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    M I S T E RXX C O M F O R T I N G

                                            The sound of the buzzing alarm went off in the bedroom, it was so irritating to have to wake up so early in the morning. The pillow was placed on top of his head, to cover up his head from any sort of daylight of hint of living that would interrupt his sleep. Sighing under the pillow, he threw it off to the other side of the bed and sat up lazily; his eyes were still droopy. It wasn't easy running your own business, you had to be the first one there in the morning and help out with everything that was being made; it was his name on the line. Sitting on the ledge of the bed, he was having an inner debate whether she should stand up and go to work or get back under the warm covers and sleep the day away. Sadly his responsibilities outweighed his desires, pushed himself off the bed he got on his feet and walked groggily to the bathroom. It was Sunday, most people were sleeping in and enjoying their Sunday newspaper. But no, Aiden had to go off and become the business owner his father wanted him to be, he needed to wake up every morning at five a.m. After washing his face with cold water, he felt rejuvenated and ready for the day no matter how much he wanted to get back in bed. Picking up the red and white toothbrush from the back of the fosset, he squeezed some of the Baking soda infused tooth paste on the bristles of the brush. Turning the right knob of the fosset, he lightly watered the tooth brush before shutting off the water. Putting the brush in his mouth, he began to move the brush in circular rotations to clean against the surface of his teeth. Not really paying too much attention to what he was doing, he walked to the bedroom to grab what he was going to wear for the day.

                                            It was only the shop so it meant that he could wear casual clothes and not be judged on it. Business owners typically wore suits or formal clothes to show their professionalism, but Aiden was the complete opposite. He was going in to bake cupcakes, not have the best customer service in the tri-state area. Picking up a graphic T-Shirt, he paired it up with a normal black hoodie; his gaze was caught by the jeans that he had carelessly left on the floor from the previous day. Shrugging his shoulders, he began to change his clothes with the fresh ones he had just picked out; he always showered the night before. Once he was done he headed back to the bathroom and spit out the mixture of toothpaste and saliva into the sink then twisted the knob of the fosset again. Cleaning himself up, he looked at the mirror and smirked at the small hint of stubble growing on his jaw line. Girls always complained about having to shave, but they would never understand how annoying it was to have to shave their face over and over on a weekly basis. Rubbing the prickly hair against his finger tips, he decided against actually cutting it, one day of stubble wasn't going to kill him. Zipping up the hoodie, he turned off the light in the bathroom and made his way to the kitchen. Opening up the fridge, the bulb turned on to reveal that he didn't have too much food on the inside. His eyes scanned the contents of the fridge and spotted the thing he was looking for, a chilled Monster was looking right at him. Picking up the can, he then closed the door to the fridge and made his way over to the counter. Using his index finger, he popped the tab on the can which made a rich click sound and the can was open and ready for consumption. Bringing the can to his lips, he took the first sip of the energy drink and felt completely brand spanking new. If he had the money then he would buy stock in that energy drink, it did the trick and didn't give him the shivers. Taking the can with him, he picked up his car keys and headed for the door of his apartment. Pausing for a moment, he looked behind him and noticed that the apartment was slightly messy but that's why he had a lady come in once every two weeks to clean up his mess. Opening the door, he locked the door before exiting completely and heading for the stairs.

                                            Aiden made his way down the open stairs, it was here that he got the first breeze of the cold Autumn air and slightly shivered at the touch. Picking his hood up, he continued onward to the parking lot to find the number which matched his apartment door. The car wasn't the latest car but it was still fairly new in Aiden's opinion which was good enough for him. Unarming the car's alarm, he saw the car's door unlock and opened it placing himself in the driver's seat. Turning the keys in the ignition he heard the car's engine start up, closing the door he buckled his seat belt and placed the Monster can in the cup holder. Once he was settled in, he began to head on his way to the cupcake shop which in reality was a few blocks away. Aiden would normally walk to the shop, but the cold weather always made him procrastinate his arrival so the car was the best option. Pulling onto the street where the shop was at, he parallel parked on the street and got out of the car to put some coins in the parking meter. They didn't have their own parking lot, but it was a pretty busy street which meant a lot of customers would walk by. Unlocking the front door, he quickly closed it so he wouldn't let the cold inside; luckily his manager had already turned on the heater. Checking out the front of the shop, he moved the chairs a little bit then headed to the back kitchen. The smell of cupcakes filled up the shop, he was glad that he made the right choice of having Jenny as the manager; she did the things he didn't. "You start on the buttercream yet?" Aiden asked the woman who only glared and scowled at the fact that Aiden was late and not dressed to prepare desserts. Taking that reaction as a no, he took off his hoodie and hung it on the coat rack, picking up one of the white aprons that was locked on the hangers. He undid the latches and put the hanger back where it came from, Aiden slipped on the white apron and tied it correctly around him. He didn't particularly like wearing this thing in front of the public because he felt slightly emasculated; then again there was almost nothing more emasculating than owning your own cupcake shop.

