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What a mischief you would bring young darling, when you’re up for it before you’ve grown.
From the liver sweating through your tongue.
Well you’re standing on my sternum don’t you climb down darling.
Smoke on Sunday’s when you’re drunk and dressed.

So, that was it then. Izy was no longer pregnant, and there was some strange feeling left behind, something that she had never really felt before. But she didn’t want to think about it, it made the feeling in the pit of her stomach worse, it made her want to be sick. And that voice kept ringing in her head, demanding her child, the feeling on her thigh...she shuddered and pulled the hospital gown down around herself. It was all too weird; it couldn’t have been real, could it? There was a reason everyone stayed away from that tunnel, Izy had always believed that. So...did they have her child now? Did they get what they wanted in the end? Or was that just insane? What was even ‘sane’ anymore?

The hospital was a dire place and it wasn’t somewhere that the young woman desired to spend any more time in than she had to, but the doctors wanted to keep her in for just a couple more days, just to check that she was doing okay. She hadn’t said anything about the events in the tunnel, apart from a vague memory...a familiar face above hers as she lay in the street. Ms Sullivan. But she had been delirious, her words would be brushed off as though they were nothing, no one was going to think that she was crazy. Right? Yet somehow, since being in that tunnel, Izy hadn’t ever felt like she was quite alone, as though there was some presence hanging over her. It made the young woman hugely uneasy but it was probably just the mental effects of what had happened to her still lingering. Physically, she was recovering just fine, but mentally...well...that was a whole different story.

Izy assumed that her phone had gotten lost in the chaos as she couldn’t find it and when she had asked the nurse the woman told her that she had never seen it. It sucked, she needed to get in touch with Landon, to let him know she hadn’t stood him up, that they still needed to get their story straight. She needed to talk to John, to explain the whole situation. And she just wanted a way to speak to her friends; she hadn’t seen Liam in so long...being in hospital had made Izy realise just how isolated she really was, how all the while she claimed that she didn’t need anybody, but in reality she was starting to realise that that wasn’t entirely true. However, even though she had been allowed to have visitors for the past few days, she was still slightly surprised how few people had come to see her. Did she really mean that little to everyone? Although, really, she shouldn’t have been as surprised as she was when she thought about the way that she treated everyone else – why the hell would they care what had happened to her? Most of them were probably glad, and Izy found herself sinking into a bitter mood. Of course her family came to visit sometimes, but even they seemed like they were distracted, as though they had better things to be doing. But she tried to remember what Charlie had said to her when she had seen him that day, the way he had encouraged her to be better. It was going to take a lot of work, and perhaps this was the catalyst that would really kick start Izy into changing.


As usual, the blonde was awake in the middle of the night, she very rarely slept anymore and that was only when the doctor’s drugged her into sleep. The female was too scared. Too scared of what she would see, what she would hear, what she would feel...Izy didn’t feel safe anymore and she resented it. It was ridiculous, she told herself continuously, but evidently the effects of her experience had affected her more than she would like to admit. Besides, Izy could have sworn that she heard whispering when she was alone; it only increased the paranoia that something was there with her. Or perhaps the whispering was just a memory...that same voice, repeating over and over again in her head.

When Juliette Summers dropped by in the middle of the night to visit her, Izy was wide awake as always, however Mrs Summers was one of the last people she had thought would come and see her. Her surprise was evident as the blonde woman entered the room and sat next to her, with Izy only nodding at her questions. Why was she here? Izy forced a smile at her, Mrs Summers seemed nervous about something as she fiddled with her hair. ”No, now’s fine.” she assured her, surprised at how hoarse her voice sounded. Reaching over, she poured herself a cup of water, irritated to find that her hands were shaking. The news that Ophelia was also in the hospital was surprising – they had found her then. It wasn’t like the two girls were friends, but it had been assumed that the worst had happened...Izy was glad that she was alive. ”Is she doing okay?” she asked quietly, but evidently Mrs Summers knew no more than Izy about the matter. There were long, awkward silences between the pair and the young woman found herself continuously glancing over at the door. Now that she was allowed visitors, she was terrified that Shin was going to turn up at any moment, demanding money...or maybe he would send someone, to finish what he had started. Maybe he’d just kill her this time, save himself any more trouble.

”How’s Kain?” It was her attempt at making small talk, but almost as soon as she’d asked, she wished that she hadn’t. The way that the woman’s face dropped and crumpled, she looked almost pitiful and horror crossed Izy’s face. ”Oh!” it was a strangled noise as realisation hit. ”Oh God! I’m so sorry!” Well, she’d really gone and put her foot in it this time. She had no idea what to say to the woman who was evidently grieving – what was Izy supposed to say? She couldn’t make this any better, she couldn’t change anything...why was she here?! They only ever spoke at school when they had to and it was usually when Izy was late handing something in. Why had she come to see her? Izy was suddenly annoyed, as though something had come over her. But it came almost as soon as it went; as she saw Mrs Summers try and recompose herself. But it still made the young blonde uncomfortable; she was no good at things like this. ”I’m really sorry.” was all that she managed to say. For a second, she wished that Charlie was here...it wasn’t the first time since she had been in hospital. But especially now, in this situation, he always had the right thing to say, could always make people feel better. It was just a natural quality that he possessed, and it wasn’t something that Izy was blessed with. But she quickly pushed any thoughts of Charlie from her mind. Father Maddux. They probably weren’t friends anymore, after what had happened the last time she’d seen him.

Actually, Izy had decided that it was nice to have Mrs Summers there with her. Whilst most of their time was spent in silence, occasionally the two would engage in a good bout of conversation, and a couple of times they had even made each other laugh. Izy just hoped that the woman wasn’t here out of pity, no, it was probably just something to do with the school. Although, it was rather late...”Are you going to see Ophelia too?” she asked suddenly, after another long silence. However, it wasn’t quite so uncomfortable anymore; it seemed as if both women were just happy for the company. She wondered what time it was, glad to see that time wasn’t passing too quickly. She knew that the police were coming to speak to her again in the morning.

They had been in a few times now, and every time they got frustrated with her. But Izy couldn’t help it; she just...couldn’t talk about it. It made everything so much worse. The first time, she had gotten so worked up that the doctor’s had to sedate her, the memory was too overwhelming – it was like the voice was inside her head, screaming at her and sometimes it said the most horrible things. But then, she always did have an active imagination. The doctors said she just needed time, but how much time? She just wanted to forget the whole ordeal and go back to normal, as though nothing had happened. Except...it had. Every time she was asked, Izy claimed to have forgotten, occasionally she relayed some patchy, vague information in a hope to get them off her back, but it never really worked. She was just too scared. If Shin found out she had spoken to the police...she didn’t dare think about what he would do to her this time. Surely he knew by now that she was still in Brookshire?

Location: Hospital
With: Juliette

(let me know if anything needs changing.)

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                          ██ ██ ██████ ██ ██ █████ ██ ██ ██████ ██ ██ █████ ██ ██ ██████ ██ ██

                          αȵ∂ ɪ ғϵϵʟ τʜϵ ωαʏ τʜατ ϵvϵʀʏ cʜɪʟ∂ sʜouʟ∂
                          sɪτ αȵ∂ ʟɪsτϵȵsɪτ αȵ∂ ʟɪsτϵȵ
                          ωϵȵτ τo scʜooʟ αȵ∂ ɪ ωαs vϵʀʏ ȵϵʀvous
                          ȵo oȵϵ kȵϵω ɱϵ • ȵo oȵϵ kȵϵω ɱϵ
                          ʜϵʟʟo τϵαcʜϵʀ τϵʟʟ ɱϵ ωʜατ's ɱʏ ʟϵssoȵ
                          ʟook ʀɪgʜτ τʜʀougʜ ɱϵʟook ʀɪgʜτ τʜʀougʜ ɱϵ
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                          Perhaps it was hypocritical for Shepherd to suggest that Oliver talk to a shrink. Most of the time he didn't like talking to his own, but now he was forced to stare face to face with the reason behind therapy. Sometimes you needed someone to talk to. Maybe that's what Oliver needed...was someone to talk to? Of course Lucky hadn't considered any of this until after he had left the diner. It wasn't until he was home that he was able to breathe and clear his thoughts. He had let his anger get in the way of him making a friend. "At least he gave me his number," he supposed as he stared at his phone. He pressed 'compose', tempted to send a text message to Oliver, but soon clicked out of it. He thought back to what Oliver said about not even telling his parents about the fact that he heard voices. Lucky didn't even know what he would do if he wasn't able to vent anything that he went through. If he didn't have Dr. Shultz, he probably would have gone crazy. He didn't like to talk about the massacre. He rarely told anyone any of the details, not even Pennie. Even Dr. Shultz only knew bits and pieces. Maybe bottling up the events...was why he often felt so uncomfortable in his own skin. He didn't fit in with society...which is why he liked talking to Oliver. Oliver didn't fit in either. He reached in his pocket and pulled out the napkin that had the link to Oliver's webcomic series, he was tempted to look at it, but at that moment didn't even feel like getting out of bed.

                          Gambit walked into his bedroom and hopped up so that his paws were on the blanket. At that moment, the dog just started staring at him. Lucky didn't really acknowledge the dog until he started making a weird, throaty, whining sound. He glanced over and Gambit licked his face. "No," he told the dog before sitting up so he could work on his text message to Oliver. He thought about how Oliver had asked him about what happened to make him hate everyone. At the time, he only offered a look, and muttered, "Oh let me count the ways." Lucky wasn't sure if he really hated people as much as he claimed. He mostly hated his inability to understand people. However he was trying. He felt that he was trying a lot harder than anyone had ever tried to understand him. 'Why the hell did I tell her,' he mentally groaned as he bumped his head against the wall. He probably would have handled life a lot easier if Pennie never found out. After all, things were now awkward. He shouldn't have expected someone like her to like someone like him. Of course he couldn't tell Oliver that he had attempted to disgrace the best friend bond by trying to be more than a friend. He was friend-zoned. 'We probably aren't friends anymore,' he mentally groaned. All Lucky wanted at that moment...was to be someone else. He was tired of feeling angry, heartbroken, sad and disgusted with himself. The idea that Oliver...would probably understand, offered a sense of relief that he hadn't expected.

                          To: Oliver
                          From: Shep

                          Hey, if you ever want someone to talk to about
                          all that conspiracy stuff, I'm free. i think it's interesting.
                          plus, i know what it's like to feel like no one understands.
                          sometimes all you need is someone to talk to. sorry i
                          got so irritated at the cafe. lots of personal stress. I'm
                          planning on checking out your webcomic btw.

                          That positivity was soon lost when he read the text from Kaleb.

                          To: Kaleb
                          From: Lucky

                          No offence, but die
                          Please don't text me like we're friends

                          Why the hell did he even send that first text to Pennie? He knew that he should have locked up his feelings as he often did, however as he sat on his bed, he found himself looking back at the text she had sent him. He didn't think that Pennie understood what ran through his mind. With her mom leaving...he thought she knew what it was like for someone to just disappear. It was a feeling that only someone who had lost someone close to them could understand. However what separated him from Pennie, was that death continued to follow him. He had lost both of his parents and often found it difficult to cling to the little bits of memories he had of them. Technically he owned the house that they lived in, but chose not to enter it. Of course he also realized that the moment he turned eighteen he would be able to do whatever he wanted with the property. The last time he was in his old home, he had picked up a few items...just to remember them. He had photos, his father's cologne, as well as his mother's hairbrush. He never cleaned her hairbrush, all so he could keep her scent trapped within the bristles. Of course he kept these items locked away in a place where he could retrieve them at any given time. What made the Foster Massacre painful...was that he didn't have a guaranteed way to remember his foster siblings. Sure he remembered the games that they would play or the little conversations they would whisper to each other at night when the lights were out. The Foster Massacre combined with his fight with Pennie was proof that he was the reason his friendships ended.

                          He was like...a disease...

                          He deleted all of his text conversations with Pennie, including the ones he had purposely tried to save in the past. Then he deleted his facebook account and heaved a deep breath as he sat in his chair debating what to do next. No one was home. Even though it wasn't unusual...there was something different about the loneliness he felt. Lucky felt that loneliness that was followed by that thought of, 'Why do I bother? What's my purpose...why do I exist...why do I continue...why can't I be normal...why...am I different?' Even with Lucky's fairly high IQ and an intellect that was beyond his years...he couldn't understand the basic principles of how to enjoy life. The realization that he had lost Tegan was already well established in his mind. He knew that she was gone and she wasn't coming back. He knew that he wouldn't be able to catch glimpses of her at the hospital. He wouldn't hear her tell him her theories of what happened at the foster house, as she tried often guess the "truth". It was funny...Lucky had wanted to tell her. He often wanted to tell anyone. Losing Pennie as well was beyond anything that he could handle. He wasn't one to cry. That was something he remembered his dad telling him. "Real men don't cry..." When he was little he was such a cry baby.

                          He could recall his last memory of his parents. He remembered it being dark...and he was really tired. He couldn't even remember why they were out so late. His mom kept telling his dad to slow down...and Shepherd remembering hearing them panic. His mother started yelling, then his father yelled back. Shepherd...was so incredibly tired. When the car crashed, his body ached all over, but he was trapped in his seat. He cried out, screaming, unsure of what was going on. Although he heard his dad, weakly tell him, "Shepherd...shhh...Shep..." there were other words, but they were lost from the sound of his own crying, as well as the hiss from the car. "Shep...hey...hey Shep..."

                          "Real men don't cry," Shepherd whispered to himself as he lightly chuckled, breaking his thoughts from the memory. He wiped his eyes, brushing away any tears that had tried to build up. His entire body felt heavy. Even as he stood up. He heard the sound of his dogs running around in some other portion of his house, however he wasn't even focused on them...all he kept thinking about was the mind-numbing feeling of loneliness that he was under. It was the realization that he would never be understood or saw as anything more than just as Lucky or "that guy who survived that one thing". Mixed in with his sadness was a strange anger that he couldn't even begin to explain. He was mad at Pennie, he was mad at Allison, he was mad at Ed's crazy mother, he was mad at every citizen in Brookshire. He was mad at Howie at never being home. He was mad at Dr. Shultz for only wanting to talk to him because it was his job. Most of all he was mad at himself for even caring. He snatched his hat off and tossed it over on the floor and grabbed at his head wanting to turn off the emotions. He wanted...to not care about anything. More importantly he wanted to disappear so that no one else would have to pretend that they cared as well. He walked into the kitchen and started rummaging through the cabinet. He knew that Howie had sleeping pills...he often complained about how hard it was to sleep at night. When you sleep, the pain goes away; the heaviness disappears and you don't have to deal with people. After all, everyone that appears in your dream is someone you created.

