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                                                          xA FAMILY REUNION ROLEPLAY
                                                          xINSPIRED BY missing summer / modern family / cheaper by the dozen 2 / boredom
                                                          xOPEN / ACCEPTING

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                                          Over the years, the Gilmore family expanded rapidly. Mr. and Mrs. Gilmore got married when they were relatively young, and their first child - a little girl - was born not long after. Their only son came along next, and another girl was born a few years after him. The youngest of the Gilmore brood, both girls, joined the family a couple years after her sister and brought the family total to six people. They were a rather normal family, although a bit large, and they were just as close as any other family. Even after the kids began to move away and have families of their own, they still made the trek back home every year for the holidays. At least, they did at first. As the years went on, visits to Mr. and Mrs. Gilmore's house became more scarce as their children began to view traveling as a hassle. It eventually grew to the point where the only time the entire family was under one roof was on the occasional holiday or gathering at the family lake house. And now family reunions have been placed on the endangered list, with the last one taking place almost five years ago.

                                          To Mr. and Mrs. Gilmore, five years was far too long to go without seeing all of their family in one place. They're not as young as they once were, and dear old Dad's health isn't quite as great as used to be, even if he tries to tell you he's healthy as a horse. Plus, the five year break in family reunions has caused there to be a couple of little grandbabies who either don't remember the majority of their family or haven't had the chance to meet them, which is a serious problem. So they've roped all their children into attending another of the famous Gilmore reunions at Lake Winnetka. Getting everyone to agree was no easy task and may have involved quite a bit of guilt tripping, but all of the Gilmores - children, grandchildren, in-laws, etc. - have consented to spending two weeks at the lake with the rest of their family, whether they're happy about it or not.
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                                            You know the deal - follow Gaia's TOS, don't write porn (I don't really see why that would occur in this roleplay, but let's include it just to be safe), don't steal from anyone, don't be a jerk. Well, don't be a jerk out of character. In character, it's fine, I guess, but you should be respectful to your other roleplayers. Also, post in the OOC forum. It's there for a reason. Plus you have to plot with other people, so doing it there would probably be easier for you.

                                            I've gave a small description of each family, but for the most part, everything is up to you. Give me an interesting variety of characters, not some bullshit emo kids. Speaking of which, I'd prefer if you did not use scene or emo or whatever kids as your face claim. If you do use a person who vaguely resembles a multicolored raccoon because of all the makeup on his/her face, you can pretty much guarantee that I won't accept it or even respond to it. Models and celebs are preferred because it's easier to find better pictures of them. You can pretty much use whoever you want as long as they a) aren't a scene/emo/whatever kid and b) can actually pass as that age. If I see Jake Gyllenhaal being used for a sixteen year old one more time, I will murder a litter of kittens. I think I've covered everything here, but if not, feel free to ask me. That goes for every part of the rules and this roleplay in general.

                                            This is a first person point of view roleplay, which means that all posts should be written in a first person point of view. There's no real reason other than the fact that I like first person and find it more interesting than third person. Obviously, I would prefer for you to have a pretty decent grasp on the English language and be able to use proper grammar and correct spelling. As for the lengths of post, I'm not asking for much. This is a more relaxed roleplay, which I think most family roleplays should be. At least 200 words per post would suffice, and that's fairly easy to achieve, I think. It's just a paragraph or two, really. Make your posts pretty, please, but don't go overboard. The body text should be anywhere from sizes 9 to 11, and try to keep from using overly bright colors. Please try to post at least every few days so that we can keep things moving.

                                            Applying is a pretty simple process. You fill out the reserve skeleton bellow and send it to me in a PM or quote me with it in the OOC (PM might be wiser, though). I don't care what you make the title of your PM if you send it that way. I'm not going to require that you send in samples, but doing so would be greatly appreciated if this is our first time roleplaying together. Bros before hos sort of applies here, but don't let that scare you off. There are plenty of characters to apply for, and I'm sure there's room for almost everybody who might be interested. After your reserve is accepted, you have four days to send in your profile. Four days should be plenty of time, but I can extend it if you need more time. If you don't send in your profile within four days, I'll PM you to ask about it. If I don't reply to your reserve within 48 hours, there's a fairly decent chance that you aren't accepted....or my inbox ate the message, which has happened quite a few times.

