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                    Meredith Harker was the Mayor of the small Wisconsin town Devonshire Falls. The town was a few hours North of the state's capital, Madison. Most people tended not to know where the town was, even if they looked on a map. It was that small. Not that Mayor Harker mind. The last thing she need was her town gaining tourists. If you are wondering why, the reason is simple. She and most of the town citizens were different. No, unique would be a better word to use. Why, because each one of them has a special ability or two. Special in the terms of something you would only see in comic books, and science fiction movies. She herself could control people do her binding. Yes, she did use her power to win the election, and she is not shamed of doing so. That Rogers seemed like too much like an idiot to run her town anyway. Town's resident physician had the ability to know all the ins and outs of everyone's power or powers. There were others like the bookstore owner who could bring things back to life, the museum owner's shape shifting son, the museum owner himself. Plus many more. Not everyone had a special gift or gifts. The sheriff was one. No Chase Micheals was just exceptional at his job. The crime rate went down when he took over as the head of the police department. Well, not that the town's criminal activity was high. At least not on the more serious charges such a murder. There were a few robberies here and there, but it was mostly kids snatching two dollar candy bars. Her town in her mind was the best, most safe, and private place to live in the country. That was until the night her assistant barged into her office during her game of gin rummy with few close friends.

                    “Yes?” Mayor Harker asked glancing at the small Asian woman over the hand she had been dealt. Across from her sat her a man also holding a hand of cards. The woman blanched for second, and began speaking in nervous and worried tone. “I'm sorry ma'am, but I over heard Sheriff Micheals talking.” Meredith placed her cards down on the fold out card table she and her friend were using. Her desk was currently getting repair from an accident that had broken one of its legs. How the cleaning staff managed to do that she has no idea. She gave her assistant a hard stare which she hoped convened her growing annoyance. “Yes, and?” “Well, it's about the Berne girl.” Apparently if she remembered correctly one of the Doctor Berne children his oldest daughter went missing a few hours ago. It may sound cruel, but in Meredith mind they were taking the whole thing too seriously. The girl probably just was being stubborn and not coming home (she was a teenager after all), that or maybe she still home. When you lived in Devonshire Falls the fact that someone might be able to turn invisible was not out of the ordinary. “Didn't the girl just runaway?” She inquired. “No one's sure ma'am, it's been five hours the sheriff wants to search again.” Meredith sat up, and gave her friend an apologetic smile, before turning her attention once more to the other woman. “Well, if that's what he wants he better call a town meeting.” The Mayor said waiting for the other woman to take that as a hint to leave. “That's not all.” “Of, course it wasn't.” Meredith thought to herself. “No one is sure how but, the media has gotten a hold of the story.” Meredith sighed and dismissed the woman. Great that's just what her town needed, nosy reporters snooping around. If things got out of hand the missing Maryanne Berne would be the least of their worries.

                    ~ONE WEEK LATER~

                    Despite the recent tragedy it was going through, the sun chose to once again rise above the town of Devonshire Falls. Elliott woke up to the sound of bird song outside his window. He slowly opened his eyes, and made no effort to move from his bed. One he was a slow riser, so mornings were never his thing. That, and he had two feline bodies pining his covers down on both sides of his body. He just lay there listening to the sounds of the new day, and his cats' light snores. A few minutes past and he reluctantly push one of the cats, Sir Didymus to the side. He made a small noise of protest, but quickly fell asleep again. There were times Elliott wonder if the cat ever did anything besides sleeping. Penny the other cat woke up and jumped off the bed, and began crying for her breakfast. Elliott ignored her mewling as he got out of bed and stretched. He walked to the bathroom, and left it fifteen minutes later. He got dressed in a pair of dark colored jeans, and gray blue T-shirt. Also threw on socks, and pair of dark gray Chucks. He also put some cologne on, and left his bedroom. He was followed out of the room by Penny and now awake Sir Didymus, who had decided that eating sounding better than sleeping at the moment. Elliott fed and gave the cats fresh water, and went to the kitchen to eat something himself. He decided on a light breakfast, toast and a yogurt. Unfortunately he was out of coffee, but he could always have some when Jeremiah arrived. The younger man was quite good at making sure he ate and was caffeinated. After all they were seeing each. Coffee in the mornings was a nice thing to do with a loved one. He had asked Jeremiah the day before if he would not mind coming over and helping him restock the store later. He just need that truck to arrive. He cleaned up and left his apartment. Which was conveniently located above the bookstore A Novel Idea that he had inherited from the previous owner. He barely knew the older man, but some how Eugene Bamford felt that Elliott should be the new owner. He would of given up on the store if it had not been for Jeremiah. Who helped him keep it afloat even after the tragic accident he was in. There were time Elliott wondered if the younger man knew how grateful he was.

                    He walked down the stairs that led to the store and began turning on lights. He began putting away misplaced books back on their correct shelves, dusted, and got the register ready. He noticed that the Jade plant Jeremiah had gotten him for his birthday several years ago looked about dead again. He went over to it and revived it just by touching it. Almost everyone who lived in Devonshire Falls had an unique gift. Elliott was being things back from the dead. He had never thought of it as a gift before moving to the small Wisconsin town. Growing up his gift had been called sinful and wrong. He had long since gotten past most of the mental abuse he went through growing up. He still refused to talk to his family though, and never cared to tell him where he lived. He had heard or rather seen by spying on his sister via Facebook that she had gotten married. He felt sorry for the poor b*****d that was wed to her, and sorry for any future kids they might have. Well, maybe the guy was an a*****e too, so maybe he should only feel sorry for the nonexistent children. The sound of raindrops hints the window panes could be heard as it suddenly began to rain. Elliott neither loved or hated any type of weather. He felt it was all necessary. Even the below zero winters. He unlocked the front door which was used by the costumers, and the back door that was used by employees as an entrance. He grabbed the Jade plant and placed it outside. The good thing about rain was he would not have to water the plants outside, and Jade plant. The overhead awning on the old red brick building luckily kept him from getting drenched. He went back inside and turned the store's sign to open, and waited. Despite the rain people came to the store. Someone had mentioned to him long ago that the place was relaxing. Elliott could not help, but to feel proud about that. He helped people find books, ran the check out, and work on restocking the shelves all at once. The bell on the door rang again and he looked over to see that Chase Micheals the town's sheriff had had entered the store. He had dark circles under his eyes and gave Elliott a quick and light smile. “Good morning Sheriff.” Elliott greeted the man and placed down the stack of books he had been holding. The other man made a quick scan around the store before settling his eyes back on its owner. “Morn' Mr. Savage.” Chase finally greeted back. “May I help you with something?” Elliott asked when he was standing across for the cop. Chase sighed and handed Elliott a piece of paper. “Yes, I'm calling a town meeting later this evening. If you could hang this in a window that would be big help. I need to go though, and thank you.” Elliott glanced down at the paper and noticed that it had a time and place for the meeting. Town Hall at 7:00pm. He and probably everyone else knew that the meeting could only be about Maryanne. Dear god did he feel horrible for Gene. No one deserved that, even the town's resident jerk felt sorry for the doctor. “I will and goodbye.” Elliott once again started working, and waiting for Jeremiah to arrive.

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                                                ιғ ι нσℓᴅ σитσ γσu, sαтuяиαℓια
                                                ᴅσ γσu тнιик ωє'ᴅ вє ωнσℓє?
                                                                      ONE TWO THREE TIMES I CAN SAY IT HERE
                                                                      AND DO YOU FEEL ME? DO YOU CARE ABOUT IT?
                                                                      IS THERE ANYMORE TIME TO SPARE IN ME
                                                                      MORE TIME TO SPEND ON YOU, MY LOVE
                                                → *◟ᴅσит ʟσσк , ιи мγ єγєs , γσu'яє мιиє иσω

                                                                        Jeremiah woke up shortly sometime after seven. It was a lot more sleep than he usually got, seeing as he always ended up being woken up by those pesky spirits of his. Ah, it was nice to get an extra five hours of sleep. Finally he had eight hours. All week and this was the first time he had more than about five or six hours of sleep at a time. He was feeling pretty good about today, even if the morning started off slowly. Ah, slow was nice. He didn't have to worry about making it anywhere on time. Day's off were good. He pulled up the laptop, checked his e-mail, Facebook, and his account for money. He was doing good. Even after this months rent was due. He still had a good couple thousand to work with for next month, and just in case money.
                                                                        "The suns out," He commented to himself as he noticed the rays peeking through the curtains of his room. Getting up from his chair, he walked across the small room and over to the window before ripping the curtains open.
                                                                        Miah smiled lightly to himself as he stared out onto the morning. It was going to be a nice day, he could feel it. "I need to help Elliott today," He thought aloud, reminding himself. Opening his window lightly to let some warm air in, he smiled. It was a little chilly in his room thanks for the A/C. When he figured it reached a good temperature, he closed the window again and started towards his closet.

                                                                        "What to wear in the mean time?" He thought, looking for something in his style. Miah didn't really have much friends. He dropped out of college due to teasing, and the fact that all of his teachers were scared of him. Kind of hard to get a decent grade when they kept failing you out of instinct. Don't let this guy get good grades and graduate. Giving him smarts would be horrible. A smart psycho? How unoriginal. Besides, he already was smart. He didn't need a professor to tell him that. "Maybe I should just change my name and start taking online courses," He, again, thought out loud. "I want to have my degree, or at least be working on it by the time Persephone wakes up," Ah, Persephone. He could go visit her today after he finished seeing Elliott. Hopefully she'd wake up soon. Miah's life was a rather lonely one without her in it. And her bedroom was getting dusty. "I need to clean in there again," Yup, as soon as you got this one thinking about his sister, he ended up forgetting about everything else he was supposed to be doing. Like right now, he was supposed to be looking for clothes, but he definitely wasn't.

                                                                        "Whoops," He chuckled a bit to himself before he reached in, closing his eyes and pulling out a shirt. Opening his eyes, he looked at the shirt and shrugged a bit. Hey, it worked. Not like he was trying to impress anyone either. He had no one else to try and impress, or look good for, except Elliott and Persephone, but considering she was in a coma, she wouldn't be looking at him. "This'll work, I guess," It was nothing special. Just a black long sleeved shirt with some buttons.
                                                                        He put the shirt on the bed, and looked through the closet again, pulling out a vest he typically wore with every outfit, and his leather jacket. "Now for pants," He pulled out a pair of slacks from the drawer and threw them onto the bed with everything else.

                                                                        When he finished throwing his clothes on, Miah walked into the kitchen and made himself some toast. He wasn't much of an eater in the mornings, he typically didn't have anything more than toast or some fruit along with his cup of coffee, so he wouldn't be making this big ol' breakfast.
                                                                        "Most important meal of the day," He spoke sarcastically as he stuffed down some toast. He had two pieces of toast, and swigged down his cup of coffee real quick before he noticed a cup float up from the counter. [********' a, Come on!" Jeremiah growled a bit, and shortly after he took notice, a lot of other dishwear began flying about the room. "Seriously? This early in the morning? Put the damn things back where you found them, GENTLY, and leave me alone for a bit! Jesus," Miah went back into his room and into the bathroom with the sounds of dishes placing themselves back in their proper places. He was thankful they actually listened.
                                                                        From there he combed his hair, washed his face, brushed his teeth and took his medicine. Yup, he needed it, or he might fall asleep while riding the bike. And that certainly was not a good thing.
                                                                        "Can't die today, Persephone's not awake. Not to mention Elliott would simply bring me back to kill me again," He told his reflection, chuckling a bit, before he turned, left the restroom, scooped up his wallet, helmet, and keys and started towards the door. Pausing at the front door, Miah checked himself for everything.
                                                                        "Clothes, wallet, keys, helmet, jacket -- what am I missing?" He thought a moment before the idea practically smacked him in the head. "My canister!" Miah quickly ran back to his room and picked up his flask, which was also his medicine and cigarette case and stuffed that into his jacket pocket. Okay, now he had everything he needed.

