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                        Howie was welcomed with the sound of Deputy Mascolo screaming at the top of his lungs. He held his arm as he blinked for a moment, before John seemed to recognize him. Howie wasn't sure of who the male had mistaken him for, but there was more important matters at hand. He parted his lips to tell John of his findings, but before a syllable could be uttered, the deputy beat him to it. There was an emergency in the woods, children have died and there were fires around town. Speaking of fires! "Carl Aldred's house is on fire as well!" he added. The odd thing was, Howie wasn't fully certain what was causing the multiple fires. They didn't live in a place where wildfires were common, and it seemed odd to blame each incident on lightning. There was no time to delay, and the deputy was certainly in a hurry, so Howie hurried along as well. That didn't change the fact that he needed to tell someone of his findings. What he discovered in those bodies could possibly be a missing piece to this ridiculous puzzle. He managed to get in the truck, his arm still hurt, but as long as he could move it, he knew he would be ok. His eyes trailed over to John, and his brows furrowed. Although they were in the middle of a crisis, there was something off about the brunette. He seemed paranoid.

                        "John..." Howie began, but he wasn't sure if the other heard him, because next thing he knew he was cursing and talking about how this wasn't happening. The medical examiner could only assume he was talking about the incident in the woods coupled with the deaths and the fires. Maybe Howie was insensitive, but his job involved seeing dead people; just as John was a cop, so they weren't in the position to panic. He drew out his cellphone when he felt it suddenly chime, and there he saw a text message from the director of the documentary. The text was weird and almost random. Howie had to look back at their previous conversation to see if he had sent anything that would prompt this kind of response.

                        Don’t come searching for me,
                        I’m where I’m meant to be. searching for the
                        truth in a lie. It’s all I’ve ever wanted and more.

                        He was just about to ask for John's opinion on the matter when he suddenly heard the other say, "Grammy...Did you--". John...was talking to himself. Now, Howie didn't pretend to be a psychologist, but at this moment, he deeply worried about John's mental health. It wasn't until the truck pulled up to where the police cars, as well as those belonging to civilians, that Howie stepped out. Unfortunately he still had his files with him, with everything occurring he never had time to put them down. John was speaking in broken sentances, and Howie wasn't able to make any sense of it. It wasn't until John flagged down another officer, that Howie was able to get a least a gist of what's going on. There was apparently a wolf attack happening, perhaps that's what caused whatever was happening in the woods. Howie parted his lips to ask more about it, but next thing he knew John was rushing off and "Fletcher" was taking him off to the sheriff. "Wait, so what's actually going on!?" But he didn't think John heard him.

                        Howie felt frustrated, because the medical examiner, he should never feel as clueless as he did now. He couldn't get over how weird the ride over had been. Although he was sitting not far from John, he felt as though he and the other man were in two different worlds. There was a sense of bitterness of not being told any real details. All he knew was that something happened in the woods, there were wolves or wild dogs attacking, children were hurt, and now there are fires. These bits and pieces were picked up from what little he heard the other say, but none of it gave him a full idea of what to expect. "Can you tell me what happened?" Howie suddenly asked officer Fletcher. "I cannot do my job without any details." His words sharp, as well, the events of today were running his patience thin, and Idike's cryptic text hadn't helped.

                        "Doctor, girl scouts were found slaughtered out in the woods," the police officer told him. "There are some survivors, but most are either dead or in critical condition."

                        "Wait, then where is Deputy Mascolo going?!" Howie immediately questioned, but the other officer couldn't give him an answer. Dr. Wilcox couldn't help that he now felt suspicious, given John's earlier behavior and then suddenly leaving without giving much of an excuse. Fletcher led him to the scene of the crime where he now saw everyone working together to give the girls first aid, as well as leading them down the path they just walked up. He noticed lights placed around, so everyone could see what they were doing, rather than working in darkness. He also saw that there were officers working to cover the dead. However his thoughts drifted back to Idike's text...what did it mean? He took out his phone and texted to her.

                        To: Idike
                        From: Howie

                        Let me know when you find it out.
                        I'm searching for answers as well.

                        Then again, that was his job, to search for whatever answers he could find hidden beneath the victim's skin. Fletcher led him over to where Malcolm had been. It was nice to see how on top of everything he was. It was seemed as though he was the lead commander, instructing everyone how to get everything done in the quickest, most efficient way possible. He recognized the paramedics and emts on the scene, although wondered why more doctors hadn't been sent. He gripped his folder so the wind wouldn't carry his papers away. "Sheriff Rose," Officer Fletcher called out. "Dr. Wilcox is here."

                        Howie stepped closer and glanced once more at the scene, before looking towards the sheriff. "I heard a little bit about what's going on. Deputy Mascolo briefly mentioned something about wolves or wild dogs." He hadn't had the chance to thoroughly look at their wounds, but from what he could see, there would have to be a lot of dogs to cause this much damage. "Once we get the children to safety, there are a few things I need to share with you. I was over at the historian's house and some rather bizarre things occurred. I'm not sure if they're connected to everything else that's been happening in Brookshire, but there's a possibility. I'll warn you, I'm technically off the clock, so I'm not exactly prepared." He wasn't going to add that he had issues with working on living patients, but as a doctor, he would do what he must. "Before I get started, is is possible I could leave my files in your car?" That's when he noticed that one of the girls being covered up, appeared to be one of Shepherd's classmates. She was Asian, with very soft features. It made him wonder about his own son's safety. After all, Shepherd was participating in the "Foster House" attraction. In his opinion, it was sick how the town was using death as publicity. It was more sick that Dr. Shultz wanted Shepherd to enter the home in the first place. He knew it was a performance and that the teen wouldn't be able to text him until it was done, but how late were they supposed to work? It was already midnight...

                        "Do you have a count of how many are alive?" Howie suddenly asked him.

                        OoC:: let me know if anything needs to be edited
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            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxJULIETTE SERENITY McCOY-SUMMERS

            THE TEACHER
              Outside of Summer's Residents with NarcissaxxxxClickersxxxxOoC: I have permission from Tryfon

              Juliette couldn't fully describe that moment...when all you can hear is the sound of your throbbing to its own beat. Her heart was beating so loud, she could have swore their neighbors could hear it. She was sure her heartbeat was louder than the approaching storm. The pain that ripped through her foot, the sickness in the pit of her stomach, Juliette was ready to be done with everything. It would have been so much easier to just wait for someone to come save her. If only there was someone could handle all of the scary stuff for her...she didn't want to go in the house, but she couldn't leave Narcissa alone. After losing Kain, Adam...and now most likely any chance of having Ophelia in her life...she couldn't bear to think of what would happen if she lost Narcissa too. She was all she had left. The blonde stopped short when she suddenly heard the door of slamming doors, and noticed that even her front door was opening and closing with such a force. She feared the door was going to break to pieces. It was at that moment she suddenly heard the sound of Narcissa's voice. Poor Narcissa was calling out for her.

              'I sent you in there, and I promise I'm going to get you out,' Juliette mentally declared as she suddenly grabbed hold of the door's handle. She underestimated how strong the force was behind it, as she was suddenly yanked forward, almost losing her balance. The pressure she had to apply to her foot to keep from falling, was incredibly painful. Her face twisted, as a sharp hiss broke from her lips, but she refused to let go. 'Just say something,' she mentally urged herself. 'Say anything to let her know you're here.' But it was too hard, and Juliette was certain that this was all too hard for someone like her to handle. She wasn't equipped to deal with ghosts. The only time she ever remembered having a "ghostly experience" was when she was little, visiting her gran on her old plantation styled home in Savannah, Georgia. Although her parents never believed her, Juliette was certain that house was haunted. Sometimes she would hear the sound of sweeping in the middle of the night, or the rustle of chains. She once had an imaginary friend who was a little girl about her age at the time. Nothing she experienced in that house was like what was happening now. As the door continued to slam she found herself thinking back to all of the bizarre events that occurred in her town.

              Why did Adam have to die? As terrible as he had been the last couple of years, Juliette knew he would have known how to handle all of this. He would have dealt with the ghosts in a calm and sensible manner. For all she knew, he would have called the priest to do some kind of exorcism. And then it dawned her...she could call the church to cleanse her house!

              'But will everyone say? What, am I some kind of heathen who brought this curse on my family? What if they start blaming me for Kain and Adam's deaths!?' It was all very frustrating, but what frustrated her even more was the continuous sound of the doors slamming. She was tired of her body being jerked into the wood. Then suddenly she managed to wedge her body in, to keep the door propped open. "Narcissa!" she managed to say. Although she wasn't sure if the other girl could hear her over the sound of the storm. "Come on, let's go!" she shouted.

              Then as suddenly as all of the activity had started up, it stopped. The doors were no longer slamming, and the windows were still. Her photos remained ripped, but the spirits were silent. Not even her piano was playing on its own. Juliette was breathing hard, but she couldn't find her words. Instead she trailed her gaze about the darkened room, expecting something to jump out at her. "Narcissa, carefully come to me," she quietly said. "And we're going to leave...just be careful." Juliette was so concerned about Narcissa, she had completely forgotten about the continuous throbbing pain she was experiencing. All of her attention remained focused on Narcissa. She reached out her hand to the other woman, hoping she would take hold of it. Even with the pain she was in, she didn't budge from that door until Narcissa was out of the home, and outside with her. Her coordination wasn't the greatest, but at that moment, Juliette didn't mind that she stumbled. She didn't mind her foot was covered in blood. All she cared about was Narcissa's safety, and so she hugged the blonde very tightly and tenderly. She held so that the side of her head could nestle the side of her maid's. "I'm sorry I sent you in there," she whispered. That eerie feeling didn't leave. Juliette continued to have this unsettling feeling that someone was watching them. "We need to go," Juliette whispered as she broke away from the maid and started hobbling and limping to her car. The pain was returning, and ground didn't feel level. It wasn't until she was able to brace herself against the car, she glanced toward the other girl. "Did you manage to find everything?" Oh how Juliette hoped she had, otherwise she would have to go in the house this time.

