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xxxxxxxxxxxxx I close my eyes for a while, And force from the world a patient smile.....
How can you say that your truth is better than ours? Shoulder to shoulder, now brother, we carry no arms. The blind man sleeps in the doorway, his home. If only I had an enemy bigger than my apathy I could have won. But I gave you all.....xxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxum...let's see now, uhhxxwhat?! why do I have to do it?!
too many thoughts now; it hurts....
xxxxx Ω my silence may keep my emotions hiddenxxshy/panic/ normal. Ω

xxxxx Where am I?xxcircus grounds/big top tent

xxxxx●•♪ people....xx
Nixxy- story teller
Reaper- unkown
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Emily listened to everyone equally as she put a few last things on the rough sketch and then closed her book to focus more. The blonde listened as Reaper said he was just reading a history book and a grimoire. Emily wasn't really surprised by any of that but what did was he spoke up for Alice in a firm manner. Sure Alice was like their 'mother' in a way but then again was it truly surprising to speak up for her? She 'saved' them all after all. As Reaper spoke directly to her she nodded; maybe it was best to go see Dru about that sort of thing. As he was leaving she waved good-bye and then heard Nixxy say something about leaving her in charge of the rest of the tour. Emily gagged as she then later coughed and looked up at the red head like he had just asked her to jump off a cliff. Was he that serious or was this a joke?

Emily's head hurt as she didn't even hear the word soccer tag as she just nodded to the 'idea' of anything at this point. She then heard very faintly what Mary was saying as she sighed " it's fine....really" she said. Emily decided to write the rest down ' due to everything that happened yesterday; seeing Dru is best. However I can possibly due a lot of a better job seeing as I am a lot 'smaller' and can show you different things and tell you more about them. I may not be a story teller but, I can promise it won't be a bore in my hands....just a lot of reading; excuse my non speaking..." she wrote as she showed it to Mary. Emily hid her face as she just wasn't computing this properly still and the thought of soccer tag had a negative felling on the girl.

She then put it down and put her pencil behind her ear and closed the book. Emily cleared her throat "or... you can...just ask me....questions for the ti...me being" she said. The blonde was fine with questions but talking about the circus/touring it wasn't best for the girl who just went to her trailer, to the tent, and back was it? Emily looked at Phoenix as if her face was saying that they would need to talk about this later. The blonde wanted to know a bit more as to why he couldn't do this him self but Emily was sure it was the idea of that she looked like his past wife that made it difficult. Emily didn't remember having a significant other; but then again she only remembered the bad memories of her life, THAT was truly a curse.

Emily looked at Mary as she held out her hand for her to take so she could either guide them around or guide her to a place to just ask questions non stop.

User ImagexxxxxxxxxxxxxxUser ImagexxxxxxxxxxxxxxUser Image
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━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ⇣ ⇣ ⇣ ⇣ ━━━━━━━━

"Do you really think it would? That following your circus would jeapordize my education so badly?"

She looked worried but Pheonix did bring up a good point. It certainly could happen. He wasn't
sure how that could happen without her education being in Jeopardy. She had questioned it
though. "Well we move around a lot. It would be almost impossible." He replied, he was pretty sure
she would be able to see that. Hell the curriculum in different countries could be different. Did she
really know what she was doing. "Mary, Its a big decisions. You shouldn't say something like that
He was sure that she would see it now either that or she would try to ignore it. He wasn't
too sure.

"All right emily. I am so happy you are coming with us to the soccer tag game. This is going to be really fun. I even brought a picnic!!"

He still wasn't too sure how this was going to work. It seemed like a game thrown together for him.
He wasn't sure why you would need to do that but he would most likely just stay in the picnic area.
That sounded like a good idea to him. At least it seemed everybody was getting along. At least
Well apart from Mary and Alice from what he had heard. He was certainly. That was when the
attention went back to Reaper well that was a relief at least she had stopped with the questions
right? He wasn't at all sure how to respond to them. His eyes flicked towards Emily who didn't look
at all happy with him and he was sure that Mary would have something to say about that. Okay
maybe it wasn't the best thing to do because Emily looked well.....Absoulely terrified. Regardless
Mary seemed to have something else to say.

"Mr Pheonix you promised me a tour by you. Are you saying that you lied to a lady and are not willing to fullfill what you set out to fulfill? Wouldn't that be...inappropriate? Because I don't see why you are leaving me. So please explain that a bit better Mr Pheonix"

The red heads eyes widened slightly. "I ugh....Well I, I wouldn't say....Lied." he replied unsure as
to what to say she always had a way of just grabbing whatever he was trying to say and keeping
his words hostage. Although her asking for an explanation. Well that just made it ten times worse.
What exactly was he suppose to say to that. He almost looked to Reaper for a little assistance.
Okay he knew Reaper wouldn't be giving him any assistance so he could just.... Concede defeat
and save Emily right? "Where too next then Mary?" He questioned letting his gaze slowly trail
away from the dark haired woman. She could really manipulate him easily couldn't she?

