. Whereas the males were just curious, they wanted to test the legend. Curiosity can be sated, cruelty can't. Eli blinked hard, trying to pay more attention to the current situation, turning back to the man she was standing next to whom she had attempted to converse with.

ooc;; She attempted to converse with Mikhail Lawrence c: And she's eye-stalking Garrett Saidyst. her shop has gone up in the master post, it's called The Acosmist's Identity and it's an art shop.
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( We Didn't Start The Fire/...Then Again Maybe I Did )

                                                      Watching the man get his sweets he found himself licking his lips for a moment as he listened to what was going on around him, a missing child was horrible, pulling the zippo out of his pocket he let his fingers flick it open and closed again and again, call it a nervous habit, flicking it open again he let his fingers dance against the flames, causing them to go higher and higher controlling the flame for a moment he miss stepped bumping into the little girl, the lighter left his hand sliding closed hitting the ground. Kneeling down he was eye to eye with her, "my apologies little one" he said as he grabbed the lighter and stood back up, "thank you" he said taking the bag and paying the man.

                                                      Finding an open table, he turned the chair, straddling it opening the bag the smell hit him and his taste buds were going to l-o-v-e- him, yeah buddy, taking a bite he let his eyes slip closed, a small noise leaving his throat, devouring one and then another, one more, and one more after that, slipping the rest into his bag he pulled out some money slipping it under the coffee cup on the table.

                                                      Running his fingers through dark hair, he needed a hair cut badly, maybe there was a place he could get it done, looking out the window it was still raining, groaning he slipped his helmet back on and headed out the door, starting the bike he took off, glancing around for things. Finding the salon he walked inside, causing the woman to look up from where she was writing, "welcome, do you have an appointment?" she asked, shaking his head, "I was hoping that I could just get it all chopped, I can...make an appointment, just that i have no idea how long I am going to be in town for."

                                                      "I don't have a cut for awhile so sure, come on in, I'm Charlotte, but most people just call me Charlie, please have a seat, your name is?" "Gabriel" "Gabe?" "no just Gabriel" she just smiled at him and pushed him down into the seat, tipping his head back, her fingers ran through his hair untangling it, washing it scratching her nails against his scalp, letting his eyes fall closed felt way to good right now.

                                                      "So you are new to town then?" "just got in today actually" "so no friends yet?" "friends me, trust me when I say I'm not the type of person to have a lot of friends, or any for that matter" "no friends at all?" "never been in one place long enough honestly" up he got over to the chair, the cape was put around him and snip snip snip.

                                                      "There you go now you can see those beautiful blue eyes" rolling said blue eyes for a second he grinned and stood up, making his way over to the desk he leaned against it and looked down at the candle that wasn't lit, "that will be.." placing his fingers in the candle he snapped his fingers and lit the candle, "so you've got a little secret of your own?, you are among friends here I promise, seven dollars for the hair" paying her he rocked back on his heels before leaving.

                                                      The rest of the day consist of him getting his bike fixed which he did himself, of course that hadn't really made the man too happy when he wouldn't let him touch his bike, why bring it here if you aren't going to let me do it, the man said, he got offered a job, which he took, sweet job for him. Next he booked a room at the inn, asking if he could stay for as long as he wanted which the owner said yes to. Score and Score.

                                                      Stepping out of the hot shower he dried his hair slipped into a pair of jeans that were so worn out that holes were in them, a black shirt and his jacket, not bothering to do more then towel dry his hair he slipped into his boots and headed down towards the front desk, looking around he didn't see the owner, shrugging he slipped out the back door.

                                                      "You going to the meeting?" he jumped at the man's voice, "damn I forgot the damn lighter" "allow me" pulling his out he lit the end of the man's...joint?

                                                      He passed it to him and he took it taking a puff and then another, "the meeting for the missing girl?" Mr.Callaghan nodded his head, "I wasn't planning on it, but I would like to help in any way that I can" "I can give you a ride if you want I was just about to leave after this" "that would be nice"

                                                      Ten minutes later they were walking into the hall, so many people in here, staying back for a second he leaned against the wall, letting Ian carry on his way, his eyes wandered around, a few people he had seen at the bakery, Charlotte was here too, the man that made the amazing sweets, leaning his head back he closed his eyes blocking everyone out for a moment, he hadn't gotten any sleep in awhile.