              The pain in her foot was coming back, and whatever kind of rush she was getting from the alcohol couldn't dull the feeling anymore. Her body was tense, her shoulders held a little higher as her arms remained close to her sides. Her eyes refused to leave Narcissa...and she found herself wondering why would someone go through so much to help her. From what Adam said, Juliette wondered if her own importance and self-worth was a myth, but here Narcissa was always doing whatever she could to make her happy. Why? The question continued to repeat itself in her mind. Words could not express how thankful she was for her maid. She was more than house staff, she was honestly her companion...and in a weird way, she sort of was beginning to fill the void her family left behind. Sometime soon she would make it up to her...she didn't know how, but somehow she would. "If you do have the keys...please be careful with my car...but um, I guess we should go to the hospital."

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                  ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●● » TYREESE ROMAN OLIVER
                  The Jock «

                  This had been one of those moments, Tyreese found himself wondering...how did he get himself placed in this situation. How could this have been prevented? If this had happened earlier, he would have brushed the situation off, and considered it something to spicen up this old town. But now, it was different. He had to attend the funeral of his best friend not too long ago, and now he wondered if he would have to go to his little sisters' as well. What made it worse was that his parents didn't know. They didn't know that the little Halloween camping trip his little sisters were going on took a tragic turn for the worse. They didn't know that these deaths were on the same level as the Foster House Massacre. He didn't know if the tally topped twelve, but there certainly were a lot of injuries. He kept his eyes fixed on Aubrey, but it appeared as though the cop was ignoring him. He was angry and frustrated and wanted to hit something, but he couldn't. Instead the male grabbed at his hat pulling it down harder on his head as he attempted to calm himself down. He heard Josie's voice and glanced over toward her. She had...comforting eyes. It was just the look she was giving him...it reminded him to breathe. That and the fact he had a reputation to uphold. He was about to throw a fit in front of a classmate who could later claim that he had cried. It was weird...but that's exactly what his body wanted to do. He felt his eyes burning, his jaw tightened, but his own pride kept him from crying in front of her. He wanted to punch something; however, he heaved a sigh and dropped his hands to his side.

                  A hardly audible, "Yeah," left his lips. He needed to find his sisters. He couldn't get the sight of Maryanne out of his head. He had seen her recently, when she dropped by to pick up his sisters. Why didn't he say more than he had? No...this wasn't happening. Ty refused to believe that any of this was happening. He was going to wake up in his bed and realize he slept in again, and all of this was some really ******** up dream caused by some drug Liam stumbled up and decided to share. The wind started blowing even harder and Ty just stood there, trying to convince himself that soon he would wake up. He didn't know how to trigger it, but he'd wake himself from this nightmare. He saw the way the leaves were dancing, and he heard the children beginning to say something, but he wasn't certain of what it was. They were chanting...something. 'Yeah...it's a dream,' he mentally assured himself. There was no way this wasn't a dream. This sort of stuff doesn't happen! He started walking slowly, looking at the little girls, trying to look for his little sisters. He was torn, because part of him wanted to find them, while another part didn't in case they were dead. Then suddenly he heard the sound of a tree branch fall, and immediately his attention darted toward the source. Charlotte was calling for him to help assist the officer he had spoken to before. Quickly he rushed over to the scene. The child was hysterical.

                  With instruction, he grabbed onto the branch and started to hoist it up, with the help of all who had stepped in. Medical personel worked to move the child from the ground, and once she was cleared, they were free to drop the branch. He could hear the howl of the dogs in the air, but he didn't think much of it. For all Ty knew, some people let their dogs free because of the approaching storm. Aubrey gave her thanks and that's when Ty spotted Izy. He wasn't sure why she was here, but it was a relief to know another one of his classmates was alive. Even though he and Izy had a recent rough patch, he liked to believe that things weren't always bad between them. He supposed the pregnancy was what made him bitter, as well as the threat to involve his mother. With everything that had happened to her recently, he could honestly way he was glad she was alive. He saw the sheriff, then Nicole talking to her and the priest about something. Ty didn't want to eavesdrop or involve himself. Instead, he decided this was probably the time he needed to tell his parents. But how on earth would he find the right words? He drew out his phone and saw a text from Ed. What if...what happened to his sisters was God's way of saying "******** you" for his sexuality decision.

                  No...Tyreese was far from religious, but it was a nagging thought in the back of his head. When he read the part about Ophelia's house being on fire, his heart skipped a beat. Immediately he thumbed out a response, unsure if anything had happened during the extended amount of time the text sat untouched in his inbox.

                  To: Teddy Bear
                  From: Ty

                  Stay away from the fire! Ppl are dying.
                  I'm in the woods n there cops everywhere
                  Maryanne's dead n a bunch of lil kids.

                  Send. Ty didn't even catch he used the wrong there. All he focused on was keepin his text short without adding in all the sentimental s**t that comes with knowing you're going to die. But what if...he does die? The idea that if this is reality, there's a chance he won't survive the night. Or even worse...what if Ed dies? Could he even remember the last thing he said to him in person? Ty racked his brain, but drew blanks. He didn't know if what he felt for the other was actually love. It was...very early in their relationship, but he couldn't deny that he felt something. It was weird, confusing, and made him angry...but strangely happy at the same time. Why did he always feel so frustrated? Maybe it was because he didn't know...if this made him gay...because Tyreese believed he was very much attracted to women, but...why did he feel so conflicted about everything?

                  It was cute that Ed said he would pray...would God answer though?

                  Ty chose not to send an affectionate text. He decided that he wasn't going to let his emotions dictate anything he did. He had never been in a relationship that made him second guess himself. If anything, he was problem the one who often sent the vague text messages, leaving himself emotionally detached. Or maybe he should send a text? He wanted to.

                  His phone started ringing in his hand. He heard the call for everyone to start applying first aid and transporting them to cars, but the label on his Caller ID read: Dad.

                  "Hello?" he answered, however the roar of the wind combined with the commotion made it a little difficult for him to hear what was being said on the other end. However that's when he was able to make out, "Where are you?" "Hanging out with Josie, why?" It technically wasn't a lie, but it wasn't he needed to say. He needed to tell him about what happened, but until he knew the state of his sisters, he didn't know what exactly say.

                  "Tyreese, everyone is heading to the church. I can't get in touch with the girls' troop leader; I need you to get here as soon as possible."



                  Ty didn't say anything, and tightened his jaw. He had to say something.

                  "Tyreese, what's that in the background?"

                  "Dad, I gotta go" and he hung up.

                  "Kid, if you're not helping, then I'll need you to clear the area," and officer suddenly told him, earning an irritated look from Ty. He could have told the officer he was talking to his dad, but there was no point. If anything, Tyreese wasn't much of a fan of cops. Instead he watched as the male walked away from him, and he glanced back down at his phone. Although Maryanne was dead, there was no way he could tell Pennie. Not after the Luke thing...he wasn't sure she would be able to handle it. Instead he decided to send her something more pleasant, granted he hadn't heard from her in a few days.

                  To: Pennie
                  From: Ty

                  Hey, is everything ok at the foster house
                  cuz apparently s**t hit the fan everywhere else

                  Then next to Kaleb....

                  To: Kaleb
                  From: Ty

                  Hey, so there are a lot of bodies
                  in the woods. Details later, but
                  be careful dude. Apparently stuff
                  is happening everywhere. Idk,
                  there are fires, and for some
                  reason not enough docs here.

                  And then one last text...

                  To: Teddy Bear
                  From: Ty

                  I case you know, something
                  happens. Idk. It sounds weird
                  but I think you're special
                  I love really like you. Idk
                  but you're important to me, and I hope
                  I can see you tomorrow. Texts make
                  everything sound stupid.

                  Once the texts were sent, he put his phone back in his pocket and hurried over to Nicole. He stopped in front of the student teacher and voiced, "Hey, what can I do?" It looked like she was assigning jobs earlier. Although that didn't change the fact that he hadn't found his sisters yet. On the inside he felt like a wreck, by Tyreese was doing his best to hide that.

                  Location:: Woods with Girlscouts and others; by Nicole
                  Attire:: clickers
                  OoC:: ooc
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Everything Rain said made sense. The text made him feel uneasy and his coworker just confirmed why--Idike wouldn't have sent something like that. It was almost like "Keyt" was taunting them. He didn't like it one bit. Although he was curious to find out what was going on, he was a bit freaked out. Henry was trying not to think about the extremely odd events that transpired for now. It was more important to figure out what to do with the young girl and Idike's disappearance. Not that they seemed to have many options. It was like Rain said, there could be tons of traps that littered the woods. Sure they came through safely not too long ago; but there was no way they could retrace their steps completely. Not to mention the fact that someone could have set up more just to keep them where they wanted. He wasn't opposed to risking it if he had to in order to get help; but splitting up was a horrible idea and they couldn't take the little girl into the woods. Everyone that ever watched a horror flick knew that sticking together was always the better option. That's why he didn't voice his thoughts and uttered a simple 'okay' when the other concluded that they should find a window and call 9-1-1. It's not like he agreed to go into the school just yet.

Henry was somewhat surprised when he heard his phone ringing since this was the best time for communication devices to stop working. It took a while for the person on the other end to pick up though. By that time his luck seemed to have petered out because he could only hear static. It didn't matter whether he said hello, explained the situation briefly or asked if the person could hear him--there was no noticeable change in the noise that was filtering into his ear. Then the line went dead. The techie pulled the phone away from his ear with an annoyed sigh escaping from his lips. "That was a bust," he mumbled out more to himself. Then he noticed the text from the gamer after he started examining whether or not his phone was starting to die or not. Unfortunately he didn't get a chance to read it since Rain called his name.

The techie walked a bit closer to the two in order to hear what the little girl was saying. It was her mention of Ty that caught his attention first. Did she know him? Wait, Rain mentioned something about her earlier. Were they related? "s**t." Henry cursed under his breath without realizing it. He just couldn't remember if someone revealed her name--there was just too much that happened in such a short period of time. "Hey," he said in a loud enough tone to get the girls attention without startling her, "When you said Ty did you mean Tyreese? How do you know him? Are you related? I should probably let him know you're safe. What's your name?" He didn't give her that much time to answer the questions until after he finished--everything just poured out. It's not like he was speed talking; but still.

It was during this time, with the girl now standing up on her own, that Rain went off to find a good window. Henry followed with the young one by his side while making sure his coworker was in sight. It's not like he was running at top speed in some random direction so they would be fine. Whatever information was given to him by the mystery girl was taken into consideration before he started to send the jock a text. He either said that he found someone Tyreese probably knew or typed out her name if it was given. Then he went on to point out that she was fine and that he would keep her with him until they found a safer place. Of course the location was mentioned; but he didn't tell the jock where they were exactly and that they were going in. The very last bit of the text hoped that the teen was okay.

