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                                                        F E E L I N G- SLIGHTLY HUNGOVER XXXXXX D O I N G- TALKIN'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
                                                        W I T H- LEANNE XXXXXXX L O C A T I O N- LEAVING SCHOOL

                                                          As soon as the words left Marshall’s lips, Leanna’s façade fizzled out. Her eyes seemed eternally tired and Marshall could feel his hand clench is silent empathy. Of course it would be parental troubles. Marshall could almost lose count of the messed up families in this school. Not that he was any better. Anyways, according to what Leanne said, it seemed that Marshall hadn’t been the only one privy to the rumors about Leanna’s love life. It looked like her parents had picked up on them and probably finally said something. Marshall internally sighed. You would think that after raising Leanna they would know better than that, with her confrontation could spell nothing but disaster. The girl could be seriously obstinate, not to say her headstrong attitude was all bad. It had certainly helped out Marshall in a few choice occasions, he could still remember when she had argued a cop down so much that he had ended up being the one issuing an apology, but it did make talking to her a bit difficult if you weren’t careful. Except who the heck was Logan? New boyfriend after Richard. OK. Marshall could vaguely recall Richard… but could’ve sworn she was still with Damien. Still, it was her life to live; it was the base of the entire disagreement, and Marshall could see where both parties could clash. “Parental units” Marshall covered his voice with sarcasm “they’re the salt of the earth” His eyes swept over her face. She was obviously mad, but he wondered just how much of that anger was actually at her parents. Leanna wasn’t a runner, not when there was still a fight to be fought but she knew she had overplayed, and Marshall knew it must be irritating her. ”So are you planning on going back?”

                                                          He didn’t get an answer. Instead Marshall felt her arm hook with his and found himself being propelled towards the front doors. "Let's go do something fun, since I missed all of it last night," Something fun? Marshall discretely checked his pack pocket in hopes that he had actually remembered his wallet. It seemed that he hadn’t. He was making a mental note to check the pants that littered his bedroom floor as soon as he got home when he felt the crinkle of paper. It took him a moment to realize what it was. Maybe he could show Leanna some fun after all. ”Sure” he beamed. “What we need to balance out all this sour is some sweet. I think I saw a new place open up by where the band plays. The Candy Kingdom. Apparently everything in there is edible. Even the plates” He pulled out the folded up bill from his back pocket. “Im buying” Well technically, Marshall thought. He was paying, just not with his money. Yesterday was still a bit of a haze but he could recall the two girls who had tried to buy some pretty serious drugs off him. He was so not a drug dealer but of course he had gone along; the chicks were pathetically naïve and waving the money around, bound to get into trouble. At least, that’s what he told himself. So he had taken the cash and told them to wait out by the pool while he got the stuff. Obviously they never got it, and maybe they would think twice next time before doing something like that. But more importantly it seemed that Marshall had some funds to take Leanne out with. It was a much better use of the money, if you asked him.

                                                          If not his wallet, Marshall at least had his car keys on him. He silently thanked Marceline for not waiting up for him that morning while he tried to shower off the hangover. Marshall opened the front doors of the school open for Leanne. His goal of the day was to have her smile. Leanne needed a pick-me-up and Marshall needed quiet his brain for a while. “The party? It was ok. People got plastered. I drank some, Marci not so much. The party would have been so much better with you there.” From the door he could see his red Firebird gleaming in the sun. It was one of the last things his dad had given him before the temperature at home had gone subzero. Marshall had had that car picked out since before his teens, back when the streamlined look had convinced him it was the fastest thing in the world, like it could blast into space. He took care of that car, and it showed. “We can take my car if you want” Marshall opened the doors and paused. Now that he thought about it, he didn’t remember much about the party. Marshall silently hoped he hadn’t overdone anything the night before, although he retained one thing. “There was a mosh pit in the back yard. I think.. or maybe they were just a bunch of guys just beating each other up for fun. Either way there was this dude, huge dude, like a mountain, watching and just like crying. It was weird. I don’t know. Like I said, people got plastered. You weren’t missing much.” Marshall shrugged and climbed into the driver’s seat.

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                                                                                              OOC;; quite late, my badness, take my badly incorporated roughhousing marauders reference as an apology.