                                                      ' "Come on Gabe, show me why you are here, or do you want me to leave you in the dark some more?" "screw you" the door was opened the white coat, the glasses, blond hair, green eyes, "you know you don't want to make me angry" the man snapped his fingers and men were on him, "you know it will happen one way or another, and your anger and your fear makes it come out, trigger if you will"

                                                      The first hit came, followed by the next, a foot to the stomach, it continued for hours until the need to protect himself came over him, and the whole room went up in flames'

                                                      Blue eyes snapped open his hand was on fire, and slowly starting to make a mark in the wall it was against, s**t, shaking his hand, he left the building, why had he thought this was a good idea, to come here, to stop running, he would always been running, the man's body hadn't been among the dead that day, was he really still out there?
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                                  "Do you think you and your gang of lower being can really defeat me? I am a GOD! My power reaches far and destroys all,my very existence is crushing, look at yourself, you can barely stand in my presence. So come to me with your swords, spells, plans, your hope, I will destroy it all! And when you're nothing but dust beneath my heel I will return to your homeworld and cast it into the sun, slowly, your people's screams shall be my serenade."

                                  "Hahahaha, Whatever you say Generic Boss #25, I've heard your speech in different forms in my life before, your words do not scare me. You believe yourself a god? Anata wa akiraka ni watashi to watashi no chikara o shiranai, watashi wa sen-kai ijō anata no shinsetsu o yaburimashita."

                                  "Do not back down now, you have come to my realm with your feeble attempts to stop me, so show me your power! And I shall show you how it compares to my own strength."

                                  "Sudeni sā, chōdo sudeni tatakawa seru!"

                                  The scene shifted then fell to black, the music raised in tempo, the violins quickening their pace showing the urgency, and the drums boomed. Thunder and Lightning clashed above as he appeared, Kalcrave, the ultimate being. This was his world now, the final stage, your dead brother's original home, he tried to defeat Kalcrave before you but failed, leading to the destruction of his world. This is why you're here, to get revenge for your brother Xen, and protect your own home, the next stop on Kalcrave's path of destruction. So this was it, you had to defeat Kalcrave for everyone, are you ready?

                                  "Heh, of course I am, this will only take me a minute. Hell the secret bosses are actually stronger than Kalcrave, and this is a new game plus so I've already done it anyway, this is a speed run."

                                  And like that the battle began, Kalcrave roared, shaking a nearby Moon and knocking it off it's gravitational axis, his party watched as it fell into the sun. Next he started charging his attack, already in your first move? Big mistake there Kalcrave, what a waste of a turn, now his team could defeat you before your turn came around again. Alright let's get these orders started up,
                                  "Rose cast Hyper Haste, giving everybody double turns, then Zola sing the Harmony of the Valkyries to boost our attacks by 168%, Taron cast Double Cast on the party for our next turn, and I'll use shield crash to stagger Kalcrave and....done, awesome. With that we don't have to worry about him pulling some crap and breaking through our triple speed, also stops his charge attack, now starts the destruction, let's bring down this self proclaimed God....again." He smirked to himself and ran a hand through his messy hair, it needed a cut, it was all over his face, his eyes glued to the screen through his raven bangs. His green eyes quickly scurried along the screen, keeping up with the fast battle, but to them the whole thing moved slowly. He was used to this kind of play, he was experienced, he had seen millions of battles in his lifetime, he could read every move, understand every pattern, and master his craft. Plus it didn't take much to learn and understand the math behind the system each game implemented.

                                  His strategy was already in play, it just took a couple button presses then just sitting back and watching his plan work. Taron's double cast made it possible for his squad to attack twice this turn, Rose cast Neo Force then Trinity Soul Burn, Zola cast Heaven's Judgement then Heaven's Betrayal, Taron double cast Meteor Storm, then Akira summoned his familiar Juerella for his first move then they proceeded with Shadow Dance. The two moving in harmony as they attacked Kalcrave, quick blade slashes fueled by dark matter, the ultimate move from the Shadow Lord Class, obtaining the chance to start this vocation was difficult. You had to beat the game already then find your way to the shadow realm to fight and defeat Juerella so she was in your service and could teach you her ways. Well worth it though, hell Akira on his own could defeat Kalcrave, he just like having a party, his only source of interaction, computer A.I. that didn't know of his existence, couldn't even attempt to become aware of him. But he wasn't done yet, he still had one more move, and even though Kalcrave was pretty much dead, there was no kill like over kill. For his final move Akira and Jurella combined forces, he absorbing her spirit into his body, fusing them together and combining their power to the game limit and making it possible for his final move. Akira smiled brightly and pumped his fist towards the screen,
                                  "SHADOW LORD ART: DARK SOUL RESONANCE, THE LORD'S AURA~!" Akira created a large ball of dark energy in his hands, pulling everything marked as his enemy into it, his soul, like a black hole and wiping out their very existence; bye bye Lord Kalcrave.

