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              xxxx DANIELLE ━ HEART !!
                    Organic manipulation; to define such an interesting power, you have to see what it can do. Danielle, unfortunately, understands what it can do; the grievances it can cause, and the joy it can bring. Had any one else gained such an influential power, Danielle was sure it would have been used for the wrong reasons. Which was never a good thing; evil people with devastating abilities couldn't be taken lightly. That power would have been used to kill, and that was something Danielle was thankful wasn't the case. Danielle wanted to use her powers to save peoples lives. Though her abilities were limited. She could only manipulate organic material, which meant extracting bullets and things through, or inside the body was...harder than just simply healing cuts, cancer, or other such things. Sometimes she couldn't help these people in time, which made her upset, yes, but she knew that not everyone would be saved. Sometimes people had to die, whether we wanted them to or not. It was just the natural balance of life.
                    Danielle discovered her abilities early on, and that also meant the negative aspect of them; the killing touch. At first, she didn't have much control over it. She hadn't meant to hurt anyone, but it happened. Danielle had killed a neighbors dog on accident, and that was the moment that she knew she needed to work on control. Not to mention she started wearing gloves so that she couldn't hurt anyone else. This was only after Danielle had lost her family. It explained on why she had accidentally done it; she didn't have control on her own emotions; she was still upset about loosing her mother, and her older brother, Jackson. They were her world. She was sixteen at the time that she managed to find out about her abilities. She was only thirteen when she tried killing herself, which ended up in...this giant mess. A giant, inescapable mess.

                    Danielle grew up in the country side of France, working with her abilities and her new parents, who were both wonderful. Danielle wanted to do so much more for them than she could give, so she studied hard and got herself into medical school. It was the only clear option for her; she had these abilities, she liked the help people; she needed to become a doctor. And that's exactly what she went to school for. However, things changed when Danielle got the idea to go visit her mother. It was brief, and the woman didn't quite recognize her. She needed new glasses, which made Danielle giggle lightly, because the woman had always needed new glasses. However, she found out things about her brother that...sparked an urge to see him. He had a little girl. And moved to America after the 'disappearance' of their father. Danielle was pretty sure that Jackson had killed him, and she wasn't really upset about it. Not after mother explained what he had done. Danielle was just thankful the woman trusted her. She never said anything about killing, no, she said Jackson punched him in the face and kicked him out of the house. And that was the last time either of them saw him. Danielle knew better. So, their father was dead now. Which meant that Jackson and their mother were no longer in any danger; none. Danielle was free to visit her family.
                    So, Danielle did what she felt was best for her and her abilities; she went to America to find her brother. He was now living in some Devonshire falls place, which was a rather small town, but Danielle had rather liked it when she stumbled out of the taxi and onto the side walk. It was quaint. She could understand why Jackson liked the place so much; it was a perfect place to raise a kid in.

                    Danielle was tired from her journey though, and she needed a place to stay, and probably something to eat. She needed to stay awake, simply because of the time difference. She needed to adjust herself to the time here, and get herself a schedule. And figure out how she was going to approach her brother.
                    It didn't take her long to find a place to sleep; the weary traveler Inn. She giggled lightly at the name. It was perfect for her at the moment, considering how sleepy she was from traveling. So, she got herself a room, talking briefly with the man at the counter, who introduced himself as Ian. Who was kinda cute. But she ignored that opinion for the time being and went to her room, dropping off her things. She'd probably be there for a couple days before she would be able to really talk to Jackson. There was just so much to say to him. So much to tell him, and she didn't even know how to go about starting it. What if he didn't believe her? That was probably the worst case scenario. But it was still a possibility, so Danielle needed to be prepared for that. So, she had a lot of her paperwork with her, and her birth certificate, which she managed to get through work. So, she could prove to him that she was his sister. Hell, she wouldn't mind having a DNA test done either. She could get one of those kits done no problem. And then she could prove it. But for now, she'd just try talking to him. Maybe after she got settled in some. She also needed to figure out where he lived. That was a good idea. Or where he worked. Either would be good, though she preferred to do this at his home. More private.

                    So, for the time being, Danielle decided to head into town to look around. It was a small place, maybe she'd spot him somewhere and be able to follow him. Or something. Or ask someone about him. That would be a good idea. She wondered if he had changed any since she last saw him. She wouldn't be surprised if he had, considering how much he had to go through, not to mention he thought she was dead. Loosing a sibling like that was always hard, and she couldn't imagine how he must have felt thinking she was dead this entire time.
                    It was hard enough knowing that he was still alive and she couldn't go talk to him, but thinking he was dead? That was an entirely different kind of pain. A pain she didn't even want to imagine. Jackson was her older brother, and she loved him very much. She only prayed that she could have him back in her life now that their father was gone, and Jackson was living on his own. If he'd even take her back.
                    There was always that option too, which Dani didn't want to think about. She would understand it though; all those years of pain. She could get it. After all that time, he might not want to deal with that kind of knowledge. But she had to do something. She wanted to make that effort; to show him she still cared, and that she did, in fact, want to be apart of his life. But for now, Danielle just wanted to get a feel of where she was, wrap her mind around what she was doing, figure out what she wanted to say, and how she was going to say it.

                    Walking around town with her umbrella in the rain was good. It was refreshing out there, and it helped wake her up some. Though she was sure she was going to stop in somewhere and buy herself a coffee the moment she could find some. Walking around, Dani admired all of the things there. All the shops, and the different people going by. It was strange, but she felt like she just...belonged there, you know? Like this was the right thing to do.
                    With a light sigh, Danielle continued to walk. She could hear music off in the distance and looked around some more. A couple shops; music, books, coffee, and a bakery. She could see a movie theater, which looked a lot like an old fashioned opera house, and homes. It was nice. Different in comparison to where Danielle lived for such a long time, but it was still nice. She stayed close to the inn, just so she could remember where she was at for now. Not to mention it was still early morning, and it was rather wet outside. But there was a bakery near by, and something sweet sounded like a good idea.

                    Laptop died yesterday. I probably won't have it fixed until after Christmas. But I have my desktop. Which is...slow. And freezes. xD So replies will be amazingly slow...sorry.


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                    Victor Belmont was currently performing one of his most favorite tasks, shifting through the numerous junk in the museum’s store room. Not that the stuff in his mind was junk, all of it held an interesting story or two. He and his son Rory owned and ran the town's museum. It was not large, but there were a few people who were or are interested in the town's past. So, they still got visitors. Admission was free, because Victor believed that people should not have to pay for knowledge. The Belmont family themselves had been one of the original founders of the town. It was rumored that Francis Belmont had the ability to control the weather. Whether this was true or not is not known, but Francis Belmont like most of the others who occupied the town either now or back then had an special gift. Almost everyone in town today did. Even if they were not born in Devonshire Falls, people who others would deem extraordinary always founded their way there. The town just called to them some how. It was the town's own special gift. Victor continued looking around the room, a dusty looking leather bonded book on a top shelf caught his eye. He reached and stretched it retrieve it, causing a few items to avalanche downwards. He started sneezing as the fallen items caused a dust cloud to appear in the room. He opened the book up carefully gingerly turning pages to to see what it was. It appeared to be a journal of some sort. Who's he could not tell yet, but with any luck he would be able to soon. Then he saw clear as day written on the back of the book. Thomas Sinclair. The father in law of the man who led the party that had settled and founded Devonshire Falls. His great great grandfather. “This is excellent!” Victor acclaimed out loud. He did not know much about Thomas Sinclair, but if he was lucky the journal would help him. First though he had to go to bookstore a grab those items he had asked Elliott to order for him. He stuck his head out of the storeroom and could hear the sounds of his son Rory getting ready for the day. “Rory, you need to see what I found!”

                    Rory Belmont rolled over in bed, and nosed his blankets off himself. Sometime during the night he must of shifted, because he was currently in the form of a large brown and cream colored dog. An Australian Cattle dog his he guessed. Somethings he shifted into purebreds, others into mutts. It was not uncommon for him to shift while asleep, despite trying his best to control it. How often he shifted in the night he guessed probably had to do with what he was dreaming about. Then again it was only a guess. It could make dating hard though. There had been a woman he tried dating several years ago. She did not like the fact of wake up with a face full of fur. That, and fact she had been cheating on him caused their relationship to end rather quickly. He had spent the evening getting drunk and watching reruns of Mystery Science Theater 3000 with Taylor. He may have had a lot of friends. He liked people, and as his father called him a social butterfly. Taylor though was his best friend, out of all of them. Ever since the first day the younger woman arrived they had bonded. He loved her to death and she was very beautiful in Rory's mind. Asking her out though was something he could get the will power to ever act on it. The thought of losing her as friend devastated him. His dad Victor liked her. He treated her like the daughter he never had. Rory had often thought about what it would have been like to have siblings. That, and what his mom was like. His mom had died giving birth to him, and his dad never remarried. Although his dad had told him many times that Rory was just like her. Although he could shift into any animal including other people (he preferred not to shift to people it took up more energy) his default animal was always a large dog. He can remember his dad telling him as a kid that it had to with his personality. That he was friendly, loyal, and playful like a dog. His current height of six feet and three inches made that dog a large one. He shifted back into his human form and walked out his bedroom. He did not know the hows or whys, but his clothing shifted with him. Which as saved him from many embarrassing situations. He walked into the bathroom and exited later showered and returned to his room. He was getting dressed when he heard his father call for him.

