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Hello to you!
And Wellcome To Our Auction-wedding.
stay around and have fun

-Introduccion of course
-The Wedding
-Nekra's Auction
-C hachaw a's Auction
-The Wedding Art
-The Wedding Gifts
-The Wedding Giveaway
-The Wedding guest list
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Please, Follow our Rules ^_^ We'll be very happy if u do it surprised

1.- First of all, Follow the Gaia ToS! ^^
2.- Don't Flame
3.- Keep the thread Pg-13 rofl
4.- Be Polite with People 3nodding
5.- Have Fun surprised <3
6.- Bring a Gift or Leave mad xd J/K!
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Friday 06 2006 A day To remember it, Why?
Because C hachaw A and Nekra are going to get a gaia-wedding

A very quick brefering of us
Nekra is a exchanger who has a lovely boyfriend in real life, and he is in gaia,
Chachawa is an old school gaian who feel inlove with a very lovely guirl in real life, and she is in gaia too

Nekra and chacha are going to be 1 year old of being together as a couple and the best way to celebrate it is to do a Gaia-wedding!
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Nekra's Auctioning her Panties!!! and her Bra! o_O!
Yeah ^^ I never had an auction before (at leats i think so rofl )
And well, ill be auctioning my precious Panti/Bra Black Set cool
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The Autobuy: Devil Tail cool
High Bid:
Nekra-20k on your luffly set~

The Real Haven
ill bid a donation letter from may 2005 (guitars) on the panty/bra set ninja

C hachaw A

Ill bid 5k on Nekra's bras and panty

^_^ Post Your Offers and Make me Happy! rofl
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Chachawa First Thong Auction

Exchange Thong
a smeacsy thong for Exchange whores ^^

I have this thong since october 05 and my best deals are made when i have this thong. so is a lucky thong

AB: one of my quest items
Chain Wallet
NM scarf
Angelic Scarf
Devil tail rofl

The auction will end when the wedding ends

HB:Lucifer_satan- 10k eek
BTW: 12k For the Man Thong rofl

demonic pendant por la tanga negra

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We would like to recieve Art as gifts of our wedding ^^ And they will get posted in here surprised
Freebies will be vey apreciated ^^

User Image By: Oseznita 4laugh heart
User Image By: Me rofl
User Image
Art by: Dark Mandarina <3
User Image
Art By: [+Asia+] <333 ^^!
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This is the place of the gifts of people gave to us
*hint* we are questing some items <_<
c hachaw a is questing:
-Devil tail
-kitsune mask
-angelic pendant
-chain wallet
-male commons
-Winged anklets
-stuff =3

Nekra Is questing:

Thank you all <3

Lucifer_Satan---- Pumpking Stump eek heart heart
Renee The Rabid Squirrel - Purple Potted Island Palm eek heart heart
The Real Haven - 2 Kiki Kitty Plushies eek heart heart heart
Lady Salamandra - Turquoise Ceramic Mug, Navy Ceramic Mug eek heart heart heart
xKillerXracoonx-2xdec05 letters eek heart heart heart
Rainbokiss-gold wrist wacht & single carnation bouquet eek heart heart heart heart
appreciative_angel - ice tiara eek heart heart heart heart
][Ying][- 6k eek heart heart heart heart
DoubleLn2-2Ok eek heart heart heart heart heart
[+Asia+]- sealed letter eek heart heart heart

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Chacha and me Will have a Giveaway in this thread smile He will be giving ramdomly items to the people, and ill give Chibi-Headshots and items also to random people ^_^ Please, dont beg for items, we dont give to people that begs ^^;;

xKillerxracoonx - Art and Gift
lucifer_satan: Art <3
Black cat 28: lunar cowl
Dignity Dancer - Art
lady_salamandra: bonus giveaway Jolly hat
[+Asia+] - Lunar Cloak
Alec_Trevelian - Art + Lunar Cowl
kei_kusanagi_99 winner on page 30, Whip of ice
Dark Mandarina - Won a Dec O5 for being the uper post of the Bride's "I do"
winner of chachawa's "i acept" Blacklotus Solar cloak
winner on page 35 Admiral Delaz - Lunar cowl
winner on page 40 doubleLn pheonix circlet and art
winner on page 45 [+] Yerba [+] Dec O5 Letter
winner of page 5O Daruse-Chan Dec O5
winner of page 55 saint _kimla_ Dec05
Black list
No one so far.. so.. keep it this way plz 3nodding
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Thanks a Lot for comming people, we really apreciate that u are in here <3

Lady Salamandra
Letolas Reloaded
Heavy Metal Jesus
The Real Haven
Black cat 28
Zhepar Zorrow EX
Dignity Dancer
Dark Mandarina
fran kaiser
p u d d y
Admiral Delaz
Bella Doe
[Black Lotus]
tsk tsk tsk
Illusive Dreamer
Illusive Dreamer

Im sorry if im missing people u_u but my computer restarted itself and i lost the list on the note-block crying
First post!

You can take free cake and drinks <3

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