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Bring Me To 1D
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Created By: x7dreamer

Theme: Paris, Drama, Comedy, Romance

Inspired By: The lack of any group One Direction roleplays, and my love for them!

Literacy: Lazy-Lit. Two paragraphs minimum. I'd prefer three or more! No novels, please.

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                                  That's right, ladies. If you are reading this then you are one in five lucky girls who will be flying to...wait for it...the city of love: Paris, France to meet One Directin! Not only will you be able to experience the wonders of such a beautiful country, but the world's most hottest boyband will be right alongside with you. Included in the trip are a few tours, a luxurious hotel, and even free tickets to One Direction's concert. You'll be staying in a hotel right on the same floor as the boys. Not to mention the cities nightlife. It's to die for! The trip is what you make of it, so come with a positive attitude because anything could happen! There's bound to be romace, drama, and so much more! So, what are you waiting for? It's time to start packing your bags, so you can be on your way!
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xoxoxoxo ×___» Literacy: This is a literate roleplay, that means that there is a requirement of at least three paragraphs per post. This is so that we
                all have something to work with while we are roleplaying. I understand writers block, but I am looking to have this roleplay last awhile. That means that one paragraph posts are not allowed, with writers block. I know this is harsh, but please try to make two paragraphs out of it.

xoxoxoxo ×___» Characters/Reserves: Your characters will be real pictures, sorry this means no anime. I will not accept any scene kids. They
                will be celebrities or models, only. I am only looking for heterosexual pairings when it comes to romance; I don't have anything against homosexuals, I just think this roleplay would function best with these kinds of pairings. This rolepay will be a reserve only roleplay, so there will be no profiles! Yayyyy!!!! A reserve means you are commited. I understand that maybe things come up and you can't do the roleplay anymore, if this happens just send me a pm, no questions asked just so I can open the spot up for someone else. Title reserves with the name of your character or their role.

xoxoxoxo ×___» Romance: I am expecting romance in this roleplay. Just when the clothes come off, time skip!

xoxoxoxo ×___» Posting: Posts will have more than one picture, they will look decent. You will have your characters name in your posts and role.
                I am only looking for active roleplayers who will stick with the roleplay. I understand if things come up, but you must notify me. I don't want this to die. I am looking for people who can post everything two-three days. Please, please, please be active. I do not want this to die soon. Please let me know if you cannot continue as soon as possible. I understand if things come up. So, if you are a person who tends to post once every week, this is not the roleplay for you.

                New rules will be added in red.
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Those who are playing the boys, be sure to read these before choosing the boy you want as many of these involve your characters! If the male roles do not have a strike in them, it means that they are still open

When the role has strikes throughout the whole entire thing, that means the male and female role have been taken.

The Pessimist: Growing up in New York can be hectic at times. There is a constant pressure to live up to something or someon or to be something your not. This is exactly the case for this girl. Her parents weren't owners of some big corporation or company like her friends. She doesn't go on spontaneous vacations. Instead, they took what they could get and survived a day at a time. They weren't poor, just rather middle class. She grows up, learning to expect nothing from anyone. Her friends call her stubborn. She doesn't see it that way, she just won't put up with any crap from anyone. So maybe that was why her friends had decided to sign her up for this competition. That, and the fact that they knew that Paris had always been her dream place to go. It had been a joke, what they didn't expect is that she would have won. Though, there's a slight problem. She hates the band with a passion. She sees them as divas, but she's going nonetheless only because Paris is a once in a ife time opportunity and she doesn't have to pay a dime. She doesn't trust anyone doesn't pay any attention to people she doesn't care about. Niall notices how uninterested she seems and how much she doesn't care for the band, yet instead of turning him away it intrigues him to the point where he wants to push through the walls that this girl puts up. He's curious why she acts the way she does. He's genuinely interested, but she doesn't see that. What happens when they are forced to spend more time together?