                                  And like that, the battle was over, the victory music chimed, experience distributed, Kalcrave too low leveled to let anyone level up, and items left behind put into his bag. Then he skipped the last cut scene and was shown the final game stats screen, 100% completion and playtime....a new record, aw yeah~! Akira hopped up off his bed and danced around his room, but quickly regained his awkward composure to take a picture of the screen to post on the gaming forum he frequented. He was one of the top members on the sight, he didn't like the title but some called him a Gaming God, well at least one of them. There was several more on the site, a few Akira was actually in competition with, they were always trying to one up each other. They always seemed to be neck to neck, he wondered who they were, but not like it would help anything. He wouldn't go meet them and hang out in real life like a normal person. No no, this shut-in nerdy/geeky/otaku with Anthropophobia is far from normal. Which was saying something considering where he took up residence. Devonshire Falls, where the freaks come to roam, and Akira was probably the freakiest one of them all.

                                  Akira's smile disappeared as he stared at one of his computer monitors, he had seven, in fact his place was filled with tech. One would think they walked into the Tardis or a makeshift gateway to another dimension, one of those stargate things. That was his thing if you didn't get it yet, technology, he loved it all and helped him define himself, it was one of his choices in life. That was something you had to know about his past to understand. But he'd never say, he rather keep the past in the past, besides who would listen anyway? Akira sighed as he thought to himself, holding his head down, eyes closed, and a sigh left his lips. Now he was feeling down, the usual result of Akira being left alone with his thoughts. It was quiet in his room aside from the whir of his rig and his game systems, he usually had a few going on at once. Akira's lifestyle was a rather expensive one, if he ever saw his electric bill it'd probably turn his hair white. But he had it set up to be automatically be paid from his account. Now you're probably wondering how a shut-in had money, especially to live the way he did, importing wasn't cheap. Well it was pretty easy when you were a professional hacker, semi-professional.

                                  He did jobs for different people, companies, and countries. That sort of thing didn't come cheap, don't worry though Akira wasn't doing anything illegal, well semi illegal, wasn't selling secrets or things like that. Plus sometimes he "found" some money laying around, finder's keeper's. But there you have it a simple look at Akira Okumura, though a simple look wasn't enough for a complex subject like him.

                                  But now everything was over, another game beaten, his victory posted, and now...it all felt sort of hollow.
                                  "Hhhhhhm....Imanani?" He scratched the back of his head and looked around, as if his apartment would speak back to him. He swore it did sometimes, but that was probably just cabin fever. He sat up from his chair and left his room, consisting of his rig, tv, games, and a bed, all he really needed, of course he had clothes just...all over the place. He wasn't naturally messy, he just forget from time to time. He walked out into the hall to his kitchen to find something to eat. He moved to the fridge, and...nothing, except some water and half a bottle of juice. "Okay? Let's check the cabinets....and nothing again. Whoa. He run his hand through his hair, his stomach grumbling loudly, "When was the last time I ate something? Or went to bed?" He rubbed his eyes as they stung a bit, being away from the screen too long and his eyes readjusting. He checked his watch which was showing a stop watch rather than time. He always did that when he started a gaming session, or woke up, he liked timing how long it took him to beat a game, or when the last time he slept. Reason why he had two watches to look at, he already stopped the gaming one, the sleep one read, "Fifty-six hours, hhm, didn't beat that record." He rubbed his eyes then started looking around for something to eat to hold him over and perk him up some. Luckily he was able to find a nutella snack pack, Yata~! He feverishly began eating his snack then moved to the counter to start making a list.

                                  Unfortunately it looked like he had to go outside for more supplies, god knows the last time he went out there, a month now? He moved back to his room and switched his monitors to his second feed, the camera feed around town. It looked like everybody was making their way to town hall for something. Plus it was dark out now, lucky for him, now he could move about town without being spotted by someone. Akira rather keep long distance between him and other people, he just didn't like being around people. God knows what could happen, hell he might have a panic attack, it was a phobia for a reason. This was why he stayed inside all of the time, to avoid people, only leaving when necessary, damn this town for not delivering groceries to people houses, what was this old country?
                                  "hhhm, okay so rice, noodles, beef, pork, this, that, some of those, more drinks, some vitamins, and I might as well get some personal care stuff while I'm out, alright, might as well get in the shower." He mumbled to himself as he walked to his bathroom.

