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The blonde haired girl frowned a little when Oliver said they had to probably do a rescue mission to save his friend. Sure the mission in itself sounded cool and fun, but was he really in that much trouble? Oh well. If he was, she wouldn’t let her best buddy do it all himself. Who would rescue him if he got caught? Eh… Keep in mind she hadn’t thought yet of who would rescue her if she was caught along with them. Hmm… Maybe Kaleb could. Yeah! Kaleb would save her. He’d save them all. Supa-sta~ ”I wouldn’t mind at all. We’ll have to be super sneaky and all though. We don’t want to get caught too trying to rescue him. Though we could bust out and do cool fighting moves like…” she paused, a smile going on her face as she made a funny anime fighting stance. ”Whaaa… Ya! Ya!” Bunni then added to fists jabbing the air. Oh if only she could actually fight. And if only she didn’t do sound effects while doing it. ”And kick butt.” she grinned. Ah… Acting tough when she really was just a scaredy cat. It never got old. She had her chance with the creepy guy to show her moves and show she wasn’t really a wimp, but hey, things never worked that way. He creeped the hell out of her.

”I... I don’t know.” she replied, grasping the side of her arm. ”It was just some man across the street from your house who freaked me out. It’s probably nothing…” She hoped it was anyway. The last thing she wanted to be was stalked especially by that man. If that guy was from the government, then they probably had even creepier guys. Maybe Oli was right to be afraid of the organization.

Bunni’s face turned into bewilderment when Oliver said his phone froze along with his electronics. That couldn’t be good. Opening the front door back up, she just had to check if that guy was there. Nope. He didn’t come back. Good. Or maybe that was bad… What if he was the one that was hacking Oli? Could he do that? Sadly the girl didn’t know much about the coding world unless it was BBcode.

The fire was an added bonus. Something was definitely wrong here. She could feel it. Call it Spidey Sense or just the plain Heebie Geebies. ”I don’t like this… First the spiders in the pet shop, then the zombie in the graveyard and the photography guy and now you and someone else’s house…” This was starting to become one bad horror movie. And to the Otaku, every horror movie was bad. She shook her head from side to side. ”I really don’t like this.”

Hearing Oliver ask whose house it was, she took several steps backward then stood on her tippytoes. It didn’t really help much. She could only see the burning roof of the house a row of houses behind his. ”I don’t know whose it is. I can’t really see. But it’s definitely in the row of houses behind your’s.” Once Oliver agreed, she was already calling 911. There was no time to waste else his house was going to burn to the ground. After she gave them Oliver’s address and also told of another house on fire to the kind lady, she hung up the phone. ”Okay.” she agreed. ”They’ll be here. I think we can leave now if you want to. They don’t need us to really stay here like the police usually do. They have to put the fire out.”

A familiar chime came and she instantly read it since her cellphone was already in her hand. It was from Kaleb. She was glad he was okay. The girl was worried about her cousin. Bunni then started on her reply:

To: Kaleb
From: Clair

I don't like haunted houses...
I think after the graveyard thing
I don’t want to go anywhere

U b safe ok?

Oli’s and someone else’s
house caught on fire
Oli and I are ok
We’re going to see if there’s
anyone in the other house

The last part she decided against telling him. Last thing she wanted was to worry Kaleb. He should have a good time at his spooky haunted house adventure. Right when she was about to stow her phone away, the default text sound came from her phone. The message was already open in the little text bubble from the unknown sender. ”One…two…Skip a few… Who says we have to wait till Halloween?” Bunni read the sudden text out loud. What was this about? Was it a chain letter? Or was it some secret message? Oli would know.

Her head took up from her screen to see his scratching his arm. That wasn’t good. She remembered the last time he did that they were in the police department. A gentle frown touched her features. ”Let’s go. We don’t have to stay here.” she stated, placing a hand of his to try and stop him from hurting himself. He had stopped scratching his arm luckily then he went into his sketch book. A sigh of relief came from her only in a gentle whisper. She couldn’t take it if she saw him do that to himself again. Because of her…

”Maybe its not the government. You think it’s… something else? Someone else?” Clair took another clean sweep of the area with her eyes. She was looking for that man again. ”Would the government be so open? You said before that they usually hide their tracks... I thought they were more sneaky… A fire isn’t really sneaky sneak.” Green eyes then shifted to the thick smoke coming from behind the house. ”We should check if anyone is in there too.” she agreed before taking his arm in her hand. ”I guess we got our mystery to solve.” she added, talking about how they were going to dress as Scooby Doo characters for the day.

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“ιѕ тнєяє αиутнιиg ι cαи dσ fσя уσυ dєαя? ιѕ тнєяє αиуσиє ι cσυℓd cαℓℓ?"

x. . . яσυи∂ му нσмєтσωи
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σн, тнє ρєσρℓє ι'νє мєт

    Nic could see her friend's expression getting lighter minute by minute. It was only minutely better but she was glad to see it. He seemed to smile more--although they weren't true smiles--he seemed to enjoy listening to her talk on. But he still looked tired to her. She would need to make it a point to get him away from the office more often. It was her duty as a friend.

    Nicole smiled, and shook her head slightly at her friend "I'm sure he's glad I'm around," She stated, "But he is here to work. The other night I surprised him and his crew with refreshments and I contaminated some of the footage. It was terrible." She remembered Daphne walking away from the scene with a twinge of unease. She hadn't really heard Rain speak of her since. Nicole didn't enjoy burning bridges. She didn't like doing it and she didn't like seeing it happen. This had felt like one of those moments. "Well, I guess you could talk to him if you really wanted to. Have you even had a prolonged conversation with the guy?" She asked. "I can imagine how it might feel stuff. So much paperwork. And at a time like this..." She shook her head, "I haven't met her yet. What's she like? Where's she from? Think she'll learn the ropes soon enough?"

    Nicole was glad to hear his laughter--as fleeting as it sounded. "Even then. I mean, you're my best friend. Just because you wave a silly little badge around does not mean that that changes anything." She met his look with one of her own, cocking an arm and placing a hand on her hip. "So there hasn't been anything new?" Deciding to lighten it up, she added, "Too bad Sherlock Holmes doesn't exist, right?"

    Nicole shrugged her shoulders slightly. Leaving the town had never been in her plan...She had grown up here. She never left it. It was her home. "I'm...not sure if that was ever really in the plan. Dad hasn't said anything yet. But I can tell this town is starting to make him nervous. I wouldn't be surprised if you were to see him at the station any day now offering help. He is a profiler. I suppose any help you can get is good help right? " She then told him about her engagement. She smiled as she watched his face light up. She saw tears come to his eyes. Oh, God. He's crying. She readily went to him as he pulled her into a hug. A moment later and she would have done the same. "Thank you, Mal." She said, She didn't want to tell him that "it would be okay". It didn't seem right...but she didn't know what else to say.

    Finally, they pulled away. She had to change the subject before they both burst into waterworks. With her next few lines of questioning, the horror of what she said sunk in. of course he wouldn't want to go in. "Oh, damn." She cursed, "Right. I can't believe I didn't think of that." She paused, " No, Rain won't be around for awhile. He's off with his team. Working. Maybe he would later but most likely...well, I'm not sure if he'd find a 'haunted house' amusing given his occupation" She gave a small smile, "I suppose I could chaperon some kids though." She shrugged, the idea didn't sound that appealing. "So, what will you do instead? Maybe I'll join you with that."