Soon they reached the window and Rain started to suggest how they should get everyone in there. The techie didn't have time to think of a better idea and decided to follow the other mans lead. He did have a nagging feeling though. There were noises infiltrating his ears, which sounded potentially helpful, but he couldn't be sure. Henry just felt like there were others nearby and that they should check. There is strength in numbers after all. Right? Still, it was dangerous to wander around and Idike's time was probably limited. "Okay, give me a second." With that said he sent out some texts that he felt were needed. After all, they were entering into unknown territory as far as he was concerned--anything could happen.

To: Ed
Uh this might sound weird but
a coworker was possessed and
dragged my boss into the school.

To: Ed
Thats the short version.

To: Ed
We're going in to search for her
since we dont know when help
is coming if at all.

Henry sent them separately because he didn't think to add certain things until after he pressed the send button. Then he decided to check up on everyone he had the numbers for that wasn't in his group. Of course he didn't bother to think about omitting anyone that was missing, dead or just wouldn't be able to respond. He even sent something to someone he didn't get along with. Why did he still have his number? Probably because he had a tendency to leave contacts in his list forever--unless he got a new phone number.

To: Bunny, Oli, Marquis, Sean and Vlad.
How's it going? Tonight has been
crazy. I hope you are doing okay.
Please stay safe.

It might have been a strange message; but he couldn't help but feel worried. After all, there were disasters happening in town. Hopefully they were the only ones dealing with ghosts though. Supernatural stuff seemed a lot harder to deal with than fires. It was only his opinion; but it probably stemmed of the fact that he was in a situation he never experienced before and only had a bit of knowledge in. Henry had no real use and was going to leave it up to his new found friend to tell him what to do.
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Since he was done with what he wanted to do, Henry helped get the little girl through the window before handing the camera over. Then he hoisted himself up and through; albeit not very gracefully. It was quite obvious since he nearly fell on his face. Luckily he steadied himself and focused on straightening his clothes before checking his camera for any damages. It was turned back on at that time and deemed to be in working condition. Since it was rolling, he took a good look at the room they ended up in. At that point he was focused on capturing anything out of the ordinary regardless of what the other two were doing. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary in what appeared to be the principals office--at least nothing he could see with his naked eye. His camera could always pick up something he didn't notice. It was like finding a treasure when he had to analyze and edit things.

Then they made their way to the door that led to the hallway. Henry poked his head out while looking from side to side as if he was about to cross the street. It didn't matter if the other two went out before him or not; but he only exited the room when nothing appeared to jump out as strange. Now they just had to figure out which way would lead them to Idike. Would it be best to backtrack to the door she went through? He had no idea where that was and it could waste time. In the end, he just kept up with the silent cameraman role.

LOCATION: In the old high school with Rain and a little girl.
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                                        His interaction with the hustler wasn't particularly bad; but it wasn't pleasant either. It was more like they were just trying to figure out what was going on. Although the situation with the dead lady in the car was incredibly hard to explain; he wasn't about to chalk everything up to something supernatural. Maybe they were drugged at the bar. Some people saw some crazy s**t when tripping out after all. There was one thing he could agree on and that was the fact that nothing was making a whole lot of sense. Still, the only response he gave was a thoughtful hum since he didn't have anything to add or ask.

                                        Then they exchanged phones in order to compare the messages Erik was sending to them both. The hustler confirmed the fact that they were out of character more or less. That just meant that someone else was probably using his phone. Then again, maybe he had to be cryptic. Sebastian's messages were definitely strange yet different. Two were related to some treasure that he assumed that the other was searching for while one was related to Erik. That one text fit more with the two that were sent to him. Why was "Erik" focusing on helping his friend find treasure when he was talking to him about needing to be saved? The messages he got just seemed more personal in his opinion. That didn't make any sense since they just started to get to know each other while the other two have been friends forever. It didn't matter that they haven't spoke much until recently. The fact of the matter was that they had a stronger connection. Not that Shin knew any details related to them both; but he did figure that they were friends from before or something of the sort. That's why he brought it up to Sebastian in the first place.

                                        "John..?" He responded in a slight spaced out type of tone. Marquis just interrupted his thoughts after all. Why was he asking about him? Shin would have asked but the arrival of the other two cut that conversation short. It did make him check his phone just to find no missed texts. That did not make him happy. He was tired of being ignored by his "best" friend even if the guy was super busy. It didn't hurt to send a quick response even if it was to say that he didn't even have time to read a text.

                                        Shin looked over at Jareth not really caring that he was there. The guy was just someone that gave him money. He did greet the two with a simple nod though. Then his attention was on the hustler. It wasn't a surprise when there was mention of treasure. Apparently his assumption was right on target. Marquis was here to find something worthwhile--at least that was the hope for any treasure hunter. The dealer, on the other hand, didn't care to indulge himself in childish antics. After all, he was given an out and would be able to gain money through other means. He might have taken some time to consider it if there wasn't so much crazy s**t happening all around them. Shin was definitely set on leaving town now. Plus, the bartender warned him to leave--not look for treasure. He also wanted to be save; but he wasn't about to spend time doing that. After all, it looked like Sebastian and friends would be going to the same place. "I'm out. You guys have fun. Check the old high school and try to find Erik before it's too late." Shin turned to walk to his car before he stopped to look back at the hustler. "Keep the rest."

                                        A little bit later...

                                        Shin made it to the place he had to call home. When he walked in he didn't bother taking a glance at the place his mother sat herself. Instead, he just walked up the stairs and into his room. It was after he walked out of his room, with a bag of his stuff in his hands, and down the hall that he saw her. The woman's head was hung down so that her scraggly hair covered her face. There was something off about her--more than normal. It caused him to drop his bag with a light thud before inching closer. "Mother?" He asked with slight concern in his voice. Sure he basically disowned her in his own way; but that didn't mean that he totally hated her. It was when he called out to her that she lifted her head up dreadfully slow. Some strands of hair still covered parts of her face; but her eyes looked dark rather than soulless. While he took it all in he didn't notice what was about to happen until it was too late.

                                        His mother lunged at him, making him crash to the floor with her weight landing on top of him soon after. The force knocked the wind right out of him. While he attempted to catch his breath, she quickly wrapped her fingers around his neck after positioning herself so that she was sitting on his abdomen. "You can't leave us," she nearly hissed out in a tone that sounded not of her own. Sure it was her speaking in her voice; but something was strange about it. There was an echo--as if there were two. Definitely didn't make sense. That wasn't something he was about to think more about since he had to focus on getting out of the death grip that was made more obvious when she dug her uneven nails into the back of his neck. Of course it wasn't too hard to break free since she neglected to pin his arms down.

                                        Soon he rolled them over so that their positions were switched. He used one hand to squeeze her thin wrists together and pin them above her head while he took the time to catch his breath. She didn't hesitate to speak though. "Is this how you treat the ones you love?" Shin didn't bother to respond and continued to focus on regulating his breathing. "Roughly? Without any care." Forget the fact that she was just trying to kill him; but that wasn't addressed as she continued on her sadistic tirade. "Always thinking about yourself even when it came to Kain." At the utterance of the dead teens name his eyes narrowed. "You think we didn't know~?" A short cackle was heard before she continued. "We all knew."

                                        This finally caused him to snap. "What the ******** is wrong with you woman? Whose we?" When the only response given was an eerie grin, Shin grabbed a handful of the nightshirt she was wearing and jerked their faces closer. This action also caused his grip on her wrists to slacken a bit without him knowing. "Answer me!"

                                        "You're just like your father." With that said, his eyes went wide and shock flooded his features. His grip on her clothes loosened until his mother fell back with a soft thud. A smirk was plastered on her face. There was one thing Shin did not want to become and that was his father. "A gay piece of s**t." Before he could even contemplate what that meant he felt a sharp pain in his side. The dealer looked down to see a hairpin stuck into his skin. The slight distraction gave his mother the opportunity to scramble out from underneath him. She didn't utter another word until she was standing up. "An abuser," she continued despite his barely audible denial, "just look at how you handle your own poor mother."

                                        Shin looked up at her before getting up slowly--the hairpin forgotten. "I'm nothing like him." His voice was louder than when he said 'no' but it was still said rather quietly compared to his normal tone. "In denial just like he was--" she was cut off by an angry response that flew out of Shin's lips after he pushed himself away from the wall that he was propped up on. "No!" Still she continued as she shuffled closer. "We saw how you used Kain like a toy to be thrown away when he's not useful anymore. And we know you left those marks on him." The dealer took a step back every time she got too close. "I didn't do that," he stated firmly. Shin was referring to the scars--there was no way in hell that they were from him. His mother didn't let up though. She merely gave an eerie smirk before she continued. "You didn't give a s**t about him and wouldn't hesitate to beat him when he decided to actually disobey."

                                        "You're wrong!" The dealer screamed out in an uncharacteristically angry tone. "I...I..." he started to struggle with what he felt like saying--his tone much weaker than before. "Are you trying to confess your feelings for him? That's rich. Someone like you couldn't have loved anyone--let alone a haughty teenager. You just lusted after those illegal sexual escapes you two had. Sins that need to be shown to the rest."

                                        "Shut up!" He screamed out yet again as he shoved her away. "You don't know what you're talking about!" His tone was not as violent as before but he was definitely still angry and anyone could see that. Shin's mother stumbled into the post at the top of the stairs, lost her balance and started to tip over. His eyes went wide as he reached out and grabbed her wrist before she fell down the stairs. A moment later nasty nails dug into his arm as a creepy smile appeared on her face. "Come with us~" she cooed out in a seductively eerie tone. His mother grabbed the forgotten hairpin and yanked it out. Shin gasped and grabbed the offending wrist. Seeing that he was in the middle of pulling her to safety while she was intent on bringing him down with her, he started to lose his balance. His reaction was to release one of her wrists in order to latch onto the post at the top of the stairs. Her ratty nails scrapped down his skin as she fell back. The other wrist, which held the bloody hairpin, broke free. It was a classic case of him losing his hold on her wrist because they were being pulled in opposite directions.