                                  A few minutes later Akira was dressed and standing on the stoop of his place. In his usual venturing attire: black jeans, black t-shirt with a dark hoody with the hood up, and his black/white running sneakers; he really didn't want to be seen. It looked like it was raining some tonight, didn't bother him much, he just hoped the seal held up. As he thought that his left hand drifted over to his right arm, right that. He looked down at his bandaged up right arm, from his fingers up to his shoulder. He wasn't hurt or anything, it was more of a safety thing, for him and other people. Though really it didn't make a difference, it just made him feel better. Like this generic brand of bandage he got at the supermarket was really an ancient talisman that could hold back the destruction his right arm brought upon the world. It was almost ironic, how many games did where the main character had some kind of power that he feared but in the end used to become the hero and protect the world?
                                  "Yeah, but I'm not a hero, far from it, and far from being a main character, baka." Akira sighed one more time, readjusted his hood, then took off down the street, being sure to avoid all lights and people. Even if he popped up on camera the program he had running at home would edit him out, yeah he was that good. Akira has been living in Devonshire falls for two years now and no one had any clue. As far as the rest of the town knew Akira's place was just an abandoned place that the owner never sold.

                                  Sorry for the lack of translations, they aren't really important anyway.

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                    After Sheriff Micheals had left to pass out more fliers Elliott resumed restocking the store. They were a few boxes, but not many. He would have more when the truck came later today. He knew Victor Belmont had few books he had order coming in. When it came to Victor Elliott was perfectly fine with just renting him the book. After all the museum owner with his gift of photographic memory had no need to reread, listen to, or see things more then once. Victor was an interesting person to talk that was for sure. Rory had hit the nail on the head when he had dubbed his father Devonshire Falls' Walking and Talking Encyclopedia. He was must defiantly that. Want to know when this or that happened, why is the sky blue, and various other questions chances were Victor knew. Despite all that Victor never acted like a know it all. Maybe, because he had one time told Elliott he did not know it all. Everyday people should learn something new, was Victor's motto. It was a good motto and Elliott agreed. That newly learned thing did not have to be academia based. He had recently with the help of Mikhail's learned how to make a favorite dessert of his boyfriend Jeremiah's. It did not turn out well, but at least he tried. Although the thing Elliott hoped the whole town learn was where Maryanne was. He and the rest of the town felt horrible for Doctor Berne, and the rest of Maryanne's brothers and sisters. The Berne family was a large one. All his kids were adopted by the doctor. A single man with no powers of his own. He was still special in his own way just like Chase was. He there were other doctors and nurse that worked at the clinic, but Berne was the best. Elliott hoped that they found Maryanne alive. He heard about happened to Anna Seville all those years ago. Elliott had not been living in Devonshire Falls at the time. It was not hard to see that whoever took Maryanne probably also took Anna. It would not surprise him if after Doctor Berne done serving his justice on the kidnapper or kidnappers. That Shaun would take a stab at them. Elliott did not really know the other man, but he has seen him with Wylie time to time. He really only knew Wylie through Miah. Elliott loved how is boyfriend was so caring of everyone. He did not care what others said about Miah being a psychotic murder. His father sounded like a real monster. There were time Elliott wonder if he had the stomach for it, could he of killed his family. In a sense he did. His parents and sister no longer his family to him. Jeremiah and the people of Devonshire Falls were his family. Eugene had been the father he never had, and had left him the store. He had also taught him not to hate his gift.

