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                                                  "Well you're heart is black, now isn't it. That the difference between my baby, you," Koda said his eyes tracing her outline before returning back to her eyes. "I'm too beautiful to eat you skank!" he called to her as she strutted away. "Tell Jude to find me once you've crawled back into your hell hole!" satisfied with his work Dakoda turned to find someone to grace with his presence. But he didn't have to do to much work with that because someone found him. Adrian, a son of Dionysus whom along with Jude was someone he could stand to be around for longer than 4 minuets. "Hello dear," Dakoda greeted in an almost bored voice, though Adrian was sure to know that he was quite happy to see the other. "Well you know, fucked bitches, drank myself stupid. I did it all with class of course," he responded a smirk playing on his lips. Before he could continue to retell the events of the evening they were interrupted by Sophia, a Hermes camper. "Rude," Koda coughed, shooting the girl a look that clearly said "I'll wear yellow to your funeral"

                                                  Turning back to Adrian he hooked his arm around his waist and pulled him along with him to a table where there was coffee. He leaned across a few people to steal a cup and ignored the disgruntled 'hey!' Rolling his eyes at the person Koda once again lead Adrian to a table where he fell into the chair and leaned back, the coffee warming his hand. "So, how are you, I haven't seen you're beautiful face in ages!" the gay man sang, as his eyes wondered. Possibly looking for fresh meat, possibly to find someone who would be a good target for insults. After heading Adrian's response he whined and rubbed his sore cheek. "I want my Judy-patutie!" and looked pointedly at the man across from him, as if he was supposed to do something about it.

                                                  "It's wonderful to see you too Nomiki," Koda said with a scarastic smile. "Be a dear and do something about this empty cup? he held out the once full cup before she skippes off and pushed himself away from the table. "I'll be off, must uphold the duties of a councillor and what not. Kiss kiss"] and with that he trotted off towards this cabin.

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                            “Mhmm. Our table probably has one of the best views.” Amber said after swallowing her food. “If we have time in the future, you should take a chance to walk along Fireworks Beach during dusk or dawn. It feels really nice.” Diana took a bit of her pancakes before answering. "Oh? You’d think Zeus’ table would have the best view." Then again it was hard not to have a great view here. One side you could see the glistening river and on the other you saw the forest. Which she planned on exploring later. But between training and keeping an eye on the demigods, who has time to relax? Maybe she’ll stop by the beach when she has some spare time. “Why is it called Fireworks Beach?” Did they actually set off fireworks or is there some other reason for the name? Probably not. It’s not like there was a god of fireworks, right?

                            There was now a silence between them as they ate. It was rare for her to be alone with the counselor without the other hunters. “So…it might seem overwhelming at first, the whole camp, I mean.” Yeah, no kidding. “And even though the reason why we are here because it is our duty, I want you, and all the Hunters as well, to have fun.” She turned to look at Diana and smiled. “We don’t normally have a chance like this to meet new people. The people here don’t bite; well some of them do.” Amber added jokingly and pointed her fork at the Aphrodite table. “Oh.” Diana said sticking her tongue out in disgust. So far she had heard nothing, but bad things about the Aphrodite kids and she wasn't looking forward to meeting them.

                            "Hi guys," Selena had arrived at the mess hall. "I'm glad you managed to find your way here, Diana," She said to Diana as she made her way to the fire and made an offering. That's right, during meals they always gave offerings to their patron god. “Hm. Well it wasn't too hard. Don’t worry.” True be told she had only headed in this direction because she was trying to get away from that noise. It was bothering her, not knowing what that thing was. Maybe she’d go check it out after breakfast. If it was still there that is. "So, what are we doing after breakfast?" Selena asked as she sat down next to Diana.

                            “It should be cabin meet up and free time.” Amber counted with her fingers. “Then it’s cabin activities, which I think you guys can choose whatever you want. Then its bonfire and dinner and more free time.” Free time. Diana would be able to go and explore the camp. What she really wanted to see was Thalia's tree. She heard that about what happened. She felt bad for Thalia but she didn't understand why anyone would blame the hunters for it. They weren't even around when it happened and it's not like she died in vain. She had saved two campers and a satyr in the process. Still Diana would pay her respects to Thalia's tree. After all she was one of the hunters.

                            "What does Chiron have planned for us?" When Selena asked the question, Amber’s face suddenly looked serious. She leaned forward and whispered to them, “I don’t think this is the right time and place to talk about it. It’s kind of a sensitive matter." Diana ate another pancake, saving the last one for the offering. “We’ll talk about it later during cabin meet. I should also show you guys around the camp.” She quickly changed the subject. What was going on? Something more serious had to be going on. Otherwise the hunters wouldn't even be here. The only question was what were they protecting them from?

                            "You okay?" Amber suddenly seemed worried about something. The only thing she did was look around the room. “So what do you think of the camp so far?” Amber asked, completely ignoring her question. It didn't matter. Diana could always ask her about it once they got back to the cabin. "Well so far I like it." She didn't hate it. So far everyone was nice and no one has ticked her off yet. RING RING RING Once again the bell took her off guard, but she didn't jump like she had earlier. "CAMPERS TO HEAD TO THEIR ASSIGNED CABINS FOR CABIN MEET UP AND RULES: THIS GOES FOR COUNSELORS TOO, OBVIOUSLY. BIG THREE KIDS; YOU'RE HELPIN' OUT SOME COUNSELORS. POSEIDON KIDS, GO TO HEPHAESTUS CABIN. ZEUS, GO TO ARES CABIN. AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, HADES, GO TO APHRODITE CABIN. GOOD LUCK! SO EAT YOUR FOOD, DON'T CHOKE, AND HEAD ON OVER FOR A BRIEF TALK WITH YOUR CABIN COUNSELOR AND MATES. THANK YOU!" Did he always have to shout? Diana got up and dumped the rest of her food into the fire. Guess they'd finally find out exactly why they came here.

                            Diana led the way back to the cabins with the hunters following behind her. She couldn't help but wonder what kind of rules they'd give demi-gods. She could only think of two: first, don't leave the camp and two, don't kill any of the other campers. Which were both perfectly reasonable rules, after all who would want to get killed? Even if it was by accident. The hunters didn't have to worry about this, being immortal and all. When they approached the Artemis cabin Diana saw that Russ was already there, along with Quinton and girl she didn't recognize. "Hey Russ." She paused for a second to look at the stranger. "Who's your friend?" The girl had long blonde hair and was only a little bit shorter than her. Whether or not Diana would get along with her, well she'd just have to wait and see.

