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The shop that made hawtness cool is back and better than ever.


We've got lots to sell and do, so let's not waste any time.
Taking offers on
Panda Hat
Red Rose Corsage
Black Bow Tie
Angelic Sash
and lots more... See the shop posts below for more details.

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    • Do not beg.
    • Do not spam.
    • If you wish to buy something, post in the thread and wait for a response.
    • Do not PM anyone unless you are told to do so by one of us.
    • Do not start a trade with us unless you are told to do so by one of us.
    • Do not complain about our prices. We value things how we see fit.
    • Try to use proper grammar and spelling. No one is perfect, but horribly written posts will most likely be ignored.
    • Do not argue with any of our employees. In this thread, their word is law.
    • Do not make quote towers. Quoting can often times be helpful when the thread is busy with many people around, but don't over quote. The absolute maximum you should ever have is 5 quotes. If your post has more than 5 quotes in it, EDIT it before you submit. If you can keep your posts to 3 quotes or less, that would be ideal.
    • Do not use the rolling eyes ( rolleyes ) emote. Ever.
    • Individual rules may be listed below.
    • More rules may be added as necessary.

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    • Jessikenz aka Tenny - Owner of Jessikenz Hawt Shop
    • StrawberiGurl aka Beri - Owner of Beri's Hawt Shop
    • Anela Vesir aka Nela - Owner of Nela's Hawt Shop
    • Hawtness Inc. - That's me. I run the shop and look after things when the other girls can't be around.
    • Apricot Sunshine - Official shop bumper and more. She's mine! heart heart No touchie. User Image

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    • Hawt links - These are kind of like pink links only hawter. whee
      If you want to know how they work, read further. The info will be posted in one of posts below.
    • Want to take a trip down memory lane? Visit the original shop that started the phenomenom.
    • In case you didn't hear me the first time, Apricot Sunshine is mine! heart heart No touchie. User Image

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    By Manda Leah
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    >> NO MORE HAGGLING. The prices below is what I want.


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    Inks - white (0), black (0), Brown (0), Red (0),
    ______Orange (0), Gold, (0), Yellow (0),
    ______Green (0), Blue (0), Purple (0), Pink (0) ------ SOLD OUT

    Gaia 7th Anniversary Lucky Envelope (6) ------ LMP Only

    User ImageEaster Bunny Ears ------ make an offer__________________User ImageRufus Cosplay ------ make an offer__________________User ImageSDPlus #85 Adriana ------ SOLD
    User ImageShell Collection ------ SOLD_____________________User ImageMythic Hair ------ SOLD_____________________User ImageHer Infernal Majesty ------ SOLD
    User ImageCeleano ------ make an offer___________________________User Image#FF0000 Complex Shirt ------ 5,771g____ _User ImageCuttlephones ------ SOLD
    User ImageAudio Starlet Blue Rei ------ SOLD___________User ImageBlushing Brides Veil ------ make an offer_____________User ImageSatin Hairbow ------ make an offer
    User ImageDevoted Pawn ------ SOLD______________________User ImageSkyward Mechanic ------ make an offer_____________User ImageDander ------ SOLD
    User ImageScarlet Rose ------ SOLD______________________User ImageMint Buttercream Rose ------ make an offer__________User ImageVanilla Buttercream Rose ------ SOLD
    User ImageMokona Hat ------ SOLD_________________________User ImageChapeau Demonique ------ make an offer

    User Image
    User Image


    1. Do not PM me your offers. Post it in the thread.
    2. For the love of God, do not ever, under any circumstance, put your offers in my profile comments. stressed That's even worse than PMing me.
    3. Don't argue with my values. If you don't like how I value something, then just don't buy from my shop. It's that simple.
    4. Never send a trade without being directed to do so. More than likely, the item being sold is on a mule and sending a trade to this account will just waste time. If I like your offer, I will tell you to whom to send the trade.
    5. Label all trades. If trading item(s) for item(s), use the words my and your to avoid confusion. (ex. - 100k for Bag of Win 2; 500k for 2 May 2007 letters; My katana + 500k for your kiki kitty)

    User ImageUser Image
    Panda Hat
    (Offers must contain DJ Studio Headphones to be considered. Obviously with enough added to make it worth enough.)
    Autobuy 1: DJ Studio Headphones [x2]
    Autobuy 2: DJ Studio Headphones, Portable Stereo Headphones, Angelic Mini Wings, Nitemare Mini Wings
    Too high? Then don't buy. I will only sell for a really good offer.