ωhere: Circus grounds
ωho: Mary, Emily, Reaper

━━━━━━━━ ⇣ ⇣ ⇣ ⇣ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

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Here's what I think: Why am I feeling so odd...
Let's talk!: Axel, Evee, Rochelle, and Delaney
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                                        Minzy couldn't help but almost chuckle at everything that was happening around her she just wanted to make sure Evee would change out of that outfit. It was really not his style, not him at all actually. Looking around her she saw this one girl by the name of Rochelle. She seemed really nice. Very nice to meet you Rochelle! So you are pretty flexible as well? I am Minzy and I am a Acrobatic Contortionist.

                                        Grinning she stepped away from Axel to shake her hand. Looking back at Evee she smiled sincerely. Go with what Axel is saying. Dress more casually it is better and you won't look like you are trying too hard. Taking a deep breath she looked over at Axel and raised an eyebrow.

                                        He never once said he wanted to see a performance of hers or practice really. Rolling her eyes she just shrugged it off. Axel was a flirt and Minzy knew that. Which is why she mainly tried to just be his friend. Even though parts of her really wanted to be more than friends with him. Just she could end up getting hurt in the long run and that would just make her feel even more shattered than she already is.

                                        Shaking the thoughts away she hopped back into the conversation. Yes Evee, just be more relaxed with the clothing. You are meeting her up, you need to show her the real you otherwise she will be even more shocked when you try to show her how you are later on. That would make her feel like she was after a completely different guy. Shrugging she was sort of speaking from experience.

                                        When she was still alive she wanted her crush to like her so bad that she did what she could to get him to like her. Well long story short she got the guy and after awhile of being with him she decided to show her true self. To show how he can truly be. That was when he left her and that is when she decided to travel and to find some job that would make her happy. That moment was one thing that led to her death. Swallowing a lump in her throat she looked back at Axel. That is one thing she would not do for him. If he were to like her he needed to like her for herself.

                                        Smoothing out her dress she then pushed some hair behind her ear. Looking down she shifted on her heels so that way she was more comfortable standing. Now she remembered why she didn't like wearing heels while walking on the grounds. It can get really uncomfortable.

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Out. Of. Company:
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                                                      No, of course Jamie wouldn’t know what was wrong with Abel. If he did, Alice would have gathered that he wouldn’t have been so scared. Knowledge could always comfort a person, if only a little. Knowing what was wrong, knowing what would cure someone, was all the knowledge any one needed at dire times. And of course, hope. Without hope nothing could be accomplished, for hope was a sort of drive. Hope and knowledge, both things Alice didn’t have at the moment. How was she supposed to treat a boy who was a complete mystery as to what was wrong with him? Sure she could give him remedies that she had receive when she was younger, to each symptom there was something she could do to cure it, but Alice had seen the world of medicine these days. There was a fear dangling in the back of her mind, for what if one of the remedies given would cause whatever was going on with Abel to grow and expand? What if her remedies were the things hurting him? She was scared, frightened, and truthfully, she just wanted someone to tell her that they knew what was happening to the puppeteer, that they could help him. But no one came with that knowledge. No one was running towards her with a helping hand that could decipher the code within Abel. And Jamie? Jamie was a wreck, sobbing and to Alice it seemed like he was preparing for the worst. What was she supposed to do? Tell him that everything would be better? She had no clue if it would and there was nothing Alice hated more than false hope. She would not give Jamie false hope, just hope herself that Abel would get better. Hope that her remedies would aid him in getting better, or another set of remedies would be brought to her to help the boy. But as of right now, she could just watch. And that was what hurt the most, watching and being able to do nothing about it. But when her gaze turned to Jamie, she remembered who she was.

                                                      She pushed all those feelings aside, pushed all those thoughts to the corner of her mind and stood up straight. She was the ringleader, and she had been since the beginning of everything. She wouldn’t – couldn’t – back down or break down. She had to be strong, because the circus needed her to, because the performers needed her too, and she needed to make sure she didn’t let anyone down. What came first was the welfare of the circus. Her circus, her everything.