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Nx ɪ I'ʟʟ ʙ ʙʀʀ, I'ʟʟ ʙ ʏ ɴ sɪʀ
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                                                    xxxlocation;; artemis cabinxxxwith;; Diana, Amber, Russ, Avery, Quintonxxxmood;; hungry

                                                            Selena set off to eat her breakfast. A pile of scrambled eggs, and mixture of fruit. Especially strawberries, which Camp Half Blood always had plenty of, since it did double as a strawberry farm. Around her, people were still reacting to the whole Jude and Silver incident. Someone was even clapping. Selena rolled her eyes. Whoever it was, it was practically guaranteed that they would get a whole bunch of sweet revenge from Silver later on.

                                                            "If I remember correctly, it should be cabin meet up and free time. Then it’s cabin activities, which I think you guys can choose whatever you want. Then its bonfire and dinner and more free time," Amber answered, when Selena asked what they were going to be doing after. "Aw yeah, hunters get free choice on cabin activities," she said with a grin. "Oh, and I hope lunch is in there too," Selena teased.

                                                            Suddenly, Amber got serious, and leaned over to whisper, "I don’t think this is the right time and place to talk about it. It’s kind of a sensitive matter. We’ll talk about it later during cabin meet. I should also show you guys around the camp," quickly changing the subject. "Okay..." Selena said, confused. She suddenly realized, half a second later, what Amber had misinterpreted her question for. The rebellion, of course, the real reason the Hunters were even at the camp. "Oh..." she whispered quietly. "Thanks, I don't think I remember exactly where everything is," Selena said, back in her normal tone, playing off of Amber's change in topic. "Like I know there's a volleyball court here somewhere...but I don't remember how to get there."

                                                            A few minutes later, their conversations were interrupted by another Chiron-made announcement. "CAMPERS TO HEAD TO THEIR ASSIGNED CABINS FOR CABIN MEET UP AND RULES: THIS GOES FOR COUNSELORS TOO, OBVIOUSLY. BIG THREE KIDS; YOU'RE HELPIN' OUT SOME COUNSELORS. POSEIDON KIDS, GO TO HEPHAESTUS CABIN. ZEUS, GO TO ARES CABIN. AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, HADES, GO TO APHRODITE CABIN. GOOD LUCK! SO EAT YOUR FOOD, DON'T CHOKE, AND HEAD ON OVER FOR A BRIEF TALK WITH YOUR CABIN COUNSELOR AND MATES. THANK YOU!" he called loudly. "I guess that's our cue to leave," Selena joked, grabbing her still half full plate of breakfast. Diana dumped the rest of her food into the fire, but Selena was still hungry, and wasn't much one for wasting food, or giving the gods leftovers, so she carried the plate with her.

                                                            As she made her way out of the mess hall, Selena passed by a table. "ISABELLA!" she exclaimed happily, breaking away from the group of hunters to run over to her table. Isabella, who was, aside from the hunters, her best friend ever, was sitting with some other people she didn't recognize. Some blonde guy and a brunette. "Oh gods, I missed you so much!" she cried happily, giving the girl a hug, careful not to dump her entire plate on her. From behind her, Selena could see the rest of the hunters already leaving the mess hall, and some motioning for her to hurry up. "Oh, I gotta go now, but we have to meet later today. See you later!" she said, giving a quick wave. Grinning at Bridgit, and totally ignoring the blonde guy, she disappeared as quickly as she had appeared.

                                                            Quickly catching up with the rest of the group, the Hunters made their way to the Artemis cabin, where they found the MIA Russ outside. She was still with Quinton, and was now also with some Hermes girl...Avery. Selena didn't know her too well, "Hey Russ. Who's your friend?" Diana asked straight away. "Hi," Selena greeted them simply, too busy eating the rest of her breakfast. "Ooh, do you want some strawberries with that mango?" Selena asked, holding out her plate for Russ.
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                                Isabella tilted her head when Jason had tried to explain why he cant tell her. Leo wouldn't like it? Well, jeez. Was she that bad? Was it because she skateboards? Was she too awkward and boyish? A blush welled up her face. Though she can't blame Jason. He's not breaking the first law of friendship: don't tell secrets! At least he was keeping that, instead of blabbering away. Besides, Leo was just across from. She nodded, acting as if nothing ever happened, "Oh it's cool, i understand." she smiled. She glanced at Leo. She wanted to fix things from earlier, but she guessed it was too late...Maybe during free time or during battle stations, or something. 'I guess i can talk to him later, about stuff." she said, almost in a murmur. She was just, drained in thoughts.

                                The brunette crossed her arms, listening to Jason about Chiron. That's right, Chiron needed extra help. "Or maybe he just brought you here to clean the stables." she chuckled, saying the statement in a sarcastic tone. "Nah, i'm kidding." she admitted, although that would be something that Chiron could've done. She took a piece of her pancakes, "But yeah, Chiron told me that he even ordered the Hunters to stay here for a full summer which is..super rare." she shrugged. "This rebellion must be a big deal, i guess." she said, and then it hit her. The conversation she had with Leo at bunker nine. Could..Leo be part of the rebellion?

                                The question echoed in her head again. She didn't wanna think about it. Not twice in the same morning, that's just too overwhelming. Though, why was he asking too many questions? She didn't wanna know, but at the same time she was too curious to just sit there and not..know. Isabella looked at Jason, "Do you know anything about the rebellion? Anyone you know, or think, might be in it?" she asked, biting her lip. She was hesitant to know, as if what might come out of his mouth would hurt her. 'Leo." echoed through her head. He wouldn't do that..not to her..not to Jason...not to the camp...right?

                                She was back in reality when Jason had replied about her brother. He just guessed? Wow! Some people can't even tell Isabella and Matt were brothers. Related, maybe. But not siblings. She chuckled, "Sharp focus, you got there." she smiled. "I'm actually quite surprised that you're not an aphrodite kid." she said, sort of agreeing to it. He was quite the handsome fellow, and he had sharp focus. She wasn't sure about his charm-speaking, since she hasn't really talked to him about stuff that could enable charm-speaking. She looked back at the Aphrodite table, seeing stupid Silver. A scowl almost escaped her lips. She looked back at Jason, "But, you're better than the aphrodite kids here." she said, basically just referring to Silver..maybe Riley. But she didn't really hold anything against Riley. She couldn't. Riley was her brothers girlfriend, so that was just..out of bounds.

