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You think I'm crazy. But I'm just making my case for all the terrible things I'm going to do to you.

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                                                Jordan looked to the woman, he smiled that charming smile, placing his head in his hand and said it simply, "Now we wouldn't want to make your job too easy would we," he smiled and looked to the wall behind her, this really wasn't going anywhere. He thought for a moment, his face changing almost solemn before reverting back to a smile, "What is the result of their analysis, and how does this compare to yours?" his eyes diverted to the file, he was curious, but he also didn't like her directing conversation. This was HIS session, and she would talk about him how HE would like to.

                                                "I heard what the papers said about me, I didn't kill her, so only local papers talked, but they are idiots right, who wouldn't like me?" he spoke, almost baiting her, most professionals, instead of just students, others he could blend in with, they found a distaste for his ability. The ability to blend, as a student he at times had even made some...psychology friends, even they, they seeing him as another student could simply not see it. But the doctors, they seemed to be ale to see it. He could not fathom why.


                                                sorry been uninspired on gaia also working my a** off, various family "occurences"