                                        Shin watched, with his mouth slightly open, as she tumbled down the stairs. Her limbs seemed to flair around like a puppets probably would if thrown into the same situation. Then came the loud thump when her body finally landed on the floor below. The dealer had frozen in place as soon as she hit the first part of the stairs. It seemed to happen in slow motion for him while the sound of her body being tossed around was softened somehow. It wasn't until the final crash into the lower level that he was snapped out of his trance with the sound. That was when he realized he was holding his breath. Still, he didn't move a muscle. Dark eyes stared at what appeared to be a lifeless body crumbled into a heap before they flicked over to the door. It was as if he was expecting someone to walk through. No, it was more like he was expecting someone to have walked in as she was tumbling and be standing there like he did so many years ago. Shin let out a shaky breath and shook his head lightly before he rushed down the stairs to kneel beside her. He checked her neck and then her wrist; but there was no pulse. His breathing started to become labored and uneven when he realized that she was dead. The dealer looked back up the stairs just to see a vision of his mother back when she killed his father. It was as if the whole scene started to play out for him. The body looked like his dad now and there was the mini him that walked in on the "accident". Then came that look in her eyes. A shiver ran down his spin when he realized that it was quite similar to the one she had right before she attacked him.

                                        He didn't know what to do; but he knew that he didn't want to see anymore. That's why he closed his eyes while he attempted to calm himself down so he wouldn't start to seriously hyperventilate. Passing out would definitely not help him. When he opened his eyes the past was gone and no one was around. Shin got up and tended to his wound before he went to get all the things he thought he would need. No one would find anything incriminating in the house; although he left his mother right where she landed. He just couldn't bring himself to touch her whether it would be considered self defense, another accident or not. The dealer threw his stuff in the car and closed the door before he went for his phone. John was pulled up just to be stared at. He wanted to text him; but felt like it would be a waste. The guy was basically ignoring him. Why would he be there for him when he really needed a friend? An actual look of angry sadness appeared on his features before he hurried to the drivers side and hopped in. His cell was unceremoniously tossed into the passengers seat.

                                        Shin was about to turn on the car when he stopped to look at his phone. It was a good minute, so it seemed, before he picked it up and started to type out something quick. He was texting from an unknown number just in case. Although he wanted help, he didn't want to send himself to the slammer by saying something that might be incriminating to a person of the law. The dealer always had to be careful after all.

                                        To: John
                                        My mom died.

                                        With that sent he went to start the car and hopefully head out for good; although he rubbed his neck first. It'll probably bruise; but he didn't care about that at the moment. It just felt like her hands were still on him--and that was unsettling.


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                                        Location: In his car with no one.
                                        Attire: It's whatever.

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                                                                                  Perhaps his suggestion to retreat to a religious building was far too much to swallow, but he was serious. More so when it came to protecting Emilee. She had to have understood that he was only following orders. He swore at his parent's funeral that he'd watch over her like a hawk. He sure couldn't do that now if she went away with a suspected sociopath or whatever you wanna call that a*****e. Honestly, he wondered how the kid wasn't behind bars already. Were the police that careless around here? Sure, he got his a** kicked when Jareth caught him at the hospital. You could say he got a 'get out of jail free' card. Still, if it wasn't for the janitor, Carter probably would have served at least ten days followed by community service. It seemed to be that smaller crimes were of more importance versus the really big ones lately. That reminded him of her previous comment. Was she mad at him for sympathizing with Ophelia? Insulted maybe? Why? No one else was speaking up. Besides, her situation sounded like out of those haunting reenactment shows Emilee watched. Shouldn't his twin be just a bit fascinated? He was surprised that she wasn't asking someone for a paper and pen to jot this all down.

                                                                                  It seemed the group was a bit distracted from what needed to be done as noise grew from the crowd. He half-heard what was being said, but it sounded as though the haunted house was a no-go. He snickered a bit on the inside because one, it was funny as hell and two, now they had no reason to stick around. The church was the next stop. Now if he could just get everyone to agree with him. "Hey!" the teen protested while the town historian led them all towards a white van parked nearby. Wait, was someone actually agreeing with him? "Hallelujah! It's about time someone around here listened to me!" the skater cheered, pumping his arms above his head before hopping into the back. It felt rather exhilarating to be acknowledged by an adult he didn't hate or rather didn't know. He knew Carl worked at the library, having gone in there a few times with Emilee. He seemed trustworthy. It didn't cross his mind once that he could be in a van with a potentially dangerous man. Carter was squeezed between his sister and Quin. He had to refrain from putting his arms around their shoulders, thinking it would look weird. His left hand, however, found Emilee's, giving it a light squeeze. His way of apologizing without verbally admitting he was sympathetic. She did not look happy with him. Not even in the least.

                                                                                  When she spoke up about wanting to help stopping the supposed paranormal attacks, Carter sighed and looked at her harshly. She just didn't understand. He turned his head over to Quin and smiled, "Perhaps I can take a rain check on the home tour? We were looking forward to it." He could swear he sensed his sister had rolled her eyes at his little white lie. He almost said something to her when Carl turned around, asking for a name. Carter got as far as the first syllable of his name when he was cut off by the town historian explaining what the plan was. The skater nodded in agreement, buckling his belt. He chuckled a bit at himself and Quin figuring out whose buckle belonged to whom. Maybe his inner self was right. This girl was way out of his league. The male turned his head to the back where the others were, greeting them once more with a nod as the van began to move.

                                                                                  The ride was quiet and seemed to be taking forever. Carter had barely looked out the window to notice they were in the woods. He was distracted by his concern for Emilee's attraction to that Moser punk. Falling for a guy who is spoken to be the bad seed of Brookshire was not like Emilee. Right about now, he missed her fan-girling out over Quin's father. Suddenly, the silence was broken. Emilee's complaint frazzled him. How much clearer could he get? "Yes, sis. We are going to the church," he stated, looking not only at her, but all of them. With a heavy sigh, he removed his gray beanie from his head and combed his fingers through his hair. On one hand, he understood why none of them wanted to go. On the other, if there was 'demonic activity', isn't that the only logical place to be safe from harm? He leaned against her, nudging shoulder with his head, hardly being able to read her text before she tucked her phone away. And now more complaints. "Sticking around that house is a bad idea," he groaned, giving Quin that apologetic 'no offense' grin before returning to Emilee. Okay, she made a point. They could've said something to everyone else, but they all had that opportunity since the fliers and phone calls were made since early this morning. Everyone made their decision.

                                                                                  Her concern about inviting Landon along made the boy snicker. "Psh, we all know Landon would just burn up if he stepped foot into a religious place. I doubt he had a religious bone in his body. He's no good, Em. I bet I'm not the only one in this van who thinks that," the skater said, looking at the others through the mirror up front. "Most of you go to school with him too, right? Please someone explain to my naïve little sister that Landon Moser is a no good son of a-- OW! Emiliee!" he shouted, gripping around the middle of his back and winced. "Damn! Why did you that? H-How did you do that?" he asked, thinking the sharp, piercing pain was from her nails digging into him. Only Emilee never seemed to move a muscle. Before he could get an answer out of her, the van screeched and the group was jolted around in their seats, completely off guard. "Everyone alright?" he asked as he unbuckled his belt and followed after Quin and the others. The damage was pretty gnarly. Carl's head was one the steering wheel. He was unconscious from what the others were saying. He pulled out his phone just as Quin had done.

                                                                                  Quin had tried only to be surprised by a loud, menacing laughter and a gunshot. "Quin!" he cried, resting his hand on her shoulder when she dropped her phone. She seemed to shake it off and suggest someone else to try. "Sure, I can give it a shot.." he said, dialing for assistance. Turning his back for a moment, he noticed blinking red lights several yards away from them and nudged Quin. "Hey, what do you suppose that is?" he asked out of curiosity. He thought about going to check it out when a car pulled up near them. Two adults, a man and a woman came over. One being fairly familiar. It was him. The man his sister's obsessed over. Vladimir Jankovic. The man seemed confused, concerned and angry. Carter kinda felt for him. That didn't stop him from walking over to his twin to keep her from smothering the man. "Now are you happy you got away from there? Not that I approve of him, but he's the expert I guess. Maybe he knows what's going on?" he wondered, still rubbing the pain from before. What was that?

                                                                                  There was a sudden cry and Carter chased after Quin. His mouth gaped open from a light shining down on a mangled body of a pink-haired classmate of his. s**t he sighed, a cloud of warm breath meeting cold air floated towards the ground. He took a step back, tugging on Quin's arm to prevent her from going down there. "Alright, Mr. Jankovic. You seemed to be the paranormal expert, right? And you, uh, lady, I've seen you around Josie and that Maddux guy. This whole mess seems to be your forte so you two have to lead us out of here," he said, walking closer to the group. "My sister has been studying this for a long time, she may be able to help you as well." he said, half-smiling at Emilee. He then glanced at the others. "Pair up, use the lights from your phones to help you watch your steps and whatever you do, do not let each other out of your sights, got it? We're heading to high school," he said, once and for all.

                                        Location: in the woods
                                        Company: Vlad, Raven, Emilee, Quin, Ophelia, Ed, Ollie, Georgie and an unconscious Carl
                                        Attire: tba
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              location: Woods, base of the hill with Charlotte and Bunni ;; attire: coming soon

                                Aubrey struggled with the branch. She sharply gritted her teeth as she grabbed a hold of the branch, then with a breath she started to lift, but it was no use. Fortunately at that moment two teenagers came over. They were the ones from before. "Ok, let's lift on three," she instructed. Once they were in position, she counted off, "One, Two, Three!" On three, she took a deep breath and lifted. Once the branch was moved to the side, she stooped down to the little girl to check her leg. Sure enough, it was broken. Lightly the officer attempted to shush the little girl, but it wasn't changing the situation. This child was in pain. "Thank you," she voiced. She offered a weak smile, however it felt a little out of place. Medical personnel swiftly moved over to pick up the child, leaving Aubrey to survey the area. Most of the teenagers were being instructed to assist with blankets and first aid. Aubrey glanced back over at the two teens who were with her, to see that the kid wandered off with his phone. That left the brunette girl.