                                Isabella only smiled when he said he hasn't seen her before. Yeah, says the dude who's been in camp for only a month. "Ah, while you were here, i was mostly up with Chiron in his office, helping out with new campers and all." she said, thinking about what else she's done for the past month, "Either that, or i was out surfing near the lake of my cabin." she shrugged, actually thinking that was true. She wasn't really in the mood the past month, because of the rebellion and all, so she stayed in her cabin, beach, or Chirons office, trying to stay away from people other than new campers that needed help. Till Leo came today and totally changed her mood. He made..everything better. Isabella looked at Jason when he mentioned her father. A change of mood dawned on her face. Yes, she missed her dad. The great Percy Jackson. But, he was just so..busy all the time, it felt like it wasn't even fair. But everytime she thought that, she just started to think about the world and all the monsters it has. Her dad was doing that for her..for the camp. For the demi-gods out there. "Yeah..but it's all cool. I know he's gone for a good thing." she smiled. Ah jeez, it was almost as if her father was an army soldier. Which he would never be. He was much better with swords rather than guns. She looked back at the blonde when he mentioned Thalia. She snapped her fingers, "Yeah! My dad told me about her, how she was a tree, then she became a hunter." she nodded. She figured Thalia was a good person, through her fathers description. "My father told me that she was your sister?" she said, almost in a question to confirm her theory. "By my fathers description..you guys don't look much alike, huh?" she smiled. She created an image of Thalia in her head. Black hair, punk-rock kinda girl. Jason was...everything opposite.

                                She looked behind her, seeing William with his half sister. Isabella looked back at Jason, "Yep!' she said, nibbling her last piece of pancakes. "Well, half-brother, but you know what i mean." she said, nodding. Isabella then felt a familiar presence behind her. She turned around to see Jason's half-sister, Bridget. Isabella smiled and nodded to her for a greeting, "Bonjour!" she said in a french accent. Hey, she had some time to learn new languages, including french! She shrugged to Bridgets question, "Eh, it was pretty same for me." she said, since she just stayed year-long. It was just her, her brother, some other campers, and the waves. She was just glad that there were more people coming at this time of the year, it wouldn't seem that lonely.

                                After conversing, the speakers blasted with Chiron speaking, talking about it's Cabin meet-up. He also talked about the big three kids helping out some counselors with some things. Well, it made sense. Big three kids didn't have any counselors, except for Jason, but it's a different story. It was just two teens, what're they gonna talk about for an amount of time? So, might as well help out other cabins. She threw her food away and put away the plate and tray, walking back to the table just in time to see Selena. Isabella put hands to her cheeks and smiled, "Oh my gods!" she smiled, running to her to give her a big, warm hug. "It felt like forever!" she said, releasing and looking into her best friends eyes. "Pretty like always!" she winked, laughing. She looked at the other hunters and waved at them, then looked back at Selena, seeing that she has to go. "Aw, alright, but we definitely have to catch up." she saluted her best friend, watching her leave with the rest of the hunters. There was definitely a lot of catching up to do.

                                She looked back at Jason and Bridget, "I guess i'll catch you guys on the flip side." she said, giving them a two-fingered salute as she stood up. She waved at the two and headed out the doors. What did Chiron say about Poseidon kids? Where were they suppose to go? She thought as she headed out, 'Oh yeah..' it finally hit her, 'The Hephaestus cabin.' she gulped.

                                -LE TIME SKIP-

                                She walked into the Hephaestus cabin, seeing that no one was there yet, not even her brother. She took a seat in one of the nearest chairs, that seemed to have a lot of..buttons and gadgets. Shouldn't touch that. She looked around, and bit her lip. What about Leo? She looked around if anyone was here yet, and sighed. What will she do? Talk to him? She probably has to anyways. Or maybe if she didn't have the guts, she'll just talk to..Tempest or William. 'Thinking gives me headaches.' she heived in her head.

                                OutOfYourButtHole: eh, sorry i haven't been posting. So much projects to do! I'll post as Ashton and Maze tomarrawww.
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                                            Unfortunately, Matt had never gotten the opportunity to talk to Isabella about what she wanted to discuss. He had been whisked away by too many people, to talk about their summers, what was going to happen this year, and what he specifically was going to do about 'the forbidden subject.' By the time he had eaten and finished talking to everyone, the announcement had rung up that everyone was to go to the cabins for the meetings.

                                            Matt exhaled, making his way into his own cabin to get stuff ready. He wasn't ready to go to the Hephaestus cabin just yet. Matt needed to put his sunglasses up. He dropped them onto his bed and walked out of the cabin, absently fingering his clay bead necklace as he hopped down the steps. As he walked past the other cabins to the Hephaestus cabin, he looked around. Matt saw Russ, Diana, and Selena, three Hunters of Artemis, Quinton, and Avery. The three Hunters were friendly--they weren't the stuck up kind of Hunters whom refused to associate themselves with the male gender. He didn't really know Quinton well enough. Avery was nice, totally not what you would expect from not only a Hermes kid, but from a Castellan. Now true, Luke made the right choice in the end, and it was a miracle he survived the fall, but he used to have a pretty awful personality. After all, he did try to bring Olympus down. Of course, Matt blamed none of that on Avery. She was a great friend. He definately did not think that she was the leader of the rebellion--she just didn't seem to be the type to do that.

                                            When he approached the Hephaestus cabin, he paused momentarily outside of the building. The shiny metal exterior made the cabin seem almost tame, but he knew that what lie on the other side was a mess of what most would consider 'junk.' In there, there was no doubt that it was the Hephaestus cabin. He chuckled, going to open the door. Luckily, the door didn't steam or hiss this time. Maybe Leo fixed it or something. Matt would never know. But he did see his sister already in there. She was the only one, from what he could tell, so he creeped up behind her and moved his hands over her eyes.

                                            "Hey you!" Matt exclaimed. "Sorry I didn't get to talk to you at breakfast--practically everyone wanted to talk about one thing or another."

