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                  If you look closely at a map you might notice a little town called Devonshire Falls, Wisconsin. It is a small quaint town with nothing really significant about it. It has no fun huge annual festivals, no architecture of importance, its schools are average, so are its humble citizens. In all it's the kind of place most would pass by during their road trips. The kind town that people never heard or probably ever would. The town would remain unnoticed until the day thirteen year old Maryanne Berne went missing. Now the town is getting attention it never had, and that may not be a good thing. A journalist is sent to the town to gather a story on the missing girl and the investigation. They soon found out that there's something different with citizens of Devonshire Falls. One of its citizen's anger might cause things and people around them to catch fire. Another keeps giving life to things that should not ever be alive. There are even rumors of an artist's whose work can either create or destroy. The journalist starts to wonder did Maryanne just disappear, what is really going on with the town's folk, and why do they feel like they belong here?

                  OOC | THEME SONG

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                  ✩➹ B A S I C S
                  First of all you should all know this, but follow the TOS. Follow my rules, keep it PG13. Be nice to each other. Talk in the ooc, post, and be imaginative. If you are going to be gone for more than a few days please let me know. I will give people three warnings to post before I reopen roles. Also feel free to add your ideas to the plot.

                  ✩➹ P O S T I N G
                  This rp is literate to advance literate. I would prefer long posts, but I know my brain sometimes only wants to put out short ones. The minimum is two meaty paragraphs. I'm not a grammar Nazi, so if you make mistakes no worries. Please do try to make what you write legible. I like fancy scmancy posts so, make yours beauteous. Just the name and pic of your character will do. Please bold the text for your character's dialogue. Italics for thoughts. Please no font size smaller than 9. Post as often as you can. Do not ignore your fellow rpers both in the IC and OOC. I can not stress enough how much it annoys me people do that.

                  ✩➹ P R O F I L E S
                  Mini profiles only! Do not alter anything that is meant not meant to be edited! Please fill out the forms correctly! For models I don't care who you use. I personally find it annoying when people tell who you can not use. Everyone should be in their twenties or older. Use PicMonkey for editing the pics. You have five days to fill out the blurb. Send your mini profiles with the title Welcome Stranger via pm. If you need any help with anything just ask.

                  ✩➹ C H A R A C T E R S
                  First off everyone is an adult in this rp. You may play as many characters as you like and can handle. Real images only. Please mix up nationalities, sexualities, and ages. Be creative with your characters gift/s. If you have ideas for NPCs please let me know.

                  ✩➹ P O W E R S
                  How powers or gifts work is simple. Your character/s can use them any time, but if they are feeling their emotional trigger they can not control their gift. For example if someone as the ability to burn anything they want, and their trigger is anger they'll burn things regardless if they wanted to or not. Please make sure you don't take a power already taken. You may share powers. You may have two powers, but they can not be both super powerful. Here is a list of of powers. Superhuman Abilities You may use any of them. A list of taken powers Once accepted please post your character's power in the thread.

                  ✩➹ O T H E R
                  I highly welcome all kinds of drama and plot twists in my rps. Depending on the popularity of the rp, I may add more spots. Click on the words Women or Men to view profiles for that sex. I'm no longer asking for full thread relationships panels. If you have a relationship you would like me to add the thread let me know. That includes best friends, dating, crush, family, enemies, and co-workers. Remember everything can be edited if needed. So don't be afraid to ask. Remember rping is about having fun, so let us make sure we do. Please put in Oh What Gifts! somewhere in your reserve pm, so I know you read the rules. All new rules will be in this color.

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                  User Image User Image
                  (Power and Trigger) ● (Age/Written Out) ● (Sexuality) ● (Face Claim) ● (Username)
                  ▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮ FULL NAME
                  Your character's profile will go here. Please feel free to make it as short or as long as you like. I want well round and flawed characters. Don't make everyone's life story a pity party.

