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          Luke had been a wee bit suspicious when Liam started talking to him, but it seemed a bit obvious that he meant no harm. The Male Cheerleader wasn’t sure about what to say when he was told about the woman from the apartments dying, and only gave a ‘Man… that sucks’ with a nod. It was a bit weird…. Because Luke was there when Liam found out Kain died. For the most part, Luke was a good guy, Or at least good enough, and didn’t think the blonde wanted to be alone right away. They ended up smoking together, only after being told he had better not have sucked anyone’s d**k, to which Luke simply responded with ”I ain’t really inta that s**t man…” with a shrug. It was an honest answer… Luke didn’t care for oral. At least not giving it anyways. He did if he felt obligated, but sucking d**k wasn’t for everyone.

          Luke wasn’t as seasoned of a stoner as Liam, so when he held the smoke in it burned and cause him to cough a bit, but coughing typically made even better. He listened as best as he could to Liam’s rant, only getting confused when he mentioned something about how people didn’t just start dating, ”Whaddaya mean by that?.... People start dating all the time… I mean, you don’t gotta be friend with someone to be attracted to them. I asked Charlotte out that one time and we started dating… and we weren’t friends….. I think you lost me, man…” He took a deep breath and looked up at the sky. ”It is.. It is… I’m sorry… Boutcher friend… Heh, I know you probably don’t care about what a f*****t like me has to offer… But uh.. I’d feel like a jerk if I didn’t say I’d uh… I dunno… I forgot…. Oh! If you need anything, I’ll help… you and Ty… I think Ty and I were friends once… upon a time… before I left the team…” Luke didn’t know why he was even talking, and mostly blamed his high. If he and Ty had really been friends, he wondered why the other stopped talking to him as much. He also wondered why it was him standing up for himself when he was being confronted about his sexuality. Luke didn’t even ‘leave’ the team, but like how most people told him that he ‘decided’ to be the way he is, he decided to do something to get kicked off the team… and he fed into it. He probably shouldn’t have even said anything at all, just offered his sympathies and moved on. Maybe Luke was lonely for friends he could relate better to. Pennie was great, Maryanne was sweet… But sometimes Luke wanted to talk about stuff he used to talk about. Like sports. And food. And porn and s**t.

          Liam eventually left and Luke was alone to live out his high alone. He thought about a few things. Like how he was worried about Axell, and how he felt bad for not responding to some of his messages… but not bad enough to respond to them now… The Over Achiever wasn’t exactly a machine texter… He figured it was important enough for him to respond, someone would say so or just call him. He thought about his talk with his brother and just how that went. Luke couldn’t believe that.. he was possibly an uncle. There was a bit of a disapproving look on his face until he saw the little girl. Luke couldn’t tell if Sebastian didn’t care about the woman who gave birth to girl, or the girl… or both. He admitted to giving them money, as well as starting to see another woman… but he also knew her age down to the month and that she was starting to talk. Luke wanted to meet her… But doubted that would happen anytime soon. Sebastian felt like he was unreachable. Hell, Luke didn’t think he would have even found out that his brother was here if it hadn’t been for his dad running into him. Apart of him regretted coming to his brother for help in the first place, because he didn’t want to get his hopes up to just get disappointed.

          But the talk moving to Landon and what his big bro would do… gave him a sense of ease. He hoped, very desperately hoped, that Bastian’s words weren’t just empty promises. Luke learned a long time ago that you often couldn’t rely on anyone but yourself.. but it was nice to hear that his brother had his back. ”I wanna play it cool for a moment… Heh.. honestly, I think he’d like if you ******** him with a baseball bat… or beat him up… I don’t even think threatening him would really work…. This guy is sick, Seb… Gotta get a more creative than that…” he had told his brother.

          Hours passed, and Luke pretty much wasted them. He did find out that Maryanne had stumbled upon a body, and knew that her parents would have her on lock-down. Pennie messaged him asking if he was going to the challenge, and he figured why not? He met up with her and Georgie before heading into the woods, and simply followed the two till they reached the entrance of the school. ”I don’t even understand why this location is such… a challenge.. it’s just a run down building… I mean, if the serial killer were using it as a hide out, he picked a pretty shitty place… Who even sent out the message anyways? Who the heck comes up with this stuff?” he ended up mumbling, but doubted anyone was listening. Luke was starting to get used to being ignored. He watched a bit as Pennie off to talk to Shepard, and simply shrugged at it while Georgie messaged someone on the phone in his hand. April and Kelsey showed up, and he waved at the girls. He rolled his eyes when the Asian girl insulted someone Skylar and heaved out a sigh, ”I think Skylar is beautiful…” he shrugged. ”I mean… come on… Not many people can pull off the look she has, and she wears it well. I’d dig her if I dug girls….” he doubted his opinion would be heard, and shrugged again when April mentioned her being killed, ”I would hope not... It’d be a ******** waste… I’d easily trade either of you two for Skylar if given the chance… fake a** bitches…” he grumbled and shoved his hands into his pockets. He felt his phone buzz, and pulled it out to see a message from his brother.

          To: Seb
          From: Luke

          To: Josie
          From: Luke
          What are you doing?
          I think I’m gonna ditch the
          Challenge bs…

          OOC: Meh
          Attire: coming soon
          location: challenge stuff
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                                                    Coffee with Malecquie had been…well, it had been a distraction, but not exactly the kind that Erik had been looking for when he proposed meeting his friend. It was clear from the moment they'd settled into the cozy seats by the window that Malecquie's mind was far away. Spending time around high school students had given Erik a keen sense for when someone's mind was a million miles away. Ya, the mechanic across from him might have been trying to hide that something was bothering him, but he had nothing on the teenagers Erik had to deal with. Spending an afternoon trying to piece out why one of your team members is suddenly playing like s**t, and then try to get said hard headed jock to talk about his feelings (on a regular basis) would give anyone a decent perspective on picking up when people are avoiding a subject.

                                                    Then again when someone declares you can talk about anything but them...doesn't really take an expert on the human psyche to come to the conclusion they're totally hiding something wrong.

                                                    So they'd sipped coffee for a short time, danced around Erik’s own problems, because the bartender wanted a distraction FROM the s**t that had recently transpired in his life. Not to shift the focus on them, on the way that he was certain that his bosses’ death was far from an accident or the fact that phantom scream’s he’d never actually heard from the dying man haunted his dreams; along with the lifeless face that he had seen sprawled across the back room floor. He had known his bosses family for ******** sake! Had to be there when they arrived to identify the body officially and watch them in tears escorted away. Only for what? For the police to turn around and say it was all just a freak on the job accident? No damn way! It just wasn't possible, the big man knew the bar like the back of his hand; he could probably have navigated around it and every regular in it with his eyes closed. There hadn't even been anything spilled on the back floor either, so why they hell was it being called just a tragic slip and fall?

                                                    Erik snapped himself out of his paranoid internal rantings as his friend began to suddenly prepare to leave. To his credit the assistant coach didn’t even press why his friend abruptly was making such a hasty exit, blaming illness of all things as the cause for the sudden retreat. The speed at which the other had packed up and was preparing to blot would to the untrained eye suggest the other man was attempting to flee a fire and not illness, again, it didn’t take a brain surgeon (or…whatever the physiologist equivalent is…) to piece together that the man was running from something or one. An act Erik was all too familiar with himself.

                                                    ”Don’t worry about it man, feel better okay. Don’t let Skylar work you too hard.” He laughed playing along with the other. If Malecquie had secrets to keep then it wasn’t Erik’s business to pry, after all it wasn’t like he’d been exactly fourth coming with all his life either at any point. At this rate he never would be, he was perfectly happy with his current life and knowledge level everyone in it currently possessed about how he lived prior to the now.


                                                    Erik’s afternoon had dissolved into a quick trip home to drop of his earlier groceries, give the furry hell beast he called a pet lunch, and attempt to give his exhausted body a few moments of rest. The nap had somewhat worked, the bartender was asleep almost as soon as his head had hit the couch cushions and stayed peacefully unconscious to the world for a good hour and a half before the ever persistent dream had surfaced its ugly head, and snapped him awake with a shout. Still, some rest was better than none at all. Especially with the looming meeting of seeing Graham again face to face, a get-together that Erik had no desire to enter on no sleep, less he say something completely insulting; or on the flip side totally loose his cool and go on an overly personal rant about throwing his chances away on a dumbass guy that Erik really needed one of his friends around to have stopped him from doing it. If not stopped then at the very least had someone to come back home to that he could trust to help clean up the mess that he was post-breakup.

                                                    Sighing as he brushed a hand through sleep mussed hair Erik dragged himself to the bathroom, splashing cold water on his face in an attempt to make himself as presentable as possible. Ever grateful that he had finally matured after high school and outgrown the lanky, pimply, awkward looking boy he once was. Would his friends look any different now? Well okay, obviously they would, but there were a million possibilities about what they could look like now that the whole gang was grown up. Graham certainly had to look vastly different then when they were kids, after all he’d been around Erik in town and apparently the bartender had never even noticed. ”Erik, this is probably a stupid idea.” He muttered to himself, changing into a simple army green Henley and shrugging on his leather motorcycle jacket before heading out.

                                                    Seeing his friends again for the first time in what seemed like ages was defiantly as predicted. Nothing was the same, but they also looked equally as apprising about him as well so at least he wasn’t alone in his thoughts. Grabbing a drink Erik listened as Sebastian filled them in on his life so far, where he’d been and what he’d done, carefully side stepping questions on personal life. Waiting his turn Erik preceded in much the same fashion. With cautious steps around large pieces of the story he told them he’d left Brookshire to just get away and have some room to breathe. Found himself in Chicago and lived there for years doing this and that before deciding to come home and work getting a real degree. Talked about how working with the kids at the high school was making him consider switching to psychology so he could become a youth councilor instead of the track in sports medicine he was currently on. Any mention of his ex-boyfriend or the fact that all of Chicago and his subsequent return home being tied back to him was not spoken.

                                                    The subject of his romantic life only pausing him long enough to answer Sebastian and Graham’s questions on his personal life with a quick ”There was a guy in Chicago, but we didn’t work out. It was just a fling anyways.” finished with a casual shrug as if he wasn’t talking about a man who had ******** up his trust issues for any future relationship. Nodding at Graham as he mentioned giving a full explanation on why he left and what he’d been up to in the future. ”I’m holding you to that, and it is good to have you back again.” Erik admitted. He’d forgotten how nice it was to have friends around who’d known you forever and the ease that came with being around them.

                                                    As they dissolved into more liquor Erik found himself grinning at Seb as he began to ramble on. ”Well… I’m not helping with seducing a man out of the money he owes you; but I’ll see what I can do about helping your brother out at school if you want. I’m there a few times a week for football practice anyways.” Erik offered, grabbing another beer as they all continued to chat and conversations finally wound down till they parted ways. ”I’ll probably see you guys later.” he said before heading his own way to the coffee shop down the way to grab some caffeine and let himself sober up a bit before getting back on his bike and going to the meeting; a meeting he largely slept through as it was, okay so maybe the no sleep thing was starting to catch up with him.

                                                    The distance between the Town Hall and Erik's beloved hermit hole of an apartment was a short one; a little over fifteen minutes away he was running on autopilot by the time he slipped on his helmet to leave once the first opportunity to escape the meeting hall arouse. The thought that anything might go wrong on his ride there hadn't even entered his mind as his motorcycle purred to life and he took to the road.

                                                    Pulling out he found himself following a decent looking car, both of them traveled peacefully for a short distance; not even so much as drifting out of their lane before all hell broke loose. The car's tires squealed high pitch through the silence as the smell of burning rubber and grinding metal of breaks fighting against hydroplaning filled the air as the car smashed through a mail box and came to rest in a twisted metal heap of house and other vehicles. Being on a motorcycle was probably the only thing that save Erik's a** from joining the wreckage, the small size making it easy to swerve around the car and spin out into a 180 stop.