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                                                  tab Jason was grateful when Isabella hadn't pushed the subject any further. He knew that Leo would seriously kill him if he told - well, at least, he would try to kill him. Jason had about twelve years on Leo, since he'd been at camp (well, Camp Jupiter, but still) for eighteen years, while Leo had only been at Camp Half-Blood for six years. And then there was also that year that Jason had spent training with Lupa before he came to Camp Jupiter. Oh, whatever. That didn't matter, because Jason would never willingly harm Leo anyway. He simply nodded when she said that she'd talk to Leo later. Okay. He almost smirked. Ha, Leo would love that, he thought. Part of him wanted to see Leo around Isabella, to see how he acted. But, nah. Not right now, at least.

                                                  Jason snorted when she said something about cleaning stables. Yeah, he was Roman, but he still did have a sense of humor. He didn't have a sense of humor like Leo's, but still. When she mentioned the Hunters, he scowled slightly. He held a grudge against them, even though he knew the reason was stupid. But, hey, he couldn't help it! He nodded when she talked about the rebellion being a big deal. It sort of was. Since Chiron had called him and the Hunters over, it must have been pretty serious. He should have allowed other Romans to come, too. Then again, Greeks and Romans didn't get along that well. The only reason that Jason hadn't gotten into any fights was that he was pretty patient and stuff.

                                                  She asked if he knew anything about the rebellion, so he shook his head slightly. No, not really. When she asked if he knew anyone who might be in it, or anyone he was suspicious of, he frowned slightly. Well, Leo always acted weird whenever the rebellion was brought up, but he was sure that Leo would never do anything like join the rebellion. Right? There was also Alex, who was completely open about his hatred for Venus/Aphrodite. Would a grudge against her make him join? He had no idea. He hoped not. Though he hadn't known them long, he didn't want to fight any of them.

                                                  Jason nodded when she talked about her father. When she answered his question about Thalia, he nodded again. Yeah, he'd heard about the tree thing. He had always thought that was weird, but at least she didn't die. Well, she was dead now, but he refused to think about it. When she pointed out that they didn't look alike, he shrugged. "Yeah, I've been told," he sighed. It was true. The only thing that he had in common with Thalia in the looks department was their blue eyes. That was basically it.

                                                  When his half-sister, Bridget, came, he grinned. "Oh, hey," He'd only met her once, but he thought that she was pretty cool. She wasn't all stuck-up and stuff, like most people expected Zeus children to be. It was hard, being a child of the ruler of Olympus. Many monsters attacked, Hera/Juno hated you, you had expectations to fill. It was overwhelming sometimes.

                                                  Jason heard Chiron's announcement. So, he would be helping out the Ares cabin. Awesome. He wasn't even being sarcastic. Mars was very respected in Rome, being one of the patron gods and all. Leo had said something about how some Ares kids were bullies, but he was sure that they weren't that bad. He'd known pretty awesome children of Mars back in Camp Jupiter. Then again, Romans were a lot more different than Greeks. More disciplined, warlike, all of that. He watched Isabella get up and talk to some girl. A Hunter. He frowned slightly and went back to eating his food quickly, since he had to leave soon. Once he was finished, he waved goodbye to Isabella, then smiled at Bridget. "I'll see you at the Ares cabin." He said, before putting his tray and stuff away, then leaving.

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                                                  Jason walked up to the Ares cabin and stopped in front of it. He had heard that there were landmines around the cabin, which was kind of weird. Who would want to blow up while going up to a cabin? Greeks were strange. Since he didn't feel like getting blown to Jupiter bits, he decided it was better to just wait for one of the Ares campers to arrive. And, besides, he would feel all awkward if he was just alone in a cabin that wasn't his.

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                                Ashton chuckled after Alex's reply. "Whatever, man, i'm somewhere deep inside that hole of yours." he laughed, taking a sip of coffee. Warm, just the way he liked it. Ashton put his hands out with a shrug, "Well, obviously i'm here, i'm not holographic." he laughed, starting to touch his arms and his chest to check if he was holographic or not. He started to chuckle, "Yep, totally not digital, man." he smiled, brushing off some dust off his shoulders. Alex won't admit it, but he's..friendly. Okay, maybe not exactly friendly, but good-hearted. When he does bad things, like stupid, un-intentional, bad things, he really doesn't meant to hurt someone. At least that's what Ashton thinks.

                                He looked at Alex when he talked about his heather reasons. Dot dot dot, eh? "Oh i get it.." he said, nodding. "So it's for you to know, and for me to...know later?" he laughed, ruffling his best friends hair a little. Just a hint that he's just messing around and teasing. Maybe Alex won't tell Ashton exact reasons, or reasons in general. But pretty sure Ashton will find out sooner or later. Hopefully sooner, before the whole rebellion begins. Obviously, it's in the way of everything. He looked back at Alex when he said he was kidding. Oh. So he is gonna tell him. Ashton's smile formed ear to ear, "Ooh, juicy stuff." he teased with a slight chuckle. "Alright man, free time it is." he nodded, agreeing to this whole..negotiation process. Even if it was just girl secrets.

                                Ashton rolled his eyes, "Maybe she was looking at something else." he shrugged, trying to make everything positive rather than negative. You know, so that Alex won't be that mad or sensitive about it. "Besides, she's caught up with herme's innocent boy, Maze." he shrugged, trying to drink some last drops of his coffee. He looked over at Alex when he said something about Maze. He sounded serious, almost jealous. Ashton was tempted to tease the dude, but he wouldn't do that. That's too far. "Sorry." he apologized, literally. No sarcasm or anything. You'll only get a sincere apology if you're one of his closest friends. If you aren't, then he'll just say it as if it was just trash. He looked back at Alex when he said that Maze and Heather want to be together. He was quite concerned about this. Alex was acting like he didn't give a flying damn in the world about Heather, but he was pretty sure he does. He glanced back at the two 'young lovers', Heather and Maze, then looked back at Alex. "Yeah, i guess so." he said, keeping the conversation flat and simple. He didn't wanna talk about this too long, Alex would just..go crazy.

                                Ashton wanted to join in with Devika about her whole yogurt mumbo-jumbo, and start a food fight, but it was just the first day, so he laid it off. Wait for a better day, he'd always think. There was always a better day to do some pranks. But first day of camp? Not a good idea. He looked at Alex and Devika back and forth, waiting for something else to happen. She threatened Alex, as expected, and Ashton couldn't help but brag. "That's my girl." he chuckled, patting her softly on the back. He did basically hang with her as a sister, and so he was basically, kind of, a rolemodel to her. He just hoped that she didn't catch onto his..cursing at this age. At least not now, you know. Not the perfect environment for full on cussing.