                    Now fully dressed in jeans a t-shirt, and hoodie Rory dashed down the stairs. “Good morning!” He said as he entered the storeroom. He took in the mess and shook his head with a smile. It was rare for his dad Victor not to make a mess while looking for something. Especially when he did not know what he was looking for. Well then again even if did know he still managed to make a mess. Carefully stepping over piles of stuff that had fallen Rory made his way over toward his father. “So, what did you find?” “A journal that belonged to your great great great grandfather, or maybe he was your great great great great grandfather.” Victor rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, and smiled. “I'm never good at all those great, grand, third cousin twice removed titles.” Rory let out a light laughed. “That's fine dad, I think you know enough already, that and we can always find out easily enough.” He had finally reached his father, and failed to noticed the pair of snowshoes hanging in the rafters. He winced as his head bumped into them. “Why are these here?” He asked feeling annoyed more at his injury than at anything else. Victor answered earnestly. “They're neat uh? They're called snowshoes and they were invented in...” “Dad I didn't ask what they were, but why were they in here, they should be with the other winter gear.” Rory said cutting his father off before he gave him a length in depth background of the snowshoes. He loved the man, but sometimes the monologues he gave could be tedious. “Well, never mind we can clean up and organize later.” Rory said with a smile completely forgetting about his superficial injury. “I may I see that journal please?” He asked holding out his hand. Victor returned his smile and handed to the book to his son. His dad was right the journal was pretty interesting. Rory thought as he carefully flipped through the pages. “We need to find out more about Thomas Sinclair.” Victor nodded in excited agreement. “First, I need to get those books I order from A Novel Idea.” He said as he made his way out the storeroom. He paused and glanced up at the ceiling then at his son. “Watch your head this time.” Rory's only response was to give a light laugh.

                    They are arrived at the downtown book store by car. By the time they ran they short distance from the parked car to the store they were soaked. Rory shivered and frowned slightly sticking his hands down the pockets of his heavy coat. He did not mind rain, but it was getting cold, and the aspect of icy roads was something to be careful about. “Before you know we'll have snow., still that means snow forts and snowball fights.” Rory stated with a happy grin on his to his father as he held the door open for him. “How old are you again?” Victor said with a serious look on his face, which quickly faded and broke into a grin of his own. “Well, as long as you and your friends don't chuck snowballs at your old man all is good. I can remember your mother...” Victor began to say, but did not finish. Even after two decades and five years it was still hard to talk about his late wife. Rory knew this and changed the topic. “Dad, I need to go see Taylor. We made plans last night to meet at the bakery, then I got work at the cafe.” Victor nodded as both of them paused underneath the awning above A Novel Idea's door. “Very well I'll call you when I'm done.” Rory nodded. “Ok, I'll get some of those scones you like, I'm sure Mikhail and Joanna have made some.” Victor smiled fondly at his son and reach up to ruffle his damp hair. “Thank you, have fun with Taylor. Tell her, and that roommate of hers Athena to come over for dinner.” Rory smiled back and gently navigated his father in the direction of the door. “I will, and goodbye.” He and his dad exchanged their good byes and Rory ran back to the car. The drive from the bookstore to the bakery was not a long one. He parked the car as close as he could to the door of the Sunday's Sweets. The rain had begun to die down as he stepped out of the car. Weather could be a fickle thing in Wisconsin. One thing that remain constant was that the winters were always hard ones. It was rare not have the ground covered in snow, and to have days the in the teens or below zero. Luckily the summer season barely got above eighty degrees. That was until this summer. The heat had been during though months. The winter season and the rain in all honesty had been a welcomed sight. Rory entered the bakery and was bombarded by the wonderful smells of baked goods. Rory had a large sweet tooth and had yet to meet a sweet that he did not like. Especially those of Joanna and Khail's. He walked further into the store and spotted the person he had come to meet. The lovely Taylor Monroe his best friend. As well as Mikhail Lawrence of course. He Jackson and Ava Heart were there as well. Stopping to get baked goods before heading to the school he guessed. Rory thought that despite the Jackson acting like a jerk most of the time, he had to be a good guy deep down. Especially if you took notice of the way he acted around Ava. Out of the corner of his eye Rory noticed the flyer for the town meeting. Something that had to do with Maryanne and maybe the aspect of outsider. Everyone would have to keep their gifts on the lowdown. The thing they need was to become research experiments. He hoped for the Berne family's sake they found Maryanne soon and in good health. He did not want to think about such depressing thoughts at the moment. So, he pushed them toward the back of his mind. A friendly smile appeared on his face and he greeted the others in an equally friendly tone. “Good morning!” He said to all before going to hug Taylor. “Hello, my darling Tay.”

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                          All right. Next time he was going to plan this out better. Hands shrugged in his pockets, the rain started falling faster—he would swear to it—than it had been a few moments ago. The leather jacket he usually settled himself into didn’t exactly have a hood and he wasn’t fond of umbrellas. Strange considering how moody he knew the weather could be. So now here he was. Standing in front of a window getting poured on by rain. What a lovely morning, yes? But he couldn’t stop grinning like an idiot as Athena poked her head out. He was definitely going to catch a cold from this.

                          He laughed as she called down to him. “Well, I’m not sure how great my ‘whisking’ skills are but I can sure try.” He shrugged, hands out then back in pockets again. He flinched as rain almost got in his eye. Man, this was going to have to let up if he wanted to smoke another cigarette before class. Sadly, it was against the rules to smoke inside the school. He couldn’t imagine why, it wasn’t like they weren’t almost legal to smoke anything they wanted in any form they could get it. Right? He grinned a bit at the thought. “Anything for you.” He chuckled as she disappeared inside the window again.

                          A flicker of movement from his left caught his attention like a cat with a ball of yarn. He peered closer, swearing to himself that he thought he saw that curtain move. But when moments passed without a follow up, he had to swear himself crazy—but he did that at least twice a day if someone else didn’t do it for him. Another flicker of movement had his eyes doing a tango and Taylor leaned out of the window, remarking that her hair wasn’t long enough to let him in. He blew a kiss at her with a grin. “You outta get that checked out. How else am I supposed to get in? Ladders are sooooo last century.” He laughed. “It’s cool. I’m already soaked anyway. I’ll dry off later. I imagine it’s gonna be Atlantis day.” He waved good bye to her as she disappeared again inside.

                          He did end up stepping under the porch to prevent a day of eternal soaked-ness, however. He was leaning against the wall when—fifteen minutes later—Athena came romping down. Ah, with an umbrella. Like a smart person. Which he wasn’t. She raised it a bit and he meandered underneath it. “Coming, mother.” He teased, loping one arm around her lazily until she decided to move. And move from English to Siamese. Dear god. Athena was easily a genius. Which he didn’t mind at all, good for her, really. Tragic she refused to do anything ‘smart-peopley’ with it. But she always forgot that he had sub-par grades all the way through high school. They rose slightly only because artists were concerned with art, not math and science. In the art courses, he’d done fantabulously, it was just everything else that didn’t matter to him, that he forgot. He had a bad tendency for that. If he didn’t care, he couldn’t remember it. Luckily, he did care about a lot of things—but keep that on the downlow.

                          “You lost me at hello.” He remarked, playing off the old adage, with a shrug as they walked, the sound of rain along the sidewalk drowned out most of the smaller noises. “I love you, I do, but I think you conveniently forget that math and I are not bro’s.” Equations never made sense to him. Honestly. They were…the strangest flimsily, concrete, forms of anything he’d ever encountered. For something that was supposed to only work in one fashion, equations held a lot of exceptions. He shrugged again. “I could make you a damn fine mural out of equations—but then I’d have to say what it meant and that, that just wouldn’t work. I’d have to flubber around like a fish out of water. Can’t have that can we? But there is a lot of rain today.” He remarked thoughtfully. The scenery flickered once becoming blurry then clear again as he decided to refrain from illusion-making for the moment. Shaun had the unfortunate habit of using his illusions to make a point—sometimes when there wasn’t one. He really just liked using them. Unfortunately, so did a lot of people. His students demanded he change how the room looked every day, one had to wonder sometimes whether it was him running the show or them. The question could be argued either way. Then there was Matthias, who owned Press Play and the Treble N’ Clefton, his best friend. He was always asking him to change things for his shows or scrounge up ideas on how to change the scenery. One of these days he was going to get a brain aneurism. Well, at least he’d go out in a flash. Death by power overload? Bring it. “But continue on, I’ll listen even if I’m not sure what’s going on.”

                          He caught Athena gazing over the fliers about the meeting for Maryanne. He didn’t say anything about it but took the offered cigarette. “Like you read my mind.” He grinned as he lit up; his own cigarettes rattled around in his pockets—he’d share with her later. It was the thing he did. More often than not, he’d forget his cigarettes or his lighter one or the other, and then he’d have to bum off someone else. But he never forgot his debts. He racked one on Athena to repay later. He inhaled the sweetness of nicotine. It was different for Athena. Smoking curbed something for her—it wasn’t the same for him. For Shaun, it was just a habit he had no motivation to break. It wasn’t that important.

                          Things fell silent between them. So he started humming (Pat Benetar’s Heartbreaker this round) to make up for silence in the rain as he took another drag, briefly glancing around the umbrella. “Well that doesn’t sound fun.” He remarked in kind to her heartattack issue. “Nor healthy. Let’s not do that, okay? It’d be a shame to lose you.” He blew smoke in front of them, partially fascinated by the mix of chill and rain that intertwined with it. He was starting to notice details now—little things, things of potential inspiration. Maybe he would draw that today; had to do something worthwhile in class. Besides bother Athena. But that was a given, she did offer herself up to be bait for Shaun and fifteen seventeen year olds. Probably wasn’t the smartest move in the playbook but it would make for a fun morning—which was what she was betting on, he was sure.

                          They wandered past the park when an overtone floated past them. He’d heard that voice before but the name was running away from him. Caelyn, Kadan, Kaiden? Kaiden? That rang a small bell. Was that it? He shrugged and flicked his cigarette to the ground when he finished it, crushing it beneath his heel before they moved on. A part of him felt bad, the kid was sitting on a park bench near them now. Athena dug through her pocket for a crumpled ten dollar bill. It made him wonder if he had any cash on him as well. Kid was going to die of pneumonia if he stayed out here like this in the rain. He didn’t like it. Didn’t like it at all. He fished a couple of assorted bills out of his pocket to give him in the drive by as Athena kept going like she had somewhere to be. He grinned a bit when a flash of black caught his eye from the distance.

