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                                          LOCATION ➸ Graveyard COMPANY ➸ Docu team + Nicole

                                          There were times when Daphne wished she could tune out the living like she could the dead. Unfortunately, despite how invisible she felt sometimes, Daphne knew that her only escape from the stressful world of the living was death. She walked away from the team and wiped at her watering eyes with a sniff. She didn’t get very far before her boss approached her, telling her off for her behavior. Daphne didn’t blame her, and simply nodded while offering a quiet apology. Although she didn’t blame her director, she also knew the woman didn’t understand anything about Daphne’s ability, ghosts, demons… or anything. She didn’t fight the woman, she didn’t try to reason with her or explain anything… She just let it go, and fantasized about how she would kill herself if she could. Of course here wouldn’t really work… Crazy people hurt themselves all the time… fixing up a slashed arm or pumping a stomach filled with pills would be no problem for these people… Plus Daphne still wanted to give justice to those ghosts with unsolved murders and problems. She understood that being touched by death did not mean that you ceased to exist and felt that these ghosts, these people deserved more than to just be forgotten. As Idike walked away, Daphne wished for death.. but knew it wouldn’t be possible until she felt satisfied with living portion of her existence.

                                          There was a new message on her phone, but it had been received ages ago and the medium didn’t even realize she had gotten it until that very moment. It was from the Sheriff, and he had asked to see her sometime soon. Daphne sighed and thought it over, knowing she was going to be useless here with the possessed woman. Making her way back to the team, she told Idike that it was best if left… though didn’t really say why. She apologized a few times, sputtering a bit as she spoke, but wrapped it with saying she now had an appointment to talk to Sheriff of the town about an old murder case involving the ghost she had spoken with the day of the Mayor’s Dinner Party. If she proved herself to Sheriff Rose and got in good with him, she could possibly get more leads on unsolved cases… and unsolved cases typically meant upset ghosts willing to show off to get their justice. The Director allowed her to leave, and Daphne felt herself begin to relax. This was the kind of thing she was comfortable doing… helping the people, because ghosts were technically just dead people, who needed her… not poking at a beehive of demons like Allison.

                                          She ended up meeting with the Sheriff at the police station, where she learned that one of the girls who was missing had been found. Of course this amazing news, and Daphne was happy that Malcolm was still able to help his town despite the awful tragedy he went through. She offered her sympathies of course, thought didn’t say she was ‘sorry’. She knew better than to apologize for someone’s death when she wasn’t the cause. The conversation moved to the Homeless man’s ghost in the park, and Daphne could practically feel herself glowing as she spoke about him. ”He said it was winter when he was killed, and that it’s been winter about twelve times since then. Ghosts typically have really bad clocks and calendars in their minds, so I would even look back to maybe fifteen or twenty years ago. And remember, it wasn’t in the news much, so the file is probably really small. After all, people tend to ignore homeless people as if they weren’t there…” Daphne toyed with the idea of becoming homeless to become invisible, but didn’t like the possibility of digging through a trash can to eat. ”He said teenagers… Multiple teenagers.. And obviously sociopaths if they’re able to beat a homeless man to his death… So these guys could be anywhere from 26 to 47.. but if you’re able to find the file on the exact date and year this happened, it’ll narrow your search.” Daphne relaxed her shoulders and tried to not look as excited as she was. Before, she worked with a few beat cops to solve petty crimes… but never an actual Sheriff on a murder case. ”Your town has… a lot of activity. Like a ridiculous amount. Typically, ghosts stay around because they have unfinished business or sense some kind of injustice… No one wants to die and go unnoticed, ya know? … was ther some kind of shooting at the diner? The waitress, ah, the dead waitress with her hair in victory rolls, so I assume the fifties, creeps me out… she’s bleeding from her head as if she was shot.. it’s sad, because she tries to take orders from customers still.. maybe we can work on that next? .. If you want to that is… ”

                                          The Medium and the Sheriff spoke more about cases until she realized she was going to need to leave soon. Malcolm asked if she would come over to his house later in the night, and Daphne admitted that they would be out in cemetery until the early hours of the morning. Looking over him, she assumed he was very lonely for company, and her heart broke a bit for the older man. ”I’ll text you… and if you’re still awake and want to see me… Just make me some coffee, okay? If not, I’ll try to get away tomorrow. Or sometime soon, okay? You’re welcome to message me if you have any question or come across any strange unsolved murders. I like giving the dead relief.. makes the afterlife less despressing.” She gave the Sheriff a small smile before leaving, but not before running into another ghost. ”I know who you are… you’re Rain’s friend…” Daphne was a bit shocked to be recognized by a ghost… it was a female voice leaking out of a small orb of soft light. ”I’m looking for John… he’s my neighbor and my friend and… I just wanted to let him know how I feel…” ”I can’t do it now, I have to go to work..” Daphne said to the orb before stepping into a cab…. The orb followed her.”Are you going to see Rain? I miss him… I miss him a lot more than I let on… and it’s so hard finding your way like this… I.. I don’t even have legs! We dated you know… he was my first love and.. Heh.. it’s funny, I didn’t talk much before I died.. and now I just can’t help spill out my story!”

                                          Diana was her name, and Daphne was a bit shocked. She had just seen that woman a few days ago and wondered if Rain knew. She saw him just before they had to go into the cemetery and she ended up pulling him into a gentle hug. ”I’m so sorry… About the psych ward.. and Diana… She really looked up to you.” ”Tell him I’m sorry too! I’m sorry I didn’t forgive him sooner and and and.. ” Daphne ignored the orb of Diana’s spirit and pat his shoulder before moving with the team into the cemetery. She didn’t think it was appropriate for her to play messenger between Rain a dead ex-girlfriend of his. At least not now… There were of course spirits in the graveyard… but nothing noisy. Ghosts in grave yards were usually waiting on their friends or loved ones to join them. The best way to get a ghost wired up and actually do something was to remind them of something very emotional to happen to them. Even Diana grew silent at they walked through the graves, and Daphne shook her head a bit as the director called out to the ghosts. Daphne was not about to go and correct the woman in her attempts, and she wasn’t about to speak unless spoken to. She had already tried instructing Idike to stop talking to demons before only to get told ‘no’. It felt obvious that her knowledge of the afterlife was only appreciated by one person for the moment.. and that was a man she only met a few nights ago.

                                          ”No one here is angry or upset… ” She sighed out, then tensed at the shaking of a bush. It turned out to be nothing, but the sound of Nicole’s voice suddenly popping up caused the Medium to jump out of her skin. She approached, hoping that she wasn’t interrupting too much and producing coffee and danishes for everyone… it was a bit awkward, since the team already an assistant to do kind of thing, but Daphne couldn’t pay anymore attention to the living people when she felt an intense rage swelling up behind her. She turned around, ignoring everything as the orb of light flashed brighter and brighter. ”That girl…. ” Daphne’s eyes widened a bit and she held up her hands as the wind around them picked up. She could faintly hear Rain ask her if spirits were trying to communicated just as Diana rushed towards Nicole, shooting herself through the medium to get to her, ”Diana no! No don’t touch---” Daphne stepped back and clutched at her chest were Diana shot through her as if she had been shot. She gasped for air and the wind rushed all around her until her pony tail holder fell out of her hair, making her dark locks fly in the wind until everything just dropped. She turned and faced Nicole with an intense look in her eye that was not her own. She was a good ten feet away from the red headed woman, but the ghost of Diana stood not even a foot away from her in a full human form. No one else could see her, Daphne knew that... but as Daphne screamed at the red headed woman, Diana’s voice came out of her throat along with her own. The wind picked up again and howled along with her until she stopped, and her body began to mirror everything the ghosts did.

                                          I HAAAAATE YOUUUUUUUU! Diana’s ghost attempted to hit and thrash Nicole, and Daphne’s body mimicked the motions, hitting and waving her arms through out the empty hair. ”You won okay? YOU WOOOON!!!” Diana’s ghost began to cry, and Daphne couldn’t help the tears that streamed down her face. ”I lost EVERYTHING I loved.. and you WON! But not only did you win, YOU HAD TO RUB IT IN MY FACE EVERY CHANCE YOU GOT! I BET YOU DON’T EVEN CARE THAT I DIED!” The both dropped to their knees and sobbed heavily, the two voices colliding together to make long and tragic noises. ”You won… you won… but that wasn’t enough for you… do you think I didn’t see? Did you tink that I would just be cast away under a rock and never see you and him together? Did you think I didn’t see those LOOKS you gave me when I would try to talk to him? I’M OVER HIM! I’M OVER HIM, BUT THAT SHOULDN’T MATTER BECAUSE YOU ALREADY ******** WON!! YOU’RE AN EVIL GIRL!! YOU WOULDN’T…. You wouldn’t even let me be his friend… I just wanted my friend back.. I’ve lost so many friends already, and you… you wouldn’t let me even say hi… ”

                                          Their crying began to calm down, and they both lay on the ground, clutching at the grass and gently sobbing. ”Rain.. Rain… I’m so sorry… I forgave you, but.. but I couldn’t ever tell you… It’s okay.. I even stopped going to our spot… You remember our spot, right? I kept going all alone, even after you left… We had some good times there, right Rain?” a small smiled pulled at her lips and there was a flash in Daphne’s mind of a tree with notes hung on a string… A young Rain and a young Diana holding hands and kissing under that tree in the forest.. and eventually making love.. Her heart burned at the thought, broke and shattered into a million pieces at the flash of another scene.. where Rain was holding hands with a much younger red headed girl. Daphne and Diana wept together until a final vision of a bearded man with dark brown eyes and curly brown hair entered her mind, ”John… Where is John? … I just want to be happy like I was back then… I want my wish to come true… Rain? .. Rain did you ever find your magic? I want you to find real magic… And I just want to be happy….” The wind picked up again as she stood up again, refocusing her attention on Nicole, ”I’ll never be happy.. and a major part of that is ALL YOUR FAULT! I hope your life is as miserable as my death was! I WANT YOU TO GROVEL AND BEG ME FOR FORGIVENESS… AND I HOPE YOU END UP ALL ALONE, BECAUSE YOU DON’T DEEEESEEEERVE HIIIIIIIIMMM!!” Diana began to run away from the group, and Daphne followed for a few yards until Diana turned into an orb and floated away.

                                          The connection was lost and she dropped to the ground as if she had been hit over the head, gasping for air again. She cried, sobbing and clutching at her face as Diana’s emotions lingered in her system, taking a good thirty seconds or so to calm down and regain control over her body. She stood again, sniffing and wiping the moisture away from her face, and turned to her team. ”Can I educate you all.. just a little bit? You can film if you want, I don’t care..” Daphne’s face was red with embarrassment and she began to look around for her pony tail holder. ”I always see ghosts… There is no escaping it… I see them because I connect with them on an emotional level, and a lot of the time… if those emotions are strong enough.. they’ll be reflected through me… the more upset the spirit, the more upset I will be… what you just saw is the result a spirit touching me and being very… very… well, obviously pissed.” she couldn’t help but glance at the couple, a pang of anger for Nicole still swelling.. and all she could see whens he saw Rain was the memory of him thrusting into Diana for the first time, which made her quickly dart her eyes to the ground. ”Calling out and asking for attention.. is not going to work. If you want activity, piss the spirit off… Most of the ghosts here, and they are here.. they’re harmless… I think some of them don’t even realize they’re dead…” she sighed, and finally spotted her hair tie on the ground, bending over to pick it up and pulling her hair back into it’s pony tail. ”Demons… On the other hand… they want your attention… Because I’m more open, I’m more at risk for possession, they reaaally like me. They’re different from ghosts.. Ghosts are typically harmless unless they’re super pissed… Demons will consume your soul and make you absolutely miserable. It’s actually best to pretend it’s not even there… especially not overwhelm it with questions when it’s just playing with you. Allison.. is a beehive… of demons. And the kids aren’t here.. the only child here is a little boy waiting for his twin to die and join him in the afterlife.. if you want an emotional ghost, you need to go somewhere a tragedy happened… Maybe if someone asked or acted as if I knew what I was doing... I could have told you sooner... And by the way, if this happens again.. if I get controlled by another ghost... I'm on the next plane home.” Perhaps it was a bit harsh, but Daphne wasn't going to stand around and act like a doe eyed baby anymore, not when her life and soul were at stake.

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                              As he drove the young, ice-cold female, the sheriff softly answered each of her questions. He filled her in on the date and time and calmly reassured her that she would get plenty to eat and drink within the hospital. To hear her softly rebuke her family hit an already vulnerable soft spot. Mal wanted to hold the girl and just let her know that someone cared for her. He knew it couldn't be easy with Muriel, but it wasn't his place to speak ill of the only person that Ophelia had right not. Instead, he attempted to make the situation look brighter. "I'm sure you had a rough time, but I think it'd do some good to be around those who care for you. Of course, it'll be up to you when that is, ok? You just let the nurses know you aren't feeling well if you aren't up for company." He offered a small smile as he pulled into the parking spot reserved for police officers.