                                "So, you're free to help me out or..." Thunder rumbled, distracting her. Immediately she looked up at the sky, it wouldn't be long until the storm came down on them. They had a time limit. She looked back at Charlotte. With all of the other officers and medical staff seeming rather busy, Aubrey was sure she could use a helping hand. But what could she have a kid do? For starters, she knew nothing of what this girl was even capable of. What if she was squeamish? "I'm officer Vine," just to get more of the formalities out of the way. "Are you trained with first aid?" She glanced off towards the children to try and get a more accurate count of how many were left (because the victims were being transported). She counted eight. Then something very bizarre happened...the girl scouts started chanting. Although they were in bad shape, it didn't stop them from chanting in unison. Because of the approaching storm, she couldn't fully comprehend if they were speaking English. It was definitely disturbing. Aubrey couldn't take her eyes off of it, but when the chanting stopped...she finally remembered to breathe. "Oh...kay," she mumbled to herself, not fully unnderstanding everything that was going on.

                                It appeared as though everyone had the victims taken care of, they had more than enough helping hands. There was something that didn't seem right. Where did the attacker go? What if there were more victims scattered further off? She knew this area was marked off, but Aubrey remembered from the reports, these kids weren't the only ones attacked in this forest. If she remembered correctly, both Izybel and Ophelia were mentioned to have experienced something in the woods.

                                "If you want to help, come with me," Aubrey instructed, then called out to Malcolm. "Hey, I'm going to help survey the area to make sure there aren't any other victims wandering lost in the woods!" Better yet, she'd need someone to run and get help in case something happened (because by Aubrey's logic, that was the smartest option). "Actually, I'm going to need you to come with me. Grab a first aid kit. I'll go ahead." The officer started making her way from the clearing, but stopped after a moment to wait for Charlotte. When the girl caught up, Aubrey continued. With her cellphone, she flicked on her flashlight app and shined it over their surroundings. It was as though they were in some kind of "Slender" walk-through. There were nothing but trees. Aubrey wouldn't admit it, but it freaked her out a little. The sound of the thunder, the flash of the lightning, the dogs' barking...it all bothered her. "So...you're...fourteen...fifteen?" she guessed, because small talk seemed reasonable, although it didn't help calm her nerves. A small rabbit hopped into a bush and Aubrey about pulled out her gun and shot at it, but she resisted the moment her hand touched the butt of the weapon. "I'm guessing that boy you were with is your boyfriend. You guys make a cute couple."

                                Then suddenly she heard what sounded like a car crash. It echoed through the forest. She felt a few raindrops...it wouldn't be long until it all comes pouring down. She was curious about the crash though. What she didn't realize was that two cars had crashed. One that belonged to her roommate, and other being the van. She continued walking forward until she came to another clearing, this time she saw tall grass and a large, steep hill. There were huge rocks jutting out of parts of the soil. She shined her flashlight over the entire area once more. "It's weird...it feels like a decade sense I've been here...everything's beginning to blend together," she muttered. Then that's when she spotted an arm of a white girl. Her skin showed up pretty well against the green grass. The illumination of the light made the girl's arm appear as white as a porcelain doll. Aubrey slowly approached the girl and gestured for Charlotte to bring the first aid kit. The girl was breathing, but Aubrey couldn't tell how badly she was injured. She could tell the girl was a teenager. "Do you know her?" she asked Charlotte. That's when she saw blood...most likely from one of the hidden rocks the girl hit on her way down the hill. What they needed was a doctor. Sure Aubrey could deal with some simple first aid, but if this girl had something severely broken, then a band-aid wasn't going to help her.

                                "Better yet, go get Malcom-- I mean, Sheriff Rose. Or at least tell him there's an injured girl over here. If he can't come, then get a doctor, or just someone! I'll stay with her, but hurry!" It probably wasn't responsible of her to send Charlotte by herself, but Aubrey didn't have any other options. Personally Aubrey didn't like the idea of staying alone. She leaned down so she could try and hear if Bunni was saying anything. The pink haired otaku coughed up blood...she had blood in her lungs. The situation was very bad.

        OoC: Permission from Hope
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What a mischief you would bring young darling, when you’re up for it before you’ve grown.
From the liver sweating through your tongue.
Well you’re standing on my sternum don’t you climb down darling.
Smoke on Sunday’s when you’re drunk and dressed.

Thankfully Charlie didn’t protest too much about her accompanying him, good, by the looks of him there wasn’t much time to argue. Curiosity tugged at the back of her mind, what had happened? But at the same time a sense of dread was settling over her, one that was more prevalent than normal. She shivered slightly as he warned her that whatever it was was unlikely to be like anything she had ever seen, of course this made her uneasy but she couldn’t exactly back out now. She couldn’t let Charlie face whatever this was alone, friends didn’t do that. Her eyes met his as he stepped toward her, his hand almost brushed her cheek but then she felt it on her shoulder and she offered him a small smile. ”I’ll be fine, don’t worry about me. I’m a tough ol’ bird.” she assured him with a light giggle.

Izy almost wished that she hadn’t asked Charlie what he thought was going on, but then...it made sense. It was one of the only things that seemed to make sense anymore and whenever she thought back to the accident...the touch on her thigh...the way that she’d felt ever since. ”I see.” was all she said for a while. ”I do believe in them yes.” she admitted finally. Izy wasn’t overly religious but she’d never discounted religion completely either, she had always believed in ghosts and spirits and she believed that where there was good there was also evil. It scared her more than anything else, how were they supposed to oppose something like that? What could be done? So many questions ran through her mind but they were out of time as Charlie pulled up to the scene.

It was clear that whatever had happened was a disaster, the amount of ambulances and police cars...and then the people. It was chaos as Charlie killed the engine and the two of them stepped from the car. The thunder that boomed overhead was the only thing that made Izy sure that this wasn’t some horrific nightmare, that and the feel of Charlie’s hand in her own. All these children...and Mary-Anne! Blue eyes glanced over to her friend who looked just as horrified as she did, whatever the two of them had been expecting it most certainly wasn’t this. It wasn’t long before they were approached by Sheriff Rose; ”Izy.” she muttered when he called her ‘Miss Palmer’ it was more out of habit than anything, hell the young woman could barely hear what he was saying through the sound of her own blood rushing in her ears. This wasn’t happening, this couldn’t be happening. She tuned in again at the mention of first aid; she didn’t know much but she knew a little, this could be her chance to stop being so bloody useless and actually help out for a change. ”O-Okay.” her breath caught in her throat as she tried to speak but Sheriff Rose had already disappeared, not that she blamed him, he certainly had his hands full.

Once they were alone again Charlie turned to face her and placed his hands on her shoulders, forcing all her attention to be focused on him. Her heart was racing as she looked up at him, blue eyes meeting his gaze. The spirits were there, she knew it...she could feel them. It was almost as if the accident had made her more susceptible to them. They were feeding off their fear, well; she supposed that that made sense. A few deep breaths and her racing pulse began to return to a somewhat normal speed. Okay, she could do this, she could keep her head. She could be a help rather than a hindrance. Izy was actually quite practical in bad situations but the shock...seeing the young girls in such a state and if she thought about it too much she could still see Mary-Anne’s unseeing eyes boring into her. She shuddered at the thought. No, she could do this, she was fine.

Before the blonde could give Charlie a proper answer as to what she was doing, he placed his car keys in her hand, their fingers lingering a little longer than was necessary. Not that she was complaining, he was her friend...it made her feel even closer to him. The young woman found herself fighting the urge to hug him, pull him close to her and make sure that he was okay. But that was inappropriate in more ways than one. And then Nicole appeared from seemingly nowhere, thrusting a few blankets into Izy’s grip and talking about first aid and help. She couldn’t be everywhere! ”I have some knowledge of first aid. I’ll see if there’s anything I can do.” Yes, a little...but this was more than just a simple burn in the kitchen or someone at the diner choking on their pie. The worst she’d ever had to deal with was when one of the chef’s sliced the tip of his finger off on a particularly busy day and that was nothing compared to this hellish situation. She glanced around to find a starting point before placing a gentle hand on Charlie’s arm; ”I’ll be right back, don’t move.” her tone pleaded with him as she disappeared in search of Sheriff Rose. Eventually she came across the older man and shoved Charlie’s car keys into his hands. ”For Charlie’s car, he said you can use it. I’m not leaving here.” she called over her shoulder as she hurried over to a little girl.

There wasn’t a great deal that she could do, she helped to ferry a couple of children to vehicles, disinfected a few cuts, pulled her two blankets over pallid, dead faces, applied pressure to wounds and did whatever else she could. Eventually though, she realised she wasn’t much use, they needed more medical professionals here, the injuries that had been sustained were far more serious than she knew how to treat. For a moment the blonde felt useless once again before a familiar voice reached her ears. Getting back on her feet she turned to see Charlie and quickly headed back over to her friend. She waited for him to finish his prayer before interrupting; ”I’ve done all I can for them.” she told him. ”And I gave your car keys to Sheriff Rose.” he looked as though he was about to interrupt her but the blonde just shook her head. ”I’m not leaving you here, in this mess...with them.” she looked out into the darkness and shivered. ”I told you, I wouldn’t let you do this alone.” she assured him and shifted a little. ”Now, you said something about helping you with an exorcism? What do you need me to do?” her tone was very matter of fact. Now that she felt as though she had a purpose, had something that she could do to combat the situation she could keep her fear under control.

Location: The Woods
With: Charlie and various others

(let me know if anything needs changing.)

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                                                                                  It was safe to say that the situation was becoming growingly worse. Charlotte could feel the hairs on the back of her neck standing straight. Her pokerface was fading fast. The creepy, repetitive chanting, wild dogs barking, crazy wind; nothing was helping. However, she wasn't about to allow Satan to scare her senseless. Since she attended the Catholic church, Charlotte was taught to be brave in the face of danger, to rely on the Lord to keep her safe through her prayers and of faith, and above all, never doubt God's capabilities. It was clear to her that she was brought here for a reason the minute Tyreese had come over, helping her and the officer whom Charlotte had yet to learn the name of. She'd find out later. Right now, this branch needed to be cleared. Charlotte mustered all the upper strength she could as the officer counted to three. Three loud grunts and nine knees bent, the little girl was finally free. Well, from the weight of the branch now off of her. Charlotte had to look away for a moment after seeing a bit of bone puncturing through the skin of the child's broken leg. In doing so, she managed to follow Ty's gaze and found herself blinking in astonishment. "Charlie?" she spoke in a bit of disbelief, quickly covering her mouth and looked away.

