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I was sleeping/My eyes were dark/Til you woke me/And told me that opening/is just the start/it was

αÐaмιs Ѵɪӽ Ҏʜɑηʈɵϻ

"Soil and six feet under
Killed just like we were
Before you knew you'd know me
And you know me"

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After talking to Salem for a bit, Adamis decided he wanted to go in. It was getting chilly and maybe he should go meet and great the rest of the teens. He already made himself look like an a** and even though he didn't want to get close with anyone, he would want to know who he was living with, and even if they didn't notice him, he should have a first name bases of a relationship with some of them. Even if it was just a "Hello, how are you?" Salem was nice. He was someone he could befriend easily, but the only thing was, he got a vibe that Salem had more intentions then friendship. He didn't care what sexual preference someone had. He would just have to make it clear he wasn't interested if they were. Adamis looked over at his watch, That time again? With that notion looked back at Salem as he made it to the door.

"I'll see you inside." He spoke calmly, ready for a glass of juice and a handful of pills. As he turned, and it all happened so fast, (so what he had comprehended was) someone was on their way outside. He was standing in front of the door. They had not seen or expected him. He turned. That someone moving in a fast pace. Crash. Adamis caught the dark haired girl and looked down at her as he held her carefully. The interesting one with the blonde from earlier. He had received glares earlier, but now, it was a softer look. She quickly stepped back, apologizing, then yelled at Salem. He looked back at him and watched their conversation. Looking back up at him she explained why she had bumped into him. He shrugged, watching her. "I was just about to step inside. Sorry." He rubbed the back of his head. He didn't know she was coming out. But it made sense. No one should stand so close to doors. He shrugged the thought away and smiled at her when she introduced herself to him and then apologized once more. She was an interesting girl. He liked her freckles. Freckles either made or break a girl. He like that she had them. He held his hand out to her. "I'm Adamis. No worries, I shouldn't have been standing so close to the door." He smirked as he followed her in.

Adamis ran his hand through his hair and looked Brooke over and smiled at her, looking up to see the blonde was accompanied with a dark haired boy. They looked close. Was Brooke lonely without her friend? He wondered and where had the boy he shared rooms with had disappeared to? But he spotted him in the kitchen. Brooke held a nice smile. It was then he wanted to learn about her a little more. Adamis never had friends before, but he knew how to socialize, even though his mother prohibited it when he lived with her. He tried at least. It was just being quiet was easier. "Have you been here long?" He asked. He wasn't shy, but he felt a little awkward. Maybe it was the way the blonde girl looked at him. It wasn't like the way she looked at his roommate, but it was something. Like unwelcoming, maybe. Or just curious. As a mother cat would for her kittens. Was that how friendship was like? Worrying over each other, in great protective qualities that enable a sense of love? Strange. Or was it strange? Adamis never had friends before so he wouldn't know. But then agains he never gave an effort to care about anyone else, but that was because he felt it wasn't in his business to make it his own. He would have to think this over a bit more.

His attention made it back to Brooke. Her outfit was interesting. He had yet to see someone dress like this. Besides people walking by in the streets. Due to the fact he went to a uniformed private school and when he went out with his family it was to his mother's rich friend's houses and their well off kids who cared about nothing but money just like their parents. To be honest Adamis thought he dressed well for being on his own when it came to the private affair of his home, but the other kids labeled him as a homely nobody. Even his own sister. They were all prissy and polished, into mainstream and bright colors and high maintenance things. To Adamis it was boring and too much. So seeing the girls here, well it was actually refreshing. "Do you like it here?" He asked afterwards. He did tower over the girl, but girls who were smaller then him made him at comfort. For some reason they just seemed harmless, and Brooke had a "Je ne sais quoi" about her, and that intrigued Adamis. He smiled crookedly when he looked at her shirt. "Falling in Reverse? Do you like him in that band, or Escape the Fate more?" He asked casually.