                          Lucky wanted to go to a place where he belonged...

                          After his dosage was measured, he was just about to take it when he felt Gambit nudge his leg with his snout. Lucky glanced over at the dog and saw Melody as well. Both were wagging their tails happily. Neither knew what he had planned to do. Instead they both presented a happy, peppiness and bounced up and down while barking a strange bark. Lucky knew that they were either hungry or had to go to the bathroom. Realistically speaking, Lucky knew that Howie wasn't due to come home until night. Without how busy the medical examiner always was, Lucky understood that if Howie were living alone, then he wouldn' have time to care for Melody and Gambit. "What would you two do without me," he softly mumbled before stooping down and wrapping his arms around his pets before pulling them both into a hug.

                          He took a moment to regain himself and took both Melody and Gambit on a walk, although he still felt a little numb. As he walked down the sidewalk into the main part of town, he couldn't help but notice a lot of police tape around the pet shop. He also noticed that people were trying to evacuate the animals from the building as well, placing them all in an old van. He also noticed a girl from his class, Quinn. GAmbit and Melody tugged him over to the scene, where he found himself asking Quinn, "What's going on?" Next thing he knew, an officer was asking both of them to move away from the Pet Shop. "We could um...walk and talk...if you want," he suggested and held out Melody's leash to the girl. He wasn't too surprised that she had agreed. After all, Quinn worked at the hospital. He remembered catching sight of her when he was hanging out with Tegan. He had heard rumors that she liked animals. He just didn't expect to have other things in common with her. She got along better with adults as well. She displayed a sense of maturity he rarely saw associated with his classmates. She told him about the meeting and mentioned something about trying to come up with a plan for what to do with the animals. "I can...see if I can take some," Lucky spoke up. "But if I can't, then I'll help try to find homes for them...because yeah...I like animals. It's weird, I feel like I connect better with animals. Everything's just...I don't know, simplified? There aren't any ulterior motives, deception-- none of that unnecessarily confusing stuff that comes with life. All any pet wants is to give love and to be shown love in return. There's just a loyalty that I don't think people are capable of giving to each other..."

                          He realized that he rambled. Shepherd heaved a sigh before offering a light chuckle, "I'm not sure if I worded that right." Towards the end of the walk, he made sure to reintroduce himself, in case Quinn had forgotten who he was. He even added that Howie was his legal guardian to make it easier for her to realize who he was. After he gave her his phone number (whether she decided to keep it or not was up to her), he turned to leave. Although that's when he remembered something, and glanced back at her. "You live in the old foster house, right?" he asked. "Did you guys keep the piano? If you...ever hear it play by itself, then um, you should probably play it. I guess it misses someone giving it attention." He didn't know if the house was haunted for real, but he had heard rumors. He heard that the spirits of the children who were murdered resided there. If the little ghosts did happen to play the piano (which Lucky could only assume was poorly), then he wondered if it was because he wasn't there to fill the home with music. When he lived at the foster house, he could play the old upright for hours, and often did. He use to believe that Music was where he belonged, but now he wasn't sure if that counted. "Good-bye," he told her before continuing on his way with both Melody and Gambit.

                          At home, he reactivated his facebook account, and also noticed that Howie came home early. Of course Howie went and took a nap, so Lucky made sure not to disturb him. It wasn't until the doctor was awake that Lucky was reminded about the meeting. He knew that Quinn had mentioned the possibility of proposing a plan for something to be done about the petshop so that it wouldn't be taken over by the city. Lucky had considered going until he saw mention of a challenge that was supposed to happen later tonight. He didn't want to go, but he knew that everyone was going. It was Liam's party all over again. Even though something told him not to go, he had made up in his mind that he was going to go anyway. Even though he had a feeling that a lot of teens were just using it as an excuse to go to the old highschool and get wasted and have sex with each other. That or hook up. He had this unsettling feeling that he was going to have to see Pennie. He mostly likely would see Kaleb as well. Hell, there was probably a high chance that he was going to see the two get involved with each other right before his eyes...and yet he decided that he was going to go. Quinn was probably going to be disappointed and think that he lied about wanting to help out when it came to the Petshop situation. It was only human nature to be disappointed. After all, Howie was disappointed that he wasn't going as well.

                          Even though he was told to stay home and he knew that there was no telling when Howie would come home, he snuck out. He traveled to the woods without anyone to keep him company. He glanced around at the various trees. He shined his flashlight in all directions around him. He wasn't sure why he felt so paranoid...but he didn't like it. Fortunately he was able to find the old path, although it was severely worn away by time and lack of upkeep. He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket, which startled him. He drew it out to see that he had a text from Pennie. She was asking when it would be okay for her to talk to him. He didn't know why she sent him that. He didn't know what answer she was looking for. He didn't want to talk to her...because he knew what was going to coming up. He knew that she was going to bring up Kaleb, even though Kaleb was the last person he wanted to talk about. He didn't reply to her text and continued to the old school. When he arrived...he saw that he was the only one there. Either he was early or it was some kind of sick prank. He heard what sounded like someone walking, so he quickly shined his flashlight in all directions looking for a source. He didn't see any. [********] he whispered, wishing he brought one of his dogs with him. [******** my life." Fortunately Quinn had given him her number, so he tugged out his phone and texted her.

                          To: Quinn
                          From: Lucky

                          Sorry I didn't go to the meeting. Did you go?
                          I'm at that challenge thing...and no one's here
                          yet. Heh. Or were/are you sleeping?

                          To: Oliver
                          From: Lucky

                          Are you going to the challenge?

                          He had forgotten how late it was until he noticed the time on his cellphone. It was past midnight. It wasn't long until after he slipped his phone back into his pocket that he realized more people were coming. He saw Pennie, Georgie and Luke. He saw Pennie part from the group and started walking in his direction. Mentally he begged that she wouldn't. He didn't hate her...he wasn't even sure how he felt about her, and that's what scared him the most. He didn't know what he would do. If he would be able to maintain control over his already slightly unstable emotions. Then she hugged him. So he took a deep breath, trying to maintain his typical seriousness. He didn't want anyone to know how upset he had been earlier. It wasn't even just Pennie...it was everything piled up to the point where he wasn't sure how to cope with it anymore. Then she started talking and he found himself wondering how many people she had told. Pennie had a lot of friends and could have easily shown his texts to everyone. There was no telling how many of them had laughed or joked about him. Then she gave him that pout. That pout...that made him feel like a monster for ever being upset with her. "There was no way that I could...tell you," he admitted. There was that fear of rejection. The fact that if she didn't feel the same it would screw up their friendship. However he already felt like the friendship was practically torn to pieces. He was about to add that he felt stupid for bringing it up in the first place, however stopped when she mentioned Kaleb.

                          Was it that hard to believe that it was possible for someone to dislike Kaleb? "He's never given me a reason to like him," Lucky told her rather seriously, however there was a bitterness present in his voice. However it was her next question that actually offended him. He chuckled lightly and shook his head as he held his head down, before returning his gaze to her. Then he said very quietly, not wanting for everyone to eavesdrop on their conversation, "This isn't about who you're dating." He wanted to ask her if she ever considered him, but the words were trapped in his throat. "...if you want to date Kaleb...then um...yeah, that's...um...that's fine, heh." There were several things he wanted to say, but that wasn't one of them. That was the absolute last thing he wanted to tell Pennie. He couldn't even offer her eye contact. "Pennie...you act like you'll have to worry about being alone. You'll always be surrounded by people who love you...because you're good at that. At um, being a person." He had heard the word 'friend'. He knew that it meant that she only saw him as a friend, and that's all that he would ever be. She grouped him in the same category with Georgie and Luke...who were gay. He hugged her close to him, and whispered in her ear,"You've had boyfriends before...if you think that I would stop being your friend because you decide to date someone who isn't me...then I guess that would make me a terrible person...and if you think I'm a terrible person...then I guess we should um...sever whatever's left of whatever bond we have then..." He released her and took a few steps back. "And I'm not trying to guilt trip you...I'm being honest," he told her, before forcing himself to smile. "I guess I could see why you'd want to date Kaleb. Celebrity parents, money, talent, looks, popular, I assume he can kiss...so yeah, do what you want Pennie."

                          He heard the sound of Kelsey's voice and glanced over to see her and April. "So is...this everyone?" he couldn't help but ask. He had half expected more people than this. The whole point of him coming was so he could show everyone that he existed. He was already regretting it. Lucky felt it would be a shame if more people didn't end up showing up.

                          █ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌█ ▌

                          Xx Location;; Old Highschool for Challenge ; nearest Pennie.
                          Dogs:: Melody, Gambit
                          OoC:: D: Too long...too long. P.S. Permission from like, several people

                          Attire:: CLICKERS


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So…Oliver had been social. That was good right? He wasn’t really a social person. And to be honest the coffee shop took a lot out of him. He didn’t know what he was supposed to do and the game was decent. He had learned a lot about Shepard and could see him as being an acquaintance. And that is huge. Let’s be honest, it took a very long time just for him to consider Bunni a friend. Months by his recollection. So Shepard being an acquaintance was one of those ‘good job Oil’ things. Because it showed he was trusting more people and apparently that helped you with … something. He wasn’t sure with what exactly. But it was suppose to be good for something.

Didn’t stop him from feeling really really shaky. He wasn’t paranoid; it wasn’t like he thought that someone was going to kill him senseless. But he sort of shook a bit. And that little voice that whispered. Telling him over and over again ’ this is a distraction, something big is happening and this was obviously a set up. Something bad was going to happen. Something bad was really going to happen and you’ll feel helpless when it does. He tried to ignore all of those voices. He soon felt his phone vibrate and he took it out to read that from Bunni that Reed-san was dead.

Reed-san was…okay he could do this. He went through all the people he knew about. He soon realized that it was the owner of that Pet Shop. Oh no! Bunni really liked her. He felt terrible. And so he had left the coffee shop and had gone to see her. Had attempted to cheer her up by offering to go and play video games. Why not? They had sounds and lights and whatnot to make people happy right? And so they had gone. Half to cheer her up, half to get him some drugs. He just had to have those voices quiet down. Just for a little bit. He couldn’t think clearly and it was getting harder with Bunni upset, since now the voice was doing that oh so annoying ‘I told you so, see it was a distraction.’

So at the arcade true to him and Shin’s style, Oliver had gone to pacman and had stuck at the bottom of it the money that he owed for the drugs and after he played it a few moments. He then walked away and went to bunni to play the game she wanted and after a few minutes he went back to the Pac Man and got his drugs, slipping them into his pocket. He would just take some when he got home.

Then after Bunni seemed at least a bit happier he offered her the option to go to his house. Since he really didn’t think Bunni should be alone after such a tragedy. She was sad and upset and he knew well enough you don’t leave a friend in that position. So they had gone to his house, where first thing he did was go to his washroom and take the medication that Shin had given him. Drinking a glass of water he felt … a bit better. Just a bit, but at least he didn’t feel, shaken. That feeling that everything was not a coincident. That everything all came to him, to what he did and what he could do.

He left the bathroom and had gone to the kitchen and made tea. Because he remembered his mum once saying that tea solved everything. He poured her a cup and him a cup and sat down as he said “So what happened to Miss Reed? Was she murdered or was it just like a heart attack?”

He figured he’d ask. Maybe try to figure out what happened so he could do better at cheering Bunni up. He took a sip of his tea and looked around. He soon figured he could tell her about his day. He wondered if that was selfish. Sounded selfish to talk about him when she was still super sad. So he was quiet. And would wait for her to start the conversation.

And that was going splendid until he felt his phone vibrate. He read about how if he ever wanted to talk to someone about his conspiracy stuff … yeah, stuff. Not theories, not some word that would show that it was a legit reason to be worried. No, Shepard had decided to call it conspiracy stuff. He continued to read it. He was free to talk about it because he was free, because it was interesting. Again sort of destroying the legitimate reason for the theory itself. He didn’t like the phrase conspiracy stuff. Just sort of sounded like he was being poked fun at. However, Shep was new to this and probably just didn’t understand it yet. So he continued reading the text message.

And he heard about how he knew what it was like to feel that nobody understood. That made him feel better. Since having someone to talk to sounded nice. Sure he wasn’t thrilled about leaking any information about himself, but still was nice of Lucky to offer. Going on, he heard about how he just would need someone to talk to. Sure. He soon read the apologizing about the café thing. Well he figured it was something to do with people. People sucked, they were really parasites. Most of them fed off of others for acceptance and it made them blind to what was most important. It’s why Oil tried to have little to no friends. Failed since Bunni and Shin were his friends, but hey, two were okay. Three if Lucky ended up being a good person rather than somebody pretending to be a good person.

He read about how he was checking out the web comic. He took the phone and text back:

To Shepard
From Oliver
Thanks, but I think I’m good
However if I ever do need to talk I’ll be sure to talk to you or Bunni
And its conspiracy theories, not conspiracy stuff
Just seems to undermine the importance when you use the word stuff.
What you up to?

The blond put his phone onto the table and drank some more of his tea. As he did he just figured he could try talking, so he did what he did best. He asked “So I’ve been doing some digging and I found out the phone number of that hacker guy, the one you wanted to meet. And I can sort of figure out his GPS so we can find him if you want. Did you still want to do that?”

And he wasn’t sure what to do. He felt more awkward than normal. He didn’t want to make her feel horrible nor did he want to bother her with dribble. He hadn’t had the type of day to talk about. Though he figured she might be happy. He stated “so I think I made a new friend today too. Its this guy named Shepard. He seems relatively safe to…maybe eventually trust. Do you know anything about him?”