                          Why be a teacher? “Why not? I mean what else am I going to do with a degree in art? Draw? That’s absurd.” He chuckled, turning around to look for the little shadow he caught while walking backwards to keep up with Athena. She continued complaining. He just laughed. “You realize that you just described me right? Minus the bad smell part. I do shower quite often, thanks.” She paused to glance back in the direction he was facing, causing Shaun to almost stumble. “They aren’t that bad when you get to know them. Yeah, they’re annoying little bastards but then again, so am I, right?” He was certain now; that black shadow—that was Coyote all right. He watched as she curled up in the rain next to Kaiden. “Besides, they want to learn to draw. Who better qualified than someone who taught himself the trait?” He glanced at her with a small smirk. “It’s something that keeps me out of the house and guessing every day. It’s nice. Hey, wait a second.” He ducked out from under her umbrella, flinching as he continued to get soaked—just when he was drying out a bit.

                          “Coyote?” Coyote’ was his nickname for Wylie. Wile E. Coyote? Get it? Haha, hilarious, he was a comedic genius. She curled herself up on the park bench with her knee’s tucked in. The other kid was just as soaked as she was. Yeah, that wasn’t going to work. “Well, come on, field trip kids.” Without warning he snatched Wylie’s guitar case and slung it over his shoulder casually. “You too, blondie. Field trip time. Out of the rain. Before either of you die of pneumonia or some other disease. I’m not even sure that’s how you catch pneumonia. Oh well. Point still stands. And I will take yours too if you don’t behave.” He pointed at Kaiden, attempting to be serious…but obviously failing. "So let's exit stage left, folks."

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                              Voices. Drifting ever nearer as he played, his head lowered, copper curls effectively concealing the hollow circles rounding his eyes. They were distant, resounding off the trees that swayed in their callow dance above. But he could hear them, growing louder in their progression, shattering the lingering silence of the park. He contiued to play, but the words he sang twirled and swirled effervescent into the branches overhead, the tangled roots knotted deeply in the soft ground; it felt as though the park had welcomed him, and the two had become as one. It was a part of him, some vital organ that he now felt he could not live without; the sensation was reciprocated in kind by the minuscule wilderness that swathed his cold body in comfort. Kaiden belonged here; of that much he was certain.

                              As he played a smattering of children, pink faced, eyes wide and glowing with their innocence, stepped nearer, timid smiles rounding their cherubic cheeks. One bent to drop a few pennies into his case, the untarnished copper glowing in the muted light. He grinned and strummed a short, happy song, to which they danced, but only briefly, and skipped away at their mother's urgent call.

                              Then they came upon him. One face he recognized in an instant, like a thick fog clearing from his clouded mind; the sheet of dark hair framing her face was not quite enough to hide from him the familiar visage that, until now, he had known only in his dreams. Athena. He raised his eyes to offer her a shy smile; their gazes met only for a moment as she tossed a crumpled bill into his case and passed on without a word. The other took some time to strike Kaiden as familiar, yet before he could offer even a murmured "thanks" the man dropped a small assortment of bills and followed in Athena's wake.

                              His heart ached, longing curdling in his chest, constricting every breath with each step she took and the distance between them widened. He wished to call out, but the words caught in his throat. Soon she had vanished from his line of sight, but he could not quell the spark of hope that ignited within him at this first encounter. Perhaps, sometime soon, he would see her again.
                              This notion he grasped with desperate fervor as his calloused fingers found the chords and he immersed himself in another song, his aching heart pouring shamelessly into every note.

                              "There would be psalms, sung by a choir. I would have a white robe, a halo newly aquired. I'd be at peace, and I'd have no desire, if I'd lived right.
                              There would be cherubs, with tiny harps arrows and bows; I'd have a halo, and a flowing white robe. I'd be enfolded by a celestial light, if I'd lived right.
                              But I'm feeling hot and bothered under the collar. I feel the sweat breaking out on my brow. I feel the heat, and I know it's the passion, the love I can't disavow.
                              If this is a dream, wake me up now.

                              He paused to wipe damp tangles of hair from his eyes, gazing silently down the path which, only moments prior, she had trod, walking away from him without even the shortest of greetings.

                              In the fleeting moment before he threw himself back into "Unsung Psalm" a girl appeared, almost instantaneously, and he started before flinching away from her. From some deep, unexplored place within an unfamiliar voice whispered to him words not bereft of giddiness and warmth; he smiled at her as she passed him the umbrella and poncho. Subsequently she began to speak, but her utterance was lost to him as he gazed hard at her, trying to comprehend the source of the thought which had, as a lotus in spring, bloomed in his head, a thought which matched in perfect timbre the voice that sing-songed off her tongue now. Here ya go! The words echoed in his mind; they held him in a steel grip with no forseeable intention of release. He blinked, nodding shyly in thanks, but she was gone before he could manage speech, silently dissipating into the rain and mist. Again he blinked, then, with little regard for the poncho, set up the umbrella on the bench behind him so that it effectively sheilded himself and the guitar from the rain.
                              At this he began again.

                              "Do you live by the book, do you play by the rules? Do you care what is thought by others about you? If this day is all that is promised to you, do you live for the future, the present, the past?
                              If there's one thing I know, I know I will die, if anyone cares; some stranger may critique my life. I may be revered, or defamed and decried, but I've tried to live right.

                              His fingers began to tremble with the terrible onset of withdrawal. An insatiable itch clawed at his nose. Once again he snorted, but without the drugs the quell his longing the action did little to appease him. Kaiden tugged at the collar of his jacket as beads of sweat began to form on his ashen brow. It had suddenly become terribly, unbearably hot.
                              This is what you've done to yourself.
                              He cried out, pulling desperately at the zipper on his jacket, but the heat did not evaporate into the chilly air as he had hoped.
                              He needed a fix. Now.

                              This train of thought ground to a halt with another, once again he frowned, worrying mercilessly at his lower lip. A wound opened, weeping crimson which trailed down his chin; he wiped at it with the sleeve of his jacket and ignored the stinging in his mouth.
                              No. Not now. I can do without...I can do without...just a few more hours....

                              Salvation appeared in the form of a raven-crowned lady, her lissome form wrapped tightly against the harsh downpour, the ebony handle of a guitar case clutched in one white-knuckled hand. Wylie seated herself quietly on the bench next to him; instinct forced his limbs into action and he scooted a few inches out of reach, but Kaiden smiled back all the same. He hoped that she would be able to empathize with his actions, regardless of their cold cruelty. Wylie knew, if not of his power, how distant he could be, and he wondered that perhaps she had grown accustomed to his remote countenance.

                              But, in all cruel honesty, Kaiden hadn't the stamina to resurrect Wylie's shadowed past. What fleeting glimpses he had caught were unbearable; therein lay a swirling myriad of sadness and pain, one that he could not bear to endure for even the most infinitesimal of moments. Tears pricked his eyes at the recollection, but he withheld the urge to blink, lest they fall and break whatever semblance of apathy that he had previously managed to uphold.

                              All the same he sniffled, wiping hastily at his nose with one damp sleeve, and let out a choked "Morning," before masking a rising sob with one shallow cough. He swallowed hard.
                              "So uh..." Kaiden began, staring hard at the ground as the tears swept free of his fragile hindrance. The tang of salt danced on his tongue; he released an onslaught of useless chatter to shroud the rising tide of anguish. "What are you up for today? I made a few bucks off some Nirvana a little while ago...I was thinking we should play sad songs, to match the mood; people tend to sympathize with the kids playing mopey songs in the park. And...I just learned 'The A-Team.'" Strumming a few low chords, he cast a shy glance in her direction and met her eyes briefly before lowering his head. "White lips, pale face, breathing in snowflakes...burnt lungs, sour taste...." His gaze strayed to his feet, crossed tightly beneath him. The music came to a stop. "I could teach you if you need me to. I mean, it's your call." He smiled at the rain-slicked asphalt, watching idly as his silent tears fell like the pouring rain to splatter on a darkened path.

                              What patience he had was slowly beginning to wane, drifting away as clouds of smoke on the wind when, with sudden enthusiasm, tangible interruption arrived in the form of a man, one that Kaiden found familiar, though in his dreams his voice had been ragged and broken by the crushing grip of anguish. This man, he realized, was called Shaun, and the lonesome bones of his sister were crumlbing gradually beneath a mound of earth. Yet another wave of inconsolable sadness swept him as he stared silently up at the man, trying to process the orders Shaun cast upon them, answering with a silent nod. Take his guitar? That would certainly not do. Thus he complied, placing his guitar in his case with a snapping of the tarnished silver locks, and deigned only a single question worthy of asking, though it slipped as but a murmur from shy lips, and he did not raise his head to meet the other man's eyes.
                              "So uh...where are we going?"

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                                          Matthias chuckled a bit at the notice of him being caught being an utter dork around the store. It certainly wasn't the first time Mi-young had caught him in such an act, and knowing Matthias, it surely wouldn't be the last.
                                          Matthias was very aware of the weird person he was, and he wasn't ashamed of it in the least. This was who he was. And he wasn't going to let someone get in the way of that. If they didn't like his weirdness, then they could leave. Simple as that. And thus far, he hadn't found anyone who just outright didn't like him. Maybe people who couldn't handle his personality, which was understandable, but he didn't think someone just outright didn't like him. It was hard not to like Matthias, or that's what he found.
                                          Chuckling lightly as she called for an Encore, Matthias put on his best duck face and did that butt pop move, or what ever it was. Matthias wasn't exactly up to date when it came to dancing, especially when it was dancing via rape music, but hey, it was a silly move in his mind, so he did it to make her laugh, which inevitably made him laugh, so he stopped and ran a hand through his hair so it wasn't all over the place.