"Blooming up from the ground
3 Rounds and a sound
Like whispering you know me
And you know me"

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      Outfit is the baby crow picture~
      Its short. I'm sorry D:
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                                                              DEREK RYAN ST. CLAIRE

                                                              Oh baby, light's on
                                                                                  BUT YOUR MOM'S NOT HOMESPACEBUT YOUR MOM'S NOT HOME
                                                                                  BUT YOUR MOM'S NOT HOMESPACEBUT YOUR MOM'S NOT HOME

                                                                      I'm sick of laying down alone, hey

                                                  With this f e v e r, fever, yeah

                                                                █████████████████████ ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒


                                                                ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ █████████████████████

                                                  I wanna get you aloneSPACESPACESPACEI wanna get you alone
                                                  I wanna get you aloneSPACESPACESPACEI wanna get you alone

                                                                            Give you fever, fever, yeah !

                                                    There were very few things in the world that Derek St. Claire hated, but sleeping alone and new places were two of those things. He felt cold in the small double bed in the drafty room. There was no warm body beside him to keep his minimal body heat from seeping out into the room and he was not fond of that idea. Not to mention that the room was completely unfamiliar. The high ceilings provided ample shadows for Derek's mind to play tricks on him with. By the time he'd gotten to the Kent House, it had been nearly two in the morning. All he'd been focused on was sleep, despite the aching in his loins, and that had not come easily. He was so used to having someone to fall asleep on that he didn't know how to sleep on his own. Besides, the shadows were moving and freaking him the ******** out. Everything looked like it was moving. There were monsters on the ceiling and Derek was certainly not a fan of those. Eventually, though, exhaustion took over and Derek was able to fall into its arms. He didn't dream that night; he never did. His sleep was long and black and he woke up feeling much more groggy than he had when he fell asleep. That was the actual worst thing ever. "Ugh. ******** my a**l cavity," he grumbled, turning over onto his stomach and burying his face in his pillow. It was early in the morning for him and he didn't want to get up. He'd gone to sleep at his usual two AM, but he'd been in a car from Philly to Boston after his trial had concluded. The trial had been over at nearly six, but the usual six hour car ride had taken about eight hours because of hellish traffic. There was no way Derek was getting up now.

                                                    Unfortunately, he couldn't force himself to sleep again. Despite the fact that he was still groggy, he wanted to explore this new house. It was his first time away from home for anything longer than a school trip, so he figured he might as well attempt to make friends or get to know people. Besides, he wasn't being locked in his room, it seemed, so he could find someone to keep him warm at night at the very least. Pulling himself up, Derek pushed his shaggy hair from his face. It was starting to fade. That sucked. He'd just dyed it a week ago. He needed better hair dye, it seemed. Pushing the mass of kinda-sorta black from his face, the young man put his feet on the carpeted ground and scanned the room. There seemed to be another person living in the room already; there were clothes in the open closet and a diary or something on the desk. "Looks like I've got a roomie," he said to himself, smiling. Knowing the way that these kinds of places worked, it was probably a guy. Also, he knew that it didn't matter what way this guy swung. If he was right, there was more than likely a "no sex" rule. If his roommate was like any other guy in existence, he would be looking to get off with anyone willing. Derek smirked to himself and licked his lips, his tongue running over his tongue ring. This was going to be fun.

                                                    Standing up, Derek shuffled to the suitcase he'd left at the end of his bed. He had simply stripped off his clothes and fallen asleep au naturale, like always. Boxers and boxer-briefs were uncomfortable and no one likes tighty-whities. Pulling out a pair of black skinny jeans and a simple gray V-neck, Derek dressed. He lined his eyes in the usual black eyeliner reminiscent of a raccoon in the bathroom and came back into the room to pull on his usual sweatbands and rubber bracelets. Stupid Alec. Changing his posh style into this...whatever the ******** this "style" was called. Then again, he wasn't going to lie that the skinnies made his a** look fabulous. After checking himself out in the mirror, Derek deemed himself ready for the day and exited the room. The halls were empty and he began to wonder if there was really anyone there or if he had been tricked. Until he got into the main house, he saw literally no people. Once in the living room, though, he finally saw life.