                                                                        Pausing at the door, Miah turned to make sure he had the lights turned off and the like when he noticed a shadow move down the hallway from the guest bathroom and into Persephone's room. His eyes narrowed a bit. Was someone in his apartment? And what could they possibly want from Persephone's room?
                                                                        Closing the door slowly and locking it, Miah tipped into the kitchen and pulled out a butcher knife. His gun was in his room, but he had that somewhere where the person would probably catch him before he could get to it, so Miah stuck with the knife and started down the dark Hallway. It was quite for a long moment, but then he could hear a woman's voice speaking softly. Miah ventured down, stopped just beside the door frame to Persephone's room and then jumped in, holding the knife out as menacing as he possibly could.
                                                                        There he found a young woman, she was probably only sixteen and standing in Persephone's room. Her entire body was soaked in water and she dripped onto the floor. Nothing seemed to be moving, though she seemed to have been messing with Persephone's radio.
                                                                        "Who are you, and what are you doing in my apartment?" Miah hissed. He wasn't a very good people person, especially when people were breaking into his apartment and messing with his sisters things. And why the ******** was she wet and dripping all over his floor?

                                                                        The girl turned slowly and looked at him. Miah's body felt as if cold shivers ran down his back, goose bumps coming up all over. It was a familiar feeling; meaning she wasn't alive anymore.
                                                                        "Are you Jeremiah?" The girl asked, looking into his eyes. Miah still felt uneasy, but he nodded. "Who's asking?" Just because he could see, and talk to the dead didn't necessarily mean they came looking for him all the time. Some outright avoided him.
                                                                        The girl let out a soft smile before stepping closer to him. Miah held his stance, knife still out, like it'd do anything though. Anyone could be a crazy psycho, even dead girls. He knew how it went. He had killed his dad. Life wasn't easy. "Don't come any closer," She stopped, looking at him gently.
                                                                        "Persephone wanted me to tell you something," She spoke again, this time catching Miah off guard. Persephone? She was awake? He hadn't gotten a call from the hospital, so how the hell could that even be possible?
                                                                        "My sisters in a coma, she couldn't of possibly told you anything," The girl continued to smile at him, though she stayed silent.
                                                                        "Who are you and what the HELL is going on!?" He was beginning to get pissed off now. Speak! Explain yourself! But she wouldn't say a word. "GET OUT OF MY APARTMENT!" He finally yelled, only to have her suddenly vanish before his eyes.
                                                                        Miah dropped the knife and took a step back. What the hell just happened? "What?" He stepped back into the room and looked around. Nope. She was gone. And so was the water she had been dripping on the floor. Rubbing his eyes, Miah stared at the floor. That was almost...too easy..

                                                                        That's when the radio suddenly turned itself on, and the sound of P!nk's '******** Perfect' blasted through the entire room. Miah stood there a moment, listening to the lyrics and trying to grasp onto the meaning of the whole situation that had just happened. Some...girl just came in telling him Persephone had something to tell him, and then she disappeared -- literally -- and now the radio was playing songs on its own.
                                                                        "Is this what Persephone wanted to tell me?" He questioned out loud, thinking about what the girl had said. Miah shook his head lightly and reached out to turn the radio off and onto CD, but when he switched it, the song continued to play. He blinked, pushing the button back and forth between radio and CD, but it still continued to play.
                                                                        "What the hell?" Miah pulled the plug from the wall and it seemed to go quite for a moment, though he could hear the sound of dripping from in the room and he looked around to check for that girl again, but then the song suddenly rang out louder through the radio.

                                                                        Jumping back, Miah quickly just left his apartment and started down towards his bike.
                                                                        It didn't take him long. He was always parked near by in the motorcycle section. He hadn't had any issues yet, and he'd beat anyone who tried takin' his wheels. His mother gave him that bike when he was sixteen years old. And now his mother was dead. He'd kill to make sure that bike stayed in his possession. And if anyone heard him say that, they'd probably have him thrown back into the asylum. Not something Miah really wanted.
                                                                        "What the hell was all that?" He mumbled to himself as he was about to sit on the bike. That's when the song continued to play, bursting out through the radio of the car next to him, making him jump.
                                                                        "Holy hell!" It was one of the strangest experiences of his life, that was for sure. "Knock it off!" He yelled at the radio, though he hoped the that what ever was making this happen, would listen too. And just like that, the radio turned off, and the parking garage was silent again.

                                                                        "What the hell was that?" Miah was seriously beginning to freak out a bit, though this certainly wasn't the first time he had an experience like this before. He started having them when he was six. They didn't happen often, at least to that extent, but every once in a while they did. Normally it was just the whispers, or things moving about his apartment. Nothing as....outrageous as him actually seeing them that vividly and having an intelligent conversation.
                                                                        "Just forget it," He shook his head, turned on his bike and started towards town. He just needed to see Elliott. That would be the best thing for him right now; his best friend, and boyfriend. Yup, everything was always better with Elliott. Hell, without Elliott, Miah was positive he wouldn't be there right now. He would of probably offed himself long ago.
                                                                        Making it to the bookstore where he and Elliott worked -- thanks to Elliott being kind enough to give him and job and let him keep it -- and headed inside.
                                                                        "Good morning, Elli!" Jeremiah smiled, rather chipper for the morning. Hey, he just got eight hours of sleep! He was a happy camper.
                                                                        Walking over, he continued to smile, sliding a hand along Elliott's back. Giving the taller and older male a kiss, Jeremiah continued to smile. He probably smelt of coffee and peanut butter. And toothpaste. He almost chuckled at the thought. "Sleep well?"

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                                              outifttabbing and s**t

                                              She could hear her heartbeat racing, much faster than the girl in front of her. She could feel beads of sweat roll down her forehead. She had to do something. Fast, But why couldn't she move? Why was she forced to stare at this terrible sight in front of her? Her keens locked in place, a blonde girl on the ground before her. Her ail body bruised and beaten as it met it's match with the car's fender. But what could she do? Nothing. She must watch. She must feel guilt. She must pain for the girl. The girl that could not be helped. And who's fault was it? Hers. Hers. Hers. The words seemed to be suffocating her. Hers. Hers. As if slowing cramping around her in a stuffy room. Which was weird, considering she was outside, in the middle of nowhere. A deserted road in a deserted town. and yet, the girl lay there. She was simply walking to nowhere, and Nicole hit her. And she had no clue what to do. She she was forced to watch as the blood poured from the girl's head, staining her beautiful blonde hair, and her hands turn a grayish-blue color as death overcame her. Slowly, the girls started to disintegrate, her body turning into infinite particles, like sand, and was swept away from the ground before her. It caught wind and was blown away, gone. Never to be seen again. And as it did, Nicole's expression grew confused. Where did she go? What happened to her? Nicole stood up from her position and stood, gazing at the sky. At then, a loud noise burst through her ear. She was quick enough to turn and see that the noise had come fro ma massive semi-truck. Not fast enough to calculate that it was driving straight towards her.


                                              Nicole lunged forward in her bed, her heartbeat as fast as a rabbits, sweat covering her forehead as she took shallow breaths. Frantically, her head turned in all directions, ensuring that she was, in fact, in her own bed. Gaining a sense of reality, Nicole realized what had just happened. She had the dream again. The one that had been occurring ever so often since she was seventeen. It was her reliving the night over and over again , her hitting the girl, not knowing what to do, but what happens in the dream isn't what actually happened. In her dream, the girl disappears, and Nicole is instead hit by the car. What had actually happened is when Nicole found out about what she could do. Nicole was a healer, one of a kind. That's what she did that night, she healed the girl. Unknowingly and unwittingly. It was strange, the feeling that coursed through er, and at that moment, she knew she wasn't normal. No human could live from a hit as severe as it was. Ever since then, Nicole had been given this gift, one she cannot control nor contain. And it was to be kept hidden. Which is why she was walking up in Wisconsin. Devonshire Falls, to be more exact.

                                              Rubbing her face from tears, Nicole felt a surge of energy coarse through her, something she's learned to live with. Every morning it happens, especially powerful when she has the nightmares. As if her body is rejuvenating itself every morning to heal itself. Apparently the inner pain is not something it wants to deal with. Even if her body did feel amazing at that moment, Nicole still could feel the turmoil bubbling inside her. Slowly, she removed the covers from over her legs and swept them over, letting them hang from her bed. Rising from the bed, the only thought that ran through her mind was how quickly she needed to get into a warm shower. Her petite body swayed across her bedroom, over to her bathroom, and she locked the door behind her. Foolish security step when you live alone. Before walking over to her shower, she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror: hair up in a ponytail, her flawless skin even then, shining, from the energy that shone through her throughout the day. The glow never seemed to leave her, and sometimes she didn't like it. And yet, past the skin and the glow, Nicole could find a simple girl. A timid woman who still hides herself from the world and is relentless to give out her trust. She turned her head away from the mirror and walked to her shower, stripping herself of her pajamas and climbing inside. Turning the knob, it put a small smile to her face how fast the hot water was able to come out. Utter bliss. Her body defrosted on impact, a hot shower could always put the girl at ease.

                                              After about Nicole had spent a full twenty minutes in the warm water, she finally emerged out of it. The bathroom was full of steam, which kept it warm for her. Wrapping herself in a thin towel, she made her way to the small closet in the apartment, where all her clothes were. It was very easy for Nicole to become interested in little things like clothing and nature. She was rather lonely most of the time, and always found other ways to entertain herself. Skimming through the choices of clothing, she settled on a sweater and jeans. She had to work today, at the flower shop. It was the only place she felt secure and at ease. Being around such vibrant and calm organisms seemed to contain Nicole's frustrations and confusion better than anywhere else. Thinking of work, she checked the clock on the wall of her bedroom. "I'm going to be late!" she hissed to herself, and sprawled around her room, looking for her bag and keys. She had to at least open up the shop before James came in. Scurrying around, she swung her bag around her shoulder and made her way out of the apartment.


                                              The town of Devonshire is fairly small, Nicole could walk pretty much anywhere. So, as an alternative, Nicole waked ten minutes everyday to Greenfield, the floral shop. Another form of calming methods: walking. Though she had seen the same sights for the past six years, she was still always pleased to see them. From the smell of coffee by the cafe or the old lady who walk her four golden retrievers to the park everyday, except on Friday's. And today was no different than before. The brunette reached the floral shop and pulled the key out of her bag, unlocking the front door to the shop. Her finger fumbled the inside wall until they felt a plastic knob, turning it slowly. The lights all seemed to fade in, bringing light to the shop. A smile grew on her face as her eyes wandered the shop, from the orchids to the fresh cut roses. It smelled of rain and flowers, and it was probably the most intoxicating aroma Nicole could think of. Slowly, she circled the shops, her eyes falling on every different flower or plant. All she had to do was wait for James to come in to tell her what needed to be done.

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telekinesis + telepathy

                                Beep. Beep. Beep.

                                Came the incessant noise on the nightstand indicating that it was time to get out of bed. But still, the lump under the light blue sheets remained still as the sound rang through the loft. A small grunting could be heard as a slender arm emerged out of the covers and groped its way across the table in search of the less-than-pleasing source. Unable to complete that mission successfully, the alarm continued to ring so there was only one thing left to do. Shut up. And thus, the nagging sound ceased.
                                The mass under the blanket stirred and a quirky Asian sat up in bed yawning while her arms stretched out in an attempt to further wake herself. Running her fingers through her dark hair, Mi-Young blinked, examining her surroundings. What time is it? When her big brown eyes landed on the clock, she got her answer. The time right now was “late for work.”