                                                                                  Izy's here? He brought her here? Where's Raven? She should be here! Not Izy! Not her! she raged inside her head, glancing back over her shoulder just to be sure she wasn't seeing things. She immediately regretted it. Luckily, Aubrey had managed to distract the now bitter teenager from overlooking the new friend of the beloved priest. "Hm? Oh, um, sure, I guess..." Charlotte shrugged, startled slightly from the roaring thunder. Oh, great. Just what they all needed right now. Officer Vine seemed to be thinking that very same thing by the look on her face before she introduced herself. "Charlotte," the girl replied, loosely grasping her the charm on her necklace, sliding it along the chain. The previous image of Father Maddux with one of her classmates was definitely the last thing she needed to see, especially now that officer Vine was asking Charlotte to assist her with first aid. "I think..I mean, I should be able to. I took some classes last spring," she said with some uncertainty. Cleaning cuts and wrapping bandages were about all she could absorb before the serious injury solutions came up. By then, she ended up quitting. Right about now, that probably would have come in handy.

                                                                                  Charlotte's lack of an enthusiastic helper may have thrown Aubrey off at first, but Charlotte followed her anyway. How am I supposed to bandage kids up properly if I have to watch Izy cozying up to Charlie? Didn't that girl get enough attention from Landon these days? Why target Charlie? Why?! That man is completely off limits. Does she not know that? she thought, nearly bumping into Aubrey when the woman stopped suddenly. "Actually, I'm going to need you to come with me. Grab a first aid kit. I'll go ahead." Charlotte blinked at the officer. Was she crazy? No way would Charlotte even consider walking away from the area, not now! She was supposed to be helping Ty find the triplets! "Uh," Charlotte paused, glancing where she last spotted Charlie. Obviously, he's fine without you, a voice in the back of her mind led her to believe. With a nod, Charlotte followed orders and carefully made her way over to gather up a first aid kit and perhaps a flashlight.

                                                                                  She arrived by the student teacher, Nicole who she hasn't seen in what seemed like months. "Miss Sullivan, I need a first aid kit if you can spare one.." she asked, glancing over her shoulder at Charlie. "I'm not needed here right now," she muttered, returning her face to the young teacher. "Um, if you or maybe Sheriff Rose have a moment, I think Ty might need some help. His sisters seem to be amongst this group. I'm worried he'll find something he's not looking for if you know what I mean." Way to lighten the mood, huh? After she received a kit, Charlotte turned to catch up with Aubrey when she overheard Izybel behind her. Don't look back. Don't look back. Don't look..what did she just say? the teen's eyes widened. Her jaw dropped. "Her?" she asked, looking at Charlie, heartbroken. "You asked her to help you?" she questioned him again, stepping backwards, shaking her head. This was incredible. Absolutely incredible. How clueless could he be? Sniffling, she glared daggers at Izybel. All she could say to the blond was,"You just can't keep 'em shut for one night, can you?"

                                                                                  And as quickly as it left her mouth, she immediately regretted it. Yet, she stormed off anyway.

                                                                                  It was a familiar pain she felt as she managed to locate Aubrey. That same ache in her chest when Lucas confessed to her about his affection for Axel. The warm, salty tears cascading down her face for Kain in the waiting room. It was beginning to make sense now. She's been blind by a worldly obsession with lust. She had committed a deadly sin and falling for a man of the cloth was a huge 'no no'. It served her right, she told herself, for getting her hopes up. What was she thinking? Charlotte managed to calm down as she neared the officer, wiping her face in the sleeve of her sweater. No sense in helping her if she was going to be all emotional. However, she needed something to distract her. Keeping up with Aubrey, Charlotte silently prayed, apologizing for her behavior when the officer quizzed the girl about her age. "S-Sixteen actually," she semi-corrected Aubrey. Her height was always misleading. Her mother told her it would be a blessing when she was older. So far, Charlotte wasn't buying it. A rustling noise in a nearby bush startled both women, but a small rabbit appeared in the shadows, thank goodness. The brunette sighed in relief. That was close. "I'm guessing that boy you were with is your boyfriend. You guys make a cute couple." Charlotte paused in her steps for a minute, before resuming along the dirt path. "Oh, no. No, we're just....he's in a few classes with me. But I did have a boyfriend about a year ago. He, um, he passed..a few weeks ago.." she said, hugging the kit to her chest.

                                                                                  Before she could go on to explain, there was a loud crash in the distance. Charlotte wasn't sure what to make of it. Aubrey seemed curious about it as well, for she started to head in the direction. "Uh, Officer Vine? Are you sure we should have left the others?" Charlotte asked, jumping out of her skin nearly every time she heard a loud clap of thunder. She didn't like where this was leading up to. She wasn't familiar with this woman, nor the area. Where were they anyway? She didn't recognize a single thing. The longer they walked, the more intimidated Charlotte became. Officer Vine seemed confident enough, having not said much to Charlotte that would cause her to imply that she was also scared. The two soon came across a steep hills with dozens of large, jagged rocks. Aubrey said something, but it was too soft for Charlotte to understand. "Uh, is something wrong?"she asked as Aubrey began to climb down the slope. The brunette stopped at the edge, watching long enough to find that there was a body down below. Sure enough, she was then requested to come down as well.

                                                                                  At first, Charlotte psyched herself out, thinking of all the things that could go wrong. She considered just tossing the kit down to Aubrey, but knew that was not what the officer asked her to do. She had to be brave. A couple deep breaths after, Charlotte carefully descended down the hill. There were a few sharp edges her sweater snagged on, but she managed to make it down safely. Coming up next to Aubrey, Charlotte was surprised to find another injured classmate. "Bunni.." Charlotte nodded when asked if she knew the girl. "We're in the same neighborhood. But I don't get what she would be doing all the way out here," she admitted, baffled. Did the monster drag her out here? Was it around? Did they take the bait? Kneeling down, Charlotte opened the kit and looked for sanitizing wipes."Bunni? It's Josie. Sit tight. We'll get you out of here, " she said, offering some comforting words, even if she didn't believe them herself. Just then, Aubrey made a ridiculous suggestion. "Wait, me? All by my..self?" she blinked, not sure she could do it. However, Vine could not very well leave two teenagers alone in the woods at the bottom of a rocky hill.

                                                                                  What other choice did she have? She had to think of Bunni and getting her some medical attention. "O-Okay...I'll go.." Charlotte obeyed, handing Aubrey the kit as she stood up. As she jogged up towards the hill, she glanced back at the officer then began climbing. The girl struggled, slipping a few times and scraped her left hand, but within five minutes, she was back up on solid land. She paused for a moment to catch her breath. "Please Father, watch over them. Let me get back in time," she whispered to the Heavens then took off. Hopefully she remembered where they were before.

                                        Location: the woods
                                        Company: merciless weather and hungry hounds
                                        Attire: click
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Weather Advisory
Heavy Wind, Lightning, Heavy Rain


It's Saturday the 31st. Halloween.

              The hour of death was upon Brookshire as the darkness that lingered in the corners made itself more known. In mirrors, regardless of size, revealed a face with a malicious grin. Various members of Brookshire would have noted the sound of knocking upon their doors. For whoever opened the door, felt something overcome them, before losing consciousness.

              Voices whispered upon the wind, continued to say, "Nothing can be done."
              At this point was there anything that could be?

              The Woods In the woods where THE SHERIFF'S team had been, laughter could be heard, just outside of the clearing. The laughter was pure amusement with how the situation had played out. Until a text messae appeared on the sheriff's phone.

              This is our town
              you are not welcome
              you cannot stop us
              even if we have to silence
              those who have answers
              we will not go back through
              the door
              you can't make us.
              we've taken your mayor
              what's to stop us from taking
              you. hm?

              ◛ ◛◛◛ ◛◛◛◛ ◛ ◛

              The Hospital The Junkie ducked behind one of the cars in the parking lot, breathing heavily, dressed in nothing but a hospital gown. He clutched his cellphone as he peeked around to see firefighters putting out the burning building. He was terrified, but thankful he could finally move again. He saw text messages from his friends, but he had to get in touch with Nicole. Why Nicole? Because she knew people who could help the situation. Someone was more likely to believe Nic than Kaleb or Ty. He dialed her phone number, and whether it went to voice mail or she picked up, didn't matter. He started off in a quickened, whisper, however the roar of the commotion made it difficult for him to hear any of her responses.

              "Nic, I dunno how much time I have. It's um, it's bad, dude. In my room, it was ******** writing on the walls. It said all kinds of s**t, but I think everything that's happening has something to do with the crew that came to town. I know it's crazy, but I think they're mad. Or they want it to be filmed. They kept talking about rituals and s**t burning. You don't know the hell i've been through...they're gonna get everyone...I keep dreaming about the whole foster thing. It wasn't until after the challenge...holy s**t, what if the--- The phone call was dropped, and if she tried calling him back it went straight to voice mail.

              ◛ ◛◛◛ ◛◛◛◛ ◛ ◛

              Further in the Woods Near THE TRANSFER she heard what sounded like heavy footsteps. There standin before Aubrey was a large mass, a dark giant. Just as near THE TEACHER'S PET the unseen hounds started stalking her. The sound of the paws quickly moving upon the fallen leaves; crunching. Their red eyes glowed in the darkness. Growls were fully audible now, as well as a few barks. Then the dogs started chasing, attempting to bite and rip at her clothes, as voices chanted in the air, "Your God can't save you".

              ◛ ◛◛◛ ◛◛◛◛ ◛ ◛

              Near the Highschool The darkness was so intense, The Bookworm suddenly lost consciousness, as the spirits were attempting once more to take over her.


              Rain started pouring heavily down from the sky. The storm finally settled upon Brookshire.


              NOTE Character activity PMs will go out. Any characters that are inactive, will most likely lose consciousness, etc.

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                                      Surreal barely described the ongoing scene surrounding the Sheriff. Droplets of thick red colored the fallen leaves, adding to the seasonal colors. Howling winds lifted the eerie chanting, surrounding those still living beings that attempted to heed his words. The gusts briefly covered the horror of the scene before very quickly exposing paled bits of flesh, drained of life. If it weren't real life, it would be the perfect Halloween setup. If he survived this ordeal, Malcolm knew he'd never look at the holiday the same. Likely he'd spend it doors locked with a bottle of scotch, mourning his losses. The force would surely understand an early retirement considering all he'd been through. And with nothing tying him to this town (the place actively pushed the desire to put as much distance between himself after everything it had taken from him), the sheriff was fairly certain that the second he finished the case, he would move. Too many painful memories haunted every turn.

