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                                                                  AND THIS SILENCE STRIPS ME BARE AND YOUR BODY PINS ME DOWN.
                                                                  xxxxxI'VE NEVER BEEN SO SCARED TO BREATHE, AFRAID TO MAKE A SOUND.
                                                                  » but all I know is you'll n e v e r let me go
                                                                  ( )
                                                                  AND P R E T E N D IT'S ALL DREAM

                                                      Rori snuggled closer to his chest and closed her eyes, working to push the dream from her mind. She didn’t want to think of Garret anymore. She didn’t want his name poisoning her thoughts or his face in her mind or the memory of his hands on her unwilling body. Matty made it easier to forget a little bit, but Garret had been in control of her thoughts for way to long. It was hard to try and take back the life he had stolen from her. It just wasn’t that easy. Even now, as far away as she was from him, she was still expecting him to show up in the doorway of the room. She feared he would find her, and she didn’t doubt that he could find her if he really wanted too.

                                                      Aurora, though she may not have come across as such to those who didn’t know her, was a shattered individual. Unstable. Before her mother died, Rori had hardly been like this. She had been a good girl, rarely getting in trouble, with her primary focus on school. Back then, she had been a quiet girl, not somebody you would really take a second glance at. Despite her quiet demeanor, it wasn’t like she had no life. She still went to parties and hung out with people, and she hadn’t been the kind of girl to be afraid to stand up for herself. She had been the butt of jokes often enough that her backbone was stronger than most, and she didn’t hesitate to whip back some wittier remark. But once Garrett came, everything changed.

                                                      Aurora’s mother may not have been the first choice for the mother of the year award, but she tried her best, and in Rori’s eyes, that had been all that mattered. Her mom had made a lot of bad decisions in her life, but Garret had been the worst. He moved in with them in their small slummy two bedroom apartment only two weeks after he and her mother started dating, and he had seemed okay at first. Before she knew it, her mom was engaged and they were off to live in Garret’s big fancy house with him and his money. His money was probably his most appealing feature, or at least to the Hastings, who had lived on welfare and Jeanette Hasting’s tips from her waitressing job for the good part of seventeen years. And that was when things got bad.

                                                      At first it had been little things. She would catch him staring at her, or he would buy her things and request she try them on. Eventually those little things graduated to a comment here or there about how pretty she looked or hugging her just a little longer than necessary. Her mother didn’t seem to notice, so Rori blew it off. It wasn’t until a few months into her mother’s marriage that the s**t hit the fan. Her mother was working the night shift at the diner and Rori had just come back from a party, having had a few more drinks than she normally did. She was out of it, more ******** up than she had ever been. Garret had waited up for her, attempting to play the part of ‘concerned stepfather’, but ended up playing a completely different role. He forced himself on her and being as incapacitated as she was, she could do nothing about it. Come morning, she had managed to convince herself it had been some alcohol induced dream. But it happened again and again, a new threat every time to keep her silent, and eventually the old Aurora seemed to die away, only to be replaced by this shell that now existed. This shell had no backbone. She didn’t fight back. She readily accepted the blame for whatever it was thrown her way. She sought for attention in the only way she knew to get it and did anything she could to feel like for once she was in control. She was terribly dependent on other people and could barely take care of herself. She constantly needed support from someone, and that someone had being Matty.

                                                      Hearing him say they could stay, she managed a smile though deep in her heart she didn’t believe it. Still, she could believe it for him. She could live this lie while it lasted. She could see the two of them together in a decent apartment; maybe have Skylar come live with them. Rori loved Skylar, like she loved all kids. That little girl was perfect and it killed Rori to see her living with the kind of parents she did. Rori wasn’t claiming that she would make an ideal mother to any child, but it would be a lie to say that she didn’t want to try. Having a family of her own had been her dream before everything fell apart. Also part of her figured that if Skylar was around more often, Matty would feel more of an inspiration to get clean.

                                                      At the mention of the band, Rori smiled. Matthew was a very talented musician and she knew he could make it far if he really aimed for it. ”I’m sure you could find somebody” she said, punctuating her sentence by placing another small kiss on his cheek. ”I could get a job, too.” she added. ”Waitressing maybe, like my mom used to. It’s not much, but she did alright.” she shrugged.

                                                      Aurora sat up then, rolling her shoulders back for a moment. She could hear other voices up and around the house. ”I guess we should go introduce ourselves.” Her stomach let out a little growl, seconding her statement, and she let out a cute little giggle. ”Let me get dressed real quick, and we can go down, okay?” The blonde pushed herself off of the bed and made her way to her duffle bag that contained the clothes she had packed weeks ago. She hardly minded changing in front of Matty. She had lived with him and slept with him. Him seeing her in her underwear was no big deal.