                                                    "Holy s**t...." Erik panted, heart fluttering like a humming bird on cocaine and beating against his rib cage as if it was going to break free at any moment. He was defiantly wide awake now. On wobbly legs the bartender dismounted his ride, removing his helmet to reveal a face of pure shock as he approached the wrecked car. Small mercy was it appeared no one from the home had been in the cars when they were smashed into, not so luck was the driver of the car doing the smashing.

                                                    Even several feel away Erik could see the awkward angle the man was slumped at and the spiderweb smash in the windshield colored with bright veins of fresh blood. Cautiously he moved closer as the cooling engine hissed with escaping coolant fumes and the settling metal still hot, creaked and groaned. "Holy s**t..." He swore again, his view of the driver, caked in blood as he was, now clear enough for him to phone 911 and in a voice that was either calm or in shock depending on who you asked, informing them that what might be the The Mayor, it was hard to tell, was possibly, probably, dead. Assured that emergency responders were on the way Erik placed his second call "Ummm....King when you get this- please-just please phone...there was an accident coming home and, ******** man, I think he's ******** dead." he managed to blurt out past the sickening lump in his throat, rising up and tangling with the one that had been living there since he'd discovered his bosses dead body. Should he phone anyone else? Sebastian? Graham? His dad? He really didn't think he was in any shape to get back on his bike and ride it at the moment, in fact his only present thoughts were on keeping his lunch down as his eyes refused to leave the body before him, tracing and re-tracing all the streams of blood making themselves known on what looked like every damn surface.

Location - - > outside
Company - - > A Dead Body...so that sucks
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                        ╔╣Sєαn Wєndαl Lystєr╠╗
                        ||Location :: The Hospital||
                        ||Wearing :: hospital gown & Kaleb's necklace||

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User ImageSean Lyster had been living with Lila Gray for quite so time now. He didn't share everything with her, but he did think them to be rather close. After all, he had trusted her with rather intimate thoughts and feelings. For the longest, the reporter had been trying to cover up his alternative lifestyle. Some may wonder why he even bothered when there were a number of homosexuals who resided in the little town of Brookshire. Some were open about it, others...not so much, but they were definitely around. Sean mainly didn't want people knowing because he didn't want it to get back to the mayor. It was no secret that the wealthy male was straight and seemed to have have a low opinion of homosexuals. Maybe this was just Sean's personal opinion, but he trusted it. His gut told him that, in order to keep his close business relationship with the mayor, appearing heterosexual would be best. Lila knew about this and had even agreed to be his "cover girl", his "beard", his perfect little excuse. He knew he tended to seem flirty at times, but he never had to worry about people wondering abut him since he could always bring up having a girlfriend that he actually lived with. It was perfect! They barely saw each other because of their conflicting schedules, but because they lived in the same apartment, it was easy to portray that they actually had something going on. It was even easier to tell people wonderful things about Lila because Sean had actually grown fond of the female as a person. He thought that they had a mutual respect for each other. It was why he wasn't terribly worried when the girl had stumbled upon his shrine of Kaleb Tewers. Sean had just explained that he was a fan. He had been one of the actor for some time now and thought the boy was cute. He never went into the explicit details of the things he wanted to do to that boy. Of course not! She wasn't ready to all of that. Hell, he hadn't even mustered up the courage to act on them yet. However, he wasn't sure what all Lila assumed about his infatuation with the actor.

It was because of this that he found himself mildly troubled at the mayor's dinner party. The way she had seemed like she was trying to blackmail him. The act caught him completely off guard. Had he been intentionally trying to cockblock- twatblock- whatever you want to call it- Lila? Not fully. Sean just didn't want the girl to get hurt. However, it became quite clear that the nurse didn't appreciate his efforts. Now he had to worry about her exposing his secrets if he didn't let her flirt around with other guys. Didn't she realize that if people believed they were together, her flirting around would make her look like she was looking to cheat? She would be putting her own reputation on the line as well. So in the end, Sean decided that he was going to take matters into his own hands. He wasn't about to get pushed around by this woman. Friend or no friend.

Once again, there were a string of murders in Brookshire. This was the busiest the crime season had been in years, making it the perfect time for a reporter. The articles he had to write easily made headlines for the tiny town, but it was only general information that he could supply. After all, the police didn't even know what was going on. There were a number of theories he was given a sample of, but the department couldn't even give him a straight answer of if they were dealing with a serial killer, a group of murderers, or totally unconnected killings. The fact that children were being targeted was insane. What was even more unsettling was finding out that two of Kaleb Tewer's acquaintances had been added to the death toll. Carissa and Kain. According to the gossip around town, both were either heading to or coming from a party that the beautiful blonde actor had been at. What if his angelic face had been injured as well? Sean had watched that boy grow up over the years...from afar, of course. The mere thought that such a talented, gorgeous boy being injured was a little much to take. Of course he didn't want the actor to become a victim either, especially when he hadn't even had the chance to thoroughly explore the younger one's anatomy.

The reporter wanted to know who the murderer was. It seemed to be a question that was on everyone's mind. However, since the police weren't going to give him any more information voluntarily, he had to use other means. It was actually his friend, Jereth, who had first told him that a major suspect was Landon. How interesting, the troublemaker. Sean knew that the kid could be rather...mischievous, but he had no idea that the guy would stoop to mutilating people. The reporter couldn't blatantly label the troublemaker as the madman behind the murders without hard evidence. Technically, he would need to wait on the police reports to show up. Technically. Although, you could say the reporter had his own little techniques when it came to dealing with procedures. It was settled that he would help his vindictive friend dig up some dirt on Landon. The only problem was that he had not expected to become stuck in his house for twenty-four hours, especially without any way to contact the outside world.

A huge argument with his roommate, the high tension that hung in the air, the silence, and then the screams- the blood curling screams, the blood, lots of blood, the barking, the snarling, the fear, the panic, the anxiety. It all seemed to keep flooding back into Sean every time he would doze off to sleep. It was a little difficult to do, seeing as the hospital beds weren't that comfortable, but it was only human nature to fall asleep eventually. Not even distracting himself by trying to write an article on his laptop could keep him awake and out of his nightmare's clenches. Luckily, the sound of his laptop closing, combined with the scent of vanilla perfume pulled him from his accidentally slumber. "Don't touch my stuff," Sean groggily voiced, slowly opening his eyes as he sat up. "What time is it anyways? Damn...I've missed the town meeting, haven't I...” It was more of a rhetorical question since he was able to focus on the clock that was staring him down across the room. ”It's past midnight Mr. Lyster. Perhaps you should try to go back to sleep. You can always watch the news about the meeting tomorrow after you're discharged” the aging female suggested. That didn't make Sean feel any better, mainly because he preferred to experience the news first hand. The town was going to hell and he needed to be their to report it. He wanted to write, to document, to do anything he could to stop having flashes back to the horrible incident hours ago. But most importantly, he needed to keep himself busy to free himself from the guilt. He never had a chance to make things right with Lila. 'I hope you can rest in peace,' he thought to himself as his gaze trailed away from the nurse who was now inspecting his leg, over to his cell phone. One missed call, a voice mail, and a text message. The voice mail could wait till he was alone, so he went ahead and responded to Henry's text.

To: Henry
From: Sean
Unfortunately, I'm stuck in
the hospital til the morn, so
no photos. You've probably
heard by now- Lila & I were
attacked. She didn't make it

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
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      Some people may ask Liam, why the hell are you going out into the woods anyways? Not only was there an unexplainable death at the boarding house, but he also found out that one of his good friends were dead. The answers were quite simply in the teen's head. His only other option would be heading back home with his parents whenever they finished gossiping with the other townspeople. What's so bad about doing that? The blonde had a couple of strong, logical points that his baked brain had came up with. The first reason why he didn't want to stay with his parents was because his attention span had been fading. All of the interesting points had been already hit early on in the meeting. Secondly, a lot of people knew that Kain was his friend. That lead people to ask the question of 'are you alright', to which he'd have to shrug to since apparently it's rude to say 'what that ******** does it look like?'. The third reason was purely because he didn't want to go home tonight. He planned on just going to Kaleb's house after all of this was over because being at the boarding house was just awkward. Things were still roped off with police tape because of the accident with the dogs...which were never even found. If there was the chance of police coming back to his house, it wouldn't be too wise to come back potentially high. So, in the long run, the smartest thing to do would be stay away from going home, and if he wasn't going to be at home anyways, then why not go to the challenge? It was either that, or look like a scared, little p***y, and William definitely didn't want that label. His pride simply wouldn't allow it.

      So here Liam was, in the woods with Kaleb, heading to an abandoned building, high as a kite. The fact that his friend told him that Nicole had been the one to find the dead body was a shocker. It actually caused him to pause in his tracks for a brief moment before continuing. How come the girl didn't tell him that? Then again, he was out of commission for a couple days, so maybe she didn't want to bother him with it. Either way, he found his thumb rubbing on the side of his phone as he was tempted to call the teacher's assistant then and there. The only reason why he hadn't was because he forgot by the time he had finished his text to Izy. A side of him wanted to send another one to the party girl, especially when it was confirmed that Izy and Landon had sex at his party. Thinking about his having sex with anyone cause a chill to run down his spine. "If his lyin' a** shows up, we can just sacrifice him to the ghost," the teen chuckled, bringing a hand up to wiggle his fingers upon saying the word 'ghost'. He knew the place was creepy, but he didn't think there was an actually spirit or entity. He just wanted to freak out the people who did believe in that sort of stuff.

      To: Ty
      From: WilLiam
      Yeah, I came with
      Kaleb. So dont chicken
      out on me, bro.

      To: Pennie
      From: WilLiam
      Almost there

      To: Nicole
      From: WilLiam
      Whoops...would it
      make you feel better
      if I say I wasn't?

      It took the teen three tries before he could get his phone back into his pocket and jogged to catch up with the actor. That's when his friend told him about making a move on Pennie. "I bet you could hit that," he assure nudging to Kaleb in the arm with a chuckle. "I'm inta longer hair...but if she give good blow-jobs then you should work some magic on her." Liam advised, flicking away the nib that was left from the joint. He nodded toward the fact that Kaleb wished he had bought his bowl, yet before he could continued his previous thought, he was told not to go to the local auto shop. "The one Skylar works at?" he quizzed, though the sound of people up ahead grasped his attention. "Haha, so much for my shortcut," he laughed, picking up his pace. "Well whaddaya know! I swore half of y'alls would've been too scared ta show up," Liam loudly spoke up as he emerged from the woods. There was no Landon, but he was surprised to see Kelsey and April showed up. Even Georgie was there. "You girls sure you don't wanna head back. Getting scared shitless prolly wouldn't be cute," he was teasing the chicks and the homo, but that was because it was just too easy to do so. Usually, just Georgie would have been joked at first, but he remembered the awkwardness of the guy hitting on Ty. Then there was also Luke. Sometimes gay jokes would be tossed at him just because he could...and because the guy would be around that f*****t, Axell. But since his little b***h wasn't around, and Luke had stepped up and smoked with him earlier, the guy got a free pass for the night.

      His blue eyes trailed away from Luke to scan over the rest of the people that had showed up. Pennie was there, which caused him to glance back at Kaleb with a grin. It would be the perfect chance for the child star to seduce the girl. After all, scared chicks were usually easy chicks. Sure, the girl was standing rather closely to Lucky, but the stoner had not thought twice about that. Had he no clue that Lucky had a think for the ex-cheerleader. He figured they were just friends. Then again, Liam could be rather oblivious when it came to people and their crushes. Hell, Tyreese had to flat out tell him that he liked April, and then he didn't find out that Kaleb had an actual thing for Pennie until he had told him.