                                                    Derek held back in the entryway for a moment, trying to gain a quick idea of what was going on. There were a boy and a girl tangled up on the couch talking. The blonde was ******** gorgeous and Derek felt himself smile. She looked like she might be fun, even if she was into the guy she was sitting on. The guy was cute enough, but he looked...off. There was no light in his eyes. Derek frowned and turned his attention to the opening door. A rather adorable freckled girl walked in with a guy who the gods had clearly sculpted in the image of themselves. He was rather tall, which Derek was quite fond of, and had a wonderful layer of scruff that made him look...just like Alec. Derek frowned to himself and pushed off the wall. If the guy looked like Alec, he was probably no good. Pushing his mop of hair from his eyes, he meandered into the kitchen where he was met by another group of people. There was another pretty blonde girl (yay!) who was clinging to a rather adorable, yet weirdly skinny, kid with black hair, a brunette sitting on the counter who looked rather adorable in his T-shirt and jeans, and...woah Hello Nurse. Derek smiled as his eyes fell on the boy sitting at the table eating cereal. He was all kinds of attractive with his stretched ears and snakebites coupled with the tattoos everywhere. And those lips. ********, they just screamed, "Kiss me!" at him. Derek licked his lips and sauntered into the room. "Good morning, everyone," he said rather loudly, causing the entirety of the kitchen to turn their heads. He smiled. He liked attention. Attention was good. Letting his eyes slide over everyone, lingering on Hot Lips for a moment before moving to the cutie on the counter. He gave his best charming smile when no one said anything. "What? Is there something on my face? Or is everyone still in zombie mode?" He laughed at his own joke before leaning his forearms on the counter so he was behind and slightly to the side of the boy on the counter. He had a rather nice a**, which was a plus. Derek tilted his head to the side, not hiding the fact that he was admiring Cute Butt's, well, butt.

                                                    After a moment, the young man turned his head to the side, once again bringing his attention to Hot Lips with the cereal. He looked like the kind of guy who liked to have fun. Smirking, he arched his back slightly, sticking his a** in the air. Cute Butt had a nice a**, but so did Derek and his skinnies only made it look much more fabulous. "See something you like, Hot Lips?" he asked, his voice dropping from it's usually middle-of-the-road pitch to something a bit huskier. "Or do you just make a habit out of staring at people?" He smirked again and ran his tongue along his lower lip, flicking his lips ring. He was at this house to be "rehabilitated", but that didn't mean he couldn't try to have some fun. Just because the courts and his therapist thought that being a sex addict was bad didn't mean that he did.

                                                    Just for clarification, I took
                                                    the liberty of putting him
                                                    in the same room with
                                                    Chayce because reasons~
                                                    And everyone else has
                                                    a roommate already. >.>
                                                    EDIT;; Click the top/side
                                                    picture for his outfit. <3

                                                Would you be m-mine?SPACESPACESPACESPACEWould you be m-mine?
                                                Would you be m-mine?SPACESPACESPACESPACEWould you be m-mine?
                                                Would you be m-mine?SPACESPACESPACESPACEWould you be m-mine?

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                                Chayce grinned cheesy like as he learned the two newbies name. "Nice to meet you Rori.... Matt." Chayce said nodding to the male as he let go of his girlfriends hand. "What a cute couple." Chayce thought out loud just wanting to see the two blush and giggle. Those little things were oh-so cute to him. "Pancakes!? Oh boom! Don't mind if I do." Chayce said joining his hands in a clap before setting them in his lap. Chayce sighed wishing there was a button that they could instantly press to have instant made food. He was so hungry. His stomach let out an agreeing growl before Chayce shifted his eyes left and right wondering if the other two had heard his embarrassing body language. While his eyes rolled to the other side, a male had popped in. He looked familiar. As of about a minute or so ago, Chayce had passed him and the others. Hearing the soothing voice that belonged to Rori, Chayce glanced at her. She was so nice. Chayce liked nice people. Nice people were needed in this cruel cold world. "How can you turn down pancakes?" Chayce questioned with a scoff nodding his head towards the male. "This guy." Chayce mumbled shaking his head. Pancakes were the s**t. Point blank period. Cereal over Pancakes? That didn't make any type of sense what so ever in Chayce's mind.