                                                      Rummaging through it, she found her old off the shoulder Tweety Bird fleece and a pair of shorts. Deciding they would suffice, she pulled her top over her head, still covered by the black undershirt she had been wearing under it. She slid the Tweety Bird hoodie on over it. She slipped off the jeans she had fallen asleep in, revealing her batman undies, and then replaced the jeans with the too-short shorts. The long sleeved shirt with her shorts made her long legs look even longer in the mirror, and she smiled. She loved her legs. Her long legs were probably the only feature of hers she actually really liked, save her naturally curly blonde hair which was her mothers.

                                                      Speaking of her hair, it was a mess, or at least to her standards. Sighing, she ran her fingers through it, knowing a brush would only make it more frizzy and she had neglected to bring a comb. When she was somewhat pleased with it, she moved onto makeup. Her face look tired because of how stressful yesterday had been. That just wouldn’t do for Rori. Her appearance and making a good impression had always been important to her. Her mother had taught her that. She coated her face with a tintless moisturizer to take the dryness from her skin. She applied some concealer to hide the bags beneath her eyes, and a frame of black eyeliner around her eyes emphasized the color of her eyes. Her stomach growled again, and she remembered how hungry she was. Turning back to Matty, she smiled. ”You ready?” she asked.

                                                      O.O.C: Sorry that took so long. Rough week. Anyways, here it is (: Also, click the side picture for her outfit. ♥
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Yea, nothing is the same..

█████████████████████████████ Since the day you went away...

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                                                    They say that you should never run away from your problems, that nothing ever works out when you do. Well, Austin believes that he just proved them wrong. All those years of being in the center of his parents constant fighting definitely takes a toll on a child from the moment of the first mean and regretful word they hear. But you think that a child can not possibly be in the middle of all the fighting, they are only watching, or simply hearing the fighting that's going on in another room. But for the eightteen year old, that fact was just not true. He, himself, was a device used by his parents to get back at the other parent. For example, they would both tutor the boy and which ever one made him get a better grade won that battle. It seems harmless at first but after time and time again of doing related things certainly got to him. Beside the mixed languaged fighting of French and English this torment certainly went to the boy's head. He was brought to 2 different therapist... One from the mother and one from the father. Another element of their little game. Soon enough, it was all too much for Austin and he made a decision. To leave his parent's home forever. Though after he told many this story they gave him a look of disappointment from running away from his problems. Austin would simply tell them that he didn't run away from his problems, he ran away from his life, to start a new path, and never looking back. But sometimes that disappointing look never left the person's face.

                                                    Leaving the family's home one certainly does not expect to make it big right away. Austin wasn't really sure what to expect when he walked right out the front door that day. He didn't expect much but there had to be something for him. Austin was in for a big wake up call. That night he slept in a cardboard box in a dark alley next to garbage. To this day Austin can sometimes smell the rancid stench of the first night. That's also where he devolped his slight fear of rats. That was the major wake up call for the rich suburban boy. He didn't expect to be handed everything on a silver platter but maybe he expected at least a little hand out. But it didn't make the young boy to want to go running back home to his feuding parents, no matter how tramatising that day was. Austin's tough demeanor kept him a float. He was able to learn quick about how to survive the streets. Which gang territories to stay out of, which places threw away perfectly good canned food that didn't past its expiration due to pure idiocy, how to make a fire out of pure garbage, and which spots repelled the rain the best. He also learn how to pickpocket. A very important skill that kept him alive all that time. And the most important rule to follow by. Trust no one.

                                                    Austin had learned this the hard way. He had a partner in crime for a breif amount of time, Kid was what he liked to be called. Austin had doubted that was his actual name but he never questioned this fact. Austin was practicing pickpocketing and pickpocket Kid, not the best person to do so to. Austin got his butt beat, it was so clear to him. "Why don't you go back to your cozy little home and get some money from your mommy." Kid had told him after he gave the teen a bloody lip. "I have no home, a*****e." The tone of everything had changed drastically. A hand had firmly grasped the teen's shoulder and a hearty laugh had escaped Kid's lips. "Why didn't you say so? I'll take you as my apprentice." And there an apprenticeship had started. Kid taught Austin how to fight, get away from those pesky cops, and avoid being hit by a purse from an old lady. And he learned how to pick pocket like a pro. The two made an impeccable team, at least that's what Austin believed. They had bonded, the two were both around the same age, both came from broken families, and both runaways. But one day Austin woke up to nothing but with the twenty dollars he had hid in his underwear and Kid had disappeared. All was left was a note stating that the first rule of living on the streets was to trust no one. Austin learned his lesson after that.