                                            Making his way over to the fridge, he sighed realizing that he forgot his Monster in the car; this was getting very troublesome. Picking up the box which contained a large number of boxes of cream cheese; he placed it on the counter and searched for the butter. If there was something that Aiden was good at, it was making some cheese cream buttercream and fruit preserves. Picking up all the ingredients, he began to put them in the large mixer; he was so used to doing this that he didn't need exact amounts or a recipe book. It was strange how he felt so peaceful when he was in the back cooking or baking; it was something that he had a passion for. Aiden was always so serious with a soft expression when he was here, he soon finished mixing the concoction he picked up the large piping bag and the 9 inch angled spatula. Scrapping the cream with the spatula, he placed a good amount into the piping bag and saw Jenny place the now cooled down cupcakes in front of him. Aiden nodded with appreciation and began to work his magic, he was able to finish up sixty cupcakes in less than three minutes. Once done, he picked up the black and orange sprinkles to cover up some of the buttercream. Halloween was coming soon which meant that they would have to start decorating the cupcakes according to the holidays. But with this holiday coming up, it meant that his birthday was coming sooner too; birthdays were always a time for celebration and if Khris remembered that meant he was probably going to have a major party.

                                            Aiden got so consumed in his work he didn't realize that the time had passed by rather quickly, it was already the late morning. Taking off the apron, he transported the amount of cupcakes to the front of the store and placed them behind the glass case. After he was done, he unlocked the front door for anyone that was going to wander in and buy what they liked. So he wasn't as popular as the other shops who had lines of people already waiting for them to open; it was Sunday which meant it would be a slower morning. At least they had a few ordered pickups for birthday parties, which meant they could spread their business' reputation. Standing behind the counter, he turned on the ipad which had been converted to a register; it was really his ipad but he didn't really use it as much anymore. Looking down at his cell phone, he wondered if any of his friends would wander in the shop today. The bell signaling that someone opened the front door went off, he slipped the phone into his jeans and gave his full attention to the customer. Although he was young and didn't dress the part, he was the one who made the decisions around here but people didn't realize that. Smiling at the woman and child, he interacted with the child to make them feel more comfortable with asking Aiden for the ones she wanted.

                                            OOC: Decided to start us off, hope that's okay. :]

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    XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX { Mister xx Musician }

                                            Crap, crap crap, crap, ********!

                                            He was screwed. He was absolutely s**t-faced in over his head. In any other situation this would be handled calmly and rationally. At this point, Calm and Rational had taken a nose dive out the window. He had been in a very bad place for the last few months and the night before had just sealed the deal on his complete lack of intelligent decision-making. He didn't even want to think about the worst mistake of his entire life, though it wash really not easy to ignore. He had just made the worst mistake ever and it wasn't until morning that he had even realized it. Or something of that nature.....

                                            It had been a very long three months. Three months, two weeks, and four days to be exact. Luke had been having a lot of stress. That was never an excuse but that was what he'd say none the less. He was known as the genius in town, when it came to music. He had been practicing a lot more than usual for his piano recital that was coming up next month along with the band practice and violin sessions. Luke also went to school part-time. How he ever had time for a girlfriend was beyond him, but she was the reason he was worried. Well, her and the girl he had apparently knocked up. He wouldn't have minded if he had actually gotten Joey pregnant but... he didn't. He had gotten...what's her face, girly-girl all up in those sheets and after that he was facing a baby on the way.... Goddamnit!

                                            He was more worried about Joey than anything else. After the action, he knew it was probably over. He loved his tomboy and wouldn't have traded her for the world. In one night he had lost her and there really was nothing to say. Even if he told her the reason, it didn't make much sense, even to him! He wanted to dig a whole in the ground and bury himself in it. He had thrown all his senses, morals, and feelings out the door that night. It hadn't even been all that emotional, just something to get his mind off all the stress and preassure. That didn't mean it was right. Even someone with as many messed up ideas as him, knew that much.

                                            The preppy girl was another story as well. Not only did he not really like her, but he had also given her a baby. She was dating the scariest guy in town to boot. Not getting in between that! Well, he already did but that wasn't the point. The point was that instead of getting rid of stress, he had just obtained a whole new box of Oh-s**t. Yeah, songs about one night stands LIE!

                                            Luke had hidden himself in his room and locked the door for a good long while. He hadn't even let his parents in to see him when they came over. He knew he needed to talk to Joey and he needed to deal with the pregnant girl. Funny, he still didn't remember her name. But Joey was his main priority and he was hoping she would still stay with him even after what he'd done. She had been his life for so long, he couldn't loose her. Getting dressed and out of bed would be a good start to the plan... the nonexistent plan. Yeah, up, shower, shave, cloths. Good idea.