    Nic nodded to Malcolm's excuses. He needed to answer his text messages. Nicole's own phone buzzed and chimed a few moments after Malcolm started answering his own text. She let a smile cross her lips. It left her lips a moment later. A questioning look came to her features as she read the text several times over.

    To: Nicole Sullivan
    From: ???
    Message: one...two...skip a few...
    who says we have to wait till Halloween~?

    She didn't recognize the number. Was it supposed to be a prank? A marketing technique? There was not a link attached to it, so it couldn't be a marketing technique. She quickly tapped "reply".

    To: ??
    From: Nicole Sullivan
    Message: Who is this?
    I think you may have the wrong number.

    She pressed "send" before she could question herself again. She learned from an early age: when in doubt, always ask a question. She had taken it to heart as a child, questioning everything and everyone. Now, she realized that that could be annoying. However, the instinct to do it still burned deep in her. She knew that because of all of the questions she had asked when she was younger, she had a solid knowledge base. It was uncomfortable when she didn't know something.

    Still, the mysterious text made her feel more uncomfortable than usual. More tense. There was something about it that she couldn't put her finger on. It was just out of her grasp. It was strange, definitely, but it shouldn't have been any more unusual than receiving a text message from a wrong number or a prank call from youngsters. That's all this is. She tried to soothe herself, Just a prank text. Or a wrong number. Nothing too out of the ordinary. But with everything happening lately she couldn't be too sure. She slid the phone back into her basket. "Is everything okay?" She asked Mal, "Is the deputy on her way over or should we go on without her?"

    A few moments later, Malcolm's phone rang. Nicole listened with interest as her best friend answered his phone. She watched the transformation with sadness. For a moment he seemed a little better--a little healthier. A little like his old self. But then that moment faded. A curse left his lips as it was not prone to do. And moments later, he had to go. Her decision was made instantaneously as well. "I'm going with you." She stated resolutely, "I'm not sure where my dad is right now. He wasn't home when I left. I figure the best place for me to be right now is with you. You're the sheriff. Nothing would happen to me with you here. Then, of course, you'll be taking your own advice as well. You won't be going alone." Her face was set in a determined look. There was no way he could keep her. "Even if you try to go without me," She warned, "I'll just follow you in my own car." She wanted to help him and now that she found a way to do so, she would cling to it.

"иσ, αиd тнαик уσυ, ρℓєαѕє мαdαм, ι αιи’т ℓσѕт, נυѕт ωαиdєяιиg"

. . . яσυи∂ му нσмєтσωи
мємσяιєѕ αяє fяєѕн
xxxxяσυи∂ му нσмєтσωи
σн, тнє ρєσρℓє ι'νє мєт. . .

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                                          Rainerio drew out his cellphone once again to check the time. For a new psychic, being late wasn't looking good for him. Originally he was happy that someone would be filling Daphne's spot. After seeing the guy at the dinner, he had good thoughts about him. Back then he would have never imagined that he would become his partner. Partner was too strong of a word--- associate. He didn't know why, but the new psychic's lateness was making him feel rather offended. He was offended that this was the guy replacing Daphne. He didn't even know if they would be able to work together. He checked his phone again to see only a minute or so had passed. Perhaps he appeared tense, because suddenly he felt Henry's hand on his shoulder and felt his hot breath tickle his ear. His brown eyes flicked over in the other male's direction. He heard Henry suggest they have fun tonight. A smirk slipped onto his lips as he rose a brow, wondering if Henry remembered who he was talking to. "Your fun or my fun?" he asked, wondering who's defintion they were going by. Although that's when he rememebered the previous night, and the things Henry said.

                                          Henry had asked if Rain had a thing for Daphne. Daphne? Sure he talked about her a lot, but what did he expect? She was his best friend; probably his only real friend and she left without letting him know where she went, or if she was ok. All he had were his assumptions. He could only assume she made it to next city and hopped on a plane. He could only assume she didn't want to talk to him again, because he screwed up. Although Rain did the best he could to save her job. That didn't mean that he wanted to be with her romantically. Daphne was in some other category he couldn't really explain or describe. Daphne was different. He couldn't fully remember what his original response was to Henry. He was drunk and was sure the other was as well. The rest of the night was a haze, but he did remember that much. He remembered the various questions, including the one where Henry doubted his intentions of wanting to marry Nicole.

                                          Everyone on the team probably thought that Rain was some womanzing flirt. Which was true, he technically was, but not to the extent they most likely assumed. He wasn't trying to take Daphne to bed. He wasn't intentionally seducing Henry. He knew very little about Keyt and he doubted he would be Idike's type. Besides, he was engaged to Nicole. His long time girlfriend was Nicole. Nothing changed that. When he checked his cellphone for the umpteenth time, he suddenly noticed a text message from his bride-to-be.

                                          To: Rai
                                          From: Nic
                                          Message: I was planning on it… Aww too bad.
                                          You’re missing my take on Little Red. ; )
                                          I get it though…You ARE here to work.

                                          ********. ********. ********. He especially wanted to see her in the costume, because he had a thing for sexy storybook characters. She was right though, he was here to work. He was glad she understood that. Just as his relationship with Daphne was professional. He didn't see why anyone would think otherwise. Why did he have to keep reminding himself of that? He blamed the conversation he had with Henry. Which is why he found himself glancing over in the cameraman's direction. "Hey Henry," he spoke up, hoping to gain the other's attention. "About the other night, yeah, don't go around spreading that sort of thing. Just because I'm worried about Daphne, or pissed about the situation...doesn't mean that I love her romantically. We've been partners for years...and I didn't expect everything to end the way it had. But all it takes is for one misunderstanding to ******** my entire relationship. I'm not sure if I could forgive you if you caused something for that to happen." So much for having fun. Until the new psychic shows up, Rain wasn't sure if fun was really much of an option. They were killing time doing nothing. After several days of wasting time, he was ready to do something productive.

                                          "Sorry, I guess I'm in a bad mood and it's been entirely too long since I've been laid," and for Rain, a few days could easily be considered "too long". Being away from Brookshire, made his sex life very...non-existant. At that moment Idike gave the command they were going to going ahead to the actual investigation site: The Abandoned Highschool. He picked up his bag containing his own personal equipment and started walking with the rest of the team. He found himself shining his flashlight within the trees to see if he spotted anything abnormal. He didn't see anything, which didn't surprise him. Rain was always the kid growing up who wanted to see a ghost, but was never fortunate enough. He knew of kids who swore they saw the ghosts of suicidal teenagers in the woods hanging from trees or heard the wailing for tortured souls. There were rumors the wailing of old hospital patients could be heard echoing about the woods. He never knew if they were supposed to be from the actual hospital or the mental institution; it never made a difference. He never saw anything remotely paranormal before, but that didn't stop his friends and classmates from telling their stories. Even now, he was mentally daring the spirits to do something exciting.