                                Ashton looked at the two when they were talking about Silver and his face just...getting destroyed. Oh how Ashton would kill to do that. Literally kill. But he knew he couldn't, he was already in trouble for killing a guy last year. He was on patrol for a number of months. That guy was so irritating though! Almost as irritating as Silver. Almost. "Oh how i'd love to chop that glitter-filled head of his." he sighed, as if he was picturing what it would look like in his head. A familiar scent came in his presence. He looked behind him. Sophia. He still needed to talk to her about his cousin..how he was getting creepy nightmares and he was hearing 'voices.' He looked at her a little skeptically, but not so much that it would show the others that he was mad. "Oh he's doing fine. You know, with the occasional nightmares and death threat voices in his head, he's doing pretty good." he said sarcastically. They obviously needed to talk in more detail, but there were too many people. Then he heard the bell. All campers must go to their assigned cabin for cabin meet up and rules. Great. He yawned, walking to throw away and his food and put his tray and plate away. He looked back at Alex, Riley, Ender, Sophia, and Devika. "I must be on my way." he smiled, looking back at Sophia. He made that stare again. 'We need to talk later' was what he intended. And so, he made his way out of the mess hall, and to his cabin. He soon found the face of Jason, the dude from the roman camp. He entered his cabin and looked around. No one else was here. He looked at the fellow blonde, "Hey." he nodded, attempting to start somewhat of a conversation.

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                                      ___________________________ HERMES CHILD :

                                      ███◞*SO HERE'S THE STORY:
                                      Maze watched as Tempest went to go greet her half-brother, and waved her a farewell. Maze turned back to Leo, smiling at his little comment. "Yeah, i'd be a little scared if the great Leo didn't have any imagination." he smiled, thinking about it. It was true. Leo wasn't some kind of serious, boring dudes. He was more of a lively, fun, energetic kind of guy, it'd be impossible for Leo to imagine a lot of things. Maze was nodding to Leo when he was talking..until he mentioned Isabella. He took a sharp turn to Leo and made a devious smile, snapping his fingers. "I knew it!" he said, victoriously. He looked at Leo with a face that said 'oh-really'. "Whatever man, i heard you." he mocked playfully. Maze took a finger and poked Leo's chest where his heart would be, "You do like her! Or..or looove her!" he gasped, thinking about it. Well, this was an interesting topic to discuss. He looked back at Isabella then back to Leo. He just stared at him, as if he was gonna spill every detail of his crush. Usually, Maze was good at negotiating and convincing, so..this wouldn't be that hard.

                                      He got distracted when Heather had spoken up again. A smile instantly welled up his face. Then..she talked about the rebellion. 'Oh..right.' he thought. He felt overly guilty about it, since the girl he really liked for a strong amount of time on the other side. So are other valuable friends like Isabella and them. He bit his lip. He couldn't tell her anything about it, Sophia will kill him to pieces. Until he's just..mashes of guts. Though, he kept his cool. He was use to stealing stuff, and lie about it, so why can't he lie about the rebellion. 'Because it's in front of Heather, stupid.' he thought to himself. He nodded to her, "Yeah, it might just be a rumor." he lied, shrugging. The weight of guilt became one-hundred pounds more heavier than what it already is.

                                      Maze smiled when she said he flattered her too much, "Hey, it's hard not to flatter a girl like you." he smiled, biting his bottom lip a bit. Sure, he would have the courage to tell a girl that he likes her, he's done that before. But..Heather felt different. Like, if it was any other girl he had a crush on, he wouldn't really care if they accepted or rejected him. Yeah, it's a bummer if they reject him, but hey no harm no foul. But Heather? It was like..he really cared about her reaction. He didn't want rejection from her. And if they do end up going out, what's gonna happen if everything goes wrong in the end? They'll just end up like her and Alex..and of course, Maze wouldn't want that. It was fun talking to Heather, so if they 'break-up', they'll just ignore each other like they've never been friends. That's just..horrible.

                                      Mason's gaze turned to Mav and Leo, talking about how they stand teaching. It wasn't his conversation, but he talked about it in his head. Maze didn't necessarily..hate kids. Just a very strong..dislike. It's not that he's older and all, it's just..they're super annoying! How does Mav teach kids? Thinking about teaching almost made Maze shiver. He already didn't like school. what more to become a teacher? He looked at Jules when he was telling his stories about his year. He gave a smile back when Jules had mentioned that he had to keep it out of the R-rated zone. "Good boy" he patted Jules head as if he was a puppy. Ah, it's a best-friend kind of thing. He looked at Jules as he explained his adventure. He knew that it had some kind of sexual meaning, but at least he tried to keep it hinted.

                                      "Thank you, Jules, for that lovely story." he nodded to his best friend, obviously proud at how hinted he made it. He turned back to Heather when she was talking about his expulsion. He nodded, "Yeah.." he said, a little distracted by thinking about his mother at the moment. "I understand what she's doing though." he turned back to Heather with a smile. He wanted her to be reassured. That Maze wasn't just some baby who needed to be comforted. Besides, his mother did this for him. So that he could be safe. That's what mothers do, so she just.. sacrifices her social life for him. A great mother, she is.

                                      His thoughts were interrupted when Heather had started talking about the rebellion. 'Oh no..' he thought in his head. He didn't wanna go through this topic again, it was just....horrible. Every second of the topic made his guilt even more heavier. He looked at Heather, keeping his cool and all. "I think it's just a rumor." he shrugged, lying. Keep it cool, he repeated. He wanted to tell her everything just to get over with it, but he knew he couldn't. "So far, i know nothing. I tend to stay away form the gossip around here." he smiled, lying. 'Liar, liar, pants on fire.' his conscience said to him. Oh how he wanted to slap himself.

                                      Maze watched as Jules got up to go mess with Silver and some other aphrodite kids. He smiled and waved to his best friend, "Have fun." he laughed. He looked back at Heather to continue the conversation, but it turns out that it's time to go to selected cabins. He sighed, "Guess i'll see you later?" he smiled at her, giving her a hug before he stood up, ready to leave. He listened into the announcement a bit more. Poseidon kids go to Hephaestus cabins? Ohoho, He turned to Leo and winked at him, "Guess you got some guests in your house, eh?" he laughed. He leaned into Leo to give him a small secret, "Think about feelings. Ask her about the waves. Girls like to feel like they're important." he said, standing up again after he told the small secret. He shrugged, "Or you can ask Matt for advice, pretty sure he knows everything about her." he said. He looked back at the group and waved, "See you guys later." he smiled, and headed out to his cabin.