                              Malcolm was turning off his car as Ophelia's personality seemed to shift, catching the officer off guard. Suddenly, she filled with a rage at the boy that had considered her a good friend. After her explosion, the sheriff was beginning to think that maybe he had missed some vital clue in his questioning of Ed. Before he had the chance to question her about what she meant, the bookworm burst into tears again, sobs wracking her delicate body. Figuring it best to hold off on further questioning Ophelia, he instead allowed for a moment of sympathy, simply ushering her into the hospital without another word. Malcolm knew that victims, after a horrific trauma, often needed time to adjust to being free of whatever event seared itself into their life, and it was obvious that Ophelia was no different. Added to the fact that he knew that he could find her later to gather the information, the sheriff allowed himself to be a shoulder to cry on at the moment.

                              Hospitals created an uneasy feeling within the pit of Malcolm's stomach. Though they offered help for those who needed it, they tended to house Death- not that the sheriff truly believed it to be an entity on it's own. Behind every closed door, a patient flirted with death whether they knew it or not. Everyone did, for that was the cruel truth of life, but within a hospital it just seemed so much closer and real. Even now, simply bringing a poor girl who desperately needed treatment, Malcolm couldn't shake the feeling of dread undercoated with a hint of fear. For Ophelia's sake, however, he grit his teeth and bore it without complaint. He would do whatever he could for this girl so that he didn't fail her like he did Teagan.

                              The moment Muriel began her approach, the sheriff knew that the situation wouldn't end well. Instinct directed him to be on guard, which only furthered as Ophelia grabbed for his hand and whispered words unknown. Mal squeezed the young girl's hand before gently releasing her and taking a few steps towards Muriel. "Ma'm I know you were worried about Ophelia here, but..." His words dropped as a small blur shot past him and onto the older lady. Eyes widening in surprise, Malcolm nearly couldn't believe the sight before him. Though her antics had caught him off guard, all of his years on the force allowed for him to move on instinct, swiftly pulling Ophelia from her guardian. "What was that about? Are you ok?" The question hung in the air, open for both women to answer. When the girl in his arms began sobbing again, Mal felt as though he held a picture with quite a few missing puzzle pieces. He needed to get back to the station, fill out what he knew, and go from there. "Ophelia, I've got to head back to the station, but you'll be in good hands here. You need anyone to talk to, you give me a call ok?" Pressing one of his cards into her hand, Malcolm gave her a final look before releasing his grip on her so that she could go with the nurses.


                              Returning the the station offered a strange sense of dread in the pit of his stomach. As a man who thoroughly enjoyed his job, Malcolm had never felt anything other than pride when in the station except perhaps a bit of fatigue for the hours he generally pulled. Now, with the deaths looming over his head and the looks of pity from every officer he moved past, the sheriff was finding it rather difficult to sit behind his desk and work on his case. It wasn't long before he drew his blinds in hopes of shutting out the stares. Soon after his attempt to lessen the pain of being back, Daphne arrived offering a glimmer of brightness to his otherwise gray and confusing day. The conversation began awkwardly at first, as he remembered the reasoning behind his text, so he avoided mentioning his family as much as he could, instead mentioning Ophelia and showing interest in the homeless man's case. With each bit of information Daphne provided, the sheriff typed into his database, attempting to offer some sort of closure for the woman. While he still questioned her abilities, helping her helped him avoid the real reason he wanted to talk to her.

                              "Huh." With Daphne's information, Malcolm's search returned a hit."Well I'll be damned. I'm looking at a closed case of a homeless man who died in that park. Not really anything to go on here since it seems the officers in charged seemed to think it was just another one of the homeless that did him in. With the way they wander around, it's hard to find them to arrest 'em so they just closed it." A frown touched upon the sheriff's lips as he thought about the poor man's case being closed for being considered unimportant enough to look into. Daphne managed to surprise him with her comment of ghostly activity. With the homeless man's case found, the sheriff found that his doubt was slowly chipping away. "A lot of activity, huh? Are many of them... Are they children? I mean, I know we had the massacre... Anyways, I guess I can understand. I, uh, shooting at the diner? There's a ghost there too? Well fifties would have been a bit before my time here. I'm not that old." Despite himself, Mal couldn't help but smile a little. Even though they spoke of death and ghosts, he genuinely found himself enjoying his time with Daphne. "Well it can't hurt to look into it, I suppose."

                              When Daphne made mention that she'd have to be leaving soon, the sheriff figured that he had to ask about his family. However, he hesitated. It was bad enough that he indulged her in the cases, especially with the way most folks felt about ghosts in these parts, so he felt that asking her to contact his daughter would be best done in a more private setting. "I, well, would you be able to stop by my house later in the evening? I feel it would be more appropriate to talk about what I want to talk about in private, you know?" The words felt clumsy on his tongue, and he wondered if perhaps she might get the wrong idea about what was transpiring. Thankfully, Daphne seemed to understand, though she had a prior engagement to attend to. "Oh, of course. I, uh, I don't sleep too well these days, so I'll probably be awake. Coffee. Alright, I can do that. If I happen to be asleep, we can set up a meeting for whatever works best for you. I'm technically on a bit of leave, so I have more time than usual on my hands." An awkward chuckle passed his lips, as Malcolm began to wonder if he was over-sharing. "And I'll keep a look out for any strange cases. Just in case."


                              After Daphne had left him, Malcolm finished off what he could of the paperwork on Ophelia's case before heading home. Once there, he'd listened to the message on his phone regarding the newest set of tragedies and meeting that Adam set up. His heart ached for his friend, knowing just how hard it was to lose a child. Though the mayor might desire his moments of grief, Mal decided to leave his friend a message offering his company should Adam desire it. After all, misery did seem to love company. With the message left, he finished up a small bit of business before attending the meeting himself.

                              The meeting went exactly as he expected it might. With the information given to the public, suggestions of curfews and more police patrols were among the top thoughts. Glances of pity and of accusation both came his way for there were those who blamed him for the inability to stop the murders from occurring. Most were kinder, though their pity seemed to sting worse than those who were angry. Once the meeting had ended, he quickly moved to the nearest friendly face he saw to avoid the questions and condolences. Howie seemed immersed in a text as Malcolm approached, so he waited politely for him to finish before speaking. "I know I'm not officially supposed to ask about them, so if you want to keep things official, I understand, but I hear there were more bodies? From what I've heard, though, they aren't sure if these are connected to the others?" With his questions out, Mal finally took a moment to look over Howie, noting how tired the other man looked. "How are you holding up? These days are a trying time for us all it seems." With a sigh, the sheriff awaited his friend's responses. After they finished the conversation, Mal clapped the man on the back, telling him to keep safe before making his way back home.


Feeling: Drained // Location: The Meeting // Talking to: Howie // OOC: Any changes need to be made, let me know.

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He didn't notice everything that happened with Daphne because he was focused on his equipment; although he did note that see seemed to be disturbed for some reason. It made him wonder if some kind of strange ghost like activity happened in the room. Unfortunately he didn't have the time to ask her since she kind of disappeared--at least he didn't see her whenever he had a moment to take a break. If he was paying better attention he would have realized that she was apparently upset with the paranormal investigator. Keyt was a different story for she hung around him a lot. It started after they had a good talk about what happened at the park on Saturday. Every since then she had stuck to him quite a bit. One thing he learned was that he had to be careful of his wording; but it still slipped his mind at times. He would only realize his 'mistake' when she seemed to ponder over something that was said. He definitely didn't mind if she asked and had a tendency to utter a sorry when he realized that he used a strange word. Talking with her made him release just how messed up the english language was with all its slang. Of course he didn't mind her being around; but it made it harder to go spend some time with Edward. Last time didn't go well and he wasn't sure if it would ever be a good time to hang out.

Henry kept everything running until five or ten minutes after the second part of the interview ended just in case. Plus, boss lady seemed to like the idea he had earlier so he ran with it. Then they all had to head back to the place they stayed at before deciding on what to eat. The techie mentioned the restaurant Ed suggested in a text and even volunteered to go get it for the group. Keyt went with him like he suspected. It made his little chat with Ed a bit briefer than he would have liked; but the teen seemed a bit preoccupied anyway. At least they got to see each other. Dinner was good: nothing to complain about. The food was great; but he'd prefer to taste it with Ed at his house. Wait. Was that odd? No no. He just wanted to know that they were really friends. Good buddies eat with the family after all. Right now he felt like there was a distance between them. Of course it could be because of all the crazy deaths going on though. Speaking of that, Rain was oddly quiet. The techie only asked him if he was okay once before he left him alone. Some people just needed to space to think. He of all people knew that.

The rest of the night was spent getting ready for their outing to the graveyard. He already analyzed what he could out of the footage he took at the psych ward; but there wasn't anything definitive. Sure there were little mysterious hints that he caught; but that wasn't enough. It was while he was dealing with the equipment that he took a short break or two to reply to text messages he got. Henry sent one to the two he met at the dinner party earlier in the night while the one to Tyreese was sent later. That was partly due to the fact that he got the teens quite late in the day.

To: Marquis
It's cool. How about grabbing a
bite to eat next time?

To: Sean
How are you doing? Been able
to take any cool photos lately?

To: Tyreese
Ah finally text me. Sounds like a lots on your mind. Sucks that so many
things are happening at once. I don't know all the details so you have to
fill me in more if you want any real advice. I'll try to help as much as I can
with what was given. You don't have to read this if you only wanted to rant.
My reply might not be what you want to hear. So the girl you could have
gotten pregnant. You sure she has been with a lot of people? Cause the
baby might not be yours and that can be tested. But assuming it is...you
should take responsibility for your actions. I know that sounds like a typical
adult thing to say but the key is going to be coming to an agreement with
the girl. As for the boys...have you ever questioned your sexuality before?
If you aren't sure how you feel about it then maybe you are just need to take
a good look at some things. I know it might be hard to even begin to think
that you might like another guy but denial just makes things worse. You
could find out that you aren't into guys at all and just like the attention or
something else. I could tell you what I noticed when we interacted if you
want. It probably won't be that helpful though. I know this is a bit off topic
but are you and Ed getting along? I haven't had the chance to really talk to
him since then. I am sorry about the girl you liked. Whens your birthday?

To be honest, Henry was surprised to get a text from the teen he met at the arcade. It was a long one: not to mention the fact that his problems were quite complicated. It was good that he was venting but the end was a bit garbled for some reason--in his opinion. Was he drunk? No that wouldn't make sense since the whole text wasn't a mess. Unless he typed it up, saved it and then finished later. Ah well, he would just have to respond as best he could. What he got out of the text was that Tyreese knocked up a girl that gets around. She tried to get his mother involved. Boys seem to be the only people that want him and the girl he likes makes him feel crappy because she flirts with his friends. One of those friends is in a coma and he has family issues. Not to mention the fact that his birthday was happening during all this mess. Now he didn't know if his response was good enough. The guy could tune out at any point, misunderstand things or just flat out ignore it. The techie didn't know if the kid just wanted someone to listen or actual advice. The talk they just got thrown into was better handled in person. He wasn't going to mention that since he didn't have time to wander off without getting in trouble. Texting would have to do for now. Then again, maybe there wouldn't be a response to reply back too. Regardless, that response took him a while and soon he'd be headed to the cemetery with the others.

Now the group was at the cemetery. Henry placed equipment down nearby because it wasn't needed at the moment. The stuff he did need was taken with them whenever they decided to walk in a particular direction. It was a slow process and he made sure his stuff was weather prove. Well, it's not they would be protected from something crazy like a tornado. Currently he was recording and that made him hesitant to speak; but he still replied to Keyt and Rain. "Right now...I'm not sure what we would be using for the actual documentary. The strange bits we got at the psych ward couldn't be deciphered as anything worthwhile. I can try to analyze it with something different later; but I didn't think I would need that kind of equipment so I never brought it." There was a brief pause in conversation before Idike asked him something. "Nothing strange yet."

Not long after the director seemed a bit paranoid about hearing a noise or two. That's when a redhead entered his line of sight. It was one of the people he saw at the dinner party a few days ago. It was nice of her to bring something. Sure Keyt already did that but his girlfriend was probably just trying to be nice. Henry gave the redhead a smile before he spoke. "It's nice to meet you. And thank y-" That's all he could get out before the assistant spoke her mind. She was obviously upset and probably felt a little useless. The techie gave Nicole an apologetic look before he hurried over to the assistant. "Keyt please..." he started not knowing how to ease into what he was about to say, "you are definitely needed. You offer more than just refreshments. And I don't think he meant it like that at all." The techie was going to say more; but his attention was pulled away from Keyt suddenly.

