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                                  Mr Attlee met his wife, who at the time was called Ms.Hart, when he was visiting the states on royal business with his father. Who of course wanted his son to marry a princess but couldn't stand to tear his only son away from the woman he loved. So they were allowed to date, mainly to make sure he actually loved her. Mr Attlee pretended to just be another twenty year old American. To no surprise to two did fall in love, and after he proposed did she actually find out who he really was. Which caused a little stress but was soon overlooked. Ms.Hart was now Mrs.Attlee and the next queen back in her husbands home country. The lovely couple were king and queen for five years before they had their first child, a son. A year later followed a daughter, two was enough in their eyes.

                                  Now their kids were loved by their country and seemed to be the 'perfect' royal children. But their son tries to be the best he can and kinda 'follows the rule book' when it comes to being royal. Their daughter now is a complete different story, she'll but on a perfect royal look when the public is watching but inside their house she's 100% different. The teen girl rebels against her parents a bit and she could care less that she's royalty. She just wants to be a teen while she still can. Our story involes our royal teens and the teens that work in the castle. The prince's personal aid, the princess's personal aid, one of the maids, and one of the family cooks.
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No killing each other, no exceptions. If you want to leave the rp just get your character out of the scene. Also no cybering, romance is wanted but once clothes start coming off a time skip starts.You must type out all actions, that means Do Not use **, // ,[], ect for actions. Now I know that at times swearing is needed and that is perfectly fine. Just not every other word. Also Drama is a must. Drama makes a good story.

Opening posts can be as long as you want them, well if your getting over twelve paragraphs for them it's a little much. No one liners, at all. So if you have writer's block try to post at least two good paragraph with six+ sentences. If you don't have writers block four or more paragraphs with six+ sentences please. I'm not gonna give you a limit on how many you can post but do please keep in mind not many of us want to read a novel on here. For thoughts have ‘ ’ around them and italicized, Speech should be quoted and bolded. Please use capital letters, correct punctuation, etc. I have no rule for decorative post but if you want you can use them or not, it’s up to you. Just don't over do it but you must have a picture and your character's name somewhere besides in the post. Occ in the main thread is allowed but only if you have a post to go with it. Or else no one is actually posting anything, we have an Occ thread for that. Lastly if you don’t post in over 10 days you will get a warning/Reminder Letter.

For reservations title them what role you would like (prince, princess's aid, cook etc). They last 48 hours unless you tell me you need more time. You must send in a reservation first then you can send in your Profile. For Profiles title them your character's full name. Pm me all reservations and profiles, Do Not post them. Once you get the okay from me you can go ahead and start posting. At the start you must stick with the per-arranged crush but later on it can gradually change, like normal feelings do sometimes, and no that doesn't mean in your first post or second.

The amount of characters you can have is two. No more please. Also please only use real life pictures only. Please no advertising other rps unless you get permission to me and they would only be allowed in the Occ thread. At the end of each rp day I'll make a post in the Rp's colors, mediumpurple && silver, with the new day's info. Also there will be updates with plot twists and other stuff to be used to help the rp. Now what I say goes. If you break one of my rules in a post I will delete that post than Pm you telling you why. Finally, I reserve the right to add/Change/remove any rule.
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                                            P r i n c e
                                            Fi r s t M i d d l e Attlee
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                                            Good friends with the maid
                                            I'm Crushing on the prince's aid


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                                            P r i n c e s s
                                            Fi r s t M i d d l e Attlee
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                                            Good friends with the prince's aid
                                            I'm Crushing on the cook


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                                            P r i n c e ' s A i d
                                            Benjamin Allan McRae
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                                            Good friends with princess
                                            I'm Crushing on the maid

                                            Amazing Angry Love

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                                            P r i n c e s s 's A i d
                                            Cupid Valentine L'Amour
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                                            Good friends with the cook
                                            I'm Crushing on the prince


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                                            C o o k
                                            Fi r s t M i d d l e L a s t
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                                            Good friends with the princess's aid
                                            I'm Crushing on the princess's aid


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                                            M a i d
                                            Fi r s t M i d d l e L a s t
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                                            Good friends with the prince
                                            I'm Crushing on the princess


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Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength,
while loving someone deeply gives you courage.


Benjamin Allan went from sleeping peacefully to bolting upright and being fully awake, thanks to a crashing sound. The boy had fallen asleep with his guitar in his hands last night. Why? well he had been working on playing a song that he found online, it sounded nice. He yawned and stretched before reaching down and grabbing his guitar. After checking it for any damage he set it on the bed then stood up. Ben headed straight for the bathroom, since he woke up later than normal he had no time to relax. Mainly cause he was the aid for the prince. He didn't mind the job, at least it paid and he got to stay in the castle. Which was nice.