                    BRRING BRRING The sound of the store's phone ringing broke Elliott from his thoughts. He went behind the counter and picked up the cordless phone. He heard it beeped as picked it he picked it up. He pressed the phone to hear and spoke. “Hello” “Hello, is this A Novel Idea?” “Yes, it is I'm the owner Elliott Savage.” “Hello Mr. Savage this is Ben Howard of World Books Resale.” The man on the phone said in formal tone. World Books was the company Elliott ordered from. “Yes?” “I'm sorry to say, but your order for today is going to be postponed due to the weather.” “I see, thank you for calling.” Well, Victor might be slightly upset. Elliott did not blame them though. When it rain in the winter in Wisconsin chances of the roads being icy were high. Ben Howard said his formal goodbye and Elliott went back to restocking books and ringing up the few costumers he got in the store. He heard the bell on the door ding, and eminently felt euphoric. "Good morning, Elli!” Jeremiah said with a smile sounding more well rested than Elliott had heard him in way. His smile was intoxicating, and Elliott soon broke out his own. A real smile, not the being polite the costumer smile. “Good morning!” He placed the copy of Charles Dicken's Great Expectations down, and turned to face Jeremiah. Jeremiah made his way over to him, and Elliott smiled as he felt his hand run down his back. He could feel Miah still smiling as they kissed. That did not bother Elliott, because he was smiling too. They ended their chaste kiss. Elliott had placed his arms around Jeremiah loving the way it felt to hold him. He felt slightly damp form the rain, but Elliott could careless. "Sleep well?" “Yes, I did thank you...I can tell you did too.” He said with loving smile on his face. “It's great to see you so, well rested.” He leaned in to kiss Jeremiah again when pitiful sounding meow broke into the air. Elliott let out a mock sigh of annoyance and looked down. There was Penny meowing and rubbing herself against Jeremiah's legs. The tan and cream color tabby then lay down on the tops of Jeremiah's shoes. She was still meowing to let him know that he should be petting her and bothering with Elliott. Penny may like Elliott, but she adored Jeremiah. It was cute the way she followed him around like a lost puppy. (Not that Penny would want to be compared to a dog, so maybe lost kitten was more appropriate.) Penny had came with the store, so Elliott let her and Sir Didymus roam around it. They were both good with the costumers. Even though Didymus like to hide time to time. The town kids had plenty good times playing games to find him. Having food on them always help to find the black cat. The way to Didymus's heart was definitely through his stomach. “Well, looks like we have a romantic interloper.” Elliott said with smile shaking his head. Elliott ignored the cat and went to kiss Jeremiah again.

                    Once more they were interrupted. This time it was Victor Belmont coming into the store. “Please, excuse me.” Elliott told Jeremiah before making his way over to Victor. “Hello, Victor how has your morning been?” The older man waved at both him, spotted Jeremiah and did the same to him. “It's been good, and yours?” “Very, well thank you.” Victor grinned knowing and nudge Elliott in the shoulder. “I wasn't interrupting anything was I?” Elliott knew his face turned red, because he could he feel it doing so. “Ahh..ahh..n..no!” Victor gave him a look that said that he did not believe him, but did not say anything else. Elliott cleared his throat to break the silence. “Unfortunately your books aren't going to be in today, the delivery was postponed due to the weather.” “Ahh...I see that's too bad.” Victor said as he glance toward a window. It was still raining outside, but it was no longer the down pour it once was. “Well, I guess I'll be heading back to the museum.” Victor said as he adjusted his coat and hat. “Do you want a ride, or something?” Rainy winter days in Wisconsin were not pleasant things. He hated how Wylie and that one kid were probably playing their instruments and freezing in thirty or twenty degree weather. It was a good thing that Gene in spite off all his family was going through kept an eye on everyone's health. “No, thank you. I'm going to stop by and see Gene before heading there.” Elliott nodded in understand. Victor was good friends with the doctor. “Well, it was nice seeing you you both. My son wanted me to join him and Taylor, but I'm going to pass. Any opportunities they have to be alone together I give them. They both need to hurry up and confess their feelings. I'm not getting any younger, and I would like grandchildren.” Victor said this so earnestly that Elliott could not laugh, he just smiled. It was true though. A blind man could see that the two friends liked each. Just not them. “Thank you for stopping by Vic. I will call you when those books are in.” “Thank you, and I will go so you and that wonderful man you are dating can be alone.” Victor said with with a friendly smile, before turning to Jeremiah. “It was nice seeing you Mr. Lucio, give your sister my best when you see her.” Victor left the store and things were once again quite. “He's a nice man.” Elliott said out loud with light smile. He walked over to Jeremiah again, and kiss him with out saying anything. “Miah, do you want to go out later tonight?” He asked while holding Miah, and using his left hand to card his soft hair. “We could have dinner and maybe see a movie.” Although they were dating it had been sometime since he and Miah had been able to go on a date. “If the weather is crappy we can stay at my place or yours.” He said before leaning in to kiss his boyfriend. “Although you will have to cook...you know how I am in the kitchen, hahahaha.”