It was when something strange happened. Henry was so focused on trying to fix hurt feelings that he didn't notice the wind. It wasn't until a strange sound came out of Daphne that he turned to look at her: his equipment still in hand. Seeing that Daphne was acting like a loon he made sure to record everything. Was it the right thing to do? Probably not; but he might not have been able to calm her down in the first place since he didn't actually know what was going on. He was silent as he watched--half through the camera lens. The techie made sure to get a view that showed the two that seemed to be part of the scene: Rain and Nicole. Of course they would have to ask for their consent if the director wanted to use their part of the film in the documentary. When Daphne ran he followed--a bit awkwardly since he had a lot of equipment on him. It wasn't until she dropped to her knees that he totally let himself focus on her instead of the job. Henry reached out his hand, when he caught up, in an attempt to rest his hand on her shoulder. He wanted to make sure she was all right; although he never managed to lay a finger on her before she stood up suddenly. His mouth, which didn't get to call out her name, closed as he took a step back just to give her some space.

Henry listened to what she said and although he was recording, his camera was not on her at the moment. To be honest he didn't think about capturing her talking about it anyway. The event was over so they didn't need to see her explaining it through video. The bit about no one bothering to ask might have been true but he had been wanting to talk to her. It's not his fault she was gone most of the time. Of course he wasn't going to point that out because it would probably just make her even more upset.

It didn't take him long to get lost in thought. Not long after she finished did something came to him. "Oh that's what it was! A demon!" He said in an excited tone as he slammed his fist in the palm of his hand. It was probably the stupidest thing to say after all that happened but it already came on in his typical rapid fire manner. User Image"That makes so much more sense." The techie turned his attention to the medium since he was staring off in a random direction when he said the other stuff. "I wish I could have asked you earlier. Thanks! That was some very useful information." He gave her a happy smile and patted her shoulder in a gentle manner before he turned and made his way over to his equipment. At the moment his mind was stuck in some weird techie mode and so he wasn't really responding in the best manner. After all, Daphne just went through a ghostly experience that wasn't pleasant. Not to mention the fact that Nicole was the main person attacked. There was no way she was okay right now; but Rain was there to console her...right?

Henry muttered a 'we have been going about this all wrong' to himself as he walked. Soon he reached his equipment and squatted down to open a bag he brought. The techie needed to make sure he had the device with him---just in case.

LOCATION: at the cemetery with the documentary team and Nicole.
Create the special effects that make life interesting.
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What a mischief you would bring young darling, when you’re up for it before you’ve grown.
From the liver sweating through your tongue.
Well you’re standing on my sternum don’t you climb down darling.
Smoke on Sunday’s when you’re drunk and dressed.

All that Izy really wanted was to go home, to go back to normal and forget that the whole horrid ordeal had even happened. But instead, she was stuck in a hospital for a little longer, a constant reminder of what had happened and what was to await her outside. Questions, fear...Shin. He would be waiting, the news had probably spread by now, he would know that she was still here, he would come for her, she was sure of it. Izy couldn’t help but wonder exactly what had made Mrs Summers come and see her, had there been talk? Had Ms Sullivan informed her of the incident in the street? It wasn’t like she really knew Mrs Summers, only that she was Kain’s mother...sometimes they crossed paths in the hallway but she hadn’t really ever spoken to her, apart from maybe once or twice in class.

Whilst she could see that Juliette was trying to help, trying to be nice to her, it irritated Izy that she had retrieved the glass of water. She could do it herself, she was fine! Just a little tired and achy, but that was to be expected according to the doctor. She didn’t need help! No...the blonde thought back to earlier, about how downtrodden she’d been about the fact that no one had come to see her, the realisation that she did need people in her life and here was Mrs Summers...almost a complete stranger, sat with her in the middle of the night, helping her get a glass of water when she could see that she was struggling. There was no obligation for her to be there, she was doing it for reasons unknown to Iyzabel, but...it was nice. Hell, it was more than her own mother had done for her. ”Thank you.” she croaked finally, before sipping quietly at the water.

Watching the woman in front of her talk about losing her son was...uncomfortable at best. Izy had no idea how she was supposed to approach the situation and whilst she didn’t want to be rude, she regretted bringing it up and simply wanted to stop talking about it. But, that wasn’t fair, people needed to talk about things...yet another lesson that she had learnt so recently. The young blonde ignored the mention of her parents and simply smiled and shrugged slightly at the suggestion of talking to Ophelia. It wasn’t that she didn’t like the girl...hell, she didn’t know her, but after everything...wherever she’d been, Izy doubted that she was really going to be in the mood for ‘hanging out’, especially with a stranger. What she really needed was her family and her proper friends and Izy certainly wasn’t one of those.

The last thing she had expected was a gift, and the surprise showed on her face as Juliette presented her with a jigsaw puzzle. Izy took it after a moment of hesitation and studied the box in front of her; she must have been quiet for too long as Mrs Summers started talking about bringing her something else tomorrow. ”No! No, no...” a gentle smile broke onto her face as she set the box gently on her lap. ”It’s wonderful, thank you.” her eyes met the other woman’s for a moment before Izy broke it and turned her attention back to the puzzle in front of her. She hadn’t done a jigsaw for years...but when she was little, she had loved them; they had kept her entertained for hours on end. Iyzabel had actually been quite a reserved child, who would much rather sit in a corner and do a puzzle than run around outside screaming like the other children. Like many young girls, high school had had a huge effect on her, though she had ended up taking it to the extreme.

Finally, Mrs Summers came to say goodbye to Izy, telling her she was going to visit Ophelia and asking if there was anything else that she needed. ”No, thank you. I’m fine.” she assured her. And then she mentioned Izy’s cell phone, which caused the young woman to frown. ”I’m pretty sure I’ve lost it.” she admitted, it was a bit annoying, especially as she really needed to text Landon and let him know that she hadn’t just bailed on him, that she still wanted to talk to him and work out their story. That was, if he was still willing to meet her after her disappearing act, but surely he would understand...

Another surprise when Mrs Summers handed Izy her phone. She looked up at the woman and frowned slightly, trying to work out why she was being so nice to her. Was it because she had just lost her son? She felt like she needed to help someone else because she couldn’t help Kain? Izy didn’t know, and she wasn’t about to ask. Instead, she just continued to be polite. ”Thank you. And thank you for the puzzle. I hope Ophelia’s okay.” she offered the woman a small smile and watched as she turned to leave. ”Mrs Summers?” she called after her suddenly. ”Thank you for coming to see me.”

Essentially, the phone was pretty useless as she didn’t really know anyone’s numbers apart from John’s, which, reluctantly, she dialled once more. As she had expected, it rang out to voicemail and Izy took a deep breath, waiting for the beep. ”Don’t hang up.” she said simply. ”Please, just listen. I really need to talk to you. No bullshit, no games, I just...I need to tell you something. And then I’ll leave you alone. I promise I will.” She was about to hang up when she added pathetically; ”It’s Izy, by the way.” She then proceeded to sign into facebook and sent Landon a private message;

’Didn’t bail. In hospital. Lost my phone. Will contact you when I’m out.’

She debated messaging Liam, but then thought better of it. There must have been a reason that she hadn’t heard from her friend for a while. Probably because of the whole Landon thing at his party...that had been a step too far, she had come to realise. Izy just hoped that her friendship with Liam was still salvageable.

It was a little while after Juliette left that Izy pressed the call button, causing a nurse to hurry into her room. ”I’m sorry, I...” her face contorted in apology as she looked at the woman, who probably had a thousand better things to be doing, but she couldn’t quite seem to get it off her mind. ”Could you possibly, phone Father Char...Chandler Maddux.” she paused for a moment, wondering if this was really a wise idea, after what had happened last time she had seen him. ”Could you please tell him that I would like to speak to him if he has a moment?” the nurse nodded and swiftly left the room. Izy hated this. She just wanted out, wanted to go home. She wanted a phone again, so that she could contact who she needed to contact without third parties getting involved. She needed to be better, needed to get on with being a better person.

Location: Hospital
With: No one.

(let me know if anything needs changing.)

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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxI'm moving forward now
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThe thought of a xxxxxxghostxxxxxx brought me to life
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxI'm moving forward now
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxTurn all of this W H I T E
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThe c r e a t u r e @ n i g h t
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxYou said it would never find out where I rest my head @ night

                  When Ty left to get some chips, Ed took the time to check his phone. He had a significant amount of text messages that had accumulated since he last checked his phone. Some messages were from Ty, then there were a few messages from Quin and Amelia. The messages from Ty was pretty sure he replied to. Now the one to Quin he swiftly read over... But he didn’t know how to reply to. I mean it didn’t seem like something he could reply to... I mean the mention of “next time” it wasn’t like he could reply and ask about what was going on. Sure in person was alright and all but Ed liked hiding behind a screen. It felt protective, he didn’t have to see facial expressions. See the sadness and the hurt. When it came to Amelia’s message and the option to hang out on Saturday he didn’t think he had any plans that day. And she said let her know as soon as possible so he was quick to respond with;

                  To;; Amy
                  From;; Edward
                  Message;; I’m free saturday. Just...
                  time and place, maybe? You want to
                  eat in somewhere or go somewhere else?

                  As he stuffed his phone back in his pocket, time proceeded to pass on and he was playing games with Ty. Enjoying the simplicities of the game. Sure every now and then he interjected a few bits and pieces of conversation here and there. It seemed random, a bit unsync... Apparently Ty had only played this game twice, but for someone who only played a few times Ed was quite amused at his ability to recollect the game controls. The game advanced on and there was a moment or so of silence. And Ed thumbed the controller keys slowing down on his own game strategy as his mind filled with worry... He was worried that maybe if he did something wrong he’d ruin his chances of reviving their friendship. But actually, so far... So good. Or something like that... He hoped. He wasn’t going to lie he was a bit nervous. The gamer didn’t think he was as cool as Ty’s other friends.... And because of that thought it made him a little more anxious. As the conversation shift to how they had found Ophelia, “Uh... I dunno, they didn’t really say.. I don’t know if they can really disclose that with .. yah kno.. But I don’t know she didn’t really seem like she wanted a boyfriend.. Would’ve distracted from her studies and all.” Though he glanced over as he played the video games to Ty, finding the angle of view kind of... fascinating. Ty even comforted him... Maybe they really wouldn’t lie to him? “Yeah... yeah what would they get.” He musingly agreed.

                  Being told, “You’re Welcome.” Caused a huge grin to slide across his face. Grinning even wider when the other won the game. Personally, Ed wasn’t sure if he slacked while playing the game and talking, or if Ty genuinely beat him. Either way he congratulated the other male. Laughing as the other suggested another round. Though shaking his head “No” when it came to being called ‘Teddy Bear’. “Nooo... no. That’s just.. I’m not even a Teddy Bear, I dunno what your talking about. Ah.. buh okay, okay.. Another round, another rounddd~” Though before they started another round Edward went on to apologize for the night of the party. Looking over at Ed as his face pulled an apologetic smile when he was basically told not to worry about it. The mention of his hair being pulled at the party caused Ed to reach up and ruffle his own head of hair. Vaguely remembering the sensation of the tug at the party. And though Ty didn’t outrightly apologize, it sounded like he was and Ed couldn’t help the soft smile on his face, placing a hand on Ty’s shoulder and sliding it up and down as he listened to the other speak. Glancing to and from his eyes, “Heh... awh.. well.. yeah don’t worry about it... It was kinda heh.. stressful... bad day for a lot of people so.. yeah not like can go back in time and fix it or anythin.. Jus... go and make things better.”

                  He was genuinely sorry with how things had turned out... The only thing the gamer worried about was that he wasn’t sure if he was good at comforting the Jock... He hoped he was but... He hadn’t done it in so long, since they were kids! It felt like it had been a decade or so since then. Maybe his skills were rusty? Maybe he wasn’t as good as he thought he was. Did he come off as unbelievable? He wanted to be believable because he was being authentic. Or at least, authentic as he could be. “Y-your welcome... And sure.. sure.” He slowly nodded, “I won’ ... I won’t talk about him. Not ‘less you wanna... And all.” Ed fumbled out. Glancing to and from Ty. Snickering some at the mention of of the parents wanting him to rub off on Ty. “Yah sure about that?” He asked in mild disbelief. After all, Ed thought Ty was pretty cool as is. And Ed? Ed was just some shy, antsy teenager... Ty was good at sports, Ed was good at virtual games. Heh, if anything Ed thought maybe Ty needed to rub off on him. Not that he would voice this, but it was a thought that tantalized his mind. The back of hand went to his mouth as he snickered a bit louder, “Heheh... cute? I’d think dorky would be a better adjective..” He lightly joked around.