And soon time went and went. He could go to the town meeting, of course. But he did not because he felt that town meetings was a brain washing session that the big wigs of this town to control the residents and he did not need any of that. So he waited and waited for Bunni to say anything. He poured himself another cup of tea. Soon he got another text from Lucky as he asked about him doing the challenge. He heard about it. About how anybody who was anybody was going. He wasn’t part of that anybody…and he was really sure that the ‘anybody’ was the people who beat him up on a regular basis. So the idea of being alone with them going to some abandoned building that might be haunted where he could be killed with nobody hearing about it …. Didn’t sound good to him. At all. He text the other:

To Lucky
From Oil
I sort of heard that that was meant for anybody who was anybody
Which usually translates to the Ty and Liam
who beat me up on a regular basis
Thus being alone with them seemed very unsafe
And Bunni is sad so I’m staying with her
Her friend Miss Reed died
How about you? Are you going to the Challenge?
You can come and hang out with Bunni and I if you want
Though don’t know what we’re doing

He pressed SEND. He put his phone into his pocket. He then took another sip of his tea. As he did he asked “So what do you want to do Bunni?”

Where Are You Oli?Wouldn't you like to know...fine, my house.
Who are you with?Bunni
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                                                                                  "Don't...be alone tonight,"

                                                                                  Charlotte raised a brow at the priest's sudden request. "What?" she mouthed, questioning his words as he continued to explain. Does he usually sound like a fortune cookie? Oh, wait, that was really mean. Charlotte frowned at that. She didn't mean to think that. She was, however, only half-listening this time, catching every other sentence. Not that Charlie wasn't providing her with useful words of wisdom. Her focus was just all over the place. She thought talking to the man she admired so would help her find closure. However, Charlotte was being a stupid teenager. She wanted to sulk for as long as she was able to. Not that she had a right to. Sure, she could continue to go around and act as though she and Kain were close. Like he was someone she treasured, but it was all a lie. A guilt trip. What she should have told Charlie, Quinn and everyone else was that her opinion of Kain wasn't all entirely because she had a crush on the guy. She was more upset about his death rather than the fact that he was gone. Whatever happened back there would give her an excuse to sleep with an eye open tonight. And with Charlie's added suggestion, she definitely would not sleep at all. The brunette averted back to Charlie, nodding at the last bit of his short speech. Too bad she wasn't really listening. "I better go. I'll call you later if I need to. Bye," she waved then walked away.

                                                                                  Well, that was rather rude, wasn't it?

                                                                                  Charlotte was rushing herself home. She just wanted to see her parents. Mostly, cuddle with her pups. The anti-depressants if you will. Charlotte pretty much walked all the way home without a hitch. However, her mind did mess with her everytime she bumped into a stranger or heard a loud noise. It was tough not to be a little jumpy here and there. By the time she reached the house, Charlotte's parents were alarmed with tears and a story that made their skin crawl. Her mother, Elaine was not one to sit around and take this lightly. She put herself to work, preparing more casseroles and pies to take to the grieving Summers' home. Her husband anonymously ordered a floral arrangement to be sent to the Summers' house as well as the hospital. As for Charlotte, she locked herself in her father's study. Other than telling her parents, Adrianna, Charlie and her Bible club about Kain's status, the brunette swallowed her tongue and shut off her phone for the remainder of the day after informing Adrianna she was no longer in the mood for yoga today. This was silly in a way. She was not the one who lost anyone when she thought about it. Poor Mrs. Summers. Losing her only son like that in such a catastrophic manner. I wish there was something I could do... she thought, swaying side to side in the leather chair while staring at her father's screensaver. A floating picture of her five-year-old self attempting to rollerblade for the first time without holding onto her mother's hand. She still had the skid-marks on her right thigh from sliding along the driveway. Ouch! "Hmm..." the girl pondered, feeling a 'eureka' moment coming here way.

                                                                                  Long after delving herself in a project, Charlotte had lost complete track of time until she and her parents had left for the town meeting. She wasn't all enthused about it, but she was in need of more distractions. During the meeting, Charlotte sat with Quinn, figuring she wouldn't be so bored. In her hand, she had a journal which she used to communicate with her new friend without interrupting those that surrounded them. She sometimes did this in class when she was forced to partner up with someone. It started back when her and Lucas were considered 'tight' and she hasn't been caught yet. One of the things she jotted down was an invitation to her house that night, warning Quinn that they didn't own a television, but offered a movie night via her dad's laptop. That is of course if they weren't exhausted from this meeting. Everytime she thought it was over, someone would jump up and ask the speaker questions which only extended their time there. The worst part of the meeting (which she fought so hard to ignore) was the death count. Charlotte found herself staring at the back of Father Maddux's head at that point. She was curious as to how the ordeal at the hospital went after she had left him. She didn't think it went off all too well seeing that Mrs. Summers was absent. Was the Mayor even there? Charlotte would have scoped out the bodies, but she had barely began to when the meeting was adjourned. Thank goodness!

                                                                                  Rising out of her seat, she tucked her journal back into her messenger bag. "I thought we'd never get out of here," she chuckled lightly, slipping the straps of her bag onto her shoulder. "So if you're not too tired when we get back, you can pick the movie. Oh, I should probably tell you that we only carry older films. My parents are a bit strict on what I watch. It's a little overwhelming," she admitted, scratching her left arm. God would know how much she desired to see just one Disney film. Kids used to tease her for not knowing who Mickey Mouse was. It wasn't her fault, ya know? And she was still holding her dad to his promise to take her to Disneyland. Not that he would. Maybe that would be the first thing she did when she was eighteen? All thoughts aside, she felt an elbow nudge her side. It was her dad, Liam being his goofy self. "Ready to go, girls? I'll go find my wife then we'll get going," he smiled, turning his head in several directions to find Elaine. "Sounds good. Oh, can I have the keys so we can wait by the car?" Charlotte asked, holding out her hand. To her surprise, she was denied. "But dad--" she frowned as he started to give her a short speech on why she wasn't allowed to go outside by herself. "Daddy, I won't be by myself. Quinn is with me," she protested, crossing her arms. "You can wait a few minutes, Josie. Please, just be patient, love," he said, patting her shoulder then made him way along the row of chairs to find his wife.

                                                                                  "Sorry you had to see that," Charlotte apologized to Quinn, taking her hand then led her out into the hall. "Do you mind walking back to my place? It's not that far and knowing my mother, we'll be hear til dawn by the time she's done talking." Normally Charlotte listened to her mom and dad. She knew they were worried about her being out of their sight, but hey, they've got to learn to trust her sometime. Besides, she's sixteen. Did she really need them to look after her twenty-four seven? "Listen, I don't wanna drag you down with me because they will be furious when we get there. Plus it's cold and could pour any second and--" Quinn brushed off Charlotte excuses, making it clear that she was all for it. "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's get out of here," the brunette laughed, walking alongside the raven-haired girl.

                                                                                  Walking rather quickly to their home, Charlotte fought with her conscience quietly. "Oh phooey!" Charlotte spat, tripping over a crack in the sidewalk. Luckily, she managed to keep from colliding with the pavement. "Sorry, I'm a bit clumsy today." she laughed, looking at Quinn who was currently scrolling through her phone. "Calling up your dad to pick us up?" she asked in a hopeful tone, not realizing they were actually on their own street already. How long had they been out here? Peeking at the screen, Charlotte cocked an eyebrow at the message sender. "I didn't know you and Shep were close. He's a cutie," she smiled, seeing only the first couple sentences. Something she noticed was a mention of the 'challenge'. "The challenge? What is that? A truth or dare sorta thing?" she asked curiously then shrugged. "Must be a guy thing, I guess. They're all really silly about masculinity around here. My ex is probably there, I would assume. Funny he wasn't at the meeting tonight, but what can ya do?"

                                                                                  With that said, Charlotte stepped a few feet from Quinn, giving her some space so she could reply to Lucky in private. Nah, she wasn't gonna be a complete snoop. It was naturally none of her business. Meanwhile, Charlotte glanced down the street, spottiing a figure walking towards them. "Uuuuuhh Quinn?" she stepped back, bumping the other girl. "Who's that?" she asked, pointing at the figure closing in on them. In the darkness with only a bipolar streetlamp blinking on and off, Charlotte squinted. Wait a second..is that..? "Ophelia?" she gasped, wondering what the heck she was doing out here. "How are you out here? They said at the meeting you were in the hospital.." she questioned, feeling slightly relieved, but eery at the same time. Charlotte had history with Ophelia. In school, they competed to be the best. Well, it was more so Charlotte wanting the bit of attention. Ophelia was a clever girl, though Charlotte wouldn't admit to it. However, she found herself feeling sympathetic towards her nemesis. "Everything alright, Ophie? You don't..look...well..." Charlotte's voice slowly quieted down at the last part as she tugged on Quinn's arm. "Let's just go," she whispered, trying not to stare at Ophelia too much. It was just weird to see her out and about after what she had gone through.


                                        Location: Street of the Foster House
                                        Company: Quinn and Ophelia
                                        Attire: Rain Rain Go Away
                                        Mood: Sincerely weirded out
                                        Thoughts: "Why didn't I just listen?"
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            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxJULIETTE SERENITY McCOY-SUMMERS

            THE TEACHER
              Ophelia's Hospital Room With No OnexxxxShoppingxxxxOoC: I have permission

              It was very late. Juliette had struggled against the urge to yawn as she stood in the hospital room. Ugh, hospitals. She hated them. Because of her children, she had entered the little local one, multiple times. The walls were so blank, the building held the scent of floor cleaner in some places. It wasn't warm...like a home. There was nothing that a hospital could offer her to make her think fondly of them. She hugged her arms and glanced around before refocusing her attention once more on Izy. The girl had frizzy blonde hair, which reminded Juliette so much of herself before she married Adam. Although she didn't know what kind of person Izy was outside of school, she had heard rumors that she and Tyreese Oliver were doing things together. Izy...made her reminice a little too much about the past. When she was young she often had that little what if question present in her mind. In Juliette's opinion it was cute that Izy and Ty were involved with each other. She liked interracial couples. Then again, it was just another thing to haunt her about the past and her conflicting decisions. She pushed the thoughts into the back of her head and took a deep breath. She sat down in the open seat near Izy's bed. Izy's voice was very hoarse and Juliette's motherly instincts immediately kicked in when she saw the girl struggling to pour herself a glass of water. So Juliette quickly stood up to help the girl. Once the water was poured, she handed it to Izy.

              "There you go," she told her, before taking her seat once more. She was asked about Ophelia's well being and Juliette could only shrug. "I haven't had the chance to go see her yet," she explained. "Like you, she was found in pretty bad shape..." Although she wasn't sure if she worded that right. The last thing she wanted was to stress out the girl. "I'm planning on seeing her next," she added. Now she wished she did bring Izy something. For a brief moment she tried mentally running over the list of items she had in her bag, trying to think of one she could give Izy instead. Her thoughts were cut short when Izy suddenly asked about Kain. She hadn't realized how expressive her face was. She hadn't realized how sad she had suddenly looked. She hadn't expected Izy to ask about him. She should have, but Kain's name alone caught her off guard. Izy apologized, but Juliette shook her head before taking a deep breath. "It's...it's alright, you didn't know...Kain...died this mornin'," she explained. A short laugh broke from her lips. After all, laughter was a relief...typically people laugh to get that release. Juliette laughed when she felt nervous, stressed or anxious. Ever since she was a child she was told that laughter could cure everything. It became an innappropriate habit...but she couldn't break it.

              So she laughed.

              "Y'know...when I was growing up, my papa would always tell me that the worst thing in the world...was when y'know, a parent has to bury a child. I though he was being um...being silly? Hell-- ah, damn-- sorry, I try not to cuss in front of my students. But yeah, I thought he was being craaaazy. My mama always told me that the parents were supposed to die first-- took me till my thirties to realize they were telling the truth." She felt a tear starting to form in her eyes, but she quickly wiped it away as another laugh left her lips. "Ah, let's not talk about sad things. You've delt with enough bad things already. But hey, you're alive, so that's a good thing. Do your parents know? Then again, I'm sure they've already came by." Of course Juliette knew nothing about Izy's personal life. The only thing she was aware of was that the girl worked as a waitress at the local diner. Of course Juliette rarely ate at the diner. She was use to having meals prepared at home, although her family didn't always eat together. The lack of togetherness her family held always made their large house feel so very empty. Juliette stood up from her seat roughtly around the same time that Izy had asked if she was going to see Ophelia as well. Juliette nodded with a warm smile. "It's easy to feel lonely in a hospital. Who knows, maybe both of you can give each other company? Ah, but before I forget, I have something for you." She moved over to the present bag and drew out the jigsaw puzzle.

              She walked over to the teenaged girl and handed the gift to her. "I'm not sure how long you have to stay, but in care you're ever bored, here you go." She took a step back and added, "If it's not your cup of tea, then I don't mind bringing something different tomorrow. I um...didn't really have the chance to spoil my son in the hospital." That wasn't entirely true. Juliette had brought Kain several balloons and flowers for his brief stay in the hospital. "Anyways, I'm going to swing by Ophelia's room real quick. Is there anything you need? I can refill your water for you, or flag down a nurse in case you're hungry." That's when she remembered that Izy, like most teenagers, probably wanted her cellphone. "I'm surprised you have checked your texts once. I can hand you your phone if you're having trouble getting to it," Juliette offered with a smile, however found herself frowning when the girl mentioned that she had lost hers. Then that's when Juliette got an idea. She reached into her purse and pulled out her own cellphone. She looked at her own texts and saw that there was one from Adam. Without even reading it, she started to delete her messages. However that's when she noticed an old one from Ty that she had never answered. He was asking about Kain, but she was sure that he had heard by now, so she deleted it as well.

              "Here you go," she voiced as she handed it to the girl. "Just in case there was anyone you wanted to contact. If you don't use it, then that's fine too. Well um, I should be quick." She moved to the door and picked up the present bag and slipped out of the room. She heaved a heavy sigh. She wondered...if she looked like a grieving mother. She wondered if she was handling her emotions correctly. After the years of dealing with her marriage, she wasn't even sure she knew how to properly handle grief. Juliette was so use to her "outside" persona, that it was hard to be honest with how she truly felt. Although she couldn't deny that she wanted to see Ophelia. She wanted to make up for every horrible thing she had ever done. She wanted to beg the teenager to forgive her and give her a second chance. She wanted a second chance to be a mother...

              She would pay Mrs. Weathers if she had to.