      ((Sorry for the delay))

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      at the Challenge highschool with the rest Wearing
      Smoke all night, sleep all day
      That's to me the American way

      Roll that | light that | hit that | hold that
      Blow that s**t out slow | then pass it to me bro
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Slam slam oh hot damn
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wish you'd just freak out !

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                  Skylar quickly got into her vehicle and slammed the door shut. Breathing hard she couldn't full imagination what would of happened if she stayed. Several possibilities crossed her mind. It wouldn't shock her if the dogs then came out of the tv. She could mentally picture them attacking her. It was like she felt their fangs pricing her skin even though nothing was touching her. Hearing her phone chime she slowly pulled it out of her pocket. Opening the text from Narcissa she read over it and replied.

                  To: Narcissa
                  From: Skylar

                  Yeah it's starbucks lol
                  and i'm free right now
                  so I guess i'll see you over there?

                  Skylar's hands trembled as she sent the message. Maybe she just needed company to relax. It wasn't long before Narcissa text her back agreeing to go. There was no need responding to the message since the coffee shop was right around the corner. She figured to wait until she got there to text back. After a moment or two she sat her phone down. Starting her car she headed for Starbucks. Skylar was extremely carefully while driving. She wouldn't dear go over the speed limit, she was too afraid of something jumping out into the road. Few minutes passed and Skylar met up with Narcissa. It was obvious she was depressed about something. Seeing her like that made Skylar go into girlfriend mode. Anytime Narcissa was up set Skylar was there to comfort her, even if she had to cancel her plains to be with her. There was nothing worst then seeing her like that. Skylar couldn't stop herself from hugging her. She wasn't worried about things being awkward. Narcissa needed someone to talk to even if she was her ex. The house keeper told Skylar what happened to Kain. She went on to explain how she cared for him like a brother. It was really hard for her to talk about it without crying, he was really something special. Skylar's phone rang in her pocket. Holding up one finger she answered “Hello”?. Skylar didn't expected to be scolded by Malecquie. Her eyes widened as she remember the auto shop. She completely forgot to lock up. It was just difficult to think after all of that. “Look, i'm sorry for leaving everything how i did, creepy s**t happened and i...i wasn't sure what to do. Somethings ******** with me,and I just...I just......can i explain everything later? now isn't a good time” she glanced at Narcissa. Skylar didn't why to talk about all of this in front or her. Plus she wasn't sure if she could tell Malecquie about it, some people just don't understand that kind of thing.

                  There was a pause before he continued and threaten to fire her. Skylar couldn't lose her job, that was the only way she had to make money legally. ".....No no no, i can't bring the cops into this.. they wouldn't understand....never mind sir, I'm sorry. I'll be there bright an early" she swallowed hard feeling uncomfortable. Skylar didn't want to come off as disrespectful, but the police couldn't help. The phone was then hung up, it was obvious he was mad. “That was my boss” she awkwardly said to Narcissa. It wasn't long before she asked what was wrong, so Skylar hesitatingly told her. She hardly ever talked about ghost to Narcissa. It was just odd and never came up, so this was a big thing for Skylar. She was really opening up to her. The rest of their evening went pretty smoothly. They had plenty of time to caught up and rekindle their friendship. It was nice for them to be friends again.

                  -Hours passed-

                  It was almost time for the challenge. Skylar was a little nervous but knew she couldn't back out. She wanted to adventurer to this place for awhile now. Going to a old haunted school sounded exciting. Skylar was always interested in paranormal activity. She didn't understand why ghost interested her so much, but they did. Although, It's not like they didn't scare her, it's just the trill afterwords. Skylar thought of it like when you go on a roller coaster. At first your excited, you've heard a lot about it but have never seen it. You’re eager and careless, all that's on your mind is going. When you see it for the first time you start getting nervous. It's not long before you second guess yourself and regret ever coming. However once you get on the ride there's no turning back. Finally getting on the roller coaster you start to panic. Somehow the ride was worst than you ever imagined.

                  At last when it's all over and your still a little shaken up. Although.... you realize how exciting it was, and rush to do it again. Skylar's situation changed a little bit. The auto shop incident caught her off grad, therefore taking her a little longer to bounce back. It didn't help that the teen felt constantly paranoid. Skylar had to force herself to be ready for the evening. The only way thing the Tomboy could think of was forcing others to go as well. Skylar felt stronger when she bullied people. So she started peer-pressuring students on facebook. One of the people she talked to was Kelsey Whang. Skylar figured if she got someone as pricy as Kelsey to go, she could easily. Oddly it didn't take that much to push Kelsey into going.


                  Skylar had got enough courage to go to the school. Although it was creepy walking alone to get there. She was starting to feel the trill of being in a haunted area. Once she got to the edge of the woods she over heard Kelsey call her ugly and scared. It didn't help that April wanted her to be attacked by a monster. She didn't like people calling her weak. Even if today wasn't a good day for her, she wasn't a p***y. 'I'll show you scared' she thought as bent down remained in the woods. Before she could even take a step forward she heard Luke call her beautiful. Skylar was actually pretty shocked, no one ever used that word to descriptive her. No one ever bothered to stand up for her either, then again she could always hold her own. Skylar always fought her own battle and hearing someone else do it for her was strange. He even went as far to say he would dig her if he didn't dig guys. It was slightly unbelievable how much he cared. Skylar slowly started creeping up behind Kelsey and April. At this time Kelsey probably was saying all sorts of insults as a response to Luke and Liam. It was obvious she didn't like Skylar. Once she got right be hide Kelsey and April she grabbed onto both their outer shoulders. The teen made sure to squeeze their arms perry hard as she made a loud sound. Kelsey screamed and jerked away from the tomboy. The Asian begin whining about how it wasn't funny and she shouldn't do that to people. Skylar smirked as Kelsey complained “I should kick both your ******** asses, consider yourselves damn lucky”. Walking over to Luke she said “Thanks, I guess I would dig you too if I didn't dig girls” she joked. “That reminds me, check out my shirt” quickly she opened her hoodie to revel her T-shirt underneath. Judging by what Luke said beforehand he would love it.

.:: Where :: At the old haunted school in the woods :: With :: Everyone here :: Wearing :: Clothes :: Ooc :: Sorry it took forever lol ::.
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            Breathy sobs slipped into the air as Allison remained curled up in the corner of her room. Special gloves were placed her hands to keep her from clawing against her face; digging into her flesh. These gloves protected her from pulling out thick locks of hair. The hospital tried so hard to keep Allison safe from herself, but she didn't want to be safe. All she wanted was to be put out of the everlasting torment that she was forced to endure day after day. She continued to cry, at first as if she were despair, however her sobs increased in volume, until it showed signs of agony. Her nurse unlocked the door to her room and entered, to see the grown woman huddled in the corner, as if she were a frightened woman. She was babbling something incoherent, however then she started saying something that was truly troubling. "Shadows...the shadows...the shadows that creep in the night...they prey upon the children...the children...I must protect the children...let me protect the children...I...we...the shadows...the children..." The nurse fled the room and hurried off to retrieve Dr. Shultz. He wasn't one to record his patients, but because this was Allison, he decided to do so. With the documentary team in town...it seemed relevant to the type of information they were trying to gather.

            It wasn't long until Allison had to be sedated and the psychiatrist left her room to call the Director that he had spoken with earlier that day. Miss Friederike Grimm.

            When the woman picked up, he was quick to apologize, "I'm sorry it's so late, I hope I didn't wake you. I told you I would let you know if there was any development, and let's just say...something very...interesting occurred." He was locked away in his office and looked down at the audio recorder that was sitting on his desk. "One of Allison's nurses notified of her peculiar behavior, so I rushed over and sure enough, she was saying something different. I can't fully explain it so I'll play the audio for you." He put the phone on its speaker setting, and started up the recording.

            There was a slight static-y quality to the recording, however most of the audio was clear enough to understand.

            "Allison...Allison, how are you feeling?"

            "Ring around the rosey...pockets full of posies..."

            "Allison, your nurse said that you were talking about the shadows...who are these shadows? Would you like to talk about it?"

            "The...the shadows they creep in corners...in lights...everywhere...everywhere...inside...the shadows, clawing and scratching, and opening and feasting...the shadows. I...I see them..."

            "You say you see them? Do you see them now?"

            "Not happy...the shadows...they...STOP! STOP IT! The children!"

            "The children? What about the children?"

            "I must...I must cleanse the children...they're evil...they can't be saved. i failed...I failed...bad mother, bad mother!"

            "Stop that! Restrain her!"

            "BAD MOTHER!"

            "Allison, calm down! Grab her! Call for someone to restrain her!"

            There was a short moment of dead air, before the audio picked up again with Dr. Shultz saying, "Allison, are you calm? .......... Allison?"


            "You mentioned the children?"

            "It's...it's going to keep killing...and killing...until...it's full..."

            "I'm not sure I understand..."

            "You eat...when you're hungry...it's hungry...it's his fault. He made me do it...if he let me save the children...then this wouldn't...this wouldn't have happened..."



            "Allison, focus."

            "We all fall down"

            "Allison...you have to focus."

            "They will take all of the children...lead them far away...like the pied piper...he's the piper...the children are his sheep...and he'll lead them to the shadows...he's an evil child..."


            "They tell me...that tonight...someone will die...another child...

            The recording ended, and Dr. Shultz put the phone back in its regular setting. "She lost consciousness shortly after that. I'll be sure to have the staff monitor Allison more closely. Although I'm not sure if what she's saying is linked to what you're researching or part of her illness. She's a traumatized woman and usually speaks about the foster children. Before I arrived her nurse did mention that she said something about a sacrifice, however when asked about it, she didn't delve any deeper."


            In the woods where the high schoolers were beginning to gather, on the surface, nothing was out of the ordinary. The rustling of leaves and the sudden twig snapping could be blamed on a number of things. The shadows that seemed to dart behind trees, could easily be blamed on the flash of the lightning combined with it being so late. The most common excuse to associate with anything paranormal that occurred could be blamed on an over-active imagination. Although there were little things that someone may have noticed.

            In one of the windows, there was a dark silhouette of a person, looking down at them. There was no face, there wasn't much of a body, but to anyone who noticed, it was definitely a figure. As suddenly as it was there, it was gone. The inside of the school smelled of smoke, as though a fire was recently blown out. Parts of the school were rotting away and a lot of the furniture had been badly burned. Graffiti coated the walls with soot. The inside of the school...had an eerie aura surrounding it.

            That is if anyone dared to enter.

            Luke's cellphone suddenly chimed and there was a picture message from an unfamiliar number. The picture attached was one of him and Axell together. If he opened the message, a few seconds later the screen of his phone suddenly cracked and Axell's image was suddenly missing from the phone.

            At the hospital the lights started flickering and all of the doors of every hospital room suddenly slammed shut by itself...

            At first the lights were flickering with millisecond time intervals, until the flashing slowed down to second time-intervals.

            After a few minutes, the lights then went out as a whole...leaving the hospital in darkness.


                                                  “What's blood for, if not for shedding?

                                                  Quotequotequotequotequotequotequotequote- from "Candyman"
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                        There was no reply from Shepherd. He could only assume that he had already gone to bed. He stared at his cellphone for a moment and thumbed out a short brief message on the screen. It was for Shepherd that said something as simple as "Love you," but he quickly deleted it. Even though he wanted to, he wasn't sure if the teen would be put off by it. Shepherd didn't see Howie as his father and Howie wasn't sure if it would be right to press the issue any further. They were already close enough in age to be counted as siblings. Even as a big brother...Howie still cared deeply about him. He just had trouble saying it. Howie was the type of person that could make anything he did sound a little awkward. That didn't change the fact that this meeting...made him want to say it more often. You never know when someone will be taken from you, so of course cherishing that time you have...is necessary. He wanted the Survivor to know that despite everything that had happened in his life...he wasn't alone. Howie would always be there for him. He just didn't know how to word it without sounding innapropriate. Kain was roughly the same age as Shepherd, which reminded him that Adam was grieving. He glanced around hoping to spot the mayor, but noticed that he was already gone. Well, now he felt like a shitty friend for not saying "sorry for your loss", although he was sure the mayor had already heard plenty of it from the other members of the town.

