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                                              Right now, Taylor wasn't so sure that she wanted him to be actually in the room with her when she gave birth. She didn't really know him, and well that was kind of one of those intimate moments. She hardly knew him, she was still trying to wrap her brain around the fact that she'd slept with him. Nothing against him at all, she just wasn't the kind of girl that did things like that, even drinking wasn't something that she normally did, yet she'd done it. It was all just a lot to take in and she'd have to think about it. "We'll decide when that day gets here.” She said to him, dipping her fries into the ketchup then ate them.

                                              She listened as he spoke about going away and coming back on holidays to visit their kid. She thought that was a pretty good idea. She wasn't going to keep him from anything that he wanted to do, or anyone that he wanted to see. It wasn't like they were in a relationship or anything, she was just having his baby. Ugh, the thought of that was so weird when she said it out loud in her head. "Well we'll find out the sex of the baby in about two months.” she said to him with a smile, she was kind of excited to see what she was having, though she didn't care if it was a girl or boy, just as long as it was health.

                                              "I'll let you know...we just have some cleaning to do and stuff right now. We won't start painting till we know if it's a girl or boy.” She said, she wanted to plain accordingly, though she thought about just going with a neutral color, then decided against it. "So, got any plans for later?” She asked, just trying to make small talk while she ate her fries.

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Daniel raised his suspisions with Haileys avoidance. He kissed the top of her head before reaching out to grab the remote. He found himself grinning as he moved his body, where she couldn't lay on him anynore. "So, " he began, 'Since we're here.. alone.. you think we could.. uhh." He said trying to sound confident but felt awkward.

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David continued to hold onto her and rubbed her back trying to get her at ease again. He had always been there when she needed someone and knew that's why they are cooler with each other than most of then with their other friends. He looked at her as she began to name the guys she's slept with and blinked his eyes a couple times before rubbing his head "really a lot of people...it ain't my place but for yourself and your life you should slow down your going to fast your gonna crash and burn".

He looked at her with a uneased expression and shook his head lightly "I don't know about that I slept with a couple chicks before you and I've been more messed up than bobby brown and I haven't been a father". He shook his head and sat on the couch thinking of the time space and sighed "s**t how would we be able to find out"

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♚Annabelle laughed pathetically and then shook her head. "I know that I should slow down, but I can't. If I slow down, reality will catch up to me... And I don't want to deal with that, David." A couple years ago, Annabelle's older brother had died in a car accident. And even though they never said it, Anna knew that her parent's blamed her for it. She was never good enough before Bobby was gone, and now without him to distract them, all of her failures were under their microscope.

♚Unsure of what they should do, the blond just shrugged. "We could do a paternity test?" Anna looked up at him, she didn't want him to hate her. David was the only one of her friends she let know the true her. All of her pain and struggles. Most people, including her best friend Hailey, saw Anna as a party cause I can happy person. They didn't know her home life, and she liked to keep it that way.

∂σи'т ʝʋ∂ɢɛ мɛ вʏ мʏ ραƨт, ι ∂σи'т ℓιʌɛ тнɛяɛ αиʏмσяɛ...

σσc:outfit in the first ✩, song in the second && I'm not ready to let this die!

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