                                Sean? Like Sean John? Or no... Sean Paul. Shawn the sheep? Why was Sean's name so familiar? It wasn't that popular in the world or overused like the name Nicole and Elizabeth. "Sup?" Chayce greeted Sean nodding a 'yes' to Rori. Glancing the male over, he did look more of a Sean. His hair was fantastic. Chayce loved the style and the originality and creativeness it had. Chayce's thoughts had then shifted back towards the cereal vs. pancake situation. Its not like the male was trying to keep off any weight! He was skin and bones! If he was eating cereal it had better be Coco Puffs and not Cheerios or Special K. Im psychic!" Chayce thought with a thin line of a smile upon his lips. He was real close to getting the correct cereal the male had gotten. Cocoa Pebbles. Same thing...sort of. Same idea in Chayce's mind. Which soon went from pancakes to cereal to pancakes again! "I know I don't know you but... you're awesome." Chayce told Matt as he prepared the pancakes. The smell was hypnotic. Chayce couldn't wait to sink his teeth into those fluffy disc of heaven.

                                When they were all out of batter, the male brought the stack of pancakes to the table. Chayce had hopped off the counter to retrieve the two on the top placing them on a napkin before returning on the counter. Chayce didn't want to be so judgmental but he had no idea who or what these two guys and maybe even innocent Rori was capable of. Chayce didn't want to get hit, bumped, or any of that "accidental" stuff that could happen at a table. Chayce tore a piece of the pancake and popped it into his mouth before looking at the others. It was quiet...and he didn't like it. Chayce was afraid to chew. Afraid if he had done so it would sound like a bunch of crunchy leaves you step on during the season of Fall. Thankfully Sean broke the silence and, Chayce finished the piece in his mouth. It was rather tasty. In fact, it was so damn good, Chayce finished the pancake in a matter of seconds before starting the next one. Another stranger appeared with a Justin Bieber like do. Except hotter and more attractive.... a lot more. And to top it off! He wasn't shy! Chayce had wanted to respond but his mouth was occupied with half a pancake in his mouth. Chayce covered his mouth and looked down trying to down this pancake as fast as he could. When he had looked up the male smiled at him, his lip ring glistened slightly.. Chayce returned with a friendly gesture and smiled back.

                                Things just got super awkward. Everyone was just looking at him like he came out naked. Oh man if he had came out in nothing but his skin, Chayce would surely faint. That or he'd want front row seats. God. Why was he thinking like this? Chayce usually had dirty thoughts when he was attracted to some one and this case it just so happened to be him. Chayce caught the male...wait what was that? Checking him out?? No. He was over exaggerating. Anyone with those kind of looks were most likely into chicks. Wait, no? Chayce was confusing himself. Why couldn't he just look away already!? Grrr. Chayce blinked and quickly glanced over the males form once more before playing with a string on his pants from the seam. Chayce relaxed when the attention was off of him and nibbled on his fingernail distracting himself as much as possible. Dude. Just chill. Chayce thought to himself inhaling and exhaling silently. Blinking his clear blue/green ish eyes, Chayce crossed his feet hoping to distract his body from doing anything stupid. But of course it only made it worse. Chayce's stomach let out a loud satisfied growl. Chayce's eyes widened as he looked at everyone who looked his way. Please be looking at him..." Chayce chanted knowing it wasn't true considering the male was looking at him too.