                                      The scene unfolding before him added to the pain and anger.

                                      Understandably Nic handled the situation less than perfectly. Despite her father's profession, she was still only a teacher's assistant. She deserved innocence, and to not have the happiness of her engagement sullied by such tragedy. He wished he had told her to get back to Rain, to indulge in the fleeting happiness that managed to break through the bleak existence that plagued Brookshire currently. Instead, he managed to drag her into his hellish nightmare of a case, likely smothering any bit of joy she'd experience for a good while. It was another thing he could add to his ever growing list of disappointments and failures. When he looked at her, the sheriff wanted to pull her into a hug, wrap a blanket around her, and tell her that everything would be alright. The time wouldn't allow it, however. There were children who needed help more than she did, so he settled on calmly speaking to her.

                                      The words seemed to steel her nerve, sparking a bit of fire behind her eyes. The flame flickered, struggling to stay lit, but Mal saw it nevertheless. "I know it's a lot to ask. If I didn't need every hand, I'd tell you to get in the car, lock the doors, and drive like hell out of here" If someone he cared about survived the ordeal, maybe he wouldn't be remembered as a total failure. "You don't have anything to apologize for, Nic. You never signed up for this. I did, and even I have trouble seeing... this. You just have to focus on the living ones. Do what you can to keep them that way. It helps." The only thing that had gotten him through the first massacre had been Lucky. Finding that little boy hidden among his deceased siblings offered the tiniest light within the darkness. Perhaps one of these girls would become that for Nicole. It was amazing what a living person could inspire in another during a time of despair.

                                      Once Nic pulled together and started on her taste, he moved onto to Charlie. At the moment, the sheriff couldn't bear to consider the man an agent of God, with whom he held a conflicted relationship.On the one hand, he wanted to believe in the fluff and happiness of Heaven, to believe that his family found the opportunity to reunite in a place of warm light, but the cold realities of life or rather the deaths that he continued to face, yanked any sort of chance at belief from him. It was hard to believe in a God who would allow such terrible things to happen, especially in the manner they seemed to occur, so for now, Mal couldn't see the man as Father Maddux. For now, Charlie had to be just Charlie. He hoped that the other man wouldn't take too much offense to his crisis of faith.

                                      When Charlie offered to pray over the space, the sheriff felt a sadness come over him. He almost wanted to tell the priest not to bother, for it seemed apparent that God had turned his ears off to Brookshire's needs. He didn't want to take the man's faith from him. For all Mal knew, it was all Charlie had left. "Of course. Every little bit helps." Others might find comfort in the priest praying for them, and anything that kept them from focusing on the chanting and unnatural wind helped.

                                      Despite everything that he had heard of Izy (she had corrected him when he called her Miss Palmer), all he saw now was a scared little girl who should have been spared the horror around them, just like Nicole. They didn't deserve this. Having said his piece, however, he knew that he couldn't linger around and console her, just like he couldn't with Nic. These people needed his instruction, his help. He didn't get too far out before Izy came running up to him, however. A small bundle of keys was thrust into his hands before the young female took off back in the direction she'd come. She yelled over her shoulder, informing him that the keys in question belonged to Charlie's vehicle and that she would not be leaving. Looked like the priest could inspire a few people after all.

                                      As Mal handed the keys over to the nearest officer, a female voice called out to him. Aubrey let him know that she would be taking it upon herself to search for any victims who may have fled. He nodded and added, "Keep an eye out. And use your walkie if you need anything." The sheriff hoped that she understood the underlying "watch out for the possible murderer and don't hesitate to shoot or call for backupif you need to.". Yelling something like that over the crowd could start a panic so he hadn't said the words aloud.

                                      Just as he finished talking, an officer approached announcing the arrival of Howie. Having the ME could certainly help the situation. He waved the other officer off with silent thanks and focused on his friend. "There has been a bit of howling in the distance,, but I don't know that anyone has seen anything up close. I've told the officers to keep their guard up, just in case though." Mal listened as Howie spoke on more information. Knowing that most of the force was out in these woods, he hoped that nothing too seriously had happened at the historian's home. "I'll take any lead with this case. Though every time I learn something new, it seems only to make things more confusing. I know, I'm sorry, Howie. Honestly, I'm not sure how much you could do out here anyway. We've got some kits, but the best thing we can do for these girls is get them to the hospital. But if you can help everyone slow or stop bleeding, it can help us get these kids that far." The sheriff sighed, bringing a hand to his forehead. His thumb and forefinger spread, each taking a temple before meeting at the bridge of his nose. His fingers lingered a moment before he dropped his hand back to his side, where they grazed against his holster. "Of course, yeah. It should be unlocked so if you want to put them in the seat or in the glove compartment, that's fine. And I can lock the car after that so no one goes poking around in them. We don't need anyone getting any more scared."

                                      A brief paused filled the air before Howie dropped his question of how many were alive. In truth, the sheriff wasn't sure. He'd been running around from person to person in attempt to control the scene, but he had no idea the smaller details of it. "I don't know. It's fewer than I'd like, though. I still don't have an exact number of how many girls were out here. I've been trying to get everyone together and to keep them from getting too freaked out by the chanting and the howling." Almost as though on cue, laughter sounded from just outside of the scene. Mal's fingers snapped open the holster before taking grip of the gun. His gaze narrowed, searching out the source of the eerie laughter. "Keep focused on the girls," he called out above the noise. He needed these girls out of here asap. "I want everyone picking up the pace! Get these girls to the hospital yesterday!" A buzz from within his pocket cut the male from saying anything else. His free hand reached into his pocket, drawing out the devie. "What the..."

                                      Malcolm felt a bubble of rage at the taunts contained within the message. Without a way to respond to the message, Mal shoved the device back into the pocket he'd pulled it and set himself to high alert. In his mind, whoever sent the message most likely could see him. Was it someone "helping" the officers with the girls? Some offenders enjoyed putting themselves into the investigation. What if it was one of his own men? Thinking of the message's threat also to anyone who knew anything, he thought of Howie's comment of finding new information "Howie, when you get into my car, take my second gun out of the glove compartment. I want you to be prepared for anything." With that, he moved from his friend. Remembering Aubrey, Mal grabbed at the walkie on his shoulder. "Officer Vine, report in." The sheriff wanted to ensure that the transfer was still alright. If the killer was in their midst, having an officer away from the group could go one of two ways. Either the killer slipped form the group, found the lone officer, and killed her or she would prove useful for sneaking up on someone who thought they could take advantage of the chaos.

                                      As he waited for a response, a crack of thunder roared, a brief herald for a sudden downpour. So much for evidence, not that the sheriff figured that they would have found any. The only thing that mattered was getting everyone else to safety and saving as many lives as possible.


Feeling: Angry and determined // Location: The Woods // Talking to: So many people. Nic, Charlie, Izy, Aubrey, and Howie. // OOC: If I need to change anything, just let me know.

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Narcissa: The Saddened Housekeeper

Narcissa had never been the best at horror movies. She remembered the few times when Joey and her had gone to them, Cissa’s head was always burrowed into Joey as she just waited for it to be over. She couldn’t handle screaming, or being harmed by things that you don’t know. Sure nature could hurt you, but nature had it out for most people. Though hauntings and horrors and things of the sort was not her strong suit. But what she had realized in most of those movies was that the more scared you were the worst they could come after you. So you had to be brave, swallow all your fear and pretend it doesn’t bother you. Because most of the time it was them feeding off of your energy. So maybe she could trick this ghost out? Pretend that she was braver than she was. Though honestly having so many things thrown at her and the sounds and text about hell, it was all a bit much. She was trying so hard to be brave, but part of her wanted to call Joey and have her clam her down. Was that bad? Her first instinct to go to her ex. She knew Joey didn’t like her or want to be near her anymore but she still missed her. She shook her head as she reminded herself “stop thinking about her”

She was still proud of herself at making to the door. Which would have been wonderful if the door didn’t want to close and open leaving her no chance to really escape. God she hoped Juliette heard her. That she had somehow been there. She didn’t know if she could lose Juliette too. Kain was still a hard lost for Cissa, it was like losing a younger brother. And now Juliette well she wanted the other to be okay, and part of her did want her gone. Yet the other part didn’t want to be abandoned and left here in this horrible house. She called out “Juliette, please say your there…please”

It was so weak of Cissy, but she couldn’t help it. She didn’t want to be abandoned or left, she wanted Juliette to stay. To maybe care enough to stay? Was it wrong to want to be cared about? To have someone actually care if you live or die? Was Narcissa a horrible person? You know, she really needed to be stronger. That Sebastian guy probably wouldn’t have been scared in these type of situations. Only Cissa, of course only Cissa. She was so weak and fragile and she hated herself a bit for being this way. Cissa gave a small squeal as she hoped she wasn’t going to end up dead here. She called out “Help, please help me”

She just didn’t even know why she had gone in here for. She was terrified. Who’s ghost was this? Why was this ghost after them? Why did they want to go after this family who…okay so Adam was a mean person, mostly were decent people. They had the potential to be great person. Kain did, though now he was gone. Adam just needed to…learn a few things tthat would help make him a super person. Though he was now gone. And now Juleitte who if she didn’t drink so much would probably be a great person. Alochol had that nasty habit of making people into, no offense to them of course, monsters. They began to just turn into the worst of themselves. Cissa could see it. Soon she just was now feeling hopeless, what if she never made it out of here and was stuck in a haunted house? Soon she saw Juliette as the other called to her and she asked “Juliette?” and soon she heard the other shout at her and she ran over and tried to give the other her hand so both could be out of here. She admitted “ Yes please”

Then it stopped. Everything, just stopped. Cissa was shocked. She really was, she just stood there in the silence as she looked around the room. Silence, how could silence be as scary as the loud noises that had been going around. She stood still in the room not even sure what to do. She could hear her heart as it was beating so loudly. Her chest felt as if it was trying to keep her heart in her own chest. This just…this was not good. Soon she heard Juliette call at her again and she gave a nod “Yes, i...I think so”