The Fan: This girl has loved the bos since the start. She loved them when they weren't the biggest boy band in the world, and still keeps tabs on them now that they are. She's not a crazy fan, but she still loves them nonetheless. She does have few posters in her room, though. Liam especially seems struck by this girl. Not only is she outgoing and bubbly, but she also has a great personality. He enjoys how much she loves and is dedicated to he band. She sings and play the guitar. This only catches Liam's eye even more. He's always been interested in getting to know the fans really well, and now he has the chance to. It's only by chance that these two seem to get along really well.

The Girl with the Uncurable Disease: Diagnosed at fifteen, this girl has been living with leukemia for a few years now. She has always been in and out of the hospital, but now the doctors tell her that she has only a year or less to year. Maybe that was why she had won the contest, that and the reason that she has always been a big fan of the band. Furthermore, Paris has always been number one on her bucket list; a reasonable list that she has of things to do before she dies. None of the boys know her secret, and she wants to keep it that way until she has a fainting episode. She had always had eyes for Louis, but once Harry figures out her secret the two begin to become really close as he becomes determined to make the trip the best.

The Old Friend: At the age of 9 a girl just moves into the house next door. She's shy and sits all alone at her house steps. She's crying. A boy, her neighbor, is passing by and sits next to her, asking what was wrong. She doesn't respond or move. The boy gives her a big hug. She's suddenly feels happy. They introduce each other. They play a lot. ETC ETC. Years passes and they're 13. The girl is moving away, but says to the boy. " You promise you'll never forget about me?" and he gives her a bracelet. He agrees. When news of Zayn being on the X Factor comes out, she is excited for him instantly remembering who he is. She's even more excited when she hears that her and her []Supportive Best Friend have won the trip to Paris to stay with them. She hopes that this will be an opportunity for her and Zayn to reconnect. However, she soon reaizes that he doesn't recognize her. He remembers everything abot his old best friend, but he believes that this girl is some crazed fan. The girl was shocked. It was only four years and he had forgotten. He wants to figure out why "this new girl" was acting as if she knew him. He grows more and more curious. All the puzzle pieces start to make sense. She had the same bracelet he had given someone years ago.

The Supportive Best Friend: It had been a miracle in itself that The Old Friend, this girls best friend, had won the trip. However, when she learns that she has also won, she is absolutely ecstatic. She has always loved the boys and knows everything about her friends predicament with Zayn which has always amazed her. She has had a troubled past, and she is determined to forget about it for the time being. Though, terrible things have happened to her, she still has an amazing personality and a positive attitude. Right off the bat, she hits it off with Louis who, like herself, is quite the comedian. The two hit it off instantly because of their alike personalities. At first she tries to hide it from The Old Friend, but then realizes that maybe Louis can be of help given the current situation.
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[list][list][size=10][color=black](here put your characters biography. So if they are part of the band then talk about that here. Or if they are one of the oc's talk about the past or how your character feels about One Direction. For both male and females, feel free to let your mind roam and write down whatever you want! For the boys maybe talk about how they feel about the sweepstakes. If they are the girl, talk abou how they feel about winning. [/size][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list]
The Boys
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xoxoxoxo ×___» Niall Horan:

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                                  Niall JamesHoran