                                Chayce chuckled lightly, holding his hands up innocently. "My bad?" He said turning his out and shrugged. "Great first impression huh?" Chayce asked rhetorically before offering his hand towards the male to shake. "I'm Chayce..." he introduced himself holding onto the males hand longer than needed letting his thumb run over his skin before pulling away to point to the others as he named them off. More for his own memory than his. "Sean, Rori, and mmmm...Matt." Chayce said remembering faces with names struggling slightly with Matts holding out the first letter until it came to him. Chayce dropped his hand and looked back at the mysterious male wondering what his name was. It had to be something sexy right? Like Blake or Demetri. Little did the male know that this "Justin Bieber gone emo" was his roommate. At this point, Chayce had given up on receiving any type of company to share at night.

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xxxxxxx With every second » you spend with me, girl
xxxxxxa n dx h e r e ' s x m y x h e a r t, x g i r l
✱◟ And you ) can have it
⋮↘ There's happiness, girl ★★「 And we can have itxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxThe key lies ━ : » between me : and you
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( MATTY *◟⇣ JAY )xxxxxxxx

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                                              #00bbbb speech
                                              tab Matt was a pretty sufficient cook, if he did say so himself. He had to learn, since he moved out of his house when he turned seventeen. Moving out had been a selfish choice, honestly. Matt knew that now, of course, but at the time, he had wanted out. It wasn't completely his mother's fault, though she didn't help. Melissa Harris was never mother material. All she'd wanted to do in life was get high. And maybe part of her resented Matt for that. He was the reason she was made to quit. Now an addict himself, Matt knew how easily it was that his mother could resent him for making her stop. Heroin was a seductive, cunning mistress. Matt often thought of her as his girlfriend on the side, because of how addictive heroin really was. It was hard to stay away. Matt had tried to quit the stuff so many times. The only thing he hadn't tried yet was rehab, but he knew that was next if he really wanted to kick the stuff. Sad thing was, was Matt didn't really know if he wanted to quit all that bad. Matt liked heroin. Liked the way it made everything disappear. There's a reason people get addicted to things. It wasn't just the chemical dependency, either. He liked forgetting. He liked being high. If he was high, he could escape the guilt he felt from being the thing that split his folks up. If he was high, he could escape the fact that they were neglecting his little not sister, Skylar. If he was high, he could escape the fact that Rori was being abused and the only thing he could do for her was let her spend the night as his house. Which is exactly the reason Matt took Rori away. They'd been sneaky about it, too, and devious. Matt had had a lot of time to plan their escape.

                                              tab After convincing Rori to go along with his crazy freaking plan, Matt had given her a stuffed bear with a nanny cam in its eye. She set it up so that it would see everything, when Garrett came creeping into her room to take his fill from her unwilling body. Before he got to the point of actually taking advantage of her, but not before catching his intent on the camera, Rori had hit him with her bedside lamp. Hard enough to surprise him so she could fling herself out the window. Garrett didn't know where Matt was taking her, thank God, but he had ways. He was a wolf in sheep's clothing. Everyone loved him. Rori's poor mother was still stuck under his spell, blissfully unaware that Rori had suffered quietly because she wanted her mother to be happy for once. He had connections, though, and he knew somewhere in the back of Rori's brain, she worried he would find her and drag her back. Matt worried about that as well, but he couldn't let on that he was. He wanted to be strong for Rori, like he always was. She deserved it. She deserved a soft place to fall, after not being caught for so long. Only thing was, was Matt could barely care for himself, let alone the pretty, broken blonde that sat beside him at the table, blissfully eating pancakes and being her usual social butterfly self. God, she was beautiful.

