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Hey, How is it going? Looking for a little bit of Rping are ya?

Welcome to another, Supernatural Mansion RolePlay! Yes, there are many, but none are quite the same. And well on wards....

This isn't a roleplay about a graveyard, but rather a place to play those loved characters that fade away because of a 'dead' Roleplay.

A little curious are we? Want to know a bit more about the thread maybe....

So the idea about this thread, well another and Myself where rather annoyed that all our lovely well thought characters where with out a thread. I am sure you know the feeling, you get a well established character and have a good thing going that you want to share with the roleplaying world and unbeknownst and yet, oh so expected the thread dies..from others well not showing the same commitment.(be it we all have our own little reason which allows ourselves to okay us not posting in a thread that one has commited to...) BUT! Anyways....this Thread. Oh yes, My little lurker this thread is yet another...role play, yes vary humble in apperance and not as 'pretty' or well cared for as the others-and well once I get some commitment-I just maybe might put some thought into it. Kay? Though moving on (again), this is a place for all your lovely unplayed neglected character can now rp. (Yes, I have a few myself.) As for well direction..there is none, just other characters some how or another happening upon the mansion and socializing, maiming, fonging, killing, loving, talking, starting drama or what have you and what one's little heart desires. (rules apply of course) If some plot comes up! Well then, that is awesome, though honestly so not planed before hand... (just being honest)

And with any feither rambling at the expense of making a more impressive intro post! Ladies and Gentleman! Small animals and unattended children! The Thread.....(at this point I am assuming you have scrolled down...)
Don't want to step on anyones Toes? We have a list for that....


• Please keep it PG-13 and to the Gaia TOS. ( Key rules, Read them. Know them. Keep them.)
• Please be sure to read through the rules thoroughly
• I have the right to change anything to respectable purposes to keep things running smoothly (Rules do not bound to me, but trust me to keep them.)
• Please keep it as literate as possible. Sentences are a beautiful thing. (Though I butcher them quite a bit) Please keep the “*” actions out and please describe actions through sentences. I am vary lenient on Spelling as we all suck at it, but keep it understandable…just enough where it ‘looks’ right and is readable for others.
• No God modding we all know what that means
• Please No Killing with out permission, Killing is, by all means allowed, but Permission must be stated, asked and agreed on in the post.
• Please put a llama (or a i readth the rules) in the pm so I know you read the rules.
• Keep OCC to the brackets or other distinguishable forms. “( )”, “{ }”, ect.
• Swearing is permitted, but keep it reasonable. In other words not every single word.
• No cybering
• No spaming
• The character limit is left to how the ‘keeper’ can manage.
• PM: Dark Dragon Witch or Rhaptuire for verification of commitment.(ooo scary word…Permission in other words)

Ps: Layouts look nice, but are not needed.
A little Lost? I Might be able to help ya with that....

Got Plot? Well....No, actually.....

Well, nothing totally thought as of yet, Pretty much just other's getting to know one and each other. Something Dramatic and interesting might come along and snatch ya up from the safety of your lounge but let's leave that to the 'pawn' and the characters themselves to deiced. (Yes, if played in a curtain manner, some Rp's might just say their cerations have a mind of their own...(Muahaha))

Though if one really did have a plot they wanted to throw out there, feel free to bring it up in a Pm, or even in the thread, or rather if one wants to keep another guess..don't bring it up at all (though preferred to let a thread leader know so can be seen if it will pan out right.) But ya know....We are all adults here....Well, in hoped theory. (and if even not, at least maturate...*keeps fingers crossed*)

Wanna Know Where You Are At? This Might Help....

A Large Mansion in a hidden part of the woods, though it's a bit different then normal..The woods seemed to be magical tied to the establishment, almost as if the large vintage house has a mind of it's own. Some even say it is haunted, as rooms changes, Floors morph in another and sometimes even a strange door can be opened into another dimension. The History of it is not really even know, though by the looks of it and old taken paintings-I looks as if to be created by some great magician. What ever the rumors, the building stands and has mysteriously drawn a certain amount of residences that take refuge.

The food stock is strangely always there and managed, rooms once dirty are made clean. Almost as if the lonely house took care of itself only to have trapped any wanders in the surrounding wood only to want them a taken care of guest....on good days.

The seasons change strangely to the emotions of the house, which is given mostly by what the visitors are feeling themselves.

It is not easy to leave, If tried though the woods, one would almost think that they are in a game of portals only to end up right where they started once more.