                                / Nialler
/ Niall Horan/

        CheerfulSensitivelHungry (I had too)Irish (If that counts)Fun-loving

      He was that Irish lad that wanted to sell out arenas, and make an album. He wanted to be known as one of the biggest stars , like justin beiber. He had been compared to him a few times and honestly? It was a bad comparison. As Niall waited in line to get his audition going along with the thousands of people in front of him with the same dream he mentally prepared himself , vowing that if he got through it , it would be game on. He was a bit nervous . . . but then again who wasn't? He remembered those feeling disappearing for a moment as he took the stage. He had almost forgotten about those feelings when he began to talk with the judges. Especially Katy. He began to grow more and more confident when people began to clap along. . . . but his dreams were shot down a bit when he received his first "no" . . . . Niall jumped so high we the judges' passed him however. He was just so grateful. Lucky Irish lad , huh? He proved that he was there to win and win only. But again his dreams were shot as he waited for his name to be called out. One of the worse feelings was standing waiting for your name to be called out . . . and it just wasn't. Niall was just heartbroken at that point. That was until he was pick to be in a boy band. Little did he know that being in a boy band would completely change his life. Liam , Zayn , Harry , and Louis began must more than his band mates and friends. . . they became his brothers.Niall loved touring. especially with the boys. But when he found out it would be a little different this year , he couldn't help but raise a brow.They were to take five lucky girls with them. Well and they could really do was wait and see?

xoxoxoxo ×___» Liam Payne:

User Image
                                  L i a m james P a y n e

                                / Daddy Direction & Li
/ Liam Payne/

        kindnot terribly brightathleticsupportivegoofy

      Liam had tasted fame before in the X-Factor 2008. Being a bright eyed bushy tailed fourteen year-old at that time was let go. Liam spent his time back in Wolverhampton with his family working on those vocals that Simon liked in the first place. During this time the male was in the reserves list for the 2012 Olympics. With two dreams ahead of him Liam had to make a choice.

      Two years after his first audition Liam was greeted with a smile form Simon. He sang Michael Bublé's version of Cry Me a River and stunned the crowd, along with the judges. It was not until he was put into a group with the four boys that he realized it was the best thing to ever happen to him, being sent home that is. When the group was sent home Liam along with the rest of the boys were terrified. But of course Simon assured that this was not the end of One Direction, and Simon was sure as hell right.

      Now on this tour with these five amazing girls Liam is flying high. Liam was actually one of the most excited to hear this plan to invite fans on with them; he figured it was like a way to compete with some other pop stars 7-7-7 tours. Either way the idea was something Liam was fully on board with, meeting fans literally is what makes his job so why not give them the best?

xoxoxoxo ×___» Harry Styles:

User Image
                                  H A R R Y edward S T Y L E S

                                / Haz, Hazza, Curly

/ Harry Styles/
consumed by wanderlust


        Harry's story isn't too melodramatic. He was a bit awkward as a child, but was always running around, naked and singing his little heart out. After auditioning on X Factor, the Holmes Chapel native was excited. Very, very excited. He'd just gotten through! He was in! He didn't believe his mum or Gemma or anyone that said that he was going to win though, there were so many people that were just.. Better than him. So when his name was called, along with four other boys, to be kicked off, he had tears welling up in his eyes. Harry didn't know the other four too well, there was Louis, but they weren't the best of friends they were now. To this day, he thinks that being put into One Direction is the best thing to ever happen to him. They've gotten so successful... It's insanity. Truly, truly amazing. And after they first broke out, everything was going so smoothly. The further it went, the more the band wanted to get involved with the fans.

        At first, Harry was a bit skeptical about the contest. A whole long time with the lot of five boys, British and famous at that, might've sounded great to any teen girl, but they didn't truly understand what they were signing up for. Things tend to get a bit mental around them. But Harry's game. Always going along with the flow, pretty much. The rest of the lot was hyped up, and so Harry decided that he should be too. Now he's just bouncing in his seat, waiting to meet the five contest winners.

xoxoxoxo ×___» Zayn Malik:

User Image
                                  Zayn Javaad Malik

                                / DJ Malik , Zayn
/ Zayn Malik/

        VainQuiet (sometimes)NeatGoofyCaring

      Zayn honestly didn't hope to make the first audition. He knew he couldn sing , but getting up on that stage was a tough one for him. His confidence has improved greatly since the x-factor as well as his dancing skills. But he avoids any form of dancing , the only dancing he does is when he's trying to be a bit silly. He never would have guess that he would end up in a boy band , and never in a million years who he have guessed that the four boys that he had spent so much time with , rehearsing , and chatting would end up being more than his bandmates. But his brothers. The brothesr he never had you could say.He didn't mind being in a boy band at that point , doing so boosted p his confindence level.It wasn't until their group , One Direction , was sent home did he realize that he was going to stick by the boys no matter what. After all he was the one to say "This isn't the last of One Direction." And he was right , even though they came in third that year , Simon still signed up.Girls screaming your name everywhere you go was something you couldn't get used to right away. He still wasn't used to fan's telling him that they "loved him. . ." but don't get him wrong he loved the fan's. If it wasn't for all their love and support the would be nothing.Who would have thought that so much could happen in a year .Now him and the boy's are to take five lucky girls on tour with them. And well he was pretty excited. The only con about bring five girls on tour was the fact that it was just five . . . five out of how many fans?But anyways you get the point. All Zayn could say at this point is . . . . this is going to be a VERY interesting summer.

xoxoxoxo ×___» Louis Tomlinson:

User Image
                                  L o u i s William T o m l i n s o n

                                / Lou, Tommo,
/ Louis Tomlinson/


      Louis Tomlinson auditioned for the show, The X Factor along with the four others. He auditioned with "Hey there Delilah" and had been quite nervous about it His sisters helped with his nerves and he was surprised when the judges sent him through. It's not that he doesn't think he's a good singer, he thinks he has a decent enough voice. Just like he thinks he's handsome enough, just not overly. Louis was equally sad when they were "sent home" but ecstatic to go on as a band. Then at the end, he was disappointed when they didn't win. But in his mind, even though they placed third; they walked away with a prize that was better than first place. An inseparable friendship between five guys. And if he could redo things, he wouldn't change anything about how things turned out. The four guys are his absolute best mates and he loves it.
      He is by far the most childish out of all of them. He loves to joke around and have a good time, but just because he is so, does not mean that he can't be mature if the time called for it. Louis can very well smarten up and be mature if it's really needed. He just, doesn't most of the time because it's not needed and it's fun otherwise.
      Louis was a tiny bit reluctant at first when they were told about the contest that fans could win. Spend a whole lot of time with One Direction. He wasn't all too excited about it at first, but the more he heard the lads talk about it. The more he really got into the idea. Besides, he might come out of it with a new friend right? That was always good.
The Girls
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xoxoxoxo ×___» The Pessimist:

User Image
                                  Naomi May Clearwater

                                / Nammi
/ The Pessimist/
multicolor hair freak here


      Naomi grew up in a normal family in New York City. Nothing really exciting to talk about when it came to her and her life, at least she didn't think so. She had a normal childhood up until the age of six when her older sister passed away in a fatal car crash. In that moment she actually got really upset and took a long while to grieve. Her friends never did help the cause too much. It seemed as if Naomi had befriended girls who practically gotten anything they could ever want. They were t rich and stuck up, but they still went on their usual vacations and got lots of gifts during holidays. After her sister's death, Naomi decided life was too precious to waste on materialistic things. She never really asked for much, nor did she accept very often. It was just the kind of person she had grown up to be, and that was that. In 2009 her friends got into this group named One Direction, but Naomi wasn't too interested in them. She got into Justin Bieber a bit when he first started, but when she saw his ego grow into an I controllable monster she figured all famous artists that were adored by millions of girls were just like that, especially when five of them were put together. In an attempt to do something nice for her, Naomi's friends entered her into this contest and she happened to win. When they told her she was going to Paris she was actually a bit ecstatic, but once they said she'd be there with One Direction she was a bit upset. She didn't want to be around any of them at all...but if she got to stay in Paris for awhile then she'd most defiantly put up with them and attempt to tolerate what she saw as five stuck up divas.

xoxoxoxo ×___» The Fan:

User Image
                                  R Y A N maricella D U N C A N


/ The Fan/
Issadora Peace


      Ryan was always a bubbly child, she was rarely without a smile on her face. At an early age, she was able to brighten up a room, and somehow make people feel better merely by being in their presence. As far as she can remember, winter was always her favourite season. Being able to sit next to the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate, the festive decorations brightening the mood and the general feeling of good will all made it the "greatest time of the year" to Ryan.