                                ”Gyah!” A panic shriek escaped her pink lips as she literally tumbled out of bed, her legs tangled midst the covers. Rolling to the ground with a soft ‘thud’, the Korean groaned, rubbing her bum. ”Ouchies…” After a minute of feeling sorry for herself and utterly ridiculous, the girl picked herself up and skidded towards the bathroom where she showered and dressed quickly.
                                This was how Mimi’s daily routine went. She overslept. Fall out of bed. Shower. Get dressed. Grab a toaster strudel. Forget something. Race out the loft. Remember what she forgot. Race back in the loft. Then back out again. It never failed and today was no different. Surely Matthias was used to it by now. The only one still really surprised by Mimi’s tardy nature was Mimi herself. And so with toaster strudel and messenger bag in hand, she raced out of her loft, only to race back in because she had forgotten her cellphone.

                                Seriously, the girl needed to set her alarm at least an hour early but due to the nature of her powers, she always hit the snooze button without actually hitting it. Telekinesis could be a blessing and a curse really. Moving things with your mind? Cool. Being late for work because you keep turning off your alarm clock with your mind? Not so great. The same thing goes for telepathy really. Hearing other people’s thoughts and projecting your thoughts unto others? Awesome. Accidentally projecting your thoughts to your crush? Plain embarrassing. Thus was the life of Park Mi-Young.

                                Quickly mounting her bike, Mimi quickly peddled towards Treble n’ Clefton where she was sure Matthias would be waiting. Probably to scold her. Her boss owned so many places around Devonshire Falls so she was sure he was a very busy man. That’s why he had hired her. To help him out while he keep tabs on his other businesses. But so far, she had proved to be unreliable. Not because she was rebellious and meant to be late all the time. But because she was a ditz with powers she couldn’t handle.
                                Mimi raced past Press Play and A Novel Idea and soon skidded to a stop in front of her place of employment. Not even bothering to chain up her bike, she rushed inside. Besides, it wasn’t like anyone would bother stealing it anyway. As hard as it is for most people to believe, Devonshire Falls, Wisconsin was a rather small town. She’d like to say everyone knew everyone else but that wasn’t really the case. Ever since Maryanne went missing, the place really hadn’t been the same. Some were now aloof and kept to themselves, not to mention there has been some media attention. Either way, Mimi planned to go about life how she had always gone about it. Now if only she could be punctual. ”I’m here!” she called in her sing-song voice as she set her bag on the counter and looked around the music shop. Hmmm…was the boss-man in?

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                                Run, baby run. Don't ever look back. ☜
                                They'll tear us apart - if you give them the chance.
                                Don't sell your , don't say we're not meant to be.
                                Run, baby run. Forever will be...You and me. ☼
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                                                      Athena Carrow hadn't slept for three days. She hasn't left her apartment in three days, not even gone near a window. She only left her room to bathe and get food. But, her friends knew she was alive because she would respond to messages and Taylor, her roommate and one of her closest friends, saw her when she came out of her room or showered. What kept her up for the past couple of days? Math and Battlefield 3. A while ago, she had painted one of the walls in her bedroom as a chalk board and now seemingly non-sensical yellow writing plagued it. It made sense to her, though, it made perfect sense. Nearly. She was trying to solve Hilbert's Sixteenth Problem, one of the few math problems that were deemed unsolvable. Well, she was hellbent on solving this one. What was driving her crazy was that she should be able to solve this; she graduated from Harvard when she was sixteen, she was a certified genius and mental calculator. The problem was that she couldn't solve it and it was driving her insane. Her powers came in once or twice from pure frustration. Now she sat in front of her bed, dressed in a white tank top and blue plaid pajama pants, smashing buttons on an xBox controller because there was something shooting at her and she was determined to find out what.

                                                      It wasn't like she left the house much anyway. Athena didn't want to go outside too often because of her powers and she didn't want to get irritated by something and, whoops, there goes the laws of physics. It was a mystery how she had friends, but she did, quite a few of them. She wasn't some grumpy person, she was actually fairly nice. Darkly humored, but pleasant, despite what people say. Athena was judged a lot because she looks like a hooligan, with her tattoos and piercings and her gauged ears. Her aunt, the mayor, who she lived with, was questioned about it a bit about her parenting skills. Meredith had persuaded them into dropping the subject. Her aunt had a funny power. It was amazing and weird how so many people in one town could have powers and abilities like the ones they had. Hers were kinda scary. She could warp reality and psionic blast. It probably sounded like the opposite of scary, so she should explain. Psionic blast was pretty much the ability to overload anothers mind, causing pain, memory loss, lack of consciousness, vegetative state or death. She accidentally used that power on a boy when she was eight and then again on her dad, recently an innocent squirrel about a month ago. Then, reality warping, though it sounds like she could just make people see different things, it wasn't that, that was illusions and Shaun took care of that. No, it was the ability to reshape matter and energy, create or alter life forms, turn a person's thoughts or desires into reality, simulate any and all other powers and abilities, bend time and space, and possibly even rewrite the laws of physics. If she got even more powerful, she could change things as weak as physics or something as inconceivable as login itself. She wasn't that powerful and hoped she never would be. Athena hated her powers, they were too much to say the least. She didn't like the thought of playing God.

                                                      Her eyes flicked from the screen of simulated war back up to the chalkboard wall. She groaned and shook her head, adjusting her glasses that sat precariously on the bridge of her nose, then went back to her game. She couldn't help but think that she could change everything so it made sense, that she could change the mathematical symmetry of it all if she just got irritated enough and thought long and hard enough about it, it could happen. She shook her head again and paused the game. She needed a smoke. Athena stood from the carpeted ground and grabbed the pack of cigarettes and lighter from the dresser and crossed the room, stepping over all the clutter in her room, and opened the curtains to her window and then opened it. She sat on the ledge, her legs over the edge. Thank God she didn't have a fear of heights or whatever. She lit the cigarette and then put it in between her lips, sucking in fresh air and smoke. Her mind calmed. She would be smoking weed normally, but that makes her tired and she couldn't focus and she needed to be awake and alert. Besides, she didn't have anymore, she would have to go buy some more. What a bummer. She smoked weed though, any other drug ******** up your life and she didn't need that. After about ten minutes, she squished the stub of the cigarette in the ash tray before climbing back inside her room.

                                                      Her bedroom was messy to say the least. She got easily bored and would take up new hobbies, but most of them wouldn't stick and she would leave them in her room to gather dust. She was starting to run out of things to do, in all honesty. She grabbed her phone from its charger. She opened the door and stepped out into the eerily quiet apartment. Athena clicked the home button on her phone and the screen lit up, displaying the time. It was too early in the morning to be awake, in her opinion, but she didn't have too great of a sleeping schedule, so what did she know? She stepped into the bathroom, her feet chilled by the cold tile, and took one look at herself in the mirror and cringed. It still looked like herself: her long, jet black hair, striking, bright blue eyes, high cheekbones, her tattoos up and down her arms, shoulders and collarbone. But, she looked tired, exhausted. Dark circles plagued her pale skin under her eyes. She had been drinking energy drinks for the past couple of days and it seemed like she needed another one. She rubbed her eyes and brushed her teeth before going out into the living room.

                                                      She clicked on the lights and saw that she was the only one awake. She looked at the kitchen and her stomach rumbled. She honestly had no idea how to cook, she tried learning, but it didn't end too well. So, she poured herself a bowl of cereal and sat on top of the counter. Her phone buzzed beside her and she took a glance at it and the name said 'Aunt Mere' so she decided to actually answer it. "Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, may I take your order?" She joked but she could hear her aunt rolling her eyes and pinching her nose. "Alright, what is it?" She said, taking a bite of her cereal.

                                                      "Do you still need a job?"

                                                      "I don't really want on—"

                                                      "How about being a secretary or a treasurer, for me? It's something to get you out of the house, at least."

                                                      Athena audibly laughed. "You know I don't get into politics, Mere. Besides, I think I'm a bit more qualified than being a glorified phone-answerer."

                                                      "It's too early in the morning for this, Athena, do you want the job or not?"

                                                      "Nah, I think I'm going to pass."

                                                      Aunt Meredith groaned and hung up to go do her mayor duties, most likely. Athena put the phone down next to her and placed her half eaten bowl of cereal in the sink, sliding off the counter. She walked over to the small old time-y looking pianos that had been rolled up against the wall. Taylor was a fire burlesque dancer and Athena loved playing the piano and singing, so it made sense to have one. She played a quick, jaunty tune with one hand, the sweet melody playing throughout the apartment. "Taylor, honey, wake up." She called and then stopped playing the tune. She actually had no idea if she had to wake up now, but she was bored and she didn't feel like doing math or playing her video games in her room right now. Frankly, she was bored. Bored, hopelessly and endlessly bored. What was Shaun doing, or Rory or Kellan or Jackson. And, why didn't she have any girl friends other than Taylor? These were all things to think later. She went back into the kitchen and grabbed another energy drink, sitting on the counter again. She grabbed her phone and held it in her hand, thinking.

                                                      to: Shaun
                                                      from: Athena
                                                      I don't suppose your kids want to learn how there's Shakespeare encoded in Pi today, right?
                                                      I'm more than bored. I mean, I'm just saying.

                                                      She clicked the little green send button and then set her phone down again. In all honesty, Athena was kind of fascinated by the high school. She had never gone to one, she went to middle school and then to college, so she never had the normal high school experiences; getting drunk, failing classes, teenage drama, etc. But, if Shaun said that she couldn't go to work with him because, she didn't know, schools seemed to have rules against that sometimes, but it was just an art class and she would just sit there so she didn't see the harm. But, she digressed. If she couldn't go, then she would call Kellan. He was a really good friend of hers, they were close and ... She couldn't explain it. Maybe she had a little crush, like an eight year old girl. Well, it was like that for two people; Kellan and Shaun but she would never openly admit that because she was her and they were friends and that would be weird. It just didn't make sense to her, theoretically at least, because apparently that was the only way she could think anymore. Now that she sent the message, she started thinking. Could she handle being in a room with teenagers and not get annoyed? She wouldn't be allowed to smoke and teenagers were irritating. Maybe she could do it. Where was Taylor, was she coming out? Taylor was actually a really good roommate, she wasn't messy, unlike Athena. Plus, she was funny and nice and completely gorgeous. In all honesty, if she swung that way, Athena would be all over that, but then again Taylor's powers got in the way and things would be complicated and ... Wait, what was she thinking about again?
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                                          "Утро Лука, это ваш брат .. Михаил."

                                          "Oh! Hey brother!"


                                          "Oh sorry um, I mean, Эй, брат."

                                          "Гораздо лучше, теперь ты как Лука??"

                                          ""Я в порядке, все нормально".."

                                          "Это приятно слышать, что о школе, какие-то проблемы?"

                                          "Нет, не совсем, просто типичный материал .. вы знаете".

                                          "Лука, вы можете поговорить со мной, я твой брат».

                                          "Я знаю, что хорошо его просто люди, выбирая меня в классе. Обычные вещи .."

                                          "О, я вижу, вы поговорите с Георгием об этом?"

                                          "Я сделал, но он просто сказал мне, чтобы противостоять им, чтобы не быть слабым".

                                          "Что? Это не будет работать, насилие всегда является ответом".

                                          "... да".

                                          "... Да, я знаю, что это сумасшедший ближайшие от меня из-за того, что произошло, но вы понимаете."

                                          "Да, я понимаю, его просто не так просто, Михаил".

                                          "Я знаю, ничего на самом деле, но это то, что делает достижение такой подвиг еще более полезным."

                                          "... Ха-ха HHM я понимаю."

                                          "Хорошо, я горжусь тобой Лука».