                                          Looking the young woman over just as she did, Matthias chuckled a bit.
                                          "I can see that," was it a problem to Matthias? Not really. It was wet out there. It was to be expected, especially since she rode her bike to work. Again, Matthias chuckled a bit as she began apologizing profusely, including in her native tongue. "It's fine, it's fine," He tried to calm the girls nerves, but she was quick into the bathroom before he could.
                                          Again, Matthias chuckled. Sweet girl. A little out there as well, which was fine to him. Meant that someone understood his odd-ball-ness. Because Matthias was definitely a little weird himself, and he was proud of this fact. He was an original, and he wanted to stay that way.
                                          Moving back to putting up the last of the instruments, he waited patiently for Mi-young to exit the bathroom after drying herself off some. And then perhaps he would get a reply on his bakery question, and he could go from there. He had thought about it, knowing he needed something sugary, and then some coffee, so that was definitely something that needed to be done.

                                          Looking over to the young woman as she stepped out of the bathroom, still drying herself off, Matthias smiled as she answered him.
                                          "Mmm, Strawberry is definitely yummy," He spoke lightly, thinking about it himself. Though he happened to love anything that involved cherry. Cherry was his favorite flavor. Of anything. And blueberry. His mouth watered lightly at the thought, but brought himself back to reality just in time to see Mi-young hand him some wet bills form her pocket.
                                          She laughed a bit nervously and Matthias chuckled.
                                          "You keep your money, Mi-young. It's on me," He smiled brightly down to her and then wandered over to the desk to look through the paper work. "A shipment came in late last night, so I've been working on putting that away. Most of it's done. If you want to go ahead and finish that up while I'm gone, I'd greatly appreciate that," Matthias spoke in a kind voice. Business was business, yes, but that didn't mean he had to be a hard a** about it. "And Mr. Bently's flute came in. If you wouldn't mind giving him a call to let him know, I'd greatly appreciate that," He placed some of the paperwork up on the table for her, then looked over and smiled.
                                          v"Other than that, It looks like an easy day," Matthias turned and grabbed up his coat, checked his back pocket for his wallet and then smiled to her. "I'll be right back. Strawberry pastry, and small frap, got it," He winked at her before exiting the shop and heading to the bakery first.

                                          When he arrived, he found Rory, Taylor, Jackson, Ava, and of course Khail. He greeted them all in a friendly tone, waving with a bit more excitement than usual, probably thanks to the whole 'Im tired and need coffee' thing, and ordered a strawberry pastry for Mi-Young, and then a chocolate muffin for himself. He needed chocolate; sugar. And once he was done there, he said his goodbyes, and quickly wandered down to the coffee shop.
                                          He ordered Mi-young's frap first, so he wouldn't forget, and then got himself a large white chocolate mocha. Those things were flippin' amazing.
                                          But once he was done, he quickly walked back to the shop. He didn't want to leave Mi-young alone for too long, just in case something happened. That, and he was still on the clock. And that wasn't fair to her. Besides, who came into the shop this early in the morning - besides Shaun? Not many people. And that was boring.
                                          So, he stepped back into the shop, placing the pastry bag and the coffee's on the counter.
                                          "Back!" He grinned brightly and took off his leather jacket, shaking it out of the water droplets before hanging it back up on the coat stand, which he moved next to the door, just in case any customer's would like to do the same. "Got one strawberry pastry, and a small frap," Matthias grinned, proud of himself for remembering. Not like forgetfulness was something he got often, but in the mornings, he wasn't always on the ball. It seemed like this morning was different.
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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.𝑴𝒊𝒏𝒅 𝑪𝒐𝒏𝒕𝒓𝒐𝒍 𝑭𝒓𝒖𝒔𝒕𝒓𝒂𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏 ▋ ▊ ▉ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▁

                                                        xxxxxThe ease of small town life was doing wonders for Carlton Spencer, better known as Carly. Even today, he still smiled a little when someone gave him an odd look about his nickname. “Isn’t Carly a girl’s name?” they would ask. And maybe it was. But Carly had grown up in a house of women, his father abandoning the family two years after he was born, never to be heard from again. He was raised by his four older sisters and his mother, who did their best to not make him exceptionally girly, though the oldest would swear they turned him into a girl because the longest girlfriend he’s ever had was when he was seventeen and he had dated her for a year before he broke it off. His sister had called him an idiot for breaking it off but she didn’t know what he could do, what he realized he had done.

                                                        xxxxxCarly could control people’s minds, their thoughts and actions without a great deal of effort. And that girlfriend he realized was dating him because he was making her. It was the worst feeling in the world to realize that you were forcing someone to love you, even worse still was that Carly realized that she slept with him because he made her. It made him feel quite a lot like a rapist. Most likely why after her he didn’t date much after he graduated high school. He controlled his family too and slowly became distant from them, not wanting them to figure it out, to call him a freak, to kick him out. Carly spent most of his young adult life wondering if the reason why his mother stayed with his father for so long was because he too could control people’s minds. And eventually, his father finally got bored and released his control. He was quite paranoid that he would end up like his father and force someone to be with him but soon realized that he had morals and he would never want a forced relationship. He eventually left Louisiana and moved to New York City, where he went into finance since it didn’t involve a lot of human interaction. Plus, unlike most, he adored math. If Carly hadn’t forced bullies to walk away from him, he would have been beaten to death in school for his nerdiness.

                                                        xxxxxNew York City nearly drove him to madness. The crowds of people, the loud sounds, the rudeness… one day he blinked and realized that he was manipulating everyone in his office, forcing them to give the harder work to others, giving him raises, not saying rude things about him. He mainly controlled his boss, forcing the horrible man to be kind to him and favor him. Carly had to leave work that day, claiming he was ill. And he did feel ill, hating himself for not even paying attention to what he had been doing. He realized that the office and even his boss were starting to become suspicious and knew that his coworkers were quite smart. One of them would eventually make the crazy leap and realize that he was controlling their minds. So he spent a weekend at home researching nice, small towns and discovered Devonshire Falls, Wisconsin. The town looked nice enough and he was done with the city. So, he quit his job and moved. It didn’t take long for Carly to get accounting and finance jobs he could do over the phone or internet, which meant not controlling his clients.

                                                        xxxxxCarly had been living in the town for a month, rarely going outside. He got the mail. He went to the store. He stayed at home and never left. On this day, he decided that he should go out into the real world and start speaking to the townsfolk and his neighbors. He felt he had the mind control, well, under control again. This time, he wouldn’t let it slip again. And of course, the day he finally went outside was the day it started to rain. Carly glared at the rain, wishing it had a mind so that he could stop it from raining. So he pulled out an umbrella and feeling like an idiot, he wandered out into the rain.

                                                        xxxxxHe looked a bit like a hobo. At least, he felt he did. Jeans that were beat up looking. A ratty coat. Sneakers that looked like they needed to be burned. The only nice looking things he had was his umbrella, which was an ungodly shade of yellow and a t-shirt with the Triforce on it, which was hidden underneath the ratty coat so really, it was only one noticeable thing. Carly grumbled to himself, out of habit of being alone most of the time. He should go back to his house. Why did he go outside? He should have just stayed inside and kept watching random TV shows online or playing a video game or reading or working out. Why did he have to go outside? He didn’t know where to go. He didn’t have to go anywhere. He didn’t need anything. He didn’t know anyone in the town. So why oh why was he wandering outside in the rain?

                                                        xxxxxCarly was about to turn around and just go back to his house and hope no one noticed him exiting the house and then fleeing back to it when he caught a different scent. Not the smell of rain but the smell of cookies and cakes and other baked goodies. His stomach rumbled. He did eat breakfast, Carly remembered that. But cookies… that sounded good. A hand went to his pocket and felt around until it grasped a wallet. Good. He could buy sweet. Buy sweets and then go back and hide. Nervously, Carly shifted over to the bakery’s doors and opened them, shaking his umbrella dry before closing it and entering all the way. He flinched a little when he saw how many people were inside. Just as long as he didn’t get frustrated or irritated or anything negative. He just had to stay calm and positive. His eyes shifted nervously around, flicking from person to person and then he forced himself to stare at the menu. He really should have just hidden. He felt like an idiot for being so awkward. He lived in New York City, where Starbucks was like a battleground. He was in a small bakery in a laidback town and the bakery wasn’t even too crowded. Why was he acting like an idiot?

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𝖧𝖾 w𝗁𝗈 𝖼𝗈𝗇𝗍𝗋𝗈𝗅𝗌 𝗈𝗍𝗁𝖾𝗋𝗌 𝗆𝖺y 𝖻𝖾 𝗉𝗈w𝖾𝗋𝖿u𝗅, 𝖻u𝗍 𝗁𝖾 w𝗁𝗈 𝗁𝖺𝗌 𝗆𝖺𝗌𝗍𝖾𝗋𝖾𝖽 𝗁𝗂𝗆𝗌𝖾𝗅𝖿 𝗂𝗌 𝗆𝗂𝗀𝗁𝗍𝗂𝖾𝗋 𝗌𝗍𝗂𝗅𝗅.
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            W Y L I E was silent as she watched Kaiden move away from her. Apart of her understood the distance, and this was how he was. This was how he had always been; not just with her, but with others too. And she understood the distance, but that didn't stop it from hurting any less. But she was silent in her acknowledgement of her own pain. There was enough of it down there in the depths of darkness, where she pushed everything that made her uncomfortable, or unhappy. It made room for the happy moments to slip to the surface, which was exactly what she wanted to do. There was enough of everything else in her life, still remembered on a daily basis, but not as unbearable as it used to be. Wylie was, dare she say it? Getting better. Maybe not as quickly as she would have liked, but she found herself making male friends easier than she had thought. It wouldn't have been this way had she just arrived in Devonshire Falls. No, she was a broken mess when she first arrived. But now? She was picking up the pieces and putting herself back together, even if it was a slow and tedious process.
            Watching silently, with a slightly confused, concerned look on her face, very aware of the tears that were trying to escape Kaiden's eyes. Why was he crying? It made Wylie rather...concerned. Did she bring that on? And if so, why? She didn't want to make people cry. There had been enough people in her life who had done the same to her without any concern, or remorse. She didn't want to do that to someone else.
            But he spoke, a choked up 'morning', and Wylie blinked again.
            "Everything alright, Kaiden?" she questions softly, merely speaking between the two of them. She wasn't one to want to bring up her life, or others, in front of many people. She liked keeping things private, so she would understand if he didn't want to talk.