                                              tab Matt kept his head down and his mouth occupied with pancakes. He was never good with social situations. Matt would have been a recluse had it not been for Rori, honestly. He had no time for people. Not when there was heroin. When Matt was really bad into his addiction, he wouldn't leave his room for days, just shooting up, day and night. That was in the summer, though. During school, he'd shoot up in the morning, leave lunch to shoot up again, and spend the rest of his night getting high when his best friend, Deo Anderson. The thought of Deo stabbed a new hole in Matt's chest and he sighed. Watching Deo die had really killed Matt inside, especially since it had been Matt's fault. If he hadn't gone out to get rigs and heroin, just so Deo could get high one last time, he would still be alive. Matt had never been in love with Deo. Not really. It was more that Matt was in love with the idea of Deo. Deo was a year older than Matt and was the person that introduced heroin to Matt. Honestly, Matt was surprised that Rori even tolerated Deo when he was still around. Rori hated that Matt was addicted to heroin. She hated it almost as much as she hated Garrett. But she and Deo got along swimmingly, when Matt decided to hang out with her. When Matt was high, he didn't want to hang out with anyone other than the people getting high with him. And Rori wouldn't shoot up, so Matt hadn't had any time for her for a little while. Maybe that's why he cared about her so much, because he wanted to make up for all the time he'd been selfish and left her home alone with that monster.

                                              tab Matt looked up when Rori spoke his name. He blinked and then gave her an easy smile, winking playfully at her. "Technically it's forty-eight hours, yeah. Officially dating, anyway. We've been unofficially dating for like three years," he reminded her and then reached under the table, giving her knee an affectionate little squeeze. He looked around, seeing the room had populated a little since he'd been lost in his head. A tall boy that looked covered head to toe in tattoos and stretched ears was the one that had asked Rori if he and her were a thing. A boy with brown hair was sitting on the counter getting sorta kinda flirted with by a cute dark-haired boy. The pretty dark-haired girl that he'd introduced himself to, Brooke, was walking in with a kid he'd never seen before. Matt wondered for a moment where Brooke's other half was, the pretty little blonde thing. He wasn't wondering for very long, though, because she shuffled into the kitchen, clearly in search of said other half. "Brookie! Listen, Nix wants to go out today. You should come with us," Mona said, smiling prettily. Matt looked up at her. "What's there to do around here anyway? Are we allowed in the city?" Mona turned slightly, leaning her hip against the kitchen table. "Of course. There's so much to do. We might end up going to the Contemporary Art museum. My not-boyfriend is obsessed. We've gone ten times, not counting the times I went unwillingly." Her eyes rolled but Matt noticed she didn't look annoyed in the slightest, like most people that roll there eyes are. "I'm trying to convince Nix to take me to Martha's Vineyard, though. It has the best places to shop, plus the nightlife is spectacular." She looked between Matt and Rori. "You guys should come with. We can show you around. Plus, there's nothing to do here on campus on the weekends." Matt tilted his head slightly at Rori, as if asking, and she shrugged. Matt smiled at her. "Sure, we'll tag along, doll. Thanks." Mona smiled again and then shuffled back out of the kitchen, suddenly looking incredibly nervous to be standing there. Matt ran his fingers through his hair and then brought his empty plate and Rori's to the sink, rinsing both of to busy himself. The room was filling up and it was starting to make him really ******** antsy.
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                        xxxxxxxMAKE XME ( » SKIN AND BONES )xxxxx
                        I`M ALWAYS ON x MY KNEES FOR YOU
                        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 「 ↺ It only hurt a bit and I still feel like s**t
                        xxxxxxxxxx AND YOU ALWAYS WIN
                        xxxxxIt all looks so big xx Nevermind, I don't feel anything
                        xxxxxIt all looks so big xx Nevermind, I don't feel anything

                        xxxxxxxxxxxx■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■
                        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxYOU'RE PUSHING ME
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                                              tab She wasn't a happy camper, the whole way around. Mona was a little pissed, actually. First, when Brooke tried to defend him. And then when Sean got snippy with her. Mona really didn't appreciate the way Sean called her 'Blondie.' It was in the same tone that people who were serious called people a b***h. It was insult, rather than some cute little pet name. Disgusting. He was such a jerk, Jesus Christ. And he kept making fox eyes at Brooke, which Mona really ******** hated. Ugh, she was so ******** overprotective of Brooke. Before she could jump to her own defense, Nix beat her to it. Mona sat back and scowled slightly, watching the weird stare-down of wills between Nix and Sean. It didn't last long, but there was fire between them. Sean dismissed himself, saying goodbye to Brooke and then he left. Brooke didn't look very happy with Mona and it made her feel bad. Mona knew she was a little overbearing. She wasn't so thick as to think she wasn't. But she couldn't help it. Brooke was like the sister Mona never had. She cared about her. A lot. And the idea that this kid could hurt Brooke bothered Mona. But Mona had Holden Caulfield syndrome. She wanted to protect everyone from everything. She didn't want anyone to hurt. Save for herself, of course. Everything terrible that Mona felt, she deserved. Fun logic. Brooke got up, deciding she was gonna go look for Salem for her. Mona snorted when Brooke offered her hand. Did she really think that she was gonna get up? Brooke gave a playful sigh of annoyance and then skipped out of the room. She didn't seem upset, but Mona still felt really ******** awful.