                        He pushed his cellphone back into his pocket and was about to walk off, but stopped when he heard Malcolm. He glanced over and offered a small, tired tired sort of smile. The sheriff was asking for more details about the bodies. It was expected, after all, he was the medical examiner. "Today? There were three...yeah...three more deaths," he told the sheriff. It was strange to think of it that way. Three more people died. There were three additional deaths in Brookshire. That alone was odd. The only deaths he ever dealt with in this little town were caused by accidents or old age. Even though Howie was usually a very easy-going person, this...concerned him. He was asking for a connection. At this point, Howie believed it was safe to assume that everything was linked somehow. Maybe there was a serial killer of some sort in Brookshire? "Let's um, walk and talk," he whispered. With so many panicked townspeople in one little building, talking about certain things...could end very badly. He held back a yawn and started walking, gesturing for the other to follow. After all, that was the only way Howie was going to be able to tell him anything. He led the male over to more of the back portion of the building, where the office space was, as well as the storage. When they were alone he cleared his throat and said. "I'm not going to lie, I think they're connected."

                        He crossed his arms over his chest, and leaned against the wall, to offer his body a bit more support. After all, he was physically exhausted and the lengthy meeting certainly didn't help.

                        "Kain went missing on the same night as Tegan did. Both were injured, however Tegan's injuries were definitely different from Kain's. Tegan's injuries didn't match up with how she was found. Her ribs were cracked as though she had fallen from a high distance, but from the crime scene report, nothing supported that. none of Kain's physical injuries connect with the massive heart attack he experienced at the hospital. Neither of his parents had a history of heart related illnesses. Both Tegan and Kain were found outside. Carissa was murdered on the same night, but that may have been a coincidence on its own right?" The only reason Howie wasn't shying away from bringing up Tegan, was because he felt it were relevant. The girl had been killed only earlier that week and he kept having this nagging feeling that there was something bigger that he wasn't grasping. "Today there was um...one of my nurses. Lila Gray? You may have heard of her. She worked at the psych ward as well. She was torn apart by an animal, but I didn't see any traces of animal dander on her body. I don't have many people working under me, but we begin the early stages of the examinations to determine cause of death. Lila's more obvious than Kain's. Her entire throat was torn out and shredded to pieces. Blood loss. Massive...blood loss. The last one that came in today was Diana Reed. Black widow spider bites cause respiratory paralysis. Other symptoms are nausea, vomiting, faintness, dizziness, respiratory difficulties and chest pain. It's um, it's a neurotoxin."

                        "From what I understand, and you can correct me if I'm wrong, but her body was reported by two high school girls. Some of my colleagues say that it was good that they didn't enter because they may have been bitten...but at the same time...I don't think so. Black widows are usually shy and try to avoid humans. Most of their bites don't even break the skin, and when they do, they're usually the most deadly to small children, the elderly and people who are allergic. Diana could have been saved if everyone hadn't assumed that she was dead beforehand. There's a chance that she had fallen from the dizziness and bumped her head on the way down. From what I understand, the two girls assumed that she was already dead without being close enough to confirm it. At least this is what one of the medical personnel told me. We live in a small town, Malcolm...this is way too many autopsies for a small town."
                        Howie realized he was ranting, and heaved a sigh before saying quieter, "I'm sorry...I'm just...a little tired I guess." Did he think they were connected? That was the main question. "I...don't know how, but I do think everything's connected. Too many people have died for it to be just a coincidence." He moved so that he wasn't leaned against the wall anymore, and started making his way back to the main area, however kept his pace with his friend. "Me personally...? I can't really complain. I have my health. I mean, I should be asking you...you know? Times are hard. If you want, you can stay at my house. If you want to just...get out."

                        He didn't realize how tired he looked, or maybe Malcolm was tired, because it seemed as though their conversation was beginning to dwindle down. "You sure?" he asked, hoping that he wasn't boring the other. "Well, um, good-night. Stay safe." Howie wasn't going to deny that he talked too much. It didn't help when people actually asked him questions. "...wait, did you find a connection?" he suddenly asked. After all, there must have been something that motivated Malcolm to ask, right?

                        Attire:: Coming Soon
                        Location:: Town Hall, w/ Malcolm
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What a mischief you would bring young darling, when you’re up for it before you’ve grown.
From the liver sweating through your tongue.
Well you’re standing on my sternum don’t you climb down darling.
Smoke on Sunday’s when you’re drunk and dressed.

The teenager was just getting ready to fall into a light, plagued sleep however the sound of the door to her room opening caused her to open her eyes. She assumed that it was Mrs Summers returning to retrieve her cell phone, which Izy had left on the bedside table had she chosen to return when Izy was sleeping. The last person she had expected to see was Mary Anne, yet it was the other girl who stood before her, clutching a container of cookies as though it were a life line. Her blue eyes widened, stunned into silence as she stared at the other girl, was she dreaming? No, she could see how Mary Anne’s hands were shaking – did she really have that much of an effect on her? A slight frown creased her forehead; it only backed up her earlier thoughts, about how she needed to make more of a conscious effort.

Before the blonde really knew what was happening, the container had dropped to the floor with a clatter and Mary Anne had burst into tears. Izy was completely taken aback and simply sat there, in her bed, watching as tears poured down the other girl’s face. What was happening? For a moment or two Izy had to reassure herself that she wasn’t going crazy, that this was actually happening right in front of her. Slowly, as her brain made sense of the situation, she realised what must have happened. Mary Anne always did have a big conscience; some people said that there wasn’t a bad bone in her body. There was no doubt in the teen’s mind that news of Kain’s death had now spread through Brookshire, the likelihood was that Mary Anne had heard the news and thought the worst of Izy, or something similar. ”Ma-“ but she was cut off by the Asian as she crossed the room, throwing her arms around Izy and telling her that she was sorry. Sorry? Sorry for what?

Despite everything, the fact that Mary Anne was crying, that nothing about the situation was funny, Izy couldn’t help but laugh. A short, nervous laugh. The Asian girl was being ridiculous, did she really think that she was dead? It took a moment or two before Mary Anne released her, suddenly kissing the side of her head, which took Izy by surprise, and then she was standing in front of her, pouting with flushed cheeks. She didn’t mean to make her feel bad, but it was just...it was ridiculous. She wasn’t dead! But actually, the more she thought about it, she came to realise just how nice it was to have someone care so much about what happened to her. Even her own mother hadn’t cried, just flapped around for a while and fussed over her, but she had lost interest soon enough, the same way that she always did. ”Mary Anne, I’m not dead.” she said finally, offering the other girl a slight grin. ”What’re you doing here anyway?” she had said it before she could stop herself. Izy’s automatic reaction was to be defensive, to think the worst of people. She didn’t even realise she was doing it half the time, however the expression that flashed across Mary Anne’s face soon told her. ”Sorry I...” she shrugged and avoided the other girl’s gaze. ”Thanks for coming to see me.”

But Mary Anne wasn’t finished, she continued on with her apology, with saying how sorry she was that she hadn’t been around, that she hadn’t visited sooner. Izy hadn’t expected to see her at all, from the way that she had treated her ex-best friend; she wouldn’t be surprised if Mary Anne hated her, but then...did Mary Anne hate anyone? Sure, she had stopped returning Izy’s calls and texts, she had allowed the friendship to fizzle out, but that just happened sometimes. Izy was the one that made the situation worse, attacked her old friend, called her names and made her life hell. There was no need for it at all, yet she had done it, just to revel in the pleasure of seeing someone else suffer at her own hand. She was an awful person; she was the terrible friend, not Mary Anne. The blonde frowned as she reminisced, looking at things from a different perspective, realising what a b***h she had been. ”Don’t be stupid. You don’t have anything to be sorry for.” she assured the other girl. Wait, was it actually bothering her to see Mary Anne upset? And then it hit her, it had bothered her all along, right from the beginning. Izy had just been angry, had wanted to make someone else suffer so that she could forget about the fact that she was hurting.

”You don’t have to leave.” she said a little too quickly. ”Unless you have to be home?” she glanced at the clock and frowned. ”Does daddy know you’re out?” there it was again, that nasty sneer, her instinctive reaction, without even meaning to. It was a bad habit. Her face contorted as she shook her head. ”I’m sorry, I didn’t meant that to sound...” she trailed off and shrugged, sighing gently. She was quite surprised at how late it was though, and for a second she wondered if the Asian had snuck out? No. That was ridiculous. Almost laughable. There was no way that she would ever disobey her parents, and certainly not for Izy. ”But if you don’t have anywhere to be, I’d like it if you stayed. It’s nice to have some company.” she smiled gently at the other girl. She was trying, really trying, making a conscious effort to be nice. They had been friends for a reason once.

There was so much that she wanted to say, that she needed to apologise for, but Izy still couldn’t quite bring herself to say it, to bring it all up. So instead, the two girls simply sat in mostly silence, eating the cookies that Mary Anne had brought over for her. The only time Izy really said anything was when she complimented the Asian on her baking. Time passed, and even though not much was said, Izy was still glad for the company – she hated being alone – that was when she managed to convince herself that she could hear them, talking...whispering. Once or twice she could even have sworn that she felt that same pressure on her thighs, the same as in the car, as though something was grabbing at her.

The lights began to flicker, which caused the teen to tense slightly. It was probably only a power surge, she tried to reassure herself, but something just didn’t feel right. ”Do you...” she was about to ask Mary Anne if she felt the same, when suddenly the door to her bedroom slammed shut, causing her to jump as she stared at it. It was closed with such force that it couldn’t simply have been the hinges, couldn’t just have been a breeze. And no one was there but the two girls. Oh, but there was. Izy was sure of it, and as the lights slowed, before suddenly extinguishing altogether, she could have sworn that she heard it again. The whispering. But was it just all in her head? Was she so traumatised by her ordeal in the tunnel that it was just her mind playing tricks on her? She had always had an overactive imagination...or had it followed her here? ”Mary Anne?” she tried hard to keep her voice level as she flicked the lamp on her bedside table. Nothing. ”Mary Anne are you there?”

Location: Hospital
With: Mary Anne.

(let me know if anything needs changing.)

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LOCATION The Challenge:: infront of the old highschool

COMPANY Closest to:: Georgie

                                                          Pennie appreciated Georgie’s advice, but couldn’t say she would actually take the part about seeing who she herself raising a family with into consideration. Pennie wanted to dance more than anything… and Babies often ruined the chances of pursuing a career in that field. It messed up your body, and oh boy were they expensive. Of course it possible.. but she felt her chances were already pretty slim, no way was she going to let a mini Pennie get in the way if she could avoid it. Other than that, everything the drag had to say was pretty solid. She had to sigh heavily at the mention of not stringing anyone along or rubbing relationships in someone’s face. She felt guilty, because she had told Lucky about kissing Kaleb. Of course she knew his feelings for her it would have never ever ever come up. She didn’t know what the situation would be if she did know before today! And those messages made her feel as if she had done something absolutely terrible when she didn’t even think Lucky cared. She couldn’t blame anyone, she didn’t blame him for not saying anything, she knew he could be reserved… But she hated the situation, especially since it felt like everything was shinning so badly on her. Perhaps she should have opened her eyes and known, but she wasn’t a mind reader! Everything sucked… But it was nice to know that she had her brother on her side, despite how everything looked.

