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                                  Almost as soon as the name Chester was mentioned, a sudden gust of wind blew from the door. For it being indoors, the wind was incredibly strong. The dust that was once settled now flew about in the room. This caused Alexei to shield his eyes. After it was over, Alexei removed his arm and looked around. What the hell was that all about? He questioned how this could have possibly happened. He listened as the girls began making their little comments. Such comments reflected on how this house was haunted. Alexei slightly raised an eyebrow . Even after this, he still found that explanation to be impossible. Not giving his friends his opinion on the matter, Alexei set the journal down and left the library to see if perhaps any of the windows were open. To his disappointment it was still shut tight. Alexei let out a soft sigh as he rubbed the back of his head which no doubt had dust. " What the hell am I suppose to believe." Alexei mumbled to himself. Soon his thoughts were turned when Emri stepped out of the library. Alexei had forgotten that she had groceries in her car. Wanting to distract himself for a couple of minutes, Alexei decided to assist Emri with the bags.

                                  After helping her put everything away, the woman began to make some tea. Alexei took this time to ask her if she really believed there was ghosts in this house but he first noticed something. Emri had received a cut back at the study hall. " You alright?" He asked his friend. After receiving his answer, he began to ask about the house. " You don't really think spirits or whatever reside in this house do you?" Alexei asked her in a serious tone. He was curious to know what her opinion on the matter was. If by some big chance that ghosts were in fact living in the household, what the hell were they suppose to do? Take a vacuum and suck them out? Call a priest? Alexei almost chuckled at the thought. There must be some logical explanation but even he wasn't this stubborn. The more unexplained things began happening to this house, the more Alexei started to believe that ghosts were here. Yet he still wanted to wait and see what else could happen. He wouldn't provoke them in any way but he also wasn't going to pack his things and get out of here. To do that, it would take a hell of a lot more than just some wind and dust.
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                                            Emrianna stood in the kitchen, putting things away then got a little distracted looking out the window. Maybe today she would tackle the garden a little bit. At least get rid of some of the weeds that had taken over the garden. It had probably looked so beautiful at one point. Out would be great too be able to hang a hammock up and take a book out there and enjoy the nice weather. Perhaps add a fountain or possibly a pool. She would have to talk the idea over with the others. See what they thought and what they would like to add. There was still a lot if work around to do. Her room was finished a couple days ago. Then she had worked on the kitchen.

                                            Suddenly there was a noise that caught her if guard. Glancing over she saw one of the cans had fallen from the counter. She turned away from the window and went to the the can and picked it up. There was a small can there that she didn't recognize. Where did that come from? It hadn't been in her bags before, at least not that she could remember anyways. She put the can that fell away before going to the pot to get her tea. She got some green tea that was mixed with a few other herbs. Then there was a voice commenting on the tea. She glanced back, expecting to see one of the guys but none of then were there. "Alexei, Arthur, come on out quit with the jokes." Yet neither made an appearance. Who had spoken then? A small shiver went down her back.

                                            A few moments later Alexei was coming into the kitchen carrying some bags of groceries. Soon he was asking if she was ok. She looked over confused for a moment. Then noticed he was looking at her cheek. Oh yea, the cut. It had slipped from her mind that there was the small cut there. "I'm fine." She said with a reassuring smile. Then he was asking her opinion about there being ghosts in the house. "Yea I think there are ghosts here, that's the only explanation I can think of for what happens around here." She replied. Should she comment about the voice she had heard a few moments before he had arrived?

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                                                          Chester nodded as Cassidee came in, she seemed a bit confused most likely from day dreaming again. before Chester could finish he noted Onesepherus had attempted to talk with the the young woman, her eyes a bit scared and puzzled as she reacted to his voice. Rushing over to him he quickly placed his hand on Onesepherus' shoulder waving his finger in disagreement noting how the other ghosts seemed in disapproval or swayed to their own concerns. turning back to Cassidee as he nodded his head and turned back to Onesepherus recalling many stories of exorcisms and purgings of haunted houses. Chester didn't know if they worked but then again he didn't believe in ghosts either when he was alive, so who's to say if it works, Chester wasn't about to find out.

                                                          Floating out to meet the rest he motioned back to the two as he flew through the wall, taking note of the young man who had entered and was comforting the young woman. Chester felt a tug as he left reminding himself of the scratch he had left on her face. He didn't know if there was time to think or act but for now all he could do was wait and see. With the coming meeting fast approaching it would be time to see if these guests and spirits fate would be entwined or if they would be torn with painful consequences.


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