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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx{Pandora Marisol Vanderwood}

Zac's best friend

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                                                                        Pandora continued to walk down the road. She hadn't felt like taking her car when she left the house, but now part of her was regretting it. Maybe she would go to see Zac today? Yeah.. that was probably what she was going to do, unless he told her otherwise. Zac.. he had and her relationship was, well they were best friends. Some people told them they were attached at the hip because they were with each other so much. Often getting the whole comments consisting of "Are you two dating?" and "Will you two just date already!" But even though Pandora had a small thing for him, she didn't think he returned anything. So she wasn't about to ruin anything by telling him. Plus, even if he did... would they really want to risk ruining something as good as their friendship. If something were to happen, there was a chance they would never be the same. She pushed the thoughts to the back of her mind as she felt her cell vibrate in her pocket. Pulling it out she smiled as she saw it was from Zac. Reading it, she thought about what to type before tapping her fingers along her touch screen keyboard.

                                                                        To: Zac
                                                                        From: Pandora
                                                                        Well that sucks. Maybe it'll get better? we can always hope. and yeah(: sounds amazing. i am currently walking.. don't really know exactly where i am at the moment. XD adventures ftw. : P Come find me. (:

                                                                        Pressing the send button she shoved her phone back in her jeans and continued on her way, trying to figure out exactly where she was. A small laugh escaped her lips as she realized she had somehow subconsciously started walking in the direction of Zac's house. She guessed she somehow knew she was going to be hanging out with him today. Especially considering she did it pretty much every day. Pandora stopped for a second trying to figure out how long until she actually reached his place. Maybe about another five minutes. she had been walking for while. Starting up her walk again she ran a hand through her platinum blonde locks. "I really should've taken my car..." she thought with a small sigh.

[ooc; not my best. but im exhausted so mi brain is all sibvhivdif. i will post Parker's in a little. i gotta go do some homework. ]
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▌▌█│║█▌▌█│▌▌│║█│║█║█║Jayson Park▌▌

        》》》 As always Jayson was already up. He really did enjoy mornings. It was never too sunny, hot, and busy like the afternoons, neither was it so empty, cold, and dark like the nights. Mornings were somewhere in the middle making it completely perfect. The sky was freshly lit, there was cool breezes every now and then, and there were multiple faces everywhere on their way to the rest of their day. It was all so refreshing. That's why Jayson had gotten up extra early to go for a jog and see all these things. By the time he returned back to his house he was sticky and slightly damp from sweat. Grayson and Marielle was asleep when he had left and to no surprise they were still sleeping as soon as he got back. As he soaked himself in some fresh water in his bathtub he wondered how his siblings could miss out on the best part of the day. In no rush, he took his time to get out of the bathroom even if his time multiplied thanks to the amount of singing he was doing. Soon he was fresh, clean, and presentable with his brand new black T-shirt and some jeans he made his way to the kitchen. Amazingly there in front of the stove was his older brother, Grayson.

         "Well Good Morning! I see you've got breakfast covered." he spoke in his normal upbeat tone. Grayson stood focusing on the stove his back turned toward Jayson. Just from the smell it was already clear to him of what it could be. Still in a curious mood Jayson crept up behind his brother. Slowly, he placed his chin  on his brothers shoulder in attempt to peek at the food. Grayson being his older brother it was still a little funny to him how he grew taller then him. Eventually, a hand started to wave Jayson away. "Get off of me." his brothers sleepy voice made him laugh a little before he actually moved away. Excitedly, Jayson walked from the kitchen to the hall again. Apparently, it was time to bother another sibling. In a quiet tiptoe he stealthily stepped in to a bedroom. Inside there was a sleeping child. She was about three years old but in a little less than a week she would definitely be four. 

        On her miniature bed laid Marielle, the youngest of all the Park siblings. She slept on her side with that lamb of hers snuggled deep in to her chest. He got a better look by sitting on the carpet near her bed. Playfully, Jayson grabbed at one of the stuffed hoofs. She liked to call the Lamb "Day", and often referred to it as a he. That poor animal. He tried to pull the male lamb named Day out from his sisters arms. It was funny because sometimes she called Jayson, Jay and Greyson, Sunny instead of Grey. Jay, Sunny, Mary, and Day. Not at all weird, really. With a slow tug Day broke free of her tight embrace. "hah you're safe now!" the girl on the bed woke up almost immediately at the sound of her brother's voice. 

        "Heyy." she was quick to snatch Day back in to we arms. "Good Morning Mary!" Jayson grabbed at her cheek, pulling it lightly. She also did the same and grabbed his cheek. "Morning!" They smiled in unison, but he was first to let go, letting his hand fall back to his lap. "We're going to meet the new neighbors later okay? Right now we're gonna eat breakfast." Her eyes seemed to light up when he spoke about the neighbors. It was clear to him that she was quite excited. A small talk later and both were out of the bedroom and in the dining room. Soon enough the small family all ate on the table with full plates of rice and omelets.

          A little while later..

        Jayson stood in front of his own house holding a tray of goodies. He didn't say anything about his thoughts but he was very excited. Never had he actually been so neighborly. It was a bit nerve-wracking to think that he and his two siblings were actually gonna visit the new neighbors and deliver Cupcakes. Hiding his mixture of feelings he took the lead on the way to the house. Behind him was Grayson, Marielle, and Day. They all had gotten rid of their pajamas after breakfast. It took a quick walk over before they reached to door. "Grayson.. Ring the doorbell." it was quite obvious to him that Grayson was a little nervous about this since socializing wasn't really something he was skilled at but he could only get better by talking to people. Defiantly, Grayson knocked a few times leaving them in silence.