                                          Daphne was like a ghost magnet...without her here, life was boring again. He focused his flashlight once more on the path before him as they neared the old high school. As Idike suggested, he started setting up his equipment. EMF meter as well an EVP recording device, as well as new new "toy" he hadn't had the chance to use yet. It was called "The Devils Toy Box", the inside six walls were covered with mirrors. It was designed to trap entities so you could interview them. He had various other little tools, but he wasn't nearly as excited to use any of them. It wasn't like anything he had was solid "proof" that anything paranormal existed. He overheard Idike giving out everyone's roles, and she even requested he do his usual thing and talk about his skepticism. "Aye yi, Captain," he answered. He enjoyed being paid to talk about how and why he saw everything as bullshit. Part of him wondered if Diana really had possessed Daphne on that night...or did she have an episode and vocally announced everything she thought about Nicole? He didn't know. He didn't even know what he really thought about spirits. He had a few occurrences where he was convinced, but not here in Brookshire. This was only a little town hoping to rip off people by commercializing the massacres of their children.

                                          When Idike announced that they were going to give the new guy fifteen minutes, Rain groaned. "And by fifteen minutes, does he really mean fifteen minutes or is that some kind of estimate?" he immediately asked, his patience fading rather quickly. Before he could say much more a young african american girl rushed in wearing a bloodied girl scout uniform. She was hysterical and fell to the ground. She was trying to talk as she struggled to stand. Rain set down his equipment and was about to start making his way over to her to get a closer look when suddenly Idike started barking out more orders. Rain rushed over as instructed just in time to see the young girl frothing at the mouth like a dog with rabies. "Geez," broke from his lips as he dropped down to assist the director in any way he could. Although he wasn't a medical professional, he was sure there was nothing they could really do for her. There was something about not letting her swallow her tongue. Like Idike, he was holding down the girl, then that's when he suddenly recognized her. "She's one of the Oliver children-- I interviewed a lot of the girl scouts during our first week in town. The question is, why is she out in the woods?" He looked over towards Keyt, curious if she managed to get through to the police. He couldn't remember how reliable the Brookshire 9-1-1 system was. Back when he lived in Brookshire he didn't know very many people who even needed the police.

                                          So much had changed since the last time he had been in Brookshire.

                                          "This doesn't make any sense," he said. "Nothing that's been happening, has made any sense. Brookshire, I'm telling you, was one of those towns where nothing ever happened. We didn't have ghosts or murders or mysteries. The only exciting thing that ever happened was the massacre, and we all know why that happened. Allison is a lunatic. I didn't say much on it before, but she was the best friend of my ex-girlfriend." His train of thought was cut short when the little girl's seizure ended, leaving her motionless on the ground. Rain sighed in relief when he saw she was still breathing. "But uh, about the little girl, I wonder if she was alone...I know she has two sisters...but what I don't understand is why a little girl would be wondering around, late at night the day before Halloween..."

                                          Location:: Old Highschool with crew and a little girl
                                          Attire:: Coming Soon
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"Hmm maybe a little of both," he replied to Rain's question with a hint of mystery. The techie had become a bit used to the way the other responds to certain things and so he wasn't taken aback by what was said. Still, that didn't mean that the exchange had no effect on him. Henry liked the ambiguous teasing that probably meant nothing--it made things a bit more exciting. Unfortunately the moment was short lived since Rain decided to bring up the talk they had that one night. What was he so worried about? It's not like he was a chatter box anyway. Henry furrowed his brow as he nibbled on his lower lip while listening to himself getting threatened to stay silent. Well, that's not exactly what was happening; but it sure felt like it. How could Rain not trust him? Henry was definitely not happy and the air between them shifted ever so slightly. Despite his inner thoughts, he let a smile slip onto his face. It wasn't particularly forced since he wanted to believe that Rain really was all about Nicole. At the same time, his face didn't light up in its normal cheerful fashion. "Of course of course," he reassured the other man in a lighthearted tone as he patted his back, "I wouldn't dream of talking to someone else about such a thing. It's not my place after all." There was a brief pause before he quickly added the next bit. "I meant no harm. Just wanted to make sure you are doing the what you think is best and staying true to your heart and all that jazz. Ah I know it's sappy but I don't know how else to say it. I just want you to be happy okay? Don't stress over it." The techie flashed him his normal genuine smile since he let this negative thoughts roll off his shoulders with every word he said. He didn't want to be the cause of any uncomfortable feelings since they had to work together right now. There was no time to dwell on the whole not being trusted thing. "No it's fine," he replied immediately. It wasn't a huge deal in the big scheme of things--just a minor stepping stone for their blossoming friendship. As for the part about not getting laid, Henry gave a surprisingly flirty response. It's almost as if the other was rubbing off on him without his permission. "I could help you with that..." he trailed off when he realized what he was saying before attempting to recover, "you know, just enough to get you feeling good. I'll zap that bad mood right out of you." A laugh escaped him by the time he finished. God, what was he saying? So stupid. Seriously, he had to get away before he embarrassed himself any further. Luckily it was dark enough so that no one could see the slight tint on his cheeks unless they rudely shined a light in his eyes.

A little bit later, before the work really got started, he got a reply back from Oliver. It took him less than a second to read before he typed out a response that shouldn't get a reply back. After all, he was working and didn't need his phone going off in his pocket.

To: Oliver
Hope you have fun.

Despite the fact that it wasn't a good idea to have his phone distracting him, he decided to text his internet friend since they really haven't talked in a while. Henry just felt like he should keep in touch since they were friends before he arrived and it would be wrong to accidentally ignore him. The techie almost sent one to Tyreese as well; but they weren't really friends and the guy would probably be with the gamer anyway. So a simple text was sent to just one other person.

To: Ed
Hey how are you doing?
Got any plans for tonight?

With that done, he focused his attention back to the task at hand--which had something to do with him fiddling with one of his devices. It didn't take long, since he did some of the work ahead of time, to get everything ready to go after they reached their destination. The new addition to the group was still late; but he decided to start taking a peek around with his camera rolling. It didn't hurt since he wasn't wasting too much film. Plus, he might catch something interesting lurking just outside the building: anything is possible.

A little while later, the director rattled off some orders that included Keyt doing something she never got to do before. It made him stop and look over just to see her reaction--not that the lightning was that great. He wasn't sure he'd be comfortable enough with her new role unless she got a little coaxing. Henry wasn't sure about the change; but he would try to help if he could. Not that he had any idea as to how he could possibly lend a hand--besides the normal techie tricks of course.
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Henry didn't get to ponder much on it since there was an abnormal rustle of some leaves before a little girl tumbled out of the brush. Instinctively, he already had the camera pointed in the direction as soon as the suspicious sound filled the relatively quiet air. Despite that fact, he was more focused on why she was panting and what her words meant. Who was coming and what did they need to do? "Why do they always do that?" He mumbled the question under his breath before he realized it. The techie was referring to the fact that people tend to pass out before they reveal something extremely important. It happens all of the time in shows and movies. The mystery character says enough to point out that there is some type of danger without giving any real clue as to what. For television, it was actually good for suspense building; but having it happen in real life was unsettling and a bit annoying to be honest.