            Wylie listened to him, noting certain things, but not bringing them up. He wasn't, so she wouldn't question any further than she already have. She was merely concerned. But that was just how Wylie was. If you had managed to gain some form of trust in the woman, then she considered you a friend. Whether it be a distant friend, or a good friend. Didn't matter; you were still considered a friend. And Wylie was always concerned about her friends. They deserved the best. Even if she couldn't give it to them.
            Listening to Kaiden, Wylie nodded a bit at his mention of sad songs. It seemed appropriate, considering the weather. Giggling faintly at the mention of sympathizing with them playing mopey songs in the park, Wylie nodded again.
            "Sounds like a plan," she spoke lightly, clearing her throat a bit to perhaps make herself louder. She sounded a bit horse. Probably since her throat felt dry from all the running earlier. But she didn't want to think about last night, so she turned her attention back to Kaiden. A-team. That song hit just a bit close to home for Wylie, but she didn't disregard it. It was a lovely song. She rather liked it, though it made her think about her own life. Kaiden didn't know this, however, and she wasn't sure she wanted to tell much of anyone about what happened before hand. Sometimes it came up, sometimes it didn't. Though she preferred the later.
            She listened to him play, the words of the song escaping his lips and Wylie smiled. She really loved being around Kaiden; someone who appreciated music as much as she did. Her's came from her father before he died, and now she had someone to sit with. It was nice; comforting in a way.
            "Lights gone, days end, struggling to pay rent...Long nights, strange men.." she finished the first verse, smiling lightly at him.

            "Thank you, Kaiden," Wylie smiled again, the best she could with how tired she was. And not just because of last night. However, it would seem their idea would be interrupted when Shaun stepped over, taking Wylie's guitar and slinging it over his shoulder. At least he was gentle with it, or Wylie might have launched herself. Which was still an automatic response, but she quickly stifled the urge, though her entire body twitched lightly. Wylie was extremely possessive and protective of her guitar. It was the only thing she had left of her father, in fact, it was really the only thing left she owned beside the clothes upon her body. Her mother hadn't allowed her to take anything else with her. She had to take what ever was with her at the time. Her mother was lucky Wylie had her guitar at the time, or else the woman would have found herself blind from having her eyes gauged out.
            But Wylie trusted Shaun, so there was no need to react so violently. She had reacted, however, and stared up at him as he spoke. He had called her that nickname of his; Coyote. That was the only reason why she didn't practically attack him, because she had heard him speak first. But she smiled lightly up at the other male. He mentioned a field trip, to which Kaiden was supposed to come along with as well.
            Wylie placed her feet upon the wet asphalt and then stood, brushing any loose raindrops from her clothes. v"As long as I get breakfast out of it," Wylie teased lightly, smiling to Shaun. "I was gonna work for something to eat," her stomach growled audibly, and she chuckled a bit. "Even it agree's," it wasn't like Wylie was starving. Jeremiah had a habit of bringing her lunch everyday, but since her stomach was used to something to eat daily now, it was also getting harder to keep from getting hungry. For the time being, all she could do was smoke a cigarette, which was still hard to do in the pouring rain.

            However, she pulled one from the box and placed it between her lips, turning her gaze to Kaiden when he questioned as to where they were going. "The school," Wylie replied, lighting up the cigarette. "He's an art teacher," Wylie smiled. Art, music; creative outputs that Wylie rather liked, though she wasn't very good at the former. Music had always been her thing. Her father got her into music, and she would die doing music.
            Taking a drag from her cigarette, Wylie smiled happily. Smoking was a good appetite suppressant, and it helped keep her warmer. Turning her head lightly to look at Kaiden, she held out the cigarette, to see if he wouldn't want a drag. Wylie didn't typically smoke an entire cigarette by herself. Maybe half of one, before she put it out and saved it for later. It wasn't like she smoked because she was addicted. She smoked for the things it did; suppress her appetite, and help keep her warm. She smoked more during the winter months, obviously.
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                  The combined sounds of a steady beating clock and the pitter patter of rainfall filled Kellan's ears. He was in The Dame Alice, the bar he own polishing glasses. He leaned his back up against the brick wall behind the bar. On either side of him were shelves with glasses and bottles of various types of alcohol. From imported to domestic. Kellan tried his best to carry it all. Since there was no liqueur store in Devonshire Falls and the nearst one was a hour away, The Dame Alice also acted as the liqueur store.
                  There were few rounded tables and wooden chairs. Each with a candle in their center. There a with of head scone type chandeliers to give the bar an older look. The art work on the wall was mainly vintage posters of old alcohol advertisements, art work that local artists wanted to show case, and giant if a red dragon on it. The flag for Kellan's homeland Wales. Since although most would call The Dame Alice an Irish pub, Kellan was Welsh and proud of the fact. The bar itself was made of a wood that had been stained dark and polish until the top of it shone. It had tall bar stool made of dull red leather, that Kellan like all things in his bar maintained diligently. He would not hiring someone to help out, but so far he had only himself. Jackson, Athena, and few others helped out time to time, but they had their jobs and obligations. With Jackson it was Ava, and teaching both gym and French. How he came to have that combo Kellan did not know. Well Jackson was French even if he did not have the cliché accent, so the him teaching French made sense. Kellan was not overly fond of most people, but their were a few really liked. Those were Jackson and Athena. Well Rory was nice, but Rory was nice to everyone. Rory was just a little to engertic for him. He did not care for kids much since he thought most were raised to be brats, but he loved little Ava. He had been long ago dubbed her surrogate uncle, and Kellan did not mind. There days she reminded him of Roisin his twin sister was killed. The man who killed her had yet to be found, God help him when Kellan found him. He did not like to share his past with others, but Jackson whose past was similar knew. He had even told him that he would help him get rid of the body if he and when he founded Claude.

                  Kellan held the glass he had been polish up to the light, and felt satisfied that there one more water spots. He placed down and grabbed another. He kept doing this for ten minutes when a heavy knock on the pub's door could be heard. He placed the glass and rag in his hand down, and walked out from behind the bar. He walked the few steps to the main entrance and opened it. Outside the door was Sheriff Micheals wearing a heavy trench coat over his trademark dark gray suit. He was holding a black umbrella over his head, and wearing a sober expression on his face. “Good morning Sheriff.” Kellan said as he held the door open for the older man. Chase closed his umbrella and stepped inside. “Good morning Mr. Bellerose.” The older man glanced around the bar before speaking again. “There's going to be a town meeting later tonight. My officers and I are handing out fliers to place in the local businesses. So, if you would be kind of enough to place this wear other could see it would be greatly appreciated.” Chase said taking a flier out his inner coat pocket and handing it to Kellan. “I will do that Sheriff Micheals...is the meeting about the missing girl?” Kellan inquired although he already knew the answer. The Sheriff let out a sigh, and his exhaustion was more apparent at that moment. Everyone in town knew how hard Chase Micheals was trying to find Maryanne Berne. Doctor Gene Berne and the rest of his kids were besides themselves. Kellan knew how horrible it felt to lose a loved one. Chase had been a beat cop when another young girl went missing and was found dead. The whole town prayed that Maryanne was found alive. Unlike most residents of the town Chase along with a few others had no powers. Still he won the election for the last three years. Since while he had no special gift, Chase was damn good detective and the kind of guy you did not want to be one the wrong side of. No, he was not cruel or a bully, but Kellan doubted he would give Maryanne's abductor much mercy. “Yes it is, that and the aspect of the one journalist coming to town. The mayor wants everyone to keep their abilities as quite as possible. Drawing more attention then needed is something she nor anyone else would want.” Kellan agreed with him. Unwanted attention especially those who wanted to perform testings and experiments on the town's residents would not be tolerated. “Well, thank you for your time Mr. Bellerose, I'll be in later for a drink...god knows I need one.” Chase said before leaving Kellan to resume his polishing.

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with:: uhm... at:: Wandering

                                    A loud, piercing sound sliced through the inky blackness of her dream. A slender hand was drawn out from the bundle of thick white blankets, slamming down toward the alarm clock. However, it didn't hit it, it went right through it, as though Eli was a ghost. Her limb made the clock go haywire, blinking 11:11 eleven times while sparks crackled out of it, and a small stream of smoke rose from it as Eli pulled her hand back beneath the blanket fortress. Her power tended to do that. She was sure that there was some sort of science explanation for it, but her mum was a lawyer and her father was an artist, so she wasn't told. All she knew was that she could phase through things, and if she went through technology, she screwed it up and broke it. She could make only one limb intangible while the rest of her was perfectly solid. If she was in physical contact with someone, they could become intangible, as well. However, if she let go while they were half way through a wall and continued phasing through, they were dead instantly, because they had a wall through their guts. It was actually pretty cool. She also could levitate while she was intangible. And if someone tried to punch her, they would go right through her.

