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should you for some reason want to leave this perfect little heaven here, this arrow will direct you back to the exchange ;3

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Welcome to our little piece of the exchange, brought to you by PJ Pie, Angelzman, and Angel Gal! We hope you enjoy your stay and buy all our junk so that we make money, and use that money to buy more stuff for you to buy from us! It a never ending cycle of fun YAY! So make sure you enjoy yourself, buy our junk, follow the rules, and if you brake the rules you'll get blacklisted and introduced to the "go away!" link shown above. So just keep that in mind and all will be lovely <3~

Name Credit Goes To:
xXRaiVorXx~ A Little Slice of Heaven

Post 1: The Main Page.
Post 2: The Index.
Post 3: The Rules.
Post 4: PJ's Buying.
Post 5: Angelz's Buying.(a.k.a. quest)
Post 6: Angelg's Buying.
Post 7: PJ's Selling.
Post 8: Angelz's Selling.
Post 9: Angelg's Selling.
Post 10: Bios.
Post 11: Marks.
Post 12: Memorable Quotes.
Post 13: PJ's Contests.
Post 14: Link Post.
Post 15: Blacklist.
Follow these or prepare to be blacklisted/reported/chewed to bits/etc.

arrow Don't quote any of the posts on the front page. You'll make all the little kids cry if you do. >w<
arrow If we ask for a certain price, chances are we actually do want that price. So unless we say it's okay, haggling will be at a minimum.
arrow We always have the right not to sell, that's what human rights are for aren't they?
arrow No advertising! Very very rude.
arrow We don't like PMs regarding our sales/other things unless we specifically say that we allow it.
arrow To keep things clean and clear, address the person whom you're dealing with.
arrow These rules are subject to change whenever necessarily.. which is basically any time.
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[~*~] Paja is Buying

Angelic Scarf
Tell me what you want for one; I don't have a lot. At all.

[~*~] Paja Really Wants

Angelic Scarf

What's Angelz buying now?(a.k.a. My quest thread)

Nothing right now. 3nodding
Kodi wants you! eek No not really, but maybe your stuff... ninja

Your stuff (x quantity of item) - What I'll give you for it

Nothing at the moment.

Feel free to haggle. 3nodding
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[~*~] Paja is Selling

idea The items below are all for sale at a set price. The only exception are those items with a: * next to it. For them you may haggle.

Donation items

User Image
Thank You Letter for February 2006
It has a G9 Laptop and the Chyaku Norisu Scarf. The scarf is pretty nice, and the laptop is kind of neat... like if you're into the whole "technical" thing.
Price: 69,500 g*

User Image
Thank You Letter for Mar 2006
It has either a Mochi Puppy or a Demon Bow. The puppy is cute, and I guess the bow is... violent?
Price: 36,500 g*

User Image
Thank You Letter for July 2006
This one has either an Ancient Katana or an Elegant Veil. I really like the katana. It's pretty neat, the veil is really pretty too though.
Price: 63,000 g*

Event Items
User ImageUser Image V- Pin
Sexy little broches given out by the von helson sisters, I never take mine off, so you should buy a pair. You know, to be more like me <3
Price: 10,000 g. SET ONLY

User Image
Jingle Bells
Cute, festive, in good condition. Jingle Jangle.
Price: 4,500 g*

User ImageUser Image
Gaia 2nd Anniversary Party Hat AND Gaia 2nd Anniversary Balloon
Wow, this set is already two years old, that's pretty amazing. Lots of memories over the years, I don't want to let these go for cheap.
Price: 20,000 g* SET ONLY

Store Stuff

User Image
Split Fuschia Pants
Well, they're trendy, and expensive. I had them on my mule for a very long time, so obviously they're worth something ;]
Price: 6,000 g

User Image
Split Fuschia Jacket
this is also trendy and expensive, and my mule also had this on for a long time, so like the above pants, it's worth something.
Price: 9,250 g

User Image
Colonial Cape
Another item from my mule, I'm not really feeling the cape anymore, so you may as well buy it.
Price: 5,350 g

You get to peek into the Invent. of Angelz. o.o Lucky!

Qu'est-ce que tu vas acheter?



For the first time in the history of history, I'm selling items here, and when I say huge, I mean huge. I'm trying to get something legit here, and not donate so please but stuffz.

Some rules first off, sets cannot be broken, and I do not want any items.

Unopened Halloween 2k4 Set:
Jack's Grab Bags 2k4 1-8
Price: 60,000g

Opened Halloween 2k4 Set:
Really Jacked Up Shirt
Jacked Up Boots
Really Jacked Up Pants
Really Jacked Up Gloves
Jack's Disgust
Jack's Joy
Jacked Up Cape
The Jack-et

Price: 25,000g

Unopened Xmas 2k4 Set:
All 9 Gifts
Price: 28,000g

Opened Xmas 2k4 Set:
Spirited Shirt
Spirited Shoes
Spirited Pants
Spirited Hat
Spirited Boxers
Jingle Bells
Spirited Gloves
Spirited Socks
Spirited Scarf