                  Then Ed was hugging Ty, the action was so quick Ed didn’t even realize he did it at first. It was just a simple innocent gesture. Innocent. That seemed like the best word to describe it. He was sitting here, with Ty... And Ty hugged him back! It was almost like Ed fell asleep in the embrace, his doubts seemed to fade away. Opening up his eyes he looked into Ty’s a sudden jolt to his heart as though he’d just been shocked by a defibrillator. Maybe this was right where he was supposed to be today! Though in a blur of confused emotions Ed ended the hug as fast as it came. He wasn’t sure how Ty would react... And that was the scary thing. Ed even worried that he may’ve set his standards high with hope this evening. Perhaps he should’ve held back... What if he made the wrong move the other teen would push him him away? Yet when he was told he wasn’t awkward there was an astonished look on his face. He was actually kind of amazed, he assumed he was awkward... Least that’s what he’d been told by the gang one more than one action... So like any good naive boy he assumed it was true. “Oh... really? I’m not.. thanks.” He didn’t make a comment on the kissing thing. Ed just... he didn’t know what to say about that. Kissing... Kissing Ty? Hehe.. that was... that was silly. Silly... right? ... Though, if it was so silly, why was his heart pounding against his chest at the thought of it? And why was he thinking about what it would... just when did he start thinking about Ty like that?

                  Now that he was fantasizing the thought he couldn’t get it out of his mind, he was curious... What would it be like if he just... Well would it be like kissing a girl or was it different. He didn’t get long to think about it, Ed curiously asked how Ty was doing. And he was focused on listening, rather than being trapped in his thoughts. As Ty started talking about his view on Brookshire... “Good luck getting out of here.. With your atheltic skills, I mean come senior year the coaches could try and recruit you?” Ed felt really bad for the dark haired male. “Oh... oh wow really? I mean I heard she was pregnant but I figured the dad was someone else.. or she was fakin the pregnancy... I mean.. worse comes to worse could get the DNA test or.. some’n...” Then the next thing he knew, he was being hugged again.. And this time the gamer hugged back tighter than the last. Even rubbing a hand up and down Ty’s back. Then the conversation shifted to sex and Ed started stumbling and stuttering out incoherent syllables. “Uh.. weh.. yeh.. uhm.. I.. awsh.. mng..” He’d never had sex before... And slowly backed away as his hands jittered and shook. Unsure how to answer the topic. Then he was being told not to do it. And his eyes glanced around Ty’s room to the tv screen and back to Ty as he spoke. Then the attention was turned to him and the light bit of blood rushed to his cheeks as he was tongue-tied. The questions went from his relationship with his dad... To hooking up with Mary-Anne or Quin and he didn’t know what to think... He hadn’t really thought of those girls, in that way. Sure he dated Mary-Anne... but it was more like dating for the title... Not the feelings. He didn’t treat her how he should’ve. “Uhm.. I’ll... I’ll keep that in mind. I’ve been doing so... so... just I don’t know it’s really confusing.. Uh... dad and I... late night dinners.. nothing too ... We’re cool.” There was a subtle sigh as he looked down at his lap then back up at Ty, “I... I think Mary-Anne deserves something more... and Quin... I dunno she’s more of a friend, cause.. I dunno I only jus met her.. I dun even know if she likes me like that.” He solemnly admitted.

                  The next thing he did even caught him by surprise, as their faces became close. It was a bit awkward, especially because Ed really, wasn't even sure what he was doing. His lips barely brushed against the other's, as he pulled back, as he tried to decide if he really wanted to go with this or not. Sure there were a slew of negative thoughts that came to mind that could happen. But he quickly forgot it as he pressed his lips longer against the Jock’s... Just like with Mary-Anne he didn’t move his tongue. If anything it was an elapsed peck... But an enjoyable peck at that. He opened his mouth to exhale a breathe against Ty’s lips before kissing again. His hands awkwardly in his lap because he didn’t know what to do with him. Then despite the enjoyable rush that came over him worry entered his mind as he backed up a second time, yet still keeping his face relatively close to Ty, “I.. I dunno.. I’ve never really.. done that before.. Sh.. shi.” He started to cuss but stopped himself as he looked leaned back and looked away. Sighing in defeat, “.. sorry..”

          Location:: Ty’s House
          With:: Ty
          Attire:: Batman ~

          What have I done to deserve this?
          What have I done?
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★`▐ when we drive right through the town
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx▇▇ ▇▇ ▇▇ ▇▇ ▇▇ Oh, we rolled the windows down
xxxxxxxxxxxxx So the cops won't come around
xxxxx» T-t-t-take me to the time : WHEN ♛} ⊱ THINGS OF FINE
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx❝ It's all broken now
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxBut always keep in mind, things are fine and we'll figure it out
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxBut always keep in mind, things are fine and we'll figure it out
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxBut always keep in mind, things are fine and we'll figure it out

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                                                          Graham figured he proved he wanted the ankle monitor off every time he complained about it to whomever knew about the stupid device. Mostly Landon, and the officer before him. He complained about how it itched, how he probably had some ankle monitor tan forming, how it was pointless cause it wasn’t like he’d left Brookshire or outside his restricted bounds... Sure he wanted to, oh dang he wanted to... But seeing as that would go against his probation, he rather not end his a** back in jail. Personally Graham didn’t want to know John’s definition of “proving” cause if that entailed Graham getting a real job... ‘Oh... ******** that.’ Graham didn’t know if he could, even for a short while because typically jobs were the first step to conforming. The first step to growing up. And Graham didn’t think he was ready to grow up. Sure some perks came with age, like being able to freely by booze and pornos... but a job? Graham believed the Psychic gig was as close to a job as he was going to get. It didn’t even feel like a job to him, it was just for fun. Playing around with his own little gift for observation without giving in to societies norm. He was also called ‘Jack’ which sparked a bemused look on his face as he teasing murmured in the tune of the Ting-Tings song, “That’s not my name ~” A brief snicker as he debated shoving his foot in John’s face and asking if they really did stink, however he didn’t react on the thought. Rather he just enjoyed the idea as it entered his mind and left it at that.

                                                          The psychic glanced over when the dark-eyed male prided himself on being correct over the whole ‘lonely’ think and the psychic didn’t even resist the urge to roll his own eyes. Yeah... yeah... he was lonely big-whoop. Though he did find it interesting John thought he loathed him or something like that, “Pfff... me not like you? Nahhh...” There was a teasing tone in his voice followed by a brief shrug, “I just don’t like yer badge..” A lighthearted smirk on his face at the confession. It wasn’t like he really knew the other well enough to make up his opinion... Sure he typically disliked ‘authority’ but the people with the badges... It kind of depended. Wasn’t like John had given him a reason to hate him, sure he disliked his situation... And he disliked the push to get a job but that was a whole different scenario. Just like when his brother was brought into the mix when it came to the ‘lonely’ conversation. However, as John went on he even ended up warning the older brother... Graham could honestly say that was the first time an officer warned him or gave him a heads up, the foolish baffled expression lasting a short second before he took a drink of whatever was in his hands to cover it up. Sure he was warned to ‘shoosh’ it when it came to the last question, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t answer the first, “He’s faaamily~ It’s different.” Least to Graham family was different. And sure hanging out with Landon was fun but he couldn’t rely on his brother as a crutch for his social interaction. Besides from the text he received earlier... Seemed his younger sibling was a bit preoccupied.

                                                          Soon the topic of his "psychic powers" was brought up and Graham was kind of prideful of his little powers. It worked like “The Mentalist” or “Psych” except those guys’ were fakes. Right. If Graham was a fake psychic, it would be eerily similar. Exactly the same. Virtually a carbon copy. ... Oh wait. He was a fake psychic too! Pfft, but most didn’t know that. Which made it all the more amusing as he listened to John say something about murder cases and how he used some psychic mumbo jumbo and made something happened. Graham couldn’t help his nervous laugh reflex. It was like when April brought up he predicted something bad would happen to Kain and then it did. The felon seriously hoped she hadn’t told any of this to the cops of Brookshire, the last thing he needed was to be charged with some rich boy’s death when he hardly played a part in it. Luckily it didn’t seem John was convinced by the coincidence that Graham had anything to do with it, even going on to state his own theory about the documentary team that was snooping around town. “Eh-heh I think that movie alread-eh happened... it’s called ‘The Blair Witch Project’ ... or.. eh, close enough.” Granted, ‘The Blair Witch Project’ it were the filmmaking students who die not the townspeople.. But like he said, ‘Eh, close enough..’ Though the number he guessed was far from being close enough and Graham’s countenance pulled a dour look that dropped the second he was drinking again. Silently admitting defeat without verbalizing the fact.

                                                          Now he wasn’t entirely sure but sometime in the escalation of drinks and booze in his system he started getting a bit overly friendly in his actions. Sure he knew he could be a touchy person but typically he was able to restrain himself... Maybe he had a few too many than he thought possible. There were the drinks at the bar, and now the drinks here... Hell, he even reached over and started drinking some of John’s. The alcoholic in him showing through... Sure he didn’t believe he was just another statistic but, hell, even he couldn’t deny it. Some priory study says that children who grow up with alcoholic parent were four times more likely to be addicted to drink. Maybe Graham just liked to get drunk? Did the study ever think of that option? After returning the drink to the other’s hand Graham’s inhibitions where long gone, not that they were ever really near him to begin with. As he played with John’s hair he wasn’t really concerned about personal space, and he didn’t take into consideration the deputy might be. Instead Graham was merely enjoying the texture of the curled hair against his fingers. Even snickering when the other got all grouchy, “I didn’ saaayyy yer hair was gurlyy.. Jus like, I dunno, thought it be.. all fraganty and shii.. heheh.. ‘ss whatever..”

                                                          Graham brushed off the other’s glares and warning looks as he leaned in close, hardly caring about his own personal safety. Heck he even asked the Italian to go out of his way to hit him. The conman wanted to be slapped, he wanted to be hit. Not because of any ulterior motive, rather he just yearned for the sensation of pain or the adrenaline rush. One of the two, possibly both. Sure if he only wanted to get hit around, the psychic could’ve baited his father but ... He didn’t much care for his paternal figure. And the idea of getting socked didn’t really enter his mind till just now. As he maintained eye-contact with John he couldn’t help but notice just how dark brown they were. Sure Graham’s eyes were brownish-green but John’s were like... Pure brown, and practically matched the brown of his hair. Regardless of all that, Graham went wide-eyed at the next thing to happen-- he was, what was..? Why were John’s lips pressed against his? That wasn't what he expected. And, at first thought, it wasn't what he wanted. Where was the slap..? The pain? The rush? ... Okay Graham would be lying if he said there wasn’t some sort of a rush, there was, his face flushed a violent red... That’s how much of a rush there was. He was probably lucky that he wasn’t holding any cup or beer bottle cause they would’ve dropped from his hands, on contact. But still when it came to the kiss, it felt like a kiss, tasted like a kiss. But Graham didn't know how to react, his lips were lax as John sucked on them. Short, fast. The concept of the rate at which the kiss was exhibited, followed by time that had elapsed. It was like over complicated science. Next thing he knew he was being shoved to the other side of the couch, while a booming laughter echoed in his ears.

                                                          The psychic glanced over the caught off-guard appearance still very noticeable in his features. His hand went to wipe his jaw as he was left feeling dumbfound. Is this what Marina felt like after he kissed her? He didn’t really care to know the answer but the kisses were two extremely different kinds in his mind. The con hardly paid attention to what it was the deputy was saying. More so focusing on the fact John had pulled away grinning, and laughing.. Seeming prideful as though he just pulled one over on Graham. And in a sense he did. However Graham wasn’t one to let people just up and dupe him. No, he was the one who pulled the fast ones, he was the one who had the last laughs... Not others. So the fact John was still getting a rise out of it, this feeling just didn’t set right with Graham as the back of his hand wiped at his mouth, again. Readjusting his sitting position even scooting back to where he originally sat to spite the other instead of backing off like he’d been told. Even mockingly laughing right back at John, ignoring what the officer had previously said, snickering out, “Call that a kiss?” A smirk returning to it’s rightful place. Hell was going to freeze over before Graham let someone get this best of him and in his mind two could play at this game. “Oh, I’ll show you a kiss..!”

                                                          He leaned over near the other male and moved his hand back behind the other’s head where it once had been. Sliding his fingers and entangling them in the other’s locks. His other hand placed at John’s shoulder gripping at the fabric of his clothes, Graham closed the space between them. He wanted his kiss to be a little more showy, even if he was (kind of) drunk, he figured his technique could be pretty spot on. Sliding his tongue into the other’s mouth, he didn’t really think about it, as he licked over the roof of the Italian's mouth... It had a boozy flavor of scotch and other drinks to it. Graham gripped at John’s hair like he had before, pressing if only a little deeper as he slid his tongue across the back of the Deputy’s teeth. Sure he was just kissing to frustrate John, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t have fun with it! Maybe even enjoy it... just a tad, he still liked kissing girls more, but if he was going to kiss a guy he was going to try and have fun while doing so. Kissing someone else with facial hair was a little weird though, but it was also besides the point... He made sure his kiss was significantly longer than John’s before he parted lips, he started laughing away as he pushed himself to stand up. “Pwawhawhah... now THATS a kiss!” bring his hands down to point at John before clapping and rubbing them together. “keheheh... awh you should see yer face it’s like.. kehhh..” He shook his head before sitting back down on the other side of the sofa, putting some distance between him and his parole office. (Mostly cause he didn’t wanna get hit this time around).