                                              tab Nix decided to play with her fingers and Mona pressed her back into the arm of the couch, scowling at the tops of her knees where her hands were resting. Nix's voice distracted her from her scowling when he asked what they were doing. Mona smirked despite herself. "Who says I want to hang out with you? Maybe I've got a life outside of you," she teased him, watching him roll his eyes at her. He wanted to go into the city. Hm. That was a good idea, actually. "Okay, well, if you're hanging around, you and I both know we're gonna end up at the ******** art museum." She pinned him with a look and then flushed slightly when he teased her about her apparent 'girly shopping thing.' "Two things, Nikolai. One, Brooke humors my girly-ness, at best. And second, I'm not girly!" Mona blushed and adjusted the beanie on top of her head. "Except, you know... I may have had my eye on this eyeshadow pigment called Aubergine In Martha's Vineyard. Holy s**t, Nix. You don't even understand." Mona shook her head slightly. She needed that color. She had a thing for purple, which kind of explained it. But Mona had this affinity for really bright eyeshadow pigments. She was always wearing really bright colors on her eyes, because her eyes were her favorite things about herself. Mona twisted her flower ring around on her finger and then shrugged. "Plus I'm running out of eyelid primer. My make up looks ******** awful today, and I think that's why." Nix just looked amused and Mona scowled at him. So much for not being girly. She'd just had a thing about eyeshadow. Ugh. Whatever. So she was girly. Sort of. A little bit. "Stop looking at me like that. You're a jerk," she informed him and then rolled her eyes. "I'll go drag Brooke into this."

                                              tab Forcing herself to stand up, Mona pulled her short back down to the acceptable spot on her hips and then shuffled in towards the kitchen where she'd seen her friend disappear to. Going back into the kitchen made her feel really ******** nervous, actually. The kitchen was the worst ******** room in the house, in Mona's opinion. It was so heavy, filled with things Mona didn't want to face. Like food. Forcing her nerves away, Mona turned to Brooke and smiled. "Brookie! Listen, Nix wants to go out today. You should come with us," she said. The cute boy from earlier, Matt, looked up at her and asked what there was to do, which she told him. She invited him along as well and when his pretty girlfriend agreed, he agreed to tag along. Cool. Mona liked hanging out in big groups sometimes. It was always much more fun that way. A cute, dark-haired boy that Mona had never seen before in her life was sizing her up from where he was standing near Chayse. Mona smiled and lifted her hand, wiggling her thin fingers in a little wave. "Hi, guys. I'm Mona," she introduced, mostly for the sake of the cute new boy. "Your shoes are awesome, by the way. Totally cute," she told the cute boy and smiled again before her brain decided she was done standing in the kitchen, watching everyone else eat when she couldn't bring herself to eat. Feeling sick, Mona turned on her heel and went back to Nix with her tail between her legs. She took up the place she'd left a few minutes ago and pressed her cheek against Nix's shoulder, focusing on his body heat to calm herself down. "Brooke and two of the new kids are gonna come with. I'm excited," she said, once she'd calmed down. She didn't lift her head from his shoulder, though. She couldn't find it in her to want to move. Sitting with him, like that, was too nice.

