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"..." *jumps down from the ceiling* "...i wonder if theres gunna be an outbreak this year..."
"I don't think so I think they learned there lesson." He says to fatal
Luca smiled "Oh, I saw Ian yesterday! he's not ready for the stress of his shop yet. But the cat has it all under controll" Luca twirled, forcing ren around with her.

"Hard to believe Miss Luca is turning 16 soon" ren projected. and luca whined.

"I am acting like i'm 16"
She looks at the other one. "We can't afford to loose Liam." She said softly. Her eyes weakning. "it's bad enough we lost Ien, I mean why did he get introuble?" She asked. "I don't think Sasha ment to brake Ien's heart." She said softly, though she didn't know much of the detales. She had a small disaperence herself from the world of Gaia after Ien's disaperence. She thought that the cat was just a replacement, but didn't know that Ien had gotten shot as well. She just let out a sigh. "Well-" She said with a smile. "We can't solk over a memory now can we?" She asked the dragon as it squeaked happly.

She laughed at the two and sighed shakeing her head.
"thats lame... this whole 4th anniversary party is pretty dull..." *fatal yawns*
Luca sat on the sand. she scooped up some sand and let it spill out of her hands
"I can't believe the zurg left I was getting used to them being around."He sighs.
"I can't believe the zurg left I was getting used to them being around."He sighs.

"and in the end they just left peacefully, that was boring, i was hoping for something a little more exciting"
"I'm glad the zurg left. You should've seen what they did to my dad's home. He wanted to kill them and would have to if they hadn't left"Luca smiled at ren as he sat beside her.
Fatal Laceration
"thats lame... this whole 4th anniversary party is pretty dull..." *fatal yawns*

sweatdrop She just sighed as she brushed the sand off her skirt. "Yah i guss i know what you mean, after the shops fell apart i started to get my stuff from Derm." She said softly. "I mean it's a sketchy part of town, but the shop keeper there is really nice." She replied softly. "Sometimes a bit scary but other then that really nice to say the least. Alot nicer then the people at the market place that's for sure." She muttered under her breath glaring at the tent that they where faceing. "I mean I'm a shop keeper myself, and i'm not mean like some of the other people are." She said folding her arms around Shishou and nuzzling his head. "Am i?" She asked. The dragon laughed squeaking and spitting fire.
Luca rubbed her eyes, yawning. She leaned against Ren and fell asleep lightly. Ren pet her hair and smiled lightly. he grinned when she started sucking on her thumb.
"There gone now at least," He sighs again
"well look whos finally caught up" said Fatal as the two cocos and the kiki climb onto him
"Sorry the what?" She asked softly not knowing what the newest topic was about. "What's gone?" She asked a little behind.
"Nice cats," He says to Fatal.

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