                                                          Approaching Shephard was hard. She was so scared, so very scared that he would tell her eff off or even worse… ignore her. It felt like he was going to, because as she hugged him remained still and silent. He didn’t even acknowledge her apology, and she was beginning to just.. ramble. He did speak up when she asked him why he didn’t tell her how he felt., simply telling her that there was no way to he could say anything. She wondered why it had been so difficult as her arms dropped to her sides and her posture reflected how she felt. The topic of Kaleb came up when Pennie reminded Lucky that he never said why he hated the other male. She voiced her concern, simply wanting to know if perhaps the blonde boy wore an angelic mask over a mean and rude face… But she was shocked by her friend’s reasoning. Lucky hated Kaleb… because Kaleb never gave him a reason to like him. If that was the truth, if that was what it really came down to… then it left an awful feeling her gut. “He just rubs me the wrong way” “He’s a d**k” “ect ect” .. If it were something that had been done or said, or even just a clash of personalities.. She could understand that. But the way Lucky said it... it felt as if the only reason he didn’t like the other was because Kaleb didn’t go out of his way to … who knew what the orphaned boy was looking for. She could understand if Shep simply didn’t like him or if he just didn’t care. She wanted to give her friend the benefit of the doubt, that there was more to it than just that… that Shepherd wasn’t so petty to make that his true reason… but it was hard when the words came from his own mouth.

                                                          What the boy was saying didn’t make any sense. Pennie was confused, she was so very confused over everything that was going on. She couldn’t even pay attention to the other people around her because she was willing Lucky to look her in the eye. She couldn’t tell if he was brushing her off or just the situation, but she didn’t want to go one any longer thinking that there was tension or issues… she wanted this to be resolved. Pennie wanted to know what he wanted her to do to make everything okay! She could have screamed when he said she acted as if she’ll be lonely without him, but instead she let her expression turn into a very upset frown. ”And you act as if you’re not important to me.” she responded, and looked at her feet, ”Obviously, being a good person isn’t… good enough.” Pennie rarely ever talked about how empty and dark her world felt. It was something she struggled with on her own while continuing to deceive the people around her. She had her friends, and she loved her friends… but there were a handful of people she felt truly connected with on a level that went past your basic friendship. Compared to that handful important people, the others were like strangers.

                                                          She blushed as she grew upset, but it all melted away when he hugged her. Pennie loved Shepherd. Perhaps not the way he loved her, but she still cared so much about him. She was expecting to hear him say he forgave her, or could work on forgiving her… or something that showed that their friendship wasn’t dying… Pennie was weak to him, because she knew that in that moment while being wrapped up in his arms, she would have done absolutely anything to save the friendship she had ruined.

                                                          The moment the words he whispered clicked in her mind, when she understood just what he had said… All her hope came crashing down. ”I never said…” Her chest hurt and it became very hard to breathe. He let her go and she had to fight to not make a fool out of herself and desperately cling to him. She wanted to tell him to not leave her, to not give up on their friendship… but he was able to offer to end it. There was a familiar feeling being at a complete loss, much like when her mother decided to leave. Pennie didn’t know what else to say or do. She had apologized, she had hugged him, she was doing everything but begging the boy to try to stick it out… And she still did everything wrong. Severing their friendship shouldn’t be an option, leaving her shouldn’t be an option… but apparently it was.

                                                          What is about me…. That is so easy to just… leave…

                                                          She didn’t have any words for him, she only have the gentle hurt expression on her face to offer and she hid that away as she looked away from the orphaned boy. She squeezed her eyes shut as he spoke about Kaleb, describing why he could understand why she would want to date him. ”I guess….” She didn’t even know what to say to that and began walking away. As much as she wanted to mend everything… Pennie felt as if it would be useless… She hadn’t said he was a bad person, and she never thought he was terrible… But to correct him, tell him he was wrong, begging him and doing anything to fix things… it wasn’t right. He addressed the rest of the group around them as she walked away from him, and the thought to just kiss him or ask him out herself crossed her mind… briefly… but she didn’t want to do that. It would have been a desperate attempt to keep the boy in her circle of friendship… and Shepherd deserved to be kissed by someone who cared as deeply for him as he did for her. She didn’t owe him romantic feelings simply because that was how he felt… But she did respect him enough to not go into a potential empty relationship. Pennie… was probably just attatched to him, too used to his presence… If he could tell her that he cared deeply for her at the beginning of the day, and then say they probably needed to end their friendship, then she wondered whom truly cared more for whom.

                                                          There was a bit of commotion between Skylar, Luke, Kelsey, and April… but pennie couldn’t help but smile at bit as her Asian co-star had been scared by the Mohawk girl. It did make her a bit umfortable that Luke had called the other two girls ‘fake a** bitches’, but there was nothing she could really do. She sighed, knowing that the male cheerleader was simply blunt and honest with his opinion. ”It looks like it’s gonna rain soon… or something… ” she sighed and looked up at the sky before looking back at the group. Liam and Kaleb joined, and Pennie… didn’t know what to do. She hadn’t felt her phone alert her of any responses from either blonde (remembering she had texted Liam ages ago about maryanne’s panties, and not remembering if he ever responded) and now she was with Lucky and Kaleb… at the same time. She felt bad for the blonde… because hadn’t done anything… Really… even Lucky admitted that he hated him because of it. She gave him a smile, and even lifted her hand a bit to wave ‘hello’ in his direction before dropping her hand and shoving into her jacket pockets…

                                                          Her phone was gone.

                                                          Pennie’s eyes widened and she groped around her pockets for the device. Pennie had saved up for so long to get that iPhone, as well as that cute Harry Potter case. She looked around on the ground a bit, but didn’t see it.. Of course it was dark… Her mind raced, and her earlier social troubles disappeared as a panic began to wash over her… there was no way in the world she was going to be able to replace that phone if was lost or broken, and she couldn’t remember if her carrier would replace it if lost, damaged, or stolen! ”Dag nabbit… ” she huffed a whisper, then moved over to her brother, ”Georgie… georgie… can you call my phone? … I think I dropped it in the woods.. maybe we can hear and… Ohhhh, poooooo… this is baaaad…. ” She sighed, and then felt something give her leg a slight nudge. She jumped a bit, thinking it was some kind of animal, only see a human face staring at her. All her years of cheer, singing, and dancing had created rather strong lungs, so when she screamed... she screamed bloody murder and kicked the head away from her. It only traveled a few feet away, and shortly she fell backwards and began to slowly scramble as far away as she could.

                                                          OOC: Icons for outfit! Edited to add in Landon's part so that no one has to wait for her reaction. xD She screams, kicks the head, and falls backwards. lolol

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These are the memories between us,
L E T x I T x G O , x A N D x L E T x L I V E x A G A I N xxxx


                  Living in the small podunk town there wasn’t much to do... But at the same time there was always that one thing that would occur every year. In this town’s case it was the Harvest Festival and he originally planned on going with his sister... Though with how the events turned out. (Her being dead and all.) It didn’t seem like he’d be able to do such a thing. It wasn’t like the dead came back to life. And if they did... she could come back a zombie or vampire... Neither supernatural beings he’d prefer... She was dead. Never to return again. In the off chance of something good coming out of his sister tragedy. There was the opportunity at the hospital Howie had offered him. He’d have to check over the paperwork and attempt to keep up with his janitorial job... But if he could get more money he could support his grandmother. Jareth knew she had enough but when it came to paying for Peter’s community college tuition and the mortgage... It was just a question of how long with his grandfather’s life insurance last. In the midst of his mental fuss and emotional he lit up a cigarette and fussed to himself in his car, “It’s basically the same old s**t every day.. Different ******** twist..” Sometimes it didn’t feel like there was a lot to do around town but then again he hadn’t really left town so wasn’t like he had a basis for comparison. Though with his sister’s death hanging in the air he didn’t care much for other people’s loss because he belied not many cared about his loss. It was like being stuck in limbo... Nothing exciting ever seemed to happen, till now. And it wasn’t even the fun “exciting” it was... gratingly insulting.

                  Sure he’d been called smart by Howie, but he didn’t feel smart. If he was smart he would’ve known to stay home with his sceney-sister rather than leave for work after he dropped her off. But he didn’t listen to his gut intentions. Hell! He’d let her come to work with him before, why didn’t he just do the same thing again? It wasn’t like anyone would care, there family may as well have outcasted themselves. Yes he was once a football star, possibly a good student... But now he just cleaned up blood and guts off the floor. He wasn’t going to lie he found it suspicious that this documentary team comes to town and murders spring up... But still wasn’t like anyone would give a-- “The tourist give ******** that’s who.. you know they town just probably does this just to get attention.. Who knows maybe they’re hoping some Hollywood hopeful will make a movie about this place.” Now he was just rambling to himself and the redhead was well aware of that. Very well aware. Just like he was well aware he had his own suspect. And sure he pointed the police in the direction but it wasn’t like he’s seen them doing anything as of late. However with his mind a buzz he pulled out his phone and thumbed a quick message to his reporter friend. Sure he heard about the incident through the town meeting but maybe it tunnel vision that his quandary was worse than others...

                  To: Sean
                  From: David
                  Message: Heard about yor incident..
                  U allright? Any new leads?

                  A quick message. Though thats all his mind was good for at the moment. Quick thoughts. Quick unadulterated thoughts. Jareth looked around the floor of his car. It would be so easy to go back home and stick a hose and go out by carbon monoxide seemed like a physically clean way to leave life behind. After all life was seeming as though it had become kind of monotonous. A sigh passed through his lips... As his breathing slowly started to get consumed by a calm... No he still wasn’t satisfied with life... But maybe wait till his sister got justice before joining her in the end.

                  ‘Nothing really to look forward too... besides redemption for Cari...’ He was oblivious to the female nearing his car. Maybe if he was aware he would’ve attempted to recompose himself some more. Instead he tossed the aloe cream onto the shotgun seat as he rubbed the greenish liquid over the damaged hand. It wasn’t till someone spoke up he glanced over, his first sight was at a taunting line that lead to two lushes lumps. His gaze slowly shifted up to the follow the curve of her neck up to her mouth. Blinking a few times as the sounds and syllables of what she was saying started to click. “Huh...?” Slipped out... The redhead wasn’t sure what to say. He wasn’t sure what to expect. His whole plan had been to leave before being caught. Though as he glanced around the parking lot and sure some people looked like they were returning to their cars. But not everyone had left yet. He was still in his car, that offered some sort of comfort. Yet as he looked over the woman. He couldn’t deny she had a rocking body... Maybe he didn’t have to leave right this second. Though he feared he looked more like a nervous wreck then an attractive human. Besides, girl like that probably didn’t go for a guy like him. Besides whose to say she’d wanna go for him in the first place. And it probably wasn’t a time to think about that... His highschool girlfriend was still in a coma. His sister was dead. His mom was a crackwhore. His life was as shattered as the mirror he broke earlier in the day.

                  “I’m.. I’ll be fine. Ah-heh...” Jareth attempted to loosely laugh it off before lifting his hand up turning it around in the light to show the female, “I just... hurt my hand earlier.. and it’s jus been botherin’ me.. more than I expected..” It was a vague truth. Glancing from his stitched up hand to the woman’s hazel eyes, in an attempt to lighten the melancholy mood the male jokingly held his hurt hand out the window, joking about “here’s a hand to shake” but not making a big deal of the joke as he pretended to glance to his hand and acted as though he were shocked before shrugging and putting his hand back in his lap; before Marina had a chance to actually shake it. There was a pause of a sigh before he admitted, “Think ‘ve just had a rough week.” He shifted back in his seat to straighten his back, “Don’t know if there’s anything you could help me with,” ‘Less you can help me find my sister’s killer..’ He offered a half smile as he sighed out, “I don’t want to bother you too much..” Saying the word ‘bother’ again made him breifly recall what Howie had said... He wasn’t sure he always thought of bother like annoy.. not like.. make uncomfortable or anything. “You prolly wanna go home and get some rest.. I don’t--” A frustrated sigh cause he wasn’t even sure what he was getting at, he heaved a breathe the words swiftly spilled out of his mouth, “My sister was one of the ones murdered..” His redhead hit the back of his headrest, eyes closed shut before he pinched from the corners of his eyes to the bridge of his nose. Fighting back any erratic emotions he had to look at Marina again, “I’mm sorry... guess I jus.. a lil more wrecked about it than I give myself credit.. doubt you wanna hear about it... it was her birthday today.. well wait it’s after midnight right? Ahpff... yesterday was her birthday... nevermind. If I’m keeping you from anything important, heh, don’t feel obligated to stick around.. Trus me.. I’m not worth it..” Selling himself short, as per always.