                                                    It wasn't long after that he was brought to the boarding house by Mrs. K. That day he was at the lowest of the low. He hadn't eaten in days, Austin thought that traveling would benefit him since people were starting to recognize him, which was never a good sign. But his instincts had not preveiled this time. He had run off to uncharted areas, he had been beaten up twice by gangs, forced to once again to sleep in a box in the cold rain next to garbage and wretched rats. He stunk and looked like a hobo, oh wait he was a hobo by now. He was surprised that Mrs. K even saw him as a teen and not some crazy 30 year old man under his gross beard. He almost denied the woman of her offer, remembering his number one rule. Trust no one. But a nice warm house was too tempting and Austin couldn't let that offer to go. That night he slept the best he had ever slept since he left home. He took a long hot shower, shaved for the first time in months, ate a nice home cooked meal better than his parents had ever made him during their little 'competitions.'

                                                    That meal was the first time that Austin really thought about his parents. Sure, he remembered their fights and little pesky things like that. But he never thought about how his parents felt after he had run away. Did they miss their only son? Or did they just miss their little toy to get back at each other. Or worse, did they even realize he was gone? That thought only made even more feelings of resentment form in the boy's core. A place were many dark and sadistic feelings stayed, somewhere that would never be wanted to be reached. And Austin as a whole wasn't that pleasant of a person so that core could only be hell in a person. But who knows when and if that kid would blow. Austin was tough kid so that could be a very long and drawn out period of time from now, luckily for everyone around him.


                                                    Austin sat up from his bed as he awoke from his slumber. Sleep never felt so good to the boy until he arrived here. He didn't need to worry about freezing to death or eaten alive by some animal. He was warm and completely safe, not needing to worry about where his next meal came from or if he would even live to see his next meal. There was definitely comfort in this place something Austin was no longer use to. The boy continued with his daily routine, hot, hot shower, a nice clean shave, something he liked to do daily to not look like a hobo, and got dressed into nice clean clothes. He looked so different than what he did from just six weeks ago, clean, and well fed. No longer a newbie.

                                                    Speaking of newbies, a new batch had just arrived last night. The brunette secretly hoped that his old pal Kid would show up here. Just so Austin could whoop that son of a b***h's a**. That kid cause Austin a whole binch of trouble. But he definitely was a reason for why Austin ended up here. So there was something that the teen could thank Kid for. Austin thought it would be so nice of him to wake them all up, if they were already, that is of course. The boy began running through the hallway, passing a blonde newbie in the process. He started banging and the walls and doors as hard as he could without causing any damage. Yelling at the top of his lungs. "Wake up Newbies. Get up ya fresh meat." Being a jerk was something Austin was good at, why give it up now?
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xxxxxxx With every second » you spend with me, girl
xxxxxxa n dx h e r e ' s x m y x h e a r t, x g i r l
✱◟ And you ) can have it
⋮↘ There's happiness, girl ★★「 And we can have itxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxThe key lies ━ : » between me : and you
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                                                      #00bbbb speech
                                                      tab Sighing quietly, Matt just enjoyed the last few minutes he had to spend with Rori in bed before they'd have to get up and face the world together. He hung on to her nice and tight, still holding on to her hand because he knew it made her feel safe. Matt was so weird when it came to people he cared about. He really was a protective little ********. He hated Rori going out without him. He hated when she ditched him at parties to go off with some a*****e. More than once Matt caught wind that Rori was in trouble and he'd have to barge in and yank some d**k off from on top of her. Rori sometimes got cold feet with the sex thing. Those rare nights when she really didn't want to hook up, but went off with a guy anyways. Then he'd get too rough and she'd freak out and Matt would swoop in at the last second. In fact, the last time Matt ever had to get rough with a kid was at their old school. The kid was new and he didn't know the unspoken rule about how Rori sort of belonged to Matt and unless Rori shoved herself at a guy, you didn't step on that. Either this kid didn't get the memo about not hitting on Rori or he just didn't ******** care, he'd get all up in her s**t every time Matt saw him. And it made Rori really uncomfortable, because she was all about being in control and going after the guy herself, which was the reason everyone steered clear since Matt made it impossible for guys to talk to her. Matt was a little possessive when it came to Rori. But on a rare moment in the day, Matt wasn't attached to Rori. And he heard through the grapevine that this kid thought she was pretty and was going to ask her out. Matt saw red. Instantly. Three teachers and the security guard had to pull Matt off the kid, who walked away with two broken legs, a bunch of cracked ribs and his nose split clean down the middle. And all he'd said was Rori was pretty.