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                                                              Leo grinned. Without an imagination, Leo would be boring! Really, he was pretty sure his imagination was one of the coolest things about him. Some would say that the coolest thing was the fire power, but that was a curse. After all, that was the reason his mom was dead. On the bright side, he'd get her back. That's what Sophia had promised him, at least. When Mason teased him about liking Isabella, he put his hands over his ears. "La, la, la, I can't heaaaar youuuuuuu!" He said. He didn't bother denying it, since he'd sort of already admitted it, being the failure that he was.

                                                              He heard Heather mention the rebellion, but he tried not to tense up or anything. He hated hearing people talk about it, because he felt all guilty. But, he was doing this for a good reason, right? To get his mom back? People would understand, wouldn't they? Either way, Leo still felt bad about it. Sometimes, like earlier, he would want to change his mind, but he couldn't do that. He had to get his mom back. He owed her that after practically killing her in that fire. He was doing the right thing here, even if he was doing it in the wrong way. At least, that's what he told himself to make himself feel better.

                                                              He listened to Jules' story, smirking. Jules' life seemed a lot more interesting than Leo's. All Leo did for months and months was stay in Bunker Nine, building stuff. For a son of Hephaestus, it was a good life, but sometimes he did feel like he was missing out on stuff. Maybe if he spent more time outside of the forge, he'd be better with girls. He'd tried asking Piper for advice before, but she wasn't really like any of the girly Aphrodite types, so he hadn't gotten a good answer. That sucked. He watched Jules get up and leave to go talk to Silver. Why he wanted to do that, Leo didn't know. Leo didn't dislike that many people, but he absolutely hated Silver. That pretty boy deserved to be burned alive.

                                                              Heather asked about the rebellion, so he tried to keep his best poker face on. It made him feel bad when that subject was brought up. He lied to people all the time, about his past and stuff, but whenever he lied about the rebellion, he actually felt bad. Because it made him feel like he was betraying his friends, which he was. He nodded. "Uh, yeah, I agree with Maze. Probably just a stupid rumor. Don't worry about it." He shrugged like it was nothing. At least he was acting more normal about it than he had earlier, with Isabella. All those questions probably made her think that he was on the bad side. Which he was.

                                                              Then Chiron announced that they had to go to their cabins. He was fine with that, until he heard that the Poseidon kids had to help out the Hephaestus kids. Ha, this would be awkward! Nah, he would just act like his normal self, probably. The fact that Mason was teasing right now didn't help. He just stared at the son of Hermes blankly. "I don't know what you're talking about," he lied, resisting the urge to smirk. Then Mason left, so Leo grinned at Mav and Heather. "Well, I've got to go. Don't cry over my absence. I'll see you later. Don't worry." He said, before getting up and leaving.

                                                              User Image

                                                              The entire walk to the cabin, Leo had been preparing himself to see Isabella. He had decided he would act as if nothing had happened in Bunker Nine, because it was less awkward that way. He reached the Hephaestus cabin and walked inside, finding that Matt and Isabella were already there. "BOO!" He yelled, hoping to surprise one of them. Wearing his trouble-maker grin, he plopped onto his bed. His bed had once belonged to Beckendorf. It was the best bed in camp, in his opinion. It lowered into his own private room and everything. It was just awesome. "Hi," He said.

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User Image

OOC→ Ugh, I think I left out a bunch of stuff. I don't know. If I forgot to respond to anyone here, I'll edit it and stuff.
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                                        User Image

                                        Alexander opened his mouth to say something like, 'That's what she said,' in response to Ashton's first comment, but he decided not to. Alex smirked at his best friend, but didn't really say anything else. He'd managed to change the subject of him having feelings. That was good. Because if there was one thing that Alex hated, besides Silver, it was emotions. If he could find a way to just turn them off, he would, but as far as he knew, that wasn't possible. Bummer.

                                        Alex snorted. When Ashton messed up Alexander's hair, he didn't do anything. Alex liked having messy hair. Fixing your hair was too much. And, besides, he looked good with messy hair. Alex wasn't sure why he had given in and told Ashton that he would tell him later. Keeping things in got tiring, he guessed. It would be good for him to have someone to talk to. And, who better than his best friend? After all, people always told their best friends s**t like this, right? So, he was just being normal. Well, then again, being normal had never been something that Alex liked. Normal people were overrated.

                                        Alexander rolled his eyes. Yeah, he was pretty sure that Heather had been looking at them. But, hey, whatever. It didn't matter. Okay, it sort of did, but he acted like it didn't. Hearing Ashton's comment about Maze, he scowled. Not helping. When Ashton apologized, though, Alex shrugged. It wasn't Ashton's fault. After all, he didn't even know that Alex still liked Heather, since Alex hadn't told him. Well, he would now, during free time. Damn it. He already regretted that. It meant talking about feelings, which had never been one of Alex's talents. He was thankful, though, when Ashton didn't say much more about the subject. Good. Talking about this was pissing Alex off.

                                        Ender's response to his question just left him staring at his younger brother. Well, he hadn't expected an answer like that. More like 'oh, nothing,' or something. Then again, Ender wasn't your typical kid. That was one of the things that Alex liked about his little brother. When Devika threatened to pull a Bad Jude, he only grinned at her. He loved getting reactions like this. But, of course, since Alex was smart, he stopped teasing her, because he knew that if he pushed too far, she'd attack. And he would let her, because hurting little girls was bad. But then she left to go talk to Evan, who had just came in, so whatever. And then Ender left, saying he had homework. Oh, well. He'd talk to him later or something.

                                        When Sophia came to their table, he gave a mock salute. "Hey," he grinned. What? She was going to help him get revenge on Aphrodite, which made her awesome. He wanted revenge more than anything. He heard her say something about Ashton's cousin, so he rose an eyebrow. He listened to Ashton's response. He frowned slightly. What was that about? Was he kidding. Ah, whatever. He heard Chiron's announcement, and growled when he heard what cabin that he had to go to. Aphrodite. Chiron had to be kidding. Ugh, Silver's cabin. How amazing. Oh well. He had to go get Ender, so he stood up. "Adios," he said with that reckless smirk of his. He then turned and left the mess hall. He was supposed to go to the Aphrodite, but first, he wanted to find Ender, so he headed to the Hades cabin, hoping that his younger half-brother would be there.