                  [img]http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a198/Eophyte/qtres1.jpg[/img] [img]http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a198/Eophyte/ressee.jpg[/img]
                  [size=11](Power and Trigger) ● (Age/Written Out) ● (Sexuality) ● (Face Claim) ● (Username)[/size]
                  [size=15][i][color=COLOR1]▮[/color][color=COLOR2]▮[/color][color=COLOR1]▮[/color][color=COLOR2]▮[/color][color=COLOR1]▮[/color][color=COLOR2]▮[/color][color=COLOR1]▮[/color][color=COLOR2]▮[/color][/i][/size] [color=COLOR3][size=20](Insert Symbol Here!)[/color][/size] [size=18]FULL NAME[/size]
                  [spoiler][size=11]Your character's profile will go here. Please feel free to make it as short or as long as you like. I want well round and flawed characters. Don't make everyone's life story a pity party./size][/spoiler]

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                  [imgleft]100x100[/imgleft][color=white]X[/color]↻ NAME

                  [color=white]X[/color]↻ OCCUPATION (OPTIONAL)

                  [color=white]X[/color]↻ POWER

                  [color=white]X[/color]↻ FACE CLAIM


                  User ImageX↻ GENE BERNE

                  X↻ DOCTOR

                  X↻ NONE

                  X↻ RUPERT GRAVES

                  The town doctor and father of the missing girl. He adopted all his children, and like
                  the sheriff has no powers of his own.

                  User ImageX↻ MARYANNE BERNE

                  X↻ NONE

                  X↻ UNKNOWN

                  X↻ ABIGAIL BRESLIN

                  The young girl who went missing. She is the oldest of Doctor Gene Berne's kids. The town's people hope to find her soon, and alive.

                  User ImageX↻ NOAH BERNE

                  X↻ NONE

                  X↻ UNKNOWN

                  X↻ CHANDLER CANTERBURY

                  Gene's son and Maryanne's younger brother. He has not spoken since the night Maryanne disappeared.

                  User ImageX↻ MEREDITH HARKER

                  X↻ MAYOR

                  X↻ PERSUASION

                  X↻ ALLY WALKER

                  The Mayor of Devonshire Falls. She is not keen on having the journalist in town, or the press the case of the missing girl is bringing to her town. With her power it is easy to see why she keeps winning the election.

                  User ImageX↻ DAVID WALTERS

                  X↻ MAYORAL ASSISTANT

                  X↻ FLIGHT

                  X↻ MICHEAL EMERSON

                  The timid assistant of Mayor Harker. Not much is known about him.

                  User ImageX↻ VICTOR BELMONT

                  X↻ MUSEUM OWNER

                  X↻ EIDETIC MEMORY

                  X↻ ANTHONY HEAD

                  If you ever want to know something, chances are Victor Belmont knows it. He is the owner of Devonshire Falls' museum and the father of Rory. He is just as affable as his son, who he is very protective of. He is also a surrogate father to Taylor Monroe.

                  User ImageX↻ CHASE MICHEALS

                  X↻ SHERIFF

                  X↻ NONE

                  X↻ IDRIS ELBA

                  The head of the Devonshire Falls police department. Although he as no gift the citizens of Devonshire look to him to keep their streets safe. Right now he just want to crack the case of the missing girl.

                  User ImageX↻ PERSEPHONE LUCIO

                  X↻ NONE


                  X↻ CHRISTINA AQUILERA

                  Jeremiah's younger sister who is in a coma. She speaks to ghosts, and sometimes her brother through her telepathy, but it's usuallyvery jumbled and isn't often recognized to be her trying to speak. Currently under Doctor Berne's care. She's been in a coma since she fourteen. She is twenty-one now

                  User ImageX↻ IAN CALLAGHAN

                  X↻ INN OWNER

                  X↻ ASTRAL PROJECTION

                  X↻ HUGH LAURIE

                  The owner of The Weary Traveler Inn.

                  User ImageX↻ JONAS WINSTON

                  X↻ MECHANIC

                  X↻ METAL MANIPULATION

                  X↻ JR BOURNE

                  Owner of Winston Auto Repair Shop

                  User ImageX↻ ELLEN ROMANA

                  X↻ TBA

                  X↻ HEMOKINESIS

                  X↻ MILLA JOVOVICH

                  Cronus's previous wife. Mother to Vivianne Vasile, who disappeared when she was five over eight years ago now. She divorced Cronus, and has since moved on with her life elsewhere

                  User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.X↻ CHARLOTTE LAKE

                  X↻ BEAUTICIAN

                  X↻ FORCE FIELD GENERATION

                  X↻ ANDIE MCDOWELL

                  The owner of Devonshire Falls' salon The Look. She is also the girlfriend of Clara Marlowe.