    User Image
    (I'm frequently selling in the marketplace, so quantities subject to change without notice.)
    zOMG Rumble Box (x100) - 220k ea.
    Supercharger (Regular) - 39k
    Double Orb (Regular) - 39k

    More to come...
    Looking for something not listed. Ask. I might have it.

    User Image
    (If you're selling any of the following, just post how much you want for it. Offers will be mostly pure.)
    Portable Stereo Headphones
    Nitemare Mini Wings
    Strawberry Sundae Sweets Thanks, Tenny. <3

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    High-functioning Punk

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    Got some stuffs for sale.. well uh.. make offers:

    Do not PM me. Ever never ever ever. Unless you want a one trip ticket to my ignore list. Yes.. I am that cranky over my personal message box. It's for friends and receiving art! I don't need it cluttered with offers that I can see in this thread.

    I don't want fish masks, fish stuff, fish anything as a part of your offer.. >w<!

    Rudeness is NOT tolerated. I have a very sharp tongue as well, so unless you want to feel an inch tall when leaving here I would suggest you mind your manners.

    I'm taking offers on these items currently:

    REVAMPING STUFF- Don't get your panties in a twist wink

    Prices do fluctuate so don't get angry if they change as I go along.

    I am also looking for someone to make me a profile. Since I wouldn't know how to if my life depended upon it.

    If interested you may send me a personal message with your pricing and a few sample links to other profiles you have done. (Just put profile offer in your header for the note!)

    Other stuff:
    Invisible Ink
    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
    User Image

    You heard right. The girls of Hawtness Incorporated are having a monthly art contest. The winner each month will recieve 2 letters from the contest month. The winning art will be displayed at the bottom of the first post in our shop for all to see.

    Want to enter? I thought you would. wink All you have to do is choose a clothing option from below and draw Beri, Nela and Tenny ~ all three of them together ~ in a pose of your choice, provided it obeys all instructions below. Note, that we are like sisters, so obvious we should be drawn appropriately. Your submission must be original, by you! Pixel art is acceptable as are avatar edits. It is not acceptable, however, to take an image we've provided and alter it (by using filters, etc) ~ The
    Hawtness Incorporated girls could do that themselves.

    The monthly contests will have no entrance fees. Just draw the picture and post it here in the shop. We'll add it to the
    Hawtness Incorporated web site for everyone to see. Winners will be announced on the last day of the month, seeing that the new contests will begin on the first of each month. Note - If there are less than 5 entries at the end of the month, the contest will be extended until such time as there are at least 5 entries.

    User Image
    Order of appearance: Nela, Tenny, Beri

    "PowerPuff Incorporated"


    User Image
    Current Entries

    January/February 2011 Entries
    entries from January/February

    February 2005 Entries
    entries from February 2005

    January 2005 Entries
    entries from January 2005

    December 2004 Entries
    entries from December 2004

    November 2004 Entries
    entries from November 2004

    October 2004 Entries
    entries from October 2004

    But wait, there's more...
    Think you've got what it takes to capture our Hawtness forever in art but don't really want to go the contest route? Stop by our Art Request Thread and show us what you've got.
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    High-functioning Punk

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    Run away child,
    Run away.
    The pain is too great,
    You are filled with such hate,
    Run away child,
    Run away.
    No one knows your real fears,
    No one sees those hidden tears,
    Cheerful smiles,
    A painted mask,
    Carefully crafted,
    Made to last,
    Run away child,
    Run away.
    No one understands the pain you've been through,
    The life you've created....
    It feels so untrue.
    Always helping,
    Always there.
    To bring warmth to others...
    While feeling that bitter freeze...
    Run away child,
    Run away.
    Life is unfair,
    That's what they say.
    Deal with the hand you've been given,
    Take it all in.. with no expression.
    Unphased.. another loveless day....
    Run away child,
    Run away.
    Become the dark...
    You've grown to hate.
    from a child of rage,
    To a woman of hate...
    Run away child...
    It's far to late...

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    I'd love to get ports or DJ's again.
    I also wish I had my angelic mini's again.
    Feeling generous? lol
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    This Is Not Open For Business Yet

    I'm offering name tags like you see in Beri (coming soon), Nela's and my post. Most if not all are finished within the day. But I will not be opening the slots again 'til the following week. I have things to do during the week and cant always be at the computer.

