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So, you have a load of donation items, right, but not what you really want. Well if you wanna trade with me i take donation items and some pure. Once you've expressed an interest in this thread we can switch to pms. Sorry but alot of my 2004 is not up there. However if you're desperate we might be able to come to some agreement.

1 x nitemare mini wings
1 x devil tail

1 x penguin slippers
1 x bear pajamas
1 x monkey pajamas
1 x horns of the demon
1 x angelic pendant
1 x ninja band
1 x winged anklets
1 x golden laurels
1 x demonic pitchfork
1 x staff of the angels
2 x btk
1 x ice gauntlet
1 x omfg
1 x fire gauntlet

1 x demonic pendant * may not even trade, offer really good
1 x angelin bracelet
1 x solar cloak
1 x lunar cloak
2 x kiki kitty
1 x roro puppy
2 x chestplate
1 x butterfly mantilla
1 x guitar of angelus
1 x guitar of demona
1 x bone dragon helm
1 x pheonix circlet
1 x lunar cowl
1 x solar headdress
2 x whip of ice
2 x whip of fire
2 x pandy pack
2 x hard pack shell
3 x coco kitty
1 x wind security blanket
4 x snow yeti plushie
2 x nitemare parasol
4 x ice tiara
4 x winter fox mink

2 x angelic parasol
1 x sword of ages
1 x g9 laptop
3 x chyaku norisu scarf
1 x demonbow
2 x mochi
1 x g-bot
1 x sun staff
1 x chain of command
2 x angelbow
1 x g-blade
1 x dark halo
2 x katana
1 x elegant veil
4 x gwee the dragon
2 x angelic microphone

1 x august 2004
1 x september 2004
1 x october 2004
2 x november 2004
3 x december 2004

4 x january 2005
4 x february 2005
5 x march 2005
4 x april 2005
4 x may 2005
4 x june 2005
4 x july 2005
5 x august 2005
7 x september 2005
10 x october 2005
4 x november 2005
6 x december 2005

9 x january 2006
7 x february 2006
19 x march 2006
6 x april 2006
5 x may 2006
6 x june 2006
5 x july 2006
8 x august 2006
3 x sealed letter

favourite trade in this thread.

My 1 x pair of penguin slippers for - Ancient Katana, Bone Dragon Helm, Chain Of Command, Elegant Veil, Fire Gauntlet, Fox Tail, G9 Laptop, Gwee the Dragon, Gwee the Dragon, Ice Gauntlet, Phoenix Circlet, Whip of Fire, Wind Security Blanket, Fox Ears, a demon bow, angelic microphone, 2 sealeds, roro
penguins how much?
You must have a large inventory.

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20k for dark halo?
6 junes for 126k?
95k for kiki?
Thank You Letter For Feb 2005 Thank You Letter For Feb 2005 Thank You Letter For Oct 2005 Thank You Letter for February 2006 Thank You Letter for February 2006 Thank You Letter for February 2006 Thank You Letter for February 2006 Thank You Letter for February 2006
+ 25k for anklets?
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Business Bloodsucker

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where is the y gonk
06 Letter Set (All except for This Moths Sealed)
Lunar Cowl
For 1 05 LEter Set
CN-My cape and 7k?
well, im back, and i guess i dont really want my angelic microphone, so i was wondering if i could trade my mic and pure for a angellus and solar cloak
what would you trade for a jacked-up shirt?

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