      Ryan was always somewhat innocent for her age, and had a huge imagination. While she could see the devastation in the world, she truly believed that things would get better no matter what. If someone hurt her, then she would forgive them because holding grudges never helped anyone in her opinion. Like her parents, Ryan loves being on stage. She loved to sing more than act – but that didn’t stop her from taking part in the school’s plays. She learned how to play piano at an early age and along the way she taught herself how to play guitar.

      Always having a love for music and acting, Ryan knew what she wanted to do with her life once she got the chance-- she wanted to be famous. And true to Ryan fashion, she always believed she would make the cut. Just shy of turning nineteen, Ryan left home for her dreams. Moving out to L.A. with her best friend, she tried countless times to make it on some new show or try out her musical talent. She was never called back, but she never gave up. Soon, her money began to run out and she had a choice to make: give up her dream for a little while and work or go back home and try again from there. She decided to stay in L.A. and work. She got a job as a barista at Starbucks, making next to nothing. But she still had all the time in the world to chase her dreams as well.

      It was on her second month of working that Ryan found One Direction. She'd been cleaning tables out front where the televisions sat. They were showing the X-Factor auditions, live from London. It drew her in, the talent and the faces of London. She couldn't believe the high levels of talent people had on the show. But she was hooked. So, every week she'd tune in at work and ever week, she fell more in love with four English boys and one Irish lad.

      Ryan was a fan of One Direction the moment they hit the stage for the first time. And it was all downhill from there. For two years she'd followed the band and for two years, she grew more attached to five gentlemen she'd never met. So when she found out about the contest, she just had to try it. If she won, she'd ask all of them about music and how she could further herself in the business-- or really, get herself started.

xoxoxoxo ×___» The Girl with the Uncurable Disease:

User Image
                                  S c a r l e t t marie W h i t e

                                / Scar

/ The Girl with the Uncurable Disease/


      It had all happened so fast. From the night sweats to the constant fevers to the bruising and bleeding easily and to the supringly fast loss of weight. Two years ago, Scarlett White was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML), a disease that causes the body to make a large number of white blood cells and makes it hard for the body to fight off infection. When diagnosed, it had caused a lot of problems with her family and it had slowly pushed her friends away, for they didn't know how to act around her anymore. Only the true ones stayed around. Scarlett had been Ms. Popular, or so people told her. She had had the perfect life, the perfect grades, the perfect future, and the perfect boyfriend. She didn't have a care in the world, nor did she have any rough past or rough life. Though, little by little when she was diagnosed, that all started to fade away. It had devastated her older brother Elliot and her parents, but mostly it had devastated her. The perfect future she had planned for herself was something that was beginning to crumble. Especially when two years ago, the doctor only told her she had 6 months to live.

      Sure, she had been devasted, but Scarlett was always the optimistic and postive one out of her whole family. She was determined to make the time she had left count, and she did. She even survived two years more. Now, the leukemia is back the treatments had worked for the time being but she is growing weaker by the day. She's fine as of now, which is probably why the doctor allowed her to make the voyage. However, there is a big possibility that in time, the leukemia will come back stronger than it ever was before and in the end, kill her. In her mind, she has fought it once, and she can do it again. She remembers sitting in the hospital watching the X Factor during recoveries from various surgeries and treatments. There was one band that had always caught her eye, One Direction. Scarlett had always had a knack for music, but there was something about their music and their personalities that intrigued her from the start.