                                            After he was actually clean, he got his keys and headed out to find Joey. The sun beat against his skin and the light hurt his eyes. It had been a while sine he'd been outside and he wasn't exactly a daytime person to begin with. He went over to her place and stopped a block away. He considered going back and ended up walking in a big damn circle. After getting back to where he started from his back-tracking he let out a frustrated growl and decided he'd just go there and not think about it. If he thought about it, he'd chicken out again. So, he looked at the ground and hoped to God he didn't falter. He went up to the door and then turned back. He couldn't do it. No! He had to! He got out his phone and texted her to come out and meet him. He stared at the send button for a good minutes, then closed his eyes and pressed the stupid green button.
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                                  “Alright, well everything looks good! The baby is growing right on track, heartbeat is strong…we'll see you back in a month!"

                                  A week ago had been her twenty-four week appointment, and everything had been perfect. Josephine Marchetti's baby boy was remaining head down, and though the fundal was measuring a little small, nothing out of the ordinary had popped up on her ultrasound four weeks prior to that - the doctor chalking it up to the trouble-maker's position inside of her. Jo was sent away with ultrasounds in hand to show the adoring grandparents that had kept her secret (so far), and an appointment card for twenty-eight weeks with her doctor. She was nearing the home stretch, after a long couple of months determining what in the world to do about her situation...and she'd yet to pick a name for him.

                                  ...as well as tell his father, well, anything.

                                  Aiden had no clue. Luke had no clue. And everything was going to blow up in her face when the truth got out.

                                  Since becoming pregnant, Jo had been able to easily hide the growing bump with baggy clothing with no questions asked - thank you comfy clothing! Sweatshirts and stretchy pants were nothing foreign to the tomboy, and with a little maneuvering whenever she was with Luke, people were kept painfully unaware of her situation. A night that she could barely remember, beyond trying to comfort a friend in need, and waking up naked to escape before he did. Thing's hadn't been as awkward as she'd originally thought they'd be, but with Fran still in the picture, it complicated things even more than they'd been before. In the end, he always did end up going back to the other girl...

                                  And then there was her job. Jo hadn't cut back on how many people she currently had on her personal training roster, but it would have to happen eventually. Once she got to be the size of Texas, there was going to be no way that she would be able to keep up with any of her clients. Which meant no income for a short amount of time - something that her savings would be taking the blow for. Thanks to her fathers, she'd wound up with more than enough starter items for her baby, many of them the big items such as a crib, car seat, and stroller. Out of everything though, she was really looking forward to utilizing the Moby wrap that she'd bought herself on a whim. Who was she kidding though...as hesitant as she'd been at first, Jo had warmed quickly to the idea of having a child, even if it meant a few sacrifices of her own.

                                  Hands drumming to the beat of the Bastille song that she had playing from the home office and little feet nudging her rib cage as her batter rolled, Jo had been up in the wee hours of the morning when both of her fathers had left for work, and was taking advantage of the empty kitchen by making her second meal of the day. She'd already hit the shower, and done a quick bout of yoga before making her way across the house to the kitchen. Scrambled eggs with green peppers, mushrooms and mozzarella cheese cooked in a pan nearby as she took up a spot at the island counter, paging through a magazine with her phone sitting nearby. Sunday's were good for one thing and one thing only: lounging. Which was exactly what Jo planned to do all day; enjoy the quiet time and try to avoid everyone that she possibly could.

                                  At least that'd been the plan until her phone went off.

                                  She could have ignored it. Left it be and continued with her breakfast and magazine, a hand situated on her belly to feel her son move under it - which, was one of the best feelings in the world at that point. With an exasperated sigh however, Jo picked it up and was shocked to find that the message was from Luke. With little to no contact with her boyfriend, it was a surprise to find that he wanted her to come outside...unless he'd found out about her predicament. There was no way of knowing though, she supposed, and sent a quick response back:

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                                  Jo got up from her spot and quickly scooted over to the stove to turn her burner off. The last thing she needed to do was burn the house down, when she was more than likely about to get burned alive at the metaphorical stake. Setting the pan on a cool, back burner, she grabbed her sweater off of it's place on the counter, slipped on her shoes, and threw on a zip-up hoodie over it for good measure, considering how cold the hardwood floors had been earlier that morning. Her house key was in her pocket, though there'd be no reason to use it as long as Luke didn't take her out and about...

                                  Sure enough, he was standing there waiting...impatiently...for her, looking like he was about to have a mental breakdown of sorts and run for the hills. Christ, she'd known that they were in deep in their relationship, but it seemed a little over-excessive to be worrying that much over what she'd done. Or maybe Jo was under-reacting just a little too much for everything that really was going on...either way, her heart rate spiked at the sight of the younger musician, anxiety grappling with her determination to stay calm until she knew just what was going on.

