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                                                              Emmet sat there crouched as he petted a puppy through the meshed gate. The puppy was very loving and was definitely giving him the much puppy love he needed at that moment. Emmet was trying very hard to try to forget what happened, but it was such an odd thing, how could you forget it? It was really hurting Emmet. How could someone just treat you like crap and just throw you away. That's how Emmet was feeling, a piece of trash getting thrown away...

                                                              Emmet sadly didn't hear the voice welcoming him to the shelter. He was still lost in thought. It wasn't until he felt the presence of a dog by his leg. Emmet turned to look and saw that it was a familiar dog. In fact, it was Lady. That was when Emmet finally noticed Jasper. His saddened eyes looked up Jasper and forced a smile. "Hey there Jasper. I didn't know you worked here. Am I in the way?" He asked, his tone wasn't the usual happy tone he had. It was little bit monotonous.

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If love is blind, why do I see you so clearly now? Perfect vision of our love somehow.
You take over my mind, you're the one that keeps me up all night.
I know no one else could make me feel this way.
I want to look up into the milky way tonight, the sky illuminates the love we make so bright.


                                                      The blonde idly stood by the examination table as Leonardo examined his fluffy friend. Though his eyes were usually on the rabbit, making sure she didn't get so nervous as to jump off the table, but his eyes were on the doctor, simply watching him as he went about his 'craft.' And he continued to stay quiet as he moved to monitor her heart beat with the delicate tool. It wasn't until Leo was moving to get out the nail trimmers that he straightened up a little. He'd almost forgotten that this wasn't a regular check-up, that he really had his own agenda coming here to the vet's office, using his pet as, basically, an excuse to come see Leo.

                                                      Finnley reached out to gently hold one of those giant bunny ears as he continued the nail clipping, just softly petting it and playing with it. "It's a little girl. She's one years old now, going on two next Spring. I got her as a present for my graduation... for myself," he added with a chuckle, looking to the doctors expression before he looked back down at the white rabbit. After everything that had happened in his life, he deserved a friend, a companion. Someone who depended on him, couldn't betray his feelings. The day he adopted her, he could only remember how relieved he felt.. how it felt like some pressure had been lifted from his chest and his shoulders. Did that sound foolish? He laughed a little at the memory, shaking his head, "I had no idea she was a flemish giant.. I guess I should have looked into that." He smiled as he petted her head, softly massaging his finger tips under her chin. "Though it wouldn't have changed anything," Finnley quickly added.

                                                      It's you and only you. The moon shines its light on you, your pretty eyes they glow. Tell me that you'll stay the night, just stay a while.
Jasper Gregory Heiderich
Lady and Rico

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                                                    Jasper frowned at Emmet’s behavior and scratched the back of his neck for a moment, at first not knowing how to handle the situation. Then he smiled as he had a light bulb moment. ”Yep, been here about as long as I’ve been in town.” He explained and kneeled down next to him, watching as the puppy in the cage bark and lick at any hand that was offered to him. He opened the cage door, pulled the small dog out, and placed him in front of Emmet. ”Oh you aren’t bothering me. It’s nice to have someone to talk to other than Lady, not that she’s not a good conversationalist. I actually just got done with feeding, and in a few minutes, its bath time.” He said and watched the puppy approach Lady curiously. Comparatively, she was much larger than the small dog. He stretched his nose up as she leaned down and gave the side of his little head a lick.

                                                    ”You’re more than welcome to stay and either play with the pups or help me get them bathed.” Jasper shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly and rubbing the top of Lady’s head. ”Yes, even you are getting a bath Miss Lady.” He said firmly and looked at her feet. Her usually white fur was tinted a light brown. ”Especially after walking in the rain today.” He laughed warmly. She only wagged her tail happily at the attention she was receiving. Jasper kneeled down next to Emmet and rubbed the pups head.


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