      She hadn't exactly won the sweepstakes, though that was what she'd be telling everyone including the boys. Her parents had reached out to the management and told them of her story and how 'long' she had left. Management had agreed not to tell the boys, for Scarlett wanted to be treated normal for once. She was excited for the trip. Paris was first on her new bucket list now that she was facing only a year left on the earth. Last time she had faced a time bomb, her parents and her brother had made sure she completed her bucket list. She did so, visiting places like Disney World, Greece and plenty more. Scarlett doesn't think it will take her life this time, but there is always that chance that it will and she knows that.

xoxoxoxo ×___» The Old Friend:

User Image
                                  E l e n a Isabelle D e L e o n

                                / El, or Ellie
/ The Best Friend/
I'm fluent in meowing

        Out goingStubbornlEccentricDeterminedCocky

      Elena DeLeon was born in Perth Australia, and as a child she grew up happily along side with her younger brother. But soon her parents were having income problems, and little things such as bills for the house become major war grounds. Eventually her picture perfect family vision was going down the drain, the day her father just picked up all his stuff and left his two kids and wife behind. Ever since they she hadn't heard from her father. Her mother now a single parent struggling with paying for Elena and her brother, but that was it was difficult to make ends meet. Due to her job as nothing but a mere secretary for a company, her mother announced that they would be moving to Bradford England, a small town. Having lived in Australia for a good part of her life, the fears of moving haunted Elena. Though arriving at the new house, the kids quickly picked on the little girl, the little things of calling names, tripping her when she was walking, leaving disgusting little things in her backpack when she wasn't looking, really took a emotional toll on her. Having no one else to share these feelings with, she would often sit off in private and simply cry. However one day, a boy appeared infront of her, asking what was wrong. Most people didn't really have a positive attitude in her life, and for someone to actually take concern into how she was feeling.. was unheard of for the girl. Nevertheless the two become inseparable and Elena claimed Zayn her best friend.

      But this joy soon came to an end when she was forced to move once again due to her mother's job. This time they relocated to the states, Florida to be in particular. The hardest part was leaving her nearest and dearest friend behind Zayn, and when they said their goodbyes, the two exchanged friendship bracelets. Leading up to the rest of her years, Elena had never taken off her bracelet. Years go on and the two loose connection, but she is quick to recognize him on X Factor. Her heart singing for joy as she sees what a success he has become. While Elena on the other hand had been battling with the an addiction that was throwing off her whole life.. she had level one anorexia. Because of the serious incidents in her life, her self esteem had soon proved to be her downfall, and started starving herself sometimes, even throwing up her food to feel good about herself. Without Zayn her life seemed to become colorless. Which was the reason why she was so over joyed to find out that her friend, has won a trip to stay with them in Paris! Agreeing to the offer her friend made of having her come along, in hopes to see if Zayn would recognize her, but her hopes crashed when she realized he did. Afraid that he wouldn't want her as a friend anymore, or have feelings for anymore Elena decides not to tell Zayn who she is, pushing back all the strong feelings she's had for him since day one.

xoxoxoxo ×___» The Supportive Best Friend:

User Image
                                  M e l o d y August C a r r

                                / Mel, Melly
/ Supportive Bestfriend/
So Much Closer


      I'm not really a fan of One Direction's music. Sure, they have nice clothes taste and their hair seems to ALWAYS be perfect, but they're just not something I would pick up and listen to for hours at a time. The only reason I am excited about this trip and the only reason I've ever been the least bit of interested in the boyband is because of my bestfriend. She happened to be Zayn's old friend when they were just little things. I didn't know her then... I was more occupied with the struggle of having an abusive parent. See, my mom died when I was seven. My dad cracked. He would drink so much... and he would take it all out on me. When I was fifteen I finally left and went to live with my mom's sister. But see, I've overcame that rough part of my life. I'm a totally different person. Now, I love to laugh. I love joking and banter. I'm a little stubborn, and a little opionated, but that's just who I am. My broken past has made me a stronger person. Right now I'm nineteen, and I just want to see all points of life. Winning this trip is exactly what I need; a small break from reality.
What's Happening in the Roleplay
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xoxoxoxo ×___» Events