              Juliette pushed open the door to the room that the receptionist had told her Ophelia was in...and to her surprise it was empty. She slowly walked in and looked around . The sheets were wrinkled, the bathroom was empty and she wasn't hiding in the closet. Juliette set the present bag down on the little rolling table, that held the remainders of Ophelia's dinner. She didn't pull up the cover to see if all of the food were eaten or not. "Ophelia," she whispered, as she tried her hardest not to panic. She had already lost one child, the idea of losing another was making it severely difficult for her to breathe. She clutched her chest as she felt herself panicking. Her heart was racing. She felt overwhelmed with a great deal of emotions. Quickly she pressed the call button on the hospital bed.

              "Yes?" the head nurse answered.

              "Help-- Oh god help!" was all she could bring herself to say. Juliette was on the verge of being hysterical. "what happened?!" the nurse immediately asked, however Juliette couldn't properly form sentences. All she did was cry. However these tears were filled with more frustration, and all of her crazy emotions that she had bottled so deeply within herself. If it were possible, she would have torn herself to pieces, just to feel that release from all the tension that locked up inside.

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                                            LOCATION his house COMPANY Graham CLOTHES Coming soon

                                            Charlie and Shin were John’s best friends…. There was no doubt about that. Despite them both being on opposite sides of the spectrum. Charlie was really good, and Shin was really bad, and John was plopped down right in the middle of them. He had his demons, his own closet full skeletons… all from around the time he was a teenager… A record of breaking into stores and other buildings at night, alcohol possession, and even going to rehab for a small coke problem that had turned out to be not so small. But when he became an adult, he tried his best to redeem himself the best he could. He went to police academy and got his degree in psychology to become one of Brookshire’s very few parole officers. He did his best to up hold the law, though knew he slipped up terribly when it came to Shin. He just couldn’t go through with arresting his friend.. the guy who was like a brother to him.. even Shin admitted he needed John! Did the Deputy take as a romantic need? Hecks no! Even if he did sometimes get a bit narcissistic and believe the Asian made wanted to be a bit more than a friend at times, John personally couldn’t see himself with the other. It would literally be like dating his own flesh and blood! But even with the darkness that was Shin surrounding him, there was the light that was Charlie…

                                            Some kids had thrown rocks at the church and broke a stained glass window a few years back. John was still in his beat cop uniform back then and was one of the first on the scene.. That was how he and Charlie met. Later that night, he found the punks who did it and had them work at the church cleaning up for months to pay for the damage, as well as help Charlie organize some sort of police vs priests soft ball game that helped raise money to replace the old window. After the game, they went to the little hole in the wall pizza place and both teams celebrated together. John didn’t even remember who won the game (okay, that’s a lie… the police kicked the Nun and alter boy’s BUTTS!!) and it was the start of an awesome friendship. He wasn’t sure if hanging out with both of the males at the same time was such a good idea… sometimes he didn’t think Shin gave a s**t about Charlie, or if Charlie could see Shin the way John saw him. It was a bit stressful, but John was genuinely greatful to have to two males in his life.

                                            Having Graham show up to his place was a bit of a shock, but only a half shock. John didn’t actually know if he should take the guy seriously or not, because Graham just wasn’t that much of a serious guy. Life was one big fun ride for the Psychic and maybe John envied him for seeing it like that. After all, John took life a bit too seriously. Maybe that’s why it was so easy to just turn around and snap at Graham like he did, because he was jealous that he couldn’t just… chillax about s**t. It didn’t really surprise him when Graham mentioned wanting to get his ankle monitor off, which made John just roll his eyes, ”Pfft… you want that thing off, ya gotta prooooooooove ya want it off, bub. And.. Just don’t.. stink up my living room with yer nasty feet, Jack.” John snickered a bit before falling onto the couch as they continued with the conversation, ”Ha! I knew it! I mean… Honestly, I din think ya liked me… so why wouldja wanna drink with me? Heh, I mean… Ya can’t be thaaat lonely, what about little bro? Or is he hidin too much from lookin all suspicious like? … Don’t answer that last part, it may be bad.. or something… shoooosh.”

                                            The conversation moved a bit until they came to Graham’s Psychicness. ”Hey! I dunno how that stuff works. I didn’t even really believe it! Then I asked ya for a murder case to cure my boredome and you make like… fifteen happen… Dun worry, I know yer dark devil magic didn’t meeeean for it all to happen… Actually, really I think it was the documentary team cause.. cause… well… it make a good movie, yeah? Come to town, lotsapeople diiiies~” John shrugged, and snickered a bit when graham gave his number, ”Ha! Wrong~ It was eleven~ neener~” He drank more of his scotch and moved up from the couch to get more as graham explained how it worked, ”Yeah yeah yeah… I dun speak magic talk, heh.. I know! ‘It’s not magic’ blah blah blah… all the same thing~” He sat back down and started to put his glass to his mouth when Graham reached for it and drank it, ”H-hey! Gitchurown!” He grumbled, but didn’t actually reach to force the glass out of his hand. He just sighed and relaxed against the couch ”Psh… Whatever… I drink what I ******** want to… ”

                                            John didn’t exactly realize how close Graham was until he noticed the other’s hand on his hair. He pursed out his lips a bit and gave the other a slight glare, ”No… usually I get told I need a hair cut… woah… woah whattaraydoin?” he shifted around a bit when Graham leaned in to smell his hair. His face turned a shade of pink as the felon made fun of him, saying he expected John’s hair to smell girly, ”whydoya say thaa?? I ain’t girly… ” he huffed, and actually looked up to make eye contact with Graham. He hadn’t done it since the first time he met Graham, as he gave him the break down on how his parole was going to work. At least, he didn’t hold the eye contact like he had then until now. Maybe John was drunk, but Graham’s eyes were kinda… intense for someone who didn’t take life so seriously. Suddenly, the other leaned in close to him and John couldn’t move his head back any further because of the couch. At first he figured Graham was gonna get close enough to say he had a pimple or something, but his face was close… impressively close. John held his hands over his own lap awkwardly because didn’t know what else to do. Graham then told him to hit him, and there was this smile on his face… okay, so John couldn’t actually see his mouth, but he could tell by the expression in the other’s eyes. He could feel his warm breath on his mouth and knew that if he extended his lips just a bit.. just the tiniest bit… they would touch Graham’s. He didn’t understand what was going on, and his face grew redder and redder as the held the same position. Was this why Graham really came over? To try to do something sneaky to get that ankle monitor off? Was he just playing a trick on John? Rage began to build up and boil his blood, and he let a long annoyed sigh seep out of his nose… maybe Graham was actually trying to coax him into hitting him… and then report him. Really, there were several suspicions that crossed through his mind, but all in all, John assumed Graham was just trying to get under his skin… Quickly, he leaned forward and pressed his lips against the felon’s while moving his hands up to hold his back.

                                            It wasn’t the longest or most intimate kiss.. but it was a kiss. John did suck in his bottom lip a bit longer than he anticipated.. but quickly shoved the other off while laughing. ”Ehheheheee~ Insult me. Butter me up. Whatever man… It ain’t gonna get that thing off yer foot any quicker. No go sitcher a** in yer own seat and backdafuqofffff~” He laughed a bit more, hoping that for once he had the Felon with his tongue tied and frustrated rather than the other way around. He snicker a bit more and held his finger tips to his lips as he let the kiss process a bit.

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A N D x I x B E L I E V E x T H A T x H A L F x T H E x T I M E
    x I x A M x A M x A x W O L F x A M O N G x T H E x S H E E P


                                  Landon found Ty's new found sense of zen irritating. Each calm response decreased the possibility for any sort of fun, and no matter what the troublemaker threw at Ty, it seemed that it simply rolled off of his shoulders. This new demeanor messed with the balance of things and served to throw Landon off of his usual game. Apparently he needed to go bigger, to make a grand scene to prove that he hadn't lost his touch. With the jock, at least, the small time pranks and closeted gay jokes failed. It was only a matter of time before Liam and Kain followed suit, making it near impossible to get into a decent fight or rile anyone up. "Obsessed. Heh, maybe. You were always my favorite. Maybe that needs to change. I think I'll spend more time with Pennie. I bet she's all sorts of fun. A little like Izy too once you get a bit of drink into her. Hey, you ever ******** her? Why am I even asking? I bet you have. You guys all pass around the same girls, right? Or that Josie girl, the innocent one. I'll just bury my feelings for you in someone else. Move on, like you said, ya know? I bet Josie fights a bit, too, so that could be fun." Landon offered his best smile and a wink.

                                  Once he and Ty finished conversing, the troublemaker figured it best to leave. Now that he knew Izy wouldn't be showing up, he really didn't have a reason to be there. Besides, it was time to set his plan into motion. First, he headed over to the pharmacy. He strolled down the aisles, looking for the best combinations of medicines for someone who wouldn't be leaving the house for a bit. The only thing he really wanted out of the encounter, however, was the receipt that would prove he bought the stuff in case he needed to back up his alibi. Though Landon didn't intend to leave any breadcrumbs for anyone to follow back to him, after the thing with Carissa, he was starting to realize it was better to have these things worked out in advance. Once at the counter, the troublemaker made sure to ask if each item he purchased would help with specific symptoms, ensuring to mention that he was starting to feel pretty bad. Receipt in hand, the blond offered a small groan of pain before heading out of the building.

                                  The walk home allowed for a bit of theatrics, mostly involving an odd shamble at the brisk pace of someone who needed to get home quickly accompanied by clutching of his stomach. Any who saw him might assume that he had the beginnings of a stomach virus or food poisoning, at least that was what he hoped. It was the story he gave his mother too, once he finally reached home before he locked himself within his room. Landon knew that his mother wouldn't question the sickness-- or anything really, so he'd be allowed the peace and quiet necessary to escape for his plans. For added alibi status, he decided to send Graham a text. His brother would lie for him, of that he was pretty sure. All he needed was to get the older Moser the text.

                                  Message: Bro, got sick. Got some pills
                                  and am holed up in my room for the night.
                                  Told mom not to bother me.

                                  Hopefully Graham understood the message of being an alibi instead of thinking that his brother was actually sick, not that Landon thought that the older Moser would drop everything to come see him or anything. That wasn't their style. But if everything played out as he hoped, then Landon would have a viable alibi for the night, leaving him safe from any suspicion.


                                  Slipping out of the window had never been a problem for Landon. He'd been doing it for years to ensure that his parents didn't know about his going out. His father, if he ever found out what Landon was doing, wouldn't hesitate to take whatever happened to be in his drunken hands to his son's bare flesh. If the troublemaker happened to be lucky, it was just his hands, and if not, it might be a bottle of Jack. To avoid it, Landon would crawl out of the window, scale down the wall of the house, and slip into the night. Tonight was no different. Hoping to avoid prying eyes, he cloaked himself in black. They were the clothes he kept in the back of his closet along with the two sizes too big boots upon his feet, and after tonight, he'd be tossing them into the nearest body of water or burning them just in case.

                                  Taking every back way he knew, it took a little longer to get the graveyard than it usually might-- especially with the detour of stealing a shovel from one of his neighbors, but every precaution mattered. Thankfully the town had called some meeting for those scared of the current events and most of his peers had decided to partake in some "challenge". As if something exciting will happen at this stupid challenge. Not without me there, it won't. Landon caught the laughter before it could escape into the air and create noise that might draw attention to him. Being so close, it wouldn't do if someone were to catch him before he could even take the shovel to the dirt. A wave of paranoia slid over Landon as he began searching the tombstones. With every step, he threw a glance in each direction, expecting to see someone who might try to stop him. By the time he finally found Carissa's grave and let the shovel take its first bite of muddy ground, every gust of wind and twig snap caught his ear, adding to the paranoia.

                                  Digging a body up was a bit harder than Landon had thought it would be. The mud made everything more difficult, causing him to lose his footing on more than one occasion. By a third of the way down, he was covered in mud and drenched in sweat. Wiping his brow with the sleeve of the dark hoody, the troublemaker slumped against the tombstone. "Even dead, you're being difficult. But don't worry, you're going to get plenty of attention, just like you like, when I'm done here. It's taking a little longer than I wanted, but it'll be big. They'll be talking about you and this for quite some time if I do it right." Shoving himself upright again, Landon took the shovel to the dirt once again, picking up the speed so that he could finish digging his ex up before anyone came upon him.


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            Antone smiled politely, “It’s nice to meet you Vladimir and I wish I could join the two of you but I’ve got couple appointments I need to make, I just wanted to stop by and see how things were going.” He smiled apologetically, “Maybe next time though.” He shrugged as they walked out of the building. He bid the librarian and his friend farewell as he got into his car to head for the police station. He breathed a sigh of relief as he realized the buzzing in his head was gone and hoped it would last. He knew the peaceful silence would probably, at best, last a couple hours but for now he would enjoy the quiet while he could. He pulled out of the parking lot and made the quick drive down the street to the station. He pulled into the small parking lot in front of the building with a sigh. He climbed out of his car and started towards the building, almost forgetting to lock his car. He pressed the lock button on the key twice just make sure it was locked, usually it never bothered him much to leave his car unlocked but these days with so many deaths this just didn’t feel like a harmless do nothing town anymore, it was better to be careful. He walked inside and went up to the front desk and smiled politely to the female cop who was monitoring the front.

            She was quite a bit more friendly that Amelia, that woman was pushy and opinionated, she wasn’t someone he’d expect to see as a law enforcement officer of any kind, yet she did a pretty good job at it. He gave the on duty officer a quick thank you as she waved him through with only a second glance. He was here only be present while his client was questioned, whether or not he was a suspect but the case was a few months old and the police were just looking for a reason to close to it, according to Amelia. He walked back to the holding rooms where his client and Amelia, surprisingly, were waiting for him. “I’m sorry if I’m a little late I was busy. Now would we like to get this started?” he asked politely as Amelia led them into the small room for questioning. A lot of questions were asked, most of them answered and a questionable alibi still needed to be confirmed by the time they were done an hour later. He left with just barely enough time to get back to the office the first of his two client meetings today. The meeting went pretty well and luckily there wasn’t much paperwork since all the client wanted to do was revise a few documents. His next client though was a testy woman, one of his father’s old clients, with a son who seemed like he might be worth too much trouble, to Antone anyway. This woman could coddle whoever she wanted it wasn’t really his business; he was just here to help in any way he could.