                    The next few hours flew by quickly. A Novel Idea did not get many costumers, but that did not surprise him. He and Jeremiah ordered lunch for from a Chinese place in town, and ate it up stairs in his apartment. It was thirty minutes before seven and Elliott was counting the register when he heard the door ding. A young woman entered the store. He smiled lightly as by the looks of it, she tried to hide her excitement. He continued what he was doing, and the girl began looking around the store. The sound of her speaking made him look up and at her. “Hi there, Elliott. My name is Ariana and I'm new here in Devonshire Falls. Books are one of my passions in life, and I was wondering if you might need some help around the shop.” The girl who he now knew was called Ariana said eagerly. “Hello, nice to meet you. Yes, I could use help...I can find a application form for you later. We actually need to get going to the town meeting. If you're moving here you might as well go. I can give directions to the town hall. It's a short walk form here, well almost everything is, hahaha.” He said rubbing his head sheepishly. ”That's what small town's are like.” Elliott gave Ariana directions after he left he place the close sign on the door, and locked the front door. He and Jeremiah would use the back and lock it behind them when they left. After everything was done he and Miah headed to the town hall. Most of the town was there, including the mayor, her assistant, the sheriff, and the good doctor. The town's people were whispering and murmuring between themselves. Was there any news of Maryanne’s whereabouts, or was this meeting for something else?

                    OOC: Yay I will have my other posts up in the next few days. =3

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                                        "I'll walk by and get you here in a minute, Dad. I need to get a few things done around the shop first then grab Zeus from upstairs." the brunette stated, her French accent heavy, as she held her phone between her ear and her shoulder. Her delicate hand gently touched the top of a wilting rose. As her perfectly manicured fingers touched the tops of the petals, the purple-red color of the rose began to fade away and turn into the luscious red color it was meant to be. The rose slowly lifted back up and stood erect, it's face toward the ceiling. "Just making sure you didn't forget your old man, sweet pea. I'll let you get back to work. Love you." Benjamin said, hanging up before his daughter could even respond. Galadriel pulled her hand away from the flower and grabbed her phone, looking at the screen and scowling. She hadn't even gotten a chance to tell him to take his heart medicine. After looking around Greenfield one more time, Adriel moved behind the marble check-out counter toward the mahogany door on the right. The silver colored door knob shocked her as she twisted it toward the wall and she yanked her hand back. Adriel had never liked when she was shocked by metal objects. When she went grocery shopping, she always pulled her sleeve over her hand before touching something metal, but in her home and things, she had high hopes that it wouldn't happen. Of course she was wrong, the probability of it happening at home was just as high as in public. Before she had pulled her hand back, she had at least unlatched the door and pulled it open far enough to where it was cracked. Galadriel grabbed the wooden side of the door and pulled it open the rest of the way to expose the stairs to her apartment above the shop.

                                        Adriel pulled the door shut behind her before taking the stairs two at a time. At the top of the stairs sat her Akita Inu, Zeus. His tail began to wag furiously as he saw his master approach. "Hey Zeus-y" Adriel cooed as she patted her dogs head. As she walked into the living room, Zeus followed closely at her heels. She tossed her cell phone onto the couch as she passed through and went to her room. Upon hearing Zeus let out a small whine, Galadriel stopped in her tracks and looked at the dog, "I'll take you outside in a minute". Adriel padded across the floor barefoot and headed straight for her closet. She was still in her pajamas because she hadn't even left the house at all during the day. After snagging a few things from hangers and grabbing a pair of shoes off the closet floor, Adriel grabbed under garments from her dresser that was also in the closet, then headed toward the bathroom. Her apartment was small, but it fit her perfectly since it was just her and Zeus there. When she had first purchased the building, she had debated on whether or not she wanted to just live with her father and run the shop as well as rent out the top portion of the building or if she just wanted to move in on the second floor and run her shop. After a long discussion with her dad as to what she should do, Benjamin had convinced her that it would be fine to leave him alone and move into the apartment. Galadriel had left reluctantly, but soon settled in and decorated her house according to her liking with the help of her father. Benjamin was the local tech guy since he was a technopath and earned plenty of money for himself so he was quick to spoil his daughter.