                                                      tab Matt smiled at the memory. He couldn't help feeling possessive of Rori. She was his anchor, the reason he was still alive. Without her, he was nothing, he was nobody. She was his everything. Matt smiled when Rori spoke again, leaning up to kiss his cheek, learning a warm spot from her sweet mouth. She was lovely. And then she mentioned getting a job. Oi. Matt sighed, exchanging the pillow for her neck, burying his face against her skin. "Mm, I don't like that idea. There's too many jerks that'll hit on you. I can't kill everyone, you know," he told her, leaving a soft kiss on the curve of her neck. She sat up and he groaned playfully, smiling when she giggled at her stomach growling. "Gross. I hate socializing. I'm so ******** awkward." Which was pretty true. Heroin made Matt a little bit of a hermit, so much so that he forgot how to deal with people and not look like an idiot. But Rori was hungry and Matt would sacrifice and go with her to get food. He had to make sure she was okay. That was his top priority. While she got dressed, Matt pulled on his own clothes. He'd had the good sense to strip last night, unlike Rori, who was so exhausted that she just flopped in the bed and passed out. That was okay, though. He'd let her sleep. He pulled his skinny jeans back on and his gray shirt, running his fingers through his hair. He hadn't showered so his hair gel was still effective enough to make his hair not look like a**. He pulled his necklaces on over his head and shrugged into Deo's old black blazer. It was the only thing his boyfriend Aaron had let Matt have, and Matt never took the thing off unless he was showering or sleeping.

                                                      tab Finally turning his eyes back to Rori, he watched her as she did her make up. Useless stuff, make up. Rori was beautiful the way she was, but she insisted on make up anyways. That was okay. Maybe one day Rori would see how beautiful she was the natural way, with sweatpants on, one his shirts, and her hair tied up with that adorable half-asleep smile she had. God, she was perfect. Everything about her was beautiful. Every goddamn thing. She was flawless. She was the muse of nearly all of his song lyrics. She was in everything that he was. She was the best parts of him. Rori turned to him and asked if he was ready. ********, he was ready for whatever she wanted. He'd follow her off a cliff if she asked him to. Getting up from where he was sitting on the bed, Matt crossed the floor, took her face in his hands and kissed her. "You look beautiful, Rori. Don't forget it, okay?" He smiled a little bashfully, like a little boy, and then took her hand in his, walking down the hallway with her towards the kitchen. He saw three people there and squeezed her hand, feeling the familiar squeeze of panic in his chest. Social situations gave him anxiety. He sucked at being social.

                                                      ooc: top photo has the outfit linkie~

( MATTY *◟⇣ JAY )
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                                                                  AND THIS SILENCE STRIPS ME BARE AND YOUR BODY PINS ME DOWN.
                                                                  xxxxxI'VE NEVER BEEN SO SCARED TO BREATHE, AFRAID TO MAKE A SOUND.
                                                                  » but all I know is you'll n e v e r let me go
                                                                  ( )
                                                                  AND P R E T E N D IT'S ALL DREAM

                                                      Rori smiled at Matty as he climbed off the bed, having gotten dressed himself, and made his way towards her. He took her face in his hands and pressed his lips to hers, and she could feel herself relaxing a bit more. He always had that effect on her. He could bring her up when she was at her worst. That was just how it was. Knowing him as long as she had, it wasn’t really surprising. Three years, she had known him, though they hadn’t been friends the entire time. Not good friends, anyway. Nothing like they were now. When they first met, everything was normal. Rori’s mom was still alive then, and had just finalized her marriage with Garret and they had moved to his big house on the other side of town, where she knew nobody. That was where she had Matty. She’d left the house after she had gotten in some argument with her mom, and met fourteen year old Matty, who was smoking weed in the playground. He had been alright back then, too. It was before he had ever been introduced to Heroin. They were just kids, and sometimes Rori felt like she would give anything to go back to that.