    Jessikenz (tenny)
    Anela Vesir

    Price = 5k each

    You will get a WIP halfway through to see if it's coming out how you want and to make changes you want. Then you'll get a finished one with a watermark. You send the 5k and I send you a watermark-free final version. I will add it to my DA page so if you should ever lose it.


    Bribe Slots

    Bribe slots work just like they do in Avi Art shops. Though not as crazy. If the slots are full but you just HAVE to have one. It'll cost you 20k to get ahead of my normal customers.
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    User Image

    Every month, we will give away 10 letters from that month to people who visit our thread. At the end of the month, we will look over all the requests from that month and pick the winners. Depending on the amount of entries, this may take a little time. Letters should be sent out to the winners no later than the 7th of the next month, but usually within a day or two. We'll post the names of the winners in the thread when we send the letters out.

    Want to win? Just follow these simple rules.
    • Post why you think you deserve to win.
    • Stick around and chat with the people in the thread. If no one else is around, give the thread some bumps and maybe someone else will show with whom you can chat.
    • Come back and visit. Don't just ask for the letter and then disappear for the rest of the month if you expect to win.
    • Do not beg. Ever.
    • Be nice and polite, but don't overdo it. No one likes a suck up.
    • Follow the rules of the thread.
    • Don't be greedy. If you win a letter one month, don't come back and ask for another one the following month. Let someone else win.
    • You may win multiple times, just not in consecutive months; however, don't expect to win multiple times if you don't visit the thread consistently during your "ineligible" months too.

    A few things you should be aware of.
    • Saying you should get a letter because you're going to donate it to someone is not a valid reason to win. If this is the case, just get them to come ask for it personally. If there is a valid reason why they can't post, then you may make a request in their behalf. If we then choose then, we will award the letter to them directly. There's no reason for a middle man.
    • Saying you should win because you've donated a lot isn't going to get you much favor from us. A true gift is one given with nothing expected in return, so don't expect us to "reward" you for your previous generosity.

    If during any particular month, we do not receive enough worthy requests, we will award the left over letters randomly. Anyone can win randomly even if they did not request a letter. Since this will be completely random, it is possible that someone may win more than one letter.

    The Give-Away had it's last run in November 2010. It's no longer running and therefore no more letters are being given away to those who ask. We at Hawtness Incorporated are still here even though the Monthly Give-Away has stopped. There are other things to do here; such as our Shops wink among other things.
    User Image

    User Image

    User Image

    User Image

    User Image

    User Image

    User Image

    How they work:
    They will be similar to pink links in that they will be basically random. There is no set time when these will appear. It just all depends on when I feel like doing it. Basically, whenever I feel like it, I will post the Hawtness ninja, User Image. After I post this, the first person to quote the Hawtness ninja with the word "hawt" will win 10k. There is also a special kind of Hawt link, the quoted Hawt link. Sometimes when I post the Hawtness ninja, I will quote someone's post. If the Hawtness ninja is quoting someone, only the person who was quoted can reply with "hawt" to win the 10k. If that person doesn't reply with "hawt", then no one will get the hawt link gold.
    A few little rules.
    1) All hawt links expire after 24 hours. If they have not been quoted properly in 24 hours, no one will get the gold.
    2) Only Hawtness ninjas posted by me are hawt links. If I post the Hawtness ninja and it is not by itself, it is not a hawt link.
    3) When you are replying to the hawt link, you should reply only with the word "hawt" and nothing else. You can use you own text size and color if you want, but if the reply contains anything other than the word hawt and the quote of the hawt link itself, it is invalid.
    4) If someone quotes the hawt link but does not reply with "hawt", that person cannot later quote it again properly and get the gold. You only get one chance.
    5) If anyone is caught going back and changing one of their posts to fix it to make it appear that they quoted the hawt link properly, they will be ineligble to receive any future hawt links.
    6) You are not allowed to tell anyone the proper way to respond to a hawt link. If you break this rule once, you get a warning. Break it twice, and you are ineligible to receive any future hawt links.

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    User Image


    User Image

    User ImageUser ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image
    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User ImageUser ImageUser Image
    User Image

    Post if you want to be added. Just make sure you add us, too. whee
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    Full Art Showcase in journal

    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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