                                        After about twenty minutes of being in the shower, Adriel finally finished cleaning herself up and stepped out. She dressed quickly, struggling a little to put her boots on, then did her hair in a messy side braid. Galadriel applied a minimum of make-up that included mascara, a thin, black line of eyeliner, and some Never Ending Nude New York Color lip stain. Walking back to her room, dirty clothes in arm and Zeus on her heel, Adriel tossed the clothes into her hamper in the closet then grabbed her purse off the inside door hook. Before walking away from the closet, Adriel closed the door with her foot then went to her computer desk in the corner of her room. She tossed her wallet, a couple of dog bags, and her lip stain into it as she grabbed her keys and held them tightly. "Zeus, leash," Galadriel said as she walked into the living room and set her purse on the couch by her phone. Zeus had already bounded off across the room toward the front door to grab his chest harness and leash from his basket. With the two items in mouth, the white dog carried them back to Galadriel with his tail wagging happily. "That's my good boy, Zeus-y," she cooed once again as she knelt down in front of Zeus and took the harness and leash from him with no tug-of-war involved. Zeus stood entirely still as his master put the harness on him and then clicked the leash into the ring on the back. With Zeus's leash loop around her wrist, she held the top portion of it in her hand tightly then grabbed her purse and keys. She shrugged the purse onto her shoulder then walked out of the apartment and stood at the top of the stairs. Galadriel pulled the top door closed, locked it, then did the same to the mahogany door at the bottom once she was back in the shop.

                                        Before walking toward the door of her shop, Galadriel looked around at all of her plants again to make sure they were all okay. Once she had checked them for the third time that afternoon, Adriel finally walked out of the shop through the glass front door, pulled the security bars across and put them in place, then locked the door too. Zeus barked happily at a passer-by who looked as if they were walking toward town hall. Adriel had to go the opposite way and get her dad first though. Spinning around, she walked away from the center of town and toward her dad's three bedroom, two bathroom abode. After five blocks, she finally arrived and just walked directly in. Benjamin never left the door locked when he was home and was generally found watching television in the evenings. "Adi?" Benjamin called from the kitchen, which came as a surprise to the brunette. Zeus tugged against his leash as he tried to scurry into the kitchen to see Ben. After her mother died when she was little, Benjamin had bought Galadriel her dog and at the time he was just a little ten week old puppy. Galadriel reached down and unhooked Zeus from his harness and laughed as Zeus scrambled across the hard wood floor and into the kitchen. She followed him at a leisurely pace and stood in the kitchen doorway. They still had about thirty minutes before they had to be at the meeting about Maryanne. The only reason she knew about the meeting was because of her father, who had been on a job fixing a television and had been told, so he told her. "Hey, papa." Galadriel said as she watched her dad take his heart medicine. He had actually remembered on his own.

                                        Benjamin's heart problems hadn't started until Adriel's mother had died. As he had gotten older, the heart condition had become worse and he had needed medication so that he could live on his own. Galadriel still checked on him all the time though. He was the only family she had left. Ben and Coraline had planned on having at least one more child, but then Cora had passed away suddenly and no one knew why. Both of her parents had come to Devonshire Falls from France after they first got married. Her father was a technopath, but her mother had absolurely no powers or abilities. Benjamin had felt it was right for them to be in Devonshire Falls where there were more people like him there though. Just two years after they had married and moved, they had Galadriel and one month short of a year after that, Coraline was found dead in their home. The coroner had found no sign or her putting up a struggle or anything. They said she had just died peacefully of natural causes. Although the cops had told him there was nothing to worry about, Benjamin was suspicious of his wife's death. He had to put all of it on the back burner for his eleven month old daughter though. Benjamin put everything into raising Galadriel the right way, a way that her mother would be proud of if she were still alive.

                                        "Ready to go, chérie? Benjamin asked as he set his glass by the sink then knelt down and began scratching behind Zeus's ears. Zeus licked Ben's face before Adriel whistled and his ears perked up. The dog padded across the tile, his nails clicking loudly, then sat at Galadriel's feet. Galadriel crouched down and watched her dad as she clicked the leash back onto Zeus, "Let's go, daddy she said in a barely a whisper as she saw her dad wince with pain while getting up from the ground. Adriel walked over to her dad and kissed his cheek while wrapping her arms around him. Benjamin smiled then offered her his arm. She placed her hand in the crook of his arm after readjusting her purse and they left the house. They walked the seven blocks back toward the center of town, just talking about their weeks and catching up with Zeus walking at Adriel's heel.

                                        With just a few minutes to spare, they walked into the town hall and stood toward the back. Most of the town was already there and Galadriel stayed close to her dad's side. She used the 'sit' command motion and Zeus parked it right beside Adriel. They waited quietly, and patiently, for the meeting to start and Sheriff Micheals to grab everyone's attention.