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                                                    This boy standing in front of her, Adamis, had an infectious smile. Brooke smiled back up at him when he introduced himself. She pushed her bangs away from her face, adjusted her beanie, and then backed back into the house. He followed her, running his hand through his hair. She took the time to study him, her eyes roaming over his bearded face. She'd never really found facial hair attractive, but it worked on this new boy. And it wasn't like it was patchy and weird, or a doucebag beard like the kids at her school had had, either. It just looked like shaving wasn't really his thing. She wondered why he was here. By the look of his clothes, he'd come from somewhere with money. Clearing her throat, Brooke said, "So...you're new, right?" Obviously he was since she'd never seen him before. "Where are you from?" She wasn't sure why she was so interested in this boy, but she was. He had a nice smile and rich, dark eyes that reminded her of her late nights with her sister sipping hot chocolate by the electric fire place they had in their house. It hadn't been a real fire place because her mother was scared it would burn the house down. Sometimes, when she was trying to sleep, Brooke wished it had been and the house would burn. Shaking her head, she looked up at Adamis when he spoke. He gave his answer and then asked her how long she'd been there. "A little over two months," she said quietly. The time held a bittersweet quality. She wasn't proud of the things she'd done when she'd chosen to run, but she was glad that she did them because they brought her here. Those actions, no matter how low, had given her friends.

                                                    Brooke shuffled into the kitchen, Adamis by her side. As she passed the couch where Nix and Mona sat, she couldn't help but smile. They were so adorable together, even if they didn't think they were. She smiled again and turned her attention back to the kitchen. She was hungry and needed something to eat. She'd skipped her usual English muffin and raspberry jam because she'd wanted to snuggle Mona. She looked up as soon as her shoes hit the tile and saw that the kitchen was clearly the place to be. The adorable couple from earlier, Matty and Rori, were sitting at the table munching on a stack of delicious-looking pancakes, Chayce was sitting on the counter and eye flirting with a new boy that Brooke had never seen before, and Sean was sitting at the table with a bowl of cereal. Brooke smiled when he saw her, raising her hand to wave slightly. She looked back to Adamis as he spoke, asking her if she liked it there. She nodded. "Yeah. It's...a lot better than home, actually." She smiled sadly as her mind flashed back to her time at home. Yes, being at the Kent House was so much better than being home. She smiled again when he brought up her shirt. She tugged on the hem, looking down at the Falling in Reverse logo. "Uhm, I kind of followed Ronnie from Escape the Fate to Falling in Reverse. I stopped listening to ETF after Craig joined because I don't like his voice," she said, pausing to look up at him. "But I don't know which one I like more with Ronnie. They're both similar, y'know? I think I like him more in FIR, though, because he's clean now. He's not making stupid decisions and stuff." She smiled again and let her shirt drop back to hang around her body. "What kind of music do you listen to?"

                                                    Adamis didn't really get a chance to answer before Mona appeared out of nowhere. Brooke looked up and smiled, nodding. "Yeah! Sounds like fun! Just no more art museums please. You know I can't take all the "modern art"." She made air quotations with her fingers when she said "modern art". Brooke loved art museums, but she would spend literally all of her time in the photography gallery. Unfortunately, the photography gallery was a travelling one and never stayed very long at Boston's Contemporary Art Museum and it was out at the moment, travelling to other places. But Mona's plan of going to Martha's Vineyard sounded fun. Brooke had never been and she was sure that she could get some cool pictures. "I vote Martha's Vineyard. I'll bring my camera," Brooke said as another grin broke out on her face. She looked up at Adamis. "Do you want to come? We can make a group thing out of it." She slid her hands into her back pockets, twirling slightly like a little girl might when she was excited. She was excited, though. She hadn't been out in a while; not since she and Mona had snuck into a club nearly two weeks prior. Mrs. Kent hadn't been too thrilled with that and more or less grounded them. Brooke was going stir crazy just sitting around the house. There were only so many artsy photos she could take of Mona in the garden and only so many fancy tricks she knew on Photoshop. Going out was just the thing she needed.

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