                                          "Спасибо брат, о ждать Георгия здесь, хочу поговорить с ним?"

                                          "Ну, что, если все в порядке, конечно."

                                          "Георгий, телефон!"



                                          "Эй, Георгий, его брат твой."

                                          "Oh..hey, can you cut the Russian? I already told you before that I don't speak that anymore, and I don't feel like translating so early in the damn morning."

                                          "...Right, sorry, but you know it is your native language, we live in America now, speaking in your language now and then keeps up the connection to our homeland."

                                          "Oh right, homeland, because we need to delve back to that hell hole."

                                          "Georgi, it wasn't a hell hole it...had its rough moments, yes, but there were good times."

                                          "Good times right, what as a family? You're the expert on family huh? I didn't know they handed out family expert certificates to people who ditch their families and randomly show up five years later. Must be slim pickings these days."

                                          "..Georgi, please not right now, you know I didn't ditch our family, I didn't ditch you, it was to keep everybody safe."

                                          "Hah! Yeah safe, good job on that one Mikhail, definitely. But you know what, you're right I don't have time to deal with this right now. I have to work and Luka has to get to school, so we're going to go."

                                          "But...yes, understandable, I'll talk to you later then?"

                                          "I don't know, maybe, doubtful. Bye Mikhail, and oh yeah stop getting Luka to speak Russian all of the time and giving him advice, I can handle it, and I'm sure you're the reason he's getting picked on."

                                          "...Goodbye Georgi."

                                          "Hmph, CLICK"

                                          The call ended, the screen showing its termination then going blank. Khail sighed heavily as he put his cell phone back on his desk, he was feeling drained all of a sudden. It was early in the morning but that was usual for him, he liked watching the sunrise while training. No that wasn't his problem, it should be obvious what was bugging him. Speaking to his brother was always awkward, most of the time nice, and a few times...stressful. The stressful times usually only appearing when he and Gerogi spoke to each other. Ever since Khail left their family to protect them from that group of mercenaries Gerogi held some aggression towards him. Ever since they were reunited a few years ago his first younger brother was nothing but abrasive to him. It was rather heartbreaking, Khail was a firm believer in family, to be united and one. Especially now since half of their family was now dead, their parents and their youngest brother Grant. But luckily Luka didn't harbor any negativity to Khail to this day. He and Khail were united on the idea of them all being a family again. Without Luka staying in contact with him, Khail wouldn't know how to cope, he didn't want to lose the last of his family.

                                          He and Luka actually wanted them all to live together but Georgi was against the idea. Khail would admit that it was a bit selfish of him, Georgi and Luka had started their own life in America and Khail didn't have the right to come along and uproot them from that life. But still, he wish they could come to some kind of agreement though. They shouldn't be so far apart, but at least now it was just a couple miles rather than an entire ocean. Khail reached up and ran his hands through his lightly gelled hair, a sigh falling from his nose. He shouldn't ruin his day by thinking of such depressing thoughts, he should be glad he got to talk to his brothers at all today. Even if half of their talk was less than pleasing, at least they were safe.

                                          A small smile moved onto his lips and he stood up from his chair. Well he better get ready for his day, he did have to work today. He was more than sure that it was going to be slow today, it was most days. But he still liked going to work anyway, it was a good way for him to get some practice in. Baking, along with his golden heart little brother, was one of the good things in his life right now. Besides being alive, having a nice home, and an even nicer town to live in. A town he's been staying in for a little over half a year. Yes Devonshire Falls was quite the little oasis, he wondered how he was lucky enough to find it. Him picking Devonshire was a little inexplicable to be honest, hard to explain. It sort of just, pulled him here, like cat n**. But that wasn't a bad thing, the Falls certainly wasn't normal, to say the least. But it was still peaceful, the more exciting days consisting of new movie releases or a festival, when someone's powers weren't going amok that is.

                                          But as mentioned earlier Khail should get himself together, he had his morning training session and his weekly call with Luka already. Now he needed a shower and to throw some fresh clothes on. He ran his hand through his hair once more than proceeded to take his clothes off as he walked to the bathroom. Once he was in his birthday suit, a rather nice and form pleasing suit, he stopped before getting in the tub. Staring at himself in the mirror he starting thinking of the past, his entire body was pretty much a memoir. With its scar and tattoos, each mark holding a heavy meaning behind them. His eyes lingered on his back, the large healed up gash, that ran across his back completely. This one had a darker memory to it but, it wasn't something that needed to be relived, especially not right now. He turned his attention back to the moment then jumped in the shower, turning the water on warm and cleaning the sweat and dirt off him.

                                          After twenty minutes Khail got himself cleaned up, dressed, and fed. His attire consisting of light khaki pants, a baby blue polo, and a pair of sneakers he wore for work. Not surprising but it did get a bit messy in a bakery especially when you're behind the scenes. He grabbed his phone and his keys then made his way for the door, the sound of rain falling outside made him stop in his tracks. Well that was a little surprising, didn't expect for it to rain today, it was pretty sunny early, but knowing this town this rain could be man made. He walked back up the stairs to his room which made up most of his apartment, acting as his living room as well. He grabbed a light jacket and his umbrella. Then he headed out the door and into the town.

                                          The bakery wasn't all that far from his place, in fact almost everything wasn't that far from everything else. But he still liked taking his time when heading to work, besides he was still pretty early. He waved to his fellow townsfolk and gave each one his signature smile, getting one in return each time. It was kind of amazing how quick he settled in and people seemed comfortable with a new resident. Sure he's been here for a while already it was still pretty surprising. But he just assumed it was another positive under Devonshire's belt. He finally made it to the bakery, Sweet Sunday, Jo's place, Jo being his boss. She was a bit older than him, only by a year and perhaps a few months but you would think it was the other way around. She seemed to be much younger at heart, to him, and honestly Khail had old man tendencies. He couldn't help it, he had to grow up fast when he was younger and now he was pretty much stuck there. He knew nothing else, how not to be the mature one, the shield. But Jo knew how to be serious, something he learned from his time working with her, on the job its business with some fun thrown in. You can't be entirely serious and headstrong when baking, it sort of gets in the way, you have to be just as carefree. Basically Jo knew how to balance it, her work persona, and off the clock persona, they hung out from time to time. Khail liked to believe they were good friends by now, it had been a couple months since he started working here.

                                          He dug into his pocket for his pair of keys, sometimes he liked to show up early to work on his own recipes since his place wasn't really equipped for it. So Jo gave him one to the shop, she trusted him, besides he was the only other worker in the bakery. He opened the door, that familiar jingle chimed from overhead as he did. He moved to the back to put up his umbrella and jacket, humming to himself as he moved. He didn't work yesterday so Jo had the place all to herself, he could tell she was working on something as the dish rack had a little more than normal amount of clean dishes in it. But Khail had his own little project to finish; he walked to the fridge and took out a ball of dough that was wrapped in some plastic wrap. He pat it a few times, still soft, then started to roll it along his arms, he was pretty dexterous. It rolled up to his shoulder then he nudged it up into the air and caught it with his right, he smiled to himself. Alright enough playing around, he nodded then placed the dough onto the counter. He grabbed himself an apron and a hair net, putting them on, he walked to the sink to wash his hands but the door's bell caught his attention. "Who could that be already?" He walked to the doorway linking the kitchen and entrance area and spotted the sheriff standing there, eyes locked to the display case.

                                          "Oh, morning Sheriff." Khail called out to the man, breaking his staring contest with a jelly donut. "Huh? Oh morning there Khail, spaced out a little there haha." The older gentleman chuckled lightly, his hand reaching up to rustle with his show curly hair, Khail couldn't help but smile back. The sheriff was a normal kind of fellow, what did people call those normals?...Muggles or Mundanes, something like that. Whatever it was the point was the Sheriff was one of those few people in the Falls without powers, like Khail. Khail didn't have a problem leaving with extraordinary people but it was nice to know he wasn't the only normal person around. "How are you this morning Sheriff Micheals? Khail moved to the counter and leaned on the glass case, arms crossed, keeping eye contact. The Sheriff moved closer, something in hand, and frowned a moment, as if trying to go over their entire conversation in his head already. Khail raised an eyebrow as he waited, Chase was an interesting man maybe a bit odd at times, but he had a certain hidden quality that Khail recognized. Like if you gave him enough time he could get a complete read on you, who you were, reason why Khail kept his distance at times. Also why he refrained from asking the Sheriff out for a drink some nights, he was a handsome old gent. But Khail didn't like being "read", and rather keep somethings to himself, for now anyway. "Chase?"

                                          He nodded a few times then opened his mouth to talk, "Well I'm walking around passing out flyer for a meeting we're having later tonight, its about the young girl that went missing some time ago." Khail nodded his head, a frown forming on his face as well,
                                          "Yes I heard, Maryanne." Chase nodded once more then handed Khail the flyer with the meeting information on it. "Yeah, its been far too long and now we're asking everyone to get more active with helping us find her. Better for the town to work together in these sort of situations, plus it'll be faster in finding her before.... Khail looked up from the paper as Chase fell silent, "Before the worse happens." He finished the sentence for him, Chase sighed from his nose and closed his eyes, nobody wanted that. Khail knew that pain, losing a loved especially one so young, his heart went out to Mr. Berne, Maryanne's father. "Don't worry I'll be there, and I'll be sure to let Jo know as well, good luck Chase." He nodded his once and smiled, Chase smiling back at him. "Good to hear."

                                          They said their last words to each other, Khail selling him that donut from earlier, the Chase left the shop. Khail let go of a breath he didn't know he was holding in, this entire situation was unfortunate, and brought up so feelings he had buried sometime ago. He put the flyer on the notification board they had for new deals and announcements then went back to the kitchen to wash his hand and get back to work on his project.

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                          Empty. Vast. White. The blankest of canvas’s. Something alive. Something should be alive. But there was only air. He should draw something. But what? There was a pen in his hand. Artists hated pens, pens couldn’t erase. Pencil lines, then cover in ink—framing technique. Training. Training. That’s how you draw, kiddo’s. He moved his hand to the left, the tip of the pen slanted right at a broken angle. “Well, that’s not right.” The Hatter told the Hare. “Where’s the bat in a teacup?” A laugh. A jagged line rained down like lightning, severing hand from arm. Blood splashed on white like a paint balloon bursting. A flower grew patiently out from all the mess. “Well, that’s one way to do it.” Run away. Run away, the petals screamed. The peal of thunder roared overhead, the pop, pop, pop, of the machine gun. The canvas vanished, replaced by dirt below his feet. The cry of war planes when they dove and weaved. Left and right. Left and right. Soldiers marching left and right—heading towards the reaper, vanishing one by one inside his mouth, crunched up like cereal. Pop, pop, pop. “Where are we going? The future.” One man whispered as he was swallowed up. BANG. Shot between the eyes. Hardly any blood flew. He fell backwards into the abyss. He landed on his hands. He sat up, the pen laced between his fingers. Draw something. Draw something for me. A voice whispered in his head. Who are you? He tried to say but his voice didn’t work. “Come to save Ms. Muffet, have you? The spider’s already scared her away!” A voice cackled from the bed where a bent figure laid—a doll? Head turned aside, what you doing, baby? Bent. Bent back. No, head bent back at a bad angle. Twisted off, bruises down her arms. Heads will roll. Heads will roll. Fingers crossed. Bloodstains on the carpet. So, Annie, are you okay?