                                    Eli slowly unrolled herself from her tangled blankets, yawning. She kicked the rest of the blankets off, revealing her oddly slim form. She was wearing an extremely loose black tank top, and checkered blue and white pajama bottoms. Eli swung her legs over the side, blankly staring at the floor. She dragged her eyes up to the window, where dim light was coming in. Rain hit against her window, the melody fading a smile onto her pale lips. She rubbed her eyes and stood up, walking to the kitchen neck to her bed in her small apartment above her art shoppe. Eli poured some water into a metal kettle, setting it onto the stove and walking to the kitchen cabinet. She furrowed her eyebrows, and went to the fridge instead. Taking out a jello cup and a loaf of italian bread, she turned and shut the fridge door with a bump from her thigh. Eli set it down the the counter that separated her bedroom from her kitchen. Eli faced the dresser, that was across the room from her bed. She grabbed the first couple things she saw, and threw them on. They ended up being a tan bra underneath a loose but well hung shirt that stated, "You are more important than you realize", with denim skinny jeans, pulled together with her favorite set of brown leather military boots. The kettle started whistling, and she quickly put her hair up in a messy bun, and threw on a grey and checkered scarf. Taking the reflective kettle, she poured it into an insulated coffee tumbler that she had decorated herself with a brightly colored bird. She tossed an Earl Grey teabag in with some sugar cubes before screwing the cap on loosely.

                                    Eli grabbed her tan knee-length trech-coat and a black umbrella, then dashed down stairs. She stopped midway to dash back up to grab her black canvas backpack that already had her basic art supplies, and threw her jello and tin-foil wrapped bread in it. Eli slung that on her back and tucked the umbrella under her arm, balancing the coffee tumbler in her other hand. Once she got down the spiraling stairs, she was welcomed with the view of her art shoppe. She had called it The Acosmists' Identity. She had a reason. An acosmist is a person who doesn't believe anything exists. Like literally, anything. So if so, what do they believe themselves to be?
                                    Eli set her coffee tumbler down at the desk toward the back of the shoppe, along with her backpack onto the comfy plush leather desk chair behind it. Eli quickly walked to the front of the store and grabbed an expo whiteboard marker writing OPEN on the glass door, backwards so that people on the outside passing by could see it. Her writing was an odd sort of messy scribble, with all letters in caps. It was still clear that it said OPEN. Eli flicked the lights on, which were mainly white Christmas lights strung in tightly packed stripes on the ceiling, not blinking on and off. Eli walked back, getting a lighter from her desk drawer and lighting the incense around her store, to release a pleasant faintly minty smell, a vanilla scent, a freshly washed linen scent, and a fireplace scent in each of the four corners of her store a different scent. They blended perfectly, creating a wonderfully artistic atmosphere. On top of the glass door was a dream catcher with the tiniest of dew-drop bells, that rang each time the door opened. Eli finally stood, content with her shop. Eli had just recently moved in, and hadn't met many people. She turned to her desk and uncapped the tumbler, taking out the teabag and flicking it into the recycling bin by her desk, before re screwing the lid. Eli sat down behind her desk, taking a long and satisfying sip. She opened her backpack and took out the jello, using a small fork to eat it. She finished rather quick, since it was a small plastic cup. She flicked that into the recycling bin as well, licking the fork and putting it in her desk drawer. Eli put the bread also in her drawer, because she tended to get hungry at the most random moments during the day. She glanced toward the windows at the front of the store, the rain enticingly pounding at her door. Athinking for a moment, she put the bread back in her backpack. Grabbing her backpack, tea, and umbrella, she walked back to the front of the store and wiped the glass and wrote on it CLOSED- BE BACK IN 30 MINUTES
                                    "That should do… " Eli murmured, opening the door and locking it behind her, then dropping the key into her trenchcoat pocket. Eli quickly opened her umbrella, walking to the main towns square
                                    If it’s raining, I am going to enjoy it. She told herself, as an excuse for postponing opening her shop. Eli wandered, watching the moody sky from under her black umbrella. She cupped her left hand around her tumbler of tea, sipping occasionally. She ran into a sort of officer, who had a slip of paper in his hand. With a polite smile, she balanced the umbrella between the crook of her arm and her side, and took the paper and read it as he turned to offer papers to other people. Eli walked back into the street from the awning she had met the officer under, reading the paper and not exactly watching where she was going. She crossed the street, and leaned against a street light, continuing to read.

ooc;; omg sorry, intro post. my shop has yet to go up in the master post, but it was okayed and given permission to exist, so yeah. this is going to be funnnn. i'll probably plot some with you guise in the OOC, but she's really new. like, really new. someone pls interact with her. kthx
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telekinesis + telepathy

                                Although Matthias was a really nice boss, a nifty guy, and really cute, Mi-Young couldn’t help but be ridiculous around him. Not like she wasn’t ridiculous in general but when she’s around cute men, she’s more strange and quirky than usual. Really, can you blame her? It’s only natural after all. But she knew where to draw the line with her crushes. Not like dudes in this time was interested in an Asian girl that acted like a sibling more than anything else. Forever in the friend-zone, that was her fate. Of course, she didn’t mind it really. Friends were nice. She liked friends.

                                When Matthias commented about her taste in pastries, she smiled brightly and nodded in agreement. Strawberries were her absolute favorite. Followed by melons. She didn’t have a taste for cherries much. Always reminded her of cough syrup and quite frankly, she wasn’t a big fan of medicines. The quirky girl let out a mousey sneeze and blinked, surprised at the odd sound she made. Although she really shouldn’t be. She sneezed like that all the time but it still didn’t stop her from being embarrassed about how dainty and wimpy it was. ”’cuse me.”

                                Her boss didn’t take her wet bills which made Mimi frown a bit but she reluctantly but the money back in her pocket. She’ll sneak the money in his bag a little later. Considering how that’s what she usually did when he bought her breakfast at times. He was already kind enough to her and at this day and age, everyone could use a buck or two.

                                "A shipment came in late last night, so I've been working on putting that away. Most of it's done. If you want to go ahead and finish that up while I'm gone. And Mr. Bently's flute came in. If you wouldn't mind giving him a call to let him know, I'd greatly appreciate that.”

                                Hearing his instructions, Mimi nodded and saluted him. ”Okie dokie Boss Man!” she said in a silly tone and waved as he exited the shop. Shipment. Flute. Shipment. Flute. Got it. she recited in her head as she walked to the back and began doing as she was told.
                                First were the new acoustic and electric guitars, then the woodwinds and brass instruments and last but not least, lots and lots of sheet music. The task wasn’t pain-staking or difficult in the least. As a matter-of-fact, she thoroughly enjoyed displaying the new items for all to see and getting to see them herself. The part she disliked was all the paperwork behind it. Making sure they received the right item, writing it on the inventory list, and organizing all the receipts so that Matthias could find them later. That was what took the most time. So as she was doing that, she balanced the shop phone on her shoulder and dialed Mr. Bently about his flute.

                                ”Good Morning! This is Park Mi-Young from Treble n’ Clefton, may I speak to Mr. Bently please? … Hi Mr. Bently! And how are you on this fine rainy morning? … Great! Well I’m just calling to let you know that your flute came in and is ready for you to pick up. … You’ll come today? Wonderful! I look forward to seeing you! … Okies, Bye Mr. Bently!”
                                With all the work Matthias gave her done, Mimi stretched and peered about her. Seeing no one coming in yet, she smiled and perched herself in front of the store piano and began playing "Banana Phone." After a couple of bars, she even began singing. A silly song and a silly girl. ”Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, Banana phone. Doo doo bi doo bi doo. Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, Banana phone. I’ve got this feeling, so appealing. For us to get together and sing. S-gyah!”

                                Surprised that Matthias had come back so quickly, Mi-Young fell off the piano stool clumsily. Great. Another strange moment. Seriously, if she was trying to impress anybody with her weirdness, she was going about it the wrong way. Smiling sheepishly, she quickly got up and waved. ”Welcome back!” The girl shuffled towards the counter and took her frap in her hands, taking a long, happy sip. ”Gamsahamnida! I mean, thank you!” Eagerly taking her pastry from the bag, she took a bite and jumped up and down with joy. Hey, the girl liked her strawberries. ”All the stuff is put away and Mr. Bently is coming to pick up his flute in a couple of hours. Anything else you need me to do Boss man?”

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                                ►►► Lace up your shoes...
                                Ay Oh Ay Oh Oh
                                Here's how we do... ◄◄◄

                                Run, baby run. Don't ever look back. ☜
                                They'll tear us apart - if you give them the chance.
                                Don't sell your , don't say we're not meant to be.
                                Run, baby run. Forever will be...You and me. ☼
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                                          Now that he was alone Khail could get some actual work done. He moved to the back area again and got himself situated. Jo had covered last night and took of the last orders they had to complete for the week, so he didn't have any actual bakery related work to do. He would just clean up a little then work on his own little project. He grabbed the broom and started sweeping the floors, his eyes glued to the ground as he moved through the store. Before he knew it he was humming something to himself as he worked, another would guess it was some random tune he heard someday. That was half right really, it was a song his mother used to sing while she cleaned around the house. Khail and his father would come home from working out in the field or the woods all day. Georgi and Luka would get home from their lessons about the same time. And little Grant, who was a baby still, would be crawling all over the place, so adventurous. They find Silvia floating around the house working on everything, she seemed supernatural, dancing on the air like a leaf. When she noticed her boys were home her voice would begin to ring throughout the house now, filling it with sweet sounds.