                                        When he reached the Hades cabin, he found Ender sitting there, so he grinned. "Hey, bro." His grin faded. "We got to go to the Aphrodite cabin. I hope Silver dies on his way to the cabin, so I don't have to deal with him." He said with a scowl. Or, actually, maybe Silver would say something to Alexander so that he could punch him! He didn't really give a damn about the consequences. Besides, this was a demigod training camp, so he could just say he was testing his skills or something. Whatever. "But, whatever. Let's go." Well, at least he hadn't been told to go to the Athena cabin. That would be hell for him.

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                                Isabella looked around the Hephaestus cabin. It looked like everything was made out of metal, or parts that wouldn't usually be in a regular bed. Other than that, the rest of the stuff was handmade. She looked to her right to see that there was a whole table just filled with parts. Something for the campers to do in their spare time. "Wow." she looked at the table, amazed. She thought about earlier, on the little lesson that Leo had taught about paper planes. She smiled just thinking about him. Unfortunately, there weren't any paper around. Or any paper that's visible. She sighed, looking for a place to sit. She wanted to sit on a bed, but it looked like as it was gonna blow up if she put one finger on it. So she just stood.

                                Her thoughts were interrupted when a familiar presence has stepped in. It smelled...of the ocean. She smiled and turned to see her brother, Matt. She ran to give him a big hug, "Hey!" she laughed as she hugged her brother. She pulled herself apart and shrugged, "No it's cool, i understand your lovey-dovey business." she smiled, trying to act like as if talking about Riley doesn't affect her. She' just..not fond of his little girlfriend. She hasn't come to that level where she can trust her brother with a girlfriend..especially an Aphrodite child. Although, she's in good terms with Ashton, so Isabella assumes that she's more tolerable. Tolerable than Silver, that is.

                                She looked around and decided to just take a chair and sit. She patted the chair next to her for her brother to sit as well. She sighed, wanting to spill out every inch of her thoughts to him. But she still wasn't sure if Matt would 'approve' of her liking a counselor. But..he'd understand. She's turning nineteen tomorrow, that's at least close enough for an appropriate age to like..what, a twenty-one year old? She looked at Matt, "Okay, i got this weiiiird joke, bro." she laughed, trying to make things easier for her when she tells him who she exactly likes. "Okay, so like, there's this girl, super pretty, you know." she said, a little sarcastically since she's talking about herself. "And she's like..nineteen, and she likes this guy who's like twenty one." she said, as if the funny pun is coming up. She looked around, a little hesitant, "Well..that girl is me..and that..guy is...Leo." she admitted, biting her lip. Yeah, ugly joke, she knows.

                                She sighed, hoping her brother wouldn't..judge her about it. "I've been liking him for some time but..i'm just..scared." she said, looking towards the back, but only seeing grass. She sort of missed seeing the ocean in the back of her cabin. She looked back at Matthew. "And you know i suck at this lovey-dovey stuff, i swore i wouldn't like someone ever since....you know." she said, wide-eyed, hoping Matt had gotten the message. She had a boyfriend before. He was great actually, but turns out she wasn't the only one he was being a gentleman too. She couldn't get over it, since they had been going out for like, two years. It made her feel stupid finding out about it in a long time. She sighed, "I wanna tell him, but i don't know how...what if he doesn't like me back?" she said, pushing some hair out of her face.

                                As if it was on cue, guess who came in? That's right Leo. She heard him say 'BOO!' and she almost flipped out of her chair. "Hey, hi, hello, uh.." she said awkwardly. Oh how fate hates her, for letting him come in right when she was talking about him. She watched him jump to his bed, "You scared me!" she said, laughing at the end. She didn't wanna seem like she was talking about him earlier. She looked at her brother and made that kind of eye-contact that said 'do-not-tell-a-soul'. She then looked back at Leo with the sweetest smile in the world and decided to sit next to him on his bed. At least this bed wouldn't kill her, right? She hoped.

                                She looked around the room before she met his gaze, thinking about what had happened earlier. That 'almost' kiss. So close, yet so far, it was just..horrible. She bit her lip. Don't think about it, she repeated. She looked at Leo and poked him in the nose, "How's bein' a counselor doin to ya?" she asked with a grin.

                                OutOfYourButtHole:hope this is okay...back to my korean dramas LOL.
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S o n___o f___D i o n y s u s

Ah, Sophia, Sophia. Not a girl lovelier than Sophia. Perhaps he was strange but sometimes Adrian felt as though he could recite poetry when he saw her. He smiled when she approached and had she only given him the time to do so, he would have made it easier for her to whisper in his ear. Of course she wouldn't be Sophia if she wasn't at least a little rough so he gladly let her take him by the collar. He gave a slight shudder when she whispered her need to speak with him later(yeah because that's erotic) and watched with lustful eyes as she walked away. "I do love the way she walks," he whispered under his breath before gently punching Koda in the arm. He laughed good naturedly as his sometimes lover spoke of his own drinking games. "I've been...drunk. Drunk and busy with men and women coming and going from my room." Sometimes his french accent would come out when he spoke, like right now. It was endearing really.

What wasn't endear was hearing Koda whine about a girl. "Aren't you gay?" he teased. He knew the nature of the Demeter councelor's relationship with the Aphrodite camper. It was quite funny. "Well, I'm sure she'll be around soon anyway, and give you all your kisses and things you like," he said in attempt to comfort the poor man. He sounded terribly distraught.
Before he could say anything else, his darling sister came in, simply out of her wits drunk. She reeked of whatever she was drinking, and Adrian rolled his eyes. He loved his sister, he really did, but if she was going to drink she should really hide it better. Then again she really wasn't that bad off. He was just over dramatic.

As she leaned on him, commenting on his need to do something more challenging, he simply laughed. "Mind your manners, chère sœur. He his a friend of mine," he scolded lightly. He pressed a light kiss to her temple before she skipped her merry self off to get some food. He shook his head before his attention was back on Koda who announced he would be going. Chirons announcement made him get up as well, wrapping his arm around Nomiki's shoulders when she came back to the table. "Allons nous soeur! The other's will be waiting." he said, leading her from the mess hall and to their cabin.