                                                          Reaching over, he grabbed a random drink off the coffee table and lifted it into the air, “Cheers..?” He questioned briefly with a cheeky grin on his face before shooting it back and slamming it against the table, “Ey.. I ain’ gay... jus.. yah know provin’ that I’m a better kisser ‘nn all” The toothy smirk plastered on his face after that statement... Leaning back against the chair, occasionally glancing over at John, grinning a little wider every time he looked back at the Deputy. One cause of the kiss, two cause he felt he bested the other, three... he wasn’t sure why. He rolled his head back in a circle to crack out the kinks before teasingly asking, “Any other plans for the evening officer..?” Resting his arm on the couch cushion and his head in his hand.

                                                          Location:: John’s house
                                                          Near:: John
                                                          Attire:: Graham Rainy Day

                                                          Oh the moment felt so right
                                                          So let's run free and carry on ▐ `★
                                                          ❝ Like we did when we were young
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            THE PARK && THE CEMETERY

            A cool wind swept across the park, pushing the swings, causing the rusty chains to creak. The wind brushed against the leaves, forcing them to whirl in a dance upon the parking lot as the storm continued to approach Brookshire. The lightning was magnificent as the thunder rumbled ever so subtly. But where was the rain? Not a drop poured down from the heavens. Although you could feel it in the air... a downpour was coming.

            At the park there were a few light posts that were near the main portion of the park that were designed to stay on, even though the park was closed to the public at 11:00pm. The lights were closer to the parking lot, which neared the tiny building designated for the bathrooms.

            The bulbs in the lamps began to flicker, until one by one they started going out, until most of the parking lot was in darkness. The only light came from the bathroom hut, and even that was single, bulb, casting an eerie glow upon the central opening, between the men's side, as well as the women's.

            The Mechnic's phone, regardless of what sound setting it was on, started to chime a random text tone that he clearly didn't have selected for anyone. The number was unrecognizable, and contained a series of symbols. The text message was littered with random letters. ajpodfadf afjidfa acodkf[adf -akdfadf adfkad[fad f f f a;ldkfa df. Pages and pages of random letters, until the last line read off a simple:


            For a brief moment at the window was something...smiling at him. It wasn't exactly a person, but it had human like features. If anything, it looked a deranged being straight out of a nightmare, but shaped together with many humanistic qualities. It's had long hair and its eyes were sunken into its head...as though there was nothing there but eye sockets. For a brief moment it's face contorted as though it were screaming, but no sound was produced. It wasn't until The Mechanic blinked that it suddenly disappeared.

            ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

            Out in the graveyard as The Troublemaker continued to dig deeper down to Carissa's body, the temperature suddenly dropped. Then very suddenly something shoved Landon and scratch marks dug down his back. No words were spoken and no figures were seen. Who knows...maybe The Scene Queen was offended?

            Or perhaps...it was something else...

            Through out the entire cemetery...it was obvious that they were being watched...

            As an overall whole, the spiritual activity in the graveyard was picking up. There were very soft whisperings, chattering of spirits although hardly any of it made sense. However for some people, it may have sounded like there was something mixed in the wind. Although it took the equipment to decipher it, that or The Medium. The only English words present in the message was:

            "Get Out. Target. Chained...Torture. "


                                                  “Nice neighborhood!”
                                                  Quotequotequotequotequotequotequotequote- from "Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III"
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                  The Jock «

                  Ty had hung out with Kain several times on a onexone basis, just as he had with Liam. So...why was sitting in his bedroom with Ed different? His heart was racing nearly as fast as it had when he realized that he couldn't continue being friends with the other. He wasn't even sure if it was that the situation was awkward. Ty...was incredibly nervous. He often felt this way when he wasn't in control, and today was all about finding a way to maintain control. When he was talking to Georgie and Landon, both had poked fun of his sexuality. He was sure that both wanted him, and yet, he didn't know why he was quick to jump to that conclusion. There was a chance that Landon and Georgie simply wanted to irritate him. Maybe Henry was exactly right when he texted that he thought Ty enjoyed the attention. It was sad that he received more attention from boys than girls. The only reason he hadn't replied to Henry was because the bit about Izy was irritating. The fact that he questioned Izy's promiscuity. Ty didn't want to hear someone tell him to automatically take responsibility, when no one else was being harassed by her. No one else had to step up and take responsibility. No one else had to have a sit down conversation with both of his parents about he should have known better. All Ty wanted to say was that it was some "bullshit", but he had to hold his tongue. However Ed said something different. He was on his side. He hadn't even considered the fact that she was possibly faking the pregnancy. Ed even brought up his athletic abilities and how he should look forward to his senior year.

                  There was a lot of reason for Izy to pick him as her designated "baby-daddy", however hearing Ed believe in his case...and Ty couldn't help but feel a laugh break from his lips. He was relieved and felt confident once more in the fact that nothing was going to stop him from leaving Brookshire. He wasn't going to be chained down to some little town. "Thanks," he answered, although he wasn't sure why he was thanking him. More importantly he wasn't sure why he was second-guessing himself. That Henry text...why did he have to ask about him and Ed getting along. Why did he have to ask if Ty ever questioned his sexuality...or if he actually liked a boy. Why the ******** did everyone care? Why was everyone putting in their two cents about what must have gone through his head, or try to play therapist. Although he should have expected as much when he ranted to Henry, however he hadn't expected to obsess the response. He almost found himself asking if Ed ever doubted his sexuality, but couldn't think of a proper way to bring it up. So he didn't. He had partially wanted to add something else about Ophelia but couldn't find the right words without sounding weird or fake. Was he really in the position to say that he was glad that she okay, when he use to make fun of her? Hell, the only reason he suddenly found himself caring was because she was technically Ed's friend. If Ed could show sympathy towards Kain being in the hospital, then he could the same for Ophelia...right?

                  There was a strange type of struggle going on inside of him. What made him even more nervous was that Ed was nervous...then again, Ed was always nervous about something, wasn't he? Ty wanted to relax. He wanted to be able to breathe as much as he had when Ed said that he didn't think that he was the father of Izy's child. He wanted feel a sense of relief. However when Ed started stuttering about the idea of having sex, Ty couldn't help but laugh. It was probably mean of him, but he couldn't help it. It wasn't a mean, taunting sort of laugh, but he was definitely amused, and he felt a great deal of tension be lifted from his shoulders. Ed wasn't forming full sentences. He started sputtering out excuses as to why he couldn't/shouldn't date Quinn or Maryanne. Ty parted his lips to tell the boy that he should have more confidence in himself, however realized just how close their faces had become. What made it even worse or nerve-wracking was that Ty had realized how close they were. Typically Ty was a very confident person. He could invade anyone's space and not give two shits about it. He had stolen plenty of kisses from girls in the past, only to laugh when the girls blushed in surprise. When Ed suddenly kissed him, he wasn't sure how to react. His...mind shut down. The idea that enjoying the kiss would suddenly transform him into a dainty little f**, terrified him. The idea that Liam would be disappointed and that he would be abandoned by all of his friends was stressful, and yet...he then remembered how ballsy it was Ed to kiss him in the first place.

                  It wasn't a bad kiss. If anything, Ty was kissed twice, and for some reason he kept himself from jerking away, even though his own nerves had wanted him to. It was that second kiss that Ty had actually closed his eyes and partially kissed back. There wasn't much to it. This kiss was more innocent than anything Ty had experienced in a long time, it was cute...middle-school cute. For a brief moment, he remembered what he told Landon back at the diner. Ty was tired of bitches or girls who were too comfortable with flirting with everyone. When it came to April, he didn't even know what to think. It was obvious that she didn't like him as anything more than a friend, but she sent out so many signals that she was playing hard to get. Maybe...Ty was thinking too much during the kiss, because Ed suddenly pulled back and started cussing, before apologizing with a sigh. "Stop," Ty suddenly said. Stop what? His mouth had decided to just start speaking before his mind could fully piece together what it was that he wanted to say. Maybe...they could just keep everything a secret? Ty outstretched a hand so that he could make Ed look at him. Maybe he liked the inexperience more than he had admitted to Landon. After all, Ed's first kiss was with Maryanne, and that was a simple peck. As simple as their kiss a moment ago, Ty could tell that it lasted longer. Ed iniated it regardless of what consequences that could have followed. Maybe Ty was addicted to the attention?

                  He leaned forward and kissed Ed, tilting his head just enough so that he could take in the boy's upper lip before attempting to deep the kiss as his tongue beckoned for some kind entry. He didn't mind if Ed didn't know how, Ty was more than content with teaching him how. He whispered against Ed's lips, "Don't fight it." Even though there was a chance that Ty was talking more to himself. He leaned forward so that they were closer. Once he started kissing the other, Ty couldn't stop himself. Then again, he was already a very sexual person. It was his dominance that leaned the other boy back and he continued with the kiss. His heart was pounding rapidly in his chest, but he wasn't thinking. His phone chimed from a text message that he was apparently getting. He was trying to ignore it, he even moved his hand to his pocket to try and silence it, only to realize that his phone wasn't in that pocket at all. His phone stopped chiming after the third alert. Ty had broken up his passionate kiss, for shorter, briefer ones. Then that's when a light laugh broke from his lips. Once again, it was that little laugh of amusement, mixed with a little disbelief. He didn't move away from Ed, but instead whispered in his ear, "It's funny, the reason I broke things off in the first place.." he his own breaths were shallow, and he found himself pausing either to chuckle or take another breath. "...was 'cause I was afraid I'd end up doing something like this."

                  Ty wasn't sure if it was because he genuinely had a thing for Ed, or if he really liked feminine guys this entire time. After all, he did tolerate Georgie and was often irritated about how pretty the other looked. Ed was dressed up in a dress and here Ty was on top of him, trailing his kisses upon his jaw line, before offering a series of neck kisses. It was an old habit that Ty was trying to leave a mark, even though he had mentally assured himself that everything would be fine as long as no one finds out. What made it better was that Ty was sure Ed had never felt anything like this before. He doubted that Ed had ever moaned outside of his own personal bathroom sessions. God, Ty wanted to hear it. After all, the last person he had made moan was Izy, and she had swiftly turned into one of his biggest regrets. In between kisses he whispered, "Do you want to stay...or do you need to go to the bathroom?"

                  Of course there was the chance that he was freaking Ed out. After all, Ed was shy and probably let him do whatever he wanted without speaking out negatively against it. "Just let me know when to stop," he whispered as he continued to hover over the other boy. Then again, how exactly far could he go? Even though they were alone in his room, his grandmother was still home, as well as his little sisters. Plus, he knew a lot of people were waiting for them at the challenge. Then that's when he realized what he might have been implying both mentally and verbally. "Not that we have to...well, I mean...ah ********, I don't even know what I mean. I don't...I'm not...heh...I usually go with whatever happens. But I guess that'd make me a p***k to take something like that from you, heh." There was a chance he wasn't making any sense. Then again, Ty had a habit of leaving out the details that were clearly present in his head.

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      Carl knew he’d been asked to show up at the Town meeting and present something, some kind of information about what was going on in this town in regards to the deaths. Maybe talk about Carissa, his employee he’d lost, talk about the town’s history. He didn’t even know all he knew was that he didn’t want to go. Nothing about being in the same room as Adam Summer’s or even Juliette felt right at the moment. He was incredibly tired, it had been a lot to take in, being short staffed he’d been out on the floor more often than he’d been inside his office working on his research. He supposed he was eventually going to have to catalogue all the news paper clippings of these recent deaths and log them. They were after all yet again part of the town’s history, Brookshire’s nasty bloody, unfortunate history. Carl hadn’t wanted to be near the Summers’ because well finding Kain’s unconscious body had been enough to throw Carl for an absolute loop. He currently had no idea that the teenage boy he’d found was now very much so dead, in fact that would have quite possibly wound up rattling the Town Historian even further.

      Carl poured himself another glass of brandy that he’d bought at the liquor store earlier, since then he’d been locked up in the library since it closed drinking. He had briefly gone and grabbed pizza before locking the doors, and locking himself in. He hadn’t checked his messages in fact the Town Historian hadn’t moved from his office, in front of his history books in hours. He just sat there staring at the news clippings talking about the recent deaths and discovery’s in their crazy town. Talk about the documentary team and so many other bits and pieces of information blurred together. Sighing a bit Carl sipped his brandy and shook his head. “It’s such a waste all these kids… whose going to be next? I mean I know this place is clearly haunted but… I just don’t understand this. I don’t understand any of it. What did Carissa, or The Sheriff’s daughter…any of these kids do to deserve death? And Kain…Juliette must be so distressed. I should call her...but what if she’s with Adam. I can’t talk to her if she’s with him.” Carl clicked his tongue and stood up noticing that the light on his answering machine was flashing.

