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<center>Hi! This is Gal and I'm the mule running this place. This is our mini hang out where we like to sell our items, show our stuff, just chat and most of all, just have fun! =)

Yes, like everyone else, we have rules. whee
arrow Do not PM us out of no reason unless we say it's alright.
arrow Don't stretch the page. It gets very annoying and it's just no fun for anyone.
arrow Be nice to everyone. Everyone has to right to be here and not be insulted/hurt.
arrow No flaming.
arrow Always post here before sending the trade to anyone of us. We do check this thread often.
arrow Follow the rules of Gaiaonline.com
arrow No advertising.
arrow No leet speak. Try to speak English. stare
arrow Don't quote bubbles endlessly. Also, don't quote any of the first page posts.
arrow These rules are subject to change whenever.

<center>I know this is alot of rules but do please follow them. If you don't follow these rules, you shall be added to the blacklist and eaten alive by all of us. domokun </center>

<center> heart --------------->: biggrin onations::<--------------- heart

We didn't think that we would have this section but here it is, the ever so famous Donations section. And just to show just how much we appreciate you guys, you guys (and gals) get to be on the first post. 4laugh

(-)ngel-!)emon - 500g <33
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<center>Here shall be posted the table of contents and any updates of this thread.</center>
<center>:Table of Contents:</center>
Post 1: Introduction post
Post 2: Table of contents/ Updates (You are here)
Post 3: Minishop
Post 4: Angel G's Shoppe
Post 5: F angel's Sellings
Post 6: Angel Lisa's Lil' Shop
Post 7: Jelly Angel's Shop
Post 8: Angelic Torchic's Shop
Post 9: Angel G's Affairs
Post 10: F angel's Stuff
Post 11: Angel L's Memories
Post 12: Jelly's Memories
Post 13: Torchic's Stuff
Post 14: Link us/ Affilates
Post 15: Blacklist

<center>:Updates: </center>

01/12/05 - Thread created, still under construction.
01/25/05 - Thread officially opened.
01/27/05 - New banners; woot!! xD
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<center>Angel G and F angel decided to earn themselves a bit of gold by starting a minishop and to put their supposed talent to use.

:Wishlist sample:

User Image</center>
<center>:Sig picture sample:
User Image

User Image</center>

<center>:Banner/bumps sample:
User Image

User Image

<center> razz ricing:

Wishlist: 200g
Wishlist + luck: 250g
Wishlist update: 5g
Sig pictures: 100g
Banners/bumps: 200g

If you would like to order any of these please include...
If wishlist:

</center>1. Avatar which you want us to use (if you do not supply us with one we shall use your current avatar):
2. How many items and which ones (please try to be exact with the names):
3. Luck or no luck (if luck, please mention your current luck count):
4. Questing or not questing (if questing, please mention which item):
5. Cost:

<center>If updating wishlist:

</center>1. What you want updated (ex: luck change, got item, etc.):
2. Link to wishlist that you want updated:
3. Cost:

<center>If sig picture:

</center>1. Avatar which you want us to use (if you do not supply us with one we shall use your current avatar):
2. Color of text (general, ex: purple, pink, blue, etc.):
3. Message (No more than 100 characters):
4. Any additional information (optional):
5. Cost:

<center>If banner/bump:

</center>1. Avatar(s) which you want us to use (if you do not supply us with one we shall use your current avatar):
2.Color of text (general, ex: purple, pink, blue, etc.):
3. Message (No more than 60 characters):
4. Any additional information (optional):
5. Cost:

:Rules of the Minishop:

These rules are basically the same as the entire thread but we wish to enforce some of them specially.
arrow No PMs. We check this thread regularly.
arrow No stealing images.
arrow Try to include everything we need in your order. We don't like having missing information.
arrow Send the trade right after you post here in the thread, no trade, no wishlist.
arrow We will not host your image for you. After a week, we will be removing the image.
arrow These rules are subject to change whenever.

<center>:Waiting List:</center>
1. diethel sama (Awaiting Payment whee )

<center> razz ast Customers:

[ Samantha ]
Little Strawberry Demon
diethel sama
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<center>:Feed the Angel:

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Please feed my little angel. She watches over this shop so you better be on her good side. Don't worry though, she doesn't bite unless you're really nasty. 3nodding


:Current Status:

I'm currently online. =)

:Gold Status:

Welcome angel_gal135 , your Gaia Gold: 6556
My gold count is updated whenever I feel like it but it's usually quite up-to-date. 3nodding

* = in vend

I'm currently not selling anything.

I'm also selling fish in my vend but since I change the fish/junk that I sell so much, I won't be mentioning it here. sweatdrop


I'm currently not buying anything.
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<center>i'm curently selling nothing sorry
<center>User Image</center>
<center> arrow I am selling the Felicia's Graceful Shoes SOLD
arrow Also the Eleagant Blue Dress for SOLD
<center>User Image</center>

<center>currently selling nothing</center>
<center>User Image
solar cloak: 5700g</center>
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<center>This is where I'll be posting a few of my pictures.

User Image
^ Avatar art (Drawn by ForkyForkMaster) ^
User Image
^ My Q-Tag (Done by ~Jade Dracos~) ^
User Image
^ Angelz and me again, Angelz felt like it needed to be redone.^^" (Drawn by saiyan_gurl1 cool ^
^ My Nemesis Heart (Done by Illustrator) ^
^ My wishlist ^
^ Angelz and me (Drawn by LordJuju) ^
^ My avatar (Drawn by twilight_dragon789) ^
^ Avi edit (Free avi edit by ???) ^
^ Me.. um.. fingering you sweatdrop ^
^ Bored's sign ^
^ Flashy name tag (Done by angelic_torchic) ^
^ My toybox (Put together by me) ^
^ My "save the eyes" sign ^
^ Some art I did myself of my own avi ^
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the ppl here are some of my closest friends and i love you all heart

User Image
this is my kitty =^^=

this is an avi pic done by lordjuju ^^

this is an avi pic done by twilight_dragon789

this pic was done by krossen

User Image
name by angelic_torchic

User Image
this is my wish list done by angel g edited by me

this is me fingering you original done by angel g but i edited it so it was for my avi

this is a cookie meant to make you drul and want to come to the canadian gild

this is the canadian gild click to join biggrin

this is me proving some more how prowed i am to be canadian blaugh

this are 2 pics i made on paint </center>







thanks for comeing by the angel stop love you all heart </center>
<center>User Image</center>
<center>User Image
by jelly_angels

<center>User Image
by falling__angel
</center><center>User Image
by angelic_torchic
<center>User Image
User Image
my kitty, Yuki

User Image
my name logo

User Image
pic i drew of me.(sorry f angel i didnt finish yours and i dont really have time crying )
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<center>We currently don't have a banner but we shall have one up soon. For now, you may link us using this code: </center>
[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5499427]Angel Spot.[/url]


If you would like to be our affliate, you must post here doing so with a link and name. An image is optional. Our only rule to be on our affliates list is that you must link us back. 3nodding

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User Image
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<center>This is not the place you want to be. The people who are here have defied the rules and have REALLY gone over the line with us.

There is currently no one on the blacklist. (And let's keep it that way. biggrin )

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