            He had another few calls to make to the county jail and the clients family. He wondered how his dad did this job every day without fail sometimes, when he was younger he never remembered the man coming home looking stressed or overworked, he was a family man. Mr. Thatcher had come home every work day with a soft smile and never seemed like he didn’t have time for anyone else if his kids needed anything. Antone missed those days on occasion, having a family around would be nice, but he knew they were all happier where they were, and for the most part he was content with the way things were, with him at home. He had tried his hand at having a family, but that just wasn’t in his cards he supposed and that was fine, he had his job. It was times like this when he wondered what Genevieve was doing right now, how she was, if she was happy and it was always after these thoughts that he stopped himself. He didn’t have to be thinking about things like this, nor did he have time for the emotional reverie. There was work to get done and the past was in the past. The rest of the day was filled with paperwork, a missed lunch and work call from Amelia that told him what came of today’s questioning.

            When he got home at 7:00 that night he went to take a shower, completely bypassing the kitchen in favor of washing off the stink of the day. By the time he got out of the shower he could hear noise downstairs and knew Amelia must be home, though why so early he didn’t know. He got dressed in something a little more casual since he was planning on going to the town meeting later in the evening. He went down stairs and saw the woman in the kitchen stuffing her face, there really was no other way to describe it, with Chinese take-out. “You do know there’s a town meeting this evening right?” he was surprised she was still home usually she always left of Fridays after work, not even bothering to come home. He took out a can of soup and made himself a bit of light dinner, seeing as he wasn’t really hungry. He ate in the living room in his favorite chair seeing as Amelia had taken up the couch space with little regard for him as she watched a show about hoarders. Having no interest in the show himself he took his dishes to the kitchen and cleaned them up along with Amelia’s things because he knew she likely wouldn’t.

            It was about 10:00 before he was starting to head out the door when Amelia came crashing down the stairs and they left the house and she clambered into his car. He didn’t mind so much, driving with her other than messing with the radio and turning the music up a bit loud she wasn’t bad company. They got to the town meeting hall it must’ve been 10:15, he was glad to be early until it seemed that meeting was running late. He didn’t have much to say on the subject of the murders, he did however hope that they could bring the killer to justice one way or the other. By the time the meeting got out it was too late and Antone was ready to go home. He looked around for Amelia, not seeing her he headed out of the building to his car. He was starting to get a headache like he normally did because of this buzzing and now it was just getting louder and louder. He sighed as he rubbed his temples he was about ready to just leave without Amelia. He’d taken his phone out to call her when she suddenly appeared in front of him. They got into the car with only a few words and got back to the house quickly enough. Antone barely had time to strip himself to his boxer before he was falling into bed that night, he was tired and his head hurt and he just wanted everything to go away.

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            Amelia went back inside when she was done with her cigarette. It was a horrible habit she knew and she had quit a few years back but since coming back to Brookshire she’d picked the habit back up. It wasn’t like she didn’t have a million other bad habits that would probably put her in an early grave. Maybe she should pick up some nicotine patches, or the gum, or maybe both on her way her way home after work. She spent about an hour more at her desk doing a bit more paperwork, of course she tried to procrastinate as much as she could there was very little else to do when at the office. She’d gotten most of the paperwork done and filed by the time she felt her phone buzz, she pulled it out of her pocket and noticed it was just a text from her boss, she’d been hoping it was Ed, but nope just John. She unlocked her phone and read the message telling her where he was. While she wasn’t too fond of Ed’s father, at least these days they got along pretty well but that didn’t like each other anymore than they used to, so she would tolerate his restaurant for her godson’s sake. She looked at the clock and huffed

            To: Ed
            From: Amy
            If I can get off for my lunch break
            I’ll come by. If not we can hang
            Saturday, if you’re free? Let me
            Know asap, kiddo.

            She felt guilty for not being a part of Ed’s life enough and really that was no one’s fault but hers. She sometimes wondered if he felt awkward just talking to her, seeing as she hadn’t really visited him since Nita died and awkward emails only got people so far. Sometimes she wondered how disappointed Nita would be with her if she knew she wasn’t fulfilling her duties as godmother very well, but she never dwelled on it too long because she knew the answer and she didn’t like it. She was about to put her phone down when it buzzed in her hand surprising her so much she almost leapt out of her chair. After a few quick breaths to calm herself she checked the text and saw it was from John.

            To: John
            From: Amelia
            Yeah still at the station.
            We can meet at the diner later.
            Text me later if you get the time.
            If not we’ll talk tomorrow.

            She huffed and put her phone down on her desk. It was almost thirty minutes after that when a man came in to be questioned about a case another officer was supposed to be in charge of, but of course the guy would be on break and she would be the one asked to take over. Antone got there almost ten minutes later, she practically snorts as she rolls her eyes, “Don’t let it happen again.” She leads them into the room and shuts the door behind them. “Alright sir, you know your right and as requested your lawyer is here. You’ll just need to answer a few questions and regarding your whereabouts, the company you kept, and sign a couple papers. After that you are free to go.” She sat down across from the man and his lawyer and began asking the pre-recorded questions. It was almost an hour by the time they got done and she hadn’t gotten enough from the guy, not at all but it wasn’t really her case so she didn’t really care to grill the guy until he was a quivering mess. That was someone else’s job and she just didn’t give a s**t. Once that was over and done she found herself in the break room drinking a cup of coffee laced with Kahlua that she kept hidden away in her desk. It burned the back of her throat a bit but it was just the kick she needed to get through the rest of the day.

            She left work at 6 that night had yet to hear back from Ed but she figured he’s a teenager, so he was probably busy with friends, or the internet, or whatever it was kids did these days. Damn she felt old all of a sudden, since when was she one of those adults that wondered ‘what kids did these days’, ugh that felt so gross. Amelia shuddered to herself as she walked into the drug store to get herself those nicotine patches and gum she would try out, get that smoking habit to go away. Oh her way out the door just after paying, her stomach rumbles. Amelia hadn’t realized she was so hungry, it’s then she looks at her surroundings and sees a Chinese place almost a block away. He stomach seems to like that idea and she gets in her car and heads that way. She ordered Broccoli Beef with lo mein and waited about 20 minutes for her order, paying in cash when they handed over her food. She couldn’t get home fast enough after that, she was hungry and because of that she was getting cranky.

            When she pulled into the driveway in front of the house Amelia barely took the time to notice that Antone was home as she bustled in through the front door and into the kitchen. She pulled out her food at the island counter and got herself a fork so she could eat. She was chowing down when Antone came into the kitchen, she nearly choked when he mentioned the town meeting and swallowed a little too quickly and coughing a bit, “we’re car-pooling then. I don’t wanna drive.” His silence was a good enough agreement for her as she finished up her food and lounged on the couch to watch Hoarders. It was nearly 10:00 when Amelia dragged herself up off the couch and went upstairs to change. It was nice to get out of her stuffy uniform that she was too lazy to get out of earlier. By the time 10 rolled around Amelia realized if she didn’t get her a$$ downstairs she was gonna make them late and that just wasn’t okay. So she rushed down taking the stairs in twos.

            It was awkward being in the car with Antone, the guy didn’t really talk much and the only way she could think to fill the silence was to turn on the radio and turn it up. When they finally got to the building she almost sighed with relief as she got out of the car and pulled herself out a cigarette. She didn’t follow Antone as he went inside, instead opting to stay just out front, near the door as she smoked and watched other people arrive quite a lot have people had made the turn out tonight. Everyone but her boss, John, who she had expected to see here considering that the topic of conversation was more than likely supposed to be about the murders, she was sure.

            To: John
            From: Amelia
            Hey boss man, aren’t you supposed
            to be at this town meeting crap?
            What the heck are you doing?

            She sent off a text to the Deputy quickly before pocketing her phone and heading inside at 10:45 thinking the meeting should be well underway. It wasn’t and she was irritated standing there milling around with the local towns folk she’d once know as part of her childhood, being here now was weird and made her feel stuffy but she bared with it until the meeting started and kept going and people talked but once the arrow on her watch got close to midnight there was no way she was staying in this building anymore. So she slipped out the back with a relieved sigh as the wind hit her, whipping her hair across her face. She didn’t want to be here anymore, it was time to go home but the meeting wasn’t over and she didn’t want to pull her roommate away from the meeting, if he felt like he had a serious interest in it. For all she knew he did and so, she would wait. It felt like forever before she realized people were walking out of the building and getting ready to head home. She walked to the front of the building and through the parking lot to find Antone standing next to his car looking slightly put off and very much ready to go, it almost made her wonder what she missed, “Let’s go.” She said simply, getting into the car and that they did. Luckily the ride was short and she thought maybe shorter because he was speeding a bit. But when they got home she was relieved but not nearly as tired as she should be so she got herself out a quart of ice cream and settled down on the couch to watch crappy infomercials and eat some rocky road.

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            THE MAYOR

            She was ruining everything that he had worked so hard to build up. She had no idea how important his campaign was to him. After all...no one ever ran against him. Brookshire was his town. Even with all of these deaths, by the end of the Documentary, everyone would know about the people of Brookshire. There is a positive thing in every tragedy...however Juliette wasn't helping that. Being a good wife was the least she could do after embarrassing him. When he was going out of his way to start over with her, she started embarrassing him again. "You curse me?" he chuckled to the woman as he struggled with the urge to beat her down to an inch of her life. He didn't. However he did find himself in a yelling match with her. There was a scene and he left soon after. He didn't want to stick around and hear whatever it was that the priest was trying to say to him. He wanted to comfort him about the Kain-situation, not that Adam believed that Kain was his son. the rest of the day he thought about what she said though. Carl was the only person she cheated with. Bullshit. She was only saying that to get sympathy or to make herself look like a victim.

            He told his secretary that he wanted to call an emergency town meeting and to make sure to contact everyone who would be necessary as a guest speaker. As well as to make sure that the word was out to everyone. He even told her that she was free to mention Kain's death. He didn't care if the Town Historian was called in to speak, Adam took the personal time to call the library. He didn't voice his message until it was the Town Historian that picked up the phone. Then that's when he told him, "I better not see you around my wife ever again, and if I catch you at the meeting, I will ruin everything tied to your name. I'll guarentee that you'll never work another day. Don't you ******** forget that this is my town."

            Juliette didn't show up to the meeting, which left him to believe that she and Carl must have been together. ******** her. He could do so much better. Maybe he could find someone who was far more prim and proper, not that there were any women in this town that really fit into that category.

            He was out of it for most of the meeting. Many suspected that it was the burden of everything that was happening to him recently. They were right. Even though he still had his doubts about Kain, he now had a voice that was whispering, "What if" in the back of his head. What if Juliette wasn't lying and his only son was dead while Carl's offsprig had survived. What kind of justice was that? The ******** meeting dragged on longer than he had intended and he left without staying to gather the sympathy of the town. He didn't even bother talking to his housekeeper or seeing whatever treats she had brought for him and Juliette. He went out to his car and was greeted by the sight of an envelope tucked inside of his window wiper. He tugged it out and moved into his car and read over it and rolled his eyes. ******** her. ******** everything about her. He started up his car and started driving down the darkened road, the occassional lightning flashes lit up patches of the clouds. The music playing on his radio was suddenly littered with static, irritating him even more. The sound was distorted, the lyrics were unrecognizable. He heard the word "help me" mixed in with the song, which caught his attention. His gaze was only on the radio for a brief moment before he returned his gaze to the road. Then there, standing in the road, he saw Kain dressed in nothing but a hospital gown. He wasn't sure what caused him to try and doge him.

            If he hated Kain as much as he claimed he did, then maybe he should have hit him? Perhaps he was concerned about his car? What was true was that after he lost control, his prized car suddenly accelerated. The wheels skid against the road, the slickness of the rain before didn't help. He hit a mailbox, and his car plowed right into the home of The Lawyer and The Transfer, hitting one of their vehicles in the process.
            For some reason his airbag didn't deploy.

            His car was totaled, leaving the mayor as an unresponsive, bloody mess.


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April didn't notice the fact that her best friend was getting suspicious about something. In her eyes she was acting normal; but it was quite possible that she wasn't and just didn't realize it. After all, she was keeping secrets from Kelsey when she usually just tells her all the nitty-gritty details: like the Kain being gay thing. She accidentally told her the day after she found out. Not to mention the fact that she had been doing some make out sessions with other girls recently, it was never a thing before, and left that unsaid. There was no way she would tell her since she was hiding the fact that she was a lesbian from everyone. It was hard to keep it in, deal with a taken crush that will never like her and random urges. As for the Ty thing, she already told the producer's daughter about what happened at the party regarding him and his friend Liam--among other things that weren't really related to her. April didn't feel like filling her in at that moment; but the whole him being jealous made sense to her. Still, she didn't add that to the text.

It was when they were in the car heading to the meeting spot when she got the reply text from Tyreese--and it did not help her mood. This time she just threw her phone back into her purse and ranted about the whole conversation. "I'm like so sick of his delusions. He thought I was trying to get with his friends and so I had to explain that I was only helping Kain with something since he helped me. You know because Ty doesn't know he's gay and I was going to the dinner party for appearance purposes or whatever. And the Liam thing was caused by his own dare. Like I'd really want to suck face with that junkie. He tasted gross!" She paused long enough to make a pretend gagging type of sound, which was more on the cute side, as she stuck her tongue out. Of course she explained the whole thing about Kain and was more detailed about the party things she was referring to on Sunday when the two besties met up. "Now he thinks that I danced with him out of pity when I only used the suggestion as a way to get his clothes back on. Like who wants to see his thingy flapping around? Definitely not me...and I was only trying to see if he was okay because Kain was like in a coma." She let out a little huff as she started to calm down a bit since she was ranting. "I know if you were in the hospital like that--I'd be really upset. I just wanted to check...maybe I am being too harsh." It was when she started to think about Kelsey being in the same situation that she switched her current thought process. Now she felt really bad because they were having a petty fight when there were more important things to worry about. A small sigh escaped her after she stopped talking. The blonde now had a sad look on her face that was quite rare to come across.