                                            [color=POSTINGCOLOR]role [color=POSTINGCOLOR2]•[/color] name [color=POSTINGCOLOR2]•[/color] age [color=POSTINGCOLOR2]•[/color] username[/color]
                                            picture: put a link to 300 x 200 picture of your character here
                                            model: who your face claim is
                                            color one: posting color, try not to use the same color as anyone else please
                                            color two: secondary color
                                            other: do you want to change anything about your character(s)? any suggestions about the roleplay? pretty much anything else you want me to know goes here. if not, just delete this part.

                                            [center][img]picture here; not too big[/img]

                                            [size=55][color=silver][i]([/i][/color] [color=POSTINGCOLOR][b]first middle last[/b][/color] [color=silver][i])[/i][/color][/size]
                                            [list][list][size=9]THE ROLE HERE[/size][/center]

                                            [list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][size=11][color=POSTINGCOLOR]□[/color][color=POSTINGCOLOR2]■[/color] nickname(s)/preferred name
                                            [color=POSTINGCOLOR]□[/color][color=POSTINGCOLOR2]■[/color] age (written out)
                                            [color=POSTINGCOLOR]□[/color][color=POSTINGCOLOR2]■[/color] gender
                                            [color=POSTINGCOLOR]□[/color][color=POSTINGCOLOR2]■[/color] sexuality
                                            [color=POSTINGCOLOR]□[/color][color=POSTINGCOLOR2]■[/color] date of birth[/size]

                                            [list][list][list][list][size=11][color=POSTINGCOLOR]□[/color][color=POSTINGCOLOR2]■[/color] trait
                                            [color=POSTINGCOLOR]□[/color][color=POSTINGCOLOR2]■[/color] trait
                                            [color=POSTINGCOLOR]□[/color][color=POSTINGCOLOR2]■[/color] trait[/size]

                                            [list][list][list][list][size=11][color=POSTINGCOLOR]□[/color][color=POSTINGCOLOR2]■[/color] fact here. doesn't need to be too long.
                                            [color=POSTINGCOLOR]□[/color][color=POSTINGCOLOR2]■[/color] fact here. doesn't need to be too long.
                                            [color=POSTINGCOLOR]□[/color][color=POSTINGCOLOR2]■[/color] fact here. doesn't need to be too long.
                                            [color=POSTINGCOLOR]□[/color][color=POSTINGCOLOR2]■[/color] fact here. doesn't need to be too long.[/size][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list]

                                            [center][size=11][color=POSTINGCOLOR]like [color=POSTINGCOLOR2]√[/color] like [color=POSTINGCOLOR2]√[/color] like [color=POSTINGCOLOR2]√[/color] like [color=POSTINGCOLOR2]√[/color] like[/color]
                                            [color=POSTINGCOLOR2]dislike [color=POSTINGCOLOR]×[/color] dislike [color=POSTINGCOLOR]×[/color] dislike [color=POSTINGCOLOR]×[/color] dislike [color=POSTINGCOLOR]×[/color] dislike[/color][/size]

                                            [img]100 x 100 icon[/img][color=white]xxx[/color][img]100 x 100 icon[/img][color=white]xxx[/color][img]100 x 100 icon[/img]
                                            [size=10][color=POSTINGCOLOR2]©[/color] [color=POSTINGCOLOR]username[/color][/size]
                                            [size=8.5][color=white]xxxxxxxx[/color]POSTINGCOLOR & POSTINGCOLOR2[/size][/center]

                                            I think that covers everything. If you have any questions, I'd be glad to answer them. I promise I'm not a complete douche.
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                                          the grandfather albert gilmore eighty - eight Rose of all Roses
                                          the grandmother beverly gilmore eighty-five xZeroToHerox

                                          User ImagexxxxxUser Image
                                          xxthe grandfatherxxxxxxxxthe grandmother
        User Image

                                          The oldest Gilmore child was always the most ambitious of her siblings. She did rather well in high school and got into a great college. Child One holds her family to rather high standards, and she and her husband, Mr. Sheppard, are a bit on the stricter side, although they think that they're fair most of the time. Their kids have chores, curfews, are expected to make at least B's in all of their classes (A's would certainly be preferred), use good manners, etc. They have four kids - two girls and a set of twin boys - and live in Massachusetts.