                                                      Matty took her hand and led her from the bedroom. As they walked, she looked around the halls. She saw a boy going around banging on doors and yelling, and she lowered her eyes to the ground. It would be a lie to say that Rori wasn’t intimidated by being in a houseful of strangers, because she was. However, one thing she had always found herself good with was social situations. Matty, not so much. When he fell to heroin, the drugs seemed to kill off any social skills he had. Rori, on the other hand, had forced herself into the social scene after everything with Garret started. She had figured if she could make herself seem happy, bubbly and well liked, nobody would be able to see the layers of dirt that she felt layered upon her skin. Nobody would suspect anything. It had been decided then by Rori that she would handle the social situations since Matty took it upon himself to handle everything else.

                                                      As they reached the top of the steps, she felt squeeze her hand, and she gave him a smile. Meeting everyone wasn’t going to be the hardest thing they did, she told herself. Running away yesterday had been much harder. They could do this. It was just other people, she repeated in her head. The thought that made her most nervous was the fact that they were so in the dark about the others. Sure they were all entitled to privacy, and normal people met on the street all the time, but this was different. They weren’t normal people. This place was a home for a variety of people with pasts they were trying to run from, and it made everything so unfamiliar. She and Matty were in a new town, and it wasn’t like they would be able to recognize anyone. They were all strangers; strangers with secrets and skeleton-filled closets. That was what made her the most anxious.

                                                      Rori wasn’t entirely sure how many others lived in the house but once they reached the bottom of the steps, two people could be seen on the couch. A boy and a girl, the girl of some foreign decent. Rori watched them a moment. They seemed relatively at ease with one another, like old friends, but there was also an air between them like a barrier. Then again, that seemed to be normal for everyone. Keep people at arm’s length, and it is harder for them to stab you in the back. That was what her mother had always said, anyway. After another moment, she continued across the living room floor, giving the two people a soft but forced smile. She was too hungry for introductions and they seemed busy with conversation anyway. The day would bring plenty of names and faces, she was sure.

                                                      With Matty in tow, still keeping her fingers intertwined with his, she followed the sound of the other voices to the kitchen. There were three people there. A boy with blonde hair sat at the table with his hand shoved in a cereal box, a dark brown haired boy eating from a bowl big enough for a giant and a girl was there also. Rori felt her stomach relax. She was much more comfortable not being the only girl in the room. It took her a minute to find her voice. ”Uhm, hi.” she said, her voice coming out a bit more uncomfortable and shy than she had intended. She attempted to push it from her tone as she spoke again. ”I’m Rori, and this is Matt-“. It felt weird calling him just Matt. The ‘y’ had been tacked on for sentimental reasons years ago and Rori knew that no matter how old they got Matty would never outgrow the childhood pet name. ”We just got here last night”she added on, wondering if any of the others were new as well.

                                                      The black haired boy at the table was the first to jump in. ”Ah, you guys are freshies, huh? So’s she,”he said, motioning to the dark haired girl. ”The blonde little cave dweller is new too.” The boy removed his bowl from the table and walked towards she and Matty, and then passed them, dropping his bowl in the sink with a bit of a clatter. ”I’m Jesse. Been here three weeks”. He just stood then, looking at them. When his hands caught their entangled hands, he cracked a smirk. ”Awh, what? You guys sweethearts or somethin’?” he snickered. ”Got her pregnant and now you’re on the lamb?”.

                                                      Rori felt her stomach twist. She had a feel that she and this Jesse character weren’t going to get along. Something in his eyes made her uncomfortable, she decided, and that wasn’t counting his smug attitude. She kept her hand still in Matty’s, too scared to see how he had reacted to the boy’s words. He was protective of her, and tended to get upset when people said things about her that were not to his liking. Rori tried to think of something to say, but she found herself simply unable to find her voice again. She got like that around those who made her uncomfortable. Jesse must have seen something between the two of them, whether it was the darkening in Matty’s eyes if he had gotten mad, or if was just the look on Rori’s face. ”Jeez, relax. Just havin’ a little fun, that’s all. There’s not so many laughs around here.”

                                                      Jesse sat back down at the table and Rori looked at Matty, making sure he wasn’t about to go tear the kid apart. She caressed his hand with her thumb while she opened the fridge with her free hand. She assumed this house was kind of a free-for-all and she didn’t mind rummaging through the refrigerator. It was filled with all kinds of things, and her stomach rumbled in response. ”You want something, Matty?” she asked quietly. She could cook something. Her eyes then slid to the girl who was still standing. The other boys had eaten, but she didn’t know about her. ”You hungry?” she asked the girl. She was trying to be friendly, and it wasn’t unlike her to be quick to try and buddy up to another girl. All she really wanted to do, however, was grab some food and go hole up in her room with Matty. The unfamiliar eyes of the others, especially Jesse’s, made her uneasy.


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