      Frowning the Town Historian pushed the answering machine’s button and he heard Mayor Adam’s voice echoing through the tiny office space and he blinked a bit. It seemed Juliette had up and told him about their affair, well that was…interesting. Sighing over the message left on his answering machine the man rub his temples, brandy glass still in his hand and shook his head. Of course Adam was making threats, he had every right to be angry with Carl he had after all slept with the man’s wife. But the affair had been over for years, so why did Adam have to get snarly about it now? Had Juliette said something? Had she insinuated that they were back together? He didn’t even know. He wasn’t sure how Adam could prevent him from ever getting a job again, after all Brookshire was not the center of the universe. Well from Adam’s perspective it might be but Carlisle was well aware it wasn’t. In fact he was beginning to think maybe this town was too much trouble for what it was worth. Now with Adam knowing the truth about him and Juliette maybe he should just back up and go. There were plenty of other towns or cities that could use a historian such as himself. Hell maybe he should just go home to South Africa and Cape Town and work at a museum there.

      Carl paused in his thoughts and frowned even deeper, but leaving would mean Adam had won. That he’d given up on Juliette, though he wasn’t sure how he felt after that incident in the garage, he was sure she hated him with the way she’d reacted. This was all too confusing, and of course the alcohol swimming in his veins wasn’t exactly helping his thoughts. He needed some fresh air. Setting his drink down he headed out of his office into the quiet dark library wondering if he should just keep the place closed down, he couldn’t remember if the principal’s son was supposed to be working tomorrow, or if he was alone. Maybe he should just check the schedule and call his employees in the morning. So much had gone on; maybe he could claim they were taking a day off to remember one of their own? He hadn’t exactly closed the library down the day of Carissa’s funeral, maybe he should have? Would that have been smart? Oh he didn’t know. Maybe he should meet with Antone tomorrow and go over those adoption papers again, he really needed to start getting that organized, and he had the money for it. There was just so much weighing on his mind and no way to sort it out. He needed to talk to someone.

      Carl pulled out his phone just as he was opening the door to the library, the letter from Juliette fluttering to the ground. If he’d been in mid-text he probably never would have noticed it and would have just stepped over it but coincidences like that were somewhat ironic. Carl looked down at the letter recognizing the hand writing immediately as he crouched down picking it up and opening the letter. Reading over Juliette’s letter to him, he had to keep reading it just standing there like a statue with the door of the library half open, as he leaned against it. His hand began to tremble and tears sprung into his eyes. He had a child, here he was thinking about adopting a baby, and this entire time he’d had a daughter. One who had never known him, who had never been given the chance to know him. Not wanting to burden him with a child? Was she crazy his child never would have been a burden it would have been his child. He’d have cared for her but instead she’d been put in foster care, worst of all she could have been involved in that crazy massacre, his daughter could have died. Carl didn’t know how he felt, he wanted to be angry, he wanted to cry but there was just too much to process. All too much. Juliette was asking to be friends, like they had been and Carl wanted to reach out to her but at the same time he felt angry at her. Groaning he hit the back of his head off the metal door to the library. “What do I do? Ugh I can’t…I have to make this decision but she lied to me. I need to talk to her, when I’m thinking clearly… A daughter…I have a daughter… one whose been in this town her whole life. I’ve passed her by a hundred times and I’ve never…” Carl shook his head feeling utterly conflicted. This was just going to be another crazy day in Brookshire.

      Folding the letter up in his pocket, her had rather robotically put Juliette’s number into his phone and despite himself he found himself texting her followed by Antone.

      To: Juliette
      From: Carl
      Message: It’s Carl
      I had already figured you’d told Adam
      He left a rather rude message on my machine
      I’d like to meet and talk
      No…We NEED to Talk
      About all of this

      To: Antone
      From: Carl
      Message: Can you meet me tomorrow?
      I want to talk about those papers

      Once the messages were sent Carl leaned back against the library door and took a big deep breath of fresh air just trying to clear his head. Looking at his phone he realized he had a missed text message and opened it up seeing it was from Vlad the writer. Reading it over he sighed a bit and cleared his throat before replying.

      To: Vlad
      From: Carl
      Message: I'm at work trying to log some of this stuff
      I just didn't feel like coming to the meeting
      I had nothing to say
      There's just a lot going on right now

      (ooc: I hope this is okay there was a lot to try and jump in with XD Let me know if I need to edit)

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                          Death crept into town and created an influx of work for Marina. With Adam preoccupied with his son's injury and then death, more of the mayor's duties fell to his secretary. All of the busy work exhausted the secretary, making her long for a more fun and simple time in the brief pockets of free time that she found. Unfortunately, every time she had a free moment, she also thought of how much harder her true job working for the mayor became. Sebastian expected Adam seduced weeks ago, but with the man's life practically falling apart around him, Marina hadn't been able to crack the hard exterior. None of her usual tricks worked, which had baffled and scared her a bit. If Sebastian considered her useless, then Marina might as well off herself to keep her boss from killing her in any slow and painful methods he'd perfected over the years.

                          Thankfully, she couldn't spend much time fretting over her possible demise as Adam gave her yet another task of setting up a town meeting. Assuming it took precedence over the smaller tasks that she had, Marina immediately set about calling the proper individuals. First, she secured the location, the town hall-- which often housed older Brookshire citizens for various gatherings. Then the secretary set about with calls for food and guest speakers, of which included a spokesman from the local police department to fill the townspeople in on the recent murders and any safety tips, the town historian so that he could offer a little history to bolster the community, and a few other lesser important individuals for various purposes. A final phone call reached out to a planner she knew who would set the chairs and tables about for the hall.

                          Taking a seat behind the computer, Marina typed a small email to send to the town, alerting them to the emergency meeting. One of the first things she had done when she acquired the job was set the town up on a email and text system so that she wouldn't have to actually spend very much face time with any of the citizens. Sure, some of them were probably nice, interesting individuals who had a cat or three and a great recipe for apple pie, but they just didn't interest Marina or fit into her ideal crowd. The secretary preferred company of her previous lives, those with money, means, and an idea of what a good time meant.

                          With the email sent, Marina let out a soft sigh as her eyes wandered about the desk. Upon catching sight of the sole family portrait in the room, an idea began to form. Since she was failing miserably at seducing Mr. Summers, perhaps it was time to move on to seducing Mrs. Summers. While she didn't mind flirting with women, Marina was certain that Juliette held no love for her. However, the secretary knew of a handsome individual who used to con others all of the time. Graham. If the rumors were true, Juliette had cheated before, which would label her the easier target of the two Summers. If she could convince Sebastian of it, maybe he would keep her around or at the very least allow her to keep her life for bringing a new angle in to him. Of course, Marina currently possessed no way of getting into contact with her ex-husband or knowing if he would work with her, didn't know if Sebastian would even like her plan, or know if Juliette would fall for another man. So many what ifs hung in the air that the plan was likely a flimsy, desperate attempt, but the secretary's options were limited.


                          The inflated sense of plan died down in the time it took to ready herself for the town meeting. The moment her eyes fell upon Sebastian, all signs of hope died, setting her on a path far away from him. Instead, she spent her time next to Adam, offering aid and comfort whenever she received the chance. Unfortunately for her, he barely seemed responsive, though she chalked that up to mourning his son. While they'd never had the greatest of relationships, Kain had still been his family after all. Still, his lack of response did little to settle her nerves, especially with Sebastian so near. As he sank into his own thoughts, Marina tended to the condolences and conversations with those who wished to speak to the mayor. With every expression of sadness and pity, Marina wondered if anyone would mourn her death, which she was sure lay right around the corner. Adam felt too distant and broken to be viable target, and though it wasn't her fault, she just knew the hustler would see fit to punish her for not being sexy enough. I am plenty sexy. It's not my fault I was set to seduce a brick wall. I'd have better luck with the town priest than Adam. I just have to hope Sebastian likes my idea enough not to kill me, though. He doesn't care for excuses or truth if it interferes with his ideas.

                          Once the meeting began to wind down and Adam had taken his leave, Marina cast a cautious glance in the hustler's direction, feeling a sense of dread wash over her as she spotted him. She found him speaking to another woman, the pretty little housekeeper at the Summer's estate. As if that woman could get anyone to sleep with her. The bitter thought swam through the fear, twisting a bit of anger into her. While she knew better than to say anything to Sebastian, it didn't keep her from storming out of meeting. The parking lot seemed the perfect place to stop about angrily as she could hide between the cars and vent without being seen. "That airhead wouldn't know what to do with a man even if she could interest him. It's not as though she's ever worked as a stripper or part of a con team. I used to be able to bend any man I looked at to my will and now I can't even seduce a god damn mayor. How can that possibly be my fault? Surely something is wrong with him." Each muttered word that slipped from her lips brought small comfort to Marina. After all, she had been part of a great con team once upon a time. Wealth and power had been hers because she knew how men worked. It wasn't her fault that one happened to be defective.

                          The sound of heavy breathing caught her attention, causing the secretary to freeze in her tracks. Eyes slightly widened, a hand slid into her purse hoping to pull the vial of mace she kept on her person as she attempted to locate the breather. Great, I die out in a damned parking lot to some psycho killer rather than being murdered by my psycho boss. Cautiously, she took a few steps towards the nearest car, hoping to shield herself from whatever might come. As she neared the car, however, the fear began to subside. The man situated behind the wheel of the vehicle was the cause of the breathing, and he didn't look all that well. However, he was attractive enough to catch her attention and offer a chance to prove she still held the ability to seduce men. Throwing together her best concerned citizen look, Marina bent over, offering the male a glance at her cleavage before she spoke. "Hey, are you alright? You don't look so good. Is there anything I can help you with?"


Where Am I? outside the town meeting With whom? Jareth Mood? determined to prove she isn't a failure. Wearing: Outfit OOC: If anything needs to be changed, just let me know.
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            Her eyes burned. Maryanne couldn’t remember ever feeling so miserable and alone in her life. Her friends were popular and busy. The boys she considered herself interested in clearly out of her league. She didn’t know Claire well enough to be able to use her as a crutch… Things were just awful, and Maryanne was absolutely miserable.

            The scene with the Pet shop owner felt like a bad dream that Maryanne couldn’t shake off. Her parents took her home immediately and didn’t let her out until the meeting that night. While at home, Maryanne felt as if the events from the day cleared some of the fog from her eyes. Ty was never going to like her, no matter how much she liked him. It was sad, but it was fine. Maryanne didn’t feel the need to hold it against him, she didn’t feel as if she were entitled to affections because of how she felt and how kind she was to him. She looked over the message and simply sighed. She didn’t even know how to respond, because it wasn’t left open enough for her to respond to. Yolo. You only live once. That saying had a bit of a sting to it, because the brush with death was still very fresh to her. Liam… who knew about Liam. Maryanne didn’t even know if she actually liked him, or if she was drunk off the intimate kisses he gave her. No one had ever kissed her like that… but no one had ever kissed her before. Besides Ed, that little peck he gave her because of a dare. Unlike the message from Ty, Ed’s text was open ended enough for her to respond to.. she just wasn’t sure what to say.

            Maryanne almost desperately wanted someone to talk to. She could easily open up to ex boyfriend and tell him all her woes, but… how would that look? Ed’s friend, his very best friend, was missing. Of course the Asian girl was entitled to her own sadness and distress, as was everyone else in the world, but Maryanne did not want to burden the boy with her drama. It wasn’t a self pity thing, Maryanne genuinely did not want to add to what she assumed was a bad time for Ed. She left the message open and stared at it for a long time, the debate to say something or nothing… she didn’t want to ignore him, but Maryanne didn’t know what to say. In the end, she left her phone in her room to go into her kitchen and bake and bake and bake. By the time the town meeting came around, she had made two cakes and several batches of cookies.

            Her parents wanted to attend the town meeting, and Maryanne was dragged along because they didn’t trust her to be home alone. Despite feeling alone, she also felt suffocated. Maryanne truly loved her parents, but she was tired of feeling more like a priceless object than a person. She was pretty sure that they considered her to be more like a doll than a daughter. She loved that they cared, but wished they would let her live just a little bit. The Babysitter didn’t see anyone at the meeting that she could really talk to. Perhaps the only person she actually recognized was the goody-two-shoes. Charlotte and Maryanne were alike, but very different. Both were good girls… But Maryanne considered Charlotte to be rude. Maybe it was because she wasn’t fond of people pushing their beliefs down others throats? Or maybe it was because she felt that the other girl would judge her for being such a fan of boys love. She also saw the new girl, Quin, but didn’t think to say anything to her. She didn’t know what to say… the girl was new to town and already lost her boss… Maryanne felt it was best to keep to herself.