"Roger that." It was uttered just so his boss would know that he heard and was still rolling. Whether capturing the moment on film was really a good thing or not was unclear; but it felt wrong to record what seemed like a little girl that was about to die right in front of them. As for what Rain voiced to the group, he merely took it all in without uttering any of his on thoughts on the matter.

LOCATION: Checking out the old high school with the documentary team.
Create the special effects that make life interesting.
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                  She turned away from the others, staring at the woods around them. Her whole body was ridged with tension that was surely visible to everyone, she hated this feeling and yet she kept it in. She glowered at the old high school. How was this relevant to the cemetary? Keyt didn't understand... They were chasing ghosts at this point. Very literally! A sigh passed her lips as she caught sight that Henry was looking at her, she offered him a faint smile but shook her head and looked away. She couldn't keep this up, the russian knew her limit and she felt like she was reaching it. She was just the help. The assistant. She wasn't into the technical aspect. She couldn't even do make-up so well. A sigh passes her lips as she straightened her outfit with her hands. Walking in a small circle her eyes seemed to wander over to the old highschool no matter where she looked. "Odin dva tri..." Keyt counted down in a hushed whisper.

                  Her name was called and instinctually her head tilted in the direction of the the director and she looked at the woman as if she were mad. Talk? ... On film? "Are you shoore?" She asked back, her accent noticable as she looked around the group. Rain seemed to have no problem with this request and Henry... Oh if she could communicate with her eyes to anyone it had to be Henry and her expression conveyed the bafflement she was feeling in that moment. The personal assitant looked back at the old highschool for what felt like the thousandth time bu this time her eyes noted the yellow "Police Line Don't Cross" tape that flittered in the wind, "Iz vit safe?" Another question that seemed to go unanswered and when the director wasn't looking she shook her head once more. A low huff passed her lips but she covered her mouth, not wanting to be chewed out for what might seem like insolence. A look to Mr. Techy, he had the cameras so he was filming this right? "My, uhm, my opinions... iz looks spooky? I don't zhink we should be here..." Did he get that? She was so self conscious about her accent she didn't want to get the words wrong. But she also didn't want to speak as a whole either.

                  However relief to her suffering came in the form of a little girl, hands reached to her mouth as she let out a gasp. Her head shook and she couldn't believe what was happening. It was especially hard to focus, even as Idike snapped out orders for them... Call Nine-one-one? "What would zhat do?" Would it work like that? She pulled out her phone and dialed in the number, listening to the recieving end it sounded like sirens echoing in the distant, "Hullo? Zhere iz a girl hurt heres..." She hadn't realized off the bat she was calling an authority. It was hard trusting the government where she came from. And trusting a forgien police such as Brookshire's... would it make a difference. "Ve are at zhe highschool. In zhe woods..." The voice on the other end sounded frustrated when she brought up this fact and more words and directions started to be rattled off and Keyt shook her head. She couldn't take this.. She couldn't take this.

                  She dropped her phone and watched the rest of the team. She slowly started to walk backwards unaware of the small fish wire till she tripped over it. But it wasn't the trip that did her in but an arrow to her chest. A mere three centimeters away from her heart she was able to call out in pain before falling to her feet. She clutched at her chest and said a few words in Russian as she cried and cried, blood pooling in her mouth before leaking out the corner edges. He tongue felt like a foriegn mass in her mouth and she couldn't form words. All she could do was suffer in pain and whimper before she closed her eyes for good.

                  ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ THE BARTENDER

                  They could see him... Why couldn't they see him!? Erik was staring across the ruins of the bar he worked at, waving his hand in front of his coworker's face but he recieved no response. He trembled as realization took hold. More and more he wondered what could have happened that lead him to this state. He didn't know what was going on. He had taken around on his motorcycle... A ride to ride. Something that was meant to relax himself and in a flash he remembered his wheels skidding everything coming at him faster and then nothing. Light. He had figured out if he put his hand on his coworker's phone he could manipulate it to send texts as though they were from him. He didn't know the science behind it, or if there was science at work at all. He just thought of who he wanted to connect and he could send a message. Of course the texts weren't exactly as direct as he would've liked, as though a virus was intercepting his messages just as he was trying to send them.

                  He was standing behind the bar when he watched Sebastian and Shin. But no matter how much or how loud he called out the two continued on with their conversation until a female joined them and he found himself sighing... He didn't know what he thought of Shin at this point... He was... He was a guy he almost... Yeah... But then listening to Sebastian talk to these two... The conversation was so different compared to the one shared between old friends... He found himself wondering if the psychic knew this side of their old friend. Though he found himself shaking his head. There was no sense dwelling on thoughts. And this girl... Wasn't she the mayor's ex-secretary or something like that? Why was she here? 'I shouldn't have come back to town, I should have stayed away... I thought a blessing to see my old friends come back... Maybe that was all just wishful thinking.. Cause look, here I am alone in the dark.'

                  The lights in the bar started to flicker... And that wasn't him, he felt a cold gust of wind behind his back and he turned to look at a faceless figure, the shadows from his back branched out like limbs on a tree as if they were coming towards him. His mind was going at a million miles an hour... He didn't know what did someone who was no longer someone do in this situation?! He reached for his coworkers phone. His brows furrowed as he tried to focus. But it was so hard to focus as the being jumped from place to place, starting farther away, but spiraling closer and closer to him and only him.

                  To: Sebastian
                  From: Erik
                  I search for solace in this waste
                  That I once called home
                  But my attempts of piecing life together leaves me alone
                  I can't repair what's been done

                  To: Shin
                  From: Erik
                  Why are you here?
                  Are you taunting me?
                  Taunt. Taunt. Haunt.
                  It's not safe. Leave. Now.

                  He let go of the phone to grab the drink in front of Marina, he picked it up and used his footballer arm to launch it into the mirror wall. The shards flew further across the room and landed on some of the pedastrians nearest the wall. One man cried out, "My eyes!! I can't see!" In that moment Erik was overcome with guilt and as he was distracted the shadow was able to reach him... And embrace him. Though before he dissappeared back into the black he reached over to touch the nearest phone.

                  To: Sebastian
                  From: Erik
                  The woods. What you seek.
                  The riches, and unearthed
                  secrets. Luke found them.
                  Now it's your turn.

                  On the outside the drinks looked normal, but after a sip, the difference in taste was highly noticable. The taste changed to that of red, a coppery red. The taste of soot and ash were also mixed in. Many citizens started spitting out their drinks and whiping at their tongues. The spit looked black in the light.

                  ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ THE BOARDING HOUSE

                  The door creaked open. The apartment was bare, it hadn't been rented to anyone since the Delarosa's moved out years ago. It was being used as a show room for potential customers. Yet it was out of season so the furniture was covered in white drapes. Unlike the other rooms, this room had a brisk warmth, the heat emitting from the sight of Juanita's death. And like an old film Juanita could be seen in the kitchen, cooking food with a little baby boy by her side. The scene looked normal enough but it was a memory the Gamer would be familiar with, for it would be the memory that caused him to fear hospitals as it progressed. And yet the mirage didn't get that far into it before it turned around and locked eyes with the Gamer. And in a flash the image was standing infront of Ed, looking eye to eye... Scrutinizing him. The lights outside slowly went out one by one till the lights in the apartment room where the only ones on.