[ooc] I am really hoping I didn't mess up on this! let me know if I need to edit this LOL[/ooc]
Micheal Hunter Tompkins

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Micheal was there as he was in the kitchen. He looked as he saw his boys eating breakfast. Also saw And help with his youngest son Lucah as he saw him hugging Andrews Leg. Say that the the yelling of one of the girl woke him up. Andrew was also a big help at times whitch was nice. He saw all the one's who wanted the food as he was there. Next he heard About Smoking as he heard it was Zac. How could he miss something like that as he thought to himself. He was going to send a text to his Zac seeing as his older son's had cell phones.

From: Dad
Your not off the hock yet. We are talking about your smocking latter when you get back home.

He sent the text as he was there, put his phone away. Then he heard one of the girl ask about cereal."Oh it's alright" he said as he looked at her. "Yes we have cereal" he said as he walked over to the cabinet were he put all the cereal's as he got out the cheerios out. Then he walked back over to the older girl as he handed her the box of cereal. There you go" he said to the girl he was looking at.
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                                                                  As Jordan watched Zac skate away he thought out loud, "Maybe I should beat it into him," he talking about sense when it came to smoking, he was curious as to where he even got some. He couldn't have taken Jordans ID, he was nothign like Zac, he was a brunette and well Zac was a blonde. He sighed finished with his meal and went upstairs. It was time to finally get dressed and shower. What if his friends (if they existed) showed up.

                                                                  Going upstairs he made his way to his room, selecting his bathroom pack, this of course included his morning facial ritual pack. He then went into the bathroom to begin, it took about nine minutes before he even turned the hot water on, he had a nine minute shower and climbed out, smelling of mint. The post shower ritual began and he made his way out in a towel once it had finished. He then left to his room to dry off and finally dress.

                                                                  He wore a green outfit today. Soon enough he left the room and made his way back downstairs, this after having puffed his hair up to it's usual style. He looked human again. He went to the lounge this time and laid across a lounge, acting the hog.

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01⋯⋯⋯ Kitchen: Sitting at the table XXXXXX 02⋯⋯⋯ His father, brothers, and the girls XXXXXX 03⋯⋯⋯ Scared to death

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                                      ♫~♪~╠ I’ve heard there was a secret chord,
                                      XXXXXXXX That David played, and it pleased the Lord.
                                      XXXXXXXXX But you don't really care for music, do you?

                                                              ⋯⋯⋯ Lucah relaxed a little when his brother lifted him into his arms. Being held by his eldest brother made him feel more comforted. Though the older male decided to riffle his hair before they unlocked the door. His other brother had gave him a high five after locking the cause of the yelling out. Andrew seemed displeased with this action, but it made Lucah content for a moment. After letting one of the girl in, Zach came along and decided to mess with Lucah's hair. It seemed his whole family was jealous of his long dark chocolate locks. They always messed with it when they caw him which meant getting it brushed was more painful.

                                                              ⋯⋯⋯ Upon being sat at the table, Lucah helped his brother eat the food on the plate in front of him. He tried to keep up with Andrew, but it was no use. Soon his brother was hugging him goodbye and leaving. Lucah continued to eat and carefully eyed the girls around him. None of them seemed to really want what his dad had prepared. Were they afraid of his dad's cooking? These people confused him and made him fear to leave the table. Lucah had finished his food, but he remained at the table clutching his white teddy bear.

                                      Regular Text ○ "Speech - Lucah" ○ "Speech - Others" ○ 'Thoughts'

                                      ♫~♪~╠ It goes like this,
                                      XXXX The fourth, the fifth,
                                      XXXXXX The minor fall, the major lift,
                                      XXXXXXXX The baffled king composing Hallelujah.

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Voices In His Head
Sorry for the posting hiatus. No excuses here. This is a bad post though, I have no clue where to go with it.
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Joяdiи ℓєah Shay
The Youngest Daughter
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The five year old looked at the family that arrived on the doorstep of the house. Cole was no longer being fun, just staring at the boys who lived there with them. She looked at the little girl and the two older boys. She watched the boy knock on the open door. "Hullo are you friends with the Tompkins?" Her tummy growled. "You can come inside I have to go see if Charlie knows if we have cheerios. My names Jordin Leah Shay, its nice to meet you." She gave a little curtsy and ran off leaving the four people at the open door to do as they pleased.

She ran back off to the crowded kitchen. She saw the little boy, Luke and stared right at him and told him in a very serious tone. "Your friend is here to see you." She turned and saw Charlie with the box of cheerios, and she took a spot at the table. "Thank you Charlie." Jordin swung her feet back and forth in the chair while she turned and watched her older sister find the rest of the items needed for the best breakfast ever. The five year old never ate anything different for breakfast, it was cheerios or a fit. Okay so the little girl knew better than that to throw the fit but she would because that was her favorite food. Other than cupcakes and candy, but her mommy wouldn't let her eat those things for breakfast. "Charlie have you seen Bun-bun? He's missing breakfast and Mrs. White said breakfast was the most important meal of the day last year." There was a slight whining tone in her voice that would go away after she ate.

Doєs this makє mє ℓook Fat?

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