            Upon hearing that Kain had died, Maryanne’s heart sunk. She didn’t know him as well as she knew other people, but she had spoken to him a handful of times. Ophelia was found, which was good news… but the news that affected her the most was that Izy was in the hospital. It was easy for other people to forget that Maryanne and the Party Girl were once very close best friends. It wasn’t until a year or two ago that they grew apart… And Maryanne felt as if that had been all her fault. She was the one who stopped returning texts and declined hanging out. But it was partially Izy’s fault too right? Izy had been the one doing things that made Maryanne uncomfortable to be around the blonde. No… Maryanne was the one who wasn’t supportive or a good enough friend.. she had abandoned the girl she once considered to be a sister, and now look at her. She was wallowing in a deep dark loneliness because no one connected with her like the party girl had. The Babysitter went home with her parents after the meeting, but decided that she was not going to stay there. There was an urge to see her old friend, to just see her and let her know that… She didn’t know. Maryanne wasn’t sure what she was going to say when she got to hospital, but that wasn’t going to stop her.

            As she usually did when she visited someone, she filled a plastic container with cookies and placed it in her large purse before quietly sneaking out of her house through the back door. On her bed she left a tiny note saying she where her parents could find her as well as an apology. Maryanne… had never snuck out of her house before. She was overly cautious and made sure not to make a single peep as she wheeled her bicycle out of the garage and onto the sidewalk… once she was off her block, a strange sense of triumph and freedom overcame her. It gave her more energy, despite it being late, to pedal faster to the hospital. Once she was there, she asked the nursing station for directions to Izy’s room and made her way there. While walking on the floor, she did see a blonde familiar looking woman having what seemed to be a distress attack and being surrounded by nurses. Maryanne didn’t recognize the woman as her teacher because she had never seen Mrs. Summers in such a state. Not wanting to be rude and gawk, Maryanne kept going on her way to Izy’s room.

            She stood outside of the door for a moment before taking a deep breath and opening it without knocking. The plastic container of cookies in her hand shook as she looked over her friend and finally it dropped onto the floor as she began to sob uncontrollably. Maryanne pawed and wiped at her own face, brushing away moisture and tears as she cried in the threshold of her ex-bestfriend’s hospital room. ”Izy.. Izy… I-i-I I’ms s-so sorryyyyyyyyyy!” she cried, and began to walk towards the bed, ignoring the cookies on the floor. The small Asian girl wrapped her arms around the other female and continued to sob as she spoke, ”I heard that you… and I didn’t… Izy.. Izy I’m so happy you’re alive.” The words, honest and genuine spilled from her lips like vomit. Despite everything, their small feud and misunderstandings… Maryanne was happy, so very happy, that the girl she once called her best friend was alive. She kissed the side of Izy's head before pulling away with pink cheeks and a firm pout on her mouth. ”I-I'm sorry.. I missed you! ... I'm sorry... F-for not being here sooner... or around... much... A-and... I'm sorry this happened to you... Are... Are you going to be okay? I-I'm h-here now! .. If you want me to be... I c-can leave if you want... I understand... I'm sorry I wasn't a good friend to you... ” Maryanne fiddled with the hem of her skirt and looked down at her feet as she spoke.

━━━━━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━━━━━
In the Presence of ; ( Izy )
Current Whearabouts ; ( Hospital room )
The Outfit ; ( cotton candy )
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                                          Just week ago, Ophelia would have found herself laying on Ed’s bed with a book or some homework sprawled out in front of her. There would have been noises from whatever her friend had going on on his tv or computer, and the gently sound of The Xx album seeping out of an ear bud connected to Walkman cd player. Ophelia was a bit old school like that, only because she didn’t the money to go out and buy something fancy like an iPod or Mp3 player. The Walkman worked though, and The Xx was possibly one of the calming bands to ever sooth her while enjoying a hang out night with her friend. Ed’s dad would be in the kitchen, cooking something amazing as usual, and Ophelia would just be going through all the same motions. Her life was pleasantly boring, predictable, and over all… comfortable. Ophelia was used to the daily torment from her bullies, she was used to snooty looks from academic rivals, and she used to knowing that a limit of two whole people sought out her presence. It was comfortable only because it was normal for her. A deep and tormenting torture became as natural to her as breathing… and despite everything being ‘okay’ a week ago.. it wasn’t okay now.

                                          So many thoughts and visions entered her mind, exposing her pain and her fears, the things that had dug deep into her psyche and gnawed at her mind without her even knowing it. Ophelia felt as if she had used Ed. When she went over to his house, when did they ever talk? They didn’t… she took advantage of her fellow outcast so that she would have somewhere else to go besides her filthy house. She never actually care-- That’s not true… Ed and I.. are best friends… why did I say I didn’t want to see him? … Wh-why am I going so crazy? she wondered to herself, hugging the hooding closer to her chest. She didn’t believe in things like demons or magic.. or even God for that matter. Ophelia believed in science, but she couldn’t explain what happened in the forest or in that house just now… even now, the only explanation for how she was behaving was the shock from being out in the woods alone for so many days.

                                          She heard her name, and looked up to see two figures ahead of her. For a split second, her mind played a trick on her to see both of the figures pointing and laughing, but it was quickly whisked away. An annoyingly familiar asked her how she was out when she was supposed to be in the hospital, and Ophelia fought the urge to roll her eyes at her academic rival. Charlotte was not a girl that Ophelia liked being around. For one, she hated being compared to anyone, and she especially hated being compared to this girl. The worst part was that it was Charlotte doing all the comparing… The ‘rivalry’ was honestly one sided… Ophelia didn’t give any ******** about who made the better grades. She had her own motivation to do well in school and what Charlotte mattered very very little to Ophelia. She didn’t respond, and simply looked around at her surroundings before looking back at the girls. And then something even more annoying happened. Ophelia saw Charlotte grab at the other girl, whom at this point Ophelia was able to identify as Quin, and gently tug her. A very nasty, very insulted feeling came over her. Despite knowing that the Bookworm should have been in the hospital, and even asking her what was going on… Charlotte was going to abandon her in the middle of the street, in the middle of the night… with a murderer running around and blood dripping from her cuts on her legs… She so [********] lucky that Quin moved towards her.

                                          She kept quiet, and just let her mind creep to dark places as the other girl spoke to her. Ophelia wasn’t sure whether her opinion of Quin was a positive or negative one yet… but compared to how she felt about Charlotte currently, Quin looking pretty good. ”She just said she wanted to leave, right?” Ophelia ignored Quin’s questions and got straight to the point. ”It’s because she such a good little Christian girl… turning a blind eye to people who don’t fit into her perfect. Little. World… ” Ophelia chuckled a bit and took a step toward the Animal rights Activist. ”I don’t need a phone… But thanks, Quin... And bandaid on the other hand…” There was meowing behind her, and a cat approached her from behind. Ophelia didn’t even blink as it approached and rubbed up against her leg. ”I tried to kill myself you know… I’m supposed to be under suicide watch, but….” Ophelia stepped closer to Quin again and glanced at Charlotte briefly before turning her attention back to Quin, ”Brookshire is kinda filled with stupid people. You’re new, yeah? … You’ll learn that real quick. All I had to do was jump out of the window and … here I am~” She sighed, ”It’s funny though.. I tried to bring death on myself, and it didn’t want me. I was out in the woods for daaaaays.. no food… no water.. hell, I was found in nothing but my panties with all these cuts… And I still lived… and yet so many unsuspecting people died while I was gone. What makes them so lucky?” The darker skinned girl suddenly reached out and placed both of her hands on Quin’s shoulders, ”You know first hand… about all the death.. don’t you?” She leaned in close to smell the side of Quin’s hair and then stepped away, letting her go. ”I can smell it on you…” She stared at the girl until three more cats suddenly ran passed them, knocking Ophelia out of whatever trans she was in.

                                          ”I-I’m sorry… Heh.. Like I said… days in the woods… all alone… I think I forgot about.. um… personal space… I’m sorry…” She apologized twice, and the confident manner she had held just seconds ago melted off, and she shrugged her shoulders while staring at the ground. ”I don’t know where I’m going… I said some mean things to my mom… I don’t think I can go back home… And.. the hospital… everyone was all up in my business… I just wanted time to myself….” She was slowly feeling more like herself. ”what are you guys doing out here? … It’s late, right? I don’t even know what time it is…” She stepped back more, realizing just how awkward she had made things… She looked up again between both Quin and Charlotte and shove her hands into the pockets of the hoodie.. ”I don’t want to go back… You can leave like you want to, Charlotte…. It’s whatever. Thanks again about the phone offer, Quin.” Ophelia mentally reminded herself that being brushed off and ignored by her classmates was normal.. the loneliness that drifted over her.. it was normal.

                                          LOCATION ► Sidewalk ◯ COMPANY ► Quin and Charlotte

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                                                                                  Chewing her bottom lip as the option of being a decent human being or not hung over her head, Charlotte averted from one girl to the next. Quinn was right. They should help Ophelia out. The girl's legs were pretty messed up from the looks of it. Charlotte opened her mouth to ask about her injuries, then quickly closed it once Ophelia started to mock her. Charlotte scoffed at the bookworm's comments. What would she know about her? They never talk. "I'm not p-perfect.." she muttered under her breath, gazing down at the concrete and rubbed her hands together to keep warm. It was freezing out here! How could Ophelia stand being in nothing, but a hoodie and shorts? While Ophelia spoke with Quin, Charlotte noticed the small cat by Ophie's leg. That cat looked like the one that chased her poor baby Peanut down the street about a month ago. Oh no! The puppies! I forgot to feed the pups again, dang it! she cried in her head. This was the third time this week. She hoped at least her mom or dad came through and fed them. Charlotte glanced down the street-lit road then rolled her neck til it popped. Sitting at that meeting for that long was murder on her neck and shoulders. You'd think with all the technology they have these days, someone would have developed a way to make metal chairs more comfortable.

                                                                                  Charlotte was brought back to their conversation, catching the bookworm mentioning how she jumped out of a window. Is she serious? the teacher's pet asked herself, staring at Ophelia like she just smacked her across the face. What possessed people to be selfish with their lives like that? Charlotte wouldn't know nor did she want to. Sure, she's heard of suicidal tendencies, only never really gave it any thought. It was a sad way to go, that's for sure. Father Michaels spoke of a situation like that once before. And old friend of Father Michaels took his life after dealing with depression for three years after he accepted Christ as his Saviour and was baptized just a month before. Charlotte had been inspired since then. That was why she was what some might call 'annoyingly passionate' about her faith. She never meant to push people too far when she tried to talk about her beliefs and how God sent his Son to die on the cross for their sins. She only wanted to know that the people she loved and cared about would not end up in Hell. Isn't the the main purpose for God's children? To steer people away from sin and live their lives for God?

                                                                                  Again, Kain Summers came to mind as Ophelia joked about how 'lucky' the murder victims were. Lucky!? You thought they were lucky? Charlotte turned away at that point before she said something she shouldn't. She could not believe what the bookworm said. Charlotte wanted to cry, but she didn't bother. She was tired of crying to be honest. Crying wouldn't bring him back. She could miss him, but now she felt as though she was given a second chance with Ophelia who obviously needed help. Despite not being directly spoken to, Charlotte was beginning to feel nasty for how she mistreated Ophelia a moment ago. It was not her intention to diss the girl, even if Charlotte considered her as a threat to her academic acheivements. However, they were not in school right now and from the looks of it, Ophelia looked like she could use a friend or two. Give the girl a chance. There's a reason God brought her into your life. Why take a chance on possibly missing out on making a new friend? That voice. It sounded too much like Charlie that she nearly checked to see if he was around. Creepy as it was though, she was somewhat comforted by it. Charlotte blinked at the two girls, not sure why Ophelia was sniffing Quinn's hair. She didn't question it, however. No matter what Ophelia thought about her, Charlotte was gonna be exactly what she thought of her to be: a good Christian. Not perfect, but at least she would play nice. Who knows? Perhaps this was God's plan to get them to bond. Guess she'll find out.

                                                                                  Sniffling, Charlotte turned back to Quinn and Ophelia, taking a deep, calming breath before she said something she never thought she'd hear herself say. "Look Ophelia, I didn't mean to make you feel unwanted or less of a person..." she paused, seeing a couple more cats coming up to them. That's odd. Where did they all come from? Shaking her head, she continued "I'm trying to be better about things like that. I'm sorry you've had a rough couple of days and..." she swallowed. Why was this so hard for her? Just spit it out already! "...if you like..you can stay at my place for the night. Quinn and I were just gonna watch some movies. If not, I understand." she said then turned to Quinn. "You need to grab anything from home first? Oh, you mentioned bringing some movies over, right? That's fine, just...nothing too inappropriate please," she asked, not wanting to get into too much trouble with her parents over a silly movie. "You want us to wait for you? I don't mind, really.." she said, slipping her hands into her pockets for her key then gasped. "I think I left my keys at the town hall. No worries. I'm sure the spare is still where we keep it," she laughed to cover the dramatic freak out she was having in her head.