Location;; Town Meeting. In the Parking Lot. In his Car.
Company;; Marina
Attire;; sleeves ripped off the T-Shirt much like this example

I was all for you, you fell over my love, I just can't afford it this time.
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                                  With a thunk, the shovel sounded against what Landon assumed must be the casket. A grin broke across his face as the fruit of his labor lay only a few more steps away from completion. Though his arms felt a bit like jello, and he found himself covered in more mud and dirt than he thought possible, the troublemaker was so close to his goal. Only a few handfuls of soil and the lid of the casket lay between him and the body of his ex. From there, he only needed to decide which part to hack off with the shovel. Carrying a full sized body was too obvious, not to mention cumbersome.

                                  Just as he began to kneel to brush final bits of dirt to the side, the wind kicked into high gear, whipping loose bits of dirt into the grave with him. Tugging the hoody's drawstrings, the troublemaker pulled the hood closer in around his face. Then the screaming began, causing the male to press himself against the wall of dirt. He listened for a direction and distance, but the wind carried the words around. The only definitive slice of information that he gleaned was that the voice wasn't aware of him or close enough to see what he did, and while good, others in the graveyard meant a chance of being caught. Spurred into action, Landon hurriedly brushed the reaming clumps of soil from the side that the casket opened before wrapping his fingers around the wooden top.

                                  Before the troublemaker managed to pull the lid from the coffin, the temperature seemed to plummet, leaving him shivering despite the hoody and layer of mud caked upon him. Without warning, a violent force pushed Landon forward, throwing the male roughly into the grave wall. A sharp, agonizing pain ripped through the flesh along his back, carving bloodied trails down his spine. Gritting his teeth in pain, Landon spun around, ready to defend himself from another attack only to find nothing behind him. "The ******** a clearly empty grave, Landon hoisted himself halfway out of it to check his surroundings, finding a startling nothing except a bit of light in the distance. Frown touching his lips, the troublemaker sank back into the dirt room, his eyes straying towards the casket. "Carissa? You always did have a flair for the dramatics. ******** c**t. You stay dead, you hear? I've got big plans for you. Gonna put you right in the center of everyone's conversations. You always liked being in the ******** spotlight, so you should thank me for this." He barely resisted the urge to spit upon her grave, but he knew better than to leave behind trace DNA. He didn't need to give the cops yet another reason to look at him for murder after all.

                                  Landon gave a moment for the ghost or whatever the hell had pushed him to make another move. When met with an absence of any further attacks, he quickly set to opening the wooden box before him. After a few attempts, the troublemaker finally pried the casket open which promptly greeted him with the scent of rotting corpse. The smell filled his eyes with tears and brought a small gag, but once his eyes fell upon the body of his green haired ex, it seemed that nothing else mattered. A giddy sense washed over him as his eyes slowly slid down the corpse's body. A gloved finger brushed against Carissa's cheek, trailing down until it met her collarbone. "Ready to make a scene?" His lips twisted into a manic grin, as his free hand reached for the shovel he'd tossed away earlier. While a hand seemed easy enough, it wouldn't quite reach the reaction he wanted. A head, however, offered the possibility of an explosion of a reaction, and he knew just where to take it.

                                  Shovel raised above his head, Landon took a moment to speak as he lined the trajectory. "You're more useful dead, Carissa. Though ******** you wouldn't be as nice, you're finally quiet and pliable. Just you wait. You're going to cause quite the stir, and it'll be because of me. It's going to be ******** awesome." And with that, he swung downward, feeling the shock as the shovel ripped through rotting flesh to meet bone.


                                  Drunk on power, Landon stumbled through the woods, Carissa's head tucked firmly under arm. Though emboldened by his grave desecration and mutilation of a body, the troublemaker knew to keep hidden within the depths of the woods. The "challenge" would have set a good many of his classmates out into the area in hopes of finding some ghost or whatever it was they searched for. He hadn't been properly invited, but word spread fast and the chimes from his cellphone alerted him to a few facebook updates with bits and pieces of news. Without knowing exactly where everyone had been, however, it had taken a bit of slinking about in the woods until he stumbled upon the small gathering of individuals. "Look at them, Carissa. Not a one looks like they care too much about all that's happened. A shame, huh? Not enough fear. You'll change that soon, though, right?" His voice, barely a whisper, hugged against the mottled flesh on the left side of the head's face. One of his shovel's strikes hadn't been as well aimed and caused a bit of damage to the face. Landon felt it added character and would better serve to scare everyone.

                                  Eyes bore into the group, absorbing every moment as he calculated the best course of action. Landon watched as Luke defended miss lesbian mohawk from the bangable Asian and her blonde bff. That crowd posed an interesting combination, especially since he knew the two high maintenance bitches would freak loudly and draw attention to the others. Luke could go two ways. He'd either freak with the girls, or he'd try to find where the head came from. While Landon might be able to run, he wasn't athletic enough to likely outrun the other male if it came down to it. Of course, Luke would actually have to find him in the thick brush of the woods, but the chance remained. His gaze wandered over to Liam and Kaleb. Those two were likely high as hell, so they certainly didn't offer the optimal targets. Further down stood Lucky and Pennie, though the later moved towards Georgie. Lucky, alone seemed a bad target, though it might do the most psychological damage to the male seeing death again. It wouldn't rouse enough people to the cause. That just left Pennie and Georgie. The troublemaker assumed that the short-haired female might react the way he needed, offering the shriek to bring the others her way. Georgie, on the other hand, was unpredictable. Landon wasn't sure exactly what he would do.

                                  The options before him only seemed to give one answer. Though Georgie posed a slight unknown risk, it was dark and unlikely that anyone would find him, let alone be able to identify him, should they be able to track him down from the direction in which the head came from. "A kiss for luck?" He chuckled to himself as he pressed his lips against Carissa's cold, dead lips. "Just like old times. Making as little noise as possible, Landon lobbed Carissa's head so that it would hopefully roll into Pennie's leg. As he waited for the telltale shriek of the head's discovery, the troublemaker drew his hoody's strings tighter, ensuring that his face couldn't be seen-- though the mud might aid in concealing his identity-- as he sneaked a bit further to the right from where he'd thrown the head. He assumed that if anyone decided to give chase, they'd follow from where the throw originated and continue away from the woods, expecting the culprit to have fled.

                                  While it may have been smarter to flee, Landon needed to hear and see the result of his prank. If no one shrieked after a while, he'd eventually have to fish the head from where he had thrown it and try again once they moved to another spot. Though if nothing else, tomorrow when someone noticed the grave had been dug up, a frenzy would hit the town. He still wanted to get his scare in now, especially after all the trouble and pain he'd gone through to get the head. So he crouched down, surrounding himself with fallen leaves as he watched from behind a throng of trees. It would be highly unlikely that anyone found him unless he made a loud, excited utterance when the proverbial s**t hit the fan.


( GPS:The challenge, hidden amongst the trees. MOOD: elated COMPANY:hiding from the challenge group, closest to Pennie and Georgie OOC: Oh Landon. Also, if you click the picture at the top, you can now see an outfit. lol. Anyways, any editing needed, let me know! )
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                                                          Idike was hopeful and hoping that this would make great footage for the documentary. She glanced over as the group started talking amongst themselves, even glancing at Keyt as she asked something towards Henry. The director had to admit her own interest was peaked, especially when the footage was brought into question, “Wait...” she glanced over her shoulder as concern laced her face, “The interview with Allison is a key interview.. I plan for that, or at least excerpts from the interview, to be in the documentary. What are you saying couldn’t be deciphered? Did we lose clips of the actual video footage? Not including the bugs on the sound devices.. Speaking of...” She looked about at the various equipment, “Whose filming this... I know iPhones and androids are getting a bit better with their pixel imaging.. but the cameras are rolling right?” Apparently there was nothing strange, Idike didn’t comment, she just let the topic drop with a sigh. Glancing over at the coffee and pastries Keyt offered but didn’t immediately jump at the chance to satiate her late night hunger rather holding back as she listened to Rain fuss at the deceased around them. Then there was a silence as she swore she heard something there had been a faint glimmer of hope that they might’ve caught something... Instead what came out of the bushes were a pair of long legs and a redheaded damsel. A sigh exacerbated out of her lips, she wasn’t sure if there were words to describe her chagrin at the very moment.

                                                          She listened to the girl announce her presence, yet the face just wasn’t matching any names... And it wasn’t like the girl stated her own. So Idike was left pondering just who this girl was and what she was doing here. It wasn’t till Rain rushed to her side did it become more evident who the young woman was. Maybe it was the lighting, but now she was able to vaguely recall the female from the mayor’s dinner party. The one the mayor’s wife kindly zipped up the back of her dress for. The female moved her hair out of her face before looking over to Rain as she was addressed. She nodded slightly as she listened to his request, a part of her may’ve potentially held a soft spot for young love... However as her mouth hinged opened to reply, all of the sudden her personal assistant started to placidly respond and the Director’s mouth snapped shut as she looked over at Keyt. Purely mystified by her assistants claims. Did she not notice that her boss was standing a mere few feet away from her? Was Idike invisible? This was not the time nor the place to get into such a frivolous quarrel. Yes, technically speaking her personal assistant did voice her “apologizes” but still... Well it didn’t seem like Friederike was the only one who flabbergasted. Henry stated a few things to the young Russian... Yet as nice as all the uppity “you are importants” were... Idike heaved a breathe as she started her reply first between Rain and Nicole, “Yes, it is perfectly fine with me if you’re girlfriend wishes to watch you at work. Heh, don’t try and pawn off your time with her... Nicole you can give Rain all the company or feel free to observe and mingle.. Jus don’t keep him too busy... that’s my job.” She gave a playful smirk to the tutor as a light chuckle emitted from her voice. However, he director was purely joking. She had no intentions on keeping Rain busier than he already was. If anything Idike was just trying to diffuse some of the tensions that may have arisen... As well as be polite to the young miss who called Brookshire her home. “About the dowsing rods, etcetera... Feel free to set up them Rain, maybe Nicole could offer you some help, or at the very least cheer you on.”

                                                          There was a sigh as her attention shifted to Keyt as she looked at the female, offering her a very stern look. While Henry may’ve tried the nice guy, comforting routine... Idike just wasn’t having this. The girl was her personal assistant. She was her go to girl and if she was going to have an attitude that just didn’t look right for either Keyt’s or her own image in this business. She didn’t pull the girl away like she may’ve for the other’s she’d talked to during there stay here. Idike didn’t feel she had to. Part of her was tempted to begin with a, “First of all,” much like the assistant had. Yet resisted the urge, despite how tantalizing the thought was. “Keyt,” she called to get the girl’s attention, “I need you to take dictation. You’re here to record and report your findings in the notebook... And thank you for the coffee and pastries. Yet, consider if the coffee and goods you brought were to be all gone and finished off? Sure, of course you could go into town again but we have the one rental car... So in a sense, view it as helpful act of replenishing the midnight fuel...” Idike didn’t answer why Nicole was here she didn’t have a reason to that was a question clearly directed towards the couple themselves. Though before she could move on from the event something caught most, if not all of the groups attention and that was Daphne as she suddenly went on to yell in the couple’s direction as well as act out... Idike kept quiet... She didn’t say anything, the Director just looked to Henry to see if he was recording this or if just SOMEONE in the group was recording it. If it wasn’t for the sake of preserving her own cellphone battery she would pulled it out and attempted to record. Instead she made a scribbly-hand motion at Keyt, hoping the girl was writing this down... Or that people were just doing their jobs in general. Daphne started crying and calling out names as well as wishing misfortune on Nicole and claiming she experienced a miserable death... When last Idike checked Daphne was still very much alive.

