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+++ Waking from her slumber to the sound of voices echoeing throughout the house, the female couldn't quite make out who was all up and about. She didn't even feel like getting up to see for she was far to cranky due to her headache. But as time ticked by and laying there what seemed like for at least an hour, the female finally mustered from underneath the warm covers. Standing on her feet, the brunette was greeted with a sleepy image of bruises and cuts from the full length mirror across the room. It was enough to make the female to want to slink back into the bed and stay there for the remainder of the day. If she were to do that however, surely someone would come around eventually, pull her from the bed and discover the results of beatings.

+++ Strolling over to her closet, Lani fiddled through the hoards of hanging clothes for something to wear, but found it rather difficult to decide on something. Eventually, it was her sore arms and neck that had her decide on an abnormal outfit consisting of a long sleeve shirt with a high neck, pants, a hat, and flat boots. It would work, but anything more out of the ordinary and someone might start questioning her as to why she was being so weird.

+++ Leaving her room with her phone in her hands, and a few secretive items in her pants' back pockets, Lani closed her bedroom door behind her before hurrying down the stairs and towards the front door, hoping to make it out without confrontation "I'm going out! Be back later!" she called out to whomever was left in the house. With that, Lani escaped out the front door just as her phone began ringing. "Yes?" the female answered. "I know, I know. I'm leaving now." the female answered annoyingly. But the returning threats on the other line immediately had the female regretting letting her bad mood show through. "I have to pick some things up from a few places first, then I'll be right over." With that, the female closed the phone, ultimately ending the phone call, before letting out a heavy sigh. Looking back at the house, she really wished she didn't have to go, but if she didn't, she would only be collected in a loud and disruptive manner. And she didn't need that happening, or having her family know of this controlling man.

(( I wasn't to sure where everyone was or what they were doing XD. I apologize for such a late and crappy post... ))

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                                Arriving at McDonalds the two of them stepped out of the car, Ryan followed close behind his dear friend. Not to be a creep or anything but she smelled good, was that for him or for everyone he thought. Shaking the thought out of his head he assumed that it didn't matter anyway, he just wanted to enjoy himself with Hero today. "Yeah you know, I try." Ryan smiled and winked at her laughing a little bit, then she asked him about life, he sighed softly, "Eh you know... School and drama and what not. It seems my old ex has started to gain interest in me again, so I don't really know what to do. I guess you could say my life is good at times and crap at others, but right now, It's great hun, you?" After finishing that Ryan looked around a bit to see some people looking at him, maybe he shouldn't have talked so loud about all of that...

                                Sighing mentally Ryan looked up at the menu, egg McMuffin? Most likely, if not maybe just pancakes, to be honest he wasn't even that hungry. He looked over at Hero and smiled softly, "Hey, want to order a lot of pancakes and share them? I'm not too hungry." He chuckled a little and nudged Hero lightly, "You good with that?" Ryan asked charmingly.


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