                  The hispanic woman with golden brown eyes stayed silent. Her hair lightly curled, a peach sundress on. She looked to angelic to be an ghost.

                  It was then her arms open wide and she took a step closer to teen before wrapping her arms around him. "Te amo mijo..." passed through her lips. A whisper that echoed on.

                  ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ THE MAYOR'S HOUSE

                  The piano started to play though there was no one there to play it. Each key pressed left finger prints like stamp marks against the white ivory. The song had a soft melody nad lasted all of thirteen minutes, after that it took a turn for the worse when the strings on the piano's back started to snap. One... two... three. Thirteen snapped strings. There was the sound of scratching on the halls, a scratching that followed into the living room. On all of the family portraits The Mayor and The Rich Kid's faces were scratched out. And crudely drawn smiley faces where instead in their places. The lights flickered on and off. Doors slammed shut and open. Then the was a clawing on the living room wall above the television, the message was slowly being scraped away. There was specks of red and what looked like a fingernail jammed into the wall. The message read,

                  nothing but hatred left

                  The message was signed with a red hand print.

                  The lights that were on in the house burst. Leaving the building emersed in complete and total darkness.


                  For those who attempted to text back, they recieved a reply with no text only pictures. Pictures of their darkest secrets and their best kept fears.

                  In the case of The Tutor the pictures she recieved were images of The Junkie and her tangled in compromising positions from their last tryst. There were about twenty pictures all together, all from different angles and zooms. Shortly after her phone started to malfunction all together. She received more texts of merely jumbled letters and numerals. And even if her phone was on silent, it began to make noise as if it were on speaker phone. The volume on full blast and the voices on the other end were familiar sounds. The sounds of The Junkie moaning and her groaning, mixed in were sighs and gasps that couldn't be ignored.


                                                  “It could of all been different Mr. Walker. You should have let nature take its course... but in the end, it will anyway.”
                                                  Quotequotequotequotequotequotequotequote- from "Fear"
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                                        He didn't respond much to the suggestion about moving to a bigger place; but he did agree that Brookshire was a lost cause now. The tightknit community helped him in the past because he knew what to expect and how to handle everyone for the most part. It helped that he grew up in the place. Connections are important after all. That's something they'd need to spend time making at the new place before they really got income flowing in. Still, they might be able to make the year--if they were smart about it. In the end, Shin acknowledge that a change of pace in another place was a good idea. It was done without words because he didn't feel the need to discuss the details yet; after all, Marina hadn't arrived and she was part of the operation to some degree.

                                        Then the conversation touched the issue of Sebastian's agenda. That was around the time that Marina entered the picture with a kiss to each of their cheeks. He greeted her silently with his eyes; but other than that he didn't react much at all. The other male in the group filled her in a bit before he revealed the true reason why he was here. A thoughtful hum slipped out between the dealers lips before he took a sip of his drink. 'So he was treasure hunting?' It seemed childish to him; although he couldn't help the smirk that formed on his features. Talk of treasure hunts brought back interesting memories. Luckily he could use the glass he held to block his mouth from the hustlers view. It would have been easy for Marina to catch it from her angle but he wasn't concerned about her. He was about to speak up when he decided against it at the last minute. Why? Because it didn't seem worth it since everything was in the past. The fact of the matter was if he was told exactly what the guy was looking for than he could have searched in better places and asked around in his own way. It's not like he would have taken the "treasure" for himself. He liked to "work" for his money. Sebastian should have told him and that's all there was to it. Luckily, Sebastian seemed to be okay with moving on even though he was obviously a bit bitter. That was music to his ears; but the guy was going to have to keep him in the loop if they were going to work together at the next place.

                                        Shin didn't get a chance to respond to the offer before the lights flickered and his male companion got a text. He ignored the sanity comment and set his glass down on the table when the lights started freaking out. The feeling in the air felt a bit eerie even for him. Then he got a text--from Erik. That in itself was strange since they hadn't really been talking. Not to mention the fact that the contents were a bit cryptic. Was the bartender here? Dark orbs instantly looked at the bar and lingered for a bit before he heard the sound of glass shattering. His attention turned to where the glass was thrown before his eyes shifted to the guy that complained about being blinded. Soon he fixed his gaze on Marina when he realized that her glass had vanished. Did she throw it? There was a questioning look on his face that she would have been able to read if she looked at him. That's why he didn't bother asking and decided to just observe both of their actions. Plus, he didn't think she threw it since she didn't have a reason to and he should have seen some kind of movement through his peripheral vision. Before he could think anymore about it there were sounds of customers spitting out their drinks. What was going on?

                                        One thing was for sure, he definitely wasn't about take another sip of his drink despite the fact that it tasted normal a few seconds ago. Seeing all those people react that way just made him not what to put anything else in his mouth. In fact, he didn't feel like staying in the building at all. Shin read the text again before he pushed his chair back and stood up. "I'm leaving," he voiced while leaving no room for objection, "if you want to talk more later--then I'm game." Of course he was fine with continuing the talk elsewhere; but he wasn't about to admit that the bar unsettled him in a matter of seconds.

                                        With that said he turned his back to the other two and made his way out of the bar while ignoring the commotion around him. Shin didn't notice the black spit that littered some of the tables because he wasn't about to pay anymore attention to the happenings in that place. In fact, he didn't even bother to give much thought, so it seemed, to how Sebastian or Marina reacted to the whole thing. Soon he made it to his car and leaned his back against the drivers side before looking at the odd text message again. May as well send one back.

                                        To: Erik
                                        Where are you? What's
                                        not safe? The bar?

                                        Shin didn't bother touching the whole taunting thing because he didn't know what to make of it. Plus, he couldn't of think of anything he'd done since that one night with the bartender that could be considered as taunting. Not to mention the weird way he repeated the word that changed into another one by the third time. Was it a typo? Regardless, it wasn't as important as the warning. That's what he really wanted to know more about.


                                        User ImageUser ImageUser Image
                                        Location: Near his car with no one?
                                        Attire: It's whatever.

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Daphne Koska
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                                          Smoke surrounded her. Darkness overcame her. Daphne could feel the demons of the town begin to swallow the light in her soul and change her into something that wasn't human... that is until a bright light illuminated everything around her.

                                          Daphne laid on the floor of the concrete outside and felt a hand hold her cheek and ask her to wake up. ”Wh-what? ... What happened?” She saw blonde hair and thought it was that boy she had attacked before, but it wasn't him at all. This was someone she had never seen before, but he seemed to know who she was.

                                          ”C'mon Daphne... get up.. It's okay now.” The girl began to sit up slowly, but notice how ... empty she felt suddenly. ”Slow... yeah... use up too much energy and You'll just be a light..”

                                          ”A light?” She asked, then looked around to try to see the guy who was helping her. Her eyes, though naturally brown, reflected light in shades of blue, much like a cat in the dark. Everything was different and surreal. The sky was grey and the clouds were blood red, and everything around them looked as if it was from a black and white movie. The medium remembered the sight of her blood pouring from her body and she looked to him, ”I'm dead...” He nodded at her. ”I... wow.. I always wondered how the world looked to ghosts...”