                          “Anna?” Thump. “….why, hello, floor. How are you this fine morning? s**t.” It’d been a long time since he’d woken up with carpet on his tongue. “Obviously, doing better than I am. But thanks for asking.” He muttered as a pale silver color escaped under his bed, the faint outline of iron bars sinking back into the walls. He clucked his tongue as he sat up, leaning back against his mattress frame. “Well, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say I was jail bait.” Oh the things he could do when he wasn’t awake. His power had a nifty habit of rewiring itself when he wasn’t paying attention, generally when he was first waking up and when he didn’t have the mental power to contain it—when he was high, drunk, stoned. But alas, those days were gone now. “Ah, how I miss them.” His head lolled back against the mattress as he scooped up a stray cigarette from the floor and lit it. He never gave up the smoking; he never had the drive.

                          He blew smoke into the air once before finally moving again. Just a twitch of his foot at first, then finally the rest of him followed into a standing position. “Whelp, that settles the vodka debate. No more shots before bed.” That wasn’t it. That wasn’t it at all. He knew that. But it seemed more appropriate to blame the vodka in the fridge than the missing girl down the street. It wasn’t her fault she’d been kidnapped and the first place the sheriff ran sniffing was his family. Because of Anna. Always because they wanted to talk about Anna. Was it related? How did she go missing again? Questions, questions, questions. Then and now. The annoyance of the memory made his blood cringe. That girl was dead. He didn’t have to be psychic to know that. She was dead. The pity he felt for the Doctor was immense but the annoyance of the police overshadowed that. The worst thing they can do is find her body. You want me to say something to the cops? Tell them this: that girl is dead and the worst thing they can do is show her father the body. That’s a memory you can’t erase. He told his father once, the first time he called. That was a week ago. Now his father, one Geoffrey Seville, had made a statement but Shaun still avoided Sheriff Michaels like he had the Black Plague. Now he was avoiding his father’s phone calls. It was only a matter of time before one of them made a personal appearance at his work, he knew that, but until then, he could play it off.

                          He put the cigarette out in an ashtray near the couch. “Just on time!” He laughed as his phone launched into playing Pat Benetar’s Hit Me With Your Best Shot. His father had made a habit of calling him every morning now—always the same nonsense. Talk to the police. All you have to do is tell them you know nothing. Who benefited from him telling the cops that he knew nothing? It sounded like a waste of his time. They only wanted to talk about the things they didn’t know about Anna’s murder-suicide. He rolled his eyes, absentmindedly humming as he made a thing of coffee to chase some caffeine in his blood. There was something called ‘school’ happening today.

                          The phone stopped just short of a repeat of the chorus. He downed a quick shot left over from the previous evening, followed by some coffee. Okay, now he was mostly awake. “Damn, just short of the best part.” He grabbed a bagel, munching on it as he wandered back to grab his phone, delete the message without listening to it, and ignore the one missed call message. Yeah, it wasn’t that important. Clothes were. Sadly, clothes were.

                          Unfortunately, pantless and shirtless wasn’t a fad anymore—he was still living in college, sue him. And it was probably freakishly cold outside. If he hadn’t been born here, he would’ve complained but he was used to the cold weather by this point. Select other’s that he knew—one certain little homeless lady came to mind—but he was working on that. She had gloves at least. Perfectly good stolen gloves. Next time he saw the Coyote, he intended on leaving her a jacket to match, whether she liked it or not. Since she hadn’t appreciated the whole ‘you could break in and steal someone’s couch for a night’ conversation. He wasn’t sure why; it was fairly well known by this point in time—though not a concrete fact, of course—that Shaun Seville could find himself in any location, in any situation. He’d been in the habit of it since he was younger. Stealing was one of his better hobbies back then.

                          But speaking of friends, he had one too many, just the way he liked it, honestly. Though his closest friend was Matthias, easily. They got in more trouble and by default, had the most fun, than he could count on fingers and toes. He still had the naked Titanic themed drawing of Matthias over his couch. In fact, he just walked right by it a moment ago as he pulled on a shirt and pants. Still his best work by far in his account and he’d done a lot of artwork over the years. Though that wasn’t entirely his fault—between his little art students at the high school, his assorted group of friends, and other social figures around the town, he’d done more work than he did in college. Everyone wanted him to draw them something; most of the time it was for free. Only when he did artwork around town did he charge a small fee. It wasn’t like he needed money, it wasn’t like he needed work, he did what he liked and that was it really. But most businesses offered him money for the art and effort, eventually he learned to take it. But from other people? No way.

                          “Probably break my hand permanently before thirty.” He grinned at the thought. He was only four years away from that as his students like to remind him. Really, why did he teach again? Those little ******** were a pain in the a**, especially for him having to get up hella early to teach them. Maybe he should take a page from Beth’s book and demand that he not have a first period. Nah. He supposed the earliness helped in its small way.

                          Shoes, shirt, now he could get service. He finished off the bagel, time to call it a morning. He slammed the door shut behind him; the trek down the apartment revealed rain. A trek back upstairs to grab a better jacket since there wasn’t much of a point in owning a car in Devonshire. Another reason he wasn’t wanting for money, didn’t have to pay insurance on a car. It was a perk and annoyance of Devonshire, one that he was used to by now. Even the school wasn’t terribly far from his apartment.

                          On the return trip, his phone went off again, playing Band of Skull’s Patterns—Athena, he knew from the get go. The song played once through the selected part then shut off again; she was texting him. Everyone he knew, for the most part, had a personalized ringtone. It was a convenience thing really. Once he memorized the pattern, he could avoid a call or answer it, just depended on his mood. He opened the message once he reached the bottom of the stairs, his fingers aching for another cigarette but not yet, he decided. Not yet. He stared at the message once, twice, then sold! and shoved the phone back in his pocket next to his cigarettes. It looked like it was time for a detour folks, the illusive man went where he was needed after all.

                          With the rain, it was chillier than he expected, walking through it and everything. Minutes ticked by; he narrowly avoided a confrontation with Sheriff Chase Michaels. The man was leaving a shop, something thin and papery between his fingers, a flyer? He raised a brow; Michaels caught a small glimpse of him waving before the man disappeared again out of his sight. Shaun Seville could be the most annoying b*****d on the planet if he wanted to be. Shaun leaned back against the building behind him, hidden by his own illusion, until the Sheriff passed again. It was cute almost, like a bad game of cat and mouse. Michaels knew Shaun well enough, since growing up Shaun hadn’t quite been the saint he should’ve been. More than once he’d been caught for drug possession; he knew the inside of the station like the back of his hand back in high school. Ah, the best days. He only straightened up when he realized how bad his addiction had been. Illusions were powerful when they got out of hand and when he was high, his mental functions were lower than low, he couldn’t control his power; not only did they make him a beacon for drug busts, but he’d almost killed someone important. He wasn’t going to let that happen again.

                          Michaels disappeared somewhere else when Shaun investigated closely enough to see the flyer he’d been posting around town. It was a “mandatory” town meeting. The flyer didn’t specify the contents, only that it was being held at 7:00 at town hall. Perhaps his father had been calling about that instead. He didn’t know. He wasn’t sure he even wanted to attend. He should; he knew that. But what could he do? He wasn’t a bloodhound. If he’d seen the girl, the first thing—okay second, after chasing after her—would’ve been to call the cops. You should go. You should go. Because you couldn’t for Anna. A nagging voice whispered; he hated when those damn things were right. “Fine, fine. I’ll go. See what they want us to do.” He muttered and continued on his way.

                          He hummed Olly Murs Troublemaker all the way to Taylor’s apartment. One of those lovely ladies was awake and in dire need of assistance, apparently. He pulled out his phone again as he stood in front of one of the windows.

                          To: Athena
                          Look outside.

                          Message sent. He scooped up a small rock and tossed it at her window the moment his phone had sent the message. He waited a moment, then tossed another small rock, watching as it clinked and bounced back down to earth. Fascinating. “You realize I only understood three words in that entire message right? ‘I’m’ ‘really’ ‘bored’—though really wasn’t in there. I’m just guessing.” He called when she finally realized he was throwing rocks at her window like a classy b***h. He made a ‘come on’ gesture. “If you’re coming with, then let’s go, so we aren’t late. For some strange reason the teacher has to be there before the students. I never quite understood that. I always thought we could come and go whenever we wanted. Oh, by the way, it’s raining! Y’know, if you couldn’t tell.” He grinned.
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                        Sleep wound like smoke in dreary culicues about his head, choking each breath with a heady soporific taint on the air; sweet, echoing promises of salvation whispered to him in tired languages that he hardly cared to understand. Glowing windows of the past flickered quicksilver in his head; a fragile life fading into the ether, a young woman lying still in the cold bed of a hospital. And another, a girl, one whose name sprang to his lips even as his vision clouded and the dreary torpor flooded his leadened mind. Athena.

                        Kaiden's eyes fluttered, but they slipped closed only for a moment before he resurfaced with a start. The guitar sat, waiting, ever patient in his lap; listless fingers found the frets, and without another moment's abeyance the boy began to sing, his lips rounding gently around each redeeming syllable. They flowed easily from the edge of his tongue, but every word slipped past his lips in naught but a gentle murmur.

                        "If my words did glow, with the gold of sunshine...and my tunes were played on the harp unstrung..."
                        He was ever so tired. His whole body ached with the heavy strain of sleep deprivation.
                        The youth paused. Determination pulled his brow into a deep frown.
                        I will not sleep. I won't.
                        "Would you hear my voice come through the music? Would you hold it in as it were your own?"
                        Light feathers of discomfort rustled deep in the muscles of his crossed legs; with a sigh he straightened them and slumped heavily against the wall at his back. The apartment in which he sat was vastly unfurnished, with his roommate's single lumpy mattress being the only bed; in the living room, a few ratty cushions spread out around a rickety coffee table served as their couch and "dining room" chairs.

                        Kaiden's fingers paused in their strumming and he looked about, idly brushing a wayward lock from his eyes as he took in his surroundings. The paint on the walls was chipped and peeling, the coffee pot in the kitchen blooming with dark stains, the scattered number of mugs lining the counter all cracked in various places. Crumpled pages torn from battered notebooks littered their threadbare carpet, along with a myriad of spent baggies and makeshift ashtrays. They owned not a television nor a radio; his never-present roommate's crappy cell was all they had for a phone, and yet, admist the lazy squalor and overall sparse condition of their apartment, Kaiden couldn't have been happier.

                        Well. A couple of lines might have brightened his day a bit, but the boy knew better than to be picky. He groaned pitifully, battling a distant recollection of the rush and steady thrumming of his heartbeat, the shock of adrenaline that coursed through his veins with only a breath or two...
                        His nose itched; thoughtlessly he scratched at it, then snorted deeply, trying to relieve the discomfort with the familiar action. Yet still the craving lingered, coiled in his belly like some beast just waiting for the worst possible moment to lunge at him.

                        This is addiction, he thought, and the words that passed through his mind were not bereft of their usual bitterness. This is what you've done to yourself.
                        Helplessly he looked to the window, praying for sunlight and the chance to earn some good money, but the relentless pitter-patter of water on the glass drowned his hopes with each shattering drop. His heart sank. There would be hardly a soul in the park today; his earnings would sum up to naught more than a few handfuls of dirty chump-change.
                        With a pained exhale Kaiden rose, one trembling hand sweeping through his tangled mess of hair; a low grunt escaped his throat as he tugged the worn denim of his jeans higher on skinny hips, and here he set out in search of a jacket.