///////////////////////////////////// The girls have just arrived to the hotel and will be getting ready for the banquet dinner tonight where they will meet the boys. It will
              be a big event filled with paparazzi, management, and other fans. Dress nice!

xoxoxoxo ×___» Gossip

Discuss in ooc for ideas to be added here and pm me!
xoxoxoxo ×___»

How this works: The five boys and five girls will be living in separate pent houses within the hotel that overlook the city. The girls will be together and the boys will be together. There are two bed room in the pent house which is why I am posting roommate assignments.

xoxoxoxo ×___» Louis x Harry

xoxoxoxo ×___» Zayn x Liam x Niall

xoxoxoxo ×___» Ryan x Scarlett

xoxoxoxo ×___» Elena x Melody x Naomi
xoxoxoxo ×___»
xoxoxoxo ×___»
xoxoxoxo ×___»
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xoxoxoxo ×___»

Post as the girls are arriving to the hotel. For the boys, they've been there all day hanging out maybe even went for a swim or something? Anyways, girls will start to meet each other. As far as boys go, well...their always up to something interesting aren't they.

Make sure that in your post your role is clearly visible.

Expect for me to post using this format for alerts or time skips.

Lastly, plot plot plot in the ooc!!!! Would love some drama!
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User Image

                                                            The Girl with the Uncurable Disease

                                                            Dropping her bags in the entry hall by the door, Scarlett walked into the suite amazed at the decor. From the looks of it, she was the first out of five girls that, like her, were fortunate enough to be flown to Paris to meet One Direction. The plane ride over had been exhausting, both mentally and physically, and to be quite honest, Scarlett was ready to crash but apparently there was some banquet dinner later on in the evening. Scarlett got tired quicker than most people, her body just wasn't as healthy as others. A few years ago she was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML), a disease that causes the body to make a large number of white blood cells and makes it hard for the body to fight off infection. It had rocked not only her whole world, but the people she loved most. It had been a tough ride. Hell, she wasn't even supposed to be alive right now, but by some miracle she had survived and life had, from there, gone great. Then it reappeared just six months ago. The signs were clear from the easy bruising to the fainting spells and such. Signs of it being back were undeniable. This time the doctors gave her a year, rather than two. She had beaten it once, and she was determined to do it yet again.

                                                            That was why she was here in the first place. Her parents had managed to pull some strings and here she was now. Paris was first on her new list of things to accomplish before her time was up. Her parents had helped her complete her last list when she was sick before she was supposed to die. Walking in to the suite, Scarlett was met by such brightness that it made her raise a hand to shield her eyes. The living room was surrounded by enormous glass windows that overlooked the city and had a view of the eiffel tower. She figured the view would be ten times better at night. With one hand still covering her eyes, she used the other to open the door to walk out onto the little patio. It wasn't freezing outside, but it wasn't exactly warm either. It didn't bug Scarlett, though. She had learned to become indifferent to things like temperature. Leaning up on the banister, Scarlett looked down at the bustle of the city. It was absolutely breathtaking.

                                                            She wouldn't be telling anyone about her disease. For some reason people always acted strange around her when they found out. They would start to fidget, there eyes looking every where but her. They would start to stutter over their words, suddenly determined not to bring anything up that might "offend" her. But most of all, Scarlett hated the pity. It was in everyone's eyes, poor girl. They probably said. She had learned to ignore it but that didn't mean that she still didn't notice it. Sighing, she decided to push her health issue out of her thoughts. It had taken over them too many times, when she should have been spending time living in the moment. In a few hours, she would be meeting one of her favorite bands, One Direction. Never in a million years did a trip like this seem possible to Scarlett. She was so excited, but nervous that they wouldn't like her. She wasn't sure if management forced them to do things like this, or if they truly enjoyed meeting their fans. Scarlett tapped on the banister lightly, she could stay out there all day and she didn't have any intentions of moving soon. It was all just so much to take in at once. It was beautiful.

                                                            ooc; intro post! Hope this was okay guys! Just trying to give some background info.

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