It sounded unsure because she had just been in such shock. She walked towards the other shaking a bit. She went and soon sort of left the house her mind becoming blank. Unsure what to do. Just lost…really lost. She had never felt so blank before. She gave Juliette her hand as she was taken out. She soon felt the others arms around her and she wrapped her own arms around the other one. And she felt so warm…felt so nice. Felt so nice that she sort of….started to cry, tears falling down her face as she admitted “I was so scared…”

She kept her arms around the other as she buried her head into the other. The blond just needed someone to be there and she knew she was breaking down for no reason but she just….she was a bit too overwhelmed with everything. That house had tried to kill her and she just was still amazed she was alive. She clung to the other a bit as she realized something. She was ruining Juliette’s shirt. She stopped as she apologized “I’m sorry I…I didn’t mean to, you know”

As the other apologized for letting her go in there. Which Cissa at this point was sure it was hell... She gave a nod as she said “No its okay I had wanted to help…”

Juliette said they had to go and she gave a nod, agreeing. She felt the other let her go and hobble. She moved closer to help her to the car, so she might not have to put so much on the bad foot. She heard the other ask if she had managed to find everything. She admitted “The keys weren’t in the bowl or in the kitchen. I’m sorry”

She wondered if she should maybe just hot wire the car. Was that horrible? Would Juliette think she was a hooligan for knowing how to do that? What if this made Cissa seem like that type of crooked maid. She looked at the car as she decided she would have to do that. Just so they could leave this place and hopefully she didn’t get fired for it. She went to the car as she undid the carpet a bit to get to the wires and saw the wires and well put them together and the car made the roar and she said “Okay let’s just go before something worst happens. So let’s get your foot checked out and…well maybe do you think can we get the town priest to take a look at the house? So we don’t go back into any type of horrible situation?”

When Juliette was in the car and drove and drove and drove.

A short time later she pulled into the hospital.

When she parked she asked “You ready? Need me to get a wheelchair?”

Where Are You?: Mayor's House - Inside, living room near front door attempting escape
With Who?: Evil Spirit, definitely evil spirit
What you wearing?A Simple Dress
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N i c o l e xxx{ A m b e r }xxx S u l l i v a n

иιc ѕυℓℓι тнє тυтσя

User Image
“ιѕ тнєяє αиутнιиg ι cαи dσ fσя уσυ dєαя? ιѕ тнєяє αиуσиє ι cσυℓd cαℓℓ?"

x. . . яσυи∂ му нσмєтσωи
мємσяιєѕ αяє fяєѕн
яσυи∂ му нσмєтσωиxxxx
σн, тнє ρєσρℓє ι'νє мєт

    It was embarrassing. She had never not known what to do. Even if that wasn't exactly true, she had always known where to look for the answers or who to ask. Here, amid the chaos, she felt lost. Malcolm chose this time to come to her. He didn't exactly offer her words of comfort but it was written in his body language. He gave her a sense of purpose. He pulled her out of her tunnel vision.

    The temptation to get in a car, lock the doors and drive was overwhelming. What could she do here with her community college level first aid training? However, even with Mal's extensive training, he seemed to feel this as much as the tutor. He said even he had trouble seeing this. She took a deep breath, resolve moving into her limbs from her mind. She could help. She could try to help. "Okay, Mal. Thanks...I'll...I'll try." She swallowed. Then moved into action, grabbing the proper materials from the back of Mal's car.

    While she was in the cabin, she grabbed her cellphone from inside of her basket and put it into one of the pockets of her costume skirt. It was still turned off from when she had taken the battery out of it but it comforted her to know it was with her...even if all the help that was available via 9-1-1 was already on the scene.

    Nic moved into action, approaching the priest and Iyzabel first. She questioned if either one had first aid training, not expecting much in that area but willing enough to be surprised. She informed them of what she had already accomplished and what was still needed, trying with all her might to at least appear like she knew what she was doing. She thrust the supplies at the two of them, although it might have seemed pushy.

    "I'm sorry, I don't," The priest was first to answer. Nic felt a twinge of disappointment but ignored it for now. "But I am fine with helping to move the children to the cars...but..here is something I need to do first. Please let me pray over the children as well as this space"

    "Oh okay...Thanks." What more was there to say to something like that? She had never really believed in a higher power...If there was one, how could it have let her mother die when she and her father had so desperately needed her? But still...at this point...with all the violence reflected in the scene, Nic had never felt so close to believing. She wanted to believe.

    But, she couldn't handle the religious confusion right now...There was too much to do. There were much bigger things happening right now than Nicole's faith or lack thereof. She turned her attention to Izy. As if on cue, the high school student answered her question next. Her aid was more practical. "If you can, that'd be great. I know...there's probably not a lot that nonprofessionals can do in a situation like this...but hopefully, hopefully there's something minor we can do." She couldn't believe herself. Hoping there was some minor injury. It seemed off to say something like that. Strange. But what else could one hope for in a massacre scene like this?

    Next, her attention focused on the scene unfolding around her. EMTs were everywhere but there were still too few...there were officers marshaling people--and overseeing them. Nicole could see a few of them holding a hand to the holster on their waists. Again, Nic had to swallow her panic. She was here. There was no point in wishing she wasn't. After surveying the scene, Nicole finally found someone she could possibly help. The injury wasn't really one that Nicole could help with. It was advanced...But she had to try. She bound the wound, attempting to make it stop bleeding. The little girl was crying but there was nothing the tutor could do. "I know it hurts...but it...it will be okay." Please let it be okay...don't let me be a liar... She prayed. It was the first time in a long time but something about the priest had inspired her.

    Nicole told the child her plan but when she looked back at the girl, the child's eyes were closed. Nicole could see her chest moving, so she did not fly completely off the handle but her anxiety was steadily rising. Her hands were shaking. She had no idea what she was doing...She wasn't like Malcolm or Charlie or...Daddy.

    Quick as can be, Nicole took her phone out of her pocket and held it in her shaking palms, she turned it out. The screen felt like it took forever to turn on. Finally, finally, it was ready. It seemed back to normal. She went to her contact list and was about to flip over to favorites but was interrupted. An incoming text message from Rain came first, then a missed call alert and a voicemail from Liam. Her heart beat wildly against her chest. There was no need to worry assuming everything was okay in the town but with the string of horrific deaths...one could never be too sure. Were the boys okay?

    Nicole checked Rain's message first. Apparently this chaos wasn't contained to the woods. She noticed the text did not say anything about him packing his bags. She typed out a quick replying, paying no mind to mistakes or chatspeak that may have appeared in the text.

    To: Rain
    From Nicole
    I'm ok. I'm w/ Mal.
    I know. Its crazy here too
    I'm at the woods.
    There's a massacre here.
    They're saying wolves.
    I would if I could go home but doesn't look possible.
    Go back to the hotel if you can.
    I'll try to meet you there with Dad when I can.
    We should leave.

    It was the first time she had ever contemplated actually leaving the small town. WIth the deaths...It didn't make her comfortable anymore. Nicole shivered. She had wanted to tell her fiance that she was afraid but she couldn't admit that. Not right now. She looked at the voicemail alert on her phone from Liam and hovered her finger over it, considering swiping it to hear it...But a then her phone began to vibrate. She swiped the "talk" button.

    "Where are you, Nicole?" His voice came immediately
    "Daddy." She whispered, her voice breaking slightly. He sounded stressed.
    "Nikki, something's not right in town. I want us to leave. I'll come back with a team to help Sheriff Rose but right now I need to get you out of here. Tonight. I looked for you at the festival but you weren't there."
    "I know, Daddy. I went with Mal. He got a call. We're in the woods."
    "What's going on in the woods? Did something happen?"
    "The girl scouts..." She looked down at the little girl laying by her. She still needed attention. What was Nicole doing on the phone? This wasn't helping...But for the life of her, she didn't want to hang up Her father was silent for a moment.
    "Is there any way to get home? They have professionals for that kind of thing."
    "I don't think so. There aren't as many professionals here as we need...There were wolves..."
    "Where in the woods are you? I don't want you out there even if it is with Sheriff Rose."
    "Daddy, I'm really okay. I'll come back when I can..." But the phone cut her off. The call was dropped. She heard the start of her father's voice but then it was cut off.

    Nicole frowned, biting her lip. She tried to redial but it went to voicemail. She was about to try again when a voice interrupted her, bringing her back to the scene. "Hey, what can I do?" Nicole looked up and found her student, Tyreese looking down at her. She put her phone back into her pocket. She had to stay calm. The phone was dropped because of a glitch due to the weather. That had to be it. Nothing to fret about.She took a deep breath. "Help me...bring this girl to one of the cars? I tried to bind her wounds but...It won't do. She needs medical attention."

    With Ty's help, they maneuvered the girl to one of the waiting cars, wrapping a blanket around her body. The student teacher looked around herself, trying to find something to do...The voicemail from Liam kept popping into her mind. Some priorities Except...it wasn't often that the blond boy left her a message.

    "Hold on." Nic said to Ty, retrieving her phone once again. She unlocked it and hit the "play" button on the voicemail screen. Liam's voice played into her ears. He sounded...manic. There was something...Nicole attempted to call him back but like her father's phone, it went straight to voicemail. "Hey it's Nic. Call me back." She said. Was it something Mal needed to hear? Could it help?

    "We need to find Mal." She finally said to Ty. Keeping him by her felt safer. Like she had someone else to rely on. It kept her more composed. She took a step away from the car, but froze when she heard the laughter. Someone was...having fun? A moment later she heard Mal's encouraging voice. He commanded everyone to get back to work. For a moment Nicole stood in indecision. Was the message that important to share with Mal or were the girls more of a priority. He had said he thought the camera crew were at fault...Could it have something to do with them? Did a crazed fan follow them here? Was this just special effects? She shook her head.

"иσ, αиd тнαик уσυ, ρℓєαѕє мαdαм, ι αιи’т ℓσѕт, נυѕт ωαиdєяιиg"

. . . яσυи∂ му нσмєтσωи
мємσяιєѕ αяє fяєѕн
xxxxяσυи∂ му нσмєтσωи
σн, тнє ρєσρℓє ι'νє мєт. . .

User ImageUser ImageUser Image
ωнєяє :: The woods ωιтн A lot of people (nearest to Ty)
fєєℓιиg:: Disturbed, freaked out, confused, torn
ωєαяιиg :: Hey There Little Red Riding Hood
σσc:: LateLateLateLate. I'm sorry.

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