                        Rain cascaded with merciless fervor down on his bare head; calloused fingers reached to wipe the drops from his eyes, which ran down his cheeks like tears. He squinted hard against the downpour. As he walked he caught carriage of a pretty girl pedaling down the street towards Treble 'n Clefton; for a brief flash of a second he considered waving, perhaps even calling out, but the inclination passed with the moment and he lowered his head. He couldn't imagine how any of the girls -or the boys- in town could be interested in him, how they could take even a moment to seek out the kindred spirit lurking beneath the hazy dpeths of his hazel eyes. How they could be enticed by this boy who dressed like a vagrant and played away his pain in the shadows of a park, this boy with his horrid problem and utter disregard for anything involving...sleep. No. They wouldn't want him. But he hardly had trouble dealing with that. Not when there was a fix at hand

                        This and this alone pulled the youth along, as if dragging him by the hand to his usual bench in the minuscule park. As of today it was dark and slick with rain, but he propped up his sign, laid out his case, and sat down to play before logic's grasping fingers could get the better of him. Immediately water seeped through the denim to soak his jeans-clad a**; he shifted uncomfotably, but all the same slung the strap over his shoulder and threw himself into a song.
                        "My girl, my girl, don't lie to me, tell me where did you sleep last night?"
                        Without pause he tucked his feet under him and continued.
                        "In the pines, in the pines, where the sun don't ever shine..."
                        The sign at his feet, though splattered with rain, clearly read SMILE: it makes your butt tingle.
                        "I would shiver the whole night through."
                        A wizened woman and her greyhound paused so that she might dump a handful of quarters into his case before traipsing along down the rain-slicked path.
                        His smile was luminous, but she passed along like a specter in the gentle storm. He lowered his head and continued to play.


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                                                      Athena sat upside down on her couch, looking at the mirrored image of their quaint living room. It seemed as if Taylor wasn't going to wake up anytime soon. She sighed. She grabbed a chunk of her hair and braided it, then took out the braid, then braided it again. Was this how it's like to be bored? It was a rare occasion when her mind wasn't going a mile a minute. She would assume it was just because she was sleep deprived, but she had gone longer without and she wasn't as horrendously and idiotically doldrum. It was too early in the morning to actually do anything, plus she was still a bit wary on going outside. There were people out there. And, it was raining. How could it get any worse? Maybe she should've taken that secretary job, even if it was just for a day or even a few hours. Her phone buzzed on the coffee table and she half expected for it to be Mayor Harker calling to tell her something else or to warn her to his her stash because the sheriff was coming over or to ask if she was eating normally. She blindly grabbed for it, missed, then grabbed again. She read the message and smiled a bit, twisting her body so she fell like a cat onto the floor and then got up. She honestly had no idea which window he was talking about, there were at least three in the apartment, but she just assumed it was the one in the living room. Athena heard a small tap at the window and furrowed her brows. Was she going crazy from the lack of sleep? Then she heard it again, coming from the window, proving her thoughts correct.

                                                      She pulled open the blinds and then pushed the window open, getting lightly misted with water when she did. It was raining like crazy outside. She looked down, and there was her savior. "Has my gentleman caller come to whisk me off my feet? Mama'll be so proud!" She called, or more like hollered over the rain, in her best southern accent she could muster. She rolled her eyes when he said that he understood near to none of her message. Then he gestured for her to come downstairs and to hurry up because he was going to be late. Then he told her it was raining. "Thanks, I couldn't tell. Give me fifteen minutes." She deadpanned, smirked, then closed the window.

                                                      Athena took one of the quickest showers humanly possible, put on a bit of makeup so she didn't scare the kids on how dead she looked, pulled her hair into a pony tail and got dressed in record time. She checked her phone to see how long she took. Twelve minutes, perfect. It took her a few minutes to find her umbrella in the dump she called a bedroom though. She grabbed her lighter and her pack of cigarettes, her phone and her keys, and then she left the apartment. She hazardously took two steps down at a time, concentrating on not falling flat on her face until she got to the front door of the apartment building. Athena opened the umbrella and stepped out into the rain, shielded by the black umbrella in her hands. She raised it a bit and motioned for Shaun to huddle underneath it, because God forbid he got a cold and she would be the one to have to listen to him b***h and moan about it and she would have to be the one to take care of him. She could, because she survived three years living by herself and taking care of herself before moving in with Taylor, but she just didn't want to.

                                                      "So, I've been sitting in my room for God-knows how long because of Hilbert's Sixteenth Problem, like I haven't slept in — what? — three days? Well, originally the problem was posed as the problem of the topology of algebraic curves and surfaces, but actually the problem consists of two similar problems in different branches of mathematics; first being an investigation of the relative positions of the branches of real algebraic curves of degree n; second, the determination of the upper bound for the number of limit cycles in polynomial vector fields of degree n and an investigation of their relative positions. The first part of the problem is yet unsolved for n = 8. Therefore, this case is what usually is meant when talking about Hilbert's sixteenth problem in real algebraic geometry. In the context of vector fields, — I lost you at 'Hilbert's Sixteenth Problem, didn't I?"

                                                      Athena had this bad problem of just assuming that everyone around her knew math and understood what she was talking about, but that was never the case because absolutely no one she knew was able to grasp high school math, even though technically Hilbert's problem was algebraic geometry and everyone should've been taught at least that. But then again, she didn't go to high school, remember?, so what did she know? She awkwardly nestled the handle of the umbrella into the crook of her elbow, pulling out her pack of cigarettes and lighter from her pocket and pulled two out, offering one to Shaun if he wanted one. She lit it and took a drag, her mind separating itself from the ever-so stressful life of being a recluse genius freak. It was kind of killing her that she couldn't smoke weed, it calmed her more and kept her type A personality at bay, but cigarettes only did half the job. People always told her that smoking would make her sick, that she would get cancer or whatever, but she always wondered if her powers could reverse that and change the sick cells in her body to healthy ones. It was improbable, but possible. Somehow. Some also told her that she always smelled like vanilla and the slightest hint of smoke, which she didn't know if that was a good thing or not, but she just rolled with it.

                                                      As they walked, Athena looked around. Everywhere there were fliers of the mandatory town meeting tonight. Maybe she could just watch from her window or Meredith could get her out of it. She didn't want to hear about what their plans were to find the missing girl, Maryanne. She was concerned about the girl, of course, but it just freaked her out. Well, because ... Athena saw the girl about ten hours before she disappeared. The young girl wasn't doing anything special, just walking around, but still. It was the day that Athena let her powers get the best of her, and even though she knew that Maryanne didn't disappear because of her, in fact she was nearly sure of it, it still ran a chill up her spine. She shook the thought out of her head and took another drag. "But, yeah," she said "I'll probably have a heart attack before I solve that problem." She tugged the sleeves of her sweater over her hands, crossing her arms over her chest. Damn, it was cold. Don't get her wrong, she liked the cold, she was born in Brooklyn, so she was used to it, but she didn't like being cold. She would much rather watch it rain or snow from her window than make snowmen or whatever. In all honesty, anything under sixty degrees felt like a polar bear's a** to her.

                                                      She and Shaun walked in mostly silence until they started walking past the park. She could hear someone play the guitar and sing, beautifully. She always heard him playing all the time if she opened her windows and if everything was quiet and she listened really carefully, but she never talked to him. She actually didn't even know what his name was. Even so, as Athena and Shaun approached the man that looked just as old as she, she dug into her pocket for some change or money or whatever. She was sure that she left a bill in there but where was—oh, there it was. It was crumpled and there was a little tear in the upper left corner, but money's money. She dropped the ten dollar bill into the case and kept walking. "Why be a teacher?" She asked, out of the blue. "Like, they're so annoying and a bunch of smart-asses, and they're not even funny about it and they smell and always doing something stupid." She rambled and suppressed a yawn, dropping her cigarette to the ground and stepping on it as they walked. She looked back at the kid, feeling bad that he was in the rain and cold and wet. She then turned back to Shaun. "So, yeah, why teach?" She wanted to know of there were any plus sides to teaching. All she knew was that they got paid little to nothing, stressed about tests, and were annoyed by kids. But, maybe, if the good outweighed the bad ( and she could get some medication for anger issues ), she could be a teacher. Even though she didn't have a teaching degree, she had an IQ of 168, she was more than qualified than being a high school teacher. Plus, she was really good at chess.
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                                          The morning air was crisp and clean. Matthias opened one eye to the faint light from the morning sun rising over the horizon and he couldn't help but groan, rolling over. His body shivered lightly under the covers. It was a chilly morning and he had, stupidly, left the window open.
                                          "May Drakon shield you from any storm, and make ye bed warm when the nights fire burns cold," Matthias muttered to himself old words he hadn't spoken since his father's death in Ukraine. Of course this time around they were in English. Yawning, he reached up, only finding he shivered a bit more with the touch of the air on his open skin, and shut the window. He slumped back onto his bed, curling up in the covers. Sure, he was normally warmer than most, but considering it was cold, and wet outside, it was rather cold.
                                          It took a moment for Matthias's room to heat back up, but considering his own body temperature, which was warming up his blankets rather nicely, it didn't take too long in the least. That's when his alarm clock decided to go off. Reaching out into the now warmer room, Matthias slapped the alarm off and rolled back over under the covers. Mornings were never his thing, but once he got going, he'd be fine. So, that's what he ended up doing; got going.
                                          Sitting up, Matthias forced himself out of bed rather quickly so he didn't just sit in it and he lazily wandered into the kitchen. Smiling at his coffee maker, which had been set to brew 20 minutes ago, he poured himself a cup, added his flavored creamer, and left the room. He didn't like his coffee black, but creamer was enough sugar for him. He didn't need to be sweeted out that early in the morning. Wasn't his thing. Matthias wandered back into his room and onto the balcony. It was still chilly, but since his morning had kicked in, he was more awake, and his body temperature rose considerably, he was fine standing out there in his boxers and a cup of coffee.

                                          Closing his eyes, Matthias tried to remember his home back in Ukraine. Yalta, Ukraine was a beautiful city off the coast of the Black Sea. Probably one of the most beautiful places Matthias had ever been to. As much as he missed his home where he and his mother ha d lived, he couldn't go back to that place. He could smell the sea, and hear the light bustle of the rather touristy city waking up. It was something he had gotten used to over his many years living there, but when his eyes opened, he was back in Devonshire falls. Away from that place where his beloved had been murdered, and away from the place he had murdered his father.
                                          "Доброго ранку,"(1) Matthias heard a familiar voice and he turned his gaze from the rain to the home just down below his apartment. An elderly woman living alone after her husband passed lived there. Her name was Edna. She was from Ukraine as well. But she had moved to Devonshire Falls many, many years before Matthias. Matthias loved Edna. Spunky old woman. "Чудовий вид, чи не так?"(2) Matthias laughed. Of course she was referring to him standing out on his balcony in nothing but his boxers. Matthias was a very good looking young man, he knew this.
                                          "здрастуйте, Една,"(3) Matthias chuckled a bit before sipping on his coffee. He leaned onto the wooden banister and smiled down charmingly at the woman. Hey, she was old! At least give her something to look at. Besides, Edna was a beautiful woman in her own right. And her eyes spoke of many things; travels, love, love lost, failures, triumphs, and everything in between. Edna had lived through a lot. Matthias respected the woman. He often invited her up to the apartment for dinner so she wouldn't be alone. And in return, Matthias was considered her grandson, and he often spent Christmas or Thanksgiving with her. Edna was a wonderful cook. "І так, це прекрасний вид." (4) Matthias chuckled again before finishing his cup.