                                          He forget the full words to the song, its been so long by now, but the basic gist of it was a story. A trio of brothers who were born from the world, or gods, one from the ground the gods walked upon, the second from the sea of their tears, and the last from their breath. Each had their own redeeming quality that made them special in their own rite, even when compared to the gods, and their bond of blood was strongest than anything else. But that's all Khail could recall of the song, it was more like a collection of ballads thinking about it. But his mother never finished telling him and his brother the rest of the song, the story, it started with their birth then their amazing adventures, but nothing after that. Maybe she tried to sparred the sad notes of the tale from her children, that's what he assumed. He couldn't find out why now, a depressing thought, yes, but it had its warmer spots. He could still his father joining in on the song and his parents dancing around the house together. He smiled to himself as he thought back, he hoped to remember and learn the rest of the song so he could pass it on.

                                          When he was done cleaning up around the bakery he walked back to the kitchen and washed his hands. Time to work on his own things now. He grabbed himself some gloves, the ball of dough he pulled out earlier was still out. He unwrapped it and held the dough in hand, he threw some flour onto the counter then placed it down. Grabbing the rolling pin he started to flatten the dough out and long, a good length, then started to fold it on itself. Twice, three times, then one last time, having a medium sized rectangle now. Then he rolled it out one more time, then he moved to the cabinet near by. Grabbing himself a couple different containers of various sizes he moved back to the counter.
                                          "Alright, drizzle some whipped chocolate mixed with the nutella, dusting of cinnamon, white and milk chocolate chips, and one more thing....hhm." As he named each ingredient Khail added them to his dough, then cocked his head to the side as he thought for a moment. Something else to add, oh yes! He hopped back to grabbed a small container from the opposite counter then added some mini marshmallows to the top of his spread. He smiled down at his work, it looked great, not bad on the presentation front at all. Now he just need to bake it, he moved his giant....whatever you may call this concoction to bake tray and placed it into the oven after preheating it. Then he set the timer and started to clean up after himself.

                                          Just in time too as he heard the door chime open as he placed the last equipment in the dish rack to dry.
                                          "Be there in a moment." He called out, hopefully slightly it was Jo. But alas it wasn't, instead it was Taylor, a regular, "Morning Mistress Monroe, I'm having a fine morning actually, thank you for asking." He bowed his head to her slightly then smiled cheerily. He placed his arms behind him, hand over hand, as he stood there and chatted with Taylor, result of his make shift army training back home. "Chocolate chip muffin and a white mocha, will only take a moment." He nodded then walked to the glass case to grab Taylor's muffin, placing it in a small bag with the sheet he used to get it out. Put it on the counter then started to mix up her coffee for her. As he did that he heard a few more chimes behind him, more customers, or Jo. He glanced behind him, seeing some familiar faces, and one not so much. He let Jackson and Taylor talk away, he took care to finish what he was working on. Putting the lid on her coffee he rung Taylor up, she knew how much it was already. He exchanged and gave her what changed she had then finally brought his attention to Jackson and Ava.

                                          He smiled down at little Ava, a sweet girl, she reminded him of the sister he never had honestly.
                                          "Morning little one." He opened the little door that acted as the gateway from employees and customers and picked Ava up, giving her a one arm hug as he carried her. "How are you this morning? He inquired, looking over in Jackson's direction, giving him a simple nod and half smile. You wouldn't call the two best friends, or really friends, but they had an understanding between, it was unspoken, but they shared few words from time to time. You could say it came down to their spirits, the two were pretty similar to each other in a way though they were still major differences. To fully understand you'd have to look at their pasts and who their were as men. Besides for the two, simple body movements were more than enough for communication. Khail his head upward and chin forward some, asking what he could get Jackson and Ava.

                                          He did noticed the other people that popped up into the store as well. Matthias running through briefly, only there in time to say his hellos and good mornings, grab whatever sweet he wanted and left along his merry way. That man seemed to be forever energetic somehow. Next person to appear was Rory, which made Taylor smile even brighter now, those two were like peanut butter and jelly, inseparable. Khail said his good morning as well, one to Matthias before he was sped away, and another to Rory before he started talking to Taylor. As far as the unfamiliar face though it belonged to a man, who seemed to be feverishly interested by their menu. Khail believed he had seen the man a few times before, but not for long period of times. Which was probably why at the moment he was drawing a blank on the name. Still, a customer is a customer, he moved over to where the man stood, Ava still on his hip, and smiled lightly at the man, simple and peaceful.
                                          "How are you doing this morning Sir? Can I get you anything?" Ava shifting around a bit in his arm, and it was a bit difficult moving to grab things so with ease and one arm he shifted the young girl to rest on his back. Easier and she'd probably have a better view this way anyway.

                                          While he waited for Jackson's order, and the new man Carly's, he kept an ear out for the oven. He didn't want his second attempt to burn to a crisp. And if everybody stuck around a little longer he would be able to get some of them to try it out. Nothing like free food and free feedback, works great for both parties.

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                                          Sorry for the wait, here's Khail.
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                                          The morning was very nice, even with the weather. He couldn't say that he was disappointed, depressed, or anything else today. Not that Matthias got sad very easily. Rain was rain to him; a simple, but beautiful, example of nature. Though that didn't mean he wanted to get wet. It was just something that kind of happens when it rains, especially as hard as it was. But Matthias had stopped by, still cheery, making a quick entrance to the bakery, saying hello to everyone, and getting one from Khail, and Taylor, along with a little Miss. Heart, and vanishing to get the coffee then get back to the shop.
                                          When Matthias returned to his humble musical abode, he found his little assistant sitting at the piano, singing. It was quite a silly song, and Matthias couldn't help the laugh that erupted from his chest. He loved to laugh. Probably one of the reasons he and Shaun were such good friends; Shaun could make Matthias laugh no matter what time of day, or circumstance. It was one of the many qualities he enjoyed in his friend. Matthias liked friends who made him happy. If you couldn't do that, then you weren't a friend. That was just how it went. Friends weren't supposed to make things difficult for you, or make you upset every time you saw them. They made you happy. And that's how it was. Matthias didn't fit together with puzzle pieces that didn't fit perfectly.

                                          So, did Matthias consider Ms. Mi-Young his friend? Of course. She fit rather well in his little sea of puzzle pieces. What was up with the puzzle pieces? Well, that's how Matthias saw life; everything was a giant puzzle, and your life was devoted to finding things, places, and people that fit to your specific section of the puzzle, so that you can connect to the vastness of the rest of the puzzle. Matthias had a lot of pieces around him, and he enjoyed expanding. It helped him fit better with the world around him.
                                          But Matthias snapped back to reality as quickly as he gone off on an inner tangent when he realized he startled Mi-Young to the point of her falling off the stool. Matthias placed the things down on the counter before going over quickly and helping her up.
                                          "You okay? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you," Matthias spoke with sincerity, a hint of worry in his tone. He was a very kind person. How? His mother had raised him that way. And no matter the pain and hardships he had faced throughout his life -- the worst most recently, Matthias wasn't going to let it get to him and change him for the worst. He would never allow that to happen. If he did? His mother's death would have been in vein. Same with Ana's. Though his body hurt every time he thought of his deceased lover. The pain expanded beyond just his chest, and often made it difficult to breathe, let alone keep tears from his eyes. Matthias loved that woman with every fiber of his being; every once of his soul was put into loving her, and his father had taken that from him.

                                          But this wasn't something to think about now.
                                          Matthias again smiled, walking back over to the counter with Mi-young and picked up his coffee. He continued to smile as he watched her wave to him, welcoming him back and then taking up her frap and sipping at it. Matthias nodded at her thank you, even if the first part wasn't in English. "Ми раді вітати Вас," Matthias spoke in his own language, which was Ukrainian, and winked to her with a smile. "You are welcome," he translated. Matthias could understand falling into your native tongue. When Matthias had first moved to America, it took him a while to get used to it. And considering he spoke it at home, unless someone was over of course, it made it easier to fall back into habit. But English was what he needed in America to communicate with most people there, so it was something he made sure to perfect when he first moved here. Loosing his accent was impossible though. It was still there. Maybe not as thick as it used to be, unless he spoke in Ukrainian, but there was a light accent undertone in his voice at all times.
                                          Matthias laughed lightly again when Mi-young took her pastry and bit into it, only to start jumping up and down. She was certainly a happy little bird. That's what she reminded him off! A bird; a happy little bird. Matthias had had one once upon a time when he was younger. It hoped around like she did when it was happy, and would flap about if it got startled, which happened when Matthias would jump-scare it. He loved it either way, and it was funny how it still managed to wiggle it's way into his life.

                                          Matthias listened as he sipped his coffee, leaning back against the desk and crossing his legs at the ankles. His hand resting on the surface of the desk to help hold him up. Again, that smile was there and he nodded. "Wonderful, thank you, Mi-young," He sent another wink before checking his watch for the time, and looking back to the desk. There really wasn't much of anything today to do. "Not at the moment. We can fool around and be silly until customer's show up," He laughed a bit, knowing that he would have no problem being silly even when customer's were there.
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                                          Outfit Taylor and Jackson next.
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            J A C K S O N watched as Ava spoke politely with Taylor before turning her attention to Khail. Jackson continued to watch in silence as Ava practically hoped up into Khail's arms when he picked her up, a light smile on his lips and his hands in his pockets. He was okay with Khail. Ava enjoyed his company; loved him dearly, and anyone Ava liked, Jackson could like to. Maybe not to the point of him jumping up and down to see the younger male, but still. He'd leave the hoping to Ava. She was good at that stuff. Jackson was less eager to express his emotions like a six year old girl.
            "I'm good, Khail. Thank you for asking. How are you doing? Well, I hope," Ava pulled out the manner's again and Jackson couldn't help but smirk lightly. People could think what ever they wanted about him, but Ava was the sweetest, most polite six year old that Jackson had ever met -- and considering he was raising her, he met a lot of six year olds. That only made him feel proud; he was doing a damn good job at raising his child, no matter his issues, one of them being alcoholism. Yes, Jackson was aware of his problem, but it wasn't something he couldn't control. Jackson needed alcohol, else he'd teleport more often, and that wasn't something he wanted. He didn't want to end up away from Ava. That was irresponsible as a parent, and Ava would probably get scared if he just poofed away. He didn't want to frighten his little girl. Not in the least.