                                                          Idike was silent as the mood seemed to shift, maybe it had something with the weather up ahead? But Daphne started talking more... like herself. Not that she wasn’t herself to begin with but apparently what they had all heard was a spirit clinging on to Daphne. As interesting as it was the female went on to speak more and if the film was rolling all Idike hoped was no one was getting a shot of her face. It had near no expression, though to some she may’ve looked unamused. Though given the state of her current workers. She honestly wasn’t all that amused. She was being lectured... And as thoughtful as the gesture was... Given the current dramatics she could live without the added edge, “Be sure to keep that in mind...” She lowly mumbled at one point or another before deeply inhaling through her nose and letting out a rough exhale. She didn’t feel like this was cause to end up blowing a gasket on one or more of her employees... But she just wasn’t feeling it. Idike leaned her head back and stared at the darkened sky before pinching her brow once more. Using the small gesticulations distract her from speaking out of terms. She glanced over as Henry suddenly became excited cause “Demons!” or something Idike just shook her head and closed her eyes. At least one of them seemed to be having a merry ole’ time as they were out in the danky cemetery... When it came to leaving... Idike wasn’t in the mood to stop of beg the girl to keep her job. It was past minute... For all she knew everyone was on edge because it was passed their bedtime. But she didn’t comment on it just nodded and stated, “Like stated... I’ll be sure to keep that in mind, as well as the fact I’ll respect your wishes.. if you make plans to leave.” The last part she just through in... Idike wasn’t in the mood to talk fearing if she did she’d say something she’d later regret and being the boss, there was no room for regrets. The conversations risked turning into an aggravating arguement but she tried to detatch herself from the situation. Her phone call started ringing and Idike picked up her coffee and a pastry and called for a, “Fifteen minute break...” For everyone to clear their heads, and for her to answer her phone as well as distance herself physically from the scenario. Leaning herself against the nearest try as she balanced the cup and pastry as she fished out her phone...

                                                          “Hullo, Friederike Grimm speaking.” Was the first thing she stated as she answered the phone. The person on the other end was Dr. Shultz, and though he couldn’t see the action she shook her head against the phone, “No, no it’s fine.. thank you for the call.” She stated before listening to what he had to say... “Interesting.” Well interesting things always had a way of arousing curiosity... “Hmm.. okay thank you.” a swift nod as she took a sip of the hot beverage as she intently paid attention to the play-back. It started off like a nursery rhyme... What she’d been told early on was a typical Allison reproach. Then then there was a notable shift. Shadows. A glance to Daphne and she wondered if the ‘Shadows’ held any relevance to the Demon talk Daphne had brought up not only minutes ago. Idike had to pull the phone away from her ear as Allison started shouting out. Only putting the device back against her head as the audio quieted down. More unanswered questions... Who was ‘he’? The answer never came before she finished the nursey rhyme she started earlier. There was another mildly coherent thought amongst the madness before it all ended and Dr. Shultz was speaking to her once more, “Ah.. that’s sorry to hear.” She lightly commented on the topic of the woman losing consciousness. “Hmmm...” she mused on the phone as the word ‘Sacrifice’ was brought up... That too held specific meaning, yet it was a shame there was nothing more than that.. Maybe it would offer more of an explanation that occurred during the events following the deaths of the foster children... Maybe sacrifice was a clue? “Thank you very much for notifying me, and thank you for keeping tabs on her condition. I’m sure her family is thankful for it as well but... This does help.” She thanked the Doctor for his time. Before the small conversation simmered and the two hung up the phone.

                                                          Finishing off her drink and pastry she headed back over to the group. Idike felt she was keeping herself in line as she took in a breathe similar to lamaze breathing, a calming breathe to get her head back in the game as she held up the flashlight pointing it over in the distance, “I know, Daphne you stated... Most these spirits are at rest. And I thank you for this input. Just.. While were here... feel we should pay a visit to the graves of the lost children... If not to make contact to at least have footage of the twelve graves for an end clip to the documentary... To pay our respects to the young lives. And if we see something along the way.. Or some sort of presence take it in faith. Cemeteries are typically sacred, hallowed ground... And demons are malevolent spirits typically not allowed on hallowed ground... So you shan’t have much to worry about.” Notice Idike said, ‘typically’ she didn’t offer a one hundred percent. Though she offered enough insight to prove that hey... She did her research, and in an attempt to be polite to Rain’s girlfriend who had not only been berated by her personal assitant, but also a ghost possessing a staff member of her’s the shorter woman looked over to the redhead and asked, “Would you happen to know the way?” Offering the girl a chance to feel included rather than the odd man out if for a flickering moment in time. The offer wasn’t going to stand long... But Idike wasn’t going to state that part.

                                                          Location;; Brookshire Cemetery
                                                          Company;; Documentary Team Members & Nicole
                                                          Attire;; Rainy Day Attire

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                                                      Adrianna felt a bundle of nerves as she glanced up at Vlad. In him lay her chances at success, at Hollywood, and being something more than a boring, unknown hairdresser. The fact that he was handsome certainly didn't help to calm the butterflies violently flittering about within her stomach. The very motion of a simple head shake set her heart beating so loudly that she felt he must be able to hear it. Yet, he commented not on it, instead dismissing the need for apologies and asking after her possible injuries. To the hairdresser, his reaction spoke of a white knight to sweep her off her feet rather than normal questions one might ask to a woman who just fell. "Oh I'm fine. Just a little sore ankle, but that's nothing that needs to be fussed over." Adrianna couldn't suppress the giggle at Vlad's next move, though if any other male had done it, she might have considered it juvenile. Her screenwriter-how she hoped that one day he might actually be hers- could do no wrong however, so even the silly move caused her adoration for him to grow. So enamored with him, was she, that the hairdresser didn't even notice his near attempt at offering his hand before he moved.

                                                      A pang of jealously struck Adrianna as her crush's eyes and attention drifted from her. A million doubting thoughts ran through her minds from feeling that she couldn't possibly be his type to assuming that he was looking to his date to the event. Sparing a glance to follow Vlad's gaze, she prepared herself for utter disappointment and destruction of any hope in the form of one of Brookshire's much prettier, skinnier, confident women. Instead, she found the daughter had been the center of attention rather than competition. Relief flooded her, removing most of the jealousy as she turned her gaze back to Vlad. While she didn't relish the thought of him paying attention to anyone other than her while she was trying to win him over, she knew this was a compromise she had to allow.

                                                      When his attentions returned to Adrianna, he surprised her by sliding flattery her way. A flush blossomed across her cheeks as his words lifted her spirits, bringing a smile to her lips. She also realized that she hadn't yet pulled back her hand, so she forced herself to slowly remove it and bring it to her own lap. Though her cheeks felt afire, Adrianna felt every bit deserving of the compliments that came from Vlad. Under normal circumstances, she might feel as though it were empty flattery to get into her pants, but with him, she blindly believed and trusted whatever he said. "Oh, well if you think it would help, you could take a look at my ankle." The hairdresser hoped that she sounded as coy and sexy as she had intended. The offer of examination seemed a perfect way to get his hands on her, and as a look to her ankle meant he'd have to touch her leg, it seemed a good lead-in to something more.

                                                      Things seemed to be going well with Vlad, much better than she'd ever thought it would have. They were flirting-- or rather he was and Adrianna just prayed that her flirts came off as sexy rather than awkward. It only seemed to get better as he even asked if she had come in with someone. "Me? No, I came here alone. What about you? Here alone? I.. Hmm? Oh ok." Another wave of disappointment came over Adrianna as Vlad diverted his attention once again. Figuring that she might as well check her own phone, she reached into her clutch and quickly glanced down. A missed text from King illuminated her screen, placing the hairdresser in a bit of a predicament. She could leave the good thing she had going and hurry to find out what was afflicting King or she could stay with Vlad and tell King that she couldn't help. Neither decision would be completely moral, but Adrianna was almost positive that she had the screenplay writer where she needed him to be, and that meant being one step closer to her dreams. With guilt gnawing at her, she quickly typed her response.

                                                      To: King
                                                      From: Adrianna
                                                      Message: Gurls nite 2nite so I won't b hom.
                                                      U cn tots crash @ my plce tho.
                                                      Spare key in da usual spot.
                                                      I feel bad dat I cnt c u,
                                                      bt I cnt cancel on d gurls.

                                                      With her message sent, Adrianna tried to assuage her guilt by remembering her life goal. Vlad moved her forward while King only held her back. Besides it wasn't as though the two actually had a relationship. Neither had defined the relationship or actually made a commitment to the other. Thankfully Vlad spoke up again, pulling her from the guilt into a whirlwind of excitement, arousal, and embarrassment. Another flush of red crossed her cheeks as her companions suggestions moved from food to something a bit more personal. It wasn't to say that she wasn't interested, for sure, but she was almost positive that if she jumped into bed with Vlad tonight, he might write her off as nothing more than a mere one night stand only to forget about her the next day. Adrianna needed him interested. "I'm pretty sure our diner is open. They like to serve the cops who patrol at night. The coffee is pretty good and the food's not too bad. I could definitely go for something to eat, and it's safer for me to go with you than attempt to walk the town alone. Besides, I hadn't planned on going to bed just yet, anyways." Adrianna offered a giggle hoping that her last line had sounded more playful than boring. She desperately wanted to keep Vlad on the hook, but it had been a while since she had been so close to her dreams that the idea of making a wrong move terrified her.

                                                      She felt of two minds when it came to the possibility of sex with Vlad. On one hand, Adrianna wanted to appear classy, the kind of woman that he might actually want to spend some time with and possibly put into a move. On the other, the man practically swept her off of her feet already, leaving her incredibly eager to offer herself to him. Perhaps while they ate, the proper choice might present itself, easing the fear that lodged itself in her mind. One chance, that's all I have. If I mess this up, my dreams go up in a puff of smoke. Oh god, why does this have to be so hard. What if King wants to find me? What if he spots us at the diner and gets jealous? I told him it was girls' night. I guess I could say that Vlad offered dinner, and I didn't want to walk home alone, but how would I explain him to Vlad? A guy I sleep with and occasionally spend time with? A jealous old flame who desperately wants me back? Oh that could be fun, right? I mean that kind of seems like that movie I watched the other night. I wonder if Vlad would be put off by that though. Her thoughts raced as she waited for her crush's response. Adrianna couldn't remember a time she'd been as nervous as she was now, trying to discern the proper line to walk with Vlad.

                                                      Walk on red carpets; you know you're worth it.

                                                      OoC ⊰ ⊱ ( If anything needs to be fixed, lemme know~ )
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                                      When Charlie had sat by Shin at the mayor's dinner party, he had left with mixed feelings about their friendship. Of course he had doubts the music store owner. There were several moments where the priest wondered if his presense was simply a burden. At the same time, there was that part of him that believed that they were friends. No matter how many times Charlie found himself feeling severely misunderstood or without a friend to turn to, he kept going back to John and Shin, because a part of him did believe that there was a chance that he was looking too deeply into it. Maybe it was all in his head and nobody was treating him differently? Maybe it was a secret self-loathing that he had ever since he failed Juanita's exorcism? When he asked Shin about John, he did he it because he cared. Although thinking back to their conversation at dinner, he wondered if Shin were the right person to talk to. There was something about the male that he couldn't fully put his finger on. He didn't like the way Shin talked about Izy. Even though Izy could be counted as troubled, it felt weird hearing Shin call her that. He didn't think that she would do anything for personal gain. He didn't think she would lie about everything she confessed to him. Why? Because she said so many negative things about herself. More importantly he didn't like it when Shin had said that he was sure that he could "save" her.