It is after all a lonely house, and only permits you to leave when it wants you too....but everything is provided in the Mansion-so the house sees no reason for anyone to leave.

The rooms and items are strangely to what anyone could think of...

(really it's laid out so one could type and have what they want. They just have to be described in posts, I don't have all the answers to what the building looks like-so author intent is at the finger tips and keys.)

Looking to sign up? You are going to need this...

Shelly, The Skelly.

[align=right][color=Posting Colour][size=22]What is your Label?[/size][/color][/align]

[imgright]Îmage here please[/imgright]

[size=24][/size][color=Posting Colour] [size=16]Quote Here Or Saying Or Song Lyric [/size][/color][size=24][/size]

[color=Posting Colour][size=16]Information:....[/size][/color]

[b]Name:[/b] [color=Posting Colour]{First Middle Last Name}[/color]
[b]Nicknames:[/b] [color=Posting Colour]{Nick Names}[/color]
[b]Real Birthday:[/b] [color=Posting Colour]{ Birthdate; Month/Day}[/color]
[b]Age:[/b] [color=Posting Colour]{Age}[/color]
[b]Gender:[/b] [color=Posting Colour]{Gender}[/color]
[b]Species/Race:[/b] [color=Posting Colour]{Race, more then color(doesn't even matter)...vampire, warewolf, ect}[/color]

[color=Posting Colour][size=16]More about...[/size][/color]

[b]Personality:[/b] [color=Posting Colour]{Personality; a good list please}[/color]
[b]About:[/b] [color=Posting Colour]{Bio; At least a small paragraph}[/color]
[b]Height:[/b] [color=Posting Colour]{Height}[/color]
[b]weight:[/b] [color=Posting Colour]{Weight}[/color]
[b]What is liked:[/b] [color=Posting Colour]{Likes}[/color]
[b]What is disliked:[/b] [color=Posting Colour]{Dislikes}[/color]
[b]Fears:[/b] [color=Posting Colour]{Fears}[/color]

[color=Posting Colour][size=16]A bit more curious[/size][/color]

[b]why are you Here:[/b] [color=Posting Colour]{A short explanation}[/color]
[b]what did you bring:[/b] [color=Posting Colour] { Anything brought aside from the obvious that will be used in Posts.)[/color]
[b]Powers:[/b] [color=Posting Colour] { Powers if apply, Don't OP, be reasonable.)[/color]
[b]Weakness:[/b] [color=Posting Colour] { Weakness always applies. Again be reasonable)[/color]

[color=Posting Colour][size=16]More Info:[/size][/color]

[b]Orientation:[/b] [color=Posting Colour]{Straight, Bi, Bi-curious, Gay/Lesbian}[/color]
[b]Secerts:[/b] [color=Posting Colour]{Secrets*}[/color]
[b]Anything extra:[/b] [color=Posting Colour]{ Anything extra, like do you have a pet, any tattoos, extra peircings, Hobbies, the works.*}[/color]
[b]Soundtrack, Music that best describes:[/b] [color=Posting Colour]{Name of song and Singer, can have up to 6 songs listed*}[/color]


It will look like this:

The Blind

User Image
Quote Here Or Saying Or Song Lyric


Name: {First Middle Last Name}
Nicknames: {Nick Names}
Real Birthday: { Birthdate; Month/Day}
Age: {Age}
Gender: {Gender}
Species/Race: {Race, more then color(doesn't even matter)...vampire, warewolf, ect}

More about...

Personality: {Personality; a good list please}
About: {Bio; At least a small paragraph}
Height: {Height}
weight: {Weight}
What is liked: {Likes}
What is disliked: {Dislikes}
Fears: {Fears}

A bit more curious...

why are you Here: {A short explanation}
what did you bring: { Anything brought aside from the obvious that will be used in Posts.)
Powers: { Powers if apply, Don't OP, be reasonable.)
Weakness: { Weakness always applies. Again be reasonable)

More Info:

Orientation: {Straight, Bi, Bi-curious, Gay/Lesbian}
Secerts: {Secrets*}
Anything extra: { Anything extra, like do you have a pet, any tattoos, extra peircings, Hobbies, the works.*}
Soundtrack, Music that best describes: {Name of song and Singer, can have up to 6 songs listed*}

The List:

The Active:
(Those that are steadily posting)
-Dark Dragon Witch

The Limbo:
(Those that are inconsistent)

The Deserted:
(Those that are not seen anymore)

Those Accepted.

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