                  User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.X↻ JONATHAN MARLOWE

                  X↻ RESTAURANT OWNER

                  X↻ AEROKINESIS

                  X↻ ANTHONY HOPKINS

                  One of the owners of The Silver Plate along with his wife. He is the father of Clara, Lucy, Finnegan, and Regina Marlowe.

                  User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.X↻ SUSAN MARLOWE

                  X↻ RESTAURANT OWNER


                  X↻ BLYTHE DANNER

                  One of the owners of The Silver Plate along with her husband. She is the mother of Clara, Lucy, Finnegan, and Regina Marlowe.

                  User ImageX↻ CLARA MARLOWE

                  X↻ STORE OWNER

                  X↻ MATERIALIZATION

                  X↻ LAUREN GRAHAM

                  The owner of The Cat's Meow. She is Finnegan's oldest sister, and girlfriend of Charlie Lake.

                  User ImageX↻ LUCY MARLOWE

                  X↻ LAWYER

                  X↻ HYDROKINESIS

                  X↻ KRISTA ALLEN


                  User ImageX↻ REGINA MARLOWE

                  X↻ NURSE

                  X↻ TELEPATHY

                  X↻ KADEE STRICKLAND


                  User ImageX↻ VIVIANNE LILLIAN VASILE

                  X↻ NONE

                  X↻ UNKNOWN

                  X↻ MACKENZIE FOY

                  The Daughter of Cronus and Ellen Romana. She went missing when she was about five years old, and was never found, nor any body recovered. To this day, nobody knows what happened to her. But Cronus will do anything in his power to make sure nobody else has the same fate.

                  User ImageX↻ AVA HEART

                  X↻ NONE

                  X↻ SUPER SPEED

                  X↻ AVA JACKMAN

                  Jackson's only daughter, and the most important thing in his life. Little adopted 'niece' to Kell, and she adopted Khail as her other Uncle. Whom she calls cupcake sometimes too. Because of all the sweets.

                  User ImageX↻ NICHOLAS AMBROSIUS NARSTIC

                  X↻ NONE


                  X↻ COLIN FORD

                  The one and only son of Adreanna Narstic and a not-so-famous murderer, Adarian Darenger. He's mostly a trouble-maker, like his father, and half the time is scaring his mother.

                  User ImageX↻ ADARIAN DARENGER

                  X↻ TBA

                  X↻ SUPERHUMAN STRENGTH

                  X↻ JOE MANGANIELLE

                  Ex-boy-toy to Adreanna Narstic and supposedly in prison for murder, and attempting to murder her parents. It is unclear if he is still in prison or not.

                  User ImageX↻ EVANDER RIER

                  X↻ BLACKSMITH

                  X↻ METAL MANIPULATION

                  X↻ JARED PADALECKI

                  Oldest brother of Madison Rier.

                  User ImageX↻ MORGAN RIER

                  X↻ JOURNALIST

                  X↻ TELEPATHY

                  X↻ ADAM G.

                  Second oldest brother of Madison Rier

                  User ImageX↻ NICHOLAS RIER

                  X↻ HORSE FARRIER

                  X↻ INVISIBILITY

                  X↻ NICO TORTORELLA

                  Third Oldest brother of Madison Rier

                  User ImageX↻ JAMES RIER

                  X↻ WORKS ON THE FARM

                  X↻ ASTRAL MANIPULATION

                  X↻ JAMES VYN

                  Youngest older brother of Madison Rier

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                  If like me to add anything just ask. =3
                  ★=Best Friends ❣=Crush ♥=Dating ✱=Family ☠=Enemies


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                  Key places in town. More to be added

                  TOWN HALL

                  The office of Mayor Harker. All important town business happens here.

                  THE POLICE STATION
                  Sheriff Micheals and his officers work here. They are doing whatever they can to find Maryanne.

                  A NOVEL IDEA
                  The local bookstore owned and run by Elliott Savage. Jeremiah Lucio works here.

                  The small town museum run by Victor and Rory Belmont.

                  The small town clinic. Persephone Lucio has been here for a very
                  long time. Gene Berne the father the missing girl is the head physician.
                  Danielle Heart works here.

                  THE LOOK
                  The town's beauty parlor and salon. Owned by Charlotte "Charlie" Lake.
                  She is the girl friend of Clara Marlowe.

                  THE GREEN THUMB
                  The local floral shop owned by Malcolm Sullivan.

                  SWEET SUNDAY
                  The local bakery Mikhail Lawrence works here.