                                          ”You're pretty easily accepting of it, aren't you?” He smirked at her. It was a familiar smirk, and Daphne felt like she had seen it before. She studied him with a serious expression on her face before relaxing a bit.

                                          ”I've... I could feel it coming.. for a long time now.. I've felt it brewing, especially when I came here...” she looked down at the ground and noticed something very VERY different. Her hands reached to her stomach and then her hips, finding them slimmer and more toned that they were when she was alive. Her hands then went to her hair and found bits of purple colored locks in them. ”I... this is ....” she felt up her head to feel the signature headband of her youth. ”This is... what I looked like when I was like... 18?"

                                          ”Sometimes... we take the shape of who we are on the inside, who we were when we died, and who we were when we were at our prime... Some of us have the ability to change their appearance... but thats not necessarily a good thing. Usually it's an influence from something... dark. ” Daphne's head spun and she went a bit woozy and almost fell before suddenly losing her footing, but the guy grabbed her arm before she could fall over. ”I didn't let them touch you...”

                                          ”Who?” she asked, before remembering the darkness that had over powered her before the sudden burst of light. ”The... the demons? You saved me?... Heh.. Here I was thinking it was me who saved myself.” She grinned, before gently pushing herself out of his grip to show she was fine. ”Who are you?”

                                          ”I could say I was your guardian angel... But no, I'm just a ghost... I was struck by lightning in the 90's, right on the top of the bleachers at the highschool.” The boy raised turns so she could see the back of his neck, and sure enough there were vien like lines spreading from one point of his body, which Daphne assumed was where he was struck. ”The name is Abel though.”

                                          ”You look familiar... but you died here?” She asked.

                                          ”I've been following you a bit.” that explained it. She had seen him, but the lack of blood or obviousness to his death had caused her to believe he was alive. Daphne felt like the smirk was familiar, because remembered him smirking at her at some point in time. ”Oh, that was weird, huh? ... I just.. A Medium.. Look, not all the ghosts here are evil. Some of us have avoided being influenced by the demons... and we'd like to just.. move on.”

                                          "And some of us want to right the wrong being done to the living..."

                                          Daphne looked back to see a smaller asian girl, exactly the way she remembered seeing her at the dinner party. ”Diana.” She said, then noticed the people, also colored in black in white, walking around in the back ground. Daphne glanced at the two other ghosts, and instantly understood that they were the living.. blending into the background.

                                          "Nicole is cheating on Rain... and I have proof..." Daphne's eyes widened and she felt a surge of protectiveness for her friend over come her, and then suddenly... the mailbox opened and all the papers and parchments came flying out. Diana smirked a bit at the action, especially when the black and white living people jumped in terror, but then began to giggle, obviously thinking it was all apart of the haunted house attraction just down the road. ”You can help... we gotta tell him.. and Carissa's body was disrespected and and... so much as happened... we gotta find Carissa, and we gotta right everything that has been done!”

                                          ”Yeah... No no, I agree! I don't want Rain to go through life not knowing something like that!” Daphne then looked over to Abel, who simply shrugged.

                                          ”Do what you must.... but Daphne... You're the only spirit of a witch who isn't touched by darkness.... so if the spirits here are going to be free, you're the only one who can do it.”

                                          Daphne nodded... Suddenly, she felt a warming sense of purpose! Perhaps she truly could accomplish more in death than she could in life. ”Just tell me what to do...”

                                          ”Well! Supposedly, there is a way to send text messages... we just have to figure out the right way to do it. You're a link to both worlds, right? You should be able to... and maybe you can do the typical: move object and even appear and talk to them!”

                                          ”I think... I can help you ladies with that.. but if I do help you, you have to remember to help me too, okay?. Cause only dark ghosts can do that.. and if you're dark, Daphne... you won't be able to... just don't give in to any temptations a demon give you. Promise?”

                                          ”How.. will I know it's a demon?.”

                                          ”Oh.. You'll know.”

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LOCATION a dark creepy alley way

COMPANY maybe some alley cats

                                                          Pennie pushed Kaleb away. At first, when he asked her out, she had said yes.. within 48 hours, the guilt over everything that happened over the past few days got to her and she backed out. The ex-cheerleader apologized, but she told him that she just couldn't date him. She tried to be nice, but it really didn't take her long to end up snapping at him. She rarely ever snapped.. She hadn't even snapped at Lucky when he accused her of pulling some prank on him. But she snapped at Kaleb, telling him that he was too nice and figured out for her just before her dad came in and made sure the blonde boy left. Pennie locked herself in the bathroom minutes later and cried. She didn't want that, she didn't want it at all, but she felt like she had to shut Kaleb out to protect him and herself! Her excuse was bogus. Everything lately was completely bogus... All the death, Carissa's body being defiled the way it had, the town losing it's mayor and the tunnel being caved in... All the stress was getting to her, and whats worse is that her father had informed her that they would be losing their house. If they couldn't find an apartment that they could afford, they would be living out of a car.

                                                          Pennie's hands gripped the sink. This wasn't just her life.. this was Georgie's life, her father's life, everyone she cared about!! How hard had she worked to try to take care of everyone? How many sleepness nights of studying to keep her grades up did she do? How many fake smiles and laughs had she shared with her friends? And for what? To be failing her classes, to be losing her home, and to have some of the closest people to her either hate her or go off and die... Pennie didn't break up with Kaleb because he was nice or because he had his life seemingly figured out.. She broke up with him because she didn't even know who she was anymore, but a fake little girl trying to put a sun shiney show on for the world.

                                                          Her heart raced and she couldn't catch her breath. Tears streamed down her reddening cheeks, and the world spun around her. Pennie was sure she was going to explode if she didn't calm down.... She threw open the medicine cabinet and began to tug out any pill bottle she could find, briefly looking at the labels before just taking the caps off. The sound of her father, knocking on the door could be heard, but she called out for him to give her a minute, before looking down at the colourful assortment in her palm. Pills... they made everything better... one to relax, two to feel a bit dreamy, three for a good time... this many.. this many and she would surely stop herself from exploding, right? A small bottle of tequila stood in the medicine cabinet, and Pennie grabbed it... The pills went into her mouth, and she washed it down with the booze.. and then she took another handful before falling to bathroom in a sobbing mess.

                                                          Frank broke down the door and grabbed his daughter up off the floor. He was hollering at her, calling her name and begging her to wake up. Somewhere in the mix, the tequila bottle fell to the ground and shattered, causing him to cut his foot but he paid no mind and stepped into the bath tub before pulling Pennie in with him. ”Pennie... Penelope Jane, you wake up right now!” He turned the shower on, hoping the water would help then spotted the pill bottles in the sink. How long had she been in here? It only seemed like minutes before he noticed her panic attack calming down and listened in to hear nothing but silence... Frank shoved his fingers down her throat until she vomited, colourful bits of medicine coming up along with stinging stomach acid. But was it soon enough? He only relaxed when he could feel Pennie begin to move and begin to sob again.