                                          child one valerie sheppard fifty-one Bamboo Syndicate
                                          the husband roger sheppard fifty-six Andante.Lola
                                          the oldest daughter blair sheppard twenty-five San_Katt
                                          twin one • name sheppard • 20 • username
                                          twin two martin sheppard twenty bby in a trenchcoat
                                          the youngest daughter maycee sheppard fifteen D to the E to the ANNA

                                          User ImagexxxxxUser Image
                                          xxchild onexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxthe husband

                                          User ImagexxxxxUser Image
                                          xxthe oldest daughterxxxxtwin one

                                          User ImagexxxxxUser Image
                                          xxtwin twoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxthe youngest daughter
        User Image

                                          Being the only boy out of for four kids made Child Two the odd one out. Everyone was rather surprised when he came out as gay, and they were even more surprised when he announced that he intended to marry some man from a foreign country that he was dating. They've been together for quite a while now, although their marriage wasn't actually legal until recently. Child Two and his husband live in the state of New York with their two adopted kids, the younger of whom has most likely either never met most of the family or is too young to remember them.

                                          child two percival gilmore forty-eight xZeroToHerox
                                          the husband lewys gilmore forty-nine bby in a trenchcoat
                                          the oldest daughter katrina gilmore seventeen wearegliding5683
                                          the youngest daughter elisabeth gilmore four adorable a s i a n

                                          User ImagexxxxxUser Image
                                          xxchild twoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxthe husband

                                          User ImagexxxxxUser Image
                                          xxthe oldest daughterxxxxthe youngest daughter
        User Image

                                          Child Three is easily the most free-spirited of the Gilmore children. She and her eldest sister are essentially polar opposites. Where her sister went to college, Child Three preferred to travel after high school. Somewhere along the way, she met Mr. Barton, whose ideals were similar to hers, and they married and continued traveling together. Over the course of their journey, they acquired three other passengers in the form of their own children, and they eventually made a home for themselves in the state of Washington. They home school their children and consider themselves a pretty close family unit. Child Three and Mrs. Barton have a laid-back approach to parenting and life in general. Unlike her elder sister's kids, the Bartons are pretty much allowed to do whatever they want and make rules for themselves.

                                          child three petra barton forty-four wearegliding5683
                                          the husband vincent barton forty - six Rose of all Roses
                                          the oldest son camden barton eighteen Explicit Obscurity
                                          the daughter merissa barton fourteen mephitical_kitty
                                          the youngest son andrew barton three the book keepers

                                          User ImagexxxxxUser Image
                                          xxchild threexxxxxxxxxxxxxthe husband

                                          User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.xxxxxUser Image
                                          xxthe oldest sonxxxxxxxxxthe daughter

                                          User Image
                                          xxthe youngest son
        User Image

                                          Child Four got pregnant at a rather young age, supplying Mr. and Mrs. Gilmore with one of their first grandchildren. She took on the difficult task of being a single mom, and it's been just her and her son for the past twenty-four years. It hasn't exactly been easy, but Child Four has made a pretty decent life for her and her son. Now he's engaged and brought his fiancee along to the family reunion to meet the family.

                                          child four • name gilmore • 40-42 • username
                                          the only child dominic gilmore twenty-four gummy dinosaurs
                                          the fiancee stephanie hart twenty - two Rose of all Roses

                                          User Image
                                          xxchild four

                                          User ImagexxxxxUser Image
                                          xxthe only childxxxxxxxxxthe fiancee
        User Image

                                          Everyone arrived last night. It's currently a little after one in the afternoon. Today is mainly for catching up. You're free to do whatever you'd like for now, and there's a barbecue planned for around six. Right now, it's a warm and sunny day with hardly a cloud in sight, perfect weather to go for a swim in the lake or whatever it is you crazy kids do these days.

                                          Sleeping Arrangements:
                                            The lake house has four bedrooms, which are currently being occupied by the grandparents and the three oldest children and their spouses. Child Four has been given the sleeper sofa in the upstairs den as a makeshift bedroom, and the younger folks are sleeping in the downstairs den (on air mattresses, in sleeping bags, on the couch, etc.) unless they've managed to claim a spot for themselves in their parents' bedroom.

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