                  LAZY JOE'S CAFE
                  The coffee house where Rory Belmont also works.

                  THE WEARY TRAVELER INN
                  A bed and breakfast owned by Ian Callaghan. Connor Jacobi is stay here while he is writing his story on the town. Other guest for the time being included Danielle Heart.

                  WINSTON AUTO REPAIR SHOP
                  Owned and managed by Jonas Winston. Cade Mallory works here.

                  PRESS PLAY
                  The theatre owned and managed by Matthias Harvyil. It's shows both movies and live performances. Kodi Sinclair works here.

                  TREBLE 'N CLEFTON
                  The small music store near A Novel Idea also run by Matthias Harvyil. He also teaches voice and music lessons here. Kodi Sinclair works here.

                  THE DAME ALICE
                  The Irish style pub in Devonshire Falls. Owned by Kellan Bellerose.

                  THE CAT'S MEOW
                  The clothing store Phil works at part time. She also does anything alterations people might need.

                  THE SILVER PLATE
                  A restaurant owned by The Marlowe family. Finnegan works as a cook here. All kinds of food is served here.

                  LE TARDIS
                  The downtown club owned by Rahel Denon. Taylor Monroe and Angel McClay work here.

                  THE BONEYARD
                  A biker-esque bar on the outskirts of town owned by Cronus Vasile.

                  TRIGGER FINGER
                  A gun store owned by Daniel "T-Rex" Bravin. Nathan Smith works here.

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                  OFFICIAL THREAD NEWS

                  November/30--Remade Thread and accepting characters

                  December/4-Thread officially opened for posting!

                  December/13-Thread revamped and now accepted unlimited characters.

                  OFFICIAL TOWN NEWS
                  A town meeting will take place at 7:00 at the town hall. Please try your best to attend.-Sheriff Chase Micheals

                  Clear Lake University

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                  Elliott Savage (Jake Gyllenhaal)-Resurrection
                  Rory Belmont (Andrew Garfield)-Shape Shifting
                  Kellan Bellerose (Harry Lloyd)-Chronokinesis
                  Phillipa Boyd (Kate Nash)-Faerie Mimicry
                  Finnegan Marlowe (Jim Sturgess)-Immunity
                  Aaron De Rossi (Jeremy Renner)-Adomopathy
                  Cade Mallory (Jensen Ackles)-Electromagnetic Manipulation
                  Connor Jacobi (James Franco)-Intuitive Aptitude/Power Negation
                  Kodi Sinclair (Kaya Scodelario)-Weather Manipulation
                  Micah Sinclair (Thomas Dekker)-Possession
                  Malcolm Sullivan (Misha Collins)-Planet Manipulation

                  Jeremiah Lucio (Andreas Drexlmaier)-Dead Manipulation
                  Jackson Heart (Hugh Jackman)-Teleportation and Animalistic Senses
                  Matthias Havryil (Matthias Harris)-Dragonic Mimicry
                  Danielle Heart (Anne Hathaway)-Organic Manipulation
                  Taylor Monroe (Ksenia Solo)-Demonic Mimicry
                  Wylie Rea (Frances Bean Cobain)-Darkness Manipulation
                  Rahel Denon (Ruby Rose)-Passion/Love Manipulation & Power Obstruction
                  Cronus Vasile (Hus)-Astral Travel & Accuracy
                  Tanner Mallory (Tanner Patrick)-Electric Manipulation
                  Angel McClay (Brooklyn Decker)-Angel Mimicry

                  Amazing Kuma
                  Mikhail Lawrence (Robin Gervais)-Power Augmentation
                  Akira Ukumura (Yong Jun-hyung)-Deity Empowerment
                  Lancelot Lyn (Arthur Kulkov)-Pocket Dimensions and Dimensions Awareness

                  The Mad Hatters Mistress
                  Andreanna Narstic (Emilia Clarke)-Psychometry
                  Garrett Saidyst (Ben Barnes)-Life Absorption
                  Daniel Bravin (Norman Reedus)-Innate Capability
                  Nathan Smith (Taylor Kitsch)-Immorality
                  Simon Hunter (Andrew Lee Potts)-Emotional Duplication
                  Christopher York (Robert Sheehan)-Illusions
                  Ridley Locksley (Amber Heard)-Uncontrolled attraction/ Love manipulation
                  Riley Locksley (Sophia Bush)-Fire Manipulation

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