                                                      Her mouth parted, but no words would come out for Jamie to hear. He wanted to be with his brother, she understood that. They were one of a kind, yet incomplete without one another. So how could she tell him to straighten up? It was cruel, heartless even. The pain was visible in the faces of both twins, and who was she to tell them that he should get a better grip on himself? Who did she think she was to even try and help the twins? She was nothing to either of them but the ringleader, one that brought them to the circus, nothing more. Not a doctor for sure. Alice sighed, rubbing her eyes with her thumb and fore finger. She took a seat on her couch, away from the twins. She needed to think but she couldn’t bare to do so for too long. The ringleader was standing in the middle of her kitchen, trying to cook something up. She knew Jamie didn’t need food, none of them did, but it wouldn’t hurt to make something sweet to eat. A small dessert, and maybe something warm for Abel. “Jamie?” Alice said softly, popping her head through the door. “I’m going to make Abel soup.” She felt no need to explain the obvious. Soup always seemed to help sick people, and Alice was willing to try anything. “And I actually, have some pastries here with some tea. Please come and have some.” They might help calm the boy. She could do nothing, even though she wanted to push Jamie out the trailer and tell him to do something other than worry. Go out, get some fresh air and let Abel sleep in peace. For if Jamie’s own health was crumbling, then Abel’s health would only get worse, but she wasn’t sure how she could explain that to the fourteen year old boy and settled for getting him sweets. They sat on the coffee table, like a perfect little picture, yet to be touched.

                                                      [[occ: ... ]]
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              Mel listened to the human speak and it took everything she had not to say anything to do her. There didn’t need to be a human death on top of what was already going on. Watching the woman disappear the overwhelming amount of emotion she was feeling from everyone and her own personal thoughts over took her. “If that human doesn’t watch her tongue I’ll be sure to extract it from her and feed it to the lions, along with the rest of her” the red-head stated as she entered Alice’s trailer. “If the people are going to have a pet they should train it or muzzle it before someone is lead to put it down. I’d be more than happy to put down that disobedient pet if they don’t get it under control.” At that point in time Melissa had half a mind to go after the arrogant human but took a deep breath and gathered herself. Not many things made Melissa mad but messing with her friends was an instant piss her off button, and God save you when Mel was pissed off at you. People that knew Melissa knew her statement wasn’t far off from the truth, if the human had true friends in the circus they would warn her of pissing Melissa off and Melissa’s animalistic instinct.

              Upon entering the trailer Melissa put those feelings aside and started getting the things Alice required. For a moment she wondered where in the hell Evan was, usually he was at Alice’s beck and call. Perhaps just this once it was a good thing that he wasn’t around, Mel was barely holding herself together from the emotions in the trailer now if Evan showed up Melissa would lose it and not be of help to anyone. In the confined space she was able to feel the emotions running high, and it took even more of Melissa’s energy to not lose herself. The more time went on Mel had to play assistant to Alice seeing as her useless assistant was nowhere to be found. “Speaking of Evan’s going to get a large mouthful when I see him for leaving me and Alice to handle this” she muttered to herself. Going along with Alice’s instructions Melissa didn’t speak focusing all her energies on keeping calm. The closer she got the Abel though she failed to pay attention, accidentally brushing her hand against his arm and from that point on everything anyone else said was lost on Melissa.

              Stuck in her head, which was swarming with emotions, Melissa sat herself down at Abel’s side. Jamie’s connection with his brother might have been compromised, but Melissa was no connected with Abel in a completely different sense. Moments went by, Mel had been unsure of how many but finally she was able to pull herself away from Abel. Holding her head she stood looking around before quietly making her way to where she knew Alice to keep her medical supplies. Pulling out elderberry, goldenseal and ginko she grabbed a dish and began to mash it all together. When she was finished she looked at Alice “make a tea out of this and then make him drink it, it’ll taste terrible but it’ll make everything alright” she said darkly. “I need to get out of here, Alice I’m sure you understand. If that human returns I won’t hesitate to return and feed her to the lions. I can smell that cheap perfume a mile away and I have a bone or two to pick with her.” Without another word Melissa exited the trailer and took off running. She needed to get away from people, and their overbearing feelings and emotions they were too much. The red-head needed to be with her animals with creatures that could control these things.

              [[ Sorry I took so long, I'm unmotivated at the moment and REALLY annoyed with certain people in the RP atm thus making me not really want to post ]]

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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- -I αм τнє ρα§τ чσυ
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                                                        Mary thought about it. Soon it stated that it would be almost impossible. Hmm. And it was a big decision so she shouldn't take it lightly. She thought about this. Well she didn't need an education, she graduated. She just was doing it for something to do. Till she got engaged. Honestly she could stay home and watch TV and it would count. She admitted "Well I'll think about it but I'm just doing something educational while my parents find me someone appropriate to marry."