                                      Or, he meant it in a literal sense. Charlie was a priest and he was technically trying to save Izy. No, when he left the dinner, he had believed that he was possibly wrong about Shin and John. Even though he knew that their bond closer to each other, than him, that didn't mean that they didn't see him as a person.

                                      Charlie was taken back when Shin asked why he thought that he and John were joined by the hip. It was one of those those moments when he found himself wondering if...Shin were serious. Everyone knew that he and Shin were best friends. He was even more surprised that Shin didn't seem concerned about John's state. He lost his friend and was incredibly drunk when he left. There's no telling what could have happened in between then and now. "I'm...sorry, i assumed that he was your most important person," Charlie voiced. The moment the words were out of his mouth, he realized just how odd that may have sounded. "As in, it's hard to imagine you without him...or him without you. Aren't you...best friends?" He had remembered being told that they were childhood friends, but now he wasn't sure if he had heard wrong or not. Shin typed up a text message and sent it, however the response left an uneasy feeling in the pit of the priest's stomach. First Charlotte, now Shin, Charlie...didn't think he was succeeding when it came to social interactions outside of the church. "Thank you," he told Shin trying to be polite. Even with Shin's even tone, Charlie could tell that he wasn't in a good mood. Mentally he tried making excuses for the male. It was late, he may be hungry, he was probably stressed out, etc.

                                      Although it was the next statement that caused the excuses to stop forming in Charlie's mind. Fudge packer. Shin had used the term fudge packer and at first the priest wasn't entirely sure what he meant, until he thought about it more closely. He was censoring himself. Charlie glanced around and noticed that there weren't any small children at this meeting. Shin was either censoring himself because of the other town's people present, or he was doing it because he was in the presense of a priest. "Hm." was all that left his lips. It may have appeared as if it were an answer to Shin's statement. Truth was, it was Charlie revisiting his earlier thought. Even to his own friends, his only identity was a priest. Why was he complaining? Being a priest was supposed to be an everlasting thing. Even his mentor, Father Michaels had explained that to him that this calling wasn't something you could escape. All Charlie wanted was to be treated as though he were a person. He wanted to know that when his friends thought of him, they saw him as Charlie and not Father Chandler Maddux. "Uncomfortable?" he repeated, trying to make sure he heard correctly. "Not at all," he told Shin, however his answer was a little rushed. It was the next statement that sort of flipped a switch for Charlie.

                                      "Stop it," he suddenly said. "Just...stop it." He could have stopped right there, but he didn't. He was irritated and in a very hushed tone asked, "Shin, why are we friends? Why are you, Shin Lee, friends with me? Seriously, when you look at me, do you even see a person? Or do you only see my white collar?" He was about to accuse the male of only having pleasant memories of him and the other, where Charlie was acting as a priest. In the back of his mind, he knew there wasn't supposed to be any separation. He knew that any random person was supposed to be able to approach him and say, "pray for me father", but Charlie wanted more than that. Charlie couldn't help but miss the things he did before he became a priest. He missed taking girls out on dates and staying out late with his friends. He loved with faith and his religion. He loved helping others and he knew that being a priest was what he was supposed to do. However as human, he couldn't ignore those needs. He wanted friends. Real friends. He didn't want to be around people who made him feel uncomfortable or lose confidence in himself. He didn't want to be John and Shin's little third wheel or their inconvience. The reason Charlie didn't drink, wasn't because it was against his religion. He didn't drink because he didn't like what it did to him. He liked being in control of his own brain and body.

                                      "But seriously, the only reason I was surprised that you weren't with John, is because you're best friends, I'm sorry if that offended you," he snapped. The moment the words were out of his mouth, the reality of everything started to dawn on him. "I'm...tired, Shin. I'm tired of feeling like I'm a chore or that I don't fit in. If you don't like being around me, then I won't bother you anymore." His phone started ringing, tugged out his phone and saw that it was from the hospital. After all, with his several hospital visits, he made sure to keep the number saved in his phone. "It's the hospital," he suddenly voiced. He answered it, "Hello?" The receptionist was letting him know that Izy wanted to talk to him. "Yeah, that's fine. I'll be sure to call her room." He wasn't even considering the fact that it was very late. He hung up the call, but kept his eyes on Shin. "Oh and no, homosexuality doesn't bother me. I mean, it's not like anyone's trying to force it on me." He dialed the number and extension that the receptionist gave him, and waited for Izy to pick up.


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                                      Location:: The Town Meeting Hall with Shin
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                          αȵ∂ ɪ ғϵϵʟ τʜϵ ωαʏ τʜατ ϵvϵʀʏ cʜɪʟ∂ sʜouʟ∂
                          sɪτ αȵ∂ ʟɪsτϵȵsɪτ αȵ∂ ʟɪsτϵȵ
                          ωϵȵτ τo scʜooʟ αȵ∂ ɪ ωαs vϵʀʏ ȵϵʀvous
                          ȵo oȵϵ kȵϵω ɱϵ • ȵo oȵϵ kȵϵω ɱϵ
                          ʜϵʟʟo τϵαcʜϵʀ τϵʟʟ ɱϵ ωʜατ's ɱʏ ʟϵssoȵ
                          ʟook ʀɪgʜτ τʜʀougʜ ɱϵʟook ʀɪgʜτ τʜʀougʜ ɱϵ
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                          He wished he hadn't said anything because he already knew that no matter what he said, it wouldn't come off right. He wished he never felt anything at all, then he wouldn't have to worry about the strange empty void that had settled deep inside. There were a collection of things that Lucky wished at that moment, but knew in the back of his head that wishing did little for anyone. As much as he tried to tug himself off into his own thoughts to escape reality, there were a number of things about life that he had to accept. It was difficult, but he had to. It was wrong for him to feel so guarded about making friends. After the incident in the foster house, it felt difficult to gain that attachment. Fortunately when it came to Pennie, he had known her since he was a little boy. She was the only part of his past that he had left...which was probably why he clung so tightly to her. She was his security blanket that motivated him to try harder. For everything she did for him, he couldn't do the simplest task of being a friend. He had to let things like feelings complicate things. Lucky rarely ever said what he really wanted to say. He tried to say what he believed people wanted to hear, but his own bitterness would often twist up the end. If he were being honest, then he would have brought up that he didn't like how ungrateful Kaleb was. It was a personal pet peeve when people took their parents for granted, especially when they do so much for you. He did think that Kaleb was a jerk, and he was good friends with Liam who bullied several of their classmates. There were several moments when he confused Kaleb for being in Liam, Ty and Kain's group. Although now with Kain being gone, it was only Ty and Liam.

                          Even though Lucky didn't want to be popular, it was obvious that a popularity status was...what mattered. It would be foolish to say that it didn't matter. That was the reason why people like Oliver was surprised when someone out of his immediate group offered to talk to him. It was why people like Ophelia are bullied. Status was why he didn't feel like he belonged in the Variety Four. He wasn't popular. He wasn't outgoing. He felt nervous whenever he had a lot of attention on himself. He was insecure. He...didn't deserve someone like Pennie. Which is why he when she said that he wasn't important to her, he wanted to tell her that he didn't believe he was. He felt replaceable. What was his title? Georgie was her brother. Maryanne was her best friend. Luke and April were her cheerleading friends. Kelsey and Kaleb were her V4 friends and Adrianna had a category of her own. Lucky felt so unnecessary, but he couldn't find the words to explain it. He knew he was making her feel unhappy which didn't help him. Even though he was able to list of a variety of reasons why she should date Kaleb, he couldn't think of a single reason why anyone would need to date him. His hands were stained with blood. his hands were stained with blood that only he could see, to remind him of what happened to his friends. He didn't think he could open himself up like that again. He couldn't attach himself to people like that. He already lost Tegan, and now Pennie. He just couldn't.

                          He watched her walk away and heaved a breath before surveying over the group. His eyes fell on Kaleb and Liam, as the two were obviously high. It wasn't uncommon, and he partly wondered if he were a drug addict or alcoholic would that make him cooler. The most Lucky did on his own was smoke, but those were regular cigarettes, and he didn't do it often. Even though he was reserved, he was beginning to think that the only way he could make anyone really notice him...was if he did something outrageous. 'I can't...I...no, I can't,' he soon realized. These weren't random people, these were his classmates that he would have to see again sometime soon. If he slipped up, then there was a chance that he would end up bullied. He didn't think it would be difficult. Hell, Shepherd could think several things that people could target about him. He could think of several reasons why no one would have to talk to him. Which was when he remembered why he didn't go to Liam's party. It was the same reason why he shouldn't have come to the challenge. He...was out of place. Everyone had their personal clique and there he stood...without anyone to talk to.

                          Even his general statement to everyone was ignored. He heaved a breath and glanced over at the school. Everyone seemed to be having their own personal conversations. Liam even made mention about being surprised that people showed up. This challenge thing was most likely going to turn into one those things where a bunch of teens go to a secluded area, get wasted and have sex. He wondered who would pair up. There were five guys and four girls. Luke and Georgie were both gay, and Skylar was gay. Although if Skylar tried pairing off with one of those girls, then that would drop the ratio down to three guys and two girls. He fought the urge to groan in frustration and shined his flashlight over at the old highschool, he was tempted to enter, however suddenly felt his phone vibrate against his leg. He reached in his pocket and drew out the device to see that he had four unread text messages. One from Quinn, two from Oliver and one from Howie. Just as he clicked open Oliver's text message, he stopped when he heard the sound of Pennie scream. He flashed his flashlight over in her direction and saw the blonde on the ground. He was confused, but then suddenly realized that someone may have scared her. It was dark and they were attempting a "spooky" challenge, there were no telling what happened. "What? What happened? Are you okay?" Lucky couldn't help but ask. After all, he didn't see the head, especially since it had been kicked. He flashed the light over towards Georgie, wondering if he had did anything. It was just the way Pennie screamed...it wasn't as though she were surprised. It sounded as if she were genuinely terrified.

                          He glanced down at his phone and quickly glanced over Oliver's text and realized that it had been sent hours ago. After reading the first he looked at the most recent one. He was given the option to hang out with Oliver and Bunni. He didn't know if he should take the male up on the offer or not, which was why he didn't reply. When he read Quinn's text he wasn't sure how he was supposed to reply. He didn't know what to say that could make him seem cool. He quickly typed up something.

                          To: Quinn
                          From: Shepherd

                          you both should come ;]

                          Winky faces...make everything better. Although he didn't think he could send a winky face to Oliver.

                          He slipped his phone back into his pocket and started walking closer to the main group. "Hey, are we um...going inside? It looks like it's going to rain," he added. "I mean, it's a little early to be getting freaked out, isn't it? We haven't even had the chance to explore the school. You guys do know the legend, right? About how those teens were burned to death?" Although he wasn't afraid. He wasn't afraid of legends and rumors. As long as there was no blood, he was fine. At least that's what he told himself. "So...are we going? Or did something really...happen?" his attention went back to Pennie only briefly, before looking towards the group. He had assumed that someone had pranked the ex-cheerleader. It was dark and wouldn't be difficult to do.

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                          Xx Location;; Old Highschool for Challenge ; nearest everyone
                          Dogs:: Melody, Gambit
                          OoC:: Shitty post

                          Attire:: CLICKERS

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