                                                          They didn't have enough money to go to the hospital, but Frank helped his daughter vomit two more times before letting her go to bed... Pennie's body ached, and Frank promised not to tell anyone, so long as Pennie promised to never do that again. It was hard.. The ex-cheerleader was jaded, but she noticed a difference in they way her father carried himself for that day... if it lasted, she would never have a reason to ever want to leave him again. She was glad he didn't take her to a hospital or tell her that she was going to have to start going to therapy or anything... If people found out how she really was, then she didn't think she could face anyone. Pennie was the girl her friends went to when they needed help! If she lost that strength for them, then what good would she be to them? Everyone would leave her, just like how her mother left her.

                                                          -- On Friday morning, her room was locked so Georgie couldn't come inside.. He had missed everything that happened with her and Frank, and she didn't want to make him feel bad if he accidentally woke her up and caused her to snap... But her dad had a key to her so that he could check on her through out the night. Pennie woke up due to a small weight on her chest, and something warm and wet touching her face. To her surprise, there was a tiny french bulldog puppy smothering her in kisses. She sat right up and picked the thing up before looking to see her dad just standing there with a passive look on his face. ”If you pull something like that again, Penelope.... Then that poor girl won't have anyone to take care of her..” How many years had Pennie begged her dad for a puppy, and now there was one right in her lap? He turned around and alerted her that there was a small bag of food for the pup in the kitchen, but it was up to pennie to make sure she didn't make a mess or poop on anything important, then walked out of her room. The blonde girl held the tiny creature so lovingly in her arms and cried as it lapped up her tears.

                                                          She became so caught up in little Piggy that completely forgot about the event at the foster house. Pennie only remembered when she noticed a text from Kaleb, checking up and asking if she was coming and asking her to not push herself. ”Fiddlesticks Miss Piggy! I'm late! I'm Waaaaaay late!” Her voice was a bit harsh from all the vomiting the day before, but she knew she had to rough through it! No work means no pay, and no pay means they can't even hope to keep their house. But oh, she was going to have to face people she wanted to avoid... Pennie was beyond embarrassed over her talk with Kaleb, and even with her being rude to him, he was still being sweet to her. Lucky... Pennie didn't want to have judgmental or angry eyes on her. She assumed he was still angry, but she didn't know for sure... all she knew was she was in no emotional place for conflict!

                                                          To: Kaleb
                                                          From: Pennie

                                                          I'm on my way, something came up.
                                                          I'll be fine, and thank you. Can we talk
                                                          1 day after Halloween about things?

                                                          To: Trin & Lucky
                                                          From: Pennie

                                                          no one send the cops! I'm just late!
                                                          I'll be there as soon as I can!

                                                          She took off on her bike and pedaled as quickly as she could down streets before taking a shortcut down a back alley way, just as the chain on her bike decided to give out once again, and snap completely.. Causing her body to project forward into a pile of boxes. [******** c**t!!” Pennie never swore.. ever.. but when she was mad enough, she loved, LOVED the word c**t... with a capital Cu! sound. Her nose was bleeding, her arm hurt, and her stress level went up as she pulled her phone out and texted her team once more.

                                                          To: v4 crew
                                                          from: pennie

                                                          Bike chain broke. Face first
                                                          into some pavement... at least I won't
                                                          need fake blood for the costume...
                                                          -insert pouty selfie pic-

                                                          OOC: Icons for outfit!

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Narcissa: The Saddened Housekeeper

Narcissa heard the noise and she knew what the video was. She could tell before she entered that room. Why would anybody want to do that? She couldn’t even handle watching it once. She looked around as she saw the almost empty bottle of wine. Oh no, that wasn’t a good sign. She felt herself getting a bit nervous walking in, for it seemed the other was super depressed. She bit her lip before she made her way towards the other. As she heard the other ask her if she really wanted her to answer the question in a slurred speech. That just didn’t seem good. She admitted “No, you probably wouldn’t be good considering everything you’ve been through. I suppose that was a silly question”

She heard that the other state what she had lost, yes and in such a short time too, which really sucked. As she said that she was okay for she had a house, that was true. Cissa didn’t have one. Heck, before here she was living in such a small apartment and even that was a struggle to keep. As she heard about how the festival was a decent success, which was great news. She was about to say so but then it seemed that half of the town was leaving, so not a great financial success. She tried to think about how to help out. She admitted “I suppose so. Do you think there’s any way we could maybe bring more tourism with spinning it like its almost a haunted town? Maybe?”

She was sure it was not the worst suggestion one had ever heard. Maybe. Though the festival was almost over, that was quite sad to hear. She liked the festival, even if she never got to talk to her ex during it like she had planned. Though at least she had gotten to help out and that was good. And how Halloween was tomorrow, but it felt weird. Cissa asked “We aren’t having a Halloween party here are we? Just so I know if I should start planning the menu for a group of people or if its just the usual trick or treat cookies and caramel apples for the neighbourhood kids.”

But she did also feel weird. Things just had gone more and more odd in this town. The town hadn’t ever been normal but now it seemed like they were cursed or something. Which made Cissa a bit nervous, just seemed to be at that stage where one should not go out into the dark anymore. She gave a nod “I agree, this town has sort of…just been odd. Its like all these small horrible things keep happening everywhere. Do you think that the paranormal activity people have found anything worth knowing? Maybe?”

She wasn’t sure what to do either. But hey, it wasn’t as if the world had gone to H E double hockey sticks completely, right? Soon she heard the other woman laugh, rather loudly. As if Narcissa had said a joke, but she didn’t know she had made one. Had she? No, she had been rather genuine in her statements. But…perhaps she had said something in a sarcastic way? Well she would put a pin in that till later. It did seem that she had somehow insulted Juliette, which wasn’t good. Well surely Juliette would talk to her if something was wrong. Probably. She was asking a lot of questions, perhaps that was what was annoying. But she wanted to go into journalism. However yes, probably an annoying quality to have in a person.

She then heard the other almost yell at her. That she didn’t know. Well that was okay, it did seem to be quite hard to figure it all out. Especially considering the fact that one was kind of drunk. And how she thought it was the documentary team that was scaring everybody here. Narcissa wondered if that was true, she didn’t find them that terrifying. However yes, since they had come to town everything had turned whackadoodle. However if it was a ghost having some of the people they had … was a good thing right? Someone who might actually know what to do. She asked “Perhaps they could help out and figure out what’s going on? Or do you think they are making it worst?”

Soon she saw the blond well, stumble. She almost fell to the floor Cissa made a move to help her but she seemed to have caught herself. Oh well that was good. She seemed to at least have sat back down instead of passed out. Well at least she was sitting. Soon though the words that were said made no sense to Cissa. She wanted to slap her? Why on earth would she want to slap Cissa? The housekeeper went through everything she did and could see no reason for it. Had she said something insulting by accident? Cissa asked utterly confused “I’m sorry did I accidentally insult you? Why would you want to slap me? I just, don’t understand what I did to have such a response from you”

She just really didn’t get it. And then the other continued, about how she wanted to slap Narcissa so hard that, no joke, it stung for days. Which again was uncalled for. She had done nothing…right? She heard about how well she wouldn’t do It since Juliette was a good person. She admitted “Well you are a good person, Juliette. Or I think so. I don’t think a cruel person would have been kind enough to let me live with them.”