Price: 14,500g

Unopened Halloween 2k5 Set:
Jack's Grab Bag 2k5 1-9
Price: 9,000g

Opened Halloween 2k5 Set:
Jack Uniform Shoes
Jack Uniform Pants
Jacked Belt
Jack Uniform Shirt
Jack Uniform Coat
Jack Uniform Gloves
Jack Visor
Jack Uniform Cap
Pumpkin Ghost Sheet

Price: 5,000g

Unopened Xmas 2k5 Set:
Santa's Giftbox 2k5 1-8
Price: 6,500g

Opened Xmas 2k5 Set:
Holly Jolly Boots
Holly Jolly Socks
Holly Jolly Collar
Pine Peacoat
Holly Jolly Mitten
Marshmallow Snowman
Holly Jolly Poinsettia Earmuffs
Reindeer Slippers

Price: 3,000g


Sold here:
December 2005 Letter x2
The Goods.
You get to buy Kodi's goods here. o_O I mean, what's better than that? xD

My stuff (x quantity of item) - What you're going to buy it for
* = vend, sold

Nothing at the moment.

I price my items according to Marketplace lowest buy prices.
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  • Tax Evader 100
[~*~] All 'Bout the Paja/Man/Gal

~picture Pending~
Name- Patrick
Age- 15
Sex- male
Location- America
Likes- Money, my friends, extravagance, law
Dislike- The ignorant, the loud, being called a stupid little preppy boy
Colors- Blue and White
Dream Job- Corporate Lawyer
Quote I Find Interesting-"I wanted a perfect ending. Now I've learned, the hard way, that some poems don't rhyme, and some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next"
-Gilda Radner


User Image
Name- Pajama Pie
Mules- He is a secret ninja (Kodi + PartyPantz, I'll tell you)
Join date- April 13th 2004
Home Forum(s)- Exchange (retired only not now), Breedables
Likes- um...most everything thats not below but expecially PartyPantz,and Gal xD <3~
Dislikes- n00bs, people who use to many emoticons, to much vulgarity, beggers, immature users
Favorite Items- Kiki Kitty, Angelic Scarf, Solar Cloak, Blue 70s Set, Seal Slippers, Angelic Minis, AFK, V-Pin Set
Least Favorite Items- Nitemare Boots, G Pin, most dark colored clothes, they make me sad.



Kodi IRL:
Name: Undisclosed
Nickname(s): Cece
Age: 14
Sex: Female
Location: Canada eh?
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Likes: My friends, videogames, lounging around all day, etc.
Dislike: Highly annoying screeching kids, know-it-alls, lectures, etc.
Colours- Pretty light colours.^^;
Dream Job- Ermm..... I don't know... >>;;

Quote I Find Interesting-When you were born, you were crying and everyone around you was smiling. Live your life so that when you die, you're the one smiling and everyone around you is crying.


User Image
Name: Kodiki
Mules: Ermm.... I mostly just use Angelz old account.^^;
Join date: Nov. 3rd, 2003
Home Forum(s): Exchange
Likes: Angelz <8, my friends, etc.
Dislikes: n00bs, beggars, scammers, etc.
Favorite Items: Angelic Sash, Devil Tail, Seals and Penguin Slips, Fairy Wings, Ducky, etc.
Least Favorite Items: Ice Tiara, G Glasses, Arachne, etc.

This is to show some famous marker points in our shop.^^

First Post: Heart Shaped Razorblade (a.k.a Raina)

Post 100: Pajama Pie (Page 7)

Page 50: IceKitsune17

Post 1,000: Dante1234 (Page 67)

Page 100: saturngaurdian90

Post 2,000: Pajama Pie (Page 134)

Page 200: A N G E L Z (me ^.^)

Post 3,000: Lord Dorian (Page 200)

Post 4,000: Kodiki (page 267)

Next coming is Page 300, and Post 5,000 which is the fifth post on Page 334 watch out for them. wink heart
Memorable Quotes
This is the post for all things we find deserve to be here on the first page. =D

Angel Gal,

I feel really bad about how I said my last post. As you said you were joking I still feel really badly about it. I have decided to create a post about how freaking awesome you really are. This lets everyone esle know that you are awesome if they don't know you.

We met a long time ago and became friends right away. I came to the JI spot tons and tons and we chatted together and had wonderful conversations. She is really nice and if you are ever mad talk to her. She also talks a lot with everyone. She is very nice so if she talks to you don't give her a hard time.

I know this ain't much but I might come up with something huge for a surprise.

*Tears of joy* crying
He really didn't do anything bad, but he insisted on posting this.^^;
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Wheezing Fatcat

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  • Tycoon 200
  • Money Never Sleeps 200
  • Tax Evader 100
[~*~] Paja's Contests

idea Bear in mind these are MY contests, and AngelzMan nor Angle_Gal135 have anything to do with them unless they so choose. All prize money and whatever will come from me:

None at the moment

Not Open Yet
This place is practically like death and you don't want that now do you? mad

Oh, what do we have here? People who actually do want death! =oo What losers. stare

arrow Dark Lord Fortrus for not being able to read. (pg. 4)
arrow bige175 for advertising. (pg. 170)

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