                                                                                  "Oh, if you're both hungry, my mom cooked up a storm all day so we can grab some snacks too. She won't mind, I don't think..." Charlotte said, swearing she heard her mom yelling from her house. Was the van even in the driveway? It was hard to tell. "Have you heard back from Lucky yet, Quinn? I'm curious about that challenge thing. It actually sounds kinda fun," she giggled, thinking up what the challenge might be. Could be a number of things. Most likely involved atheletic skills over book smarts. Hm. Combing her hand through her hair, Charlotte shrugged "Not sure if I have the nerve to go to the old high school, though. I can't quite see my ex..I mean Lucas having a problem with it. It's the rest I'd have to worry about. They'd probably chase me away if I showed up all uninvited and whatnot. Still, it is rather tempting. What do you two think?" she asked, curiously. Was it inappropriate for her to bring this up after what Ophelia went through? "Nevermind, we don't have to talk about that. We should get going if we don't wanna get caught up in the rain," she said, swaying side to side while biting her lip


                                        Location: Street of the Foster House and her home
                                        Company: Quinn and Ophelia
                                        Attire: Rain Rain Go Away
                                        Mood: Chatty. Uncertain. Awkward. Tired. Hungry.
                                        Thoughts: "Why didn't I just listen?"
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xxxxxxxxI've been down this road before

xxxxxxxxxxxxWhere the dead ends are, it rains and it pours

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxI've been down below and it's the price that I paid

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxI know how it feels when you have to start again

xxxxBut they'll see

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                                                              It probably wasn’t a surprise he wrote more than just notes from the meeting. He wrote possible movie plots. Like a boy who was stuck in a dream. As odd as it seemed he dreamed he was a Robot. It looked almost like a claymation of a forming idea, in his dream all the boy could think of was even though he wasn’t living he still could feel. He could feel the urge to cry, scream, yearn, but he couldn’t act on his actions. In truth he would have done almost anything to dull the pain… He didn’t know why but the dream may’ve felt as if it hadn’t been a dream at all but his whole life in fact. The robot boy simply wandered in the depths of despair, beyond any hope of salvation.. Crying his silent tears. It was odd for even in a body that wasn’t made to cry this robot could still find a way… Even if it wasn’t physically.. Maybe it was a guilty conscience that allowed him to do so? It was his fault, it always had been, were thoughts that seemed like they had and will forever plague his mind. Then almost as if out of no where, (granted it was a rough draft of a plot and this was a fantasy like dreamworld he was thinking up), the carnivorous princess he thought up at the mayor’s dinner party appeared and attempted to eat the boy. As she bit through the metal her teeth cracked and broke.. At first as she bit through the initial metal there was nothing there though as she continued she bit to a point where the robot boy cried out! And under the metal and the mechanical wiring there was a bloody bone with flesh and muscle still attached to it. Granted all this was still a rough draft but... It still felt like it was missing something.

                                                              Suddenly something jumped out at him, or more so fell near him and it was enough to pull him out of his thoughts. The female was clearly familiar to him, he’d seen her before, seen her around at the grocery store, and sometimes bump into her at that local coffee shop... What was it called Dream Bean..? ... Something like that. The hand on his knee caught him a bit off guard, and yet as she apologized he shook his head, “No.. no need to apologize. Are you alright?” The light giggle that filled his ears caused a grin to slide across his face. And when it came to asking if she was alright, he did it just to check. It didn’t seem like anything major, she didn’t fall and trip on the ground though she did stumble into the chair... He wasn’t sure if she had injured herself though asking seemed the right reproach when it came to the subject. It wasn’t till she offered her name he placed his pen and paper down in the seat over and shortly thereafter pretended to bonk his forehead with his own hand, “I’m sorry.. name’s Vlad,” his hand lowered itself to shake hands however this was a pretty girl he was dealing with. You just don’t shake hands with a gorgeous woman, you could but... Well, the schematics just weren’t right for the moment. So instead he casually played it off as though he were lowering his hand to his lap, it seemed like a smooth action in his mind, though maybe it had been a while since he was out in the field. Maybe it would come back to him, like riding a bike. He knew the suave demeanor was there, it had just been a while and he’d been so enthralled in his work. Maybe he should view this as an opportunity to get back into the swing of things, the game of sorts........ Actually he had no idea maybe he was over guestimating himself this evening, it was late. That much was clearly evident.

                                                              However before he went on to start a conversation with the hairdresser, the screenplay writer got caught up staring at a familiar young girl waving both her arms like an airman directing airplanes into driveway slots. He couldn’t help the loose chuckle that slipped out of his mouth and hoped Adrianna wouldn’t hold the action against him as he tried to maintain some eye-contact with his daughter as he gave a nod to her... He didn’t really pick up her full statement though was able to pretty much make out “leave” and “neighbors” which seemed to be at least a very general assessment. Looking back over to Adrianna he also gave a brief nod followed by, “I apologize... spaced a bit, but given who I’m talking to.. can anyone blame me?” Flattery was typically a good angle.. An excellent one at that. Least he hoped so, and given the chance to survey her figure up and down it seemed his compliment was well worth the woman he was talking to, “No need to worry, heh I’m unscathed... but how about you? I’m not a doctor but if you want me to have a look at anything I’d be glad to.” That last part probably could’ve been taken in many... many... many ways. But it was late and what was said was already said so couldn’t go back and erase it or scribble it out much like he could his works.

                                                              “The meeting was a bit formative, wasn’t it?” There was a sigh in his words, given the solemn topic of the meeting, however went on to ask, “Did you come with someone? ‘Cause certainly someone of your graces must have taken...” There was a light tease in his words, as he hoped she wasn’t. Though if she was the teasing part could be taken as somewhat of a joke to ensue she wouldn’t get offended at him, at least if for being a bit curious. An obstructive buzzing sound from his phone interrupted whatever was blossoming and he held up a finger motion, “One second,” as he took the time to pull out his phone and check over the message from Carl. Giving a quick read, and his one-second finger coming down to help him thumb out a response to the other male. A bit taken aback by the other’s comment. However one of his workers had passed under gruesome circumstances... So given that, he could understand... And yet... he wasn’t sure.

                                                              To:: Carlisle
                                                              From:: Vlad
                                                              Message:: Heh maybe you should’ve phoned in
                                                              and said something, they had you marked down
                                                              as a guest speaker and all... Held up the meeting
                                                              for 30 minutes waiting on you and the Mayor’s
                                                              wife. Is something up?

                                                              The last question was more so about Carlisle himself. He didn’t know there was anything up between the male and the mayor’s wife... If anything it was pure coincidence that the two didn’t show up to the meeting. (Which in a sense it was; but besides point.) He stuffed his phone back in his pants pocket and reached over for his notebook and pen, holding it in one hand he stood himself up and looked over to Adrianna offering a hand to help her up, “You wouldn’t happen to know any place that would be open so late would you..?” He asked as he glanced some of the wandering stragglers in the room before returning his eye contact to Adrianna, “I know.. they said there’d be refreshments here.. but I’m not much of a fan of instant coffee, I don’t know about you.. But I could also go for some decent food... Would you care to join me? Or ... would you rather head to bed?” A loose snicker as he dropped his head in a short nod before picking it back up, “Could understand.. it’s late and all,” As if to agree with himself his throated emitted a yawn, “I don’t think I’ll be heading to bed till a few hours from now..” A playfully smirk as he lightly teased, “.. ‘Sides already took a nap.” It was a somber thing to joke about given the meeting. Though due to the fact his tease was also a falsehood given his studiously scribbled across notebook.. It didn’t seem so wrong at the time.

                                                              Location;; Town Meeting
                                                              Company;; Adrianna
                                                              Attire;; The clock is running down on me.

        I'm gonna get it all back
        I'm gonna make a comeback this time
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                                        The dealer felt like Charlie didn't believe him when it came to certain things: like Izy. It was true that she owed him money before; but now she didn't. The fact of the matter was that she didn't owe him anymore and so he was answering the question honestly. It didn't matter if she escaped and was in the hospital right now. The money was his because he brought the goods. It wasn't his fault that something happened after he parted ways with the guy that picked her up. Of course he didn't want to deal with Izy; but hopefully she wouldn't try anything stupid again. The girl should have learned her lesson.

                                        The reaction Charlie gave to the silly question was great. The dealer couldn't help but smile since he was suppressing a chuckle already. "You sure? Don't you think you were a bit too quick to answer?" He asked in a suspicious tone. Then he switched back to a normal tone when he addressed the money issue. "On a serious note..." he started slowly, "she doesn't owe me money if that is what you are implying. I don't know where you heard such a thing but troubled teens will do anything for personal gain. It's unfortunate but I'm sure you can save her." Shin always chose to say things in a particular way so that it would work in his favor. It wasn't a big deal if the guy still didn't believe the fact that the party girl didn't owe him anything. He really just wanted to point out the fact that she wasn't some kind of saint that never lies. The time to add seeds into someones head about another person was after they brought it up when you weren't really being accused. It was when it got to a he said she said thing that it would be too late to really change how someone saw the situation. Then he had to end on a good note that would make him sound like he cared about her well-being and believed in the priests ability. If his words didn't help him even a tiny bit then it was no skin of his back. After all, Shin wasn't the type of person to bank on one plan or person keeping him out of dire trouble.

                                        Then there was the bit about him and John. "What?" It came out in a half chuckle of disbelief. "I know we joke around a lot but I didn't think you actually thought we did...that kind of stuff." Shin paused near the end and said the last bit in a quieter tone just to add to the effect his word should have had on the priest. After all, the choice of wording was something someone that felt uncomfortable about the topic would use: not someone that was actually gay and didn't care. That's how he was in reality. The dealer only kept his love for the same sex on the down low because it made things easier for his illegal business. There was no way he was ashamed of it. Of course he didn't want to come across as a homophobe either. It was just too far in the opposite direction. "You couldn't be farther from the truth." It was true as far as he was concerned. Sure John had a sexiness to him, especially when he did that thing with his lips and was lost in thought, but he would never make a real move on the guy. He treasured, in his own twisted way, the guy. Plus, John was totally straight and probably wouldn't come anywhere near another guys lips unless the two tripped and fell in some awkward manner.

                                        The rest of the visit didn't last long. They wrapped up their little conversations and parted ways. Then Shin went on to do more important things. In the end he got a lot done over the course of the day; but there was still much to be done.

                                        Now he was at the end of the meeting where everyone left or started talking to someone else. He was tempted to leave when he didn't see any interesting happening. Shin didn't care what the hustler or his pawn, Marina, was doing at the time. They didn't pay much attention to each other when they were with a group anyway. Then again, he didn't talk to Marina much at all: maybe once or twice since she showed up. Now he just wanted to leave. He would have done so earlier but he got a bit lost in thought. Of course someone walked up to him right when he decided to make his escape. It was Charlie. The Asian thought it was a bit odd since the two hung out earlier that night and it wasn't common for them to talk that much. Sure they were friends to a degree; but nothing like how he was with John. Some of what he said annoyed him, probably a bit more than normal, but he kept his tone fairly cool and neutral for the most part. "I don't know why you think we are stuck at the hip. Dinner was the first time I've seen him for days. And no I haven't seen him since he left us. I'm sure he is just fine. But if it will make you feel better i'll double check." With that said he pulled out his cell and started to type up a message. If the priest protested in some way then he just ignored him.

                                        To: John
                                        Hey what's up? Still drunk
                                        as a fish or are you passed
                                        out somewhere?

                                        Shin hit the send button before he looked back up at the one that was so worried about his friend. "There. Done. Happy now?" As for the part where the guy apologized for being rude earlier--he gave a small smile. At least that was his first reaction since he assumed that the priest was referring to the sex question. "It's fine," the dealer replied simply. If he was in a better mood he probably would have responded a bit differently. Still, he decided to add a bit more because he wanted to know something that might prove important later on. Even if he wasn't in the best of moods that didn't give him a good reason to slack off. He needed to be prepared for anything that might come to cause trouble later--no matter how slight. "Do we actually seem like fudge packers? Maybe we should chill on the joking around so people don't get the wrong idea." It was weird to hear the term 'fudge packers' come out of his mouth but he didn't want to say something like '******** buddies' or anything that had a dirty curse word in it since he was talking to a priest. It wasn't long after he stopped speaking before he realized something. "Does it make you feel uncomfortable?" He meant the topic in general and joking in a gay manner. Shin only paused for a second before he added the next question. "Is homosexuality bad in your eyes?" Why was he asking when it wasn't really that important to him? It's not like he cared what Charlie thought: maybe it was merely because they were talking about such things and the thought popped up. After all, the guy was a priest and he knew it was forbidden to bed another guy--at least for some believers.


                                        User ImageUser ImageUser Image
                                        Location: at the meeting with Charlie.
                                        Attire: An outfit with a fitting black jacket.

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