Juliette seemed to continue talking. Cissa wondered what had caused her to drink so heavily? She heard about how she was going to let Cissa go, though this didn’t seem like a wise decision. Juliette seemed to be in distress. And something about success and head count. And soon Juliette’s voice get tinier. She wanted to go and hug her or comfort her….but let’s be honest, the chick had just threatened to slap her, so maybe she didn’t want to be touched. Narcissa though about it as she admitted “You shouldn’t be alone, Juliette. You sound like your about to crack. So I think I might just get my baking and cooking done tonight for Halloween treats for tomorrow. So how about you can be my pastry tester and I can make you some irish coffee instead?”

Cissa's gave her usual friendly smile before she got up and was about to make her some irish coffee and get her baking stuff done. She felt her phone beep at her, and assumed it was Seb getting back to her. Soon though she found out that wasn't the case, it was from some unknown number. How strange. Something about skipping a few and waiting for halloween. She assumed that perhaps it was a wrong number? Since it made no sense to her. So she put her phone back in her pocket, figuring it was just her who had received it. Soon Cissa heard the piano play. She glanced over at the piano as she wondered what it was. And of course she asked "Oh did you change the piano to play by itself for Halloween? That's very clever"

She was about to go over to see the box one sometimes puts onto the piano and as she got closer she heard a snap and she winced back. That....was weird. Thirteen? She found herself a bit frozen for a moment as she asked "Um...are we having a...haunted house? When did you put it together?"

Because Cissa had never really believed in haunted things, though she was beginning to. Just the sounds were enough to make her antsy. She heard scratching, which made no sense. She was about to go to follow it when she heard the clawing getting closer. Which made Cissa back up a bit, as if that would do anything. Her heart felt like it was going faster and faster. As if it was following the lights and doors. Lights on and off, doors slamming and opening. She soon saw a message being scraped away. Specks of red as if someone had a fingernail jammed in there. Then there was a message about how nothing but hatred left. She said "Well that isn't true."

Or she didn't hate anybody so it was hard for the message to be accurate. Soon the lights burst which made Cissa give a small scream of surprise. As the light was emersed in darkness, Cissa just didn't feel safe here. Though where to go? Just seemed that staying somewhere where all that happened was a bad bad idea. She asked Juliette "Are you well enough to stand and walk? I think perhaps we shouldn't stay here...just, doesn't feel safe you know?"

Where Are You?: Mayor's House - Living Room
With Who?: Juliette and god knows what else
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                          Marina fixed a feigned smile to her lips. It was the type of smile she had grown accustomed to wearing in her various lines of work. It gave the appearance of a woman invested and interested in conversation. She'd worn it so many times, as man after man- sometimes unattractive, but always wealthy- climbed atop her or requested whatever they wanted from her that night. The smile came with little effort after years of practice, leaving absolutely none the wiser to the thoughts hidden behind the facade.

                          It turned out that Sebastian simply wanted to talk business, which came as little surprise. Business clearly hadn't gone as planned, not with Adam's death and the general chaos surrounding the town. Her own failures also echoed loudly within the mess of the mission, but as Sebastian omitted saying such, Marina kept smiling and focused on the questions he asked. "I'm not sure this place ever held my definition of money," Marina's fingers touched upon the necklace hanging around her neck, a rather expensive gift from Sebastian, as though she needed to remind him of the kind of wealth to which she was accustomed before she continued. "But it certainly has shriveled up from what it used to be. Oh Sebastian, you spoil me." She glanced up at the waiter who approached, flirted a little to keep up appearances, and ordered a Blue Hawaiian. The flirty, fruity drink should be what the others expected of her.

                          Marina had barely a sip of the unwanted drink before Sebastian dropped his "plan" on the two. It took effort not to choke on her drink at the mention of treasure and maps. For a moment, Marina suspected that somehow, Sebastian was testing her and Shin. Though she wanted to, she avoided glancing over at Shin to gauge his reaction. She kept her gaze on Sebastian, listening as he spoke of wanting out of the town. The secretary's heart fluttered at the thought, finally leaving, though his offer meant leaving with him, not freedom. But her boss said that they could separate. Despite the words, Marina doubted the likelihood of that freedom. Freedom rarely came without a cost, especially in this business.

                          A heartbeat passed as Marina briefly considered the possibility of separation. To speak up without being sure, however, came from one who lacked intelligence or sense of self-preservation. But before she could offer an answer either way, the lights began to flicker. The hairs on the back of her neck stood and a chill ran down her spine. Another flicker passed, this one followed by the sound of shattering glass. A gasp followed the scream, and Marina was surprised to find that it had come from her. In an attempt to regain composure, the secretary focused on Sebastian's words. Shin's voice cut through the tension, voicing his intent to leave. That sounded like the smartest thing she'd ever heard the man say before. "I suppose we should head out too. This place is clearly not up to my standards..." Her voice wavered slightly, despite the attempt to stay collected. "We should talk later though. Somewhere nicer."

                          It took every bit of effort not to run screaming from the bar. Marina ground her teeth, walking with all of the poise and dignity she could muster. The lights continued to flicker with what seemed a violent pattern as people spit out their drinks, though it came out a black liquid rather than a bubbly clear of saliva. She inhaled sharply, snapping her gaze forward as she marched straight out of the bar and kept going until she had reached her car. Fear gripped the woman staring absently out of the windshield. Her hand's gripped the steering wheel until her knuckles turned white. Though she wished nothing more than to abandon the area, Marina didn't know where to go. Was anywhere in town safe? It wasn't as though she had friends or a place to truly call home.

                          So she gave up. Hugging the steering wheel, Marina released the mask she had clung to within the bar. The fear, despair, everything came rushing at her, threatening to drown the secretary in a sea of unpleasant feeling. Tears slid down the perfectly made up face that nestled against the worn steering wheel cover. None of this was how her life was supposed to be. Before prison, things had been perfect. She and Graham held the world in the palm of their hands, enjoyed the best of everything, and had each other. Then everything fell apart. She lost a husband, her wealth, and her freedom. Prison had only been the beginning. Sebastian may have freed her from the confines with bars, but he placed her within a different type of cage that involved the constant threat of punishment.

                          Was Sebastian's offer real? Could she leave, just run from everything and everyone, start over again. It wouldn't be the first time, but it could be the last. And what, I'd live as some waitress, living on meager tips or go back to stripping? At best, I land a sugar daddy that I have to service for a few years before he finally dies off. At worst, I end up with nothing and nobody. Or in Nebraska. The temptation seemed less sweet than it had before. But then, anywhere should be better than a town where residents were dropping like flies to a mysterious, unknown murderer. And with the weird business in the bar? Marina didn't know what to do. At the very least, Sebastian offered some stability. And it's not like Graham... I could do worse than Sebastian. Somehow the thought felt more like an attempt to convince herself rather than an actual belief.


Where Am I? Bar parking lot With whom? no one Mood? mostly depressed and scared Wearing: coming soon OOC: Finally got around to posting this. It's kind of meh. If I need to edit anything, just let me know.

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