Once they got to the cabin, Adrian groaned. He really hated being the counselor, but no one else was around to do the job aparently. The new kids and all the younger ones were lucky he liked him as much as he did.

chère sœur: sister dear
Allons nous soeur: Let us go sister
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Sophia Gregor
Hermes Counselor

                                                      “Oh look at how much of a wimp you are.” Sophia smiled and tilted her head toward Koda. “You can’t even manage to inform me that I’m being rude, without hiding behind a cough. You’re damn lucky you aren’t worth my time, because I could make your life hell.” She said cheerily, and turned to Adrian, “Honestly Adrian keep your boy toy on a leash.” She told him- this comment in a suddenly different register, much lower and much angrier sounding. “He gets in my way you won’t have him to play with anymore.” She gently fixed Adrian’s collar though, it wasn’t hard to tell how much he liked her. Which made her job easier and he wasn’t bad looking really. Plus he was valuable, she needed one Dionysus kid, and Adrian was the one she picked. Older, more experience. Yea that was it. “Remember. Leash.” She said in a light tone again- a small smirk playing at the corners of her mouth before she left.

                                                      When Ashton gave her a sarcastic remark about his cousin she sighed, “Oh poor dear.” Sophia said with feigned sympathy, it was obvious but no one could prove otherwise without a snarky comment coming from her. “Let me know if I can do anything to help, such a sweet kid.” She said and backed up, away from the table. She rolled her eyes at his stupid ‘we need to talk later look’. It looked like a sparrow trying to look angry without its wings. Ridiculous. If he wanted to speak with her he should just do it. Instead of molesting her with his bird face. Her attention moved to Alex when he saluted her and said ‘hey’. She frowned a little- she didn’t like the salute- it annoyed her. Mostly because she could tell it was playful- Sophia didn’t mind real signs that she was in charge. It as the fake s**t that pissed her off. The rebellion was real, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. If it was taken lightly they’d never get anywhere. “Hi Alex.” She offered politely though, and even a small smile. He and his little brother Ender were valuable. Just keep smiling to keep them happy for the time being. Though she wasn’t too worried about Alex or Ender’s allegiance changing any time soon. They both had their reasons.

                                                      Her eyes narrowed when she heard the announcement. There was the downside of being a counselor- having to deal with campers… Even if they were her siblings. “Alright, I suppose I have to go.” Sophia told them giving a slight wave.

                                                      In the cabin Sophia looked around Maze seemed like he was the only one. “They need to hurry.” She informed her brother like he could help it. “I want to spend a total of… Ten minutes in here. You all should know the rule by now, and if not then you guys are numb skulls.” She sighed, but smiled playfully. Though the comment had been serious. “Maze, how as your morning?” She tried her hand at being sympathetic. “Also, the rebellion.” She said, changing the subject, apathy was her specialty. “I need to know that you’re committed. I can’t have you backing out when things are difficult. You know that.” Really? She didn’t need him, she just didn’t want a spy in the mix.

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With a deep chuckle of amusment Evan nodded, "You're welcome," he smiled and watched her excitment unfold. Her energy was pumped, a true warrior ready for a fight. He had a soft spot for the young fighter, even when he did put her on the sidelines, he was only wanting her to be protected. He may be a jerk and smart a**, but he has a heart for the very young ones. Rubbing his hand through his hair he smiled with another laugh, "Such energy! I love it! Sure you can have a good opponent, just know I shall be nearby if I see unfairness." he patted her head as she punched him playfully. Such young strength, he loved seeing it blossom from the youth here, he knew he was doing a good job.

Stopping her hands from attacking his toned middle, he knelt down with his hands over her small fists of fury. "Hey, hey, calm down a bit, I don't want you wasting all that fighting spirit on me, lets go get you an opponent to show how much power you have. Young daughter of Ares." he said calmly with a stronger tone towards the end of his sentence to get her slightly amped again, he knew of her ADHD and the dangers of her over-excitment. Letting go of her hands he stood up and looked up at the announcment from Chiron. Good. He put his hand on Devika's shoulder and pulled her closer to him like a father would and offered for her to follow him to the cabin.

-----------Time Skip-----------

Once at the cabin he owned Evan let Devika run off while he went to his part of the cabin and got into his teacher garb. HIs blue gaze flickered to his beautiful sword, his best friend. Evan made sure the scabbard was attached at the belt firmly and he walked out of the cabin, his boots clapping the wood loudly. His hands in his pockets he stared at the students before him, his face stoic and his eyes piercing. "This is going to be quite an adventure..." he said to himself as he took a step forward to look at those old and new faces. "Welcome to Camp-Halfblood...yada, yada, yada, I don't care for those intros. Pretty much I am your swordsman teacher, Evan Allenbrough son of Ares. Besides swords I like to make things interesting and add different weapons, I will make you all into warriors, full of honor and pride. I hope we can understand eachother that way..." he spoke as he paced slightly at the edge of the steps, his one hand on the hilt of his blade and other other at his side.

OutOfCigars: (sorry, midterms had my attention for a while as well as more sicknesses ugh, back now to be more constant in this roleplay)

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"A life of journeying has brought you to the farthest of lands, to the very edge of the Earth..."

"Don't let that light that
shines out of your face go
o u t ! "

"I couldn't
stand the darkness
that would f o l l o w."

"And to the place where I'll always remain...your heart."

Valorie shrugged Evan's comments off as she saw him tend to the girl. Time went on and so did the happy fight. Being bored she disappeared right as Chiron spoke about the mess hall gathering of breakfast. Her magic made her teleport to the mess hall without fail, seeing as the camp members file in she followed. Keeping to herself and not to try to draw too much attention, usually she did anyway for her beauty that labeled her as Daughter of Aphrodite. Val walked to the line for food, getting her plate of fruit she returned to her table and ate peacefully.

Time just seemed to fly and next thing she knew Chiron was giving the happy orders for everyone to return to their cabins. Finishing her pear Val stood up with her empty paper plate and threw it out. Gracfully leaving she looked back to see Evan speaking with Devika at eye level, he was so nice to that girl. Val noticed that kindness of his long ago, though he only showed it to youth like Devika, she wondered why he hid it from everyone else. Leaving she made her way through the cabins until she found hers and happily went up the steps to her side of the cabin. Fixing her hair and dress so it didn't look bad, Val was ready to start her little gardening class she held to ease the warriors minds. A new year, a new set of faces as well as seeing old ones return.

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