                                  "Sorry! I would have been out sooner, but...breakfast is usually a good thing. Especially when it involves not burning down the 'rents place." Jo laughed a little, shoving her hands in her pockets to help hide her own secret. "What's going on? Did you want some? It's just eggs..."

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    XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX { Mister xx Musician }

                                            There was no way he could go through with this. There was just no way. It had been a mistake. He felt like total a**. He paced the doorstep before Jo came out. If she hadn't come out he probably would have made a giant crop circle on her steps. It was fortunate that she had because it seemed as if time did not be part of his world at the moment and he would have been standing there for hours. That would have been just what he needed, looking up and seeing the sun go down and realizing that she had ignored him. At least that's not what happened. He was, if nothing else, glad to see her face. They hadn't been around one another for some time and that alone had made him somewhat uneasy.

                                            Luke knew that if she wanted to, Josephine could find someone else. He knew nothing of her encounters with anyone else but he knew that even though she acted masculine, she was very attractive. She acted like one of the guys, and that also made men like her. She might not have noticed but h had always known. To him, she was perfect. He probably wasn't the only one that thought that either. It made him feel very inadequate, especially since she was older than him. She could find an older guy that could take care of her. She could go out with someone who hadn't cheated on her..... with her former best friend and current polar opposite...

                                            Jo came out and he smiled at her. He would wait forever for her. "It's fine. Didn't wit very long. Nah, it's okay" he replied with a wave. He was being truthful, he hadn't noticed.Safety first. Wouldn't want that if there were children around." he laughed a bit awkwardly. Stupid stupid! He was thinking about Katie's child that he had well....implanted. That wasn't supposed to happen. Stupid mouth. He looked at the ground , casting his eyes down so not to look at the woman he had wronged.

                                            It was quiet for a moment while he tried to think again. "Did you already eat your...eggs?" Yeah, everything made him think about kids... ******** wonderful.Just what he needed. "I can cook something for you. he offered. He liked cooking for her. He liked doing a lot of things for her. His friends said he was a whipped little boy but it wasn't like she usually asked much of him. He just liked doing things for her.

                                            Waiting was always the worst part. He waited for her to respond but did not look up from his spot on the ground. Cement was so interesting these days.... He hoped she said yes, it was easier to talk when he was moving or doing something. A lot of the things he usually did made too much noise to have a proper conversation while doing it, but he still liked keeping his hands occupied. Sometimes even texting was better than nothing.
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                                                        The clouds - were gray/ white and just floated on by at a soothing pace. The sun streamed in through the bedroom windows highlighting one body that lay on the bed covered in only a blanket. The light moved up until it shone in Catherine's face, stirring her from a peaceful sleep. She was slowly regaining consciousness. She knew for it to be this far into the room already, it had to be getting a little late. Later then she usually allowed herself to sleep, and later then her husband usually let her sleep too. Catherine slowly opened her eyes, trying to clear the fog out of her head enough to make sense of this oddity. She let out a sigh as she opened her eyes letting the room come into focus. She lightly untangled herself as she removed herself to the bathroom returning moments later with a silk robe tying it around her waist.''Do you have plans for today?'' Catherine asked to her boyfriend who was still in bed. ''I'm going to hang out with a friend all the day, so... ''

                                                        She had been avoiding this particular Doctor's appointment for a couple of days now. They said it was supposed be "simple" but the thought of stripping at a Doctors surgery and having to open your legs and allow someone to stick something up between your legs just to let the doctor work seemed kind of embarrassing, under the circumstances. Of course it wasn't like she hadn't had anyone touch her down there before, of course she had, but this was just different, it would be uncomfortable and awkward and down right embarrassing, but it had to be done. Allowing someone to touch her was nasty.She would be at his disposal and he would have permission to touch her between her legs, his mouth was already watering at the thought of having his hands all over her most private body part, and she would be none the wiser. Yet she didn't want to kill the little version of the musician, but that child have to go. Evidence needed to disappear.

                                                        So here she was getting ready, making sure she had cleaned herself, waxed, and made herself smell pretty. It took quite a bit of effort into looking good and Catherine was the perfect example of looking pristine and proper. She had opted to wearing a dress therefore she wouldn't have to be told to take her clothes off. She still had to look sexy, even if it was just the Doctors surgery, so she threw on a small cardigan and some heels, finishing off the look with some accessories. She took one last look in the mirror, as usual, perfecting her hair and make up before skipping out of the room and heading for the kitchen. She live with her boyfriend who knew nothing about her pregnancy. ''What you want for breakfast?''

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