                                                        Soon Emily sighed. And said it was fine. She wasn't sure, it seemed Emily was not good with strangers.And Mary was a stranger. So she wasn't sure how this tour would go. She soon saw the other write down. About how seeing Drusilla was the best idea. She asked "Is Drusilla that knowledgeable in this circus?"

                                                        She read the rest. And Emily said she could do a beter job. Oh well then that was fine. And she was good at explaining and telling her about the circus. And she wouldn't be bored. She didn't mind her not speaking. And it wasn't that she didn't trust Em, it was that Pheonix had promised her for a tour. And was sneaking away. She tried to explain herself better "Its not that you aren't going to do a good job. I know that you will. Its just about how he promised me and a man should never promise something he cannot uphold. Its about that more than anything else"

                                                        She heard Emily state that she could ask questions too for the time being. She wondered if Emily would really be okay. Since, she just seemed so shy that too much activity would overstimulate the blond and she'd pass out or have a nervous breakdown. But the fact that she'd do that, she took the others hand as she wondered....did Pheonix hate her? He always seemed like he was running away. She asked "so what's your favourite area in the circus Emily?"

                                                        She looked at the red head as he said about how he didn't lie to her. Oh really? Because it seemed like he did! And she was waiting for an explanation. Because she was nice and she would listen to his reasons and if they were acceptable then she'd let it slide. And she saw him soon asked where to next. She smiled, really really happy. She wondered about it. Then admitted "Well I dont' know what is at the circus so I wouldn't know where to go. What is there to see at your circus Pheonix?"

                                                        M'lady, Where are you? Circus Grounds - Main Tent
                                                        With Whom? Pheonix, Em, Reaper

                                                        User Image
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xxxxxum...let's see now, uhhxxwhay did I have those sudden head aches for? xxxxx Ω my silence may keep my emotions hiddenxxshy/confused and curious/ normal. Ω

xxxxx Where am I?xxcircus grounds/big top tent

xxxxx●•♪ people....xx
Nixxy- story teller
●•♪ xxxxx Does this look ok?xx Outfit xxxxx ▂▃▅▆█Music is insperationxx nothing right now..█▆▅▃▂ xxxxx

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Emily nodded " she is a seer" she said. As Emily listened she got a small head ache; she shook her head and swiped bang hair out of her face from her eye and then the head ache was gone. That was odd; did someone promise her something in her past life that she forgot? She didn't remember. Emily then nodded " I understand...However; some promises....you can't keep; it's a fact of life" she said. Again the head ache came back as she chewed her lip. She snapped out of it as Mary help her hand and asked her what part of the circus she liked best. Emily had to think about it " being part of...a real family" she said quietly.

Emily then heard Nixxy speak up about it not being a lie and she nodded up at Mary. Nix; to her knowledge would never lie to hurt someone. It wasn't like him to do a thing like that. She sighed as he asked Mary where to go next; he was a sap wasn't he? Again she bit her lip as she thought of leaving but if he was going with this there was most diffidently a reason why he broke down and she would need to be there even more. She looked at Mary smiling and asked what there is to see. Emily wanted Nixxy to do that; seeing as he took the reign back from her after all.

The blonde slipped out of Mary's hand as she held her sketch book with two hands again. She then looked at the ground and tried to figure out as to why she had the sudden head aches. Emily didn't want to pester Dru about such a silly thing and that she could figure that out herself. Emily then looked up with a small smile as she ran up ahead " animals... perhaps nixxy?" she asked.

User ImagexxxxxxxxxxxxxxUser ImagexxxxxxxxxxxxxxUser Image
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"I don't have a performance yet, I'm still just getting used to things." Rochelle said looking at the guy who was Evan's hell. He argued some good points. Slamming her fist in t the plam of her hand she smiled. "We should take Evan Shopping," She laughed a little, the idea was more of a joke then serious. Her eyes wandered away from the group and landed on the tent. She wanted to see how well equipped this place was. Then her mind started being pessamistic and thinking of everyhting that could go wrong. She calmed herself down and focused on the current situation. "They are right about one thing, you always want to be yourself, from how you dress to how you speak." She said nodding a bit it was hard for Rochelle to pay attention because of how many males were with in arms reach.

She felt the fear again as it encroached on her mind, she could feel the coaches hands, hear the players laughs. She gripped the edge of her s**t tightly and tryed to tune out the soundtrack that her mind was playing. She needed to forget to get rid of this sound. "I would like to go and check out the equipment now if you don't mind." She said with a smile and she said good bye to everyone and started to make her way to the big top. That was where Evan said the equipment would be. She bit her thumbnail a little as she felt her fear start to abate. She needed to get over this fear of males.

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