                                          "Вирушаючи куди-небудь?" (5) She questioned, curious. Normally Matthias wasn't up THIS early. Closer to ten AM was his thing. Not seven or eight.
                                          "Так. Робота. Починаючи рано вранці," (6) Matthias smiled.
                                          "Ah, чудовий," (7)She clasped her hands together and smiled at him. "ВЧ-н-Clefton?" {8}
                                          Matthias smiled and nodded.
                                          "Так. Отримав нову партію дюйма,"(9) He beamed. Matthias loved music. It was his passion, and Edna knew this as well. She often had him play for her. It helped ease the pain of losing her husband and not having any children alive to speak of.
                                          "Це чудово, Маттіас! Удачі,"(10)She smiled to him, waving lightly before she returned to her laundry.
                                          Matthias smiled, nodding his head. See? Edna was a wonderful woman.
                                          "Спасибі, Една,"(11) Matthias then turned and headed back into his apartment to finish getting ready. Which didn't take him all that long, considering all he had to do was throw on some pants, and then put on a shirt. He slipped on a tie, and then threw on his leather jacket for good measure and combed through his hair. Once he was done with that, he brushed his teeth and headed out for the day.
                                          Matthias was thankful for Edna. She was one of the reasons why he had even gotten the apartment; he wanted something to remind him of home. And when she had first listened to him talking in Ukrainian over the phone, Edna quickly introduced herself. She was honestly the deal breaker there. He had liked the apartment originally, but she sold it to him. It made him feel welcomed. Like this was the place he was supposed to be. It just helped that Matthias had made some wonderful friends after moving there. People who accepted him; were as different as he was. People in Devonshire were different too.

                                          It was still early when Matthias arrived at Treble N' Clefton. Opening shop, Matthias made sure the door was unlocked and the sign turned to 'open'. People didn't show up this early anyway. Unless they worked there, of course. So Matthias had a little bit to work on setting things up. He had time to work in the back with the new shipment, checking out each instrument as he unwrapped them. Which ones would continue to stay packed for the time being, and which ones would go out on display. But this was a silent, time consuming job. Which Matthias wasn't interested in doing in silence. So, he walked back into the main part of the store and to the counter, turning on the player. He had it wired throughout the store to play music and at the moment, he had some older songs on the list.
                                          "Alright, what's next?" Matthias changed the song and smiled brightly at the familiar sound of 'Wake me up (before you go go)' from WHAM! playing. "Oh hell yes!" Matthias danced his way back into the back room and kept unloading. Coming back in periodically to set things up. The music continued to play and before Matthias knew it, Rick Astley was playing. Which, of course, made him drop everything and dance about the store like an idiot.
                                          Stepping into the back as he continued to dance, Matthias grabbed up a guitar that was going on display and came out of the back, strumming it along with the music, singing loudly, only to pause momentarily as he noticed Mi-Young.

                                          There was a moment of silence, looking around a bit before he laughed. "Looks like you caught me," Standing up properly Matthias smiled. "Good morning, Mi-young. How are you?" Matthias straightened out his shirt before moving to put the guitar up on the stand. Listening to the player change, Matthias smiled as he recognized another CD being played. Being a lover of all types of music was good. He was not listening to some classical. Moonlight sonata playing lightly over the speaks. He might end up changing it eventually. Simply because one cup of coffee was not going to be enough to keep him awake, and as much as he loved classical, it helped him relax. Which put him to sleep. Not what he needed right now. "If you want to change the CD, feel free to. I'm also thinking of running by the bakery here soon, would you like me to put you up anything? Coffee? A pastry?" Matthias turned from the guitar and smiled over to the young woman he knew as Mi-Young. He loved working with her, and he enjoyed expressing this. But Matthias was also a man who could like never be mean. It was rather difficult for him.
                                          #8c0000 || #3b3b3b
                                          Outfit 1: Good morning. 2: Lovely view, isn't it? 3: Hello, Edna. 4: And yes, it's a great view. 5: Going somewhere? 6: Yes. Work. Starting early this morning. 7: Ah, wonderful. 8: Treble n' Clefton? 9: Yes. Just got a new shipment in. 10: That's great, Matthias! Good luck. 11: Thank you, Edna.
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          T A Y L O R yawned as she opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling above her head. It felt good to have some decent rest. Mostly she worked nights, and by the time she got home, decent rest meant sleeping in till like four in the afternoon and then taking a nap later. Yeah, that wouldn't blow over too well with how she wanted her life; you know, actually having one. But last night she had gotten out early and decided to hit the hay instead of staying up to read, or something she usually did whenever she got home early. And boy was it worth it!
          Sitting up in bed, Taylor yawned again, stretching, before she moved her feet out from under her covers and placed them onto the carpet. She wiggled her toes lightly at the feel, Taylor looked up at the sound of her roommate calling for her. She giggled lightly, knowing that Athena was probably just bored out of her mind. She could understand that. She didn't get out much thanks to her abilities.
          Taylor stood up, and walked herself into the bathroom where she started a shower and climbed in to clean herself off of last night's gunk.
          Once Taylor finished her shower, she dried herself off, threw her hair up in her towel and walked back into her bedroom stark naked. Did it bother her any? No. Why should it? Oh, probably because of the fact that she left her curtains wide open the night before and now her neighbors had probably seen a decent showing of her naked for the past couple minutes while she dried off and left the bathroom.
          "Wonderful, exactly what I need," she commented, walking over to the curtains and closing them, only to pause a moment and stare down. Shaun was there. Athena had probably called him and apart of her wanted to wave, but she remembered that she was naked, so she simply closed the curtains. There. That was better. And maybe she got lucky and nobody had seen in the first place.

          Throwing on a simple outfit for the day, Taylor dried off her hair the rest of the way and brushed it out. From there it was a matter of putting a straightener to it and making it all smooth and shiny. To hell she was going to let her hair be amazingly frizzy. No way. Especially with today's weather; frizz central. So, she finished that, did some quick make up, and then walked into the kitchen. Ah, food. And lookit there, her room mate was in the living room.
          "Morning, sug," Taylor smiled as she walked over to the fridge. Okay, so what did she have for food? Pausing in front of the fridge Taylor found she didn't have much of anything.
          "Oh, right, Grocery shopping," Taylor whined lightly to herself, standing up straight. "I wonder if Rory will come with me," she thought aloud, turning from the fridge and looking through the cabinets. Yup. Not much of anything. It was definitely time to go shopping for some nomage.
          "We have like no food," Taylor commented, looking over to Athena, just as Shaun seemed to toss a pebble at the window. Taylor giggled lightly at the two and when Athena went to take a shower, Taylor stuck her head out the window.
          "Sorry, sweetie. My hair isn't long enough to let you in," She winked over at him. "She'll be out in a second. Went to shower and such. You're more than welcome on the porch, out of the rain," Taylor smiled again, waving lightly before she turned and left the window. She needed to finish getting ready so she could eat.

          "I'll just get something at the bakery," Taylor mused to herself. Looking up just as Athena wiped by her, Taylor managed to lean in and steal a kiss on the woman's cheek. "Have fun. Don't do anything I wouldn't do~" she teased. Taylor grinned as she turned on her heel and picked up her purse. Grabbing her keys, she got into her little Volkswagen bug and headed towards the bakery. It didn't take long. That was the one thing she loved about living there; everything was close by. She didn't have to go very far to do much of anything, and all her friends were decently spaced apart, but not to the point where she needed to drive for anything longer than an hour to reach any of them. Parking, Taylor stepped out of the car and locked it behind her.

          "Yummy, lets get breakfast," she grinned and walked into the store. She had amazingly made it before the morning rush and she grinned to herself.
          "I'm surrounded by sexiness, and pastries. Life is glorious. I just need my Rory-sweet-n-sour-sausey and I'll be content with life," She giggled lightly to herself as she looked around. She was eyeing those French pastries like a hawk eyed its prey. Lord was she hungry. Maybe she'd get something chocolaty too. Taylor did love sweets. Probably a bit too much. "Eat too much and you won't fit into your outfit tonight," she thought to herself aloud. Ug, that wouldn't be very good. Not to mention she liked the way her figure curved at the moment. She didn't need extra curves to add to it.
          "Good morning, Khail," Taylor smiled brightly to the man behind the counter. He was a cutie. That was for certain. "I hope you are having a fine morning, despite the weather outside," she continued to grinned, going up to the counter and looking more at everything. Now if only she wasn't so short. She was thankful she didn't have a crowd to fight with. She would have had to jump around, flailing her arms to be seen. "This midget would like a chocolate chip muffin, I love you," Taylor laughed. She was definitely in a good mood this morning. Too bad it couldn't be like this every morning! She'd nibble on her muffin in shop for now. Talking to Khail.
          "And a white chocolate mocha," Mmm, Coffee. That sounded good.

          YAY Almost caught up. Just need Jackson, Wylie, and Dani! xD Outfit

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            T H E night before had been everything but peaceful for Wylie. Normally she could find a place by the lake to bathe herself and be left alone. People didn't normally venture out past dark to the lake. You know, simple things. But that was normally. It hadn't exactly ended up normal, like Wylie would of rather it been. She had already been finishing up; completely nude as she let the cold water wash over her body. Sure, it was cold. But it was better than nothing. She was still a girl, and she still liked being clean. Wylie would even clean her clothes in the laundry mat some nights if she had the extra money. Usually she spent her money on food, whenever she got some, but sometimes she didn't. And it helped that Jeremiah had been bringing her something to eat religiously.
            Well, this night Wylie ended up hiding behind the bathrooms as a car pulled up in the parking lot. Scrambling to grab up her things and get into the girls room, Wylie found herself being coaxed out of the bathroom. Not because they were being nice, but because she had dropped something on her way in; her shirt. She kind of needed that. Even if walking around half naked around town would have been fine in her book, Wylie knew better. She just wanted her clothes back.

            Ug, these guys smelt of nothing but alcohol. And you know how people can be when alcohol's involved; total asses. Wylie spent all of five minutes trying to get her shirt back before she felt something amiss. She felt threatened. She felt...odd. She didn't like it. She wanted her clothes back. That was all. But this jackass wanted a kiss for it. So, Wylie, now feeling like she was being sexually harassed, punched the guy in the face, grabbed her shirt, and whisked herself off into the girls bathroom, changing into her shadow form and slipping out the small window and into the night. Of course the guys made chase, but considering she was a giant puff of blackness in a barely lit area, she lost them quickly enough and changed back, putting her shirt back on. Well, now that her shower was interrupted, she was harassed -- again, and she had her things back? Time to continue on. As much as she hated it, Wylie had done everything she could have to make things better for herself. But nobody wants to deal with someone who's homeless. It's quite difficult to keep good hygiene when you have nowhere to keep it.
            Wylie traveled back to the abandoned property just on the outskirts of town. It was surrounded by nothing but this large field, with town just a bit off into the distance. She had booby trapped the entire place so that if someone tried to get in, she could just morph into her shadow form and scare the piss out of them. Made it easier to keep people out of the place she was calling 'home'. Though it wasn't exactly homey. The entire place was falling apart; holes in the ceilings and walls. She had a mattress and one blanket which kept her somewhat warm during the colder nights. And that was about it.

            But it was better than home back in New York. Much better.
            She slept after that. Not long, but it was something. Better than no sleep at all, but the rain made her cold, which made it difficult to sleep. Her body ached as she pulled herself out of her 'bed', and looked around the room. She had no idea what time it was, but considering the sun was now up, she could only assume sometime after seven AM.
            Wylie's stomach growled and she looked down, knowing it was about time for her to grab her guitar and see what she couldn't do about making some money. She needed something to eat. She was getting too thin again.
            Grabbing up her Guitar, Wylie whisked herself off in that shadow form again to a less crowded spot in town, where she changed back without any eyes on her. Even though Wylie was sure there were other people in town with abilities, she wasn't particularly interested in using her's outright when she didn't need to. It only brought attention to her. And she already had enough negative attention. Like she needed anymore.
            Still a bit sketchy thanks to the night before, Wylie wanted to find herself a spot where she wouldn't be caught alone. That's exactly what she needed with a group of guys -- one who's nose she probably broke -- looking for her. So, yeah, she headed for the park. It barely took her any time in finding where she was going to sit for a while; with Kaiden.