            Jackson kept his light smile on his face, which was barely anything, but it expressed that he wasn't angry, or irritable when Khail gave him a half-smile and nodded his head in his direction. Jackson did the same, knowing that was simply their form of communication. Why couldn't everything be a silent understanding? It made life so much easier. Jackson was not the best at communicating to other adults. With Ava? Simple as breathing.
            Jackson turned his gaze to the menu, thinking of what he wanted when another man he knew as Matthias entered the shop and ordered. He pretty much breezed in and breezed right back out, giving friendly hello's and goodbyes, before vanishing. Matthias was always on the move. That was something Jackson noticed. He had to keep himself busy, which meant he had things he didn't want to think about -- things he thought about when he wasn't doing something. Jackson could understand them. It was the reason he drank; he didn't want to think about the things that made him upset, or depressed. Alcohol kept the memories at bay. He didn't need to remember the past. It wasn't there anymore, and Jackson had Ava; his present and his future was with her, and that was the most important thing.

            Rory came in, which only made Taylor squeal. Jackson winced lightly as the sound hit his ears and he took his pinky and wiggled it around in his ear. s**t, he was going to go deaf if he kept hearing that noise.
            Checking the time, Jackson figured it was time to head out. They still needed to stop by Gene's office in order to drop off the sweet for him, get Ava to school, and then Jackson needed to head into work. Jackson simply gave Rory a nod of his head, acknowledging his friendly greetings before another face stepped into the shop. Jackson couldn't say he knew the man well, but considering how on edge he seemed, Jackson figured there was a reason he didn't see him very often. Oh lord, what was his name? Cameron? Cassie? Carly.....Carly! Right right. Or that was a nick name. Carlton. Yeah. He remembered. Took him a moment to remember.
            Jackson couldn't help the chuckle as the man looked up to the menu, holding its gaze as if it were to jump up and bite him if he didn't keep watch.
            "Don't blink. It might bite you," Jackson muttered softly, his eyes looking at Carly before chuckling again. He was only kidding. Jackson had some crude humor. Sometimes people thought he was insulting them, which....okay, so most of the time he was. But only because people deserved it. But this wasn't the case with Carly. Jackson was merely poking a bit of fun, trying to get the guy to relax. Which wouldn't prove to do anything when Taylor noticed him.

            Taylor had a habit of flirting with everyone. He would admit that Taylor had cupped a feel on his rear end a couple times before. Did Jackson react on it? Not if acting startled counted. Because Jackson was aware he was good looking, but that didn't mean he got his a** grabbed on a daily basis. So, when Taylor spotted Carly, she smiled, waved a bit and called out her hello's.
            "Morning, Carly! How you doin', sug? I missed your handsome face! Can I pet your beard? It looks amazing," Jackson couldn't help the snicker. Taylor was an odd one. Hell, when he had grown his out, she had asked the same question, which had earned her a weird look from Jackson. That woman was something else.
            "Watch your a**. She has a habit of not keeping her fingers to herself," Jackson warned the other male before he stepped forward, knowing what he wanted. "Morning, Khail," Jackson was polite when he wanted to be. And since he didn't loath Khail's existence, he got to see that. "We'll have a chocolate scone, a pinwheel - peach flavor please, and a poppy seed muffin," Jackson knew that Gene wasn't into sweets, so a cupcake wouldn't really be the best thing, but it was something Ava could give him. And it was like a cupcake, just not as sweet. Jackson wasn't into that much sweet himself, but he liked something from time to time.

            "We're taking the muffin to Gene," Ava informed Khail, smiling softly. "To make him smile," Jackson smiled a bit. Ava was such a sweet girl; so kind and thoughtful. He was going to have to invest in a gun here real soon, and a bat to beat people away from her when she got older. Oh gawd, he almost paled at the very thought.

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          T A Y L O R loved how nice Khail was. He was charming guy, definitely. Someone Taylor definitely wouldn't mind looking at if she wasn't so infatuated with a certain best friend of hers, though she didn't express that aloud. Didn't want to ruin what they had.
          "Oo~ Mistress~ I like it," Taylor leaned on the counter lightly, winking at him. Oh lord, was she flirty. She couldn't help it, but quickly shifted when she noticed the lights flicker just a tiny bit. Not like completely going off, but dimming before returning to their original brightness. Okay, hold in check. Taylor's abilities enjoyed popping up when she flirted like that. Not all the time, but when she tried showing off a bit. Doing shows was fun, since she had to really work hard to control it, sing, dance, and do her routine. Ug. Probably why she needed so much sleep.
          Taylor waited patiently for her breakfast and smiled when he handed them both to her.
          Paying for them, Taylor smiled.
          "Thanks, Khail-babe," Another wink and Taylor turned just in time for Jackson's comment, which she quickly responded to, then turned to Ava. Now Ava was always polite and friendly, which was something Taylor admired. For being the child of the town jerk -- which Jackson had respectfully earned the title of -- she was very well behaved. You would think otherwise, but no. Jackson had been doing a wonderful job raising his little girl by himself.

          "I've been good too, thank you, Ava," Taylor poked her nose lightly, smiling before she strutted over to a table and sat herself down to eat her breakfast and wait for Rory. It was nice to simply sit back and enjoy the morning, though she was positive she would have loved to be back in bed, sleeping, considering her schedule for work. Taylor worked nights. Sometimes till real late, and those days Taylor wasn't really up until noon.
          But today she had some plans with Rory, that and she needed to go to the store later. Maybe Rory would come with her. It would make the experience more enjoyable, that was for sure. As much as Taylor liked food, and eating, she hated grocery shopping. It was so boring, and tedious, and it just was not something Taylor wanted to do with her time. But Rory would make it bearable.
          And speaking of Rory, when thought of, he should appear. A squeal escaped her lips and she hugged him tightly, smiling. "Rory!" She was definitely happy to see him. She loved her Rory. He was the best damn thing to happen to her since she moved away from Hawaii. "Good morning, sweetie. How's papa?" She smiled. Taylor had often thought of Rory's father, Victor, to be more of a father to her than her own had been. Victor was a sweet man, and Taylor loved him very much.

          Moments later, Taylor heard the sound of the door opening, and she perked up. She was curious to see who was there, and it took her a moment to look around Jackson to the man who had entered. It was Carly. She had met him once or twice before, but not much. And Taylor liked meeting people, so not knowing him very well meant she didn't get to see him often.
          "Morning, Carly! How you doin', Sug? I missed your handsome face!" Taylor took notice of the beard, and quickly asked; "Can I pet your beard? It looks amazing." Call it p***s envy for not being able to grow a beard, because they looked amazing on guys. So Taylor always liked looking at them. She had asked Jackson the same thing when he had his grown out for a while. But that was just how she was. Taylor liked beards. And hey, she was trying to be nice to Carly, since she didn't see him much. And he looked majorly tense, yo. Like, damn. Boy needed to calm down and get laid. Not like she was offering. Taylor wasn't that kind of Burlesque worker. She danced. She showed off. She put out sex appeal, but that was about it. She didn't put out anymore than that.

          Yay! Done biggrin Outfit

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( We Didn't Start The Fire/...Then Again Maybe I Did )

                                                      It was raining, someone, somewhere, hated him, "nice bike" blue eyes focused for a moment on the man in-front of him, the man who at the moment was running his hands on said bike, crossing his arms as he waited for the bike to be filled, "don't touch the bike" either the man didn't hear him or he didn't care. There was a reason he was standing outside in the rain, because he didn't trust anyone other then himself with the bike, how many times had he put her back together, "did you hear me?" he asked, "dude chill, it's okay, I'm not going to hurt it" watching the man's nails race down the paint job.

                                                      Reaching forward he grabbed the man's wrist, removing his fingers from the metal, "I really don't like repeating myself" "dude what's your ********...." a scream left the man's mouth as he tried to pull his wrist from Gabriel's hand, letting go after a few seconds he watched as he fell to the ground, "now I am going to go inside and pay for my gas I really hope you don't touch it again", damn it did the rain make him a frustrated person? Bah, why hadn't he turned around? why had he decided hey lets go check out this town that all the media seemed to be very interested in, a missing kid..

                                                      Pushing the doors open to the gas station he stepped inside paying for his gas, he ignored the question about what happened to the man outside, wasn't like the camera's would show anything anyways.

                                                      Slipping his helmet back on he got on the bike, and took off, the roads were slick and the drivers he passed a little rain and people forget how to drive, he needed a shower, a bed, and some food, not necessarily in that order, oh and he wanted to pick up a book, wait how big was this town for one?

                                                      A few hours later he arrived in the town, turning to avoid the media, cruising around the town he saw an automotive shop, he would have to get his baby fixed up, a theater, which was nice, a cafe, a place to sleep, he wondered how long he would be able to stay. A bakery, man he could go for something sweet right now.

                                                      Parking he got off the bike and made his way inside the bakery, man it smelled heavenly in here, pulling his helmet off his gaze wondered around the building, however his eyes were drawn to the smell again, he had been in a lot of good smelling places before but, his eyes wandered towards the chocolate, one of those and one of those, and six of those, man he wanted one of everything actually.

                                                      Itching the back of his head he rocked back and forth on his heels for a moment as he people watched for a moment, making his way up to the counter once the last person was done he laid his hands on the counter, "hi there, I must say everything here looks amazing, and something smells really good too" flashing the man a smile he shivered slightly for a moment before placing his order, "I would like one of those, and those, two of those, three of these, two of these, and one of those" his taste buds were going to love him.

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