Then they arrived at the studio. April let the producer's daughter do most of the talking. After all, the girl liked to fawn over the older guys. She did mention that she was fine and thanked him for the complements. Before she just came because it was fun: not because she really believed the words that came out of his mouth. Now she wasn't so sure though; after all, he did predict something bad would happen to Kain only hours before it occurred. To be honest, she never thought about whether he was the real deal or not. Now she seemed to be analyzing him. It was probably because she wanted to make sure that the prediction with the rich boy wasn't some fluke. The blonde almost wanted to roll her eyes when Kelsey got excited about the guy knowing one of her dogs names. There were two reasons she thought it was silly. One was the fact that she had the dog for a while so he could have found out about it somehow. The other reason was the fact that he had to be told the new dogs name. Then again, psychics couldn't know everything right?

Despite the fact that she was paying more attention to the whole interaction, she gave her bestie a smile as if she agreed to her comment about how good Graham was at what he did. April even chuckled a bit at the psychic when he was being bashful and doing the whole 'ah-ha' thing; although the bit about her having no good news in love made her raise a questioning brow. There was no way she would believe anything he said about her love life unless it was something bad. Putting that aside, she assumed that she had no good news for her at all. That's just how she interpreted his words and it made her pout just a bit. The fashionista didn't know what to think about his good love news for Kelsey. It sounded cool though--like usual. "Oh...a prince is perfect for you. I can't wait to see who will come to you rescue." She was generally excited to find out even though she didn't think a real prince would come out of nowhere just to save her from a dire situation. They didn't live in a fairy tale after all. Still, the mystery behind the words made her want to know more.

After the bit about Kelsey's love life was addressed she brought up the Kain prediction and wanted to know more. Why wouldn't she ask him? After all, he seemed to know that something bad was going to happen in the first place. The response she got was a bit vague; but it leaned toward things not turning out for the better. At least that was how she interpreted it. For now, she was just going to take what he said and wait: time would tell. "Ah I see..." she replied a bit softly as she shifted her eyes to look at the floor. April was more inclined to believe him just because of that one prediction about Kain; so it was natural for her to feel a bit sad when hearing bad news. The fashionista perked up a bit when he mentioned the good news that she didn't think he even had for her. "Huh?" She looked back up as she questioned him. "A new friendship? With who? What do you mean unseemly? Is something weird going to happen? Ah why do you got to be so cryptic?" She never responded like that to one of his predictions about her since she used to be neutral about the whole thing. Now that she was questioning things she was a mess. Not to mention the fact that she started thinking that she'd get into some lesbian situation. That's where her mind went when it came to some improper circumstance. She felt like her cheeks were getting a bit warm since she was making herself feel embarrassed with her own thoughts. Now she just wanted Kelsey to pay so their session could be over with.

Shortly after the meeting with the psychic ended she parted ways with the producer's daughter. That's when she took the time to reply back to Tyreese. Even though she was trying to be nice she still couldn't help but make a few things clear for some unknown reason. At least it was better than what she would have sent when she was all frustrated with him.

To: Ty
Sorry. I dont pity you. Just like dancing.
But our issues arent important. I wanted
to see if you were okay cause I know if
my close friend was in the hospital I
would be really upset.

April used the same words she said to Kelsey even though she tried to type something different. She just couldn't think of anything better than 'really upset'. As for the pity part, she assumed he meant in relation to her rejecting him since they were barely even talking about poor Kain. With that sent, she decided to go to the hospital to visit the rich boy. April just had the urge to see him now. It was probably because he was brought up a lot. Plus, she already parted ways with Kelsey and didn't have any other plans. Needless to say, she ended up finding out what happened. How? At first it was because the lady at the front desk said that she couldn't see him; although she didn't say why before Juliette was spotted. Apparently she was making her way out of the hospital. The teacher looked absolutely horrible. April had a short little chat with her: it wasn't so pleasant. That's how she eventually found out what happened to the rich boy. The fashionista couldn't help but feel bad since she was getting to know him and felt a bond: not to mention the fact that the teacher lost her son. That kind of thing--she wouldn't be able to relate. Still, she tried her best to console Juliette. It mainly involved a hug where she rubbed the others back. Soon they parted ways and April made her way home.

The rest of the evening was spent watching television; although she did send a couple texts right after she sat down on the couch. One was to Tyreese because the guy was his friend. She didn't know if he knew yet and the message was quite simple; but she just didn't feel like adding anything else. The other was to Kelsey because they were best friends. Why wouldn't she tell her? Unfortunately the messages failed to send without her realizing it. April only noticed when the producer's daughter came over to spend the night. Something came up during conversation and that's when she found out. There was a bit of confusion between the two girls; but then April pointed out the text that she thought she sent so things seemed to get cleared up rather quickly and everything was fine. As for the jock, she sent the message again and made sure it was delivered that time.

To: Ty
I'm so sorry.

The text was sent and the girls entertained themselves before it was time to go to the meeting spot for the challenge. It was easier to sneak out of the fashionista's house; after all, that was the real reason Kelsey was staying over. That was mainly because her parents were a bit lax and trusted her not to do anything too stupid. Honestly, April had mixed feelings about going and didn't even reply to anyone that had mentioned the challenge to her. Well she obviously agreed to go with the producer's daughter. What could be better than going to some creepy place with her bestie? Plus, it could get her mind off of other things.

Now they were at the meeting place. Kelsey mentioned something about the ugly one not being there. It took her a second to realize that she was talking about Skylar. She didn't want to see her after what happened at the party. Sure they seemed to get along well enough, probably because they were drinking, but the whole make out in the bathroom thing was embarrassing. April didn't even like the girl. Then again, she knew nothing about her really.

"Or maybe she got caught in the clutches of a monster that hides in these very woods." She tried to sound ominous; but she couldn't stop herself from smiling. The image she had in her head made her want to laugh--it wasn't a horrific one.

Surprisingly, there weren't a lot of people; but maybe they were just late. In Pennie's group there was her rival when it came to Bunni. Well it's not like she cared much about that; but apparently they were arch enemies or something of the sort. Regardless, he didn't seem to like her very much. If he wasn't so weird about the fact that they both sow and how the otaku asked her to create outfits for her at times--maybe they could be friends. After all, they had something in common. Not to mention the fact that she was curious about him in general. He was just such a personality. Of course that didn't mean that she was nice to him. If he was going to be a b***h then she would snap back at him. It was almost like she played the role of a hated rival just to please him. That wasn't really the case; but it was an easy role to slip into since it was fun. Rivalries were interesting yet annoying at times.

((Blah. Hope that's okay.))

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No wonder the sky was crying earlier today. Three more deaths had come to Brookshire. What a terrible day it turned out to be. Were these strange killings a sign of oncoming chaos? Or was death just getting overly bored? Whether the case, there was a strong feeling in the air that it wasn’t over…

After the whole incident of finding Miss Reed on the Pet Shop floor and talking to the police about it, Clair exchanged phone numbers with Marry-Anne. She felt better knowing she had someone to talk to. Not really about the horrible event, but just in general. Oliver was right there when she needed him to be. The girl couldn’t walk home alone with the constant reminder of the woman’s corpse lingering in her mind’s eye. And she really didn’t want to catch a ride in a cop car. She was silent for most of the walk, going out of her normal lively and talkative bubble. Bunni could sense that Oliver was worried about her, but she couldn’t manage a smile nor think of something else to talk about. Nothing. Nothing right then. It was then that her best friend suggested they go to the arcade. Yes, playing video games sounded good and perhaps she could pick up a volume of the manga Fruit Basket. There was always a little stand with the latest mangas and anime items within the arcade. Mmm… Maybe she could grab a new keychain. It was funny because she only had three keys on her ring, yet she had a bucket load of keychains and cute trinkets on the ring. It should be remanded chain-ring... Err… trinket-chain. Ya… Going to the arcade could distract her from her wandering thoughts.

Once she changed her clothes to something more comfortable, the pink haired blonde went with her friend to the arcade. There they played two player games and some one player games that were side by side. The game Clair mostly played was Dance Dance Revolution. She hardly noticed when Oliver left her side the first time, but the second time she was a bit more aware. As she stepped to the music, she caught glimpses of her friend through her long moving bangs. With two twirls then a twist, the curious girl caught Oliver’s back as he was taking something from the bottom of the Pacman game. A soft yellow brow raised in wonder, but she hadn’t the time to look any further. The game was still going on. The teen had been doing that recently. Perhaps he placed a camera there a while ago or he found something that was planted by the government. The boy was always on his toes and observant like that. But that’s one of the reasons he was so loveable (in a best friend type of way). Bunni was still near the Ewww, cooties stage.

The night was looking up just a bit though it was getting rather windy and it was getting close to the time she had to be back at her aunt’s house. Clair didn’t want to go home, though rules were rules and she didn’t want to break them. At least… not get caught. And she didn’t want Oliver to get in trouble for housing a rule breakee. Sadly, the girl got even more disappointed when she arrived back to her temporary home. The Tewers wanted both Kaleb and her to go to the Town Meeting at 10:30. Great… She was hoping she could at least indulge in the internet site Gaia and chat for a while or reply to a few rps she unfortunately hadn’t the time (or mood) to. So there she sat next to Kaleb at Town Hall. About halfway through the drawn out speech, Kaleb left with his friend saying they were going to some... Challenge? She never got the challenge thing. Did anyone ever get a prize for doing it? A stuffed animal? Ice cream? Candy? The girl shook her head to decline. It was find of her cousin to offer, but she had enough scares and goosebumps today. Of course five minutes later after the star left, she snuck out of the meeting. Hey, if Kaleb could leave so could she. What good was it to be there? It was just adults talking about what should be done; what precautions to take; and who had died today. Clair really didn’t want a reminder. The only helpful thing this meeting did was allow her stay out the house longer and tell her when and where she could pay her respects to the deceased.

Clair made her way back to the Bat Cave aka Oliver’s house/room after the meeting. There it was quieter and the girl felt more relaxed. She was so tensed when in the Town Hall. All that talk about death had put solid walls around her. She didn’t want to be reminded about any of it, but sadly she did. Thankfully though, her nerves were less jittery than before. While Oliver was in the bathroom, she made herself comfortable on his unmade bed, kicking off her black and white shoes to a random location. ”I can’t keep acting like this… Death happens. There’s nothing you can do about it.” Green eyes looked up to see the boy walk out his room and go downstairs before they found one of her jacket pockets. She just felt the need to say hi. At least attempt to get back out the mood that the blasted meeting had pushed her back into. In a quick motion, she snagged her phone with already the person she had in mind to text.

To: Marry-Anne
From: Bunni

Hey! How are ya?
Did you go to the meeting?
Whatcha up to?

The Otaku shook her head in disagreement with herself once she started talking about the meeting. It was best she didn’t bring it up. With a long hold press on the backspace to her touch-screen phone, the question was replaced with a more suitable one. After she pressed send, Clair put the cellphone back in her jacket pocket in time to meet Oliver’s gaze. A gentle smile caressed the girl’s lips as she took the cup of tea in her hands and sat Indian style near the edge of the bed. ”Thanks.”, she uttered before blowing the steam away from her nose and taking a sip. Mmm… Green Tea with honey. It was as soothing as it was hot. Oliver had caught her attention yet again when he asked about Miss. Reeds’ death. Clair cringed lightly as her eyes dropped from him to the liquid in the cup. The girl would’ve laughed at his anime reference under different circumstances. Or maybe it wasn’t meant to be a reference at all and he really was serious about Miss Reed having a heart attack. ”I…I don’t know. It wasn’t a heart attack.”, the girl whispered. She took another sip to calm herself down as her mind flashed snippets of her memories. ”She was killed by spiders. There were just so many spiders. How could there be so many? It… it may have been murder.” Slowly, the blonde’s gaze crawled back to her friend’s face. ”Reed-san didn’t have those many spiders in the Pet Shop. And when she gave me a tour, the only ones I saw that could be dangerous were two Tarantulas. And I know for a fact that she didn’t have any poisonous ones.” Her grip then tightened on the cup. Could someone have dumped a whole lot of spiders into the pet shop while the woman was in there? ”You think someone killed Reed-san?” She stared into his eyes as if his irises held the answer. The teen had finally looked away and back to her cup. ”It’s just… There are so many people dying so close together. First people at our school then Reed-san and Summers-san’s son.. Whose next? Quinn? April-san? Georgie-sama? Me? -” Her eyes snapped back to him. ”You?” The thought made the girl sick and pained, causing her eyes immediately closed to catch some tears that tried to escape her eyes. ”It’s like someone does have the Deathnote book… Like someone is playing with everyone’s lives.” she muttered.

Lips touched the rim of the cup before the girl drank up the tea. She needed it. It really did help. The topic was changed and that she was grateful for. ”You did? You’re awesome, Oli-kun~!” Leave if to he BFF to make her smile again. They were suppose to look for Savvy a long, long, long, loooong time ago, but of course things happened. Hmm… Perhaps they could still go on an adventure. It beats mopping around like this. She didn’t like being depressed like this. As a character from the anime Shugo Chara would say, It wasn’t her character. ”Yes, let’s go find the Savvy!”

More pleasant news filled the child’s ears as she heard that Oliver had made a friend. ”Yay!” she exclaimed with excitement, almost forgetting there was a cup in her hand as she wrapped her arms around him. ”I’m so happy for you~. See, Oli. And you said you aren’t a people person. Why didn’t you tell me sooner? This is great!” Oh this news was excellent! She could hardly contain a squee. After setting the cup down on the table, she stood up on the bed and began to jump. ”So what’s their name? Did you give them your phone number? Is that who you were texting a few minutes ago?” Hearing the name he had said, she began to repeat it. ”Shepherd. Shepherd…. Oh! That Lucky guy? The guy called Lucky I mean. I don’t know if he’s really lucky or not, but umm… I remember him being in one of my classes. He wears hats almost everyday.” Pigtails bounced up in the air as her regular mood was settling back into place. ”He’s in the Variety Four too. Hey, maybe I can ask Kaleb-kun more about him. He should know.” She then landed on the bed with a soft thud so she could catch some of her breath. ”You want me to ask him?” The girl’s attention drew to the phone Oliver had in his hand. ”Is that him?”, she questioned before lying back on the bed.

At the question of what to do next, a smirk formed on the teenage girl's face. "Where is Savvy right now? Yesterday was just a filler episode. It's time to really find him."

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You've got the bullets
I’ve got the gun.
I’ve got a hankering for
getting into something.