            Kaiden was a newer 'friend' of Wylie's. Well, she considered him a friend. They often played together, and split the money they earned when doing so.
            It was funny to think that Wylie had more guy friends considering what happened to her. But she figured that it helped get over what happened; that she was getting over what happened. Which was good. Not everyone was going to end up hurting her, though there was still many reasons to be cautious. With Kaiden it was more of a working relationship; they played together, and chatted here and there, but there wasn't anything solid just yet.
            Walking over, Wylie smiled as she sat herself down, putting her guitar case beside her on the bench, bringing her knees up to her chest and she rested her chin upon them, getting herself comfortable for the time being while listening to Kaiden play. She took a deep breath, and though it was faint, she smiled at the smell of fabric softener. She had cleaned her clothes recently, and the smell still lingered -- thankfully. It was a much more pleasing smell than what went on back in New York.
            "Mornin'," Wylie muttered softly, giving the male beside him a light smile. She was sleepy still, but the cold would make it impossible for her to sleep at this point in time. Might as well entertain herself somehow, or wait her turn while he played. She already had an idea on what she wanted to do herself, but she could wait. It didn't bother her. Gave her a couple more minutes to wake up. The rain was starting to feel....nice, in a rhythmic kind of a way.
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            Pfft poor Wylie xD I do such horrible things to her.Outfit

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            T H E morning was spent like any other; not getting sleep, and sitting in the living room with his cup of coffee, a bagel, and my little pony on the TV screen. Ava sat on the floor, playing around with her toys, half paying attention to the TV. The best part? Jackson was probably paying more attention to the TV screen than Ava was. Sniffing a bit, Jackson took another sip of his coffee as he continued to watch the cartoon pony's run around the screen. There was something about apples, and doing some stuff before that night for some queen bee pony b***h -- or something like that. What ever, not like Jackson really cared. It was just the only thing Ava wanted on this early in the morning. Once ten rolled around, however, Jackson was allowed to have the remote back and he could flip on the news to see what was going on. He often checked up on the News to see if anything about Maryanne had come up. It was always a 'no', but that didn't stop Jackson from looking. He felt horrible for Gene, Maryanne's father. Jackson looked down from the TV and over to his little girl playing on the floor. A light smile tugged at his lips. Jackson couldn't imagine anything happening to his baby girl. Jackson had fully made sure his father wouldn't do anything to her, and he'd do the same to anyone else who threatened his baby. But Gene had to live with the constant worry of never seeing her alive again, or something horrible happening to her. It made Jackson sick just thinking about it.

            Any human being who could hurt a child at all deserved to be shot, beat, burned, and then thrown into the depths of hell. The end.
            Yawning, Jackson rubbed the sleep from his eyes before he felt Ava climb up onto the couch beside him and place her hands on his arm. Pulling one hand down, he tilted his head a bit to see her better.
            "What's up, baby girl?" He questioned.
            "Daddy, can we play your song?" She questioned, which made Jackson laugh. His song. Lord. And it really was his song too. Just change a couple words and BAM, he had a theme song. Ava was the one who picked it too. It had come on the radio one day while they were driving and she listened to it for a bit then looked at him and went 'This is your theme song, daddy'. And that's pretty much what they had dubbed it since.
            "That's got the B word in it, love," He tried to talk her out of it. Not like she didn't hear enough curse words from him, but still. She was a good girl though. She never copied him, or anyone else for that matter. Kept her language appropriate for someone of her age. He was very proud of her for that. Jackson was cursing up a storm by the time he was her age. No wonder he had a hard time breaking the habit of cursing. He tried not to as much with her around though.
            "I know, but I like the song," She told him, resting her head on his shoulder. "Please?" Oh, and there was the please. Ava had impeccable manners for a seven year old. See? He could raise his baby girl just fine without her slut of a mother around. He didn't need anyone else.

            Jackson chuckled lightly. "Alright, alright," He stood up while Ava jumped down off the couch, smiling brightly. "Just this once," he walked over to the stereo system and turned it on. It took him a moment to find the CD, but upon finding it, he put it in, turned it to the right number and pressed go. Meredith Brooks song 'B.I.T.C.H' began playing and Jackson chuckled a bit. Yup. His song.
            "Yay! Thank you, Daddy," She smiled, hugging him lightly. Jackson smiled, rubbing her head a bit as she did.
            "You're welcome, baby girl. So, what you want for breakfast? How does rainbow waffles sound?" He smiled down at her.
            "Yeah! I want rainbow waffles!" She hugged him more and he continued to smile before he walked into the kitchen and began working on making the two of them breakfast. Jackson was more like eggs and toast, while Ava would be getting her rainbow waffles. Now, what are rainbow waffles? Something Jackson does NOT make every morning. Ava's favorite candy is skittles. So, Jackson throws some skittles onto the waffle iron once the batter's in and let's it go. Kind of like adding chocolate chips to waffles or pancakes. Ava continued to listen to the song while Jackson worked, dancing around the living room to it.
            "I'm a b***h, I'm a lover, I'm a child, I'm a father, I'm a sinner, I'm a saint. I do not feel ashamed. I'm your hell, I'm your dream. I'm nothing in between. You know you wouldn't want it any other way," Jackson sang along with the song loudly as he worked, making Ava giggle.

            Ava was the only one who really saw Jackson like this. He was himself with his baby girl; the kind man who could love so very deeply. Jackson was still a child in some aspects, and Ava kept him young. He was just a grouchy old fart without her around. Jackson wasn't particularly fond of other people. He was a hermit in the sense that he could have lived happily without having anyone else in his life but his little Ava, his mother, and his best friend Kell. After that? Meh, he was pretty content with just those three. He didn't need a lot to be content with life. Hell, even just having Ava was good enough for him. Though he loved his mother, and would be sad if he couldn't see her anymore. She was a good woman and deserved more than she had with his father. Oh, let's not even think of him. It made Jackson's skin crawl and blood boil just thinking about that disgusting piece of rotting flesh. Rainbow waffles! Let's think about Rainbow waffles!
            Well, Jackson made breakfast for the two of them, had Ava turn off the TV and the two of them ate breakfast at the table together. It was a thing of Jackson's to eat as a family without any distractions. Now, Jackson may not have really believed in God, but that didn't stop him from raising his daughter to. He smiled slightly as he bowed his head at the table while Ava said her grace. He was respectful. Of course he was, it was his little girl. Once she finished the two of them started on breakfast.
            "Hey, Daddy?"
            "Hm?" Jackson looked up from his eggs and toast.
            "Do you think we could get a cupcake at Uncle Cuppy's? Maybe we could bring one to Kell? Or maybe Gene?" Jackson paused a moment, a smile on his face. Ava liked to think of Gene a lot. She understood the he was going through a rough time with Maryanne missing and all. But she couldn't leave Kell out either. Uncle Kell. Jackson's best friend.

            "That sounds like a wonderful idea. After breakfast, alright?"
            Ava nodded, smiling and continued to eat her waffles.
            It didn't take the two of them long to clean up. Ava kept the TV off and cleaned up all her ponies while Jackson cleaned up their dishes and the kitchen. Once that was finished, the two of them popped into the car and headed down to the bakery. Parking the car, Jackson got out first before he walked over to the other side and let Ava out.
            "Thank you, Daddy," She smiled up to him and walked up to the door of the bakery and pulled it open with all her might. Jackson, after locking his car, held open the door while Ava walked inside before following suit and standing there a moment, looking over everything. Taylor, a Burlesque girl, was at the counter currently.
            "Didn't think girls like you came out during the day," He teased a bit and Taylor turned around, sticking her tongue out at him playfully.
            "Oh what ever. I'm not a Vampire, Jackson," Taylor smiled down to Ava. "Hey there, sweetie. You doing alright?"
            "Yes, Ms. Monroe, thank you for asking," Ava smiled up at her before looking to Khail. "Uncle Khail!" She smiled, hopping up and down to see him better over the counter. Jackson chuckled a bit. Ava certainly liked Khail, that was obvious.

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telekinesis + telepathy

                                As Mimi peddled her little heart out, she was more than spaced out. In fact, she was so focused on getting to Treble n’ Clefton that she didn’t even notice that it was cold and wet outside. Nope, the silly girl simply peddled her bike up to the music shop. However, she did notice a sigh that she wasn’t so content with. That’s why when she walked through Treble n’ Clefton the first time, she had to dash back out before announcing her presence. Eh, she was late anyway right?
                                Her pink sneakers pounded the pavement as she raced towards where she had seen a musician playing in the park. She had always had an appreciation for music. Actually, she loved it, but what she saw felt unsettling. A wet guitar? That can’t be too great. Not like a wet musician was that lovely either but she had to admit, she felt more upset about the instrument. That’s why she disregarded the downpour as she approached the park bench where a peculiar blonde-ish brunette played and sang seemingly without a care in the world.

                                Smiling warmly, Mi-Young rummaged through her purse in pursuit of her poncho and umbrella. Here yah go! she spoke. Well, actually she didn’t. She simply projected her thoughts towards him as she held out her things for him to take. ”I like your playing. Keep it up buddy. You sound great! Aja Aja, Hwaiting!” she said cheerfully, her words audible through her lips this time. Before the boy could respond, Mimi quickly spun on her heels and raced back towards the music store. Ugh, she was gonna be so dead.


                                ”I’m here!”

                                Treble n’ Clefton was enveloped in music and she couldn’t be happier. That’s why she loved working here. The music always made her smile, the music lovers were easy to handle most of the time, and her boss was hot. But today, it didn’t seem like the music was the only thing welcoming her today for the sight she saw as she stepped into the shop made her giggle. Matthias dancing.

                                Standing silent for a while with her hands covering her mouth to muffle her laugh, she stood and watched for a good 3 minutes before her boss actually noticed she was there. The Korean girl cleared her throat and clapped enthusiastically. ”Encore! Encore!” she chanted and smiled. Quickly composing herself, she blinked at the boss man’s normal greeting which for some reason, she had to think about today. How was she?
                                Her brown eyes fell onto her person and an apologetic look appeared on her face as she reluctantly answered Matthias. ”Ummm…drenched...” Biting her lip, she bowed profusely, her wet hair bobbing up and down. ”Mianhamnida! Mianhamnida!” she blurted in her native tongue. ”Sorry boss, I’ll go dry up immediately. Gyah! Didn’t mean to drip on your floor!” And thus, she made a mad-dash towards the bathroom just ask Matthias was asking her about what she wanted from the bakery.

                                This was why not many people took the young lady seriously. She was a space-case and an accident waiting to happen. It was like most people at Devonshire Falls viewed her as a little kid. Sometimes she didn’t mind it, but then again, sometime she did. It was great when the elderly baked her treats and knitted her holiday sweaters but bad when the men she has a crush on views her as a little sister or when ***** tried to pick her up. She’s learned to live with it for the most part but sometimes it was just infuriating.

                                Rummaging through her bag again, she found a fluffy pink towel. One of the many random things she had on her person at all times, just in case. And most of the time, she needed it. Rubbing the towel through her hair and blotting her soaked skin and clothes and stepped back out of the bathroom and smiled sheepishly at her boss who she wasn’t sure was used to her less-than-normal behavior by now. ”Strawberry pastry and a small frappuccino please,” she belated replied to his inquiry and handed him a couple of wet bills from her pocket. ”Eh heh heh…” Yup, that’s it. In awkward situations simply laugh nervously and wait for the moment to pass and pray that the other person doesn’t bring it up. That was Park Mi-Young’s #1 philosophy. Why? Well because quite frankly, the girl was famous for having awkward situations.

                                User Image
                                ►►► Lace up your shoes...
                                Ay Oh Ay Oh Oh
                                Here's how we do... ◄◄◄

                                Run, baby run. Don't ever look back. ☜
                                They'll tear us apart - if you give them the chance.
                                Don't sell your , don't say we're not meant to be.
                                Run, baby run. Forever will be...You and me. ☼

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