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                                                        It didn't take long for Christian to watch inside the building as he could see KC start to get ready to go and gather her things. But in the meantime, he was focused on his cell phone which now buzzed and displayed a text from his longtime friend and ex-girlfriend, Luce. She was back from her Armed Forces tour and letting him know that she could hangout today or tomorrow if he wanted. It just seemed right now that he was getting more distractions from his work then he was graces and it kind of irritated him since this case was a big one and he could get a huge bonus off of this case if his client won the court battle. He wanted to go home. He didn't hide that. He'd make sure to keep that fact apparent. Whether it be his not-so-happy camper appearance or his lack luster, low grade emotions or feelings towards things. He just wanted to go home and get to work on his papers.

                                                        He couldn't just turn back and do that now as KC would come out and hug him with a kiss to boot. He simply one-armed hugged her back and looked around as he still had his cell phone in hand. Holding up his index finger to pause for a minute, he shot Luce a text back then pocketed his phone after the length of the text was finished. Welcome back. KC's got me right now for however long she wants me. But I have a seriously important court case I need to work on and I'm getting highly distracted recently. So hanging out and people aren't exactly my main importance right now. Job first. Family second. Friends third. But I'm glad to hear from you again. Keep in touch.. Sent. Now that his texts were taken care of, Christian simply responded to KC with a "Sure thing" and the two would make forward progress down the street towards the cafe KC had suggested.
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                            He could hear some vigorous thumping on the stairs before the door was flung open. There she stood, barely concealing her excitement, it made him smile proudly. "Hello lovie." He murmured, tipping his hat at her. Before he could continue, they were briefly interrupted by another man, her brother. Rashiel quirked a smile as Christian squeezed past them and drove away. The man looked busy, but only as busy as a slave. He couldn't help but wonder what the Bailey's finances were like as of this moment. Was their house paid off? Would all of them be able to go to high school, let alone college? Did they have health insurance at all? It was such a hassle, all because mister sausage couldn't keep a damn condom on. Selfish as it was, Rashiel wasn't keen on marrying someone with such a large family, but he tried not to think about it for now.

                            "All ready to go eh?" The blond grinned, his eyes glancing to the side behind her shoulder, as if expecting more family members to suddenly pile out for a free ride somewhere. "We'll need to get some food from a supermart." He explained, having had no time or resources at home to prepare anything, nor did he come prepared given how ad hoc his outings with Emerson (and her parasites) tended to be. "Just you?" Rashiel questioned, sounding pleasantly surprised.

                            (( ooc : Sorry. Really brain-dead after taking that cough mixture ))

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