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                                ██████████ ██████████ ██████████ ██████████

                                Keyt looked towards Henry as he instructed what would count as strange. She gave a few nods. So she had to look for nervous ticks, tone in voice, movements, voices that weren’t really there, sounds in general that weren’t there. Strange noises in general. She could take those examples and base her decisions off of that. She smiled “Da. I can keep my eyes out, as you say, for those things”

                                She sat down and heard about how it was nobody on his phone, well that’s good to know. An informant if anything. Keyt thought that it was fascinating though that he had that ability to get information out of people, it seemed like a great skill. She would have to work on it and learn how to use it. She watched the monitor as she stated that something interesting would happen because she’d go batty. Keyt tried to in her head figure out the translation for that one. Batty. Well bat was for baseball or a winged creature. Though it seemed in this context he meant insane. She was proud of herself for figuring this out on her own, since she was sure that she sometimes annoyed people when questioning them on what they meant when they used words unfamiliar to her. So go her go. She took a sip of her coffee and she heard a noise as she asked “A noise like what just happened? I heard it but…i..wasn’t watching the screen sorry”

                                Rain came in and it seemed must have said something embarrassing. Thus the high pitched tone. Man she was killing this American thing. Though seemed that he mumbled and she just didn’t care to ask about it. If people mumbled or whispered they didn’t wish their information to be known. And soon she was told to scatter, which from pervious conversations she had learned was a slang term meant to go somewhere else. Why they chose the word scatter to convey such a thing was beyond her. Keyt would wait to see if Henry left and she’d probably leave with him. Since she liked hanging out with him. He was relatively easy to understand compared to the other Americans. Her attention went to Daphne as she spoke about how Rain didn’t know anything because he didn’t quite understand anything. That was very true. Soon Daphne spoke to her so she looked at the medium. Apparently she could go in there next time, and in doing so act insane because Daphne couldn’t be bothered? Or something about a mistake. Keyt stated “I’m not sure I could do that, since I was told that false identification is not good…and something else. But if you want I could have an ear piece and thus you aren’t so close to it?”

                                Though honestly why someone couldn’t suck up and do their job, was just showing how poor this countries work ethic was. She soon heard her just snap about Rain and again didn’t seem the time or place, but whatever. As the other spoke about water she just shrugged letting her do it.

                                TIME SKIP

                                Then time happened, and she had spent that time just following Henry. Again because he had good work ethic and actually did his job so for hours and hours she just tagged along wherever he went.

                                She saw from her phone that it was suppose to be a thunderstorm. Super. That was nothing, she had use to walk in the snow just to get groceries. Thunderstorm. People would probably bundle up like the children they were. She just wore a light raincoat.She had left of course gone to get coffee and pastries. Why? Because that was her job. She had gotten enough for everyone and had put them into her car and drove off to the grave yard. She mad it and saw the group and smiled as she walked towards the group. As she made it to Rain and Henry she listened about the question of footage and how they wouldn’t. She asked “Well there was that odd sound right? Is that what we are looking for in this footage? I brought coffee and pastries for everyone”

                                She set them down and got her mocha from the group. She listened about how they wouldn’t hear anything. Staying quiet for a moment, since it seemed that this was between Rain, Idike, and Henry. Plus it was rude to just pop up and start speaking for no real reason. She heard about how something about someone being strong to hear them or something. Seemed Rain did not like her. She wondered if she was suppose to step in and defend the girl. But let’s be honest, she was strong enough to do it herself. It’s why Keyt followed her, for you don’t follow a weak person.

                                Soon a noise happened and it seemed that Rain’s girlfriend was here. And not only that but the b***h was trying to steal her job. She had brought pastries! She had done that first! She wanted nothing more than to beat this girl to a pulp. You do not steal someone’s job, no matter how small it was. But this was…oh what was the term? Wasn’t’ this what people had called girl games? Where a girl tries to sneak her way into a spot and do so by something small and thus you weren’t suppose to realize it. Keyt however raised her hand “Privet Nicole”

                                She heard about how if it was all right and she could keep Keyt company. Oh joy so he was trying to force this girl onto Keyt! Really?! That’s it she was slowly losing her patience with this chick. She stated trying to stay calm “First of all, if all I’m doing is being a warm body here than there’s no point in me staying at the grave yard, Rain. Since by your phrase it sounds like I’m going to be doing nothing but be a prismatrivatʹ za rebenkom* for your girlfriend than I could go home early rather than waste my time doing that. Second of all I already brought pastries and coffee. I am very frustrated at this moment and apologize but, why is she here again?”

                                Honestly, what was her real point in being here? Because so far, it seemed that there was none. And if they thought Keyt was a babysitter they had another thing coming. She could go home, get some much needed sleep. Hell she could go out and do something. She just didn’t really get why she was even here if they were going to treat her like Nicole’s babysitter.

                                ██████████ ██████████ ██████████ ██████████

Where Am I? --- Graveyard
Who I'm With --- Henry, Rain, Idike, Daphne, and this girl who's trying to steal my job named Nicole
Translations: prismatrivatʹ za rebenkom == babysitter

I got the cigarettes
You’ve got a lighter
And when the sun goes down
we’ll start a little fire.
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Always hissing right ×in my ear !
〈 ♞ Like it's coming from my ownhead !xxxxx

▌▌ ♞* xxxxx It's got me mixed up . trying not to »give up! ★
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                                                      The hospital... It all felt so confusing. She was just an orderly, she wasn’t a nurse or a doctor. Sure she was learning the more advance stuff, but she knew the basics. And even someone who didn’t know anything about the bare basics would be able to pick up and tell that Kain spontaneously woke up from his coma only to die shortly afterwards. Quin wasn’t sure, she was so confused.. It wasn’t like she was a surgeon where she lost someone on the table. Kain was on a bed, it was so strange. Not as strange to her as the ungraceful conversation she held with Charlotte’s father. Though Quin liked to believe she interacted better with adults than she did teens her own age... It was just after what she witnessed. The raven haired female felt her social skills may’ve up and left her lips as she nodded to the older male when he brought up her father, asking how he was, “Ah... yeah Dad..? My Dad’s in good health,” She even found it odd she used that phrase to describe her father, given her current location though the animal activist briefly continued on, “Been busy these last few days.. We’re still unpacking boxes, eheh hard to believe..” The laugh felt awkward and forced, though maybe that was only to her because he didn’t seem to notice. And if he did he didn’t act like it as he thanked her for looking after his daughter and Quin merely nodded mumbling a swift, “It’s nothing..” As he started making his way to the front entrance, Charlotte waited around a bit offering Quin her number as well as whispering to her that they’ll have to tell the parents... However in Quin’s mind that was an, ‘Eventually..’ situation... After all now.. Now it just seemed too sudden.

                                                      When Charlotte left, Quin waited around in the aptly named ‘waiting room’ sending out text messages to those she thought who cared and mattered... Her dad was an obvious given, though with Ed. She really wasn’t sure. Did he care? Maybe it was pointless... Maybe he just didn't care... The truth of the matter could be Quin was just emotional over what she witnessed... What her EYES saw! And she was just confused because one day she was being told she was seeing things (by someone she thought was a close friend)... Then the next day the person she claimed to have seen ended up being dead in reality... And now. Now she had indisputable, proof that she witnessed a death, right.. Before her eyes. Would Ed have called her crazy like Lila had? As she read his text she wasn’t sure if the tone she was reading was the tone he meant to give the text... But being told she wasn’t bugging him ... But she was in the friendly manner and she wasn’t sure how to take that. Apparently it was good and given the circumstances she was just going to go with it.

                                                      To:: Edward
                                                      From:: Quin
                                                      Message:: I’ll be fine, he just... I’ll tell u in person.
                                                      I’m sorry for being sorry Yeah,
                                                      I think next time would be better too.. Don’t worry about it.

                                                      The message she sent to her father was a swift one.

                                                      To:: Dad
                                                      From:: Quin
                                                      Message:: Can you, please, pick me up?

                                                      They Say You Won't Come Back

                                                      After her father picked her up she got in the car in silence... Waiting till they got home till she unloaded on him. And she did. A part of her felt like an idiot, clinging to her father and crying as she explained what happened at work. Another part of her felt comforted by the action. Especially when he wrapped his own arms around her. It was a small gesture, but it meant a lot to the wrong girl. And as she started to calm down, she wiped her eyes using up the few tissues they had left in the kleenex boxes before going to change out of her work clothes. Taking a batch of clean clothes with her into the bathroom to change after a quick shower the teen stood paraliyzed in front of the mirror at the sight of red on her blue scrubs.. It mixed to create this violety tint... But.. The blood wasn’t hers. She knew it wasn’t. Meaning it had to be Kain’s and it left her feeling troubled, despite the consoling she received from her father. Quickly she moved to remove her clothes as though she’d just been told they were contaminated with some sort of virus, tossing them into the clothes basket she stepped into the tub and at breakneck speed showered up and changed. Still not wanting to be anywhere where death had been and remembering that she didn’t want to be in her house in the first place was why she went to the hospital. She figured a quick walk to clear her head would do her some good. Maybe visit Bunni and Diana while they worked?

                                                      Yet once she got to the Pet Store... She saw the tape and the vehicles with crates full of animals being packaged into them. The teen felt sick, holding and her own arms in an attempt to comfort herself. Maybe this was a sign... There was no escaping death? No this time she didn’t see a dead body. But why else would they be crating animals? Diana was studious with the bills, this wasn’t a foreclosure... Besides she may not have seen something but she heard enough officers mentioning things like, “What a shame..” “Wonder whats gunna happen now..” “Think they’ll demolish this place..” Oh it hurt... It hurt to be so young and to have worked there and yet she wasn’t legally able to take over... Well, unless Diana had a will and testament Quin didn’t know about though her attention turned to her legs as she saw two canines followed by their owner, Lucky, who she briefly saw/met at the dinner party nights before. When he asked what was happening Quin glanced from the pet store, over to Lucky, rubbing her arms as she replied, “They’re transferring the pets to another location.” Was all she said at first before an officer started asking them to move away from the scene. She glanced over at offering a small smile as she took Melody’s leash. “Yes.. yes. a walk nhnn talk’d be nice.” She nodded slowly as they began walking. As they walked she explained what she knew of the pet store situation, along with what she heard from her father about a town meeting, “There going to talk about issues concerning the deaths in town.. As well as whether they should keep the pet store alive or not. What I’m thinking is maybe instead of make it a store, make it like a volunteer shelter. That way the community holds it together, and no ones tied down or bogged own.” She mildly explained before quieting down as she looked over to Lucky, listening intently as he talked. Nodding occasionally, feeling a bit sympathetic... As though she could relate to what he was saying. It was just that concept of love that frustrated her when she heard a story about an animal being abused, and yet that same animal would cuddle with their abuser... Simply because they still loved them after all the time spent being hurt and beat down. The girl lightly scratched the back of Melody’s ear with the thought, making the dog happy while also comforting herself in a sense.

                                                      “If you’d want to help... that’d be great. I don’t really know a lot of people who’d be willing so any help would be great... I think it was worded as well, it made sense.. Animals, can just be so understanding.. But I think long ago there was that kind of loyalty back when chivalry was still a thing, if that sounds very fairytale, knights-tale ... wishy-washy.. Maybe it is. Or maybe just life became so convenient, it became convenient not to car about others anymore..” Near the end of the walk she traded numbers with Lucky as well as handed him back the leash. Waving goodbye to him. She started to turn away though looked back over as Lucky started talking once more, her house was brought up and suddenly she felt herself getting uneasy. Not because of Lucky but because of the house, “... Yes, I live there...” She stayed calm, trying view the house as a house and not as a place where children were killed... There was a piano mentioned and Quin tried to think back to it, “Ah.. yeah I think it’s still in the corner of the living room..” Quin nodded at the thought; though her head tilted a tad before nodding. At the suggestion, “I’mmm.. not that good.” She embarrassedly admitted before the survivor said his goodbye, Quin waved back at him, “Adieu, Lucky!”

                                                      When she got home it wasn’t long before her father suggested they head out to the meeting. Quinnette wasn’t sure what to expect, culture shock wise, though when they arrived she took a seat closer to front row so she could try and interject something about the volunteer idea for the pets though it seemed to hard to find a time to interject it. Charlotte sat next to her and communicated with her via note pad. There was the offer to come over for a movie night, sure it wouldn’t be on a television though she supposed a laptop wouldn’t be so bad, and she wouldn’t have to go home. So it wouldn’t be so bad, and soon the meeting was over, Charlotte voiced her offer again and Quin lightly shook her head, “Old films sounds good with me, heh don’t worry about it... Heh if you want I could get some movies from my house and then we could watch them at yours... Or jus the old movies. Sounds good with me..” As Charlotte’s father came over Quin looked over at him with a smile before looking away to wave her hands over at her father. Giving him a wave and trying to inconspicuously mouth that, “I’m going to leave with the Neeeighhhborrss.” As she turned back to the group she must’ve something because Char was apologizing her and Quin slowly nodded her head, “Oh, no need to apologize.. it’s fine..” She confessed. Though shortly after Char asked if it would be alright if they walked back alone. Common sense would say walking home alone at a little after midnight would be a bad idea. A very, extremely... bad idea. Though maybe it was the confidence that came with being a young city girl in a small town setting, not to mention Char started talking like she would drag her down and the ravenette just shook her head, “No.. no it’s fine let’s do this~” And soon they were out of the town meeting hall and making their way to their street.

                                                      As they were walking Quin’s phone buzzed off mid-Charlotte tripping, “Are you alright?” She quickly asked before flipping her phone open. Part of her was worried that her father may’ve had a text reprimanding her for ditching the Matthews.. However it wasn’t a text from her father rather it was from Lucky. Quin looked up as she heard Char’s voice, she mentioned a car ride and Quin’s voice was light as she shook her head, “Oh no... I jus .. checking my--” A low light tone as she slowly spoke on stopping when Char looked over her shoulder and said Shep was a “cutie” Quin’s face went a shade of pink as she wasn’t sure what to say or think. She had only just met him and he was kind of ... cute. But she didn’t know if cute was the word maybe there was another word she didn’t know about. “Ah.. yeahh... he seems.. nice.” A soft smile on her face as she nodded with her statement. Though soon Char was asking about the ‘Challenge’ and Quin stayed quiet listening to the girl talk, her interest getting a bit peeked as she thumbed her message, “Uh... from what I heard they’re going to the old highschool.. I don’t know much more than that.. Maybe a guy thing.. But whose your ex?” Being new she didn’t know people’s exes or currents.

