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2009 Gaia Anniversary Sash - 2004 Edition Bronze Medal
**Bronze Medal sold on Thursday October 11th, 2012 [12:12 AM]**
All contestant winners please PM me before 3 days of the posted date above. The most qualified contestant(s) who PM'd me before the deadline date will be noted as the winner(s). No negotiations.

Thank you everyone who participated, I really appreciated it. heart There will be more contests to come and I am hoping to see you once again. Have a great year!

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Back to School!

Selling <3

User Image Bronze Medal
HB: No recent offer. (old offer: 91-93m in items)
AB: Ports/Bunny Slippers
AB2: Carly Rae Jepsen.
AB3: Olivia Wilde + Scarlett Johansson.

<3 Buying

User Image Panda Slippers
User Image Reverse Panda Slippers
User Image Black Bow Tie

PM me all offers. I cannot stress how important this is. It will be hard for me to keep track of posts in this thread, and we can work offers through PM easier. Not deciding to PM me means you ignored the first post, so I will ignore your post.

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WTF Sushi rolled 0 0-sided dice: Total: 0 (0-0)


Bump Up This Thread (BUTT) <3

The two highest bumpers when the bronze medal is sold and the thread is closed will be awarded 200 times the amount they have bumped in this thread.
ex. If the highest bumper bumped 2000 times, s/he would be awarded with 400k. In relation, if the second highest bumper bumped 1000 times, s/he would be awarded with 200k.

<3 Sushi Roll (ROLL)

Roll a 20 sided die, 20 times.
& get a total of 20-25 or 395-400 to win a Steel-Plated Ninja Headband or Horns of the Demon.
*BONUS: Roll a 69 to win 69k
Max: 2 wins, before I switch the gold prize.

Highest rolls / Lowest rolls
Even the highest and lowest dice roll gets a prize. By also rolling the 20 sided die, 20 times,
keep track of your highest and lowest rolls.
If your roll is the highest or lowest roll before this thread closes, you will win 200 times that total.
ex. if you rolled a high total of 350, you would be awarded 70k.

Any cheating will have you disqualified from this contest, you can start all over again. Max 2000 bumps and 2 dice roll wins per account.You must PM me all the details of your bumps/rolls before 3 days after this thread closes (most likely when the bronze medal is sold) or the amount will be given to the next highest qualifier who sent me a PM.

Finder's Fee <3

I will be giving 1m to the person that finds me a good buyer for the bronze medal.

The fee will only be given if or when the transaction is completed. I must have first accepted their offer. The buyer also must have referred you as a finder, or you will not get the fee.
P.S. I will PM you when the trade is completed and you can send me a trade before 3 days after I sent you the PM (as I will not be checking Gaia after my bronze medal is sold).

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//Back to School!________//Contests.________//Arts~________//Question Questions?

I am hoarding art from you lovely exchangers <3. All style of arts and banners would be loved and appreciated!
The generous artists will be posted here:
-> Habiel
User Image
-> d a n d y - f a t - c a t
User Image

I am also willing to pay for some art! PM me with prices and samples if you're interested.

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//Back to School!________//Contests.________//Arts~________//Question Questions?
Question Questions!

Question 4: What is my favourite item on gaia?

Here I will be asking you random questions that you can respond to. If there's a correct answer to it, or a reply I like, I will give you 10k.
There can only be a handful of winners, so the people who post earlier will win!

I will post the winners below, please send a trade if you see your username!
Question 1. Everybody had the answer incorrect. Answer: China
Question 2. No one answered ):
Question 3. Not specific enough answers. BUT I will give you 5k just because you mentioned China. Winners: Katie Kozoku, OoWaQaSoO, VillageHunter

Want more questions or answers? ASK ME ANYTHING. -> [<3]

- Table of Contents -
//Back to School!________////Contests________//Arts________//Question Questions?

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