Once in the bathroom the boy quickly brushed his teeth before stripping off the only piece of clothing he was wearing, his boxers. Then Benji turned on the shower and stepped into the nice hot water. The boy's shower only lasted about twenty minutes. Once out of the shower the boy dried off and went back in to his room, once there he located a pair of basketball shorts and boxers and slipped them on. Next he had to find himself a shirt. Which would be the hard part, since Ben had a horrible habit of tossing his clothes on the ground. Mostly just jeans and his shirts, but for some reason shirts were still hard to find. Eventually he settled with a wife beater. It was hot out anyways and it's not like he's in the public's eye like at all. Before leaving his room the boy slipped his phone into his pocket and pulled a cigarette out of the pack sitting on his desk and a lighter.

It didn't take long for Benji to reach the kitchen and slip out the back door. The boy was on a mission to get in a quick smoke before he had to tend to the prince's every wish. That was one part he hated about the job, Ben never really liked being told what to do. The boy hardly ever listened to his parents' wants and commands. But now he had to or he'd lose a nice place to live and a steady income. As he lit up Ben made his way to the garden maze like thing. The walls were short enough to see over so it wasn't really a maze but he had no clue what else to call it. It was also his favorite part of the castle grounds, out here it was calm and peaceful. One thing Benji loved every now and then. He walked around for a bit heading deeper and deeper into the maze while he puffed on his cigarettes in the hot sun. After he finished his cigarette and put it out in one of the many trash cans scattered around the garden Benny didn't bother heading back he was enjoying the sun and the feeling off the grass below his bare feet. But eventually he was heading back without knowing it and by the time the glass door was in site it was about 10:30.

"s**t !" the boy muttered to him self when he looked at his phone and noticed the time. It wasn't to bad since he could see the door leading into the kitchen but he was suppose to be in the dinning room by ten so that he's ready for anything the prince may want. Of course the boy pocketed his phone and walked back inside. While still in the kitchen he sniffed his shirt to make sure he didn't smell like smoke. He hoped walking around outside for that long after would take care off the smell. To him he didn't but just to be sure he asked one of the older cooks in the kitchen that he always saw. And when the older man told him that he was good Ben quickly said thanks before stepping into the dinning room, hoping the prince wasn't already in there.
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Timid Fairy

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                          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxAll is fair in [ l v e ] and [ w a r ]xxxx

                          - - -xxxxxxCupid stayed still in her bed, pillow over her face. It was a wonder that the Princess hadn't woken her up yet. A miracle that didn't happen every day, hell Cupid was lucky if she could sleep in peace for a day a month! Don't get her wrong, she loved her dear friend and princess but sometimes even her aid had to agree with people around that she was a handful to handle. The thought made the girl smile and grab onto the pillow, throwing it to the side. Her room in the castle was small but even if everyone had told her to get something bigger, Cupid was fine with this... It almost made it seem like waking up back in the country house where her father and her would spend weeks on end cause work brought him all the way out there.

                          With a long sigh the girl finally decided to move from her warm haven under the covers. It felt cold but soon warmed up with activity around the room. First she fed her fifth fish of the month she had named Trooper. Okay, so her goldfishes seemed to die every two days but this one had lasted a whole two weeks! With a single fingernail she tapped the bowl softly and watched as trooper swam around aimlessly. He was a keeper!

                          The girl finally decided that a shower wasn't needed and threw on a simple white dress onto herself and her trademark red heels. It was funny how this pair of shoes were the first shoes she'd bought with her first paycheck and they never looked used up over the years. After grabbing her phone and placing it into her bra Cupid walked out and it always amazed her how as soon as she left her room, stress and panic filled her petite body. She knew the princess meant well and sometimes maybe enjoyed seeing Cupid panic over the simplest things and Cupid had never minded the tagging along and rebelling. She knew eventually the girl would calm down. And in the meantime, Cupid felt happy about seeing the Prince walk around the castle and bumping into him while she was with his sister.

                          Cupid, with a smile, entered the kitchen waiting for the two royals and the Prince's Aid, Ben, to follow up. Just as she entered she saw a tired Ben, huffing like he'd just run a marathon. "Happened to you Benji?" She said with a snicker upon noticing the leaf in his hair. It had probably fallen just as he was running under a tree or something or the other. "Come here, you have a leaf in your hair" It was interesting to see the difference between the two royals, one rebelling when she can and the other so orderly. She felt better knowing who she was aiding.... for once. "Least you don't have panic attacks every five minutes' She muttered more to herself then Benji.

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