                                                      To:: Lucky
                                                      From:: Quin
                                                      Message:: I did go to the town meeting it was,
                                                      informative. But that’s intense has anything happened
                                                      at the challenge? I’m not sleeping don’t worry about it [x
                                                      I’m just heading out with Char we’re gunna watch some
                                                      movies, not as interesting as the challenge but.. it’s somethin

                                                      As they entered their street Quin stuffed her phone into her pocket, glancing down at the ground before looking up as Char stepped back. Standing still as Char bumped into her and looking around before her eyes fixated on the figure the teacher’s pet was pointing at, she couldn’t tell at first they were two far away, though as they got closer the figure becoming clearer and went from a blur of a dark figure to the feminine physique of a young girl. Then Char murmured a name and Quin’s eyes popped a bit. Ophelia was Ed’s friend. She was missing. And then at the meeting they said she was found and she was in the hospital. But clearly she wasn’t at the hospital cause here she was and, “Wow....” leaked out of her mouth. She wasn’t sure what to say. Or maybe ‘wow’ seemed like a bad term though it was more so how the events just seemed to collide that cause the word to fall from her lips. Quin was barely paying attention to Char’s conversation with Ophie, seeing as Quin was wondering if Ed knew.. The two were close friend right? So wouldn’t he like to know that his friend was out and... her arm was being tugged and she glanced over to Char as she started whispering that they should go... She took a very slown and drawn out step back though turned to Char and whispered back, “It looks like it's going to rain soon.. you sure we shouldn’t.. you know help her?” Help with what... Quin wasn’t sure. And maybe Ophelia didn’t even want her help though she had taken a step back early, she took a step forward as she looked Ophelia up and down, astonishment and wonder in her eyes as she could only theorize what the other girl had been through. Had someone kidnapped her? Had she escaped the killer? Maybe it was neither of those though going against Char’s immediate suggestions Quin asked, “Ophelia, Hi, are you.. do you need any help with something? I don’t know if you have your cell phone but.. do you want to call or text anyone? I can give you my phone to borrow real quick.. Did you walk from the hospital to go home in this weather? Aren’t you cold?” At the mention of cold, Quin huddled her own body a bit closer into herself. Though tried to keep eye contact with Ophelia, “It’s pretty late....” That was an obvious though she turned her attention back to Char offering an apologetic look, but she really wanted to help the other female out, not to get in good with Ed’s best friend or anything like that.. But just to help to... help. Looking back at Ophie she realized she hadn’t asked a very obvious, “Are you going somewhere?” Curiousity taking hold as soon as the question was asked.

          *tiny edit
          Location;; On her street. Char’s house & Foster house near by.
          Company;; Charlotte, & Ophelia
          Attire;; Hoo Hoo
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The look on Malecquie's face as he was greeted through the car window was not impressive, if anything maybe even scary looking. There was no denying that the knock had startled him a little, though he couldn't quite recall ever falling asleep in the first place, and for how long he wondered. It took him a matter of seconds to collect his bearings and climb outside to greet his friend, however unsettling he did feel at the time he tried on his best smile and followed the man inside. The warm air hit him like a ton of bricks as the chiming door swung shut behind them, carrying with it the strong aroma of coffee and various pastries. What should have made him feel at ease made him feel sick and uncomfortable. He could feel the blood rushing to his face as his guts twisted into knots, the unmistakable heat radiating through the palms of his hands as he brushed his fingers through his hair. It was then that Eric turned to look at him from their spot in line. Malecquie could tell by the expression on the others face that he looked about the same as he felt. He tried for a small huff of laughter. " Shucks, you've got me all flattered. " He breathed softly, trying to smile through his discomfort. His hint of humor did nothing to distract himself from the nausea coursing through his system, though he hoped it would mask it long enough for Eric to realize that he was fine. " I'll be alright, just tired is all. I'm just guessing here but I think I passed out around three in the morning last... yesterday? " As he neared the end of his sentence it sounded more like he was talking to himself than to Eric, which may have been the case however to make sure there would be no further confusion he decided to butt in once again. " Its not important...and don't ask...it was nothing, really. I'm fine. " The words tasted bitter coming out of his mouth. But he didn't mean them, or at least...he didn't want to mean them.

With coffee now at hand the conversation moved with them as the two headed through the cafe to find a decent spot to sit. Malecquie, not wanting to talk about his fling with Adrianna the night before, decided to change the subject by veering more towards his friends problems instead of his own. " So now that you've got your fix, " He gestured towards the coffee before continuing. " Whats been bothering you? What do you want to talk about? " Before Eric could answer he added, " Besides me. " Not like 'himself' wasn't his favorite subject or anything, he just knew where the conversation would end up if he wasn't careful. There had been too many times where he had been stuck trying to explain his relationship with Adrianna, or lack of one for that matter. Malecquie could have sat there for hours asking himself silly questions like: Why can't I just get on with it and commit already?, or maybe: Can't she see that your just using her? Why doesn't she just dump your sorry a** and get it over with? But because he dreaded the outcome of such nonsense, and perhaps because Eric happened to be less than a few feet away from him, he decided to neglect his thoughts and focus on something else for a change. That plan seemed all fine and dandy indeed. However, much like any good thing, they never seem to last. Not two seconds after knocking his head out of the clouds did he see who was sitting just a few booths away from their own. " Well, how bout that. What a coincidence. " He mumbled quietly to himself. How did I not see that when we walked in? He thought as he lightly massaged the bridge of his nose. There were no butterflies in his tummy, no songbirds in his ears, only the sound of his cell phone vibrating in his pants pocket. No romance...no nothing.

" Look, man...I have to go. I think I am coming down with something. " Guilty for using his illness as an excuse, Malecquie looked away from where Adrianna sat with her friends to give Eric an apologetic expression, shrugging his shoulders slightly for good measure. " I haven't even been to the shop yet...Skylar's going to give me hell, which is saying something considering I'm the boss of her...Wait, that came out wrong. Anyways, I gotta run. Sorry man. " As he waited for Eric to reply he felt his cell phone vibrating in his pocket for the second time, and although he was beginning to get curious he decided to disregard the noise and concentrate on his current situation. Not the best choice he ever made, but how was he supposed to know? Not like their gunna die if I don't check my phone. The assurance seemed to work for the most part, allowing him to escape from his seat and hover at the side for a few awkward seconds. " I'll see ya round. " and when goodbyes were voiced, and all was forgiven, Malecquie playfully knocked Eric in the shoulder before heading through the crowd.


Later that day ...

Though not entirely on time Malecquie had still managed to reach the auto shop in one piece. Leaving him with more than enough time to make sure the business hadn't fallen in ruins during his absence. He had plenty of trust when it came to leaving his shop in able hands, it was more or less feeding his addiction that kept him coming back more often than one would think necessary. Though in his eyes his excuse was reasonable. The shop was his baby. The only connection he had left to his family back in Edinburgh, and perhaps the only normal thing left in his life. Not once had he doubted the place, it wasn't until he approached the parking lot that day that he realized something was off. Even in a small a** town like Brookshire the shop could easily get over ten customers on a good day. Not very many people pass through that little town of theirs, Malecquie was lucky not to have any real competition, but that day it just looked...deserted. Malecquie parked sloppily in a spot closest to the door and started digging in his pockets for the shop keys. But instead of keys he found a pack of gum, some wrappers, and a condom. A soft sigh broke the silence, his mind instantly jumping to thoughts of Adrianna's place and how he must have forgotten to pick up his keys on his way out to meet up with Eric that morning. Assuming that the door in front of him was locked, Malecquie headed around the side of the building to scope out the perimeter - see if he couldn't find any signs of life.

" Hello? " He found himself calling from around the corner, watching from all directions for one of his coworkers...but to no avail. " Somebody? Anybody? " He hummed quietly to himself as a distraction from the paranoia picking at his brain, it wasn't like Skylar to leave the shop unattended...nor any of his employees for that matter. It was bizarre to say the least, but he couldn't bring himself to make harsh accusations just yet - not until he got to the bottom of things. However rounding the corner had been a bad decision. Shards of glass crunched loudly beneath his weight as he took a step towards the entrance, gawking at the hole in the wall where a window had once been, a window in which now laid scattered in pieces across the pavement under the soles of his feet. Almost instantly after realizing the obvious, Malecquie stepped through the opening and deterred through the garbage towards the main office, only ironically it was the only space that hadn't been touched. In fact...The door to the office was still locked, he even leaned in to inspect it for meddling of some sort, but he found no scratches. What the hell is going on here... Ran through his mind as he stood to his full height again. He stood that way for a long while, motionless in the silence that surrounded him....Leaving him with that uneasy feeling you get when you feel as though your not alone.

With this new thought boiling over, Malecquie looked around for something within his reach that he could use to his advantage. Luckily for him everything had been conveniently dumped on the floor prior to his arrival. The male struggled to keep his balance and stay quiet at the same time as he leaned in closer, and closer towards the pipe wrench a few feet away from his outstretched hand. Come on...almost...theree... He nearly had his fingers on it when the chime of his cell phone echoed loudly throughout the room, startling him to the point of jumping out of his own skin. With a shaky breath Malecquie pulled away from the wrench and dove into his pockets to search for his cellphone, thinking it possible for Skylar to have texted him with an explanation of some sort....But instead of a phone, he found nothing. First my keys and now my phone? No...That's not right. I remember grabbing it when I got out of the car... More confused than he had ever been before, Malecquie stood, brushed his knee's off with his hands, and began searching the shop for his cell phone. First he tried the storage room, and then of course the garage...he even tried the washrooms. The entire shop had been turned upside down and yet there was no sign of his cell phone anywhere. Now he was angry, but he had one last idea to try.

Malecquie walked to the front desk and pulled the receiver up to his ear, after dialing out his number on the key pad he had nothing left to do but to wait and listen. Sure enough, his cell phone began to chime. Lifting his gaze in response to the noise, Malecquie placed the receiver faced down on the counter and tried his best at following the sound. When he came to an abrupt stop in front of the office door...He couldn't believe his ears. That's impossible...It's locked. He touched the handle and began to turn it slowly...with a gentle push the door popped open, and inside the office was just as it had been the day before. Astonished, Malecquie pushed past the door and approached the desk where his cell phone sat perched on a pile of dated newspapers. The screen was lit but fading quickly. Without thinking he reached out for it....But stopped when he saw the message that had been left behind on his phone.

Watch the tape.

In the moment he saw it he knew someone had tampered with his phone, somehow managing to pick it from his pocket and hide it without him knowing. That moment disappeared however, when the door suddenly slammed shut behind him. Following all of the commotion came a very distinct click as the door locked from the outside. In a panic Malecquie rushed to the door and rattled the handle. " You b*****d! " Bellowed from the depths of his lungs when it ceased to budge. Through the noise of his tantrum his cellphone had started to chime for the second time....Someone was trying to call him. But who? Malecquie hesitated before bringing the phone up to his ear, staring into oblivion as he waited for something to happen. Very faintly, he could hear the breath of another on the other end of the line. Seemingly out of no where the voice spoke up very quietly, but what it said was crisp. " Watch the tape... " At that point in time he was done, he'd had enough. Goosebumps rippled down his skin as he hung up the phone and stuffed it in his back pocket, where he knew it wouldn't go missing again. You think your so clever...Lets just see you try and scare me, twit. With the new found courage, Malecquie took a deep breath and mentally prepared for what he was about to do. It can be replaced... He reminded himself at least three times before he was ready. The male got as close to the door as he thought necessary, and with as much force as he could allow he kicked the door flying off the hinges and falling to the floor. He only stayed to watch a wave of dust waft in the air for a bit before he stepped out of the office. The tension was almost unbearable, figuring whoever had called him - and locked him in his office - was still out and about. He had no intention of staying, but he wanted to grab something. The point had been made loud and clear that whatever was on that tape was worth watching, that and it would probably show who was responsible for all that mess. Malecquie ejected the security footage from behind the front desk and stuffed it as best he could into the front of his sweat-shirt, awkwardly holding it in place as he stole a second look around the shop.

It was only a matter of time before Malecquie had reached the parking lot and jumped into his car. He had to remember not to speed as the car screeched down the road. It wasn't until he was among other drivers that he was able to calm down and collect his thoughts. Unfortunately for someone...those thoughts weren't happy. Even though he was driving and not one for breaking the rules, Malecquie arched his back somehow and managed to pull out his phone that he had been sitting on all this time. He was quick to dial Skylar's cell phone number. When she answered, her voice didn't lift his spirits. " Would you mind telling me what the ******** just happened here? The whole God damn shop is trashed. There's garbage everywhere, windows are smashed...I wouldn't be surprised if s**t was missing.... What did you have to do that was so God Damn important? Are you ******** kidding me? " It was apparent by the tone of his voice that he wasn't impressed, neither did that change when Skylar tried to explain....As much as he wanted to blow the entire situation over, he knew he couldn't do that. Still, he had no intention of firing her. Skylar had been an asset to his business for a long time now, unlike the others she actually valued her job. He kept this in mind to refrain from throwing his cell phone out the window.

After a long pause Malecquie eventually sighed into the microphone. " Your a** should be fired.... " His voice was quieter now, but still angry. " Call the police and report the incident....Tell them where to go and make sure someones there to meet them. Give them my number if they ask for me. I want you there first thing in the morning cleaning up the mess... " He waited for an answer, but never replied once she had given one. Instead he ended the call and tossed the phone onto the passenger seat. Don't call the cops? Is she insane? I could have had my a** handed to me in there and she doesn't want the cops involved? Malecquie heaved another sigh before pulling his car over to the curb. The park was deserted at that late hour, but he figured there was no harm in sitting there in the safety of his car. He sat there in the silence for a few minutes before he picked up his phone again, noticing he had a couple of old text messages that he didn't feel like opening. So instead, he thumbed through his contacts until he found Adrianna's number.

To: Adrianna
From: King
I need help
I need a place to crash tonight...I don't want to be alone
I can't go home
Can you meet me at the park? I'm parked at the curb

ocation: Parked at the curb near the park. XX ompany: No one yet.XX øutfit: Looking Fabulous XX øoc: Permission from peoples. It gets a bit sloppy at parts ! I kept getting blocked. Let me know if anything needs to be changed.

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