                                        ( o.o.c. ) ...
                                        @ heading toward the town meeting w/ zeus and Benjamin
                                        THEME OF THE DAY - CLOTHES AND HAIR
                                        MY BEST FRIEND - ZEUS

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                                                      If Athena learned anything today, it would be that she should never go to Shaun's job ever again, ever. Kids were just too frustrating for her taste. Now she sat on her window sill, legs swinging slightly, computer on her lap and cigarette between her lips, as always. She wore black sweatpants and pink sports bra, her hair tied up and glasses pushed up to the top of her head. She was typing away at her keyboard when her phone started ringing. She looked to the screen and saw an unflattering photo of her aunt, Meredith Harker. Athena wedged the phone between her shoulder and her ear, having to bend her neck awkwardly, keeping your eyes glued onto the screen. "You know what you're doing right now could be considered public nudity."

                                                      "Oh is that so?" She said, uninterested and sarcastic, but Meredith kept plowing on.

                                                      "Everyone can see you, Marilyn, so it's public and you're not wearing a shirt so it's nudity."

                                                      "I don't think that's the definition of nudity."

                                                      "You're going to drop your computer sitting like that, oh my God it's like you're asking to get hurt. Who in their right minds sits on the edge of a window with a two thousand dollar computer?!"

                                                      "I have three-- was there a point to this phone call or was it just to annoy me?" She took a drag from the cigarette and blew the smoke into the night sky.

                                                      "The town meeting is mandatory, Marilyn. Put on a sweater and come down." Aunt Meredith was one of the few to call her by her middle name. She said it was because it made Athena sound more dignified.

                                                      "I can watch it from here. I already went outside today."

                                                      "Get dressed and come to the meeting. Stay on the phone."

                                                      Damn it, Meredith was using her powers on her. Athena groaned and smushed her cigarette in the ash tray, twisting her torso and lowering her computer onto the floor before climbing into the house, putting her phone on speaker as she made the effort of finding something relatively clean. Finally she found her old, maroon Harvard sweatshirt, sliding on flip flops. Her aunt was talking about whatever on the phone, Athena responding with one worded answers that she didn't even know could justify as an answer. She took the phone in one hand and her keys in the other, leaving her room and then shouting at Taylor that she was leaving for the meeting, even though there was a possibility she was shouting into an empty void because it all honesty, she hadn't seen her roommate since this morning. Meredith was still talking about something boring. "That ******** kid beat my score again. She said, out of the blue. She was on some forum, one of her favorite websites. She and a few others on the website were considered Gaming Gods, and one of the mysterious Gods beat her high score on a game. She figured it was some twelve year old in New York. She didn't even give Meredith time to respond.

                                                      "Like honestly, it was by barely anything. Do you realize that I didn't sleep for four days to get that score and this dude comes in and ruins it, again, in, what?, two or three days? It's like -- Jesus Christ, sorry, didn't see you there kid." Athena was so busy being mad that she didn't even see the kid in the black hoodie that she nearly knocked over. She kept walking but looked back. She couldn't place a face to a name, which wasn't surprising that she couldn't, but still. It was especially weird. She shook her head and listened to her aunt try to gather any and all information that she knew of the game that Athena was talking about. Which was pretty much none. One of the many things that Athena hated the most was when someone, especially teachers, tried talking about something that they knew nothing about. It usually consisted of the person stuttering and going in verbal circles which honestly made her contemplate throwing herself out a window. "Thanks for trying, Mere, but I gotta go. Okay ... Okay ... Yeah, I'm walking now. Alright Mere, shut up, I'm going now." She said as she got to the town meeting, ending the phone call and shoving one hand into her pockets. She opened a new text message.

                                                      to; Jackson 5
                                                      from; some ******** goddess
                                                      I'm out of the house twice in a day
                                                      It must be a miracle
                                                      Find me hollaaaa
                                                      Wow I felt dumb just typing that

                                                      She sent the message to Jackson and stood in the back of the crowd and stuck the phone into her pocket. She produced a cigarette (of course) and a lighter and lit up. She was starting to get kind of sick of cigarettes from having so many in one day. It usually wasn't so many, but she ran out of weed, so she was stuck with them. She would have to get more from her dealer after the meeting or get some from the Police evidence storage. Which was immoral and wrong and she had to act a bit like a stupid girl, but it was cheaper.

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