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I wanted to get found, so I hid

              Willow looked around when the girl approached. She was in a common room, so Willow was a bit confused when she asked permission to enter. None of te other people were paying a bit of attention, but Willow just kept on staring. Her mind was telling her to nod or say yes, but when it all came down to it she just sat there staring. Her eyes vacantly stared at the two remarkably similar people. Her reasoning told her they were siblings, but she would never ask the question. She probably looked frightened to them, but all she was trying to do was find a way to communicate. In the week or two she'd been around the doctors had made no progress. They weren't even going the right way in treatment, but she just could not tell them that. All Willow could do for anyone was stare or blink, and neither meant anything in particular.

              (It's short but it's something and it's likely dead anyone so this is just an attempt to do cpr on this thread..)


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